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Where is Kathryn Albertson Park?

REVIEWS OF Kathryn Albertson Park IN Idaho

Patricia Fishback

Its a great place to walk my dog

Donna Ahern

This is a really beautiful and peaceful park.

Gates Bennett

Beautifully maintained park for walking and sitting. Really gorgeous gardens.

william becklund

Lots of things to do and places to go including floating the river and BBQ. Several times during the week they even have public meals

Kirk Bell

I brought my girls for a little nature walk. They love all the wildlife that sometimes surprise you.

Kimberly Boothby

Gorgeous walking paths and scenery.

Rachel Gordon

Great place to take pictures and go for walks. Very nice view of the river and a beautiful stone structure type thing to stroll through. I took pictures here for prom and they look great!

K Flamm

This is a beautiful, peaceful park that has paths that wind through trees, around ponds and next to open areas. All the walkways are flat and paved. There are a couple pavilions that can be reserved that are suitable for nice receptions.

Olga Pasechnik

relaxing walk there is deers and fox but a lot of gees

Zach Brown

Love walking at KA park! Rich with wildlife and plant life, both land and aquatic, it's a sensory experience that invigorates the soul.

Brandon Nelson

Beautiful park in Boise, Idaho. Great place to take the family for a walk and picnic. Kids will love being able to see the ducks and geese or trying to spot turtles in the pond. The paths are beautiful, the park is well kept, and it is such a relaxing place to walk or sit down and read a book.

Betsy Hart

Slow down and look around. You will be amazed at what you can see in this city center park. Excited to see the improvements that are coming. All paths seem to be open during "construction"

Tallia W

Great place to go for a walk with the family.

Lynn Sauvageau

Beautiful! No bikes just walking

Kathryn Christensen

Absolutely a beautiful park. It was pretty overrun with geese and they have a habit of making a mess of things at this time of year. My fiance and I took our engagement photos here and they have a lot of beautiful spots for picture taking. If you can find a clear spot, it would be a beautiful spot for a picnic. Otherwise, it's a great park for taking walks and generally spending time outside.

Carmen Westre

The Boise Spirit Balloon Fest is super cool... But FOR THE LOVE OF GOD dont bring your dogs!! 1. To many people! 2. The noises from the balloons FREAK DOGS OUT! I LEARNED THE HARD WAY... my GSD got super stressed so we quickly left. 3. Be nice, I saw TOO many people being rude to eachother. Dont be a Brenda.

Sergio Del Vecchio

Very nice park, close to downtown. Probably one of the nicest area in Boise

Dana Snebold

Beautiful place to stroll around. Lots of wildlife and flowers to enjoy

mike kepler

It was very nice and well kept

Ronald George

Beautiful park. Glad to see the city of Boise clean up the old dead vegetation.

Dr.luther Hill

Great place for outdoors

Samantha Johnson

Corgi festival was fun!

Amberly Smith

They're doing a bunch of construction opening up new Pathways deeper into the park itself. So watch out for Sprinklers and fresh grass.

Gilbert Reyes

Really enjoyed the scenery and water fountains

Robyn Millar

Mid-May visit, and the geese did not disappoint. Saw several batches of young goslings, a few frogs sunning themselves, and a pair of cranes.

T P Driscoll

One of our favorite places to go for a walk in Boise. Can't wait to see the improvements they have planned.

Jacquelyn Reynolds

It was cleaned up & beautiful!

Raju Shrestha

Love this park. It has nice places to take pictures especially in spring and fall.

Veronica DuPont

Take a stroll through this quiet and serene park alone, with a friend or spouse while admiring the beautiful City of Trees aka BOISE.

Teri Blessing

Even though they have ripped up some of the grounds, it's still a very nice park.

Gonzo Guy

Walking area open, spacious and safe.

Kyle Gibson

Great walk through nature in downtown area.

Katie Walsh

Beautiful park with lots of foliage. The amount of Geese during the spring and summer is insane though! You can hardly walk around. Bring a clean pair of shoes to put on before getting in your car after walking this park.

Gabby Gts

A secluded spot in an uban jungle.

Kacie Golliher

Beautiful park! Very enjoyable.

Rebekah Fogler

This is a great place to take family photos. We love coming here!

Jonas Umberger

Great spot for Home coming photos

Triche Sterling

Beautiful,BEAUTIFUL park and am amazing place for pictures!

john kirby

Great place to go for a nice 20min walk

Cat Clive

Absolutely gorgeous!! Great place for pictures. Can be a bit crowded sometimes though - if you come on prom or such an evening.

Talonidir Skirata

Beautiful park, very peaceful to walk around in and a great place to take your dog when outside of Goose mating season

Anna Klaas

Beautiful place to walk with someone or just by yourself. Such beauty the world holds just in this one park!

Thomas Couch

The crown jewel of the green belt parks. If you only visit one park this should be the one.

Mark Schutte

It's so nice to have a romantic please to loose yourself in.

Elena Autin

Very nice place! My favorite park in Boise!

Kelly Diamond

A very nice walk through a tranquil park that is not cluttered with jungle gyms and workout stations. This is a nature walk showing the local plant life and some wildlife as well. This escape is very peaceful as well as educational with a few tastefully created exhibits. Anytime you walk through, you can learn and experience something new.

Penny Orton

It was beautiful this time of year.

Author J. Jones

It was gorgeous. I just got back from walking all around the park while it was raining so there was no one else there. I was doing some photography so I was able to take as long as I wanted and I didn't have to worry about others scaring the wildlife or anything. Because of that, I was able to finish a whole roll of film and had to take more with my phone. I even got to capture it as a fox ran at some geese, trying to snatch a baby one. I was standing right there! I definitely enjoy the park but I recommend finding times to go when there are less people as you get to experience more.

Tom Hitt

Expansive green spaces, beautiful fountain. Right on the greenbelt.

Sheena Silbaugh

Such a Beautiful and pretty clean park. Perfect for photos!! Just had our engagement photos taken there! So peaceful!

Safe Haven

This park is beautiful, and calming it has great pathways, pretty views and it one of my favorite places to go and take pictures of my family and friends the back drops are perfect.

Patricia Williams

Lovely place for a relaxing walk!

Nathan Morgan

Beautiful views, lots of shade, if you're quiet and watch you can see deer, rabbits, quail and more

Rajkumar Manthena

Nice place to go with family/kids. Beautiful fall colors. Not many parking spaces though.

Robert Adcock

This is a great place to walk and view wildlife in their natural habitat. The park itself is absolutely beautiful. There are lots of interpretive signage.

Deidre Thurman

Beautiful park and even saw 5 does the evening we walked through


Great for walking and bird watching ! Beautiful place

Gina Caldwell

What a great place!! So peaceful right in the middle town.

Bill Oelklaus

Accessible 'wildland' in the heart of town. Very pleasant walking trails, all handicap friendly paved surfaces!

Joseph Greene

If I could give it 4.5 stars I would, because the only thing I would change about this park is its size. For being a gorgeous network of walking paths designed to immerse you into the natural world amidst the busy-ness of the city, I just wish it were a little bigger. You can walk around every walkway in about half an hour or so. Other than that, it's awesome to see the fish, geese, ducks, rabbits, squirrels, and songbirds all live cohesively with the people walking amongst them.

Desiree Laird

Beautiful gardens, lovely walking paths, and clean stone benches. When we visited they were working on updating the park - sprinklers, new paths being cut etc. I expect it’s going to be especially nice this coming spring.

Susan Agten

My favorite park in Boise! Great place to go for a walk and enjoy nature. Even on a warm, pretty busy day it is not uncommon to find herons and kingfishers in the park. The windy paths and plenty of benches make it easy to find a quiet spot to sit, observe and enjoy.

Katie Putnam

Beautiful, well maintaned park!!! 43rd Exposure & Idaho Inc hosted Boise River Clean up along the river at the park. I was very impressed by how clean the park was already! Still a great cause & can't wait for next years event! #volunteer

Marty Kazmaier

The geese are fun to see every year.

Vance Beckner

Pretty park in the fall

David-James Checketts

My favorite park. Quiet and peaceful.

Christina ODonnell

Beautiful spot for hanging out and enjoying watersport

Adequate Johnson

Carp, turles, & other wildlife to be enjoyed while dodging piles of goose droppings. Saw feathers scattered in a couple clearings like a goose Fight Club was there. Great place to stretch your legs & enjoy one of Boise's best parks.

Kim Parfitt

Very beautiful but noisy. Baby wood ducks made up for it.

Random Coyote

A nice welcoming place for quiet and contemplation. Do watch out for the goose poop though. Not much that can be done about that unfortunately.

Dottie Hall

It's a great place to walk and see all kinds of wild life. Very relaxing and beautiful.

Molly Putnam

Under construction in some places, but gorgeous areas on the opposite side. Go in the south side of the park for better views and photo opportunities.

Orin Alexander

Didn't catch any but a beautiful evening to be in the park and enjoy the river

Eliza Connor

This beautiful park where you may encounter deer in down town Boise. its an easy stroll around the park, where beauty abounds as can be attested by the many photographers, and painters that frequent this park. Take the time to enjoy this little jewel.

Annette Cain

Incredible as usual ❤ my favorite park! The deer was a first time experience! I'm a happy, centered lady now.

Jesse Fleming

This is a wonderful park. Boise does an excellent job maintaining all of their parks and this one is a real treat. Its also a protected wildlife sanctuary and has amazing views of the ponds around the area.

Jonathon Buckler

So lovely there room to carry soft side chest, ice and picnic aera with picnic tablet you can buy excellent sandwich and other burritos. Unbelievable burritos, Cuban sandwich Pork, mustard, refried beans and 2 different types of rice plain jasmine and cliltro rice ex- good and Cordelia chocolate cake. Share, ask for a onetime discount!! Enjoy Boise Cop on State street and 8th street and to get from Boise Cop to Katherine Albertsons Park Google that park and google street maps. Full day with children , dogs, all ages but so quiet and tranquil

Shane Leupold

Gorgeous must see local spot!

Elijah Valdez

Wonderful park, clean and well maintained

Christopher Johnson

Beautiful park. Hidden little gem where you can semi ignore the city for a minute.

Katy Kithcart

KAP is a beautiful park with sidewalks throughout, making it a great place to walk for people of all ages and abilities! It’s surrounded by trees and features various plants and flowers, and I’ve even seen some wildlife (deer, bunnies, etc.). It has ponds, which are fun and a good place to feed some birds, and a picnic area in case you want to bring a snack or host an event. In the Fall, this place is stunning will all of the leaves and plants changing colors; it’s really a site to see! The only downside I’ve found to this park is that while there are bathrooms, they’ve always been locked when I’ve gone. Perhaps they’re only available if you rent the location? Also, since it’s such a lovely place and has ponds, there tends to be a lot of goose poop on the grass and sidewalks. If you’re just going to walk around, I’d recommend wearing older shoes. Other than the bathroom and the goose poop, it’s a really nice place to take a walk or have some portraits done!

Will Salberg

This is a really nice park. Clean,

Krystyna Kokoska

A very cute park, great place to walk my dog

Miss Kitty

Beautiful place to collect yourself.

Mary O'Malley

A beautiful park right on the Boise Greenbelt. A lovely walk, especially after spending the day flying to Boise from the east coast!

Kelvin Philip

Great bird watching spot in the middle of the town. Trees and foliage is amazingly beautiful in the fall.. popular photography spot.

amber schafer

Its beautiful and full of wildlife including dear

Amanda Hamell

Beautiful park. Came here on a Saturday sunny fall afternoon. Parking lot was full and every group had a photographer with them including us. Lots of benches with beautiful backgrounds. A pond, grassy area, and ducks.

Seid Bereit

Absolutely gorgeous park to go for a walk at.

Sara Heberlein

Bathrooms were exceptionally clean! Thank you. I have a disabled client and it was nice to be able to change him with out it being gross.

Jana Baker

Back to nature at it's best. Nice and peaceful, beautiful place.

Dawn Anderson

Great place for a morning stroll. Lots of nature wildlife to see: turtles, geese, ducks, squirrels, fish, and birds. Lots of shade trees, and benches for sitting and enjoying the scenery. Plein artists would enjoy it too. Paved trails make it easy for strollers and wheelchairs. There's covered pavilions for events or even the Tai Chi exercise group we saw that day. Truly a gem for Boise.

Cole Bullard

Beautiful scenery. Great for walk and photo shoots

Candy McCullough

Another pl to relax and enjoy the wildlife Come through ànd wàtch activities.

Dana Sullivan

Beautiful nature park to take photos or just be in a natural space. It's close to everything in Boise but you will feel far from the city aside from some cars you can hear (but not see!) at the back of the park. The deciduous trees here are gorgeous in the fall with water features and bridges. You'll see animals sneaking out of the brush and ponds from time to time. I took my son here for senior photos. Can't wait to see how they turned out!

Jay Massee

Beautiful!! Can't wait to watch spring Explode in this park! It will be a blessing!!

Dayle May

What a wonderful place for walking.

Lauren Studley

Boise nature-inspired park includes lots of open areas, habitat for birds and deer, and beautiful ponds full of lilies, turtles, and fish.

Bill Baugh

Bob bunch of wildlife smoke a bunch of pot and had a lot of fun where Kathryn Albertsons Park


saw a full racked buck 20 feet from me walking home from the skatepark. totally amazing

Micaela Shields

Beautiful park! Lots of geese, beware of droppings.

Mark Messing

Nice place to stroll around. Great scenery. Make sure you bring doggie poop bags if you are walking your dog as there are parks and rec employees on bicycles and walking around who will give you a ticket if you don't pick up after your dog!

Douglas Shearer

I take a walk through here daily, its peaceful, serene, and the amounts of wildlife you end up seeing can surprise you.

Meghan Brown

Monarch butterfly class. A great way to let your kids find butterflies.

Debrak13 Boyd

Very pretty, relaxing park.

Anthony Tuso

Beautiful park for taking family portraits,as well as walking the path in the park! Fall time is the best time to see the trees turning colors!

Erika Lara

This park is great for taking photos, going on walks, and observing nature and wildlife. It’s always well maintained and clean. This has got to be the most gorgeous park in Boise!

Kristi Taylor

Beautiful Autumn colors

Josh Johnson

Beautiful place for a great walk!

Becky Torgrimson

Very beautiful space. I really wanted to have my wedding here, but due to the 10 chair maximum, it was out of the question.

Erik Snider

This is such an enjoyable park. Visit it every month so you can watch the foliage change with the seasons. There is a great deal of diversity. This is also a great bird watching location. Most of the animals are used to people so getting great photos isn't too difficult. We actually saw a mink the other day. No dogs allowed after March 1st to allow the animals time to fornicate.

Preston Reynolds

They have cleaned it up quite a bit since we were down there last. Still over water though, leaves a musty smell in the air.

James Logan

Quiet. Not so many people as the other parks in the area.

Mike Browning

Beautiful park, a wonderful place to see and watch birds, and squirrels... etc. I love the landscape.

i Dabsalot

Great park to bring your dog

Traci Novak

It's a beautiful place, if you don't mind the geese a d their poop. Stay on path!!! Sunny & warm with a thundercloud and can hear the thunder was beautiful!!!!!

Nichole Di Dio

A beautiful walkable park. Watch out for the geese!

Patricia Jasso

Love to walk this park because it is so peaceful.

Coulter Hewett

Beautiful grounds, very well kept.

Joshua Pearson

A truly favorite place to go for an evening stroll with your sweetie. Wildlife, water, and maintained vegetation are abundant. Great jewel in the middle of the city. We've seen deer running through here on occasion and plenty of geese.

Rodney Lumadue

Very clean very serene dogs love it please pick up after your dogs everybody else does wonderful place walk

Christie Carroll

I have lived in Boise my whole life and this park remains one of my favorite places. The wildlife here is outstanding and I used to take a walk every morning before work, deer, geese, a fox, squirrels, all kinds of birds, turtles, a heron, and a beaver just to list a few I have seen and photographed. Also it is a prime place to take photos, family, graduation, couple, anything really.I will say one review was right: " There are a ton of geese and geese poop, and they are HUGE and not afraid of anything! " also they have babies in the spring and the ducks do as well and the park fills with little fuzzlets. They are ADORABLE, I even saw a nest with eggs in it once. Lots of trees, places to rest and read. The park is just a great place to relax.

Jeff Sorenson

Haven't been there for years, but it is more breathtaking now than ever! Love the changes.

Christopher Callahan

Its wide open and beautiful

Tami Porter

Beautiful place to observe nature, take pictures, and enjoy a nice walk.

Angie Mack

Beautiful place to get some steps in or just walk your dog. Its a small piece of hevan in the middle of the city.

syko_ stacey

Mike Morgan

Watch out for the geese. Leave them alone. Beautiful park to walk in and for wedding and pictures.

Jozef Jonas

Small but very nic “wild” park, oportunity for weddings.

Tiffany Swanson

Beautiful, peaceful walks. Quiet. Perfect for photos.

Amanda H

Great food, great service and great prices

K Smalley

A beautiful, well kept, park that provides beautiful scenery, serenity, and places to rest and enjoy the beauty along the paths. Nature at its best! Wish I had gone there sooner! Do yourself a favor and go visit there if you can. Morning is best in summer temps.

Tony Nelson

Fun place to take photos


What a beautiful place. Hopefully it stays that way as more people figure out that it's a nice place to get away from everyone :)

aqil al-husainawi

Had a nice walk it was relaxing quite place

Amber White

Beautiful kids and I love to search for the resident deer and chickens, as well as enjoy the quiet peaceful atmosphere.

Glenn Compton

Another wonderful public space

Rhonda Willoughby

Nice park with lots of wildlife

Angi Max

Enchanting nature setting...

Tonya Peters

Love this quite park for an awesome nature walk

charles shaw

Nice clean park must walk through

Candace Hart

Quiet, restful and clean.

Leidis Hernandez

This park is a great place to go for a walk and relax, also to take good pictures.

Amy Beckner

Absolutley stunning Sunday afternoon walk. We went in the late afternoon and the lighting was just wonderful for capturing the lushness of this park. The paths are paved, so strollers and wheelchairs can enjoy the park There are stone benches through out for resting weary legs. All in all a wonderful place to visit.

Jason Vaughn

Cool little park to salk through across the street from Anne Morrison. They have some nice winding trails through nature with some shaded covers for lunch. It is also a really popular place for photos. Like wedding or engagement photos... well if once of your initials is ALBERTSO or N. The have giant rock cut outs of each one of those letters is why.

Mark Ruiz

A gorgeous, quiet sanctuary; perfect for a morning stroll.

James Wernicke

The entire greenbelt in Boise serves praise. Get your bike and go. Enjoy lunch at one of the restaurants.

Jerimiah Campbell

Great smaller park wrapped in trees and ponds. Great place to see local wildlife like ducks, geese, turtles, rabbits etc.. If you need to get away from the city within the city this is a great place to do that. Nice and quiet most of the time. If you want tranquility avoid prom season on the weekends.

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