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711 S 2nd Ave, Pocatello, ID 83201, United States

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REVIEWS OF Museum of Clean IN Idaho

jen wo

we went to the wild hare flea market that was held there. it was wonderful.

Heather North

A truly unique experience fun for the whole family! The staff was unbelievably kind and informative. We were so excited to find such a fun place to visit while passing through town.


Fun for kids. Interesting if you're a clean freak.

Jeff Jensen

We had a blast here. Don spent over an hour with us showing us around. He has a wonderful sense of humor and when he discovered my wife is a bit gullible played with her in the most delightful way. At 82 years young he has an incredible wit about him and this is reflected throughout the museum. This was most delightful. This is a must see if you are in town!

Christina Maroney

We were so surprised, what an amazing fun place. Kids loved the tour of the museum, staff was great. Kids keep asking you go back.

Rachel Miller Smoot

Very interesting, but it was only me, 2 workers and 2 other people there. So the vacuum section felt a little creepy...

Aubrey Yerington

I thougt ot was very intresting

Jacob Reed

Unique and very entertaining, definitely recommend taking the guided tour which is free.

Ana & Karl Lies

This was a great surprise. We spent almost 6 hours taking it all in. Had no idea a 'Museum of clean' could be this much fun. Many really fascinating displays!

anna pass

Yes yes yes it is worth seeing! We loved this musuem, it is full of amusing and interesting things and it is impossible to enjoy everything and every trick in just one visit. We had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Don Aslett and my desire to shoot a picture together was transformed into a wonerful private tour for the two of us. Don is positive, fun, inquisitive, and this is reflected in every corner of his museum with the big windows that he insisted in pointing out, because he dislikes dark and boring museums. Wherever you turn there is something to discover, something to laugh about, someting to learn. Above all the idea that underlines the entire exhibition. Do not forget the Orchester, the toilets and the videos. Thank you Don also for the book that you gave us ... and thanks for replying to you question: IS THERE LIFE AFTER HOUSEWORKS? :-)

James Mueller

A wonderfully idiosyncratic tour guide made this a great aftetnoon stop.

Susan Pitzer

The 'Museum of Clean' is wonderfully different!! I enjoyed it and would live to go back! Interactive children's displays make it safe and great for children.

Victoria Rafa

A fascinating combination of history and humor. Do plan to spend some time to see it all. Entertaining for all ages.

Margaret Jacoby

Very interesting museum. Vacuum cleaners from the 1800s and all things related to "clean."

R Dillon

We were surprised how thorough and professionally displayed all.of the memorabilia was.

Barbara Puckett

My 2 1/2 year old grandkids loved it. Wonderful place.

Bart Jenson

Never been here.

Tina Gerber

Fantastic place to visit!!

Marsha Baker

Fun museum with tons of unusual exhibits.

Sherri Foreman

Very interesting. Who knew there was so much to see & learn about " cleaning " LOL !! Mr Aslett ( The man that started it all ) came onto the floor & was greeting & talking to people.

Dylan Barton

It's worth maybe 45 minutes of time, but not much more.

jenn woma

went for a flea market. it was fun.

Bob Baker

A lot of fun, kids enjoyed it immensely. Get Brad to give you the guided tour. Remember Agitator. Agitator.

Wayne S

We had a great time at the Museum of Clean. It was more entertaining than imagined. Be sure to take a guided tour ... very funny!

Rod Schiffman

Don Aslett is a name I recognize from my wife talking about him and buying some of his books in the day. Time may have left him behind, but he still has a story to tell. I went here assuming it would be an unusual novelty to see. It turns out there are two great stories. One is what's in the museum and the stories behind the artifacts, the other is the museum itself. Don has collect a fantastic collection of things related to cleaning and tells great stories on the tour. Many of them I was familiar with, even if I had never seen so many varieties. Some were completely off the wall. The other part is that I think Don has gone as one can go to make the building green and low impact on the environment. That story is as interesting as the story of what's in the museum.

Jeremy Jones

It was pretty fun. They have some games throughout that keep it interesting. A bunch of random stuff is there to be discovered. They keep building and expanding it so could worth another visit.

Ney Marcia

Interesting, fun and quirky - don't miss it!

Gracie Bartholomay

Fun and inspiring

Sidney Metcalf

Such a cool unique and quirky little museum. Very passionately put together. Very interesting with lots of humor throughout. I loved how hands on and fun this museum is!

Nicolas Van Tomme

Hi from Belgium. What a surprise! Such nice people and what a great and funny museum. Wer has a tour by the director Brad and then had the chance to meet the famous owner Don. Both are extremely nice people we even received a books for free and signed by the owner Don. And all that for just 7 $. Don't miss this museum. Texans gone live it ;)

Aaron ross

Really cool experience! Tons of knowledge and super fun and upbeat staff!

K Conklin

I honestly dreaded coming here for my kids' field trip, but I was so surprised and my views were quickly changed. The museum director is hilarious and our tour was fantastic. The kids learned so much and we're entertained. There are so many interactive sections that the kids were always having fun and engaging with history.

Phaichit Gerber

Hi my name is Peach. I am nine years old. For my summer vacation me and my family went to the clean museum. I love the clean museum. My family's tour guide was named Brad. He made me and my sister laugh so much. He is really funny and awesome. Everything in the museum was so amazing. Don Aslett created the clean museum. He lets you have a free book if you play this fun game. I wanted Don Aslett to sign my book so he did. You have to come to the clean museum.

Ben Petersen

A strangely interesting place dedicated entirely to something as menial as cleaning. I went with a group of friends and was given a tour by Don himself. He was very nice and he knew his stuff.

David Kennedy

You have got to love a place dedicated to clean homes and hearts.

JB Bastow

I love the tour! We jump in on one that was already 10 minutes in and when she finished she took us back to what we missed. Loved the creativity and history- thank you!

Paul White

Incredible museum with all sorts of interesting stuff. It would be worth a trip just to see this place.

Carl Willis

Eclectic museum highlighting all things clean.

Maureen Carty

The museum has an amazing collection of vacuums, dating back to ones operated by a bellows prior to the use electricity. There are also a variety of other cleaning tools most of which are unrecognizable today. Lots of interesting information as well.

Monty Borrowman

Fun family activity. Lots for kids to do. Definitely not one of those things you think of as a must do but it really is. Lots of interesting history and items. Museum director is very friendly and knowledgeable. We even ended up getting a tour from the owner himself. When we visit Pocatello we will go again. My kids loved it!

Matt Macey

We loved the Museum of Clean! We usually drive straight through Pocatello when going through Idaho but we saw a billboard for the museum and thought we would give it a try. The staff gave us a very warm welcome and gave us a great introduction to the museum. We were also able to meet the founder Don Aslett and he was gracious enough to walk around with us a bit and give us a tour of a few exhibits. The exhibits are well done, very informative, and they have some very cool pieces. There is a lot of humor throughout which definitely adds to it. The museum is also very kid friendly. They loved the interactive exhibits. My kids cried when it was time to leave! A few days later when we were driving home and passed through Pocatello they asked if we could stop at the museum again. If you go, plan on taking a few hours, especially if you have children. The museum is all about cleanliness in general and I think anyone would enjoy it if they go in with an open mind. I wasn't sure what to expect when we were headed there but I ended up very satisfied and I would love to go back again sometime.

DEEDLUM clements

Fun for the whole family. Lots of interactive displays, games, and activities. Friendly staff. Our whole group had a great time

Bela Lewis

What a great place to walk around and explore with family and friends! Our group had a great time and the tour guide (the museum curator) was very enthusiastic and very fun! We even got to meet the founder himself and he chatted with us. We had alot of fun! Good place for kids too!

Jed Jorgenson

In a world full of dirt and debris, this is a nice place to visit to learn about cleaning your home, mind, body, and soul. It is actually a super fun and hands on place. There are plenty of activities as well as games to play. You can wash a window, sweep a chimney, vacuum your kids. Really they have a kid vacuum. There are many fun and historic displays for every age and interest. Plenty of bad cleaning jokes and a handful of statues mad from cleaning projects. Well worth the stop.

Joe Killian

The content is fantastic, ranging from the oldest vaccuum, to a dinosaur made of cleaning parts. The staff is clearly impassioned about the museum. With an inexpensive entry free and tons of interactive exhibits, it's great for kids. If you're looking to learn about the history of cleaning devices, start behind the check-in counter, and then go to the third floor, if they'll let you. True information is sporadic, with jokes dominating the placards. The organization leads a bit to be desired, particularly on the upper floor where a chronological approach would be appreciated. Do make sure to buy a toilet keychain on the way out. You'll want to spend at least an hour here; we ran out of time to see everything and will be returning soon.

Jan Broucinek

Awesome! And Brad was an amazing tour guide.

xochitl ayala

We were a bit skeptical prior to coming. But it was actually pretty cool and neat. Super affordable, and you even get a book at the end. The staff takes pride in their museum, they have a lot of things for kids as well. Highly recommend this place if you're coming from out of town it's affordable and something to do Solo or with the whole family.

Richard Brewster

It was way more interesting than expected and Brad was awesome! You can tell the staff is passionate!

John Wray

Exceeded my expectations by a mile. Wonderful tour and then had the privilege to meet the creator of the museum, Don Aslett himself. So many fascinating things to learn. We didn't give ourselves enough time to get through it all. We'll be coming back!

Brian Heath

Not very friendly toward service dog.

dot brockman

Don't wrinkle your nose and say why would I care about this museum? It was great fun and very interesting. If possible do the short guided tour it is very well done. Who knew vacuums and cleaning supplies could be so interesting. Alow about two hours or more to see it all.There are things for the kids to do too.

Janelle Fuhriman

Loved it! We got a tour of the place from Don Aslett himself. So random. We love random. We all had our favorite spots through the museum but all agreed on the art room. Who knew there was so much art in the world that has to do with "clean"? My 16 year old son told me afterwards he was bummed he didn't act like a chimney sweep when he had the chance. Totally a place for the whole family. Just all around awesome. And it won't take your whole day either. This is an activity you can do on your way through town or added onto other things.

Kathleen Fulmer

Had a private tour by Don - He was fantastic! The Museum was a real treat and very informative. Lots for the kids to do as well.

Nickola Cooper

Gadgets to ponder and touchables for the kids!

Lucy Breen

The Museum Of Clean is my favorite place to visit. Every time I end up in Idaho, I have to check it out. I love cleaning and history, so this is the perfect place for me. Don Aslett is often there giving tours and signing books. It's fun for people of all ages. Make sure to stop by if you're ever in town!

Gary Smith

We were a little bit surprised at how interesting and entertaining the museum was. It seems odd to say but the vast collection of vacuum cleaners was very interesting. We met Mr Aslett and had a nice chat.

Shelley Page

Cool place. You wouldn't think old vacuums would be interesting, but Don Aslett gives a fun tour.

Jannette LaRose

Not what I was expecting although I wasn't sure what I was expecting. Very fun and interesting place. Big! Guide knew a lot. Wish I'd chosen to go on my own or had more time. Great place.

Oleah Stewart

Different then anything ive ever seen and over priced. 6 dollars per adult.

Alice Bednar

We loved this museum !! The tour with Brad through the main floor was so entertaining. The two hours we had was not enough,so we returned the next day and had opportunity to meet Don Aslett. He is so kind and funny. I love his books ! They are full of inspiring sand helpful insights.The Museum of Clean was the highlight of our road trip through Idaho.

Monica Strauss

Great for the kids! My kids have never touched a typewriter until today. :) Unique items I've never seen in other museums. We appreciated the spacious environment and easy parking.

Kristen Conley

Neat place to stop and visit. There is quite the collection of items and our 6 year old enjoyed himself.

Amanda Zive

Fun little museum. We were passing through and made a stop. Brad greeted us at the desk and gave us wonderful info about the museum and a bit of history of the founder. The museum has lots of things kids can touch and do, we enjoyed our time here!

Ganesh Reddy

Was very skeptical at first, but it was actually a very interesting place. We were pleasantly surprised. Even though I totally feel like a Griswold now.

Nancy Ellsworth

Very kid friendly. Something for everyone. Fun activities along the way.


Fabulous place. Met Bob and enjoyed some of his anecdotes. Unusual and informative. Very good guide.

Joan Petersen Rond

The tour guide was amazing!!!!!

Andrew Walker

A fun museum that teaches cleaning history with charm and humor. Many museums you come and look at old things, here they want you to interact with old things, very hands on museum. Very family friendly. While we were there we met the owner who was not afraid of grabbing things off display and showing us how they worked, clearly a guy who loves his job. The museum takes a very broad view on what clean is from political, environmental, historical and so on. The museum it self is designed with the highest Green building rate that was possible, the owner stated that if the museum of clean was all about being clean then it better live what it teaches. The museum is privately owned and as such is still a work in progress as funds become made available. Such a fun place to visit spent around 3hrs here total. Worth the trip.

Brandon Holst

It is a bunch of stuff all over the place. No organization.

Ashland Hazard

Best museum! Take the tour and read all the information- very witty and clever. Awesome for kids too!

Elizabeth MissLizzy35

Never been inside but it looks cool

Jordon Hofman

This is a pretty cool place to visit. There is a lot for kids to enjoy.

Linnea Lundgren

The tour Don gave us was delightful, informative and highly witty. The kids loved the hands-on, "clean" exhibits and parents loved the history and seeing vacuums we used in the 70s. Well worth a few hours visit!

David Boland

Absolutely add this to your stops. Very unique.

Zander Sawyer

Very unique. Never would have guessed that a museum full of cleaning products and items would be so captivating. My wife and I stopped in because we had some time to kill but we ended up staying for two hours. A fascinating look at how cleaning has changed our society.

Niels Olsen III

The tour guide made the experience so much better than it would have been. So fun and very informative.

Cameron LeNguyen

Great place for kids! Went with my 4 year old niece and my older siblings. We all enjoyed the tour that Don gave us. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone!


Very interesting. lots of stuff to see. reasonable entry price.

Leticia Wilson

This museum has EVERYTHING in cleaning. Lots to see, fun things to do and great value.

Daniel Fontana

Worth every dollar. So much to look at. Everyone is super nice and wants to explain every aspect of the museum. Worth the stop with the family.

Mike Lord

Great museum! I highly recommend seeing this! More than you would think to see and the staff is great!

Roger Lawrence Singleton

Amazing! A must see museum in Southern Idaho. Fun, very interesting, and loaded with lots of cool stuff. Don't pass this up.

Reed Carr

What a fascinating place, I had no idea! I'd recommend it to any curious person! We had a brief tour given by the founder/ owner himself.

James Cook

Very cool museum. Lots of stuff for kids to do and interact with.

Ryan Hunt

This place is amazing andthe volunteers and Don are so so nice. We stopped on a whim and didn’t regret it. Go.

Libby Gray

If you are ever in Idaho is a must it a must place to go

Trey Selman

Wonderful tour! If you are in the area, do not miss this. Don was a wonderful guide.

Kris Miller

Amazing place way more than I expected my sun and I had a great time. The staff are genuinely kind and informative. Will be back soon.


This place was a nice surprise! Lots of kids activities to get involved with. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would!

Chris Hegg

Pretty awesome museum!! Staff and tour guide were knowledgeable and friendly! I would recommend a visit here to anyone visiting Pocatello.

Mary Haack

Best darned museum I've seen in ages! Informative, humorous, well thought out displays, friendly staff and actually the cleanest place I've been to! Highly recommend - good for kids of all ages.

Nancy Lawson

This place is amazing! Vacuums, tooth pastes, cleaning agents, an ironrite, soaps, washing "machines", and on and on! All antiques!

Glen s

It was interesting even for a slob like me

Jim Metzger

So many interesting artifacts to explore on multiple floors of the museum. Well worth the price of admission

James Frei

An excellent place to take the family. The staff is extremely helpful and willing to help. A lot of hand on things for the kids. Family had a great time and we highly recommend it.

sue belleau

The museum is very interesting for all ages, and genders. Things even for the littles ones . My husband even enjoyed it from inventive point of view. Meeting Don Aslett's (founder)was the best. Everyone at the museum were the nicest bunch of people. Brad was entertaining with all his knowledge and jokes. Don't miss out on this on treasure in Pocatelle ID, worth the trip.

Peggy Johnson

Interesting place

Tracy Dooley

I don't have the words to share how interesting this place is. I could have spent all day there. If you like history and looking at pieces from the past and reading stories about them and art made from just about everything, (then this is the place to go ) The vacuum collection is unbelievable,the owners are super friendly and dont forget the photo op and the end

Sharon Fitzsimmons

For what it is, the Museum of Clean is great! It's entertaining and fun. It's also a ghost town for all intents and purposes. This museum has a huge floor plan, but there isn't a lot to do or see on the upper levels. The staff are amazing and friendly, though, and it's a fun place to stop on your way through Pocatello. Many exhibits for touching, like spray bottles for cleaning windows, beds for making, antique vacuum cleaners to touch and try. Upper levels are largely comprised of sculptures and racing cars made from cleaning materials, which was probably more meaningful to the original crew who made and raced those items. But I leaned a few things here, and now that I've left I realized I really should have purchased a stainless steel toilet keychain from the gift shop. I feel like with a little curation and some easy research into the science, this museum could be spectacular.

Koby Young

Dude, the place is seriously awesome! 5+ floors of amazing exhibits, fun and engaging tidbits of explanations (including lots of humor), and staff that is not only friendly, but very knowledgeable about the history of every object. There was tons of awesome things for children to do, very entertaining for adults, and everything was super clean! (Pun intended.) If your in the area go check this place out, highly recommend for adults and children alike.

Erin Harrison

Loved it. Curator is hysterically funny.


This was a last minute stop at 4 pm... mostly out of curosity. When we left we wished we had planned for a longer visit! This museum is so interesting with the history of everything clean...vaccum cleaners, washing machines, advertisements, cleaning products, statistics, fascinating history of the founder who was there , and demonstrations by a wonderful docent..Barbara. I hope many will visit, learn and enjoy this truly unique museum.

Nina Schwinghammer

Admission was $6/adult and worth it! The museum seems to be growing but still feels like an intimate experience where a docent (the museum director Brad in our case) will lead you on a punny walk through some of the museum’s more interesting items. There is thoughtful information about trash and recycling in addition to many vacuums. The highlight was meeting Don the founder- he obviously loves what he does and as new business owners we were inspired talking with him in the library containing the many books he’s written.

Brian Hendricks

Fun time adults and yout9

Charles Parks

Fun, entertaining and informative

Jeremy James

Good clean fun :) Make sure you get the guided tour if possible


Had a great tour, guided by Brad. He's got jokes, so pay attention.

Rebecca Berls

Awesome interactive museum for kids and adults! When they offer you a tour, take them up on it. One time we got Don Aslett and the other time was Brad, the director. Both were fun and great with children. When you do the guided tour (same price as self led) they give a free cleaning book that more than pays for the cost of admission. If you get a guided tour, plan for at least two hours. Self led can be done in an hour. Best museum in Pocatello!

yRichard Barkley

Really enjoyed the museum and the discussions with Don. It is educational, as well as amusing for the kids. The museum is well thought out and very professional. I was leery at first about a museum dedicated to "Clean", but was won over as I toured around. I also liked the focus on "decluttering."

Dee Miles

Great fun and interesting for both kids and adults alike.

Tom Llewellyn

This place is a labor of love, and it shows! While not quite as polished or interactive as other museums, the Museum of Clean offers an interesting perspective into what it means to be clean. The collections of antique cleaning equipment is interesting and I really enjoyed the art on display. The kid area in the multi-level metal sphere certainly looks cool. If you're in the area, it's definitely worth checking out.

Cedar Shepard

Just the werides place I've been but supper fun

Joe Rex

Great place. Awesome tour.

Danielle Harwood

This was a fun place for date night! Absolutely adored it!

Chris Zaplatosch

A fun place worth checking out for a few hours if you're passing through and have the time. The owner is very enthusiastic and welcoming.

matthew gardner

Has many interesting pieces all related to cleaning. Some neat old supplies that were nostalgic. I learned a bit about older technology and am grateful for the cleaning tools I have now. Lol

Erika Palestina

Great customer service

David Eggleston

Best 4 hours that flew by like it was a hour!

J Tay187

Very kid friendly! Lots of hands on games for kids and adults alike. It is a very large 3 story building, plan on spending about an hour or more if you want to see it all and play some of their games while you are in there. Highly recommend to check it out! $20 for a family if I remember correctly

Tyler Frye

Out of all the museums I’ve been too, the museum of clean has been the most thought provoking, and funny. The history of cleaning and staying clean is usually overlooked so visiting has been an eye opener. The displays are very whimsical, and humorously describe all the crazy cleaning inventions and tools throughout history.

Steven Knight

If you're near Pocatello you must stop and visit the museum. Very interesting and entertaining. Brad's knowledge and humor made it even more enjoyable. a must see.

Andrew Sean

We came here to celebrate my birthday, having read about the museum in the Atlas Obscura and seeking to experience the unique attraction for ourselves. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit, starting with a friendly welcome by a very enthusiastic staff member who took us on a brief tour and then gave us a copy of one of the founder's books. We enjoyed all of the exhibits, particularly the interactive ones, and really appreciated all of the historical information and rare memorabilia that was on display. We had a chance to meet Don, who very happily showed us around some of his favorite pieces and have us some amusing stories and anecdotes, as well as a second book. Overall, the museum is a unique and interesting treasure with a rather eccentric spin that makes it enjoyable for people of all ages. I would recommend it to anyone who is in the area and has the time to stop by.

Aaron Izatt

A great place to go with family and friends. Make sure you have a lot of time set aside . Lots too see and lots of vacuum's.

Lori Phipps

This place has some interesting displays. It's worth the stop to learn something new. There is a neat very large metal dome with three stories for the kids to play in. Each level has a new cleaning experience for the kids to enjoy.

Philip Dayley

Very interesting museum and one of the few places in Pocatello with things for small children to do. Their kids' world is fun and the game floor is entertaining for kids and adults alike. My two year old enjoyed looking at all the different vacuums!

NetuserLC NetuserLC

Fun place to spend an afternoon.

Ruth Ter Keurst

Very interesting met the owner and he gave us a small tour

Rachel Peterson

It's a really different idea of a museum and something that everyone related to no matter what! Really nice and enthusiastic staff, cool stuff for adults and kids, even my one year old had fun! There's so much stuff!!


Oh mercy? A fluke, it's interesting and fun for the kids!!!

Erin Lyle

Super fascinating place for kids and adults! Huge building with lots to see! Plus there was a really fun, energetic, and knowledgeable tour guide! Great place to go if you want to learn while having fun!

Matt M

Great knowledgeable tour that kept things interesting and amusing.

Rebecca Lynn

A spectacular collection of anything and everything ever produced, manufactured, patented or just thought about to use in and around the home for cleaning in the last century. Fun and informative, interactive and even fun for the kids. From art to one of a kind, toilets and medical gadgets, kitchen appliances and games to play, robots and an orchestra of the famous playing instruments made from household items, make sure you plan to spend a few hours. We only were able to view one of the four floors of the museum in a couple hours. Bob Aslett has spent his lifetime on this museum and it is obvious he is passionate on making it all it can be, and more.

Donal Stones

Fun, displays are a little scattered and unorganized, but everything is fun and humorous with some interactive things for the kids too.

Cathy Swiatek

Best hands on place around. Spent close to 2 hrs there with my 12 yr old. Never once heard Im bored. Who knew there was so much to learn about the past and present cleaning things.

Bryce Giesbrecht

Quirky but fun, make sure you get the curator to take you for a tour. Can't wait to see the new floors and additions as they come. Great destination to see.

Lee Nguyen

My wife and I went here for our anniversary celebration! We were lying down in our hotel room, saw this place on Google maps, and literally got up right away and intentionally went to the Museum of Clean. If you've ever used a vacuum or a toilet, then this place is for you! If you've ever used a washer, dryer, or ironed some clothes, then you need to see this place, now! If you like art...they have some of it! I highly recommend using the elevator because--well, do you remember when Willy Wonka opens the door into his candy land and the children see it for the first time? It's nothing like that, really--but the elevator doors open to reveal a butt-tonne of vacuums! It may not sound all that exciting, with all the vacuums and toilets and whatnot; but you will be pleasantly surprised, thoroughly entertained, and glad you spent a couple of hours of your life walking around this museum of oddities!

Marlene Ascencio

Loved it! Lots of interactive exhibits. Awesome recycled band!

Bob Gaiser

Interesting place showing a lot of cleaning machines.

Andrea Howard

Very fun. Another fun find in Idaho.

Juliusz Sompolski

It's really a great museum. It's really huge, with four floors filled with all kind of things related to cleaning and higene - a huge collection of hundreds of historic vacuums, but also toilets, baths, washing machines, dishwashers, irons and lots of curiosities... And a great tour by Brad. Really a quirky gem worth a stop.

Janine J

FAB place. Uber educational and fun to see all the stuff. You really should go.

Alison Anglesey

Having Don Aslett himself give you the museum tour is quite a treat! Fun place for kids and adults. Surprisingly my kids are always asking to go back here. Wish it inspired them to clean more.... PS- My son got me a dust pan here for mother's I love it! He also got himself a little stuffed cold germ and a cold germ soap dispenser. So cute!

MS. MITchell

Absolutely recommend this stop for all of the tourists visiting Pocatello as soon as the passenger trains are allowed to travel thru Pocatello again. It's a very interesting place that the whole family will enjoy.

Paul Bushman

Unique museum focused on the history of cleaning and cleaning supplies. But that's not all, go in and check it out and be surprised.

Aimee Jensen

On a whim we decided to stop here. Spent 3 hours which felt like 5 minutes! Its patently obvious this museum has been a labor of love for the founder, Don Aslett (Google his name). Staff greeted us warmly upon entering. Early on in the tour Don took over and proceeded to give us a behind the scene tour and shared stories that made us cry with laughter! His humor and devotion is evident in each display. Not to be missed. A highlight of our trip.

R. Porter

I was surprised at how much fun this museum was! It kept my 14 and 17 year olds attention for over two hours, which is saying a lot. It was neat to see the actual founder, Don giving tours and sharing his passion of making this world a cleaner place. Our first tour guide Brad was very entertaining and just as passionate as Don. I would definitely recommend a guided tour, you will be laughing the whole time. We even got a signed book!


Fun, wacky museum - and very clean!

Lisa Bogan

Was blessed to be able to meet the Founder during my stop. Amazing place that has lots of creative humor in recycling old cleaning items, plus education.

Jeni Hadden

Not sure what I expected.. every vacuum cleaner and washing machine in history wasn't it. Lol

Jared Lundquist

Best tour guide ever! Cool collection.

carmen kropf

We had so much fun!

Greg Sorensen

This place is fantastic Don Aslett has done a great job, a must see!

AJ DeCato

I was very impressed with the collection and actual information available about cleaning. I have only been once, but it was worth it and it never felt crowed at all. It seems like this is a gem in Pocatello that no one really knows about. Pay it a visit, have a good laugh, and take a few pictures, you won't regret it.

Andrew Messer

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Lots of interesting cleaning memorabilia

Taylor Harrahill

Ton of fun! Went on a date, cheap admittance, great staff that brought the vacuum collection to life, and even got a free book! You'll get a kick out of the gift shop

Mike Price

The sound of this place is admittedly a bit quirky, and although we've talked about visiting for the last couple years it wasn't until this last weekend when we finally made it in. What a neat place. My wife isn't generally a fan of museums but she had a blast here. Loads of interesting things to look at. The guided tour (by Brad) was a must. A truly fantastic experience; very entertaining, equally interactive, and longer than expected. The guided tour really added a lot to the experience for us. Brad, the guide, was also great at keeping our toddler entertained and frequently called him up by name to help demonstrate certain elements of the museum. Not only is there a lot of interesting stuff for adults, but there is an equal (or more) amount of stuff for kids. Several great little play areas are scattered through the lobby and second floor, as well as several interactive exhibits that our toddler really enjoyed. Overall, our whole party was very impressed. We only saw about half of the museum but we will definitely be going back and I'd highly recommend checking it out if you're in the area. It's truly a gem in this small town.

Dave Pomerance

Fascinating experience! Museum Director Brad gave us an enthusiastic, entertaining, and educational personalized tour. Allow for at least two hours at this unique attraction.

Sandie Nadelson

Really wasn't expecting to be fascinated by what was on display there, but totally was. Got a visit/tour by Don Aslett which made it extra special.

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