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305 W 4th Ave, Post Falls, ID 83854, United States

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Where is Falls Park?

REVIEWS OF Falls Park IN Idaho

Elyahna Hughes

A great place to walk your dog or go for a jog while you kids play at the park

Bill Arthur

It's a nice place for a walk or to let the kids play at the park. Nice views.

Edward Wink

Cool place to visit and learn why they call it Post falls

Greg Smith

Great place to walk around with my wife to see the water flow through the flood gates when they are open

Michael Vorkapich

Nice little park with tons of history. We'll maintained. Nice for a lazy afternoon.

Gerri Wardlow

Pretty for shure

Joshua Nichols

They have some nice little fishing holes to catch a few different fish.

Tamey Ruth

Awesome fishing pond, great little hike to falls, short, easy for kids. Beautiful stop along I-90 to stretch your legs and see a beautiful waterfall!

Bryant Engelbrecht

My kids loved it, always beautiful

Curtis Lybeer

One of the better kept parks in Post Falls a very pleasant walk, good views, and interesting history to read about

Shawn Stearns

Great place for young kids to fish. My son caught over seven fish in less then an hour. My younger son who's 8 years old even caught a couple on his own he was thrilled.

JamiSue Sharp

Always a great park to come and or bring your kids to. With restrooms, a play structure, fishing areas and walking paths, you can find enough things to do. Pavilion provided for picnics and benches throughout the park. Watch the water fall when the dam is open and it's pretty amazing.. Spring is the best time for this checking out the falls. Great location for taking family or individual photos as well.

Mark Wilson

Nice quiet park. Small amount of play equipment for children. There is a pond with fish, turtles, and tadpoles that are fun to watch from the bridge. The falls are most impressive in the spring when the water is high.

Marcia Friesz

Nice little park. Playground for kids. Dam is awesome.

John Zeinner

Very cool place. Nice paved trails, great views.

Luca 1350

Worth a visit, and intresting to see, but I wouldn't go again

Kris Kirke

This is a very cool park with good trails all around. The dam is cool to see when its rushing.

Jennifer J

Great park where kids can be kids and adults can enjoy some amazing nature trails, almost feels like you are in the middle of no where at some places. Very peaceful. Fishing and frog hunting can be done here but watch out for the geese and snakes! Yikes!

Diane Murr

The Falls are spectacular this time of year and there is an abundance of wild flowers. Play area for kids, pond, and picnic tables. Lots of hiking paths and signs telling the history of the area. Fun for everyone

Kevin Maher

Beautiful views. Family friendly.

Anders McQuinney

Has a circular walking path with different levels of terrain. A really nice place to take a walk and look at a historical point in the local history. Nice pond in the middle of the park where fish can be caught. Lots of ducks and geese and you can sometimes see marmots running around. The falls are beautiful when the dam is open and in the winter the mist from the falls turns into snow crystals falling everywhere.

Rick Rund

Really neat area. Had a bunch of family visiting and we just picked this randomly. Will go back in the spring when it is warmer. Some good history here.

Elizabeth Holt

Falls Park is such a wonderful place to take your kids. You can walk up to the falls, have a picnic, or let the kids loose on the playground. There is so much wildlife to see also. One negative, this time there was a tent in the forest. It was kind of scary, not knowing who was there.

Mike Geary

Great park to take the kids to play and even catch a couple little trout.

Ryan Craw

A nice place to take a quick stroll and maybe take some beautiful pics!

Edith Schwinn

Enjoy hiking and biking. Nice photo opportunity.

Robert Artis

Fun place to take the kids and get in an easy hike with the kids.

Shawna Metzger

Such power! Mother nature is awesome

Kevin Scherer

Great spot to learn about the history of Post Falls

Joseph Foster

Historical sight, nice little park for the whole family. Educate kids on how things worked back in the 1800s

Matthew mormann

Very nice place for a evening nature walk, however during my time walking through the park multiple high school students hanging out and cussing/fighting. Otherwise very nice.

Heather Gingrich

When the dam is open it's really a spectacular sight. Even when it's not, there are several vantage points to see the river and down into the canyon below the dam along the fenced in trail. The playground is great. It's next to a beautiful manmade pond with a bridge. This park isn't real big but it has a lot going on. One of my favorites in the city of post falls.

Robyn Hitchcock

In the spring when the falls are out of this world

Dana Courtney

Love this little park. Nice playground and short hikes with views of the dam.

bluerose 360

Great place to hike and see some falls, also a great view of the old bridge. They also have a picnic area and an playground. Always plenty of parking and restrooms.

Robert Ricciardelli

Nice little park

Roguegunn Works

An absolutely beautiful place to stop and see! Amazing history and spectacular views

Jeanne Zornes

Nice little break from the routine. Lovely little park for all ages to stretch their legs

Joshua Higby

Great park, historical information handy with a.r. support

Shannon Phillips

Our waitress was awesome! Food was good (my Italian food/cooking is actually better). But, for those who aren't Italian, you'll probably love it!

ann hagenbarth

Beautiful place to have a picnic and spend time with family

Dan Andrus

Very nice park with paved trails, play ground toys, pavilion, etc

Ariel Beals

This place is a must see if you're in the area! The parking is free, but the experience is priceless! There is so much beauty here! Bushes, trees, flowers, water, and atmosphere! Have a picnic, celebrate a birthday, or just walk around and see what there is to see! The falls are beautiful!!! I could sit there and stare at them for hours! Along the rock wall we saw lots and lots of birds flying and then going up into their hidden nests. That was a sight to see as well! Make sure you take your time and walk around here!

Julie Phillips

wonderful place to stop on Mother's day. Exceeded our expectations and had lots of visitors but plenty of space for everyone to wander and enjoy. The walkway around the water was enjoyable and well worth the stop. The mother and father duck with the baby ducklings was enjoyable to watch as the babies were being trained by the parents.definitely a good place to stop if you are in the area.

Brent Adkinson

Springtime runoff is powerful. Baby Geese are adorable. Caves and canyon are beautiful. AND ITS ALL FREE!

Linda Turner

Always calming near the falls

Kaitlyn Nicoletti

Beautiful views and walking paths. Picnic tables, gazebos and a cute little vintage park for kids. Beware of afternoon sprinklers tho :-)

Kristina Mason

Cool park, had lunch here. Falls were cool and nicr playground for our son. And dog friendly!

Vincent Valentine

Great date place for a romantic walk. Also a fun place to play Pokemon GO or just take the kids to the park

Nicholas Tenney

Nice little park just off the I-90. No-cost parking and nice facilities. Easy trails to some nice camera shots. Some interesting local history noted. Picnic areas or close in-town eateries. Many, many ducks, Many, many ducks, etc. so you can enjoy the fauna, but must watch where you step!

Gina P

Great place to go for an evening walk or to feed the ducks. My son likes to go fishing here in the little pond but seems a dirty with a lot of dead fish floating around and never caught anything big enough to keep yet. This place has a decent tiny playground and swings. Usually not crowded and well kept.

Trevor Farmer

Great place, picnic tables, open spaces and a play ground. When the water is high it is a great sight to see. This is a nice small park that has paths to walk around and is a good place to spend a nice afternoon with ducks and nature.

Mellissa Thomas

Beautiful and easy walk for all ages

Russell Johnson

Fun place for a hike for the family. My son loves the ducks and the kids play area. The view of the dam is pretty cool.

Susan Stredwick

Fun to visit. Had not been here in 40 years.

Sue Hewson

Fun place to go, take the family

Maggie Nichols

I love this place. Perfect place to take kiddos. And with the fishing, the husband can come too!

joann magnus

Love this park:) great for Pokemon go:)

Robert Slaughter

Great little park, nice things besides the falls themselves

Clayton Reese

I used to often watch coyotes and domestic dog packs and mink here.

Eileen Simpson

Very nice family park

Justin Carey

Great little park. Beautiful wild life, and decent fishing

David Mordue

Nice and peaceful, always good to hear the rushing water

Allora Barlow

It's very nice and peaceful

James Wagner

This is such a cool little park. There's a playground, fishing, some small hikes, historical info, and some lovely views of the water and the dam.

missy weston

Nice small park to visit for a history lesson on Post Falls.

Mary Sunderman

Very nice park . The falls are impressive when running.Good paved paths . We took some very nice photos.

Dan Wilson

A beautiful park, lots of unique rock features and chock full of history, something for everyone! It's a dam good time.

Rlene Tan Uy

It’s just a short drive from 95 east ... but worth the turn ... view of the falls is amazing , great for picnics and family get together , clean restrooms

Nathan Manning

Pretty beautiful park lots to look at usually pretty packed with people it seems around mid day

C Oliver

Breath taking, especially in the spring!

AJ Cade

We ride the Centennial Trail to this park all the time. It is a great park for the kiddos, and also for those who enjoy fishing.

Dana Weitz

I really liked this area. The area where all the big flat rocks by the water where you can lay out in the sun n jump in the water. Perfect area. There was some garbage in the little water pools that were in btwn rocks (pretty cool) and also I noticed a group of people that left all there garbage there n it was right next to the water. NOT COOL AT ALL!! So but if people were to clean up after themselves it wud be a great n beautiful place to go to to get some good sun, which I love. There is also an area that kids can play in n on the jungle gym thing as well as there is a lookout to see the falls there. The day I was there, a young couple were getting married at the park. It was really nice.

God Zilla

Superb views of the dam, the open spillways and the deep gorge immediately below the dam. During high season the noise and water over-spray encountered on the viewing platforms close to the spillways can be thrilling. On occasion, daredevil (scofflaw) cliff jumpers have been spotted. Lamentably, park maintenance is gradually declining. I wish City officials would take more pride in maintaining their signature park.

Margie Boyle

Nice light hiking place, some areas for picnic... and the flowers were beautiful!

gta5 junky

Good fishing and cool place to check out a dam.

Theresa Bell

Very nice little park. Wonderful little 'hike' with lots of educational signs around the edge. Great views. Juvenile fishing ponds. Ducks and geese. Playground. Picnic tables. Nice little lawns. Interesting history with the dams and leftovers from the historic mills.

Hannah Jackson

I love coming here, especially with my dog Paisley! Lots to do and lots to see. I always find painted rocks here as well

Kassandra Payne

Love how beautiful it is here! Can bring your kids to the playground portion or view the historic dam! It's an amazing place and pet friendly!

Amber Conklin

So pretty and interesting history. Really fun to walk around, this time of year the falls are impressive!

Tammy Hood

Always a different adventure at this park. Very peaceful.

Obadiah Pratt

Low key - slowly - go free - no fee! Really tho, B E A utiful with a breeze.. families at ease posted up with canopies and trees!

James Hall

Such a great little park. It is sad seeing garbage I. The water but other than that fun for the whole family!

Dan Delugach

This sweet spot checks all the boxes: walking/dog paths.....check tranquil bodies of water.....check play area for kids.....check wild ducks and geese to make friends with.....check

James Hansen

This is a great place to have a short quiet place to walk.

Letha Rodrigues

Beautiful park with wildlife, the falls, and trails. Playground and lots of tables to have lunch, kick a ball, watch the ducks in the pond.

Brian Romero

Great place to walk and there is a nice park nearby with fishing access

Robert Vince

Beautiful place with a lot to explore.

Spider Monkey

Great place to take the kids. Also a great place to look at the post falls dam.

George Deglman

Nice little park small area for the kids to play.also rice in history.

Donald Secrest

What a beautiful place to rest right in the edge of the city

john shane

Beautiful, an close to anywhere in town!

Umang Doshi

Good place to view the historic dam.. picnic and fishing areas.

Alanna Salcido

Gorgeous! Lots of history! Kids enjoyed the playground!

Jessie Melton

Nice park to enjoy yourself. Never busy and plenty of shade areas. Our puppies love the trail. Easy trail not hard hiking.

Luna Plays

One of my favorite places.

kristy kershner

Love tbis little park, kids love catching critters here!

Keasha Blew

Cute. Worth a quick stop and walk around!

Rachel Elizabeth

My kids love it here. Bathrooms close by. Small outdoor park.

valerie scates

Nice falls. Cliff diving also

Kate Isgreat

Nice playground for kids with a good little walking path down to the dam. Very informative, with lots of historical plaques to read about the development of the area and how it has changed over the years. Not so much a natural area, but the trees were great

Cindi Burns

Beautiful little park!

Matthew Knudsen

Great view had a great time. The people you meet here are frequently friendly.

Russ VanWyk

Very nice and clean, great scenery

Colleen Ost

Nice paved walking trails. A park for kids to play and fish. Great place for a picnic.

Sarah Barlage

Nice and peaceful place to take the kids for a walk. The falls are beautiful. The ducks are cute. There is a little park here as well.

Josh Harmon

Beautiful park. Took family pictures there. My kids loved seeing all the ducks there. Such a cool place to visit. Glad I live near by.

Happy Is Back

Dad, Mom, Erin and I took even Charlie (our Dog)... Nice spending time together!

Roger Prescott

Well marked Trails. Nice Picnic Area. Historic.

Zach Harvest

Great place to hang out in the summer. And the falls are beautiful year round.

Nancy Rock

Beautiful park. This is a must see. Don't leave without a visit. Ponds, stream, waterfall and history.

Wanda Saulls-Lang

Very much pleasing, the ducks are fun to watch.

Tim Pool

Local park with amazing views

Scott Charbonneau

Perfect for all ages. Incredible views of the Dam and other aspects of the mill. Beautiful picnic areas, peaceful ponds, and paved trails. A Post Falls "must see".

Naomi Schumichen

A very nice place to look at nature, a stunning waterfall from a dam, also a nice area for fishing and watching the geese/ducks. Also lots of history about the original dam.

Joseph Peterson

It's good for realaxing

Clifford Schuerman

Nice place to walk and look at falls, but the falls are low now.

happy daisy

Not much to see or do. They do have a walking path.

Lietta Ruger

Excellent Find! Love the Falls, looking forward to seeing in the winter when frozen. Great place for family, kids, viewing, walking. We like it. Post Falls - named foe German man who moved his family here - Frederich Post. Viewing spots, easy walking. Two classes of children were exploring when we were there.

Slightly Twisted

Lovely park I recommend viewing the falls at night under the lights

chione tsubasa

Very beautiful and a nice little park for the kids.

Jonathan Gump

Nice little park good for a walk and you can fish in the pond and has a kid area and well kept

Olga Stark

Very nice walk and the kids can fish.

Jenifer White

Family friendly area. Fishing. Bridge. Kids play area. Bathrooms as well as a hiking trail by the falls.

Don Lindsley

A quick walk to view point

Andre Hoyt

Quite the thrill of rushing water. How powerful it is.

Mr, R Baskin

A great family spot. There are plenty of trees for shade and tables for a picnic plus a spot for fishing. We love the falls as well.

Beez Neez

Nice park, views of the falls year around, totally amazing when the spring runoff hits. I have not explored all of it but it appears like there are quite a few hiking trails. Also nice picnic areas and grassy areas for the smaller humans to romp about. It is never all that busy so thats nice, although im sure that will change as post falls grows.

Rob Nyland

Cool historical park to visit while passing through town

Sarah Layman

Such a little gem, easy access just off I90.

Ryan Chornick

Nice park for a pic nic

Trevor Moore

Fun little play area and great place to walk around with kids. There is a cool pond and the dam to look at too.

Thomas Buschmann

Nice park. Usually fairly quiet though there are always people here. The dam is great especially when opened in the spring. There is also a decent amount of historical information about the dam.

Sean Reed

Always fun here. We take our daughter to play and walk. The view of the falls is impeccable.

dj britton

Beautiful Scenery, Cool Spots To Discover, Great Park.

Captain skinbone

Amaizing place to take a walk and spend a lunch in the water must see if you love to travel.

Tara McIntosh

Falls park is a beautifully maintained park with trails for all levels of walkers & hikers. There is access to a popular swimming hole as well as a pond for kiddie fishing. The lookout decks for the falls are spectacular. I walk it daily as part of my exercise routine. I am also a rocker, I hide painted rocks on the trails.

Rick Wieber

Very peaceful geese and ducks love it.Falls dam very powerfully☺

Tyler Holden

Love to grab a bite to eat from the Terra coffee shop and then walk down here and enjoy the views and history.

Terri Herting

Beautiful place. Not too crowded with people

Jim Larkin

Well maintained nice history plaques not a long walk. Water is running fast in springtime

Edd Ryan

Love Falls Park ... quiet, serene. there's a playground for little kids and picnic tables for the adults. Some genre of birds will come visit you; maybe Canadian Geese, or a few Mallards and their Hens. There's a paved walkway around the park, which will take you by the Falls, that's about a mile long. Nice for an evening stroll.

Tanya Padgett

Nice little walk with a little knowledge thrown in about the history of the falls

Heidi McNutt

Wonderful walkway down to the spillway. Beautiful park and walk path! So much water to hear and see, amazing how wonderful nature can be. The water rushes so fast through the spillway

Nick Krenowicz

A nice day on 8/24/19.

Bryan Hermans

Even though we visited this park in late winter, it did not disappoint. The setting along the north falls and box canyon is beautiful any time of year. The grounds are laid out very well with plenty of short trails to keep your interest. Families played with their children on the toys, couples strolled the paths, some watched for birds. One young man serenaded his girl with his guitar on a bluff above the dam. Others just admired the scenery or read details of area history on placards.

Beata Chołodowska

Beautiful park, fantastic people, many events in the city, I recommend

Patti Haney

Lovely place for a first time experience..wish more water was flowing through the dam though. It's very historic They have clean regular bathrooms. Drinking fountains. And covered or uncovered picnic tables. Saw a reservation of a wedding held there this past week. :) I'll be back there.

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