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REVIEWS OF McEuen Park and Dog Park IN Idaho

Scott Thurgood

A great place to take the grandkids to on a hot summer day

Courtney Brereton

Kids always have fun, especially at splash pad which is open memorial day through labor day. Live at 5 every Wednesday night during summer.

Joe Gariano

Good looking park, you have lots of differnt thing you cane do there. Plus a good walking trail, play area for kids.

Joshua Dahlstrom

Third is a great park for the community to enjoy. It has a great splash pad for kids. The tennis courts are well cared for. The lake is right at the edge of the park. It's just a wonderful place to enjoy. Sometimes, the community will show movies at night too.

A beautiful life

My son loves this place. So much to do and beautiful area.

hailee marie

Nice park. Nice parking. Nice parking lot. Good baseball diAmind.

Amie Mickle

This park is beautiful! A must visit with kids. But note, much of the structure was marked for kids 5+. Be careful if you have really little ones.

Sayda Fairfield

For having a dog park, it's not very dog friendly. Dogs can only stay on the perimeter... Which means they walk only on the asphalt. It is way too hot for their paws!

Stephen B. Fraser

Nice park and dog park plenty of Green space and access to a nice hike around Tubbs Hill. Great place to take the family.

Chris Bennett

This park is super clean and nice. My niece had an awesome time on the playground too!

Darren Wilcox

Big beautiful park with lots going on.

Kimberly Cannon

Went to a festival there in the park. It was outstanding.

Kathy Young

Great place to walk and enjoy being outdoors.

Elaine Blackwood

Spent 4th July here. First US holiday for our kids. Gorgeous park.

Isaac Galaviz

Really nice park...job well done!!

Rebecca Anne

Awesome little dog park, but also love that the centennial trail goes right by it and you can see the river and though beside th e freeway doesn't feel like it

Giuliana Palmas

My grandchild loves this park. I just wish they would start the water park at 10. Twelve is too late.

Brandi Lowery

My families favorite park!

Bella York

What a fun park! When we come to Couer d'Alene, we always stop by McEuen Park for the girls. My daughters love the park - from it's felt soft "grass" to it's musical instruments, from the huge elaborate big toy with zipline type objects and slides galore to a splash pad better than any other. There are rock climbing places and rope climbing places and things for children of any age!

Christopher Augerlavoie

Awesome park for kids! My son loves it especially the water section!

Wyatt McCandless

My kids love to come here. Splash pad is great.

Jared Crabtree

Very nice. Clean and well maintained

Josh Wellsandt

Very great destination for many outdoor activities from walking in the park and riding the path on bikes or boards alike.

Scott Gittens

The park has many fun features for kids to play on/with. The views of the lake are fantastic. Tubbs' Hill is right next door. Unfortunately, the "dog park" is miniature. There's a ton of open space in the park and the off leash/pet friendly area occupies very little of that space. Downtown Coeur d'Alene isn't very pet friendly in general and this park is a classic example.

Daniel Vipperman

It's a great place to take your kids.

Kevin Scherer

Live After 5 always great summer fun in the park and great facilities year round!

Melissa Brindle

This is a beautiful park. We actually participated in the 5k portion of the Couer D'Alene Marathon. We got there early and walked around the park since we had never been there before. Wonderful kids area! The marina and trails are breath taking with the views of the lake and the mountains.

Laurinda O'Dell

Always the best place to play, for kids and adults alike. Roomy and clean, and also has good restrooms.

Aaron Mock

Great play structure and splash pad! The whole park is super clean and family friendly. Clean restrooms.

kenyon marshall

Food was good but orderwas completely messed up and the workers seem to be in a hurry and not paying attention to what they were doing when writing it up

Gary Fryer

Beautiful park. Hike up Tubbs Hill and you get a good view of Lake Coeur D'alene.

Brandon Bogart

Wow! Amazing park! Great play structure plus a good splash pad!! So much fun and parking is only $1/hr!

Lee Zahir

Fun place. Lots for kids to do

Peggy Whitman

McEuen Park is a gorgeous park for Adults, Children and Dogs alike. Set at the base of Tubbs Hill and Lake Coeur d'Alene it is a beautiful setting filled with recreational options.

Ryan S

This review is for the dog park. It is ok, but very small. It's split into two separate areas and there isn't much room for dogs to run around. Although they have some obstacles and ladders for dogs, which is nice.

Sahra Swaford

Great place to take the family, kids, dog. On the water's edge. Splash pad, kids jungle gym. Bathrooms, bbq area. It's beautiful.

Gary Zambor

This place is a must see, this park is an amazing place to take your family and kids. Very well kept and a perfect place to have a family bbq with family or friends or both!!

Jacob Birr

Great little spot for the kids

Kelsey Thorkelson

Enjoyed the kids playground today. Always like going there. Lots of different slides and sensory toys.

Chad C

The park is incredible. Parking on site is very inexpensive and has spots for long rigs and trailers. Huge playground for the kids with a large sandbox, a music area with beautiful sounding instruments, and lots of bench space. The field is enormous and great for anything you want to do on the grass. It's right downtown and next to good trails on Tubbs Hill.

Sean Hooper

Love it here. My son always has a great time!

Shasta Daniel

This park has everything! Basketball courts, playground equipment for older and younger kids, a rock climbing wall, musical equipment, water play area for kids, a pavilion, it's right next to a hiking trail and the beach/boardwalk

Patty Darling

Loved the park,the play ground was great, wishing there was picnic tables for having lunch,snacks for grandkids..

Brenna Failor

It’s a nice park, small compared to other parks but a decent park. worst problem is that no one picks up after their dogs and it reads of poop.

Jenny Arnold, PharmD, BCPS

Awesome park! Kids could play forever! Fun for young and older kids. The music area was fun. We wanna come back in the afternoon when the spray park is on.

Ariel Beals

This place was a lot of fun defisit! We spend a lot of time just lying down on the grass and enjoying the sun! It was fun to watch all of the little kids playing and watch people walk their dogs around and play with them! This is a very popular place!

S Johnson

For all the controversy over this park, it was absolutely worth every bit and every penny. A great asset for the community. May literally be the best park I've ever been to in the whole world, and it's right here at home. Easy to spend a whole day down there.

Joshua Exley

Live After 5 is a great time! Family friendly, local brews and food. Highly recommend

Kay Olson

Beautiful landscaping with lots of sun and shade to suit most everyone. Super easy to find. Lots of parking available. Pay stations accept credit cards and are a bit slow at processing the payment, but overall they are easy to use.

Zachary Lane-Denny

Great park. Hiking in the back, towards the docks.

Ben Sutton

Great place for the kiddos to play on a hot day.

Maralee Houser

Nice sidewalks, beautiful view of Lake Coeur D Alene, lots of grass, covered picnic tables and great playground for kids

Elyssa Hayes

What a lovely place! The park is quite pretty, and I enjoy visiting the farmer's market on wednesday nights during the summer. Always good food and cool vendors.

Adam Wiebe

Best park I've ever brought my kids to. So many different things for them to do.

Todd Barker

Big, beautiful open space with a huge pavilion and large playground right downtown. Plenty of paid parking ($1 per hour) and a great view. We passed through heat on our Tubbs Hill hike (do the hike, it easy and beautiful).

Meagan Heyden

Always super busy, I'm not happy how far the dog park is from the playground, we like taking or son and dogs yo the park at the same time, but here it's impossible as you can't see the playground from the dog park well enough to keep an eye on your kid. Also the dog park is very small, and I'm not a fan of gravel dog parks. There should be grass.

Ed Drewsen

Clean. It's nice to see a place clean enough that you don't have to worry.

Brittany Fusco

Love this place. So much to do for the family and kids. Beautiful area!!!!

Michael royalty

Beautiful park with lots of things to do. A lot of open space to throw the ball for the dogs or just take them to the dog park and let them run free.

Jeff Eastwood

Love the park but never go, it's sad I have to pay for parking I'll just go to free parking park

Darkness FLamEr

It is cool there. I also made a good friend there. I would rate it 4 stars

Cheryl J

So the free WiFi is awesome but they recently raised parking prices. Parking is also still a problem. This park is pretty awesome though. There's a dog park, play ground, hiking, the marina, some food and the library all right here. With downtown super close by and lots of restaurants and bars.

G.C. Kutteruf

Beautiful Tubs Hill hike with access to the lake. Tennis courts, basketball courts, dog park, picknick tables, huge lawn, shade trees, splash pad, playground. This park has everything.

Carol Connors

Awesome doesn't begin to rate this park! It has everything. Great people all around.

Russell Johnson

Good assortment of options for kids to play in. And a bonus of it's by tubs Hill for hiking.

James Buehler

Daughter loved it, ton of kids. Most I've seen at any park.

Jim Reddish

The kids had a blast. It would be nice if the splash pad operated later than 7 during the long summer days.

Chelsea Miller

a calming place to enjoy views or take people out to run around. the park is a nice place to relax from walking around town.

Allura Gray

Always busy, my daughter loves it.

Hollywood Windchill

Beautiful, clean, relaxing, friendly, family environment! Kids love it!!

Virgie Duenas

Beautiful place but owners need to pick up their dog's poop. You cannot really appreciate the beauty of the place when your eyes are on the ground. I've almost step on a pile good thing someone warned me to watch my step.

pamela adams

Marimba band at the library and happy hour at crickets....oh so summertime in Coeur d Alene.

Grace Van Etten

Safe with bathrooms and water fountains, and a variety of ways to entertain both kids and dogs

Erin King

Fun, large and interactive park! Such a great experience!

Melinda Hedquist

Park is lovely and holds many special memories. The parking lot kiosks for paying are extremely slow and spaced out. Make sure you have your license plate number handy so you don't waste time in line just to have to walk to your car and back again to stand in line another 10 minutes.

alan plemmons

This park is so incredible for the kids, they always love coming here. They have a water park area too. The extent of things for kids to play on is orally mind blowing. There are plenty of places for parents to sit and watch too, and shaded areas as well. Such a cool park to hang out at and kill some time.

Ben Stallings

The park is beautiful. I miss the fact that the playground was once mostly fenced in. I know a lot of parents were relieved that the kids were corralled in where they were playing. Here, downtown converges with an open natural setting that's adjacent to the lake. Nestled in between city hall, the resort and the library.

Ryan Roop

Nice park, I like how there are two sides fenced off

Denise Yesland

Our grandkids loved it as it was easy for them to find us and for us to find them,if they decided to explore a portion of the park that caught their eye.

Bryan Hillerman

Beautiful location on Lake Coeur d' Lane. Nice and clean here compared to where I come from.

Brandy Marie Anglin

Love this park. It's big and the kids get to run around.


Absolutely beautiful. A great place to go to relax. Well laid out and clean.

Fay Meyer

Great place to walk, walking on to the lake for light lunch at the Buoy Grill. Enjoyed the memorial with a waterfalls for the policeman killed in the line of duty. Great play area for children. Not expensive to park in lot either.

TK Sonic

Neutral on this spot. It is a nice park, but the dog area is small and filled with dog poop. Owner's need to clean up after their pets!!!

Lola London

Our kids loved the park, and the dog park was also wonderful. It was perfect for a stop during our road trip for the kids and dog to burn some energy.

John Dawson

Nice but, sad to see instead of how it WAS!! Shame on you CD'A city for allowing this.

Jason Buscema

What a beautiful park! Always so well maintained and the bathrooms are super clean. Can’t beat the setting.

Carl Stewart

I highly recommend this part for your kids there's also a water park there and available and xylophone songs to play three different types

Jo O'Neill

Beautiful park! Lots to do. Splash pad for the kids. Bbq areas. Plenty of room for volleyball-frisbee or other outside games. There are a couple of cool shaded bench swings with amazing views of Cda Lake. There's a concession stand with food and drinks down by the docks with outdoor seating and music!

Andrea jean

Just because I’ve been here so long, I’m giving it a huge thumbs down. I miss the old Coeur d’Alene.

T. Dodger

So much fun. The water feature is amazing and there should be one that awesome in every park.

Mike Brown

Nice place. Love k27 memorial. Good area for walking.

Sara R

We ride our bikes here multiple times during the summer. Great dog park with obstacles for dogs to play on. Love that the dog park is dirt, makes for easier clean up! The park can get very busy at times, but the kids have a blast. Has a large variety of playground equipment.

Lynn Cogan

We went there 4th of July and had an awesome time

Kim Zierke

Went on the hike and it had some great photo ops as well as a great hike. The weather was perfect and it was a very nice time.

Sam Berg

Wish Spokane leadership would take a field trip and learn how to make a park! Spokane could be awesome with better leadership and less corruption! Great job CDA!


Always such a wonderful place for family and friends! Highlight of CDA, ID

Diego Grandez

Recess at its prime. So many fun choices for kids. Most lustrous on a holiday. Thumps up.

Courtney Sohler

Clean, friendly, well lit park. Many fun things for the kids. Great splash pad! Dog park is nice too

Good Times

Good place to let your dog of leash and play, seems to be kept clean sanitary!

Robin Green

A very nice park. Lots of grass, a dog park, a splash pad for the kids, and a large pavilion for picnics or parties.

Louisa Cash

Five stars for amenities, deduct one star for crowds. In the summer the playground is overwhelmed with children and it’s a bit hard to keep track of little ones as they could easily get lost in the crowds. We do love the splash pad on a hot summer day and the easy access to Tubbs Hill for hiking and lake views and to town for ice cream.

Dane Etwaroo

Perfect for kids! With a splash park, playground and short walk to green space and the start of the boardwalk this location can't be beat!

Gabe Borscheid

Beautiful a must go swimming if it's hot out

Mark Gustafson

Love this park. Great for just walking and relaxing or attend one of the events held here in the summer.

Dan Kachmarik

This a fabulous park. Coeur d’Alene has done a terrific job with this space. The playground is top notch and the splash pad is great for all kids.

Kimberly Dowell

Great beach access, but not a lot of shade or enough spaces to change for beach/downtown goers.

Brian Luck

Tibbs Hill great hike awesome view.

Neil Christopher Apeles

Great central location with parking available in lots or on the street. The playground for kids is great and has lots of things including the jungle gyms, swings, sand box and a splash pad water feature playground area. Lots of wide, open grassy areas as well as park benches, picnic tables and clean facilities and restrooms.

Russ VanWyk

So pretty, nice play area, great basketball courts

Nathaniel Zorach

Kind of weird to have these semi public events with private security pretending to be cops but ok

Ben Radka

The jewel of downtown Coeur d alene, Idaho.

Diana Colgrove

Love the park but hate the new parking fees. Less likely to visit for a quick walk or lunch when I can go elsewhere and not have to deal with the parking fees

Kendra Kelley

My kids loved the playground while we were visiting the area! Lots of fun!

Justin Bright

GREAT park for bringing the family or having events and a fantastic Dog Park area for walking the little buddy!

Sarah Rasmussen

Fun place to take your kiddos!!

Caryn Tranmer

This is a fun park for families, pets and parents of both!!! Splash pad for kids, dog park for dogs-great for socialization!!! My kids and Sadie have fun there every time we go. Great for both, a picnic, and a hike! Great to shoot hoops too :p

Quentin Skanes

Great park with a ton of activities to do. Very tranquil park to chill out at. Dog park was super awesome and well kept

GTS]Gamer Tips

Its a vert fun park to play in. When all the kids start to play tag it gets crazy!!!11!1!1!

peg barnett

Really nice open space by the water

Hannah Felchle

Awesome park to come spend family time. Splash pad, playground , basketball courts , clean facilities

Stuart Thompson

I love to go to McEuen park with friends and family. Over all it is just a great place to hangout and play. They have tennis and basketball courts for everyone to use. There is also the jungle gym for kids to play on as well. It is also got a water park addition that allows people to cool off. I highly recommend going there with friends and family!

Jello Bello

The park was good and the kids really enjoyed playing. The dog park had no grass, just dirt which kind of sucked so that part was meh.

Susan Nelson

There is more to it than this. It's beautiful and peaceful

Nataliya Boch

Loved this park, it's spacious and has a very nice playground with water section too. My kids enjoyed it!!!!

Kaythryn Richardson

Awesome park ,we were there to support Habitat for Humanity

Tyler Hemstreet

Beautiful grounds, awesome playground, very cool splash pad. Kudos to the City's parks department!

Christine Jensen

I took my grandson here while we were in Coeur d'Alene and he had a fantastic time even though the park was covered in snow. The activities our age appropriate and there is so much to choose from for the children. It has a fantastic playground and the trail through the dog park stays very busy. Beautiful place, we will be visiting again!

Brenda Kathman

Great place for functions or even just a widespread place for family to enjoy

cianne tassler

One of my favorite places to walk and stroll my baby around. There are parks , a library, and the beach all there in a short distance from each other. Great place for kids and adults.

Jessica B

There's enough here to keep a kid occupied for hours, complete with large splash pad, musical chimes, sandbox, huge jungle gym, places to sit, etc. Great location near the lake resort and plenty of paid parking nearby (and some free if you're willing to walk and know where). We always have fun.

Johnny Earley

Immaculately maintained and cared for. Low to no litter with clean updated bathrooms and well maintained bike trails. Policies are clearly posted with reasonable rules and restrictions. Great playground equipment for the kiddos to boot.

Marla Castellanos

Beautiful park. Well-kept. Wide open spaces. Downtown. 1 street over from shops. Convenience store close by. Tennis court, basketball. Large gazebo. Kids' splash park. Great place to visit, alone or with friends.

Joshua Higby

Nice park. Clean. Spacious. Nice water feature for the kids and live at 5 is nice. Dog park is generally not crowded. Tubbs hill is a great hike. Plenty of food around. Paid parking now.

Jenifer McCauley

So cute and fun!!! Great park ❤️

Alina d

Great clean park for families and kids. Lots of shade.hard to keep track of kiddos on the large toy complex but they love it. Close to downtown restaurants.

Jayne McBeth

Needs more shade all the toys where to hot to play on.

Cali Keli

Not only does this have a great playground for kids but it also has a splash pad my grandkids had a blast.

Vicki Finley

Beautiful day at McEuen, took the dog to the dog park, and noticed emergency vehicles in the parking lot for that "touch a truck" event. Smiling people and sunshine with a cool breeze, perfect.

Michael Bailey

This is a premiere location for families, functions, and outdoor concerts on wednesday evenings. Get hot dancing to great music? Its just a few steps to the cool waters of lake Coeur d'alene! Great job city of coeur d'alene! this is a real testament to your vision for a beautiful community.

Juanyz Alva

It's a family park... if you have kids this is a must. You can watch your kids play while you enjoy the environment and scenery. The surroundings are just beatiful!

william moyle

Excellent day @ CdA !

John Spano

Great park in great location downtown Coeur d’ Alene. Great events all summer long with plenty of room to not feel cramped during big events

Arty Warren

Lots to do, well taken care of park with natural beauty. Great place to relax when the weather is nice. It gets really crowded during the summer, and parental supervision is hit or miss, but if you're a helicopter parent it can still be fun and safe.

Don Bracchi

Public park with something for everyone. Splash water feature for kids and even a dog park for your best friend.

Jenn Kenefick

Absolutely beautiful and majestic. Always love visiting downtown for the live after 5 concerts and loved listening to Kelly Huges band for the fundraiser of habitat for humanity

Brian Woodward

Great playground, good parking, wonderful park. The city should be very proud of this jewel on the water.

isaac agan

So beautiful and great playground equipment and wonderful trails. Very clean and well maintained

Alan Kirk

Grand kids had a blast here

Jennifer Wujcik

Beautiful park with many options- walking/biking/dog park and playground

Kay Bramer

Fantastic fun for kids of all ages. Stunning view.

Camber Coffman

Amazing park! My kids love the splash pad and playground equipment, and my dog loves the dog park.

John Doe

Super place and beautiful views. Best city park I've ever been to. Very clean, no trash or litter or panhandlers annoying the families.

Keaton Cardinale

Great place for the whole family to go and play. You can never go wrong with a Tubbs hill adventure! They have excellent swimming holes and cliffs to jump off. Be aware of the water level when cliff jumping, some of the cliffs are just deep enough. I've hit bottom many times.

Crystal Ann Nash

I have lived here a long time, but never went to the newer park downtown. It is AWESOME. There is quite the area for playing. One area has running water that the kids can run under or through. The play area is pretty big. There is plenty of grass. There are picnic tables under the shade. There's a pavilion or gazebo for birthday parties you can use. We saw a guy flying a little helicopter over by Tubs Hill. It's not far from the parking lot to tables, if walking is a problem. You can see part of the Coeur d' Alene Lake. Across from the park, there's a place that sales food, drinks, and I think alcohol. It's quite pricey, I was told. It's pretty close to the marina/boat parking area. The bathroom area, in the park, looks nice but never went in. Only negative is the machine you pay to park in the parking lot. Diamond's pay machine is very SLOW, in a short time the line can become long. Partly, I think, is because people don't know when you walk up to the machine that you will need your vehicles license plate number. Payment is made by Credit Card, or Debit card. I think the Diamond Company is located in Seattle, WA.

Blue Barn Fiber

I've actually been thinking about moving out of the area lately. I recently had a baby and went for a walk and ended up here... And it seriously made me reconsider. I've never seen a park so nice. My dad was visiting from out of town and told me that they don't have anything like this in any of the places he's been, and he's been all over the country. The little splash pad for the kids is a dream. I can't wait to take my baby here when she's older! It's easy to take things like this for granted without realizing how very special they are. This place is one of a kind.

Todd Keller

Great time at the park. Grandkids Loved the toys and splash park.

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