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570 E Anderson St, Idaho Falls, ID 83401, United States

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REVIEWS OF East Idaho Aquarium IN Idaho

Graham Pace

It was very cool, and good to support this small aquarium. But it is a but of a dirty place. But it was a lot of fun, and had very nice employees.

Lee Duplessis

It was fun and we enjoyed the animals

Jacob Gulbransen

Let's be honest it is a little ghetto but they let you touch a lot of stuff and the animals go crazy if you feed them. You have to feed the porcupine, lizards and starfish tank to get them to do something but when you do they go crazy. It's awesome. Also the dr. Fish are tons of fun.

Adam Bostrom

I am used to a much much larger aquarium but for a small town aquarium I think they have done a great job to make it fun, educational and interactive. My kids love coming here and interacting with the animals.

Wolfgaming Animations

It was pretty cool. There were more fish, you can swim with sea life in VR, and you can feed fish and some birds.

Joseph Sellers

Great place, friendly staff.

Lori Hedges

So fun, kids loved it!

Landon Churchill

Fun for family! Petting stingrays was pretty cool.

Jenny Taylor

Alot of great hands on opportunities. My children really loved it! It was a wonderful experience. It's not too big. We stayed for about 1 1/2 hour. And that was plenty of time. For a small town like Idaho Falls, I am very impressed with this aquarium.

James Foster

My family had a great time. We have visited a couple times now and there always seems to be something new. Great, affordable, family fun.

Derek Staley

We love the aquarium! Buying the VIP year pass was the best decision we made! We come here all the time to feed the birds!!

Amy Christensen

Large variety of fish despite the fact that the aquarium is small. I wish that there was more labels to describe the fish.

Tonya Nicole

Fun little place in Idaho Falls! They have more than aquatic wildlife too!

Julia W

As far as an aquarium goes, it's decent. I have been to much larger aquariums with more activities for around the same price of admission. It has a place to pet stingrays, feed lizards and snakes, feed fish, and a virtual reality ocean experience. I think the kids had a good experience, but I was not very impressed given the cost.

Amanda Taylor

I thought at first a hole in the wall. But was very impressed. Family had a blast!

Rhonda Burch

I felt like a kid again. I think i had more fun than the grandkids

Mark Wright

It is improving every time we go. Looking good.

Caitlin Clinkscales

Our family had so much fun. We were happy we had the chance to feed so many animals like the sting Ray's, iguanas, fish, porky pine, and all the birds. It was neet being able to go into some of the cages to interact with the animals. The young boy who volunteers is so sweet and very knowledgeable with all the animals. We all had a great time!

madison the puppicorn

Pocatello needs investors to do what idaho falls has done great place

Bridgette Raybould

Spent 4 hours here and the kids could have stayed longer. They loved feeding the iguanas and birds. Lots of interactive opportunities. Great time and will definitely go back!

annette linford

It was awesome! So fun to be able to touch some if the sea life and feed them.

Autumn Kahea

Amazing how much this place has grown and improved since our first visit last January!! As a homeschool mom, this aquarium is an invaluable asset to our community and I definitely plan on bringing my children back again, and more often than once a year!

Maria Egbert

A little costly for how small it is. The best thing was the shark exhibit.

Natacia Owens

I enjoyed the aquarium. The price was a littlw high I think but I really liked seeing and interracting with so many animals. I really felt like there was no staff aroumd no to help answer questions or refill the food dispensers so we could have fed all the animals. I was glad that I was able to go through many times, but I feel like there just wasn't a lot of stuff compared to the price. I also felt sad for the iguanas who were brown. A healthy iguana is green and vibrant in color. I was also sad for some of the other animals. I'm sure they get fed, but it just seemed like they were all begging for food. Being able to feed them is a great perk but it's sad when they beg for food people don't even have. All in all, I'm sure I will go back but it will be a while between each visit.

Jj Steed

I liked touching the starfish and the sting rays. It was a fun experience and my 2 year old enjoyed it as well.

Grace Bartlett

The Aquarium itself was a little smelly and took a minute to adjust to and the exhibits were, overall, underwhelming. It was fun to feed the various fish and cool to see how some of them actually eat. During the walkthrough, the staff was nowhere to be found for any questions, like, ”Is this the right food to feed these fish?", but, they were there at the end and petting the porcupine and ferret was fun. The thing that made it most fun was being there with my son and daughter.

Shelby Carlson

I really enjoyed this place!

Jodi Perez

We came when they 1st opened and then we came back now they have changed some things. It's very small still a few of the exhibits had leaks, but was clean staff was friendly. Maybe should have more things to touch for the little guys with little arms. Over all we had fun. They had a new building fund going I hope they make the goal and get into a new building hopefully bigger! Good luck!

Ricardo Perez

Had a great time! Was hoping to see more animals

Forde Howes

I thought it was fantastic. The work that has gone into making this place a friendly, safe and interactive environment for adults and children alike is to be commended.

Stella Star

Wow!! So much fun, such a great selection of fish to look at including Sharks, Sting Ray's, and Seahorses. O what a great time we had. Me and my guy went with our 13 yr old. We spent about 2 hours maybe a little longer. What a great way to spend a night with the family.

Raymond Rudd

Very cool place to hang out for a few hours. Just a bit pricey or I'd give it a 5. The fish feeding & touchy things are fun.

Steve Gone

Awesome place in IF almost comparable(if not bigger) in size to Boise Aquarium.Kids had lot of fun.Fed sting rays,observed the reptiles.Took nice puctures.


It's fun. But sadly a lot seems broken or dysfunctional... I would like to see them concentrate on making the smaller aquarium GREAT... And stop adding new animals for a while. I am concerned the management thinks getting new things can make up for lack of management.

James Richens

It is cool to see all the fish and feed the rays. But where it is located is sad. It’s in a old movie theater so everything is on a slope, which creates terrible floods at the bottom. Tons of their animals die daily. And are treated terribly. I watch black tar from the ceiling continuously drop into open water tanks. There are a lot of things not up to code (go upstairs and see) and the owner just doesn’t know how to run a business. It’s really sad. Poor animals. And they hire people and don’t train them on how to take care of them probably. They should be hiring people who actually know how to take care of animals, instead they have like 3 people who know what they are doing and over work them. It needs to shut down.

Peggy Sue Conner

We took our 13 year old and had a total blast. 1st I didn't realize Idaho Falls even had an aquarium and 2nd I was blown away by there selection of fish. They had every thing you could think of Sharks eels sting Ray's they even had little sea horses. There were so many different types of fish and quite a few exhibits. It's a total must for a good ol fashioned family fun trip to spend some time together and maybe learn some cool stuff. Amazing Staff. And I have to mention Rufus their pet porcupine that was so cool. Thanks for a great time my family and I will be back.

Shelia Francisco

So Lucky to have this in idaho falls!!

Joanna Ewing

The fish were very cool but they had a lot of issues. We paid $60 in total and once we actually got in they had no staff. Lots of the gum ball machines were out of food and one ate our coin, but no one was around to ask for help. A lot of the place is build out of styrofoam and is falling apart. There are lots of cob webs,and spiders a over the place. One of the lizards was bleeding and we had to hunt down a person to took in it it, they had no idea, so they are not regularly checking on the animals. Also the entire place had open takes where the fish can suck on your hand, which was super fun. That being said there is one tank where all the way to the left and right of the tank are signs saying to not put your hand in it. But the tank is so big and there is no sign right where the step is that you would have no idea. They really need to put more signs up on the tank. They are just asking for someone to get hurt.

Stephanie Vineyard

We love the aquarium! We for a season pass and it was 100% worth it, I highly recommend it for everyone. It's small, but perfect for a rainy day with kids. Feeding the animals is always a hit, and it's small enough that my kids can run ahead a bit and I don't worry about them getting lost. We go back and forth looking at everything and feeding the animals there - the doctor fish and stingrays are an especially big hit. And the sand box at the end keeps my kids occupied for a good long time, plus I can play too since I don't have to sit down! The one thing I wish they had was better description plates and photos of the animals for the tanks, I want to read more facts about the animals and fish and be able to tell which one is which. But this is still one of our go to activities!

Cami Ricks

The idea was a great one, but we were expecting much more. Most of the tanks were small and the big tanks looked kind of sad for the fish and sharks etc. cause they didn't have any vegetation. They also did not look like a natural habitat that they might live in. We also expected to be able to touch the sharks and mantarays, but could do neither. I was also. disappointed with the walk in bird cage. It wasn't decorated nice for the birds and they were not friendly like we were told. I did love the parrets and wished we could have interacted more with them and also the turtles and dragons. It was also confusing and frustrating trying to find information on each species. We really wish we would have had a guide to tells us more about where you got them and their names and personalities. Just would have made it alott more enjoyable. We really hope that you will be able to get a bigger, nicer place so that you can improve upon it so more people will return. Good luck. And hope it is a successful change.

Adam Boone

My family absolutely loves the aquarium! We especially enjoy feeding and petting the rays, and letting doctor fish suck on our hands. They have large fish you can feed, as well as reptile and amphibian exhibits, and many of the exhibits allow interaction with the animals. Great family night destination.

Kimberly King

Not very large but a nice variety of water and land creatures. We had a great time.

joan payne

Wonderful experience. Small but plenty to see. Especially fun for kids with all the interactive displays.

Drew Tingey

Super fun place. Kind volunteers. Copious amounts of sea creatures. A real good time.

Shawna Mace

Nice exhibits...could have it separated s little better for small set up for older kids...

Kyrstan Crandell

It’s nice, but pretty pricey, they need to add more.

kayla buggy

Smells like they still have water damage but other than that it's getting along fine! Staff very friendly!

Marc Kofford

I expected to hate it, but ended up loving it! They have a great start!. Most of what they have is interactive. The staff were super friendly and fun. For a new aquarium in such a small town, they did a fantastic job. I hope they are able to stick around and grow.

Colin Higgins

This was a great place to spend a couple if hours with our two young children, 5 and 7! Very nice variety of birds, exotic fish and lizards. Our children really loved the doctor fish that eat the dead skin off of your hands! The iguanas were really cool too, and very friendly, you're actually able to go into the cage with them and feed the iguanas bites of lettuce. The shark tank was very interesting with a little viewing area below the water that you can go into and see the sharks from their point of view. Extremely friendly see Ray's that you can pet as well!! Overall, very friendly staff and nice building.

Kevin Creasey

This is one of the nicest aquariums I've been too. Its small but they fit so much in it! Very fun.

Karol Taylor

The staff is so friendly and helpful. My grandchildren, 1and a half, 5 and 8 thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We spent about an hour and a half there. Plenty to see and do.

Savannah Arellano

They had stingrays which where fun to feed but this place was a dump. Everything was run down, scratched up and messily glued together, and spider webs on everything. Not worth the money! Staff was snippy. $12 to get in $9 for my 3yo and $10 for 4 tokens to get a tiny chunk of food. Will not return, would not recomend.

Max McFarland

It's a great small town aquarium. Has a good variety and is worth more for the 12 bucks than going to the movies all the time. The "Doctor Fish" are pretty cool.

DM 45

Has a weird smell and this place gives me a weird vibe. Went here last time with the family and I'm impressed with how many interactive activities there is here. I loved being in there with the lizards and birds. The staff is very friendly and always willing to answer any questions. The aquarium is new and is very good for a medium sized city like Idaho falls. I will be here again.

Nick Hottmann

Fun-ish. Short for what you pay for. The iguana feeding and stingrays are fun. I hope they can eventually move into a nicer facility and take care of it better than the place they are in right now.

Chelsea Perry

Paid $42.00 to get in they only had like 5 to7 good exhibits. Smelt like mold water dripping from the ceiling. They do not have a good enough building for it to be an aquarium. The. Only thing we really enjoyed was the rays. Then i had to pay another $10.00 to get 4 tokens to feed the rays. And other animals. Then they give you this coupon for a free cheeseburger from wendys. But guess what you have to purchase a medium drink and medium fry in order to get the cheesebuger. The volunteers are uneducated. The spray foam inside of the python exhibit is not right. This aquarium is definitely not worth the price they charge. Wont be back and will not recommend to anyone.

Jason Ralph

The best part about this place is my kids are young enough to just enjoy seeing the fish and reptiles. I on the other hand kept getting hit by water leaking from the ceiling (I highly doubt that that’s part of the experience haha). The terrible odor hits you right as you walk in the front door. They sale you tokens to “feed the fish,” but don’t tell you that once the fish food is gone, there’s no more for the day. So we spent $10 on 4 tokens and the only think left to feed was seaweed to some fish. Not sure if we’ll go back.

Gloria Crounk

For a small aquarium it has a lot of variety of fish and even birds and lizards! It was so fun to feed the stingrays, they eat from your hand! It was a great experience.

Chad Russell

This is a great place to bring your children. There are many hands-on exhibits including rays (which my kids loved), parakeets, iguanas, and much more. I was impressed with how many different exhibits and thanks there were. The pricing isn't too bad, either. My wife, two kids, and myself cost about $42 to visit. We were here for at least 2 hours. I highly recommend visiting.

Jer S

Very cool. Visited with a school field trip and it was quite interesting.

Robert Fowler

Much better than I expected. It isn't massive but it has quiet a few interactive exhibits that make it worth the trip.

Hope Davis

Its okay for the super young kids but.... it needs a lot of work. I hate being negative about it. It doesnt seem clean and in my opinion is too expensive for the actual experience. The tanks are extremely cloudy and I'm worried about the animals health. The people that worked at the front desk had their backs turned to us just chatting for several minutes before my dad said something. They were nice though. Its the exhibit itself that is very concerning. It's super short and the way its decorated is just draft and the constant hidden ADs is cheesy. I get they need sponsors but its cheesy. I wouldn't go back. Especially for that price!

Martin Bunker

SO SO SO Cool. It's small but man they have neat stuff. Fair pricing too

Eric Rhees

Love visiting with our granddaughter while visiting Idiaho Falls she loves fish and the hands on was great.

Kristine Hill

Went with my grandkids who have season passes and live the place. I understand the aquarium was created by students from BYU-Idaho. Very innovative and creative. For a small, low-budget aquarium, it's great!

Christina Vazquez

It was an nice experience, not much to do. Not a big place. But it was nice to take the kids.

MarDee Harper

Great place to visit with children!


This place should be shut down.

Veldon Foil

Out of all of the food to feed the animals and when I told the woman up front about it all she said was no refunds... Very very poor customer service.

Ivyy Smith

Not much for the price, but it goes to a good cause for them to grow!!!

Michael Scarlett

Out and away from the bustling confines of downtown is the East Idaho Aquarium. The Aquarium is a hands-on edutainment activity. Pet and feed stingrays, feed parakeets and an African porcupine. You can even get a sense of what it's like to pretty an electric eel! When we visited, a mermaid was hanging out by the stingrays and allowing her picture to be taken with kids. A large shark tank with stadium-type seating will keep you watching for what's swimming by the window. There's a small gift shop with unique and fun gifts and toys. While not as pristine as aquariums are in larger cities, the East Idaho Aquarium is a fun indoor experience for kids to enjoy. A perfect activity in the frigid temps of winter and the furnace heat of summer.

Ryan Romander

It was not large, but it was interactive and fun. All of us had a good time; yes, even us parents. My favorite part was watching the Black-tipped Reef Sharks. My boys liked feeding the Rays and the Parakeets, as well as petting the lizards. Not inexpensive for its size, which is why I gave it a 4 Star; however, the pass is a good deal and can be fulfilled within 2 to 3 trips, depending on family size. It really was fun.

Carolyn Hansen

I love going here, it's the best place to go and have some fun with family.

Amma Christensen

Good sized aquarium. They have fish you can touch as well as birds and lizards. Great place to take kids.

stephanie farnham

Staff were very helpful in obtaining a wheelchair for my grandma and gave us a complimentary token to feed the birds. Needs some work and is pretty limited for the cost but overall a fun experience for the kids. Almost everything is hands on

Janet Peterson

Small buy really cool

Joey Redzich

Appears to be a converted movie theater. Creative use of space. Really fun and ambitious on what I assume is a low budget. Kids love the ray and shark tanks. Really cool and unexpected for the area.


Updating my review from 1 star to 5. We were invited back to the aquarium and had a great time! Harrison was super friendly and very knowledgeable about the animals. We learned so much! We all had a great time! We will be back.

neha sinha

Great experience you get to touch most of the animals there which makes it exciting experience

Kimchi Burgess

Such beautiful sea creatures here, and even a few land species. Great place to take the kids, and good for grownup solo adventures too!

Meghan Mangels

This place is great for a small aquarium! Lots of things to do with small children and older ones too. As an adult I really enjoyed it!

Roger Croft

Wonderful place to take the kids. Love the tank with the tickle fish in it. Loved that they have a lot of touch tanks. The porcupine is really cool to feed. I just wish they would move to a nicer facility or that they would build a bigger building.

Jameelee Skidmore

Second time there since it opened. The staff was friendly and very informative. Loved seeing the new exhibits of the birds, not so much reptiles but hey, not their fault. Can't wait to see the Idaho tank when it's complete. *another reason not to go in the water.

Emily King

I had a great time at the zoo with my mom. Got to pet a star fish see all kinds of cool fishes and coral and feed the fish and pet sting rays/ manta rays!!!! Very wonderful I hope they will continue to upgrade and expand!!

Kirsten Rupp

We had so much fun visiting the aquarium for a field trip!

Cedric Huntington

This place was pretty cool. I loved the fish you could put your hands into the tank and then they would eat your dead skin off. Sounds gross but it feels great! My son was only a few months old when we went and it was fun. Kind of pricy but still worth it. Mermaid shows was cool for the kids. You can pet sting rays too!

Sage Teichert

Great interactive fun place. Don't buy the tokens to feed the fish when it is busy but they are great when it is not. The admission seems kind of high but the place is packed allot of the time so I am probably just a cheap skate. My kids love the place.

Kathy Prindle

Short and sweet 1. Staff very knowledgeable and kind 2 hands on exhibits, one of a kind memories 3 cleanest fish tanks I’ve ever seen 4 very kid friendly 5 very age (I’m 60) friendly (places to sit) 6 it’s non profit, so lots of adverts 7 wide variety of fish, including sharks 8 all fish and critters healthy, and moving happily 9 learned a lot I didn’t know 10. Would go again in a heartbeat As a tip, buy tokens,,I know you might think it's a rip off, but it will be the best money you spend.

Jo Jolley

Some cool stuff for such a small aquarium. For the size of our town its a pretty good aquarium.

James McGrane

Decent for the size of city we are in. Some of the exhibits are labeled wrong or the creatures inside are gone. Could do without the birds in cages and the mish mash of reptiles that are not supposed to be in the same environment. The rays are very cool, as is Rufus the porcupine.

Todd Dashwood

Great place to take the kids to learn about fish! Always fun!

Michelle Tolman

I was pleasantly surprised at how fantastic the Aquarium experience was. It’s very hands on and well thought out. There is something new every time we go. My kids of all ages love it. The Aquarium team does a lot on a relatively small budget. Thank you to all the contributing businesses and volunteers that caught the vision of bringing this awesome resource to East Idaho. Thank you!!!

Branden Yost

Small but is a very nice aquarium the fiance and I went to it and was pleased staff was nice and their was a lot to look at will go back again when we come back

Alan Dudley

For a low budget aquarium, it was a fun place and you can pet a bunch of the animals and they have se really fun things. The sting Ray's tank was closed so we couldn't feed them.

Alisha Tew-Day

Interactive and educational. Can be done in under an hour. Great place.

Becky Price

We had an awesome experience.. my high school students had a blast and learned a lot. Molly and Shannon were very informative...

Clayton Ljungberg

Definitely a good addition to town. Enjoyable exhibit featuring tons of sea life.

Ashley Steelefalcon

An amazing hands on experience here at the Aquarium. Our toddler loves this place. The employees are all helpful, knowledgeable, and most important kind to visitors. We have gone here three times and loved it. Great place for our kiddo to learn about the animals that share our planet and how to respect them. Thank you for this wonderful place to educate youth and adults. Also the animals seem very happy and well cared for each time we went.

Aurora Newton

It's kinda grimy and ghetto but it's overall nice

Shelagh Davis

Had a great time with my grandchildren, 3 years and 16 months old. The exhibits where very interactive and informative. I dont think I have been to an aquarium that has been so hands on before.

John Dahl

Came here a few months after it opened. It is a fun place to try. I think if they were able to get even more exhibits then it would be a really great experience, especially for a small city.

Alex Hobbs

You want to touch animals? Like literally let them eat from your hands? This is the place. I its decor is a little undeveloped, but the animals are there (I'm impressed with the variety they have as well), and it's very interactive.

Katie Hokanson-Boston

This was the most interactive smaller-scale aquarium I've ever been to! You can feed lots of the animals, and hold an iguana. The only downside is that it is a little small, and some of the exhibits are less than professional, but it's still a ton of fun! Use the DoorStep app to save money on tickets.

Jen John

Too small for crowds especially if there is wheelchairs or strollers. My son had a blast though.

Matthew Whitaker

Kids adored it, staff is amazing! Just needs to be a bit bigger, but its great for what it is!

Spencer Plate

Too expensive for what you get. Go to the zoo instead.

Mommy Sanity

Tanks are really dirty.... birds are stuck in small rusty cages. Staff is really awkward with kids birthday events.

Sarah Mayfield

Lots of interactivity with the animals. What a great place. Schools should definitely do field trips. Great for birthday parties. My teenagers loved it.

Becky Gardner

Love to come to the aquarium! I always see something new that I missed the time before and is a great place to spend time with family at.

Todd Cisna

Small aquarium, perfect for younger kids. Several interactive exhibits.

Carlie Morris

This is the third time we have gone this summer (thanks to the grandparent pass :) On the pricey side of activities, but I think they do a good job for its size. We stayed there over two hours seeing everything and watching the mermaid show. I thought she did a fun job. Loved her enthusiasm (they usually do the show on Saturday at 2, but call ahead because the mermaid was sick and they were cleaning the sting ray tank so we couldn't pet the rays the last Saturday we went). It is quite interactive, especially if you buy the tokens (between $1.90-3 a piece depending on how many you buy at once) to get to feed the sting rays, parakeets (my kids' favorite), reptiles, big river fish, porcupine, and we fed the scorpion fish this time too. Great for all ages.

Chris Charnock

I would say this is a great addition to Idaho falls. Keep in mind it not a huge aquarium so if you have high expectations of seeing giant sharks, dolphins etc.. than your better off staying home but if you want a fun, interactive place to take your kids then this hits the spot. Kids are able to touch jelly fish here, feed sting rays and hold living star fish. They do have a few aquariums with some pretty cool fish too. Definitely worth taking a trip there if you have kiddos. If this review was helpful or you agree please give me a like!

Adam Martin

This place have come a long way from when they first started, we just spent two hours with my kids and it was great and they didn't want to leave! There are a few spots that are in progress, and I'm excited to see what they become. I will definitely be going back.

Saige Nash

Spent $40 to see a bunch of starved animals. The bird cages were awful. The birds didn’t have any water, if they did it was absolutely disgusting. The bigger birds were stuck in tiny cages. The birds need the right type of food. The parakeets need to actually be fed. You could tell those poor birds haven’t been fed in a while. The fish tanks were pretty gross too. The place in general was just awful.

Tamalu Glende

This is our favorite thing to do in Idaho Falls! The staff is knowledgeable, the exhibits are well cared for and continually expanding and improving. We love feeding and interacting with the fish and animals. Highly recommended!

Ashleigh Denise Argyle

Visiting this place is a great activity for individuals of all ages. There are so many animals, lots of knowledgeable staff, and I can't wait to see what it's like in another 5 years. You can touch starfish and rays, in addition to feeding the rays, fish, and birds. Yes - I said birds. In addition to the aquatic life, this place also has birds and reptiles. Sometimes there are sharks (there were none when we went, but we heard they recently got some in), salt and fresh water fish, jellyfish, and more. There is a gift shop as well and collectible coins.

Valerie Brian

Really a lot of fun for the whole family.

Heidi Curtis

Love that we are lucky enough to finally have an aquarium in idaho falls! Plus there's so much more to encounter than fish! Highly recommend it for a date or family fun day!

Andy Ferguson

Good place for young kids.

Andrea Porter

This was a fun fields trip for my daughter's first grade class. She absolutely loved it!

Jake Wright

Can feed a lot of diff things including sting rays and huge fish.

Dana Stiffler

Great aquarium! They had quite a few varieties of fish to see, definitely worth going!

Sydni Southwick

This aquarium is unbelievable for being local and fairly new. All the tanks seemed clean and all the sea life appeared well taken care of. The interactive tanks were amazing, especially the rays. Where else are you going to hand feed rays in East Idaho? We loved every minute. The arapaima was the show stealer, being able to feed that monster of a fish was absolutely amazing. So glad to have an aquarium close by, we will definitely be back! I hope they can continue to be successful and eventually grow into a bigger space with more exhibits.

Elizabeth Anderson

I wish I could give this place infinity stars. Today a guy from the board of the aquarium talked to us and let us in a room full of lizards. This place shouldn't even be considered an aquarium as much as an indoor zoo. Not only are there a ton of fish, but they have neat birds everywhere and a porcupine in the lobby. I'm from Houston and I say this aquarium is better than the downtown houston aquarium. Between the value and the interaction you get with all the animals this is my favorite thing to do in Idaho Falls

Felicia Powell

I loved it. Employees just walking by always asking if you want or need anything! The are very knowledgeable and enjoy what they do and it shows! Keep up the great work!!! Thanks for being there!


Cute, nice to have in a small town. But it is really smelly and dirty in places that could be kept clean. I'm sure if they had more support and money from the community it wouldn't be an issue.

Katelyn Hashagen

Every time I've been here I've had a blast!! There is so much interaction with the animals, and so many cool things to look at. My only complaint is I wish they told you exactly what fish are in each aquarium. Just like a little picture and what it is. They have it for a few of the fish in there which is great. This still, however, has been my favorite place to go on a date!

Michael Bender

Really surprised, it was cool , the sting rays are so much fun!! They have sharks too, and river monsters like the tv show!! You can feed the fish too...


Great aquarium!! The mermaid show was a surprise, loved it!

Jessica Humphries

The price was a little high for me and the place seemed like it was done as low budget as possible. They have a lot of exhibits that are intended to be interactive, but there were no employees nearby to explain or help with the handling of those poor animals.

Nick Bybee

Some cool birds, fish, and reptiles. $30 for me and two toddlers was too much though. Cut the prices and I would go back.

Sharon h a l l

I don't falls aquarium I was impressed very good small but I think as it grows is going to be very very great

James Boone

Great place to take the family. The aquarium has some very neat exhibits, and they are expanding. My daughter loves the mermaid show. It is obvious that the staff are passionate about the animals.

michael berggren

It was a great experience for the family we will be going again

Motorcycling Sassav

The 3 stars are because my 3yo enjoyed the visit, I however was slightly peeved by a rude and overzealous volunteer enforcing the rules every 5 seconds because my 3yo was being a 3yo as we were the only two visitors in his section at the time. I understand safety considerations for both the animals and visitors, more tactful interactions and oversight by the floor employees/volunteers should be considered from both sides.

McKray Jones

Despite the strong mildew smell upon entry, you can still have a good time at the East Idaho Aquarium. The exhibits are well made and interesting. You have the opportunity to feed salt-water fish, stingrays, parakeets, and large reptiles. The effort that went into making this aquarium a nice place to visit is evident and will likely surpass your expectations for an aquarium in the middle of the high desert.

Kristi Eldridge

Very fun place to take the kids. Enjoyed our visit very much.

Rhonda Wheelwright

Great hands on things for kids! Feeding the rays is amazing! The only negative I have is that there is not a lot of passing space to get around other people.

Jeremy Petersen

Several hands on exhibits and feeding stations. Kept the kids busy for quite some time.

Jodie Briggs

Cutest place ever. It was great for my 3 year old granddaughter and myself as well. Everyone enjoyed it.

Loretta Tozier

There was a lot to see and plenty of interaction. We had a lot of fun here!

Christina New

Excellent time!! There are so many different fish that are not normally found in an aquarium. There is a range of animals from different fish to birds to lizards. Plus with extra tokens you can feed rays and such. I highly recommend this. The staff really care and are very friendly and knowledgeable. They are working on funding to update the aesthetics but the animals are great.

Randell Snyder

Kids had fun feeding the birds and fish

Misty Shumate

Love this awesomeness, for our little town very clean, lots of things to look at ! Not boring!!!

Vicki Valente

While visiting this aquarium I was not just dissapointed but very concerned for the living attractions here. The floor was continuously room to room covered in stagnant water. The ceilings were wet and smelled like mold in all rooms. The signs were not labeled with the critters that were actually in the tanks and the kids got uninterested from tank to tank when they couldn't find and match what was on the signs. My biggest concerns are the largest tank with sharks and the manta petting tanks... The water in the shark attraction is so dirty you can be arly see the fish after they swim right past you. The Big Rock in the middle is almost invisible. They say a mermaid swims in this tank but I can't believe anyone would even get into this water. It smelled moldy in the vision area and I had to leave for an asthma reaction. The next area was birds.and mantas. Again the smell of the manta tank was overwhelming. There are way too many for the size of the tank. Then there are kids feeding all the mantas with shrimp and filthy hands to start with. One child there had heavy runny nose and parent handed him shrimp and he stuck his hands into the same water all other kids were feeding into. This cannot be healthy for these mantas. The large birds were shivering and had small mosquito like bugs flying around all their cages. Not one bird interacted with visitors. There were NO attendants anywhere in the aquarium except in the reptile cage. This girl was fabulous with interaction with kids, animals and knowledge. She is definitely a keeper for this place. At the end of the line is the porcupine. Several visitors as well as our kids asked if they were supposed to smell that bad. The cage looked clean but not the animal. We as a family visit aquariums all over the country and sponsor 2 aquariums in california. This aquarium needs a huge overhaul for the health and safety of all who live inside. It also needs a marine biologist to run or oversee it's operations to make sure these fish are in their proper habitats continually. The cost to get in doesn't justify the conditions of this place. Idaho Falls benefits from keeping this aquarium for education and enjoyment but not at the expense of living creatures. Please take this review seriously and clean up this place. I've seen responses and their dates from employees and this is not a new situation. You have many reviews just like mine including one from an expert who works in an aquarium. Nothing has changed since his review. Call an expert.

Crystal Merrill

It's small but the animals and workers make it a great and memorable experience.

Ashleigh Faires

I feel like this may seem like a biased review since I have personal connection with the Aquarium, but I feel like that is what qualifies me to give this review. I saw the Aquarium transform from a dingy, smelly, moldy, old movie theatre into a creative, fun, hands-on experience for children and their families. I saw all the hard work that went into the transformation. Countless volunteers gave their time in order to be part of something great. Members of this community carved the “rocks” you see. Members of this community painted walls and made decorations. Members of this community helped build filtration. Members of this community helped train the animals. This wasn’t meant to be a “perfect” aquarium, it was meant to be a community project…something someone could visit and say hey I helped with that. It’s an ongoing project. Exhibits are being added and moved all the time. Unfortunately, customers only see the final outcome and that’s what is being judged, not the journey. If you were to talk to the employees or look at the pictures in the entrance you would know just how much heart was put into creating this Aquarium. This is a space where children can come and learn about creatures they may never see in real life. It’s a place of interaction. It’s a place of learning and growing. It’s a place of awe and wonder. Almost every exhibit has a sign with facts about the animals you see. There are a dozen interactive exhibits and stations, where you can touch or feed the animals. Many of the parrots talk and/or do tricks. There are mermaid shows every Saturday. The experience is what you make it. If you look at each exhibit, read the signs, ask questions, and interact with the animals you will have a great experience. The Aquarium provides a unique way of learning and is a great blessing to this community.


The reality of the aquarium is mold, mildew, poorly built exhibits and poor living conditions. Many animals have died and have been replaced like nothing. Other exhibits are lacking the named animals(my guess is they have died). The ceiling is dripping nasty water(hopefully just water). Slippery floors everywhere. Wet floor signs were typically on the only dry parts of flooring. Parts of the ceiling is literally falling down. Exposed styrofoam in and around enclosures/tanks. Animals being house together that should not be. This place would be better If it were shut down. Walking in you can just smell the mold and mildew. It is seriously nasty dirty and these poor animals are definitely not taken care of properly. I truly feel sick to my stomach seeing such a utter lack of care and compassion for a living animal.

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