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430 Main St ste.a, Lava Hot Springs, ID 83246, United States

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REVIEWS OF Lava Hot Springs Foundation World Famous Hot Pools IN Idaho

BJ Desch

Had a blast. Small town with so much fun. Great pizza place in town I reccomend stopping in at. Soak in the hot springs... float on the river. Exciting environment. Pretty laid back rules. The shops are cool and the hotel prices aren't bad. Going for the weekend again as soon.


Cool little ( and i do mean little ) town USA. Pools, pizza and water rafting. Although the two stars are not for the town but for the people. Unfortunately their minds are still stuck in the 1920's. People were rude to us and we were given a look as if they've never seen people of our "color". From the local youth bicycle gang to the "big truck" guys looking for a lynching and finally the rude old employees at the pool that kept harassing my kids and family. Very disappointing. Now, I am referring to the pools and not t he water park. We stopped to go the water park slides the following day but going to the pools made us reconsider. So, I cant speak for the staff at the water park but the old lady employees at the pools were xenophobe's and perhaps most of the town.

Melissa Hartley

Very clean facility. A lot of fun in winter and early spring when it's cold out. Lots of pools to choose from. The water is crystal clear and has no odor. Even more relaxing at night!

Jamin jeske

Nice facility these are the hottest hotsprings I have been too

Madison Lawrence

I live here in Lava and I always enjoy going to the hot pools in the winter time when the crowd is low and it's snowing outside, makes a perfect combo. Kinda wish there was a locals discount...still amazing as ever though!

Rob Betlach

We weren't told we couldn't come back the same day except m-thu only after we paid. Of course it was Saturday. Other then that it nice having multiple pools.

vance leavitt

Met there for a college reunion. Love them water slides.

Benjamin Nelsen

After running the river all afternoon, it was a nice spot to warm up. Nothing was wrong, it's just a little pricey and after an hour of sitting in even the coolest hot pool, I was done with the heat. It is hard to spend a long time or a sustained amount of time in the pools. It would be fun to visit during the winter months when you could get out and cool off a bit.

Traci Bean

Delightfully restorative. We made it a must stop destination. Lovely landscape. Suspect it was busier due to family discount day but children prefer lower temp pool. There are 5 pools with various temps. Nice facility.

Dan Young

Wonderful to take a soak in the hot pools. So warm you can't stay in for too long, but very nice.

Keri L. Treasure

Great place to relax and soak. They have 3 hot pools. Super hot (wow), Hot(Fantastic) and mild( great for kids). So awesome and great hotels and food.

Norma Gem

Love this place. Best hot tubs in the area. Love the friendliness all around. Good place to relax.

Jennifer Eatchel

Well groomed hot springs pools with several different pools of varying temperatures. The grounds are lovely and well maintained. Clean and relaxing.

Tara Baker

Nice place to relax at the end of the day. Beautiful location. The owner/operator was very kind and knowledgeable. The pools are all labeled so you know exactly what temperature water you are entering. Even then, they are much hotter than you will probably expect. Very affordable attraction and worth every penny.

Lowell Hurst

The water was exceptionally clear, the two pebble botton pools were incredibly relaxing. Clean facility.


it has tube riding at river, it was one of the best outdoor activity in my life.

Justin Tirrell

Lava Hotsprings is a family favorite. Passes to a swimming pool and the hot springs are available. We always buy a ticket just for the hot springs. This is unpopular with the young kids because there are no cool pools for them to play at in the hot springs facility. The hot pools are well maintained and dont have the sulfur smell of other regional hot spring facilities.

Lydia Schaeffer

We love this place. We drive here as often as we can. I always feel so good for days afterwards

Cindy Spangler

Well done hot springs that allows you to choose how toasty you want to be in the water. They have nice seats in the pool and some jetted tubs. I highly recommend going. You can bring your own food and drinks (excluding alcohol).

Steven Noel

Great place! I wish I could be there every day! The water is good for you! The warmth of the water is different in each pool area. Must go location, not far off I-15. Lots of shops, restaurants and swift water rafting! Have fun, we did!

Lacee Jones

Serene. Beautiful. Peaceful. A must-see place to go. Just remember to respect the locals and be polite to the environment and hard working people in the area.

STEVEN Rodriguez

This is a very beautiful and fun small town. Much more to do in the summer but very fun in the winter. Very pretty in the fall! Royal pizzeria is very tasty food and is always busy but worth the wait.

Wyatt Woods

This place is absolutely amazing. The facilities are super clean and well kept. The staff is friendly, there are plenty of lockers and a family locker room. There are multiple pools of different temperatures, some of them have gravel bottoms which is quite unique. There are also jetted pools for you to utilize. Some of the pools are covered and others are open top so you can stargaze while you soak, it's quite a delightful experiance. I would recommend making plans to visit here.

Craig Perkinson

The water felt great! I loved the river gravel on the bottom of the hotter pools. The staff gave helpful information but wasn't patient while closing and returning rented items.

Brock Cheney

Awesome natural geothermal outdoor hot spring! Hottest pool around 112 - 115F, coolest pool 103F.

Beau Merrill

The price was fair. The pools were nice. Need more bathrooms though.

Aaron Brown

The hot pools are great and the changing rooms were very clean!

Melanie Kitchens

Clean and relaxing with many different pools with varying temps. A great place to take adults and kids of all ages. Dressing rooms with heated floors and lockers make it a great place to go year round.

J. Powers

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the hot springs. The facility was very clean and the staff was kind and helpful. I will certainly come again!

Hannah La Jeunesse

Great staff, and clean pools. My children were not told they could not go in, and they are toddlers. It was a wonderful town!

Matthew Pickett

This place is worth visiting, you will not be disappointed. The water is the most relaxing place on the planet. COME VISIT LAVA HOT SPRINGS!

Carisa Holden

Great! Really hot water, it was a nice day for soaking and relaxing!

Nicolette Golde

Always have a great time here. Beautiful setting for a relaxing time.

Dave Orr

Great place. Clean. If you have time you should definitely stop and soak.

Nathan Fisher

This is the nicest hotspring I have ever been to. The pools feel so good and I'm glad they have the different temperatures. I like the pools with the pea gravel bottoms they feel good on your toes once you get used to them. Only draw back and why it lost a star. The bathrooms need some attention.

TJ Sweets

Amazing as always thats why i go there 3-5 times a yr for the last 36 years great place

Marsha Irving-Holcomb

Clean relaxing could have stayed longer

Brenda P

Bucket List place!! Gotta try how awesome it is. Great at night and different temperatures water for what you want. Good to help relax! They rent suits if your traveling.

Tim McClanahan

They will cook you like a nice Red Lobster! Remember to take a cool down break. Great place go and just relax and let it all go!

James Crudele

It's pretty sad that you can't come and go for one price. You certainly don't want to stay all day in hot water on a hot day. So if your hungry and want to eat and come back be prepared to pay each time.. we won't be back

Elizabeth VanValkenburg

This place is always worth the trip! There are several pools that range from cooler to very hot, so you can try a few different temperatures. The surrounding area is nice, too, but it can get crowded. There aren't a lot of restaurants in town, so be sure to eat early if you don't want a long wait. The springs can get pretty busy as well, but it doesn't detract from the experience.

Justin Anderson

It was way fun and relaxing the day I went tho it was lightning and the closed the pools THEY DONT GIVW REFUNDS we didn’t even go in the water and they wouldn’t give us a refund they did let us go to one if there other pools tho

Brandi Thomas

Oasis in Lava. One of my favorite places....

Ben Nickell

Cool Friday mornings here are the best! May have to make this a habit.

Jason A

Very clean. Be careful with the hot pool, it's more than I could handle

sabrina bayha

I've been to several hot pools but never one this hot. I loved it. It was perfect at night. Heat up, then get out in the fresh night air and cool off. Repeat

The McKeevers

I love going to Lava Hot Springs in the summer and fall and even in winter and spring! The natural hot pools range from pretty warm to very hot and they even have hot tubs with jets! They offer other services as well like massage and I love to stop by their shops and see the novelty items!

Anna Marie Jones

I have been going to Lava Hot Springs since I was a child. The hot mineral spring water pools are the perfect place to relax and soak your weary bones...let the relaxing waters take all your cares away! If you are ever in Southeastern Idaho, Lava Hot Springs and the quaint little town of Lava should be a Must on your "to do list"!

James Higginbotham

Awesome place! Only two small issues, road noise and flies landing on you.

Susan C

Inexpensive visit to get the kinks out! Several pools with different temperatures. There were only 8 people there in the middle of the week at 10am, late Sept was a great time!

Alma Morales

It's a very fun for kids to have fun . Also it's a perfect place to spend time with your family.

Samuel Firebaugh

Absolutely fantastic. Quiet, small town atmosphere. Great place to soak, and go fora drink and food after!

Chantal S

Stopped here on the way through. It was beautiful and well-kept! Nice hot pools to relax in!

lissette nunez

Super nice super relaxing and lots to do around you. Definitely no shortage of stuff to do

Mary Mary

Amazing place to chill in the multiple pools of water! The pools are clean the bathrooms are clean. The people are pleasant. Love their hours! Even though it gets chilly in the evenings and nights, but you still stay warm in temperatures of 102°f and higher. If you are traveling it feels great to soak in the waters! You feel refreshed rejuvenated! And the waters are super healthy as well!

Hannah G Miller

Loved my relaxing weekend!! We went into the hot springs and tubing down the river. The rapids are turbulent, but not dangerous. It is also easy to disembark at a natural lull in the river. The hot springs are really wonderful, and the facilities are large and clean. Great place for reading, meditation, or just enjoying the water!!!

Matthew Richerzhagen

Amazing experience! Hot mineral waters. Beautiful venue.

Choon Lee

Hot hot hot. 5 different temperature zone. Very relaxing.

Reece Tyler

Several different temperatures. Shaded pools as well. All natural with pebbles for the pool bottom. Wonderful.

Anne Marie Weinkauf

Each hotel has it's own tubs or pools of naturally hot water and the state run pools are very nice.

T Henry

Waters nice people friendly isn't that what you came to Lava for, to get wet. So come on in let's do some soaking

Cody Hatch

It's a super nice place to spend sometime! I would suggest getting the re-entry pass because you'll want to leave to do some hiking or exploring of the town and it's nice to go back and soak.

Hank Pridgeon

Nice clean facility. Several large hot tub pools with varying temps.

Teresa Russell

Pretty town. Had a blast floating the Rapids. Highly recommend this stop.

Susan Spradlin

They even re t swimsuits for $1.5 relaxing, clean and friendly


We go to Lava Hots Springs every few months for a soak in the hot pools. In the summer we like to float the river on tubes or swim in the outdoor pool with the Olympic diving platforms and water slides. I hope someday to retire and buy small home in Lava Hot Springs, that's how much I enjoy visiting that quaint little town.

Deborah Henrie

Nothing is more soothing or relaxing! Different temperature pools allow you to soak in comfort. Great family atmosphere, however a little later at night lots of couples...

David Stevenson

Wonderful place for swimming and camping beautiful this time of year river is still fast and full to the top of the banks.

Kirk Eastman

Nice hot springs. Different temp pools for different tolerances. My wife's hands dry out and crack all year round. After soaking in these pools over a couple days they cleared up for about 2.5- 3 months. It was a Very relaxing weekend away.

Dee Dee

I always enjoy my visit when I come. Very clean & maintained. Has different water temperatures. But make sure you bring your own water. They have lockers to lock your stuff in. The lava rocks hits on the bottom of your feet, feels so good!!!

Dale Sweat

Windy and rainy today but lots of people here. Clean well kept but lots of leaves blowing in pools with the wind.

Maria Dominguez

Floated the river and yes it was relaxing but the current took us and we flipped 3 times . It was fun but yet scary

Emily Natale

Driving back to Montana from SLC we wanted to find a hot-springs to soak in. Took a shot on Lava hot springs and am so glad we did. The pebble bottom soaking springs were perfect on a chilly day. The staff was kind, the water was hot and clean, and the dressing rooms were spacious. The little town seemed really cute and I'll definitely be back to check out more than our short detour allowed. If you are headed this direction take the detour! You won't be disappointed!

L'Britney Moore

Coming from Louisiana, this had to be one of the nicest hot pools I ever witnessed. I enjoyed myself every bit. My kids really enjoyed it. It was perfect. It was snowing and around 30 degrees which made it a lot better to stay in the hot pools. I will never forget that time spent with my kids.......amazing place

Evan Atencio

It is a relaxing place you must experience any time of the year. We all enjoyed the different hot spring pools.

michelle mats

My kids loved the hot springs more than the Olympic Pool. I would have to agree. We will be up again soon!

Robert Fowler

No matter time of year it is worth going. Water feels great can be a little too hot in some pools for me. But it varies person to person.


The hot springs were very nice and comfortable. It was clean and tidy. Staff wasn't the most friendly, but you only interact with them upon entry. The pools start out on the west side at 103°, and get hotter as you continue to the east to 112°. It wasn't too terribly crowded when we went (Sunday evening), but I can see how it would get busy fast. Too many people would definately ruin it for me. I'd rather just soak and ignore people. There is one outdoor shower pole, lockers, and drinking fountain. I'd definately do the Hot Springs over the pool. The combination pass for both was $80. One time entry on each, so bring whatever you need inside when you go.

Graham Cull

Easily the best hot spring I've ever been to.

scott fassnacht

My wife and I have been coming up there for our anniversary for a few years. Loved each trip. But this year why were no weekend passes available? One time admission. Sounds like another way to milk the tourists for a few more dollars. Especially since passes are mentioned on brochures that you hand out plus theres signs next to register advertising them. Best part of staying is relaxing in pools and coming and going as you please. Pretty disappointed and we,ll be making different plans for our upcoming anniversaries.

Myka Rangel

The hot pools are always soothing and a great place to relax. Staff is friendly and facilities are kept really clean. A fun place to go with the whole family!

Troy Kump

TIP use Airbnb for some fun places you probably never knew about. TIP There's an old schoolhouse five minutes outside of town that can host large groups. I always enjoy a spur of the moment trip to lava. Summer is much better if your bringing kids, but I enjoy winter for a quick relaxing get away. Some of the restaurants have been updated and that was awesome to experience on my last trip. The gift shops run low on inventory during the winter.

Hito Seng

Like small little town. Some of the hotels/motels have access to their own private hot springs, but I did the main one and it was awesome! There at least 5 pools of varying sizes and hotness. I worked my way up from 102° F to the "cauldron of death" at 112° F - only stayed in that one for a few minutes - the water was practically bubbling! It was such a relaxing experience to jump in the hot, crystal clear, silky smooth water while it was snowing around us. They have a locker room with shower. You can rent a towel or swim trunks.


So much fun!! Worth the trip for sure

Jeffrey Vierig

Water comes to this place it's 120 degrees and leaves area at 105 many hot tubs children welcome

Ben Sitz

We stayed in Lava Hot springs in February. We went to the hot springs twice while we were there and it was amazing. Could of been the fact it was 7 degrees outside. Cheap to get in, you can rent towels but remember to bring change to pay for clothes lockers. We didn't and just set our bags next to the pool and it wasn't a problem.

Gene Johnson

Water was crystal clear and felt luxurious. We loved the various temped pools

Brittny Jensen

Very clean and well maintained. The pools are very relaxing

Amy Kitchen

It was a great time for my husband and my self ❤️

Kelene Imeson

Beautifully landscaped hot pools, kid friendly lower temp pool and clean changing rooms


More like a public pool. Definitely not a crater in the middle of a desert.

Aaron Reed

Great open area with multiple pools at varying heats. Perfect for families! Very comfortable!

Kevin Lewis

This is the best place for soaking in naturally hot pools!! There's several pools to choose from and they can vary in temperature depending on where you sit. It's very popular for every age group it seems during the day until dark. They used to offer an unlimited pass on the weekends that allowed you to leave and come back in, but that has changed (so bring food/snacks if you plan on staying a long time on Saturdays or Sundays).

Kristin Cloud C5T Ranch

So awesome! Worth the jog off the highway. Sunset was an amazing time. The town is super clean and attractive too

Kory Nowland

Lava Hot Springs is a great all year-round attraction. The hot pools are amazing during the night and especially during the winter, with your hair getting icicles and needing a dunk every once and awhile. For more thrill seeking crowds you'll have to visit the outdoor pool during the summer. They have a few water slides diving boards, olympic diving platforms, and more.

Brian 88

A lot has changed since the last time we were here. Now you must pay every time you leave and come back, no more "day pass". I do understand why but it makes it really inconvenient if you want to do a river run then warm back up and repeat. You can bring food and drinks in but no alcohol (yes they do check your bags and coolers). They have large lockers for only $1, changing rooms, and a small gift shop that sells souvenirs and cold drinks. I'm pretty sure they rent towels and swimsuits too so if you forget yours they have you covered.

Norville Rogers

Loved it! Loved the atmosphere around the little town and the pools


Very relaxing one of South East Idaho's. Best hotsprings.

LuAnn Broadhead

Lava hillside suites! !! Great place, great location, beautiful rooms, spacious deck area for family and friends. . Close to the river, hot tubs and hiking. We celebrated a birthday at The hotel: "LAVA HILLSIDE SUITES. "

Christopher Sickel

Best hotsprings resort I've ever been to. Fantastic pools, great scenery and plants. If you're in the area you owe yourself a stop

Adam Voortman

The hot pools were nice to soak in and the facility was clean. They have a No Re-entry policy so you better not forget anything in the car! Also, there is nowhere covered and dry to put your towel by the hot pools if you visit when it's raining. You just have to leave it in the locker room.

E. F.

Absolutely beautiful with so many pools with multiple temperatures. It feels like magical cove getaway. The hottest pool also has pebbles underfoot and gorgeous rock stairs. Not too pricey though that slowly seems to changing. However, it the last time we went there were tons of incredibly rude people. Super loud, super obnoxious, some very bad smelling, and a ton of screaming children. I know this is not 100% their fault but it reflects my experience so I have to give a one star demotion.

Bryan Sampson

Such a cool place!! A must go once a year for a family friendly weekend.

Cameron Muegerl

Super nice hot springs for the winter and not-so-bad swimming pool for the summer. The hot springs are magnificent with different pools for temperatures ranging from, "oh yeah, that's nice" to, "dear lord, am I melting?" The swimming pool is always jam packed with little room to swim but the slides are decent. Take lots of money, it's definitely a tourist trap with some seriously jacked up prices for food and drinks in the area.

Bryan Oliver

This is such a beautiful place. The town is rich with history and the mineral pools aren't something you want to pass up. There are a few diners and bars around the area and also some shops as well as a museum. Camping and fishing also highly recommended.

Robert Montgomery

A resort to be able to get out and relax. There hot tubs are huge. They also have an inside swimming pool and plenty of places to pick to eat from.

Carrie March

What a Wonderful Place to be in mid October

Sharla Kaiser

I love this town the atmosphere the people are all there to have fun.

shane shaffer

Beautiful little town! Hot springs felt wonderful!!

Ryan Hollingshead

Hot, clean pools. Little too warm for littles.

Michael Holcombe

Great place for n a wonderful small town.

Kory Lovell

This was a very fun couples retreat trip the hot pots are great the tube in the river is awesome

Sharad Jones

Wonderful clean hot springs! Plenty of pools of different temperatures and nice canopies to get some shade. I can't wait to come back soon!

Adam DeWitt

This is a yearly trip my wife and I take with some friends. As far as hot pots go, we haven't found any better than these. Heise, diamond fork, and most others smell and are rougher. Lava is well structured, well maintained, and does not smell. Some of these other comments should be ignored. Yes, it can be crowded. If you go on a weekend holiday, there will be a lot of people. My wife and I just went on a non-holiday Wednesday and at times we had entire pools to ourselves. Plan ahead and you can avoid the crowd. As for the alcohol checks, it's not just the native American that got checked. My wife, friends and I get checked every time we visit. They had some bad experiences with people bringing in alcohol and getting out of control, I don't mind them checking for it if it means it will help me have a more relaxing experience. Overall, lava and it's hot springs are a must visit.

Jelene Wilkinson

The hottest pool is indeed hot!! A couple more toilets in the ladies locker area would be nice, just to reduce lines, probably too much trouble/expense where the 3 existing are mostly sufficient. I'm excited to come back in colder weather

Brian Spackman

Great for relaxing. Best if done in the winter or at night during the summer once temperatures have dropped.

Nicole Garrett

The setting was beautiful. It was crowded while we were there but it was still relaxing. The pools we're very hot. It would be nice to enjoy them in the winter surrounded by snow. The garden surrounding the pools was lush and green.

Megan Badger

Always so fun to go to the hot springs. We were hoping for the pool, but unfortunately it was closed the day we were there. The manager at the hot springs was kind enough to let me bring my LO in to check out the pool temps before we paid. The whole family had a blast and my kids still ask to go back.

Laurie Acklin

We went to the Sunken Garden Hot Pools, there are a variety of pools with temperatures ranging from 102 to 112 degrees. One pool included spa jets. Showers and dressing rooms, plus towel and suit rentals available if you don't have your own.

Paula Valenzuela

Great hot pools! Facility is clean as well as pools. Locker room is spacious. Small problem I encountered was showering. Not enough shower heads in women's changing rooms and pretty long line forms in the evening since everyone is trying take a full shower with shampoo and all.

Janette Nolan

The public areas were really clean. They supply lockers forca small charge. The pools and walk areas are clean and well maintained. Overall an really nice experience

Justin Williams

A great place for friends to get together and hang out... Reasonable price and plenty of space to relax.... I only have 2 complaints. 1. The locker/changing rooms are very small for the amount of people there. 2. The outside lockers are a pain when it's cold. The keys will freeze in place and can't be removed, which costs you a dollar and locks your stuff inside. Fortunately, the staff are quick to respond and will give you your money back. Otherwise, a great place!

Crystal Fullmer

has several hot pools that are very relaxing and cleansing plus the cold pools offer slides, diving boards. it's like a cute little village..beautiful!!


Very relaxing. Multiple pools at different temps to relax in is very nice. Clean bathrooms/ changing rooms.

Lisa Nosack

This is my home away from home! It's so peaceful and relaxing. Make sure to bring towels and plenty of water. Water shoes are a big help to walk in a few pools, especially if you have sensitive feet. Cant wait to take all of the family here.

Sonja Williams

One of the places I miss so much since moving out of the area. So lovely to come back and see the wonderful upgrades to the lobby area!

Dustin Williams

Great place to go and relax in a natural hot spring. Great place to unwind and get rid of life's stresses.

James Buchanan #104Life

Every time I take a soak in the tubs I feel rejuvenated! As for the location perfect! For a public place it is nice and clean. Well taken care of and the pride shows all over well done!!!

Rebekah Day

Gorgeous! Great place to visit even if the weather isn’t that great because the hot pools are mostly covered. Loved the different temperatures and the pebbled floors. Very clean facilities and beautiful in the evening! If you go in the afternoon/early evening on a weekday it is not as busy :)

Angy Proffit

The atmosphere at Lava is wonderful!! Streets full of happy people, with so many things to try! Very energenetic feel in this town, and I personally recommend that you try "Dare to be Square" Ice cream Shoppe! Also, if you don't float the river, you are seriously missing out!

Nikita G

The combo pass to do the swimming pool and the hot pools was well worth it! Super fun time!

Alexis Cooper

It is great. My daughter is in a wheelchair, so it was great to have a place all wheelchair accessible. Definitely will come back when we come back to Idaho.

jeff reese

Love it there! Always relaxing, and a good place to spend a weekend if you have a little extra cash to spend! Always recommend!

Aquanette LeBomba

Soothing hot pools? Yes please. Four temperature to choose from, reasonably priced admission and a clean locker room to boot (ladies, not sure about the gents. ) Go if you have the time.

Alex Buckalew

It was nice. But a bit too crowded and not enough cooler water pools. Everyone is on the edges because of the heat and not enough entertainment for kids. There is also no way to re-enter after you leave the gates.

Brett Cutler

I loved soaking in the pools under the stary sky with my fiance. So relaxing!

Heather Nii

Wonderful place! So relaxing. Affordable soak

Andi jakeman

This was a such a fun place to visit on a chilly evening! The grounds are beautiful, and the various pools were all fun to try. You can tell that a lot of time and effort go in to maintaining this very busy attraction. All of the facilities are great. I love that they are ADA accessible too!

Heather Birkland

Wonderful - wish we could spend more time. Will have to plan better next spring!

Scott Marshall

Awesome place. clean, inexpensive and so, so relaxing. Avoid the weekend if you can. Check out the local dining scene. Excellent pizza. Chuckwagon for comfort food.

Dave Christensen

Best mineral baths anywhere. 112° tension relief!

theodore cain

Great town and friendly people would love to come again. Hot Springs are great and clean lots of space and different style of pools some with gravel so it feels like your walking in the river,lake, or any body of water. Great prices 10$ for all day pass. Bristol cabins is where we stayed and it's great if you like old and rustic. 1800 style cabins but have been updated and bathrooms are in a separate building but is worth every penny. Breakfast cooked right in front of you by the lovely girl who runs the place. 5 star for sure.

Nicole Zheng

Great relaxation springs. Perfect to spend a few hours with a book. Bring your own snacks too!

MOOSE Atmore

Great place to be the water is hot and feels amazing. It kid friendly i absolutely enjoyed my time there with my family

Reshma Rubugunday

Fun place for river tubing and hot water pools

Brian Ziebach

The staff ( kathy ) in the gift shop kicked my daughter out of the place in her bathing suit because she was confused about how to enter the gift shop, she went threw the front entrance. Of course my daughter did not have a receipt for getting in.... we was never offered a receipt in the first place. She had to come around the fence and try to get my attention ( in her bathing suit at 16 years old....) so I could get her back in. I went into the gift shop where kathy was the most disrespectful person I have met in a very long time. Only after getting into a argument would she let her back in. Then I went back to get a receipt so I had proof.... inwould not recommend bring and children to this place, I will not ever come back again.


The place was really nice. A handful of different pools were available to be used with varying temperatures. The sky is beautiful and my wife and I had a really nice time. We met a nice older gentleman from Washington and had some very nice conversation.

Michael Wheelock

Always fun small town - we did tubes in the river. The tube place between the river and park is always helpful and friendly.

Doug Cannon

I've been married to a McCammon girl for 29 years now and yet this is my first visit here. I loved it. I loved how they had several pools with varying temperatures. I ended up in the 3rd hottest pool, the others were too hot for me to stay very long. We had fun with the whole family. I will definitely return.

Melissa Gonzalez

You can't best the price on this! We went end of April and it was less than $20 for two adults and a child to get in. The pools vary in hear and the front desk crew did a great job of explaining them. This is a very family friendly place, we loved the variety of pools. The locker rooms were clean! Didn't check out the gift shop. Worth a visit!

Jerry Struhs

The hot pools are what I like the most but there is also tubing down the river and the huge swimming pool and slides. The hot springs are not sulfuric so no smell! Definately worth the drive!

Mike Jennings

Relaxing! And also fun when it's cold outside!

Rik Finlayson

Great variety of some awesome hot pools. There are pools of varied sizes and temperatures ranging from normal hot tub temperatures to very hot. I also really enjoyed that two of the pools have gravel on the bottom of the pool. The gravel feels really great on your feet, it's a bit cathartic. I especially enjoy the pools when ambient outside temperatures are cooler. They are open year round. Don't forget to bring a water bottle you'll want to drink cold water if you want to stay in the pools longer. It's a neat place, my kids also enjoyed it.

Laura Ragan

Nice, clean and very relaxing. No sulfur smell. Sets the bar high for hot springs places. Nice little gift shop - super reasonable Lava Hot Springs stickers.

Karin Larsen

My very favorite place in Idaho. The hot springs are always an interesting place to meet amazing people from all around the world. They keep the dressing room so clean. The little garden to the east is an enchanting walk

ArSha Ramiya

The hot pool looked like a resort. Should have been left wild like how the Native Americans kept it 100s of years

Laurie Thomas

These pools are amazing. So many different temperature options. The family dressing room is the best. They offer showers, and toilets in the men's and women's dressing rooms. So worth the admission can't wait to go back!

James Wernicke

Beautiful site, nice gardens and low cost. Some lounge chairs would help. Weekends and holidays are $2 more and only single entry so go during weekdays

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