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7658 ID-21, Lowman, ID 83637, United States

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Where is Kirkham Hot Springs?

REVIEWS OF Kirkham Hot Springs IN Idaho

alessa Medina

Great place to spend the day outdoors with family. Parking area was easy to find a spot.

Water Pro

What a great spot to pull off and enjoy the water. Drive through the camp site to find it. Pay 5 bucks to park worth the HONOR system and then enjoy. It gets crowded but there are plenty of spots and only after a few mins, I had my own spot with plenty of space.

Denis Mallyugin

Easy to get to. Family friendly perfect water temp. Nice near cold river

Jon Warburton

This is a geological wonder. Please respect it and leave the campground cleaner than you found it.

Alexis Ybañez-Johnson

Always love coming here. Recommend being careful walking down to it if you have bad knees. It's a little steep and a bit slippery.

Talian Kretschmar

The pools are not very big, but the shower is fantastic!


Truely majestic experience. Went there on Christmas Day. Weather was fine. Place was not too crowded. People were respectful and we had pool for ourselves. I suggest not to go into the first pool, go further because there are 12-13 pools available .Parking was free. Pools are free. Bring sandals and extra warm clothings.

Steve Hetherington

Easy access, several pools

Adam Wunsch

Overall, it's a nice stop. Inconsiderate visitors and trashed springs were a spoiler. Witnessed a large family washing dishes in the upper pools.

Just Anguyo

Nice place to visit in the winter.

Tiffany Ceputran

Hot springs are easily accessible from the parking lot but can be crowded. Paid parking will get you closer but you can park outside of the campground and walk in. There is a large hot spring in the center of the campgrounds but was too hot for soaking when we visited. The majority of the hot springs are located at the end of the campgrounds with several hot spring pools of varying sizes located next to the river. The hot springs in this area give you water fall features and the ability to jump from hot to cold water and back making it unique. This area can get crowded due to the accessibilty and located within a campground. People are generally welcoming about sharing the hot springs with strangers as everyone is there to enjoy the natural features.

Amberly Slater

The hot springs were so nice i tried to make another pool gor people to enjoy but i had run out of time i hope to go back some day

Bobbi M

One of my favorite! Take the banks lowman highway, Idaho City is a rough drive due to poor roads, falling rocks, and snow. Main entrance is currently closed so be prepared to walk from the main highway (less than 5 min). No fee required. Still a bit of snow left but not much around the hot springs. Place is busy, even on weekdays, walk pass the waterfall if you want to be more secluded. Bring towels, water shoes, and water, you'll be soaking a while. Thumbs up if you found this useful.

Idahome Smile Organic Teeth Whitening

One of our favorite natural hot springs. So many amazing pools and being right next to the river is absolutely incredible.

Reg Swensen

Neat to visit. Very refreshing to soak your feet in the hot water

Eli Reiman

Beautiful location for the hotsprings, and it is absolutely beautiful to see the waterfalls and caves by the river. Minus two stars though since it was very very crowded, and not peaceful with the road noise. After going to some of the other hotsprings to the east, which are much more serene and less trafficked, I actually passed by this one and did not go in. Looks nice, but there are better ones.

Ralf Cunningham

Interesting place. Accessible was good.

Stacie Hansen

Awesome place, lots of pools. When the river is high (at the end of May) many of them are submerged but there's still plenty to get in. There are stairs to get down to the pools but we had to wade waist deep to get to the pools. It can get a little crowded at times but it is what it is. Highly recommend a soak here!

Craig Whitehead

Mountains, hot spring, river

laura lee

Such a beautiful setting! I love that there are a couple pools up at the camp ground for people who have a hard time climbing up and down stairs.

Vanessa Westergard

Such a beautiful hotsprings! Great waterfall & view.

Hannah La Jeunesse

I have been to 8 hotsprings during my travels and I would say this is the best! A short hike to the springs from the campground, multi levels of temperate for each pool, even a cool pool next to river. This breathtaking taking spring has waterfalls, and all natural pools. If you are looking to experience natural springs tucked away into nature, this is worth checking out!

Rachael Shearouse

Gorgeous hot springs! Best to go during the winter when it’s less crowded

Bruce Cooper

Always a good place to rest and relax. Can be very busy on the weekends. Midweek Tuesday through Thursday is probably your best bet. Camp if you want or just go for a day stop.


Remember to bring shoes that can be wet or you'll be painful to walk on your bare foot.

Ben Figueiredo

A fun little hot springs with easy access but also very busy. It was hard to find a spot to soak. Don’t come here if you want peace and quite that’s for sure.

Amanda Wimpee

A beautiful spot where natural hot springs flows into the cold river. You get the best of both. Beautiful drive, gorgeous sites & sceneries, cliff jumping into the cold river, stand beneath hot springs water falls, sit in the natural hot pools, or wade through the edge of the hot water where the cold water meets it to feel refreshing temperature shifts. Fun for all ages but I suggest water shoes for all! The rocks are not friendly on bare feet.

wendy treder

This place was amazing!! There are many little pools that vary in temperatures so you can find the right one for you. So cool and not man made! We love this place!

Berta Jackson

Great place to visit with the family or alone. It's easy to get to and very clean.

Kristine Nguyen

Kirkham hotspings is free right now! What a beautiful and relaxing hot springs this place is.

Danielle Luer

This is a fantastic spot that’s easily accessible by the road. There are plenty of small pools to enjoy. Family friendly.

Colby Stirland

Nice hot springs close to road and easy to find. Can be crowded for sure. Nearby river is nice to take a dip in too. Nice and cold!

Till Seyfarth

We went in Autumn and it was just beautiful. Pro tip: avoid the smooth stones when your feet are wet! Foot protection recommended, the stones can be quite sharp. A place to change clothes would make this even better.

AppleSause Aversion

The pools are only a few inches deep at the most but still great for soaking. Has some dope water falls to go under. There is always a chance to make new friends when it gets crowded as well!

Christina ODonnell

The springs are wonderful with several pools and waterfalls to soak in. Lower pools are much better than upper due to extremely hot water at the top.

Tyler Heye

Pretty popular hot spring so you won't be alone, but they are beautiful natural springs with waterfalls and multiple pools next to the river.

Damian Kershner

Great for a g Family and friend visit. Lots of fun

Addison Quam

The springs were very easy to access and were great especially on an early November morning. You should bring water shoes or sandals with a firmer sole because the rocks are pretty sharp at some parts, and it is a little busy because of the easy access but that just means it's good for everyone unless you want more privacy.

G edward

If you love Hot Springs this is a place to go it's warm it's beautiful the scenery is amazing lots of parking everybody was so friendly and I just can't say enough about the little waterfalls very easy to get down into the Springs very well-maintained great place

Idaho Urban Sustainability

Overcrowded, avoid this place. The camp host was also rude.

Victoria Rodriguez

My family enjoyed it we have plans to go again. It's a beautiful place

Richard Mecham

Great place can get a little crowded at times but an amazing veiw of the river

Shell Marie

Steep walk down, I recommend wearing sandals that support your ankle. Great temperature camping on site best to reserve ahead, parking is $5 to park closer to the hot springs.

Stacey Town

Beautiful area! We had the place to ourselves!

Joshua Burgel

Better than ever before, excellent range of hot spring spots (near river, small waterfalls, natural pools), clean pit toilets, basic limited camping. Not the most remote or scenic, as it is somewhat close to the road, but that is a minor issue. Vegetation recovering from a fire several years ago.

Kaylie Garcia

Favorite hot springs in Idaho!

Glen Huffaker

Nice water, very rocky

Katy Kithcart

I went to Kirkham Hot Springs in late December for a birthday portrait session and it was magical! It was my first time going and I was a bit hesitant about the drive at first, but it's well worth it! It's a gorgeous location, with various paths for walking and hiking, and has a bunch of different hot springs. There is a larger hot springs with a waterfall and then a few smaller ones along the side. Water was warm and there are even a few restrooms in the (park?)!

Tessa Gomes

Amazing hot springs. Not crowded even on a weekend.

Kyle Meyer

A nice camping stop with amazing hotsprings. Soaking in thermal-heated water and gazing at the beautiful night sky is worthy of being on any bucket list

amy isacson

Fabulous hot springs with a lot of different different pools with varying degrees of temperature. Fabulous views and amazing setting. Bring water shoes or sandles. Next time, we hope to come for the day!

Nikolay Chernukhin

Love the fact that there are different ratings/spots for the hot water =)

Vika Star

Great hotsprings for adults. Not for children, too dangerous to get to the pool through the rocks.

Kathy Levinger

This place is the greatest for soaking in a natural hot springs pouring out of the mountain forming small pools.

Evan Geer

A little crowded in the summer, but a uniquely Idaho experience. The hot springs run into the river where there are soaking pools, so you can cool off or warm up interchangeably, and there are many pools of various temperatures. There are also boulders to jump off of and into the river, which is fun for kiddos (hence the summer popularity). Free parking if you park on the street and take the short hike in, otherwise bring $5 or $2.5 with National Parks annual pass.

Andy Sponseller

Can soak for hours. Multiple pools to fit your party. Perfect temp 105. And if too hot can sit so river water mixes and makes warm and cool.

Leashy Lu

Absolutely beautiful! Make sure to bring water shoes (or shoes you don't mind getting wet), if you don't have tough feet. There are lots of sharp rocks that you'll be stepping on. There are pools and waterfalls everywhere but some take a bit of a trek on slippery rocks to get to. Well worth it!

Aalisa Erpenbach

Gorgeous views and great water!

George Todor

Relax enjoy live

Keith Woeltje

Cool to see the actual springs.

Brandon Insco

Really cool hot springs, popular and for good reason.

Braulio Adrian Romero

This is with out doubt one of the most beautiful places I've see here in Idaho, kinda hard to find the perfect spot between hot and cold though, but I'd do it all over again

Zhi Zeng

100% natural hot spring. The road leads to the park lives up to its age. Do wear slippers to and in the hot spring, a lot of sharp rocks. 0% privacy on the hot springs near the river, some passengers like to pull over the road and watch us bath.

Lauren Bonney

Crowded and garbage everywhere. The use here has skyrocketed within the past few years. It is rare to get the pool to yourself. It is a beautiful hot springs along side the river. Its very cool to see kayakers and rafters float by from the springs by the water.

Sonja Brumfield

There is nothing like a hot spring for sore muscles. It's really a treat and no cost to you.

James W

Great spot for a weekend or day trip. Pools are nice and warm. Does get very crowded though. Fortunately most people are respectful and keep the area clean. If you're looking forva quick trip to the hot springs this is the place for you. If you desire a more intimate setting you will have to venture out to Idaho's more secluded springs.

Heather Martzall

As fun as always even with a few scrapes and bruises from sliding on the rocks. Beware of how slippery it is but worth the risk.

Diona Tewalt

Loved the natural warm water without the commercialisation...springs in their natural state.

Alex D

Very cool to be driving along on a chill winter day and then see a bunch of steam rising up from the side of the river. This place is very nice and it was relaxing to soak in the hot water on a cold day. We were lucky to get there as a group was leaving from the one spring that is farther from the others. I would definitely recommend the farther pool if it's open. The water is almost scalding hot but it's got the best view of the mountains and you can't hear or see the other people at the other pools, just the sound of the water. The one thing that keeps it from getting five stars is the amount of people. This really can't be helped, but some people have booze and are loud and obnoxious and it's hard to find a spot. But if you get there and wait out for a spot it is worth it.

ryan hahn

Awesome hot springs gets kinda busy though

Bryan Byrd

Great views! Love the outdoor feel to it all!

vaila ruthvik

This is my favourite hot springs with natural pools right next to an ice cold river. Be careful while you go towards the pools as it has razor sharp rocks all over. Advised to wear sandals all the time. Camp host is a friendly person.

Brittany Tubbs

Great place to bring your family during the day.

Nick Strachan

More people there than I had expected for a cloudy weekday visit but not "crowded". There's probably 5 or 6 pools deep enough to sit in so it could probably comfortably accommodate 12-15 people at a time. The couple pools seemed to be the best suited (deep enough for sitting) at first glance, but we went to the bottom right next to the river and spent a few minutes building up and repairing holes in the retaining wall (plugging up holes with rocks so stop cold river water from leaking in) and it ended up being probably the most comfortable spot since we could easily regulate the temperature and preventing the pool from getting too hot. The parking fee is $5 but it seemed like no one else was paying (?) since there were several cars in the lot when we got there but ours was the first envelope to go into the box... so maybe it's free this time of year?

Josiah Keeler

Our family's favorite hot springs. Clean pools with plenty of space, natural waterfalls, and camping.

Wendy Vargas

Best place in boise

YouTube viewer

Amazing nature hot springs. Perfect for couples and even has a very clean camp ground! Never super busy

Abdulaziz Kodirov

There is indeed hot water coming out of the ground. There are a few posters there that shows how Hot Spring works as well as information about animals that you can find in the mountains. Everything is natural and relaxing. There are couple bathrooms, but the conditions are bad.


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