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Where is Sawtooth National Forest?

REVIEWS OF Sawtooth National Forest IN Idaho

Dustin Alloway

Beautiful place! Be sure to stop at smiley creek lodge for a huckleberry milkshake!

Chris Seamans

Beautiful and full of animals.

Jeff Miller

It is always good to very out into the mountains! A beautiful place.

Mandon Foley

Nowhere in the world can you see the stars better than here! Amazing

janene adams

Clean, friendly, pet friendly, great price. And the location is awesome for a home base it is close to several attractions

J Michael Short

Stunningly beautiful setting. Some fine mountain biking on the Fisher Creek Loop.


Was an awesome drive thru! To bad I could stop. But the views where amazing!

Angela Snodgrass

Stunning! Been visiting here since I was a kid. Great for family day or camping trips Much busier now with Idaho growing so much. Our best kept secret is out!

Ian Boehner

Good until it snows l

Kevin Turner

Absolutely beautiful! Stars in the sky like no other place in America

Tyler Lewis

One of the most beautiful places in the world

Ezmeralda Du Dortoka

Please don't come here though, there's not room for you. We don't have very clean water and the locals aren't right friendly.

Jeffrey Bailey

Spring is the most beautiful time of the year. The flowers are just blooming and the snow is melting which leaves little waterfalls and quicker streams all over to explore.

Marc Cota

Pretty views, temperature of water is comfortable, fairly large body of water, great for boating.

j r

Gorgeous, my piece of paradise.

Mazie Fitzgerald

So pretty. Campgrounds weren't too crowded. Few people on the trails.

Rory Fargo

Redfish lake was a great experience kayaking. Checking out the campgrounds want to go and spend a few days.

Megan Madero

There are some super fun mountain biking trails up here! Loved them! Not too technical.

Ron Robinson

One of the most beautiful places on earth.

Emily-Rose Kelly

It's so beautiful here. 10/10 would recommend

Andy Gordon

Wonderful getaway. You certainly get to unplug.

Eardie Curry

Breathtaking vistas. Excellent biking.

June C

Awesome views and fishing. Truly a national treasure.

Becka L

Awesome place to go camping at.

fat cat

This place is amazing

josh eller

The Sawtooth basin is the most beautiful place on Earth.


If you do the Pettit/Toxoway loop, they have made it an easier hike by adding switchbacks, but this does end up adding a few miles to the hike.

Ty Price

Nifty contact with nature, but be sure to respect it.

Adam Lynndzie Hayes

If your into the outdoors and would just like to experiance the beauty of gods country at its finest then this place is for you! The sawtooths are one of the greatest places to be and one of the most beautiful down to earth places you can be to get yourself strait! Get to be one with nature.

Yolanda Fuson

Beautiful and peaceful country. Great for hiking, fishing, biking, and especially camping.

john parker

Time disappears and you forget about what you left in the city, there is no place like it. Close to nature and close to God. That's the feeling you have and you don't want to go back to the business of the world.

Charles Honaker

So amazing, It took a few stops to find a good primative camping spot.

Noah Rosen

Fantastic hiking spot. Well maintained. Lots of fellow friendly hikers. Good parking availability and facilities

Sara Baker

We love Sawtooth National Forest and never get tired of it. So much beauty in the Sawtooth mountains and lots of trails and lakes to check out. Download the "AllTrails" app to find a bunch. Several local hot springs around the area to enjoy. Plenty of campgrounds and also quick rustic spots along the Salmon River. Stanley and Lower Stanley are both quaint towns to enjoy a s stay in. Definitely recommend!

Jodie Shoupe

Not my cup of tea but was ok


Spectacular vistas. Beautiful calm lakes with majestic mountain background, hard to ask for more. There are about 5 campsites at the Redfish lake area. The closer you are to the main lake the noisier it becomes simply because of all the children and their activities. But it's good to see and hear children laughing and playing in the outdoors. It does get chilly at night, mid 30's very common even in mid July. Small town of Stanley has gas and a grocery store. Everything is expensive almost $4 a gallon for gas.

Ann Hightower

So very beautiful. Awe inspiring views. The road is a little scary lol but not too bad. A little piece of heaven.

Scot Cowherd

Really beautiful mountains lots of great hikes and climbing.

Rigo Tabunda

Great Trails! Beautiful outdoors! Stunning views! A lot of trails to hike

Krisi Ford

I had so much fun hiking here with my sisters! We couldn't do the entire loop of our trail because of all the snow, so take that into consideration if your going in the spring /early summer.

David Champ

I took my girls up there it was so beautiful and it was just perfect if you haven't seen this you should go now I wanna go at night next time

Mark Morrisette

One of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Claudeen Buettner

The aspens are turning fall colors. The forest is beautiful.

Robert Armstrong

The sawtooths are a great place to go. Wether it be with the family, friends, or by yourself. There is always something to do and see. If you are driving through the area this is must see area. Just be sure to watch out for the wildlife!

Ja M

Great trails for hiking and biking with spectacular views- easy to intermediate. Galena trails had some fun up and down hills. Love staple trails just outside Ketchum- Fox Creek, Adam's Gulch, Forbidden Fruit and a few others around there.

Rick Slossen

This is a beautiful forest well maintained by the parks and recreation organization. This was my first time to the Sawtooth mountains and I am completely humbled by it's beauty and adventure. The parking lot was full when I arrived but a spot quickly opened up. Still there was hardly any sign of people on the trail other than footprints and the pair of sunglasses found. Of course I pass lots of hikers on the trail and It is nice to feel their mutual respect for nature. It is also refreshing to go deep enough into forest hear it in all it's glory. Happy trails to everyone.

Bev Lauritzen

Beautiful! Truwly God's country

Tiffany Piltz

Great place to hike, camp, see the fall colors, and wildlife watch. Can be crowded on peak weekends for campsites but there is always plenty of room to hike. Check out Ross Falls for a very easy hike to a scenic small fall. The road is fairly winding so used caution, plenty of moose, deer, and elk cross.

Dustin Allen

Very good looking place. Local mountain biking is also pretty good.

Bryan Bacon

Stunning and fun. Like walking around in one of God's paintings.

Patrick Oconnor

Loved it! We normally do national parks in Colorado bit we have now found our new adventure place. Sawtooth is beautiful, gorgeous, breathtaking and sparsely crowded. The weather is brilliant with cooler temps and very little rain. The trails we hiked were very well maintained. Highly recommend Sawtooth!

Lee Koehmstedt

Love the camping, fishing and the great outdoors

Eugene Engmann

A good place to cool off and think about life.

Corey Turner

Beautiful scenery! Had a great time.

Alicia Drake

Very beautiful place. But might get more trash cans up there so rude people don't take away natural beauty.

Randy Broadhead

The sawtooth is so beautiful this time if year.

Laura Thompson

Always beautiful, but there is need of places where you can get water. The few faucets we found had no water.

Chad Brown

Im just feel at home in the mountains this is were I make my peace with God since man didn't build it God did

John Lonneker

Stunning scenery, great hiking, mountain bike riding trails and awesome fishing!

Baron Grantham

This is home to idahoans. Must see if you're just visiting.

Alex Thompson

Great place to go swimming

olivia barajas

If you love out doors, you have to check this out for yourself. It's too beautiful for words!!

Trick Shotz Basketball

Very beautiful place. The lakes are full of fish and the surrounding landscape is incredible! The trees and wildlife are plentiful and the water is crisp. Perfect for hot summer days. Snow is still here all around even in July! You will have a fun time if you go. The trails and hikes that are available are out of this world! Enjoy the hike!

Dan Bolingbroke

I visited the hummingbird feeding place and took the short hike to Ross Falls. I love Rock Creek Canyon! I go there several times each summer.

Eduardo Alvarez

Nice place to visit. For hiking and take a great photos.

Mary McInnis

Rebecca's Private Idaho 100-mile bike race through the gravel and "other" roads here was spectacular!

David McDonald

It was great. A little crowded in the parking but it was 4th of July week so...

Alan Zawadzki

Love coming here for the mountains and the mountain biking. Still need to try the rock climbing in the area though but what a great peace of wilderness.

Karen Corder

Beautiful scenery. Great for unwinding

Dennis Hanson

Beautiful mountains and cleanest air in the continental United States! Scenery is astounding.

Jon Fredland

Walked up Liberal Peak. About a mile each way, 800' of gain. Wonderful views, decent roads, few vehicles. Bring map, water, sun screen and bug spray.

John Elliott

Free 16 day stay at dispersed camp site, and I enjoyed everyday of it.

mehmet demir

Next time I will camp here by the water, very nice.

Whitney Ellison

One of the best national forests to visit. Lots of really nice Campgrounds that are well maintained.

Leif Davisson

I love this Forrest.

Charles Gregg

It was A very nice thar

George Harned

Great hiking area and hunting.

brendan cooney

It might be frigid cold in winter (no joke, I was excited to see it get up into the teens during the day), but the way the snow clothes everything in glittering splendor is just breathtaking. Every single thing you can see is transformed into something more than itself and is cause for slowing down to notice just how beautiful it all is.

Amanda Evans

Needa aome work done but still beautiful


Most awesome people place.

Casey Newton

35 mile hike through some of the most amazing mountains in Idaho

karen Curry

Beautiful day, great trails and lots of water in the Creek for the pups!

Paul Allery

Walking. In. It. Your. Breath. Takes you. Higher


Fantastic road and vista's.

Joshua Young

Absolutely gorgeous! Well taken care of and camping is amazing!

Samuel Callen

Love every chance we get in the Sawtooth's.

Carl Lundquist

He was very pretty and very beautiful and peaceful up there when I went

Rebecca Stankowski

This is my happy place! Summer and winter. So much beauty and peace and quiet.

N Machunze

Beautiful. Vast. Tons of hiking trails. We hiked to Baker Lake. Elevation 8200+. This trail is moderate in difficulty. It goes up most of the way to the lake. The trail displays the recent forest fires.

Lindsay Powell

Ahw peace and tranquility time to unleash and j

julia Hopkins maxwell

One of the most beautiful places in the world. Calm and serene.

Jason Babcock

Terrible, not a starbucks to be found. Roads are made of dirt. I do not recommend


Stayed at the Willow Creek campsite as well. Great place. Awesome sights and wildlife.

Adam Anderson

A beautiful expanse of woods and open plains mirrored by how wonderful the sky was offset in the distance. Out hunting today and found no bucks of which to shoot but plenty of elk and doe. A great place to visit even if you're not going to hunt. Wonderful in every direction and a true gift from God .

Steve Mackert

Great place to hike. Alice and Toxaway lakes are beautiful.

Amanda Drake

The outdoors in my backyard (so to speak). Love that my family is able to experience the wilderness within minutes of leaving home.

Steven Bryan

Beautiful peaks, rivers, and forests combine to create one of the most amazing primitive areas in the USA.

Victor J. Jaime

This place is simply amazing! If you have the time, and the want, to go on a hike and get away to a beautiful place then go here! It's beautiful!!

Brenda Laurinitis

This lake is a blue green. Looks amazing

Cody Eldridge

Amazingly remote and beautiful! Any part of the Sawtooth National Forest is an amazing place to get away from the crowds and the heat of the summer. There are many sections scattered throughout Idaho and Utah and each one of them is uniquely awesome and beautiful. Sawtooth National Forest never disappoints!

Roberta Andruska

Great off trail hiking and exploring with kids and dogs.

kase k

Amazing place with beautiful views.

Drew Hill

Very very pretty place with great opportunities to fish but the town of Stanley was very disappointing to me in the spring where they couldn't help me with any gear or recommendations for me to sleep somewhere. I slept in my pickup ...

matthew hitchcock

Beautiful part of America. Thank you for making this a nation forest! This is a picture of the top of Iron Mountain Lookout.

Ken Armstrong

Easy access and some of the most beautiful country around

Eric Sanders

Beautiful. Majestic. A must see at least once in your life.

Michael Epps

This is an absolutely beautiful forest with so many destinations within it. I was at Redfish Lake resort with a beautiful lake view of the Sawtooth Mountain range.

Reverie Wisp

Absolutely beautiful, and worth coming back during different seasons!

Chris Patterson

We love the Sawtooth National Forest and how close to home it is.

Niel Brenn

Absolutely gorgeous. Definitely worth the trip.

Joslin Hawk

It was so much fun the river was amazing you can bring so many things it's really fun!!

JackGlenn Fox

I've gone to camp here for the past 2 years and it has been the best experiences of my life.

joshua martin

Fantastic place to visit. No trip to Idaho complete without seeing these gorgeous peaks.


Amazing views! It's definitely a must see place.

DON Kerlee

Awesome country thunderstorms and all!

Steve Johnson

Albeit I visited a smaller section of the forest, Sawtooth National Recreation Area, closer to Ketchum, I still found the overall area beautiful with majestic snow capped mountains, cold bustling Big Wood River, and plenty of long hikes into Alpine forests. There are numerous truck trails meandering up mountain peaks giving you splendid views of the valley. We camped up Big Wood River and spent a couple weeks there, and would easily go back again.

Tiffany Patterson

Best place to be close to the lord

Jeff Nelson

Absolutely love this place. Been to six continents and 25+ countries and all are unique in their own way. But this place sits on top when it comes to Mountains I love the most

Shravan subbaraman

Loved the place. A great hike and wonderful sceneries that will wipe the tiredness from your face

Kevin Danen

Beautiful lakes and rugged mountains with a variety of hiking for all levels.

Robyn McHan

Baumgartner campground was closed for no apparent reason and the bathrooms outside the campground were no adequately stocked.

Eric Turnquist

Very beautiful and diverse. Need a week to really see all the beauty.

Suzette Briggs

Beautiful in the autumn time!

Chris Campfield

This is the greatest forest in the world. So great in fact that I tattooed it on my arm.

Anthony Jacka

A wonderful area to get away. Worth the drive from Tacoma, WA. We will be back.

Todd Blankenship

Great scenery and camping spots

Heather Kunath

Twin lakes was quite a hike! But so worth it. The woods were peaceful and shaded and we met plenty of other nice people along the way

Peggy Edgeworth

Absolutely breath taking and it smells like Christmas.

John Monaghan

Jeep trails. Don't go in a car. Lots of dust. Wild country and beautiful vistas. 15 lb. tire pressure reduced much of the washboard ruts. Went with another Jeep (better not to be alone). Will go again after a long visit at the car wash.

Chantal Schneider

Probably the most beautiful scenery in Idaho! The campground is well kept and clean. I definitely recommend everyone to come here at least once!

Susan Jentzsch

Love driving through here!

Terri Hawks

My family and I had a lot of fun here lots of beautiful places to see

VeeGee Duran

Beautiful... Just not as beautiful as MY QUEEN LADY...

Jay Myers

Getting very popular but still a wonderful place to play and relax. Plenty to do be it backpacking, hiking, boating, mountain biking, off roading, or just plain relaxing and recharging. Lots of amenities for every class from first class lodging to unimproved campsites.

Bruce Hays

Good times if you like being in the beautiful outdoors !

Troy Peterson

Great place to get away for a day.

Lydia Saldana

Wonderful view and roads are great!

M Fikes

Amazing!!!! So many beautiful views and critters to explore. We camped for 7 days and can't wait to return!!!


Great place to get away beautiful

Mickey Williams

Let's take care of our precious lands, surroundings and planet for future generations.

Scott Oliver

Tersely; beautiful peaceful and Serene

Sylvia Lujan

I love the peaceful natural beauty of this great state of Idaho. The drive is absolutely beautiful, seeing all the sites that we have been blessed to see and visit.

Javier Benavides

It's a very nice place to visit with the family on a sunny day Loved it

David Hale

Just love being out doors

Tom Zadick

One of the prettiest spots in the lower 48

Nora Kirsten

A hidden gem. I didn't know anything about the Sawtooth area before coming here, except that it was very photogenic. I was pleasantly surprised that this area is like the Aspen of Idaho, but far less crowded. There is ample room to fish in peace, some of the most beautiful clear lakes to boat on, beaches to swim at, trails to hike, and the entire area is bike friendly. This is clearly also a mountain biking destination. I was here in summer over labor day weekend and nothing felt overly crowded anywhere. I am hoping to come back in winter some day to experience the skiing up here. I give Sawtooth national Forest 5 stars and two thumbs up!

Thomas McCaul

I couldn't possibly say enough about the Sawtooth National Forest... everywhere you look is a beautiful photo waiting to happen

Donald Peck

Beautiful place to visit. Great place to camp, hike and sight seeing. Many small towns to visit with great food. A nice place to away from it all. Fishing and hunting available on public land

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