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Where is Julia Davis Park?

REVIEWS OF Julia Davis Park IN Idaho

Sheldon C

Nice clean park with lots of shade. Well maintained, and close to the zoo. If your lucky you can see the giraffes for free.

Donna Ahern

Love this place. It's got so much going on in the summer time.

BJ Crangle

Nice park on the nose green belt, the zoo is also right in the middle of the park, and there is walking access to Boise State campus.

Brady Callahan

It's a lovely park, the grass definitely takes some abuse from all the events and festivals that use the space, but there are many beautiful large old trees growing throughout the park. Being so centrally located your are surrounded by other family attractions: the main library, the zoo, Anne Frank memorial, art museum, Rose garden, Discovery center, and the Boise river. To name a few.

Beth Rosa

Great place to chil and has shade great walking trail and by the river. Beautiful place to visit

Susannah Heist

Great place to play Pokemon Go on community day, or walk around with family, visit the muesums and zoo. Even say graduation, birthday, and wedding parties here! JD park also hosts many great events throughout the year; Art in the Park, Goddess Fest and others. Dog friendly!

william becklund

Fun place to take your family and friends

Farah Kamkar

Interesting! Giraffe at the zoo was picking outside of his gate ...cute!

Apriel Moore

This is a perfect place to contemplate life's great meaning

Todd Bernhardt

A wonderful park located right above the river. Many great locations for games, and I always enjoy the tennis courts.

George Mosgrove

Went to the zoo to see the new animals and then went to the Godessfest in the park, wonderful time!

Jerry Luther

Beautiful and with in walking distance to the city zoo

What Is This

Clean and felt safe the entire time. Huge trees. Nice place for a picnic.

Chanie Anne

One of our nicer parks with the river, Rose garden, greenbelt/BSU access, and the zoo. Very family friendly but can get congested on the greenbelt so be on the lookout.

Carmen Westre

Love this park... we walk the greenbelt every day!

Kevin Glynn

Nice location along the Boise river. Near several museums and the zoo. Convient walking distance from Boise State University.

Rocky M

Tonight, I dead headed in the Rose garden with the Boise Rose Club. Was a beautiful evening, roses were beautiful, and I talked to people from all over the world.


Zoo was cool except that the bear looked sad.

Eugene DiCesaris

Very pleasant and peaceful place. The park was clean and very well maintained. The Lincoln statue is awesome.

Mina Hoskins

Lovely park; went there durring Art in the Park. Two museums right by it and south of downtown Boise and north of the river. There's also oaddleboats in the middle of the park too.

Les Eric Lewis

Rose garden, Boise Zoo and Boise Art can you go wrong? Went to the 4th of July Kiwanas pancake breakfast and enjoyed so much! Thanks to Albertsons for food donation for a great cause. Wonderful orchestra music too!

Kathie Honeycutt

Was very pretty and had a lot of geese

Annette Guidry

Large, peaceful. It has a pretty rose garden, some sitting areas, and the Boise River runs through it. If you bike alongside the river going west, you'll reach another park. Go a few miles east and you'll reach an unpaved area of the greenbelt where you can walk alongside the river. But Julia Davis Park itself has a band shell for live music and nice green areas. It hosts some festivals!

Stephanie Villalobos

One of my favorite parks. This gorgeous park is well maintained. The large mature trees provide a lot of shade. Great paths for biking or jogging. There is access to the boise greenbelt. The park has bathrooms, benches, picnic tables, water fountain, rose garden. Great location next to the zoo and museums. The boise river runs beside the park. The dogs and kids loved it and the fishing isnt bad on that side of the river.

Stephen O'Connor

Serene and beautiful sits near the Boise Rose Garden. Not overly popular, so it is easy to enjoy the piece and quiet. Added bonus of hearing the birds from the zoo across the street.

Andrew Adams

With access to the green belt, BSU Campus, tennis courts, ponds, the Zoo, and the Rose Garden this location provides a wide array offering something for everyone

Brent Bigelow

Large park with plenty of walking trails and views of the river. Parking is easy to navigate once inside the park. Need more directional signage especially designating locations of various points of interest. Also would be nice to see better signage showing entrances to the park

Jarom Eisley

Love the greenbelt and all the parks in it. It's the crown jewel of Boise

Oliver McCloud

It's a pretty good park. The real question is, why are you looking at park reviews?

Ciara Preator

We love walking around the park! It’s so beautiful

Luis Villegas

Fun to take the little ones. Family had a great time. The gift shop has a lot of good toys. The family decide to go back in the summer and enjoy more of the festivities.

Melissa Hankins

Very easy to navigate and very fun for kids!

Damian Tanner

Lots of paths to walk around this park. Zoo is right in the middle and along the river right next to campus. Nice little playground as well.

Judo Chop

Cute park. Perfect for picnic ing

Rick Zirbel

Was at art in the park over the weekend and it was a perfect late summer day! The rose garden and fountains are always beautiful to walk through and the Abraham Lincoln statue is a tradition for my wife and I to visit.

ruthi beth barbie jones

Wow is there a lot happening in Julia Davis park. If moms and dads want to go on an outing this is a good fun place to good. Healthy environment and very good for the soul. I love jdp.

Kimberly Kay

We found the park to be very big, beautiful , clean, inviting, and friendly. We were at the park for a festival. so there was no doubt more people at the park than there would have been on an average day, the only Earth I guess I would have is the bathroom facilities themselves could have been kept cleaner., But like I said there were a lot of people there. I would definitely return and maybe even go to the zoo that's right next to the park.

Wanda K Robinson

Don't even realize your on a busy street, nice shading, pond and wild birds to watch. Zoo will be amazing when the remodeling is finished.

It's pointless to argue

Beautiful park, green with lots of shade. Path right through park lined with trees on both sides goes right up to zoo. If you like being outside and maybe catching some music on outside stage. I recommend, especially because Boise river runs right next to park.

Donna Reade

Huge improvement! Haven't been there in years, will definately be back sooner.

Sara Deleury

Art in the park..terrific..horrible parking...and expensive. However, we heard about the free shuttle from Town Square! Apparently on the Dillard's side. Next year!

Simon Billinge

Art in tg he park is a great late summer event.

Eve McClure

Love the park for walking the Greenbelt....the zoo...the paddle boats..the river..the wildlife ( when the geese are not in attack mode lol)..the majority of courteous people that share the pathways...and the proximity to the MK Nature Center via the Greenbelt

Doug Prouty

Nothing really changes. It dont feel like a park almost like your back yard. Never see the park workers out doing there work.

Mike Haines

Went the zoo with my family a nice place

ZimplyG c

Beautiful just beautiful!! A must stop by place

Ben Harris

A nice park with lots of shade. I walk through this park on my way home from classes at Boise State, and it's always well maintained and clean. Plenty of walkways, water features, and Zoo Boise at the center. Watch out for the geese though! They can be aggressive.


Beautiful Zoo! Everything was very clean and the animals look so happy in their big habitats. There was a lot of shade to walk and hang out in with plenty of benches. They have a few animals that I have never seen in the larger zoo we have in San Diego. All of the staff were friendly and helpful. We forgot our sunscreen but fortunately they have several different ones to chose from in the gift shop. At one of the monkey exhibits there is a staircase that you can walk up and see them up at their level swinging on ropes and swings. Then there is a slide that the kids can come down. So unique and fun! Parking was free and not far from the entrance.

GoneJeepin Cherokee

It was fun they over dyed the water there but good

MaKayla Spring

I was visiting boise, decided to stop here. It's an amazing park. Quite large. With i had time to get on the swan boat things. Definitely a great stop. If I visit boise again it's on my list to go again.

Melody Woodard

Love that they have the Rose Garden the paddle boats and the Gene Harris bandshell and I just recently noticed the green poles with pictures on them. I love all the things to do there. The only thing i dont like is that the playground it seems like it was made only for toddlers no older children.

Rob Hallifax

Lovely exhibit of roses in a beautiful garden setting!

Alison Dingley

Lovely, huge park with lots of space for relaxing and enjoying nature. Impressive bike path.

Sarai Munoz

Love it! It's always so calm and clean. The river is great, nice place for a quiet picnic or reading a book ❤

Sterling Wood

One of the GEMS of Boise and it's rich culture and history. Family friendly, dog friendly, cat friendly, fish friendly, bird friendly, friend friendly and it's right outside THE BOISE ZOO! Which has Lions, Tigers, and Bears OH MY & PENGUINS!

Kathi Carr

It's family safe and kid safe and clean. It's a Community friendly place to enjoy a day and relax And have fun.

Curtis O'Daniel

Best park in town. It has the zoo in it!

Amanda S.

It is a nice park for the whole family to enjoy. There is a lot to see and do all around you from museums to the park to the zoo and more! You could enjoy an entire day here, enjoy a picnic and not get bored.

Justin Sorensen

I love going to this park and wondering around, it can really clear your mind

Onyx of DarkLite

A great park close to the zoo and museums. On this occasion I went for Goddess Fest 2019. Lovely music, belly dancers and vendors.

Ariana Enrriques

Gorgeous scenery, plenty to do. Definitely recommend to anybody doing a photoshoot.

David Odonnell

This is a great place. Lots of beautiful nature . many great places near by such as the art Museum and The Boise zoo . There is a small disc golf there durning the cold months. This is a wonderful place to brong the famoly for a picnic or you can walk the green belt. Good place to meditate especially near the boise river that runs right through the park. There is a rose garden that is a photographer s dream for still life. Wheather you are local or from out of town this is definitely a good spot to visit .

Jesse Fleming

Great city park weather youre going for a stroll, fishing, running, or just taking in the sights. Lots of covered gazibos for hosting picnics or bbqs and the backside of the zoo is visible depending where you are in the park, you can watch the giraffes have their lunch while you have yours.

harvey beard

Best park ever. Fun to walk, jog or ride your bike.

Jonathon Buckler

We enjoyed walking the1.5 mile loop around the park perimeter on Julia Davis Drive. Most of the walk was on sidewalks and paths; just a few spots required detours because of construction. All was green, tree covered, and well maintained. During our visit we saw a half dozen school busses parked; many children were enjoying a lunch time picnic. We also saw a half dozen families of ducks with ducklings in tow. Our park visit was coupled with a visit to the Boise Art Museum that is located at the end of the park that abuts South Capitol Blvd. And, our park visit was coupled with a long walk along the Boise River Greenbelt, which also abuts the park. Their was plenty of free 2 hour parking.

Dani Rewis

Beautiful park. We went to the zoo

Jacee Allred

Really photogenic place for pictures. Near Boise River so there are bridges, and it's close to other locations. Good parking too.

Justen Colton

Absolutely beautiful. Well maintained, and a great place to go.

Jim Steele

We're so lucky to have a city that knows how important a good park system is. Julia Davis Park is one of a set of gems in Boise.

Chad Reynolds

Beautiful park to walk around! Lots to do!! Loved it

kristina elshoff

Very nice park with lots of Green space to roam around. The statue of Lincoln is what I went to see. The route within the park is one way which was a little annoying since I missed the turn and had to go back onto the main road.

Ben Bennett

Boise is full of very nice parks. As The City of Trees, there are make shade trees and very nicely managed grass areas. Much of the park system in downtown Boise was actually donated and named for the donor. Great walking paths are available to get around and go from one park to another. If you come to Boise and are in the direction area, check the park out!

Will Salberg

I like this park for the dimple fact that it is a relaxing and calming place and I always can go here to find my center.

Donna Laswell

It's a great and beautiful place the whole family


Friendly geese everywhere and a nice lake to look out over. There's even peddle boats to ride.

Joshua Nugent

This summer our company picnic was once again at Julia Davis park. Usually the grass is eaten to the dirt by tons of geese and in its place is a lot of goose poop. This the grass was nice and lush and poop free. The best I've ever seen it.

Susan Horton

Beautiful spot for a picnic, or just laying on a blanket in the sun. The zoo is a good one. A few different species that I've never seen at other zoos. My one complaint: we arrived at 4:00 (an hour before closing time) and we were still charged full price. Problem being, they were feeding the animals and many were already put up for the night. Not worth the $20.00 we spent. Maybe they should tell patrons that not all animals are out, or reduce the price for late in the day?

Astropup 5000

I'm a big fan of swings. Didn't see any here so 4 stars. Otherwise really pretty place.

Jonelle Lee

Great place to longboard, walk and bike.

Kathleen F

Very clean, comfortable park with a nice playground and easy access to the Discovery Center

Jay Massee

I've been going to this park literally ALL my life! So many wonderful memories here, and so beautiful too! So much to see and do, such a blessing to have here in Boise!

Colin Eggleston

We went there for Art in The Park and it was really great! Needs more parking, though

Scott Jones

An awesome Pokemon go and pic Nick spots. Also right next to the green belt off the beautiful Boise River


Love this old classic park. Lots of open space, trees and shade. Could use an updated playground for the little ones, but Ann Morrison is just down the Greenbelt.

Patrick Muir

Great little park, you can go to the busy areas or the quieter ones, plus the greenbelt runs right through the park for a nice long walk or bike ride.

Mary Zamora

They have added to the zoo and switched certain exhibits around. It makes it more interesting.

Michael Castle

A huge city park in Boise that has just about everything you would want at a park. Plenty of picnic areas, playgrounds for the kids. A river, lots of ducks and geese. A really nice well kept park.

Pauline Jones

Always great park to visit during Arts in the Park; however parking is difficult during special events.

Glowing Trebstep

A beautiful statue of Abraham Lincoln! Love the feel of that park.

Jacquelyn Gray

Lovely shady park with the green belt running through. Great spot.

Jake Lockie

Beautiful park, nice tennis courts!

Mark Jackson

Great place to walk your dog You always see policeman on their bikes and everybody else As there's dogs on leashes

Douglas Shearer

This park is always a little crowded for my taste, but it's a great location, many points to access it. Great place for a family to have fun on a Saturday afternoon. The best part: Tons of Pokemon Go PokeStops and gyms.

Celeste Moore

Nice big park, along the green belt, the zoo, the art museum, history museum are all here!

Marah Sendoza

Always wonderful and clean. I came with a Class of 2nd graders for a field trip from Caldwell. Some kids have never been to Boise ,so it was awesome!

Vicki Hitch

A beautiful park. So many trees, shade everywhere you want it, especially on a warm day. A perfect spot for the art to be displayed. Music was wonderful too. The rose garden was a site not to be missed. Gorgeous!

Sage Ibanez

Nice park with great views of the Boise rover if you are walking the path close to it. It's also a pokemon go hot spot with tons of spinners and gyms.

Marguerite Testa

Love this park! The rose garden is beautiful!

Maria Pelczar

Julia Davis Park is an absolutely beautiful example of just how perfect Boise Idaho really is. There are plenty of events to enjoy and the Boise Rive and Greenbelt are part of the park. We visited in late May and had the pleasure of taking the paddle boats around the pond. They only take cash but charge just $15 for an hour. Popcorn to feed the ducks is $2.

Rich in Idaho

Love Art in the Park. People bring too many dogs though.

Taylor Campbell

Julia Davis is highly underrated. The park is huge and it's easy to find your own space. If your looking for the playground, it's hidden over by the Discovery center, the middle northern edge of the park.

Nelson Brentlinger

Beautiful park with a zoo and tennis courts. Also a beautiful rose garden.

Julie Fors

There is something for everyone in Julia Davis Park, you or old. It's a great park for many activities. It also has a zoo and paddle boats.

Candace DeMeester

Beautiful park, access to Rose garden, playground, river, zoo, and art museum all by a short walk.

Sonja Williams

Boise has such beautiful parks! And Julia Davis is no exception. It has a wonderful path for walkers and bikers on the Greenbelt and the zoo is right there! The weather is perfect now to get out and get some fresh air, I highly recommed!

Windi Morton

This park, like Ann Morrison and Kathryn Albertson are in great locations that allow one to enjoy history, animals, and downtown Boise.

Dorothy Ferrone

Cute park. Needs more signage. Tried fishing with the kids but not much luck. I think the fish are too acclimated to hand feeding. And the whole place is covered in goose feces. Wear your "trash" shoes if you have any.

Freestyle Faerie Kind

Its beautiful all times of year, with a good number of features to explore and see some variety. Educayional, relaxing and beautiful!

Annette Peer

I have loved this park for decades, I only wish they would reopen the band shelter and have weekend music.

Joshua Pearson

Beautiful park with well established and maintained grounds, ponds, courts, gardens, and picnic areas. We typically stop at this park when we are on the Boise Greenbelt that runs through the park. We enjoy the ponds and geese and nearby Boise river. It is a pleasant place to walk and relax among the busy Boise city.

Christie Carroll

One of my favorite sections of JDP is the rose garden. What a tender ode to the mighty, proud princess of flowers! Quality over quantity. This garden may be on the smaller side, but it's worth the trips if you enjoy gardens, or if your guests do. The labels help you learn about what you're seeing there. Some of the roses have a light scent; lean in and deeply breathe in some of Nature's finest perfume. Roses are known to lift a down-trodden psyche. They remind me of my mom. Maternal comforts. Besides the rose garden, as others have mentioned, there are other fun places to visit. Luckily, there are lots of trees to shade you during a fair or other public event.

julian trueblood

Awsome scenery. Lots to do close to almost every where. Only down side is all the goose poop there is just so many of them down there.

Barton Kline

A beautiful park surrounded by Boise treasures on all sides.

Lingchun Liu

This is my everyday Must come spot.It's full of live and beautiful the whole year around.

Haley Cardoso

This is one of the best parks I’ve ver been to. Mature trees and nicely landscaped. The history posts are awesome. For someone like me who’s visiting from out of state it was nice to see a little bit of history. The rose garden is kept up and I applaud whoever the gardeners are that take care of the garden. It’s amazing. The oddly colored blue water fountains are pretty too. They just remind me of port-a-potty blue water. Maybe a purple or pink would’ve been better. Also, the goose poop. It’s everywhere. But I didn’t take a star off for that. Just a caution to people walking around.

Alex Navarro

Beautiful park, kept very clean and has super well-done maintenance. I was impressed with the size and beauty of the park. Had lots of flexibility for bigger groups of people, pathways with scooters and a fun environment. Great place to bring your kids, host an event at, or even take photos at.

Maverick Boldt

Came here for my anniversary with my girlfriend. We had a nice time and found a small peninsula by the water. There was a goose who was very aggressive towards to all the other geese coming onto the peninsula, but he didn't mind us at all. We saw some wood ducks here as well, which he didn't mind either. We named him Ryan Goose. I proposed to my girlfriend that day under the protection of Ryan Goose. Thanks Ryan.

Holly Baer

Had a great time at art in the park.

Jerold Wenger

So thankful for all the hard work put into making this park such a beautiful place to spend time with family & friends!


Always love this place. I can't complain about the upkeep. But you have to deal with city people :(

Guy Hadwin

Walked over one morning from our nearby hotel. Great park in the heart of the city. Well landscaped, great sidewalks, overall very well maintained. Building a new history museum at entrance, across the street is the Art museum and the zoo is in the heart of the park. Just across the river from BSU. Imagine it is even nicer in the spring and summer but was quite nice for a Feb. morning. Chances are on your next visit to downtown Boise there will be some event going on in Julia Davis Park. Whether is is the staples of the Boise Art Museum, Idaho Historical Museum, Black History Museum, Boise Zoo or one of the many running races, Art in the Park, Walk Your Dog, Natural History Day, Concerts in the Park, sporting events including fishing or a walk through the Rose Garden. Julia Davis Parks offers something for everyone across the age spectrum. Take a picnic lunch because you are likely to spend some time wandering and taking in the the scenery. If that is not enough to attract your interest all you need to do is look across the Boise River and visit Boise State University.

Tom Shtrang

Great park for a walk, jog, or bike ride. Very peaceful.

Brad Nolen

Beautiful park with tons of options for the family... Zoo, duck pond, band shell and greenbelt

Raylene Gilmore

Boise Zoo has a small town feel - meaning small zoo but very nice employees.

David Frick

Nice park. I was at the lantern festival and the local venues were good. Crowd was happy and respectful. Good time!

Ashley Larsen

They have a really fun park that my nieces and nephews enjoy playing at. It's peaceful even if there's a lot of people around it's big enough for everybody can kind of have their own space

Chris Corso

Take the time to relax in the rose garden or even go to the Zoo or do a picnic

Jesse Ramirez

Great place clean and peaceful.

Mary Obrowski

Beautiful park. I love it here

Austin Estes

This park is so beautiful. Great place to walk. We also did the paddle boats. So relaxing.

Alex Gonzalez

We found this place while taking a trip up to Boise Idaho. We had arrived early and were looking for a place for our little one's to stretch their legs. We found it!!!! Its a cute little park that's behind the Discovery Center. It has swings, slides, tunnels and a big area to run around in. It's near the river but its gated so no one could fall in. They also have clean restrooms. We will be staying in Boise for a few days so we will be back in the afternoons.

David Sportiello

Always a great place to go and the peddle boats are fun.

Shylah Eells

A nice shady park by the zoo and rose garden.


Julia Davis park is gorgeous! Love all the shade trees and lush grass. Would be awesome to have a picnic there.

Larry Green

Julia Davis Park is beautiful and it has the zoo, Art Museum, Black History Museum , Bandshell, paddle boats, right by the Boise River. Lots of room lots of green grass Lots beautiful trees great place for a picnic. They used to have a 9-hole disc golf Course but park and rec took out another one away from us . believe they put some Memorial on that side of the park past the little Lake they also have tennis courts the Friendship bridge that goes over the Boise River 2 BSU the Greenbelt which goes on and on towards Lucky Peak just a wonderful place for all

Bryce and Rachel Perry

The parking is horrible. I think more parking between Julia Davis park and the Boise Zoo needs to be arranged... Even if it is a shuttle from another lot to the area. Frequently the zoo and the park will host competing events and there is a massive parking shortage.

Brett Harrison

Pretty park. Nice to let the kids play before or after a zoo visit. Neat to see the old growth trees.

ilikefortnite12345677 alot

Parks beautiful, Really went well with the rain today.

Nate Banta

Lots of fun. A lot to do, too: bikes to rent, boats, zoo, gorgeous gardens, and lots of green space. Still miss the Fun Depot amusement park though.

Jana Fleming

Gorgeous roses of every color and variety imaginable!

Jennifer Thatcher

Love the closeness to so many things like the museum's and zoo. Also love the horse shoes pits. We are considering this park for our next family Reunion and it hit all the matks!

Lacey Lee

Great place to walk with your animals or kids. Scenery is awesome no matter the time of year. If you love taking photos this is the place to go. Plus it's close to the train depot which is another great place to see and take photos at.

Richard Buckham

I have to say that I don't think that there needs to be so many things that take place in the park. I do allot of volunteers work as well as donating allot of money and to Time worthwhile causes. I don't want to be hit up for donations to be able to use the park. I also don't want to be surrounded by who ever holding their function in the park

zerabruk Gebremedhin

It's the only best place


Zoo boise is right inside the park and alot of fun to have with the kids

Jamie R

Art in the park is wonderful. Many artisans and beautiful pieces. Park is still beautiful with roses this time of year.

Bruce Mayfield

Large trees nice shade on a warm day lots of green lawns and many things to see

Donna Gates

Nice place to walk but very easy to get lost

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