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104 Airport Rd, Grangeville, ID 83530, United States

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Where is Nez Perce – Clearwater National Forests?

REVIEWS OF Nez Perce – Clearwater National Forests IN Idaho

Scott Dowdle

Beautiful and cool.

Danielle Lindsey

Love camping here.

Ishani Sawant

Best road

Korey Hayden

It's still nature...all the other forests are becoming a tourist trap and/or developments

Leica Carol

Most awesome

Lauree Whittaker Sundahl

Simply one of the prettiest forests i have been to for years... peaceful, colorful & quiet!

David Borger Germann

Take the drive on Highway 12. Absolutely stunning. There’s construction (August 2018), so it takes longer than usual. Still worth it.

Leo Girtz

Beautiful country, very remote. Good hunting for Mulies, and Elk. Not many services, take extra food and fuel.

Phillipe DeLaMothe

beautiful. the natural beauty doesn't get much better than this. lots of camp grounds. dress warmly for the mountains. in terms of animals, we saw moose and elk.

Thure Johnson

US Highway 12 over Lolo Pass was another of those routes that I always wanted to travel but never gave myself the time. I'm glad I finally took the time. The highway is in great shape and is a pretty easy drive if you are not trying to push it. It follows the route that the Lewis and Clark expedition used, and also the Nez Perce in their attempt to escape the US Army. It is a very pretty drive and follows a scenic river much of the way. Do yourself a favor, slow down, and discover this route.

Mary Callaway

Love the mountains!

Kate Slack


Randy Black

A great place to reflect on a time when two cultures were willing to try to understand one another.



Rory Fargo

Looks like a good place to launch your boat

Jamie Detweiler

If you're not from here, the river is like bathwater!

Rex Davis

Great time fishing and camping

Samantha Bybee

Greatest wild space in Idaho!

Jennifer Tobey

Fresh air, close to nature and beautiful scenery!

Dale Martin

I live there

Steve Meachum

Beautiful trip to ohara campground.

Ramona Allred


Ronald Severson

The greatest place to relax in the great outdoors....

Chuck Plank

This is awesome country! Fish and wildlife galore. Unspoiled!

Lisa Buffington

Super friendly staff! Had a blast.

Nails Nail

It's my favorite spot. No cell service what so ever. Love it. Just find a place to pull over & go get lost.

Lyda Ngin

How I love the hiking route. Very pretty wildflowers and plants.

Charlie Briggs

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Ryan Galantuomini

I'd you love the woods it's the place to go

Erin Hawkins

Beautiful forest. There are some pretty big potholes at some points on the roads, but it doesn't make them unnavigable. The water is beautiful and is a nice temperature during the summer for water play.

Katie Knight

Always beautiful!!!

Lee Davis

Absolutely beautiful differently a place I coming back too when I'm not working

Linda DeWitt

Always a great get-away.

Dale I

Beautiful ride on a motorcycle on a sunny day. What a gorgeous area.

Sandy Davidson

Fantastic fun place to camp, swim, fish. Come on down and stay awhile. You will see for yourself.

Ry Paul

Nice drive as long as u don't go past spring bar

Thomas Eier

GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS for Beautiful Green forest

Steph H.

Idaho wilderness at it's best!

Steve Langdon

It's the public land forest. Of coarse it's great.

Kama Payton

Great to be outdoors!

Matt Starkey


Tchad Wiley

A great place for just about anything outdoors. Camping, hunting, fishing,snowmobiling, and atv rides are great in this area!

chris corry

So much stuff to look at what a great drive.

Ora May Winston

Beautiful area to rest and walk around

Joe Bermingham

We cannot wait to explore this area more. It is beautiful, with what seems like all kinds of stuff to do

Ralph McDade Sr

Beautiful area in the north west

James Lussman

Weir hot springs were nice. About 110 degrees.

Deckard Cain

Forest goes on for a hundred miles. Moose, Elk, and bears, oh my! It's beautiful, and soothes the soul.

Allen Campbell

Never been this far north it's amazing.

Debbie HURTT

Beautiful drive

Margaret Lautenschlager


Glenn Mckanna jr

Pure mother nature no better place to get away from people.

Lisa me

Nice hotel, clean but dated. The front desk staff was very nice. Pool area was clean. Breakfast was painfully slow, over 30 minutes for pancakes and crepes. They do offer a law enforcement discount!

Glenn Mckanna Jr


Dustan Mertens

5 lakes Butte is awesome place. Fantastic scenery, good fishing, very few humans!!!

Molly Jensen

Very beautiful and the leaves on the trees are getting ready to change colors

robert john

Amazing. Just perfect

Thomas Crawford

Picked up a hitchhiker that Kayaks here regularly. He travels 3hours to come here and make about 5 trips down the rapids. If you see a hitchhiker pick him up. Very interesting story about the rapids.

Tim Powers

Out their.

K. Saunders

We hiked in to Weir Hot Springs. It was our first visit and it was amazing!! Easy hike, fabulous natural pool. Beautiful nature.

Rick Keane

My favorite place in the whole wide World!!! Salmon river and rafting here is the best. Come see for yourself.

James Medley


Tom Richards

Not quite sure how you review a National Forest. They have a lot of trees, so I guess it's a good one!

Joshua Weller

Beautiful Place. Just be careful of the rocks. Just use common sense and you'll be fine.

Sheryl Gillespie

Beautiful !

Lorena Lynch

Very beautiful


Such a beautiful place filled with wildlife.

chris stone

Beautiful Area!

brian Pieksma

Terrible forest. Too many people. Don't ever go there.

Brad Geagley

One of my favorite places to camp...

DK Peters

Gorgeous and Scenic Drive nice gift shop but if you have AT&T is your cell phone carrier repair to go without service for 6 to 8 hours while you drive the scenic route

Mike Davies

Poorly managed, over grown and diseased. 5 Star fire hazard.

Rex Balentine

Always a interesting ride, regardless of the season....

Tracy Ellis

A place where Man meets wilderness! Absolutely one of the most beautiful places I've been.

Umair Yaqub

Passed through on the way to the 7-Devils Campground. Enjoyed the ride up and views.

Bill Smallwood

Awsome fishing, camping, hunting, hiking, and natural beauty.

Josh Poser

A great place to go and go camping and hunting

Jason Norwood

Great bar burgers

Don Campbell

Took the Lolo motorway from Powell the the end of the road, literally. The way out that we were told about at the visitor's center, was blocked by landsides and pavement falling away. According to the map they gave us at the visitor's center we would have to turn around and go back to Powell 90miles and 6 hours back. Fortunately we figured a way out. So District ranger please let people at the visitor center know the road conditions and any roadblocks. Other than spending 9hours traveling the motorway, which is extremely work the time(NOMINIVANS) The road is places is very rugged. It was worth the time gas and aggravation.

Robert Heun

The ridgerunner outfitters is great! Its a lot of fun :)

Benjamin Medina

Unbelievable and remote just what I like

David Dabling

One of the best drives in the nation.

Chuck Byers

This is one of my favoritest places to go still with then cell service if you have Verizon lol but still 1 of my best places to go and favorite.

John Cody

Beautiful place in the world!

Veronica Miller

We lived here for 3 years and I absolutely love all the seasons.

Kevin Reuter

Why I live in idaho

Joel Tefft

Others was a nice campground. Trash pickup was spotty and our site had many ground squirrel mounds making it hard to sit and walk around

Richard Mecham

Beautiful country

Hannah Red


Darlene Bonds

Great place to go to clear the mind.

Jordan Young

See the three deepest canyons in north america after driving a road that gains over 66 hundred feet in elevation as you pass the seven devils and approach heavens gate.

Julie Galvin

Cutting wood to stay warm this winter

matthew laybourn

Great little gem in the Idaho mountains. Very rustic but that's the way we like it.

Tom Raider

Remote, be prepared. Awesome views.

Phoenix Lambert

I love this area

Sarah Bibby

The drive up the River gorge was incredible!

Pilar Ogier

Gorgeous views of mountains, rivers, creeks and more.

Telson Cook

Relatively scenic but not big views just the river.

chwing chang

Wow forest usa wonderful no stress

Carolyn Edwards


El Viejo Gonzalez

Some of the most beautiful natural territory in the west.

Mike Gauthier

View from the Lolo Motorway looking SE. Too many back roads to explore and not enough time. Easy to get back to nature with enough access for wheelers.

Aaron Niemi

I love the woods.

Fanny Wilson

Wonderful area, plenty of back roads to get out there in the trees. Also plenty of wildlife, such as bear, deer, elk, fox and birds, views are breathtaking.

James Welch

Beautiful river with great scenery.

shelly 9429


Chris Rukavina

Love the rugged beautiful area in all directions

Al Campbell

Roads were great fun to drive.beautiful country even tho a fire ravaged it .

randi miller

Such a beautiful drive. Great places to stop and take in the scenery

Phil Raz

Good trails

Kathy Zickrick

Absolutely beautiful. We are looking forward to returning soon.

Steven Millsap

I LOVE the Clearwater National Forest

John Bos

Beautiful scenery. Lovely drive

Randy Wittig

Beauty beyond compare

Benjamin Thomas

One of the last best places to get truly away!!!

kenneth cocking

I love this part of the country!

Chris Fowler


Sean Ellis

Great views from above!

Donna Pappas

Beautiful country to see

Chris Sparrow

This is an amazing drive with a historical battle site, lost by the USA to the native tribe. It includes a memorial...

Penny Brennan

Great spring hike along a green driver bank.

Marybeth LaDrig


Sonja Gordy

Always go up there hunting love it

Sasha Pipi

This is the place!!

Chloe Turcott

This place is beautiful and quiet great for kids and there are some many things to do you will never get board. This town is so small you can ride your machines to the store. I love it here and i strongly suggest you visit here.

Calvin Krupp

Like any forest, it's beautiful. Unlike some states, Idaho does a great job providing historical markers, restrooms, and plenty of camping spots

Bryan Sorge

Loved the views.

Tim Kilbourn

Beautiful scenery. Plenty of primitive camping available.

Marie Green Acres

The plan was to x-c ski. Parking lot at Lolo pass was plowed. Thanks snowplowers. Wanted to ski the big loop. The trail was not groomed. There was about 9 inches of new snow. We followed tracks and every so often we saw their turn around tracks. The trail was getting less tracked. Passed a young couple who had broke trail for the next 300 yards. They turned around. We got up to their turn around spot and went another 100 yards and we turned around. This is a task for those under 50 yrs old. Emergency services would not have been able to get back there. Very disappointed that the trail was not groomed. I am wondering what can be done so that grooming happens more often. I know it costs $ and time to run the groomer. Is a fund raiser needed?

Deanna Horsens

So much snow, beautiful sunshine, groomed ski trails and a visitor center with hot cocoa!

Sandi Cates

So peaceful

Michelle Stevens

Absolutely beautiful forest and the forest service is so helpful and passionate about their job and the area.

Mountain Of Coin Achord

If you've never took a beautiful drive down Highway 12 through northern Idaho put it on your bucket list it's a beautiful drive along the river make sure you have a full tank of gas there is some awesome places to eat along the way some beautiful fishing holes in the river

hill fire42

Great place for any kind of outing

Troy Arnzen

Beautiful up here

Elisabeth Ewing

Nice hike to a sweet hot natural spring soak.

Robert Bergstrom

Whatever type of adventure you will find!

Al Evans

Great camping, excellent fishing

Catherine Campbell

Love the sights, the staff is helpful and the hot chocolate is devine

Nan Olk

The Clearwater River has both, rushing water n calm areas. There are big trees along the banks, that help give fish shelter & to cool it's temperature, in the Idaho hot Summers. There are places along the road, to pull over and "take in" the beauty of the river or enjoy a picnic or just a cool drink.*(PLEASE do NOT litter, along the rivers or roadways, in beautiful Idaho. TY!!)

Zachary Dean Tadler

Beautiful! I love the national forests!

Aimee Bouldin

The beauty found here is so amazing along with all the hidden little treasures that you find when you simply stop and explore I always find amazing things when i take my time though here!

Cyndy Dupree

The Beauty and Peace are Beyond Description

Janine J

forests with lots of rivers. that's all Idaho is. ID is not meadows, it's forests and rivers.

S Mann

When I first arrived at this place I wasn’t expecting much, but it really surprised me. I expected an experience I would be happy with, but I was blown away. I highly recommend this place to my friends, family, and anyone else that wants to go here.

Robert Canaday

Four wheel drive vehicles and motorcycles are best.

Eric Stengar

It's a nice drive through there. Very very scenic

Marie Moore

Absolutely beautiful

David Young

Beautiful. Just understand that your forest maps may or may not be current. Roads not always properly signed. Great place to get lost, but keep a level head and you'll eventually find your way out. Don't always trust your GPS. But while you might feel that you're in the middle of nowhere, you're really not far from help if you really need it.

Joe M

The place is awesome, love the trails, the river and the wildlife.

Travis Armstrong

Slow down and enjoy the ride

Loretta Meyerhofer

Beautiful roads! Traveled through on a motorcycle trip!

Clark Griswold

Beautiful! One of my favorite places.

Susan Larson

Fishcreek boat launch at high water. Forest service outhouse and parking. Nice place for a break from driving curvy road along river.

Rusty Sussen

Best place to fire your arms or fish/camp

Marilyn Mcvey

Beautiful place. Really enjoyed our trip

joel manahan

Breathtaking peaceful

Amanda Windsor

Gorgeous country, some great views!


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