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700 W Jefferson St, Boise, ID 83720, United States

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Where is Idaho State Capitol Building?

REVIEWS OF Idaho State Capitol Building IN Idaho

Gage Coprivnicar

The coffee was cold and the legislature is rough

i pm

Nice State Capitol building. Learn about history, people, events. If you happen to be there well worth a visit.

Tony Cleveland

Very nice capitol it was a pleasure to visit. There are several areas inside where one can read about the building and Idaho's historical past. There are also impeccably kept gardens surrounding the building with all sorts of plants and trees.

Dorothy Littlejohn

Tallia W

Ryan Palmer

John G

Cody Hurst

The building is really cool. There's a lot of history that's held in the walls of this place. Taking a tour is a must for any Idaho resident. I like how iconic this building is for Idaho. Now the politics within in it... they always change so it doesn't matter. Go here for a cool tour.

Bob Albrecht Jr


Nice place.

Nathaniel Pieratt

lil Vane

I can't believe a boy fell off the ramp. It is really cool I can't believe there was horse with a man covered in real gold.

Stefan Oehler

very friendly people

Bryce Caster

A very nice state capitol building. Good hours, nice architecture, and very friendly staff all around.


Like it


Wesley Reese

Going to t

Keith Hilliard

Historic and impressive landmark. Rallies and protests are held on the steps often.

Keith Breon


What a beautiful place! It's safe and and free to walk around and learn some history of our great state.

Richard London

Nice place to visit if its raining.

Duane Hughes

Beautiful architecture and history

Juan Guillermo Boza

(Translated by Google) The style of government buildings is well represented here. Attention in the governor's office is buenisima (Original) El estilo de los edificios del gobierno se encuentra muy bien representado aquí. La atención en la oficina del gobernador es buenisima

Perry Martinez

Pristine, rich history, and open extended hours for the public.

Steven Inge

David Overgaard

Jason Keller

Beautiful building good place To visit. Lots of history. Plenty of beautiful flowers great views

Becky Lee

So beautiful, great historical field trip

Amber Hawton-Hill

Our tour guide was highly knowledgeable and great with kids! It was a pleasure to learn some amazing facts about this important building and our connection to Lincoln. Also about how marble patterns were artistically created on concrete over wood to keep the cost down.

Kirollos Hanna


Andrew- Lynes

Idaho's capital is very beautiful, open (free!) to the public, and home to many interesting pieces of the state's history.

Zachary Pratt

Shock and awe on the access to this lovely building. Every representatives is open to stopping and talking, even to someone like me who is an out of towner

Tatyana Levitskaya

Steve Walker

Mike Shoe

Mark Spear

Stephen Juza

Interesting building, I liked some of the history panels throughout the building.

Nate Berg

james hurd

Zach Springer

Beautiful facility. A must go to for site seeing while in Boise. It's pretty much open all the time btw.

C Renaissanceman

Very clean city center. Currently undergoing a ton of construction throughout the downtown area, therefore, navigating through the construction zones will impede your drive a bit. However, walking was not a problem.

Dolores Damian

Pretty cool that it’s open on Saturday and you can explore. The major doors are locked and can’t enter. But you can go thru the hallways. Parking was free on the street. I believe it’s free on weekends. There’s elevators inside and handicap accessible. There’s 4 floors. Really nice and pretty inside and love the white marable .

Amanda Price

Whether your are just visiting, a newcomer, or a long time resident, you will be rewarded by a visit to our state capital building to enjoy the beautiful decorations and the building's grandeur. You might even be lucky enough to visit when one of the many musical groups that come by during the holidays is performing. Our state house is...

Claudio Barajas

This place is amaizing. Beautiful place to take some great pictures. !!!

McKoy Bartlett


Human Join ashley rashes in brawl stars

Its ok but i would rather go to my grandmas house

Joshua Weller

This building is absolutely gorgeous and full of history. This is certainly a place worth your time.

Matt Capell

Jack Reilly


Maria Jessa Daroy

Ron Jones

Steeped in rich history. Loved the tour.

Rickie Meeuwsen

Very nice inside with a stylish design with free informative tourist area

Mason T

Very beautiful building inside and outside.

Tom Szulga

Beautiful building !!


Beautiful building! Wonderfully restored! Very inviting to all.

Caleb Nymeyer

State Capitols are always super fun to visit, but they are usually a little out of the way if you're traveling or passing through the state - rarely do you find the State Capitol to also be the largest city. That's what makes Boise great.

B. Nyhof

Most beautiful and historical of all the buildings in Boise.

Brian Slind

One of the best state capital buildings I've toured (Missouri's is a close second). Visited in December and enjoyed seeing holiday decorations.

Debbie Hodge

Beautiful historical capital building

Tay Harada

scott benton

Jmb Gaming 2

Ahh... Boise... Our state capital... I LOVE IT!!! If your a tourist, CHECK THIS PLACE OUT! They have souvenirs, Pretty stuff, and the inside is shiny! It's a must see in Idaho.

manru li

Damon Hooker Jr.

Beautiful construction with a open design

Eliza Connor

Beautiful historical building definitely worth a visit. Start off in the basement level where there is an interesting exhibit of The Capital Building history, as well as some legislative history and education. There is also a free guide book for a self tour in the gift shop.

Sergei Efimov

Красивое здание капитолия, совсем небольшое, если сравнивать с другими штатами. Можно совершенно спокойно посетить в любой день, посмотреть внутри, пофотографировать везде, где захочется, и даже зайти в кабинеты.

Alexander Spencer

it was the best thing ever

Jonathon Buckler

This is a fascinating building, best seen in the company of a tour guide so you don't miss anything. From the life size statue of Lincoln and the replica of the Liberty Bell out front, to the workings of the geothermal heating system, there's a lot to take in. More statues and photos and displays inside touch on Idaho's super-interesting history. If you're lucky there will be a fair or concert on the grounds!

DeMarco Thorne

Idaho was amazing it

Cainan Cripe

Jacob Bowles

Lobbied out...

Julia Morgan

Jackson Ferguson

Michael Davis

The Capitol building is family friendly! The building is open to the public during session which allows for an inside glimpse of how our government works! The building itself is captivating! I love taking my family there for pictures!

Natalya Brown

We have such a beautiful Capitol building. The interior is stunning and the grounds outside are peaceful and well kept. Every year, two of my favorite events happen on the steps of this building. One is the yearly March for Life, that starts at Julia Davis park and ends at the steps of the capitol. The other is the National Day of Prayer, when we gather to pray for our city, state, and country. I'm so thankful to live in a country with the freedom to have these events.

Axel Garcia

I am extremely dumb, but

No fee, and there are cool souvenirs. It's a thing to learn some Idaho history


John Allen

Interest, educational and fun place to explore with the family. The building is beautiful and a historic treasure for the people of Idaho. So many exhibits covering our State's history and a neat experience to be able to explore.

Sheila Latta

Beautiful building with marble everywhere.

Steve Farley

Check this out

Genine d

beautiful granite and marble architecture

Kat n Dog named Thirsty

So elegant inside. Not sure if dogs are allowed inside but no one stopped me while roaming with my pup around the building. No fee either.

Garrison Russell

The most beautiful state building in Idaho. Of all the capital buildings that I have been in +++ this is by far the most quite and civilian friendly

Senyora Juana


Andrew Reed


Great Capitol. Took the tour, and learned a lot.

Amicus Curiae

Simply amazing.

Joey Barnett

Rodney Smith

Jim Ellis

Andy Birch

This old gal has so much history! The halls as you enter, echo with every footstep. It has the smell of an earlier century. The architecture is unique and beautiful, including the small details such as the light fixtures on the walls. Accessibility to all floors is a fascinating tour with each step. Including the mini museum on the garden level. (Basement) There is a gift shop there, and it gives you access to the soda and assorted snacks. It's a fun stop to visit, a bit dry for the kiddos, with a greater appreciation from the parents.

Jenni Davis

I didn't go in, but the outdoor area around the capital is a beautiful place to hang out, bike around, and added a nice touch to our Boise adventure. Nice park right across the street and lots of nearby places to wine, dine, explore, and hang with friends!

Paige Liberski

Great place to walk around and explore. It’s free too!

Mark Shaw

Pika Chu

Steve Newton

Lori Ward

Chris Zaplatosch

A beautiful building to tour. Very nicely decorated around Christmas time.

Derek Thayer

Neat place to visit and learn a little history. Beautiful grounds.

Damien Desmortreux

Possible to visit for free. Interesting to go one time if you're curious about it

myung L

ㅎㅎ 최고^^

Jan Smith

Nathan Havens

Taylor Wisler

Garrett Archer

What! A! Dome!

Barrow Windermere

Mike Westcott

John Barnhart


Capitol city!

Payton Hampton

I’m not sure if people know this, but you can walk right in and explore this beauty of a building almost anytime.

Ryan Stafford

The Idaho State Capitol Building is worth visiting day and night. The architecture of the Idaho State Capitol Building is impressive. If you can't visit during open hours then spend time walking around and you'll see there is more here than the Idaho State Capitol Building.

Christie Carroll

The Idaho State Capitol is a true gem in the Gem State. Located near the center of Downtown Boise, the Capitol building is large and very ornate. It is surrounded by a large park with easy access, but limited parking. Fortunately it is an easy walk from the downtown garages. The Capitol houses the legislative and executive branches of state government. Idaho has only about 2 Million residents, but has nearly the same number of representatives as California. The basement houses a good exhibit that explains how state government works and the history of Idaho. It was not always such a conservative State.

Polaris Massage

Spent about an hour wandering around. The photos of the sessions were a great place to start learning a little bit more about my adopted home. I had no idea Idaho was so progressive when it came to women in public office.

No neck Casey

Rob Heidemann

Really beautiful building. Grateful to be part of a great state.

Jake Matheson

Idaho, the greatest state in the greatest country on planet Earth. Our state capitol building is beautiful and positioned at the center of downtown Boise. I have always loved grabbing a book and reading in the shadow of this fantastic building. It is one of the coolest/prettiest state capitol buildings/setups of the 25+ that I've seen. Stop in, grab a tour or just enjoy the views. You can't go wrong in such a right place.

Arshed Kamel


George Nunes

Gives you the sense of how important representative government is.

Mark Fitzgerald

Guy Hadwin

What a beautiful building. What especially amazed me was that there was no security in sight, no metal detectors like one sees in so many public buildings. It was like stepping back in time. The interior is gorgeous, the stone is so pure and clean, and the historic displays give you an interesting insight into Idaho's history. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and learned about Idaho and my ancestors who settled Idaho when it was still a territory.

Kevin Headings

Recently renovated and open to the public. Great place to kill some time and check out Idaho history and classic building.

Lincoln Newell

Idaho... we can truly be proud of our State Capitol Building. :)

Austin Bremers

Kyle Couture

Pretty cool to walk around and see and learn a few things

Corey Van Allen

Ilya Gerasimets

Impressive building.

Roshan Patel

Great place to relax or take a lunch.

Spencer Trejo

What a beautiful piece of Idaho history. As an Idaho native, I was great visiting for the first time.

patrick amato


Serena Gregory


Julie Healon

What a beautiful building. When we travel to new States, we like to stop at the Capitol Buildings. this one is absolutely gorgeous. You walk in and it's all white marble. Gorgeous White marble. There isn't a whole lot to see. On the garden view floor, there's a small area with some history and a little gift shop. on the 4th or 5th floor there's a couple of statues and you can look down in the center. there's meter parking all around. You probably won't spend more than an hour inside. There's no real Direction of where to go. There's no help desk or anything like that. Definitely worth a pop in just to look at the beautiful marble, if nothing else.

Lola Lol

Beautiful capitol building in the city of Boise ( Idaho).


Lisa Paige

We took the group guided tour of the Capitol Building over the summer. Simply spectacular, the white marble has to be seen up close. Extraordinary place and fascinating history. Highly recommended to plan ahead to schedule a tour.

ryan saunders

Great place to visit and spend some time while you wander around down town.


Free to visit. Maybe spend 1 ~ 1.5 hrs.Super Great building, MUST GO !

Bryan Hermans

I must say that it is the most beautiful state capitol I have visited yet. The marble work is exquisite! The color accents and mosaics are tastefully done. Take a stroll through the grounds too. I particularly like the Lewis and Clark sculpture.

Terry Avery


great looking capitol building

Cece C.

Fun place to kill some time just wandering and exploring. I actually had more fun here then at the zoo.

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