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Where is Malad Gorge State Park?

REVIEWS OF Malad Gorge State Park IN Idaho

Yy Ma

The state park is pretty small. If you wanted to u can go thru the entire park in 30 mins to an hour. Its not a bad place to stop for a picnic or just to hang out. I happen to think that the gorge in town by the Perrine bridge was much more prettier.


Very scenic and easy parking

Jason Simpson

Awesome place to visit!

Jay Rein

Cool gorge

Joanna Hutula

Very nice. Beautiful and impressive.

Scott Hoover

You can't see the gorge or the huge waterfall without getting off the's definitely worth a short stop too see this amazing area!...

Anonymous Person

Awesome State Park! Park ranger let us in free after I explained we were passing through and noticed from I-84 the amazing view and how we had to see it closer unfortunately they only except cash which I did not have on me. Long story short she was super nice answered all my questions and then let us in free as long as we stopped and looked at all of the attractions which we did. Thank you so much for the great experience!!

Bruce Berry

Great view.

Herbert Prince

In June of 1995 I was working in Nampa Idaho at Swiss Village, which is a cheese plant, as they made all kinds of different cheeses, they had a gift store in front which usually had samples of different cheeses they made and a nice restaurant upstairs where we would usually eat lunch almost every day, to keep from driving into town. On one of our days off, my pipe fitter and I took a drive to the Malad Gorge to check it out, as it was right next to Interstate 84 located between Nampa and Boise. We parked, then had to walk across a steel foot bridge, as we could barely look under the interstate and see the gorge, with the rough turbulent waters hitting the sides of the rocks at a narrow passage and dropping, but we wanted to get a better view, so we cross over the bridge and when across, there wasn't a better view except.......we found one place where a chain link fence had been bent over, then there was a crevasse that was about three feet across and what looked like a large but narrow free standing rock formation, so my pipefitter jumped over first, and then I did, as I had my camera ready, snapped a few pictures and then I jumped back to safety, as it looked as though it could have fallen at any given moment, and I really didn't feel like riding it down a few hundred feet that day ! But I did happen to get the pictures I wanted, but don't care to get them again if I should ever return. It was an experience for me, one who never would take chances doing anything such as that. I've really been blessed to be able to see some beautiful places in my life !

Charlene Albano

Pretty, lots of shade, tables, and BATHROOMS!

Sharon Burritt

Great picnic area with restrooms and playground.

Kent Lewis

Great place to spend the day just exploring and hanging out with family. Have a picnic in the park.

Matt Laub

Lots of bbq pits, grass and restrooms. Good rest area on a long trip.

Trent Hansen

Always a good place to stop enjoy a view and a well maintained park.

Lisa Vandenberg

Beautiful place

Steve Bedient

This was very interesting and beautiful in a desert sort of way. Thoroughly enjoyed the several spots to stop and view the Malad Canyon as it goes south to the Snake River canyon.

Cheryl Dutt

Very nice park!

Mark Christensen

It's awesome

Cherie Ward

A lot of History. Nice Waterfall

Nathan Jensen

Very cool, be sure to walk across the bridge to get the best view.

Wendee M.

Beautiful weather, quiet, and great views!

Katy Chernogorec

The gorge was beautiful and the bridge to walk across was pretty cool. The roads are still closed though so it sucked to drive all that way and only see one part of the park

Scott Adams

One of a kind view

Sabrina Marshall

So beautiful

Kevin Lives

Gorgeous view to look over the canyon and a great waterfall too there is other exhibits here and they are all very good to go look at! It's a fun place to stop by on long road trips I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to go there!

Sidney Metcalf

Very interesting drive around including stops with informative stations. The gorge is amazing!

Crystal Mitchell

Beautiful views, and great walking trail.


Perfect place to listen to waterfalls and eat a picnic

Nicolas Van Tomme

Nice little state park. A nice surprise.

Brooke Larsen

This park is cheap and reasonably interesting. It's close enough to the interstate to justify a quick visit.

Tresa l Mitchell

This plqce is absolutely beautiful and majestic!

Troylin Frye

Thata was very neat

Michael Westermann

This place has wonderfull scenery, wild life and waterfalls.

Krishna Seemanapalli

Small but decent park. Close to I84. The gorge is beautiful and offers a good view of the Malad river.

Bill Murry

Great views, nice park

Mark Sullivan

This is a cool 10 minute road side stop. Pretty silly that they want people to pay an "entrance fee"

Sandra Pierce

Throughout my lifetime, I have visited this park many times. It's always been a nice place to relax and regroup my thoughts.

Melissa Robin

Such a beautiful spot along the road that goes unnoticed!!! If you have even 10 mind to stop please do!! You will not regret the raging river and the wonderful rock formations!

John Tunca

Great park, loved visiting and soaking in the beautiful views. It's a drive through park where you make stops along the way. Staff is very friendly and helpful, you get a brochure upon entering that has info about each stop. Each is clearly numbered too, so you can easily find info about it in your brochure.

Norma Martin

Looks beautiful.

Seth Bennett

Best hidden jem

Laurie Roney

Gorgeous vistas, smooth, paved walking paths!

Man Hernan

Had an amazing time here. Definitely breath taking view coming southeast of Boise. Small trail takes you around the gorge, and you can see additional areas of the gorge. I loved coming here, and would love to come back.

Gina Caldwell

Easy off of the interstate. Nice picnic area. Neat trails to such beauty.

Kenny Sitze

Much wildlife rock chucks rabbits...clean bathrooms...very beautiful scenery....much recommended

Karla Langoehr

Great experience

Kathleen Napolitano


Utkarsh Darbari

Nothing great here. Had great expectations seeing the rating however not up to mark.

Jamie Burns

Nice place. Clean and seemed well takin care of. We had a nice peaceful picnic and listened to the song birds.

Mike Baker

It's s beautiful place to calm your mind

Kelly Davis

Absolutely gorgeous! A great place to visit!

Pat Hubof

Very nice young ranger in a lonely hot spot gave us good information and a map. July not the best time to look for waterfalls.

Brandy Berry

There is a walking bridge over the gorge that is pretty cool.

Dustin Stout

Great place to stop and go for a short walk around the Gorge

Christopher Bodmer

We stopped in passing. I was surprised by it; we've passed by so many times without realizing what this place was. It was a very quick stop off the freeway.

Matthew Geddes

This is a really cool place. It is definitely worth the stop. It is feel canyon just out of no where. The information about it is neat too.

Lenna Nuttall

Great little walk to see. The dogs enjoyed it.

Ron Jones

Beautiful park possibilities. Family friend. Are they recommend for a summer vacation or we can get away. Lots to do and lost city.

Annie Spanberger

This place was amazing! Driven past it a hundred times, always saying I need to stop and check it out. There is so much more than what you can see from the interstate. A quick 10 minute photo op turned into an hour+ that even the kids enjoyed. Make sure to get a pamphlet showing you where to stop and get out to get the most out of it.

Dave H

Nice quiet Park awesome view from the walking bridge across the canyon

Mike Herbert

Don't just stop at the footbridge...

Joe Weatherly

Unique stop for the drive from the West side to the east side. 10-25 min stop.

Debra Hunt

It's a pretty place, very informative and a joy to see the wildlife!

Meaghan Rohrer

Great place for a picnic and beautiful scenery!

Krystal Elzner

Worth the $5 to stop and stretch your legs on a long trip. Just off of the hwy and not to hard to drive our 26ft uhaul and 10 ft trailer through.

Kacey Gambill

Pretty, super pretty. Very dangerous, no rails in most places and it's pretty much a sheer drop :/

Debbie Ripplinger

Beautiful scenery of God's country. #beautifulamerica


Its a neat place but not much to see other than the gorge. Take the little drive in the park and it takes you farther diwn the gorge to a very impressive waterway that I think goes to a hatchery.

Susan Spradlin

The gorge was awesome, but unless you have an off the road vehicle. Not much j else there. Does have a nice picnic area in the shade. $5. Per vehicle entry

Peter Hurtgen

Super cool quick stop on the side of the highway for lunch and an interesting amazing view!

Nelly W

Interesting history and wonderful view from above.

Carrie Ardel

Beautiful scenery, not crowded, wonderful to bike!!!!!

Jill Campbell

I love this place! Discovered a box canyon I didn't know was here and it is BEAUTIFUL!! It does take a bit of a hike but it's worth it!

Jeff Pierson

One of many great parks in Idaho.

Bruce Elam

The gorge is an awesome site. 250 ft deep. The self guided tour is informative and makes for a nice drive through the park.

Pati Ogletree

A must see. Incredible

Becky Echols

This truly off the road site is almost like a private “find” in that it is a natural, almost invisible geologic beauty right up till you’re at the edge! This also means you need to exercise good judgement in viewing it with younger children especially. It is even accompanied by a “wild west’ story of outlaws and a posse which adds intrigue to the visit!

Caitlyn Horn

Great place for a quick stop to stretch your legs and see the beauty of nature. 5 mile loop to see all the stops and $5 entry fee.

Mark Hutchinson

It was great I love being out doors. It's so sad that so many people think that the only real world exist on a phone plate or a television screen........

Caleb Bolthouse

Nice views. Unique find. Clean.

Geri VaughAn

Absolutely breathtaking!

Kelly Dockens

The Beauty in This State is Breathtaking!

Laguna Beach Bob

Saw this awesome gorge from the southbound 84. Had to pull off to get a better view. Gorgeous view.

marie knackert


Jared Stasch

Very odd off the side of the road gorge.

Phil LuVisi

Great place to see waterfalls $5 entrance fee to the park.

Michelle Drake

Go,you won't regret it!

Jamie Gilbert

One of the most beautiful places in the US.


Wow this has really cool views! 5.00 entry fee but the gorge at stop 1 is amazing!

Theresa Banks

I had never heard of this place but driving cross-country my husband suggested I stopped and wow the views were amazing the park is very well set up for families and picnics I wish there was an off-leash Park part or dogs or traveling with their owners and need some run space but highly recommend stopping and taking a look... it was a great way to get out of the car for an hour and get a little movement in our limbs

Alex Rodriguez

Just breath taking.... A must visit place

Mary O'Malley

Ask for the very good brochure that gives deep background to the park at the entrance. Not many places to hike but one can stroll around some of the stopping points and see the fabulous gorge, native plants and a fish ladder. Really!

Amanda Jay

Beautiful crystal clear blue water

Rosma Valentina

... Bless whomever prepaid for a daytime use permit for a "Needy" soul ! We were just looking for a freeway travelling break area to stretch and let our vehicle cool off. Via Someone's kind generosity we found a most interesting little Spot/park to explore, as well ✌

Eric Whittekiend

The water going over the Devil's Washbowl this time of year is amazing. With the $5 just for that

Jane Gordon

Pretty. A nice day trip from Boise. Go when the water is high and also check out the falls.

Jeremy Miller

Beautiful view

Ryan Rowley

Very unique part of Idaho. If you've never been, I would definitely recommend!

T. Pense

I've driven past this a dozen times and had no idea it was there. What a little gem!

Matt Tubbs

Very beautiful. I-84 good right over it and you don't even see it.

T Moran

Beautiful large park/picnic area. No garbage cans

Ryan West

Gorgeous and easy right off the highway

Joe Battin

Gem of a park. Be sure and walk over the gorge bridge.

Mark Surby

Neat little loop road to check out the gorge. Highly recommended!

Kent Hamilton

Beauty abounds!

xX Xx

Beautiful place to stop for a break or maybe a small picnic.

Sara Aspiazu

Beautiful area

Mark Shaw

Very scenic and walkable, worth the effort to stop by and explore.

Cindy Guoan

Very nice peaceful stop.

Victor Geiger

Nice Roadside Attraction

Eddie Rose

Good view of a small Gorge. A pedestrian bridge crosses over to the other side with a short walk to a Vista point. There is a pavilion to rent. Public restrooms and grills. And a playground. Park entrance fee is $5.

Familia Aguirre

Beautiful place for a quick walk around nature.

lady verona

Exceptional views!! Breathtaking and beautiful!! A must see for everyone!!

Robert Vasquez

Interesting to see. The birds that roost in the gorge were beautiful

Terry Hensley

OTR driver & driven by it 7 yrs now, I want to stop & check this out, the gorge at the interstate is deep, this tells me i need to inspect further, not just another hole in the ground. Ann's comment makes me want to stop on my way back headed east.

Ashley Farringer

Truly breathtaking waterfalls and canyons.

Tyler Odom

Absolutely amazing place. Wow! WOOWW! I am about 5 mins from have left visiting there and I still cannot even fathom what I saw. It's beyond what's in the movies, it's a dream! You feel so small and powerless and's a totally different experience than I've had!

Kristy Thacker

Such a beautiful place. Great for stops, knowledge, & a breathtaking view.

David Hanson

It is amazing but very scary if you are scared of heights. I have been there on two occasions and still cannot make it across the foot bridge but I got some pretty good pictures. I can see myself going back again and again and maybe I will make it all the way across but I doubt I will get back I will probably have to jump onto the freeway and walk. You have to be on the bridge to see the waterfall that goes under the freeway so definitely jump on there and do it and tell me how it is

Scott VandenElzen

Nice hiking along the gorge

Genger Galloway


Eric Turnquist

Very unusual site and s close to the freeway.

Lisa Whitten

Interesting place. A bit hot in the middle of the day.

Toc Sin

I've driven over this dozens of times without realizing it was here. Well worth the short hike on the paved wheelchair accessible trail.

Curtis Childers

Had a wonderful experience here and it was due to the parks volunteer Liz I believe her name was who collects the money and gives information to you. She was very nice and knowledgeable about the park and made the experience better because of it. Thank you for your help and thank you for volunteering God bless.

Leslie Klenk

Neat to see and worth the visit, even if the water is mostly dried up. Very few other visitors at the time we went

Boyd Darrow

This is so awesome, had to stop and get a picture. Idaho is full of beautiful places to see.

Brogan Nilsson

Beautiful waterfalls! I loved this place. We had lunch and waked around John's Cove Canyon, on the southwest corner of the park. Totally recommend if you like danger, since there is a trail that goes right along the rim of the Malad Gorge, and there are some really cool rock formations. Considering it's literally one hundred feet from Interstate 84, 5 out of 5 on location.

Benjamin Peden

Definitely worth a quick 30 min stop if passing through. However, be careful of the lady working at the front entrance. She is rather rude.

Rick Hellewell

Interesting place. Great views of the gorge. Nice park area for a picnic stop.

Felix Vargas

Nice view..

Eugene Levchyk

Such a great place to visit, great view. as a truck driver I like to take my 30 minutes break there

Toni Webber Tanksley

Beautiful! Make sure you go to station two and look back.. Breathtaking!

Isaac Fenison

This is a great park! Glad we found this.

Scott Wood

Beautiful and no crowds. Be careful as it is Rattlesnake country big time. Watch out for your family and kids. Super steep drop offs and cliffs.

Edgar Escobar

Is so awesome! No railing our much safety around the canyon though.

Jaswinder Sidhu

Fantastic gem in the middle of nowhere. Must visit

Keri Mendive

God's amazing beauty!


Amazing park! Gorgeous views. Start at this park and go through all five different parks ending at Niagara Springs State Park! You won’t be disappointed! We did all five parks in a day! At each of the five points in this park we walked around a bit to make sure we were able to see it all. At the waterfall if you walk down the little trail you’ll see this beautiful little creek that makes the waterfall. That is where I took this picture.

Jeff Bennett

OK, without a parks pass I'm not sure I would feel the stop would warrant the $5 admission, though the view is breathtaking that's literally all there is to do at the park and walk out over a bridge (OK there's also a small walkway to a second viewpoint). As with most scenic water locations, visit earlier in the year for a more spectacular view.

Jennifer Thatcher

Love being able to admire this amazing natural wonder. The boards posted around the sites gave a great history lesson and they were really well done. My kids and I can't wait to come back on our next trip through Idaho!

Brian Sheller

Interesting story. Great scenery. Worth the visit if you're in the area.

Gail Oglesbee

Lovely, deep, basalt column cliffs, dropping to water flow below. Metal bridge crossing with view to Devil's Washbowl below is not for those who are squeamish about heights, but awesome for others!

Juan Lugo

BEAUTIFUL place 2 stretch your legs with AMAZING Waterfalls......

Karen Crowson

Awesome place.

Jake Lone

Great place to see some of nature's beauty

Dan Butler

This is a cool little stopping point. We've probably driven past here 69+times, first time we've stopped. I can recommend.


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