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REVIEWS OF Freak Alley Gallery IN Idaho

Sheldon C

Some cool art some i dont like so much. Its better during the day. Its kinda creepy at night by your self so bring a friend.

Angie Chevalier

Great place to visit if seeing fun pieces of wall art interests you. Varies styles and themes. Sort of like art graffiti but much more detailed.

Jen Grush-Dale

Such a cool place! So many different styles of art in one place. Free to everyone. It is entirely outdoors, so prepare if you plan to stay a while. A really fun experience is when you get to watch an artist as they create their newest addition!

Johnathan Mason

The art here is beautiful! Definitely a spot to go see if you're nearby

Annie Harris

A must see site here in Boise! It is downtown and quite an interesting spot! A fun place for local artists to display their art on the side of the building.

Ry Feliciano

Something nice and different. Truly a freak (in a positive connotation)

Sylvia Barraza

Originally from Denver, CO went to Bosie to suprise my bother who happened to be in California. We decided to stay a few days and check out the Farmers Markert. While enjoying that we came across the Freak Alley Gallery. The Artwork, The Quotes, every single detail was amazing. I was so fascinated. I'm glad we decided to stay and check out the town.

Javier Narvaez Dominguez

Good place to get to know Boise and it different aspects of life. Good atmosphere depending on what time or day. Night time you might be freaked out but day time could be like looking at art.

Carmen Westre

This place is awesome... love that Boise has this!

William Dan Roberts

Absolutely awesome. So rare to find an outdoor gallery full of contributions from so many talented artists. Beautiful, thought-provoking, evocative, and fun artwork in assorted styles. The art will sometimes build on existing pieces, but never paints over the other work. It was also pleasantly surprising to see that none of the art was tagged (vandalized). Definitely worth a look!

Sheila Fecenko

Literally an alley in downtown Boise filled with wall murals!a graffiti like paintings done by locals!and visitors. Definitely worth a!look & a unique opportunity in Boise Idaho!

Steve McDermott

Enjoyed all the art.

B Carnage

It's just really cool. Ya gotta see it if you are in Boise.

Nickoli Krzemien

Awesome place. It's been around for a while. Always recommend going back and seeing what new art is on the walls. Amazing work from the artists!

Steve Emerson

Art is fantastic. You have to see this. And a great German restaurant across the street. October Fest there on Oct 3 - Oct4.

Kim Wertenberger

Loved it. Didn't take very long to walk it. Super fun though

Ian Owens

How do you not? Open air graffiti gallery right off the bar crawl in downtown Boise. Check it out.

Mina Hoskins

Awesome alley to walk through and see some local work. Feels like a Neil Gaimen entryway to Neverwhere

Dawn Lambert

Freak Alley is a very cool place to check out. Idaho has some very talented artists that don't get to see how brilliant they really are. It's a great way for them to express their talent for the world to see. I am always amazed every ti.e I go down there.

Misty I

Cool place to wander in Boise, love how each piece is unique, wish I took more pics but was just into enjoying the stroll...

Ivan Negrete

Great touristy place to go. The walk around was very entertaining and everyone was polite

Jake Fravel

A super cool spot with some amazing art definitely worth to just walk through & dead center of downtown

Jennifer Berk

Free and fun to check out.

Kim Sarter

It was ok. I've seen way better at work in charlotte

Angelica Perez

I've never seen a place like this before. It's unique.

Porter Ericsson

Awesome, and very creative artwork from local artists. Cool little walk for the family. Diverse styles, and imaginations.

Jeremy Kiter

Pretty awesome its a great use of what would have been a dreary back ally

Theodora Letz

Spectacular graffiti on all walls of the alley. Way to go Boise!

Nicolas Van Tomme

Nothing really exceptional. Pretty dirty street. The rest of Boise on the other hand is great. But this is just for this street.

Jake Reed

This park was great the walking trails are EZ and beautiful.

Laurinda O'Dell

Some very interesting art upon the walls of the buildings by various artists. Some old, some new; I took pics of a few. Some outlandish, some outrageous; others really quite contagious. Just can't turn back, most keep on going. Boise's artists' one-block showing.

Kent Smith

Freak Alley is a very unique place in Boise. there is some amazing artwork painted on all the walls of the buildings in the alley. It’s a very eclectic collection of art that will amaze anyone walking through. The ally driveway was recently paved with brick and concrete. A definite must see.

Robert Goes

One of the most unique places you can visit in downtown boise.


100% worth the stop. In fact, go out of your way to see this place. There are so many different styles of art that there is definitely something for everyone. It’s a lot of fun to walk around the alley and admire all of the hard work that’s gone into the murals. There are tons of places that would make for good photo ops, if you like that. Overall this is a must-see when you’re in Boise. I’ve never seen anything quite like it anywhere else.

Grant Meister

A must see iconic part of Boise! Very good for Instagram pictures or photoshoots. Diversity in all the art and usually not too crowded. Right in the heart of Boise!

Pamela Knighton

Love the different styles of art. Enjoy watching them change when new artists put up their ideas.

Luis Rivas

Awesome place to check out while staying overnight in Boise.

Artisan Auto Body

Well worth having a look if you are exploring downtown.

victoria rodriguez

Really interesting art pieces.

Rani Oakman

Love it great walk loves of amazing art.

Rachel Cruz

Such an interesting way to showcase a community's art. Really cool art that makes you think

Jocel Thompson

Boise, overall, is a very clean city, our community is amazing, but to keep an alley clean, that is surrounded by bars and restaurants, you have locals and out of towners visit all day and (on weekends) all night, and for there not to be even a straw or gum wrapper lying around, blows my mind. I love how the art gets updated every so often.

Holly Ramos

Sooo cool! I got some really great shots of my dog in front of all the different street art.

Mathel Castleton

We always bring our out of town visitors to this beautiful alley when they come. It's such a cool spot in wonderful downtown Boise.

Kim Bonilla

Freak Alley is a great place to see amazing art by local artists. It's great for photo opportunities and it's unique because it changes yearly . There's great quotes and lots of different styles of art . I definitely recommend visiting this location if you are downtown , there's something for everyone there!

Alean Elston

Lots of interesting art to check out. The photo opps are endless! Be sure to watch out for cars and delivery trucks as it is an active driveway.

ann marie Wise

Freak Alley was really clean and fun to explore. We took some great pictures.

Stephanie Lilly

We love seeing graffiti art it always amazes me how they get the details with a spray can. This place has some amazing art I would definitely recommend checking it out

Sharon Black

Fun place to check out

Theresa McCoy

Fun place to walk through and take cool photos.

Tim Bondy

Cool place to see the works of local artists.

Vicky Baumgartner

Very neat art.

Master-Timothy Haskins

Love it support your local graffiti artist! Support ART!!!!


Very cool place. Love how they don't charge for it. How it's conveniently DT by all the restaurants and entertainment. Love how every 3 to 6 months they change the art.

Gary Zimmerman

Fun place to see local artists on display in an alley. Many restaurants nearby so it is a good stroll through before or after a meal. I would like to see some of the art be refreshed a bit more often, and the city's attempt to pretty it up and make it more mainstream takes away a bit from its original authenticity.

Isom Brian Folsom Jr.

It looked like an adult swim commercial. Very awesome.

Brenda Carrillo

This part of Boise is so unique. It’s super cool how artists get to display their artwork in this way! Loved riding our scooters past this, took some great photos while I was at it!

Steve O

Super awesome experience. Beautiful artwork. Would add photos, but you should really experience this yourself.

Ichirou Hachisuka

This place has such wonderful, creative pieces of art! You could ride your bike or walk through the alley and see how gorgeous the alley looks. Even during the night it's a great place to stroll through

Nankivel Family

Be aware that people drive in the alley. Nice variety of styles and subjects. Enjoy the rest of the area shops and eateries while you are in the area.

Alice D.

It is an incredible display of a variety of graphite artwork! I'm excited to come back to check it out.

Chris Kay

Talented art work

Brian Niblett

Great to see the artistic talent of others


A very artistic painters canvas. An outdoor at gallery for all too see. Interesting and eclectic.

Jocelyn Smith

One of my favorite places in my hometown!

Mopar Man

I love walking through this place and looking at all the graffiti art. If you're in downtown Boise and looking for free entertainment go for a walk. You won't be disappointed.

Kay Worthi

I love the idea that you can visit this alley and enjoy it without smelling trash.


Really cool spot to see local artist's work. Lots of great art and positive messages. I love how it changes and morphes. A must see in boise. Also changes when you see in the day vs night.

Onyx of DarkLite

Always an amazing place to see art. Everytime I go I notice something different.

Eco Savvy Mama

Awesome family experience if you want to appreciate art of all forms. Very Very cool! I appreciated this being free and people contributing to the alley. A must see!

Rachel Reynolds

Love going every year to see the new art!

Adam Sattley

I was able to take some great pictures of this unexpected gem down an alley in downtown Boise. We visited this area during a foodie tour of restaurants. The alley features ever-changing murals by local artists. Some are very political and poignant. Don't miss out on this free, but colorful part of the Idaho experience.

Jim Armstrong

Freak Alley in the heart of downtown Boise is definitely a must see experience.

Kenyon York-Byers

I go a couple times a year. Beautiful art. Love seeing new additions.

Ben Bennett

This is truly a unique place to visit in Boise. Some really great art is painted on the sides of the brick buildings in this alley. It is a clean place to walk, and no worries it being uncomfortable. You can walk through the alley in about 1/2 hour if you just walk through and look at the various paint jobs on the walls.


I came and visited my friend in Nampa and we drove up to here. Such a good place to just chill and take pictures and to look around. I'm definitely coming back here when I visit again!

Keith Freeman

Very cool place. If you’re in the area you should stop by for sure. Bring a camera!!!

Sunny Ajmera

Among one of the must visit places in the town, great work of art on the walls

Nancy Morrison

It was fantastic! A very nice art exhibit. Loved it!

Katie Bachman

Wow...if I didn't like anything else in town (I actually love this place haha) I would definitely be coming back at least for this alley. The artwork is phenomenal and so detailed! My friend brought me here and I was just blown away at how much art there was in just a small area! 12/10 would visit again

Andrew Trout

The creativity and imagination displayed by the artists must be seen in person. Definitely a must see spot for everyone! And if you like the art, check out the signatures on the pieces. A lot of the artists have their Instagram tag so you can see more of their work!

Dawn Randall

This is the nearest place to walk thru love the painting's beautiful bright colors.. love the broken glass art and tile art...very nice place to walk thru I love taking my dog Red downtown thru this alley on Friday and Saturday nights... The pictures of him in front of painting's are beautiful....It's just a very nice place to walk thru and see all the very beautiful painting's and bright colors....

Senyora Juana

Nice wall art

Eric Willig

Studio and Album quality murals, graffiti, and public art lining a downtown Boise alley. Freak Alley is a must visit spot in a lively part of the city - for locals and visitors. Here you’ll see Jimi, Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr., and many more bigger than life people, people who have impacted the lives of so very many, immortalized in spectacular color and style. There are also plenty of characters donning the walls who have only existed on the canvas, in literature, and/or this special alley. Note: come often as I the alley lives (the art changes frequently). Take a look and the pics we were fortunate to capture of the epic artwork ... which looks even better in person! @ewillig & @boisejim #boise #freakalley #graffiti #streetart #boiseart #boisejim

Sherie Nelms

I love all the paintings. The artists are very creative and there is a variety of paintings

Kyle AZ

Great amount of talent and culture in the downtown area. The owner or curator is a solid guy and you def should chat with him a bit if possible. It's a legal alley wall but you need PERMISSION to paint it. All I had to do was ask and was given a legal painter pass. To make this short have fun and be respectful and go have a look.

Christine Tatom

This is a must see in Boise. It brings life to the boring town when there’s not much to do. It’s right next to a street of awesome places to eat. The alley is the length of a block. Cars and such can use the alley.

Margie Esteban-Gonzalez

A great idea to display artistic talent and give the public a very interesting stroll.

Cody Eldridge

Very very cool art gallery in downtown Boise. The murals are really awesome and you could spend hours just looking at them and appreciating the finer details of them. My favorite was the Martin Luther King made out of broken mirrors. Really cool to see. Especially nice to walk off the calories after eating out at some of the great restaurants nearby.

Vincent Jenks

This place just proves what great support Boise has for its outstanding artists. If you’re in town you should absolutely check it out, as well as the wonderful downtown that surrounds it.

Ken Hoekema

What a great graffiti alley. We enjoyed the art and took lots of photos.

Jaclynn Frace

Very cool area. I went just a week or two after the murals were redone this summer. I loved seeing all of the different pieces. My favorite of this round of murals is the bottle draining negative emotions and filling with positive emotions. PERFECT

Jo Stacy

I took my children here they look looking at all of the paintings

Nina Paulic

I liked seeing the art. Many vibrant colors. But there were tons of people taking selfies. I also thought that it would be a longer 'alley'. It would be really cool if there was speakers playing music or at least tables to just sit there and people watch.

Sharon Keeney

Such a cool place!

Alexis Jackson

It was sooooooo cool to take my Grandson through and look at all the beautiful art

Fermin Sierra

Very cool, ever changing and a brilliant inclusion to the city of Boise. The art was amazing, there's several installments that use broken mirrors to accent. Awesome.

Derek Chung

Great artwork. Awesome place to shoot some photos at. Beware the drunk people coming from the bars.


Such a cool place to see. Only takes a few minutes to walk thru and see the latest artistry. If you are downtown, make a point to walk thru the alley! Best spot for really cool photos.

astryd savage

freak alley is a beautiful showcase of the wonderfully talented people in idaho. i love this walk through the alley and i take anyone who hasn't seen it.

Luke Adams

I'm not going to give anything free less than 5 stars ever. This hidden gem is one of those places you can go back to every year and it'll be different each time since they paint over everything each year.

Beise Kamenova

A must see when you're in Boise! Visit the local shops and restaurants near by they're so unique !

Joaquin Teton

Pretty cool Alley. Lots of art work. It would take a few minuets to really get a good look at it all. We was here at night, very cool looking. The history behind Freak Alley Gallery is cool. We will definitely come back to see the new art work done.

Athena Gappmayer

One more example of why Boise is such a great place. Free art, downtown.

Kevin Schvaneveldt

Freak alley is awesome! I wish they'd remove the parking spots and make it an event space though

Sean Flores

Cool little place to check out.

Beth Dymen

Oh I love the art changes and the art is beautiful

kevin lopez

Amazing street art that will blow you away with such great detail.

Kayla Gallup

Again, I Love Idaho! This gallery is amazing! We were looking for things we could do outside, because we had our dog with us. It's a must see if you're ever in Boise!

Dinesh Chitlangia

Amazing art work, bold messages, vibrant colors. If you are in Boise this must not be missed as it doesn't take much time and is conveniently located in downtown. Also, viewing is free.

Jeremy M. Lemro

Love the artwork! Wish I can come and paint my fence

futhark anzero

Great artwork from many artist. They got some excellent talents and skills

Angel Valentin

Definitely a place to checkout whether visiting or if you've never been here. A lot of the art changes throughout the year so it's always fun to go back and see what's new.

Jennifer Ames

Love love love this! I think this is amazing!

Gail Rudgers

Ya can't miss the fabulous walk down artist lane, great one of kind art work, that only last a short time! 5☆ to Boise for letting artist express there talent.

Colleen Bement

I discovered Freak Alley while on a business road trip and what a treat it was to explore. Incredible street art and beautiful creativityMade my day and I highly recommend it to anyone who visits Boise!

Adam Heller

Alley looked awesome and had Tom's of visitors in what would otherwise be a shady alleyway

Amy Helewa

Graffiti Art! Constantly changing!

Sabrina Baldwin

Amazing art work loved every second of it

Skyler Cook

Freak Alley is a notable venue for public art in the form acent to a service alley in downtownBoise, Idaho. The largest outdoor gallery in the Northwest and a Boise institution since 2002, it began with a painting of a single alley doorway and now extends from the alley itself to a gravel parking lot. Extant murals painted over and replaced by new murals (or incorporated into them) every two years; collectively it is the work of more than 200 artists. It has featured prominently in a survey of ten mid-sized American cities with thriving artistic communities in which Boise ranked second.

Marissa E

Fun spot to visit!


Very quirky but worth stopping to see. It was pretty cool and off the beaten path but we were looking for things we had never seen before. This definitely fell into that category.. It was great.

Christie Carroll

Adjacent to Even Stevens sandwich shop, Freak Alley serves as a vivid, lush portal to overlapping shroom-filled faerielands, rock god and pop culture icons, tributes to stark, dark, amusing dream land-seascapes, lovingly rendered by turns primitive, crude, approaching photorealism, comic-style, whimsical perplexity, beauty, and some now-expected cliches. The brick walls here boast a paean to urban modishness!! The scenes change on a regular basis, I understand. Take your time here, as if you were in an art museum or art gallery, if you are a highly visually-stimulated person and if you enjoy a slinky departure from the hum-drum. This little Boisean treasure in the softly-pulsating heart of the Treasure Valley would probably not be relished by ultra-conservative people or by those whose artistic or other sensibilities are easily offended.

Jon Martin

Very cool art work covering a large alley downtown amazing art work everywhere be sure and check it out

Zariya Richards

So much fun and amazing art

Billijo Brown

Amazing awesome aprt work

Lingchun Liu

I love this artistic alley. Great for taking photos and never get bored of it..

steph lake

Such a great place to check out every time you're nearby, they change the art every year I think and it's amazing. I took my boyfriend there on his first day in town, he loves it!

alonzo luna

Love the art work and crusing on the scooters through there.

Lisa Whitten

Cool street art alley way. Right in downtown Boise. The city was bustling with many people walking g and riding bikes.

Larry Adams

Great public art exasperation

Alex Dallen

This is an alleyway I highly recommend, especially to people who don't live around here. If you stop to look at some of the artwork, it's profound and some are inspiring, just to look at. The fluctuating art seems to just get better and better. I visit every time I can.

Andrea Howard

My favorite place to visit when I'm in town!

Mallika Rathore

A must visit place in Boise downtown.

Mike McClure

Very cool place with lots of eclectic artistic statements

Taylor Tabbut

The art is so beautiful and vibrant. There is so much to see and it is constantly changing. So many artists, stories and pieces to see.

Julie Rainey

Love this place! Fun to walk through and see the unique artwork.

Jeffrey Ridlington

Interesting collection of public art. Their was quite a variety. I love that there is a space for artists to share large mural work.

Esther Wolters

Great spot to stroll and see some awesome Street Art

Paul Brugger

Nice to see local artists talent on display.


This place will definitely be a tourist destination one day and it probably already is. Once you’ve been there you can’t really go back expecting new art until their artists come back and repaint their murals but that’s after a brand new painting is up that it will change, glad they fixed the place up it used to stink so bad.

Jenni Simpson

Love the colors and art! The kids also found it interesting. Each time I go, I see something I didnt see before.

Justin Floyd

Took my wife and kids here. The art is amazing! My favorites were the murals done with broken pieces of mirror. Good part of town. Safe and close to bars and restaurants. I didn’t see anything that wasn’t appropriate for kids. Great family destination in my opinion.

John Koenig

It's a very unique collection of street art. all are well done. It changes every year. Boise has a movement to promote the arts and this is one of the oldest parts.

Conor Neupert

Wonderful bit of local culture and a rather unusual, but welcomed local artistic scene. Great place for a little sight seeing.

Savannah Powell

Such an amazing place to just to enjoy the beautiful art. This is a must see!

Ryan Taylor

Freak alley is fun to walk through. It's especially fun during farmers market if you want to see an eclectic mix of goods and food sold by a variety of street vendors. Definitely fun for a Saturday morning stroll with the family.


An absolutely amazing place to go if you want to look at some unknown artist's work, it's all extremely beautiful, some more meaningful and deep than others but every single piece is enjoyable

Daniel Nogara

This is a really cool place! The inside Gallery was closed when I got there, but tons of cool stuff to see outside!

Julie Healon

While visiting Idaho, a few people had mentioned coming by here just to check it out. I'm not really into art, so I was like no I don't really want to go. We found ourselves nearby anyway, and decided to check it out. Super glad we did. It's pretty cool. I was thinking like fancy art or something like that. But it's really neat, abstract. People's own styles. I loved it! Took us about 20 minutes to walk around. I love the Breaking Boise one. Very clever! Definitely worth a stop. Free. Doesn't v5ake long, and very fun.

Dash Rosman

Seeing all of the art was like going to 5pointz. The artists are so talented and there’s plenty of places to eat around. Definitely worth the trip

Tom n Sonja Liles

What a great way to display art by the locals in a positive way. More towns should do this.

Eric Chavez

Loved I really liked and recommended to y'll brin your family and take photos to remember...

matthew rummler

Mostly interesting art. (If you are ok with some odd to very odd thrown in with more standard and some good to very good art)

Chirelle Pearson

Amazing! I love visiting this place when I'm in town. The artwork is amazing!

Seth King

Love this place. So fun and beautiful pieces.

David Bennett

Some of the best art I have seen

Robert Shapiro

Incredible art by local artists adorn the old brick walls and really liven the place up !! It's really terrific that the city allows such talented artists to display their work ! More city's nationwide should take notice of this and implement something similar !! Lots of folks including tourists were wandering through the valley's totally in awe !! Lots of fun if you get the chance to go !!

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