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2355 N Old Penitentiary Rd, Boise, ID 83712, United States

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REVIEWS OF Idaho Botanical Garden IN Idaho

Doshorte ドショレてDovencio ドゼンチコ

Fun to take a walk through. Has an amazing setup during the winter.

Michelle Ellway

I took my Grandson today and a employee heard me say we we going to the fish pond. She let my 2yr old grandson feed the fish .. she was amazing... I think her name was Danelle.. amazing person thank you for the great experience my grandson got today

Shannon Sanderson

Such a beautiful place! We loved the koi pond and the quiet gardens.

Rebecca Lupkes

What a beautiful display of Holiday Lights! This was our first visit to the Botanical Gardens. And it was amazing! We had a beautiful night for it. A bit chilly but perfect for seeing all the beautiful lights that are there. We were even able to get a nice hot drink. The volunteers and the people who put this together I've done a lot of work. And it's just beautiful! We look forward to going back in the spring or summer when the flowers are in bloom to see it in a whole different light. Will be inviting my daughter and her family from Oregon next year to come enjoy the holiday lights at the botanical gardens. Thank you it was beautiful and well worth it!

Mike Warzee

Little hot but that's my fault waited later in the day to visit...very nice and peaceful


The Botanical Garden is beautifully laid out, and fantastically taken care of. It's peaceful, and tucked into the foothills next to the Old Penitentiary, with a view of Table Rock. Definitely a piece of Boise you won't want to miss out on.

Doc Kovacs

Nice small gardens. Not extensive plantings. Looks like it needs more...everything.

Shaina Lynch

Wonderful place and a lovely koi fish!

Christopher Weston

Always a great experience at winter garden aglow! Santa was there for pictures, they seem to have added more lights this year, drink vendors for kids and adults (try the mulled wine, it's awesome) all make for a great evening out. Bundle up though, it gets chili, especially I'd it's a beautiful night.

Aria Dark

Love these beautiful gardens. English garden, lush roses, fire wise plants, desert blooms, stunning wildflowers, lavender, Japanese maples, Autumn squash gardens. (Metal Sculptures have become overwhelming in the gardens, tho.)

Tyler J

Fun way to spend a few hours. Good for kids as well. Take your lunch and enjoy the gardens!

JL Dowing

Very beautiful and new experience for me and my hubby

Teri Campbell

Love this beautiful venue. Whether it’s a fundraising event, Christmas lights during the holidays or just a beautiful day enjoying a concert this venue never fails to impress ❤️

Steve Bedient

Went to see the Christmas lights at the Garden Aglow and it was amazing. Pretty crowded, but to be expected for such a peaceful and beautiful Christmas hike. Going back in early summer to view the native plant exhibits and the Old Idaho Penitentiary next door,

Debra Paddock

Best garden I have ever visited.

Oliver McCloud

I don't know why anyone likes this place. It's not close to downtown, it feels like your standing around in a park in the desert. Which you definitely are.

Liz White

This place is beautiful. While I was there, they were setting up for a wedding. Everything looked stunning! The staff was super friendly too.

Janice Tsai

We went on March 31, hoping to enjoy some spring colors. However, there was not much to see, except for a couple magnolia trees and daffodils. The rest of the garden looked pretty bleak still, as if it were “under construction.” It is sad and disappointing that the garden is not well maintained. The garden should have planned in such way that allows visitors to have an amazing experience with the flora all year round. The koi pond is filled with lively koi, which is awesome, but the meditation area (Japanese garden) is poorly designed.

Madeline Lundgren

Beautiful grounds, super friendly staff and really cool demonstration gardens

Eva Gann

So many great activities and concerts

Ezras Mommy

Love this place in the Winter time. It makes you feel so festive and there is an obvious amount of creativity which makes this place so unique and a tradition to walk through during the holidays. When its not decorated in lights it is a beautiful fun place to have a family field trip.

Sherri Putney

Beautiful garden. If visiting on a hot day, bring an umbrella. They have some, but run out.

J Haley

What a great place to spend time with your family. See beautiful plant life, learn about landscaping techniques to mitigate fires, and enjoy a great view of the city. Lovely.

Amelia Doty

Great venue for concerts and other special events.

Michael Patience

Didn't see the gardens, but we were there to see Piano Guys at Outlaw Field. Nice little venue. All lawn seating, right up to the stage. Beautiful backdrop with rocky hills, and Table Rock close by. There are several food trucks on hand, in case you decided not to bring a picnic. Parking seems a little limited. We ended up at the Table Rock trail head. We had a great time. YMMV.

Kent Smith

I have only visited these wonderful gardens during the winter when they are all decorated with an amazing light show, but that is reason enough to come here. It is a beautiful setup with more lights than you have ever seen in one location, and the lights stretch all the way to the top of the gardens. If you do come in the winter, be sure to bundle up because it will be cold.

Amber Hawton-Hill

It warms up quickly in this dry dusty area but touring first thing in the morning is well worth it! It was fascinating learning about the preservation of native plants by Lewis and Clark through today. I also loved learning about edible plants and once used for medicinal purposes. There was so much great information to absorb and the kids loved seeing the lizards everywhere too!

Lea Yegge

Stunning venue. The perfect dinner date or a night out with the family. Very laid back and chill environment.

Susan Thorn

Every time of the year we've visited has had ingress own advantages. Fall was still luscious, with Idaho suited plants, rose & herb gardens. Kids have fun playing in the thundering treehouse, playing drums and chimes. Christmas is so beautiful with all the lights festooned in the shrubs and trees. An annual family pass for $99. is the way to go!

Hannah La Jeunesse

We loved this experience with our children. We spent 4 hours running through multiple gardens, shaded seating throughout. There was a koi pond and a tree house to over look the pond. There was a children's garden with a steal drum, xylophone and chimes. Just be sure to have a picnic, there was no substantial food onsite.

Gary Hanes

We really enjoy catering here. Great staff to work with, very helpful. Year round events, thank you for allowing us to cater here. Gary - A Lively Chef Catering

David Abernathie Sr.

Easy access. Beautiful landscape

Kylea Darrah

Its beautiful and calming. They offer all kinds of cool classes.

Mark Schauer

A beautiful, expansive garden! I went just as everything started blooming, so there wasn't much to see. However, there is quite a lot of artwork around the garden, and it's a nice place to go if you want to get away from everything. I'll be going back in about a month when everything should be in full bloom!

Shawn Wood

Gorgeous place for events. Attended a wedding here and it was breathtaking.

Scott Wilkinson

Beautiful, serene, well maintained, and fascinating as part of the original yard #2 for the Old Idaho State Pen.

Uriel Rivera

The meditation garden it's beautiful. The garden is huge and beauty, buy make sure you bring your sunglasses if you're going on summer.

ZimplyG c

So beautiful!! I loved visiting and the staff were so welcoming and friendly

Grey Gerber

Great experience for the whole family. This year they had several interactive light displays that had everyone excited. The volunteers were sweet and genuine.

Darla Rohrs

Very pretty place and people!

Ben Harris

A great garden to stroll around in, and even a better concert venue. Went and saw Shakey Graves here, and it was quite fun. While it was hot, there were plenty of food trucks on the premises to get cool drinks from. The relaxed lawn atmosphere adds a really nice mood to any concert you'll see here.

Berta Jackson

This place is huge and they always have awesome bands. My only thing would be that the staff check chair heights. We went to Lord Huron and the were a couple there with high chairs that were not allowed and no one said anything to them. Over all this place is amazing with beautiful views!

Corey Schenk

Was fun going again in June hopefully more flowers booming this time

Logan Smith

We were here for a wedding and loved being able to stroll around the botanical gardens. Unfortunately we didn't get to explore the whole are but loves what part we were able to see!!

Grace Ocker

Awesome place to bring your family or kids. The winter garden a glow is the best thing here during the winter. Thousands of lights hanging all around making the garden look beautiful. When there’s snow on the ground, it makes the experience even better but either way, everything is still beautiful. They also serve snacks and hot chocolate there as well as getting pictures with Santa or a reindeer. Good place to make memories with the family.

Patrick Cusick

They've done a beautiful job with the place. The grounds are gorgeous and informative, but I find it entirely too expensive. This really is a place reserved for people who can afford it, when it should be accessible to everyone - no matter their income.

Julie Jones

Beautiful location for a wedding. Event staff is rather slow so we were not able to decorate the chairs until after people were arriving.


The official Facebook said days 11-12 of this month were free admission as part of a little event or some such. only 12 is, apparently. we paid to go in anyway after the long drive and anything that wasn't being taken up by a wedding and reception (taking up FAR more than just the meditation garden like we were told) was closed for renovations. Spent a while walking a dirt path with nothing to look at except more dirt and 'closed' signs on gates blocking every other garden. Kiosk worker was giving a bit of attitude when we asked for a refund, but thankfully didn't fight it beyond the occasional unnecessary comment. Not going back! The village has prettier and healthier flowers that can actually be accessed, anyway, and for free!


The Holiday Light show is just gorgeous. This is perfect for a family outting especially ones from out of town or state. They also serve coffee, hot chocolate..a few vendors and a small gift shop. Check it out. You won't be disappointed!

Stephanie Farley

My favorite place in boise

Crystal Odegard

Beautiful lights! Beautiful view! They had a great Santa and cookies and cider/hot chocolate. We enjoyed ourselves so much and highly recommend it at Christmastime!

Erin Hagadorn

Saw Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats. Awesome

Kali Carringer

Fun place to see Native plants and concerts.

Gentle Usurper

Getting a membership. Great area to walk now that everything around Boise has been all developed and what-not.

Rob Studebaker

The best summer location on the planet to watch a concert

Sarah Lori

The botanical gardens are a hit all year long. In the summer the flowers are a spectacular sight to behold. It is the perfect space for both small intimate concerts, as well as the large outdoor concerts or outdoor movies that it hosts. In the winter the Winter Gardens A-glow is a must see experience for all ages.

Christine Brown

Such a beautiful place!!! Amazing. Peaceful. Calming. Interesting. You would never leave here disappointed.

Brenna Herron

Went for a concert and it was lovely. So awesome that they do that. Can't wait to go back and enjoy more of the gardens

Dan Lehn

Went Winter Garden Aglow. Spectacular lights and Christmas displays, Christmas music, hot cider and coco, cookies and kettle corn. Lots of fun. Will go again next year!

Michael Koch

Beautiful! Gone and see it for yourself.

Jackie Huskey

Saw Nathaniel Ratliff last night and it was a great concert. Plenty of bathrooms, beer, and water. The stage was big and the sound was great. Will definitely go again. The website wasn't completely clear but if you go take only low back chairs.

Jonathon Buckler

Last summer, we had the pleasure of visiting Boise, ID and really enjoyed our visit to the Idaho Botanical Gardens. It is located on the grounds of the old state prison, believe it or not! The area is divided into several different types of gardens (English, vegetable & herb, medicinal, Louis and Clark,and dessert) and there are various sculptures integrated among the plantings. At the top of the trail through the dessert garden is a lovely vista of the prison grounds with downtown Boise in the background.

Jim Monroe

I love this place! A must see for gardeners and enthusiasts alike.

Garth Stone

Great place to watch a concert

Cynthia Redican

Sade Josh Groban there! What else should I say!

Carolyn Burt

Best concert ever! Josh Groban was wonderful and Garden staff did their best to minimize construction inconveniences.

Beth Dillon

It was beautiful! Great spot to have dinner with Mom on Mother's Day.

Kacee Walker

I've only been to winter garden a glow, but it was one of the most visually stimulating events I've ever been to or seen. Definitely recommend going! I'll have to go again in the spring/summer to see all the flowers.

Linda Wilkinson

I so enjoy taking peaceful time with friends and walking through the gardens. No matter the season, they are always a delight.

Katy Kithcart

I have photographed many portrait sessions at the Idaho Botanical Gardens, including a wedding. As a wedding venue, I’d recommend it if you’re looking for a beautiful, nature filled location that isn’t out of town. It’s very accessible for people of all ages and features gorgeous plants and flowers for all your guests to view. They have many gardens, of which I believe you can choose which one to host the ceremony in, and then they have a reception space next to the garden store. They’re very flexible and it’s always a fun place! I’d also recommend this location to just take the family and walk around for a nice day or on a date. They always have fun things to do and see, including a koi pond!

Caden Madairy

Fun date idea or family outing. This is one of the quail that we saw along the way

Brian Kiester

Love the gardens! So beautiful...inspiring. Bug day was great with the little kids, and learned a few things, myself!

Marvin Hook

Who knew a Botanical Garden had Jazz concerts on the lawn.

Astropup 5000

Plants and flowers aren't really my idea of a good time... but they have a bell or two you can ring obnoxiously. That's pretty fun

Smitty The Railway Rider

An excellent assortment of flora.

Deb Stormes

Didnt like wedding people having us go quite aways from the wedding. We were already walking in the opposite direction of the wedding. They didnt tell is when we bought our tickets that we shouldn't look around, while being respectful of the wedding people

Sue K

So much to like about the beauty of plants and the variety of birds. Grounds are well maintained. But was disappointed that some of the plants I really liked were not identified with signs. There was also quite a bit of history regarding Lewis & Clark's botanical studies.

Jomarie Thomson

Absolutely beautiful and so much to learn!

Amanda Hamell

Great time. We went for the Week of the Young Child do they had vendors and music out. Part of the place was closed for construction in April 2019. Beautiful flowers, great kids garden.

Jane Keyes

THX for the free visit was very nice. Will be back again

Leeann Jorgensen

Beauty, information and calm. Great gardens, some construction

teresa urquidi

Went here at Christmas with extended family. It was beautiful at night. First time here and will enjoy going throughout the year.

Cliff Code

We attended the Clint Black Concert. It was the first time visiting Outlaw Field and found it very relaxing and a enjoyable place to take in a concert...The Botanical Gardens are a beautiful place to visit anytime of year.

Rachel Walcott

My husband I just had our wedding ceremony and reception at the gardens! It was perfect, the staff was helpful, and Whitney (Event Coordinator) did a good job at making sure everything was being handled correctly to keep the gardens as beautiful as they are. Great spot for a wedding and reception!


My wife and I went to see Foreigner at Out Law Field, our first and last to go to another concert at OFC. First was the way they organized the way people were admitted at the entrance gates. Second was that they gave preferential entrance to those who had season passes to the Botanical Gardens. Letting those people in ahead of time and giving people who have memberships to the gardens, first choise at tickets. We will not attend concerts there again because of the way it was organized. 5 stars to Foreigner, just wished we could of seen them at a different venue.

Gayle Farrel

Fun and beautiful. Cost more than advertized and opened later too.

T. Pense

Awesome place! Such a great deal for the price. It's worth going in the spring and for the Christmas lights!

Joshua Young

Awesome venue! Couldn't ask for a better place to see great musicians in the great state of Idaho!

Chev Campbell

Beautiful place that you can walk thru or have your lunch at. Friendly staff will answer any questions you have. They also have a plant sale in the spring and Winter garden a glow full of Christmas lights.

Lance Olson

Beautiful grounds, cheap pumpkins, I highly recommend visiting. The grounds are expansive.

Becky Nelson

Wide variety of garden types, and so much was blooming compared to other nearby places. Well organized and informative. Enjoyed the sculptures.

Josiah Mott

Very nice display of Christmas lights this year. I would of given 5 stars, but due to the walkways not being cleared of snow from the further parking lots, we had to move our two kid stroller to the street to make our way up to the line. Would of been absolutely perfect if they were cleared for strollers and those with disabilities. Hopefully this post will help make it better!

Natalya Besoushko

Beautiful gardens with lots of pretty flowers and a large array of plants and sculptures!

Christopher Halberstadt

Saw Clint Black in concert with my wife. A wonderful experience that will be a long time in my top ten lifetime events.

Janl Wieber

Beautiful as a place to walk. Stunning as an event venue!

M Harris

Excellent customer care...great concert!

Google User

I picked up free compost here. It was free and did the job. Kinda cool but also not always available.

Mikeal Thompson

Only a few birds you can actually see. Was expecting more.

Gary Vanlier

Was far more enjoyable when we first arrived in Boise 2006. Used to have high school choirs singing Christmas carols, an many more hospitality tents, with mulled wine and hot choclate, and cookies. There was many more more barrels with fires to stop and warm yourself. Used to be $10.00 per car, now $12.00 per person, don't think we will ever go again.

Alan Kindall

Great facilitators today and the gardens were beautiful and usual!

Light Mama

The rose garden is divine

Jaime Brantner

Try seeing it in the winter for the garden a glow when there is snow, amazingly beautiful.

Andy Monaco

Great place to walk and enjoy the day.

Eddie Perez

Went there for a school field trip but unfortunately it was raining the entire day. I'm sure June would be a 4 star rating. I was happy to find some shelters to get out of the weather. I realize in May the flowers are just starting to come back so definitely plan a visit in June. Also gotta try the winter displays they have I heard it has been wonderful.

Ken Hoekema

A little oasis in the desert. We were surprised to find a botanical garden in Boise and it was a nice change of pace.

Mark Messing

Pretty place, especially when things are in bloom. Great place during winter time with their lights too! Will be back.

David Tilley

Go early morning on Thursdays, it's free. They have done an amazing job on the garden.

Nick Grauel

Super awesome staff and grounds! Really great place to check out.

Gaming with Pickle

We went here for a charity event. Very beautiful grounds.

Paul Pearman

Very disappointed. Very little plant growth. Looked like very little effort was put into it being a botanical garden.

Brandon Insco

Really nice gardens. Enjoyed going there. Done nice hiking nearby too

Robert Bohling

This place is awsome for summertime concerts!


Wonderful place to see a concert! Christmas light display is exceptional.

Charles Bartrop

Beautiful every time I visit

Pam Flinn

Informative and if you are willing to trek up the hill; nice views of Boise. Would be a plus to have cold water in gift shop.

Kendra Kelley

My first time there, I accompanied my son while on a field trip, and it was beautiful! The grounds are just so welcoming and I cannot wait to go back!

Kasey Leavitt

Amazing concerts, beautiful landscaping, and epic history. Definitely a must see in boise.

Ronald Deraas

Great place to visit. There is lots to see. Very nicely maintained.

Debra Chojnacky

This year the lights were dazzling! The lights are designed to be bewitching to your eyes into a feast or colors! There seem to be almost a half a million lights this year. Some of these new light are changing colors, some are decorative blooms of flowers! New artistic exhibits like the volcano of lights add a wonderful interactive element for families and children. When you go, try the rainstick that changes the lights. Santa is a great, attraction! The lights take you all the way into the footpath up the hill to show all the fabulous winter gardens aglow, and the downtown lights of Boise!

Steven Page

We had some time to kill so went to see the gardens. Very nice and laid out in interesting sections.

Eugene Sugar

Beautiful selection of plants & flowers in a peaceful setting. They also have concerts in the garden.

Taylor Wisler

Beautiful and well maintained gardens, went for Mother's Day and it was the perfect weather for enjoying the outdoors.

Donna Pappas

The concert was not well it would be nice to see the place during the day when I wasn't there for concert


A great place to learn the Flora and its use throughout Idaho history

Scott Johnson

The botanical gardens is an outstanding venue for a late summer concert!! We saw foreigner, who really rocked for a bunch of old dudes! Sat in the grass until they started, then the crowd stood for the rest of the night. Great experience, highly recommend both the botanical gardens and foreigner. Also recommend parking on warm springs facing the direction you want to leave!

Tracy Balkovic

Really enjoy the concerts in this setting! You can bring food and non- alcoholic beverages.


Visit every year for the lights during Christmas time, absolutely love what they did this year! It gets better every year. If you haven't been, GO! Is beautiful and good experience for all ages.

Ted Caranto

Better than I expected. Dont be fooled by Google Earth/Maps of the idaho Botanical Gardens scenery. Its worth the stop. I visited early-summer, and everything was great. They have multiple themed gardens, from an English setting to a very indepth Idaho section, there is a lot to see. We even packed a small lunch and enjoyed it in the Rose garden.

Jennifer Aycock Cole

I thoroughly enjoyed their Christmas lights display. It highlighted all of my Christmas outings for the season. The same goes to my children. The three of them range in age from 14 down to 7

jimmy navarro

Such a good place for concerts!

Christine Martinez

I waited since February for the Josh Groban Concert @ Idaho Botanical Garden But when we where heading to park the Botanical closed off the entrance area to say that their parking was full. We where guided to the Residential area across the street of the entrance of the Botanical Garden. That's when my nightmare started. We parked in front of a home and before the concert ended my husband and i headed out so we can beat the traffic. Walking back to my pick-up which was only 3 days old a 2019 F150 we noticed that it was completely covered with branches. Half of the tree that was in front of the home fell on my pick-up. MY brand new pickup the hood is completely damage with scratches and badly dented. The home owners tried to justified the accident. I'm my furious with the fact that Idaho Botanical Garden did not estimate their ticket sales to Parking. we paid big money to watch a concert and this is how customers are treated. I do believe I should be reimburse for our tickets and help pay for the damage of my pick-up. I hear Crickets!!!

Chris Anderson

Went here for a Josh Groban concert. It was amazing. The setting was beautiful near the mountains outside the old prison wall. They definitely take great care of this place. If you’re looking for a nice peaceful place to visit or a fun concert I would highly recommend checking it out.

David Day

Idaho Botanical Garden just keeps improving. There are so many different gardens and paths, you can wander for hours enjoying the beauty. Be sure to see the koi pond and take the kids to the labyrinth.

Elena Hurrell

Quite lovely. My sister and I enjoyed meandering through the gardens.

Kevin Rossman

Love the Idaho Botanical Gardens!!! Can't wait to make it out to this years Garden A Glow! We go every year and there is nothing better than they beautiful lights, Christmas spirit, with some hot cider and cookies. This is one of the winter highlights in Idaho so don't think about going just go! You won't regret it. When I was at a local event recently I ran into an employee of the event named Gill and she was informed me on all of the updates of this years Garden A Glow and I can't wait to see it all! Buying my tickets for the family soon as this place never disappoints.

Maria Ringold

Free strolls through the garden Tuesday and Thursday mornings! Interesting plantings for drought tolerant gardens, fire defensible spaces, and native landscapes. Many plants are identified with signage. Internet walking tour provides lots of garden knowledge. Bring the kids to play the instruments in the children's garden! So peaceful and beautiful.

Sondra Murray

Don't buy a seat for a concert, they pack you in like sardines. More room to breathe on the grass for half the price.

M Morrison

Loved the gardens but I went here when temperatures we're reaching triple digits so be aware of Sumner months when it can get very hot. All and all a nice garden.

Brett Cutler

Calming place for a beautiful walk while communing with nature.

Jacklyn Donahue

This is one of our favorite places to visit. My girls absolutely love seeing all the flowers and beautiful plants. There is a great play kitchen, sandbox and cool statues and musical instruments hidden around the trails. It is well maintained and has brand new bathroom facilities that are very kid friendly. The kids events are also excellent and well planned. Our favorites are bug day and winter garden aglow.


Beautiful area. Lots of Roses.

Guy Hadwin

We visited here on Saturday, a week ago. It just happened to be during the 25th Annual Koi Show. So, admission was FREE! (Saved $12.) The Idaho Botanical Garden is very nice, and will get even nicer over the years ahead. (That's how it is with Botanical Gardens!) There are some interesting sections of the garden: the English Garden; Rose Garden; Lewis and Clark Native Plant Garden, etc. Note: there is also a Children's Adventure Garden, which is a great way to get kids into the wonder and beauty of nature.

Quinton Lucas

We took our granddaughter to the Bugfest and she (and uthes) had a great time,the flowers are beautiful and there is plenty of shade and tables to sit back and enjoy or rest,plus the restrooms were clean.

Keith Hampton

It is truly a wonderful place to visit words would not do it justice.

Samantha Snyder

Great place to leisurely walk and look at the beautiful plants! It was such a fun afternoon seeing all the different gardens they have set up! We especially loved the koi pond!!! I will definitely be making a return visit!

Justin Montoya

Has some hiking trails in the back. Have not tried them yet. Flowers and plants. Some of the art statues are pretty cool. Its best with the winter lights though. They light up just about everything with Christmas lights.

Julie Rainey

Great time! Good music snd fun with friends.

Christian Pugmire

Took my Beautiful wife and my Mother-n-law to the Idaho Botanical Garden this past Mother’s Day. What a wonderful time we had. Nestled right below the foothills and the cross. The Koi fish are huge and really pretty. We saw wild rabbit cruising through some of the vegetables and the water features just gave such a nice, peaceful ambience. The flowers and plants featured were wonderful. Their were quite a few people there visiting but never felt crowded with all the different walk/pathways. I would highly recommend visiting this Beautiful Botanical Garden. If your going in the summer, it does got hot and would advise to bring an umbrella. Though there is shade throughout the pathways you’d probably be fine, just might help to have some cover at your convenience. Several families had packed in lunches as well and were enjoying picnics at the Gardens. Lots of open space and shade at the top of the Gardens for some really nice family time. Looking forward to next time.

Corey Garcia

Love this place. The Garden of Glow is spectacular

Jonathan Chu

Well groomed, educational teaching about native plants and well as the more typical stuff. Also has concerts with a great lineup on Outlaw Field often catering to the over 40 set

Chris Gamble

Something for everyone and every season.

Diane Riffle

Very nice place. Staff is wonderful!!

Savannah Powell

This place is one of the most beautiful places in Boise. I strongly suggest going to see this beautiful garden. I the family and we spent 3 hours there just walking around. They have a really cool tree house for the kids.

Rebecca Iseri

Some things in bloom. I took a very helpful class on garden tools and their use. Excellent

Jeni Hadden

Went to a concert there. Wonderful venue. Not only was the performer (Nathaniel Rateliff) great but the overall feel was wonderful.

Zane Smith

Saw a concert here and had a great time! Would definitely go again.

Juan Lugo

BEAUTIFUL place 2 hold an outdoor concert....GO

Geri Beck

Best light show since.... ever. Every year it seams to get better. this year they've out done themselves. I always try to go a couple times per year. I loved the interaction light shows. Great job Staff!!

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