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Where is Payette National Forest?

REVIEWS OF Payette National Forest IN Idaho

Bob C

Absolutely great winter sports area. In last week of December we enjoyed the excellent groomed Nordic Ski trails at Bear Basin Nordic Center, also the solitude of snowshoe trails out beyond the groomed trails. Could see well into Oregon from the ridge we climbed. Definitely a place to visit again, with McCall, Idaho for our accommodations.

Nancy Phillips

Beautiful drive

anthony pearson

Wild fires made it very smoky, but when you could see it was beautiful.

Brian Waters

Beautiful views, very little traffic

Jeffrey Baker

The Payette forest has a great variety of motorized and non motorized trails for all recreators!!

Severn Eyrse

Best forest to drive through

Brandin Sartain

Beautiful, and no cell service. That is why I love this place

William Bruchey

Great area for outdoors adventures. Clean and well maintained. Always a fun trip on every visit. Lots of areas to visit all offering something different

michael kenworthy

This is an amazing public space for users with many hobbies. We saw so much wildlife and wide open spaces. It's beautiful and looks different in every season. Oxbow reservoir is a real gem.

Dorothy Littlejohn

Gorgeous. Nature is awesome. If you're by here must stop and experience it!

Charlene Imeson

The drive is great, you see the beautiful mountains, the water. This road leads to hells canyon. Where you will enjoy the scenery.

Leica Carol

Love this place. Clean fresh excitement. Rushing water flowing loudly.

tim austin

Best place snow biking in five years love it love it love it!

Debbie Durand

Lots of beautiful campsites. Great fishing. Our favorite camping destination.

John Barenberg

Visiting this area is great for my soul. If you need a good, natural stress reliever, i recommend visiting!

Greg Hulin

The payette national forest management sucks

Mike Bozarth

I always enjoy our National Forests, I look forward to exploring this one more this summer.

Taylor Dobson

Fresh air beautiful mountains lots of hiking

Lessa Jessa

It's beautiful, what's left of it that hasn't been lied about and suddenly sold like it was available. Lots of parts are marked on maps as national forest outside of council and tons of it has been sold and is private property now.

janet mcinturf

Loved the drive we had the other day

Lasonya Young

Beautiful place

Brad Raburn

This national forest is picturesque. My family loves the access to the lake, river, and surrounding hiking opportunities. We visit each year and always find something new that it offers.

Brian Henkel

Wild flowers were in full bloom

Ramona Allred

The most beautiful forest.

Sharma Anderson

Beautiful hike to Goose creek falls. I am completely out of shape, never exercise and I was able to accomplish the hike down and back. Slow and steady.

Lason Crogh

Would have given it five stars but I've been too others that included an ocean. Overall it's a really nice Forest, includes trees which is much better than sage brush.

Jim Stewart

Great trip limited amount of people great day

Eli Reiman

Beautiful forest

Gwendolyn Stone

Beautiful forest, what can I say? The Rocky Mountains covered with a variety of native trees and shrubs and plants with the wild and free Payette river winding it's way through the mountains! There is a wealth of wildlife as well! If you are a camping enthusiast, you will love the Payette national Forest! Bonus, there are several hot springs in the area both developed and natural.

Travis Farnworth

A place to get lost and find yourself!!


Just love the drive thru and the little off shoots you can take to explore..

Grand Aiowa

Loved spring Creek campground. About 12 miles of the highway, settled back into the. forest.14 camp sites. Some long enough.for over 30 ft toyhaulers. Vaulted toilets were clean.and so we're the area/or day use sits about ,60 around the picnic tables than there's a big fire ring for gathering around the campfire.

lesley Lucas

Beautiful ❣️

Sam Shoemaker

Had a blast on the razors

Michelle Giovannelli

Always beautiful and a different view every time

Denice Lyman

Beautiful scenery. Good roads for ATV rides

Steve Langdon

Beautiful area. Just make sure you are willing to be able to hike in miles to get out away from the crowds to actually enjoy it.

La Nel Montanye

Don't hate this place

Talonidir Skirata

Bewitching atmosphere, great camping grounds and gorgeous scenery!

Heidi Sallquist

We love skiing Brundage mtn !

Adam Osterhout

Public land what's not to love

Jimmy Smith

Beautiful forest along the upper reaches of Weiser River.

Nate Meier

Had a lot of fun snowshoeing around jughandle area. Plenty of groomed and ungroomed trails to wander around and explore. Will definitely come back to visit again (maybe in the summer months for some Mt. Biking).

Laree McBride

There is so much to do and see here if you love the outdoors. Fishing and hunting Morel mushrooms are our favorite past times. We also love to go camping and go on family hikes. Great way to spend the weekend.

Mark Morrisette

Beautiful place

Kathy Henderson

Beautiful. Mountains. Fishing. Hunting. Playing. Snowmobiling. Camping. And its pure Idaho.

Jennifer Castillo

So beautiful!

Traci Holliker

Magical forest! Found a waterfall with a boulder troll guardian

Stuart Gagnon

Any national forest in Idaho is amazing.

Dave Schurger

Nature at her best

Nathan Gano

Worth the trip! Great frisbee golf

Ron Withers

I have visited the Payette National Forest many times. There is peace and healing to be found hiking, camping, fishing, and relaxing among the rugged peaks, alpine lakes, clear rivers, and stately trees. One may find that once he enters the forest, he runs the risk if not wanting to leave.

Gabe Frederickson

Smells great, no litter.


It's the forest what's not great about it. Just dont ruin it.

Michele Munoz

Love the mountains been coming up here 42 years. Unfortunately there are too many razors/off roaders who do not respect the forest or people around them. Slow down and take your trash with you.

Kim Schraven

Absolutely beautiful!!

Hilda Gonzalez

No better place to be

Peggy Childers

LOVE being in the mountains and enjoying the wildlife, fresh air and beautiful scenery.

Forest Saba

I love it Heavin on earth

Michaela Allen

Beautiful place to go camping.

Bill Pasley


Becky Johnstone

1994 burn is growing back.

george hyer

Such beauty. Soothing for the soul.

Mellissa Coon

Beautiful, great camping with the family..

Cindy & Randy Crayne

This place is so beautiful, growing up here and so many memories.

randy washburn

One of the most beautiful places on Earth

Ray C.

Awesome place

Gloria Pippin

We rode our horses up N. Greys Creek to see how badly the fire affected it. We were pleasantly surprised. It was actually rather nice to have a lot of the underbrush burned. We were able to leave the road and make our way up onto the ridge south of the Greys Creek drainage. It was a beautiful day and our horses did very well scrambling up some steep places. It's still a very pretty ride.

Chuck Byers

It's the camp but watch out for the Wolf's think they are

Blake Brundage

Love these mountains.... So beautiful... Idaho and Utah have the most stunning mountains and forests... Payette national forest and the amazing smell of pine trees and fresh air. Doesn't get much better than that. Cant wait to head back sometime.

Jeremy Lundevall

Always incredible.

Rocky Ridges

Pack it in, pack it out. Stack some rocks. Build a miniature fort. Carve a stick. Take a dip. Exercise some primal, yoga like postures, switches and crawls. Take a hike. Find a buck. Freeze time. Align the spine. Energy spiraling. The torus. Essence of the elements absorbed on contact. Realign with Devine design. Soak up his sun. Bathe in her moon.

Patrick Hughes

Matt and the gang are the best

Chip Olsen

I always enjoy being in the mountains. Being close to home is a bonus.

Helen Brinkley

It was a really beautiful Forest but I was kind of taking a back because there was still snow in April. Beautiful, large, old Pine and fir trees, craggy mountains and beautiful gorges. I'm pretty sure it's the Snake River that ran through alongside most of where we were driving. Look forward to seeing it again

Nancy Lindsey

Beautiful area

Jon Fredland

We hiked to the top of Monroe Butte today. Only a mile each way with commanding views of the Idaho-Oregon area. It's in the Mann Creek area. Bring water. Sun screen, and a map of the area. High clearance vehicles recommended.

Karen Oster

BEAUTIFUL, yet certain areas around the drive has lots of dead scrub brush that looks fire ready.

Bobby Lowther

Goose Lake in Idaho great fishing and your also in cell service on most phones

June Ogawa

Great job NM Forest Service on Meadows Slope prescribed burn. Visitors - pick up your garbage.

Keith Moore


Kyle Callahan

It is good

Anthony Duran

A beautiful forest in the state of Idaho. A place to be cherished and protected, so please practice good Leave No Trace etiquette, for those now and in the future. Enjoy! :D

Anthony Larrea

This place is just fun it has fishing good spots to swim it great there

Annie Harmon

I am fortunate enough to be able to work and live here and of course I am going to rate this place five star with views like this, one I see frequently on the way home from work. Idaho and her forests are quite beautiful and you should come see and enjoy them if you get the chance. Happy Travels people!

Jenn Klingback


Brandi Jones

My favorite place to be.

Jonathan Prior

Beautiful and majestic

Anne Kuhlmeier

Great place for a hike!

Rob Burchard

Always fun camping, hiking and fly fishing

Star Means

I love camping in Payette forest. Lots of free spots, for your discovering!

b b

Nice place

Gary Beekman

Good services and trails

Cathy Williams

The scenery is wonderful and it has lots to offer.

Jim Vogler

What a wonderfully gorgeous forest. River was still raging in late summer. Lots of rafting. First time visit and look forward to returning.

Sunshine Window & Blind Cleaning Inc. Greg Reid

We are so lucky to have this National Forest. Beautiful place that makes Idaho what it is for the outdoorsman.


Absolutely beautiful 360 degrees 24/7.

Chad Schrock

Lovely views and easy drive.

dorothy luck

Easy access to regenerate

Alexia Rush

Nice and healthy forest :)

Dr Dre Woodrow

REALLY nice views and awesome scenery...

Christine Beardslee

Beautiful and peaceful!

M. Doyle Giles

Such a beautiful place I would recommend it to anybody to go and just drive through and see the beautiful River and the tall tall trees

Michael Paul

Lost Valley Resivore is so beautiful! A quiet and relaxing getaway to recharge the batteries. There are no amenities like electric or water so bring your own.

Greg T

Nice and hot today, good day to be out of town


Who could dislike a forest?! This is home, away from home.

James Stewart

Stunning high mountain lakes and hidden gems for those more adventurous.


Beautiful, special for people who like snowmobile and snowbike

LaDonna Hopkins

Great trip nice cabins and clean bathrooms

Margaret Nelson

Beautiful trees, good roads, quiet.

Colby Clark

One of my favorite places in Idaho. Beautiful scenery.

Toni Bunt

Great family get-together in the pines. Always have a great time in the Payette National Forest.

Greg Fowler

It's the mountains. Great people at the lookout. Stunning views.

Grayson Gersten

This area of Idaho is absolutely stunning. We love to hike the various trails and try to pick a new one each time we visit. There are lots of options that range from kid friendly to much more advanced. The trails that follow the river are probably my favorites, but honestly the whole area is just beautiful.

Lorena Rodriguez

We had a party of 22 and we found this nice camping area that was big enough to accommodate the family.



terry power

Very ,very smoky.

Brendan Cole

Amazing riding, within minutes of the parking area. This place offers something for everyone. Check your beacon at the trail head and don't forget a map

Meran Bybz

Very reviving n fresh air

Scott Walker

Big wilderness area with extensive hiking, Mountain biking. beaches, huckleberries, mushrooms, just a few miles from downtown McCall.

Jeff Nelson

Outdoor Paradise. Great amenities and staging area in McCall! Summer fun on lake, trails, biking, paddle boarding, hiking, running, camping, and on and on Winter fun skiing, snow machines, back country, skate skiing, snow shoeing, and on.

Ingrid Vandenboorn

Absolutely gorgeous!

Robert Kirk

Every where there is burned forest, why?

Leslie De Vito

Love this place my great grandparents had 500 acres There and my grandmother and great aunts grew up on that land,,,The people that own it now let us come up there still it is a special place in our family,,it was called the OX BOW RANCH,,,,,,

T-Jay Clevenger

Feeling like getting away from technology? Here is your space!

Kimberly Cole

The mighty hunter. nice beautiful peaceful place to explore

Glomia Lyon

I love this place

Mariah Morris


Riley Nickell

Beautiful forest, lovely drive

Mike Rayl

It was pretty cool to see. You need to go an check it out. Lots of wild life.remeber keep it green

Claudia Colantonio

My husband and I had a really good time here. It was also nice to drive through.

Al Evans

Great camping, excellent fishing

Doug Thompson

Hiked up to Box Lake. Fantastic views, trail in great shape. Toilet not at the trailhead but very close by.

Matt Lincoln

Backpacking north of McCall is great.. Especially in the Lick creek mountains and the grass mountains. Lots of day/overnight hikes with superb fishing

Christine Spence

Beautiful. We are grateful to have protected forest land. It is great to visit and camp

animals and plants life in general

Very scenic. Easy to get to, and not too crowded.

Adele Etherton

Great..glad to visit BEFORE the fire..

Craig Campbell

I love living here. The first is beautiful.

Katie Hunsperger

What a wonderful day


Beautiful. Very little snow.

S Mann

When I first arrived at this place I wasn’t expecting much, but it really surprised me. I expected an experience I would be happy with, but I was blown away. I highly recommend this place to my friends, family, and anyone else that wants to go here.

John Woodward

It is peaceful and calming. Middle of the forest. What could be any better???

Michael White

So many options and places things to do with some of the best views in all of McCall.

Kaytie Renee

Love it here. Love our family Reunions every year. Nothing is more calming, fun, beautiful, relaxing, than being here ;) ♡♡♡♡

clayton white

Beautiful nature

Shauna Davis

Camp hosts at Last Chance Campground are great! Very nice and the cleanest vault toilets ever!

Luke Baumann

Great family fun ! Beautiful snow and weather.

Shylah Eells

This is a fun area to hike and swim. Beautiful any time of year.

Michaela DeWitt

Beautiful hikes and camping areas

Legend Barnard

Beautiful area, trees stretch as far as the eye can see. My family and I went to lost lake in the Payette National Forest. Although there was clear signs of human activity in the area, the litter was to a minimum. Public bathrooms are staged along the lake shore. Camps with fire pits where also provided. Camp sights are not to close together and accessible by RV. If giving a chance I'd definitely recommend this area for a day trip or a family camping trip.

Keri Mendive

Stunning and peaceful!

Linda Wakefield

Beautiful place

Martin Rodriguez

This is definitely top five most beautiful scenic drives in North America. It's stunning and peaceful with so many places to pull off and take pictures.

Broken Red

Beautiful! great the forrest!

Leidis Hernandez

I visited on winter time and it such a gorgeous place. I really loved it, the view on top of the mountain is beautiful.

Gale Kennedy


Cady Patterson

Very clean it was a much needed trip with the family i would recommend this 100%❤❤

Randy Washburn

One of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Many hiking bicycling motorcycling and horse trails available. Breathtaking views ,without thousands of people. Nice campgrounds available with water and power or if you're more the pioneer ,many dirt roads with beautiful campsites on them without services. Hiking biking fishing hunting or just relaxing truly heaven on Earth

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