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Where is Camel's Back Park?

REVIEWS OF Camel's Back Park IN Idaho

Sheldon C

Got some food yesterday from a church that was there was nice. The park it self isn't the best but not horrible.

Teresa Maynes

Beautiful park right next to Hyde Park district with great trails leading out of it.

Yeah Yeah

Awesome park, awesome trails, awesome place to kill a whole day!

BJ Crangle

There's grass, playground, plyometrics area, and a big sandy hill, great place to get sand in your shoes!

Brady Callahan

Great park, with foothills trails starting all along its Northeast edge. The hill is a good stiff hike up for a nice view, while there are flatter trails in the East edge of the park which will travel along some ponds and streams before branching out into the rest of the trail system. There's also Tennis and volleyball courts, a solid playground, open field space, and a tree covered area great for relaxing or slacklining. This park is often busy on nice days, so if you're looking to get away from people this might not be the best choice, unless you feel like heading up the trails.


Great place to relax or kick of a hike or mountain bike ride... Or both

Holly Johnson-Wallace

If you are looking for a large park that is perfect for a picnic and some hiking, this one is a good choice. You can take the challenging hike up camels back itself or hit the trails behind the hill that connect with other trail systems you would find at the end of 8th street (when it turns into a gravel road). The park itself has tennis courts, a free gym and a playground. It is very close to Hyde Park as well, so it is a great place to walk to after filling up on food in Hyde Park.

Tallia W

Great place to take the kids to get out of the house.

Mark Navarrete

A great place to walk around, hike, and take the kids to the big playground here.

John Barenberg

This park is a favorite for my family and me. Beautiful setting, lots of things to do for any age.

Riley Zahm

Great people in the heart of Boise's northern. Excellent hiking options and dog friendly. One odlf my favorite Park's to visit.

luke wester

Super nice view from the top! This is a super cool park right above old town. There is this huge hill, there the camel name comes from. It is quite steep but worth the time to hike up. If you don’t want to hike to the top of the hill, there is still a nice grassy park to hang out at with some nice shade.

Maria Gonzalez

Great views at the top. Easy hike with multiple trails.

Michael Quintana

Always a fun outdoor activity.

Riley Larkin

This park is located in the best area in Boise, and it shows! There are dozens of amazing food places nearby, it's a fully fledged bike grounds, provides a great view, and has an amazing park

Rainee Sellers

Didn't realize how pretty it is the further away you go from the city. Everyone's soooo friendly and I'm thankful to be here.

Les Eric Lewis

What more can I say than this perfect image...

Demeris Bens

One of the best parks in Idaho...expansive, lots of children's play equipment, outdoor exercise stations, etc...

Jason Raymond

One of Boises coolest places!

bobby petersen

Nice, clean, easy access to the MTN Bike Trails

NvxHarpy YT

It was clean and had lots of space for activities

allison Kerpa

A thing of beauty and vistas abound.. be up for adventure: walking, biking, hiking for all ages and experience levels

Robert Schulkey

It's a nice park, with a lot of options to do. But it's also very popular, with lots and lots of other people there too. It can get a bit crowded.

Alexis Phipps

Love camelsback great hike nice place to relax

Thi Burnham

Good place. Can get pretty busy

Lance Sganzini

Spent the last 25 years enjoying Camel's Back Park with my kids. Its dear to my heart..

Aurora Shortridge

I love this park! They have excellent trails that are easy to get to from downtown. They have trash cans along the trails which is very helpful and they have done a great job of creating different trails for hikers and bikers.

Robert Phelps

Iconic park in Boise primarily Hyde Park.

Margaret Hart

To watch the fourth of July fireworks from the top of Camel's Back Hill is a unique Boise experience. Bring a good flashlight.


Ironic trail up to the best views of down town Boise. Tennis courts, trails for hike and bike, volley ball courts, play ground, bathrooms, large grass area for sunning, frisbee, soccer/football.. pets welcome.. the central park of Boise...I think only better!

Ryan Smith

Great park for the kids or for a good hike, large playground. Open areas for kite flying and launching your hobby rockets.

Rich Siler

Big shady trees. Great playground for youngsters. Great snow tubing hills in winter.

Tammy Parrish

Peaceful but always busy.

Thomas Snow

Favourite Boise hiking place, especially in the fall foliage. Great views of the City

Richard G

Great hiking trails. Bring lots of water!

Kenzie Thompson

Beautiful place to hike, play, and run! Happy kids happy life!

Jim Brown

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle, North of old downtown - this has been a favorite place to go since I was a child. Today I appreciate the beautiful grassy landscape, clean from garbage or graffiti. A recent discovery (returning to the area after a few decades) is the miles of trails behind the park. Mt. Biking is both challenging and thrilling thanks to well groomed trails. Hikers and riders share the trails with courtesy and kindness. Love it!

Dan V

It has a really nice playground and some benches that were covered with trees. It was a great place to rest and relax. If it wasn't so hot, I probably would have checked out the hill and hiked up it. Very cool place!

Melissa Romero

Great park! I wish nampa had a park just like this 1. Lovely shade, big playground, and an adult excersize park, which every park should have.

Bonnie Thompson

A great place to let the kids play

Jeremy Wheeler

As a park, this is a very cool place. Great location and freindly surroundings. The main hike up camels back is pretty short but lots of trails branching from there. Nice way to spend an afternoon.

Hannah La Jeunesse

The hike was worth it to the top of Camel's Back. You can enjoy a breathtaking view sitting on these cut stone stairs in the sky, overlooking Boise. My toddlers could enjoy this, due to the staircase access to the top. Not easy if you run up them, so you can make it as challenging as you want it to be.

Pursuit OF Strength

If you are looking for a place to escape the city for a little bit and see some beautiful countryside, then Camel's Back Park is the place for you. Biking, Running, Hiking, Walking! It is very nice and well maintained. Great place to bring the dogs for a walk. I recommend this place for some killer cardio workouts. You can get in a nice cardio workout with 30min or 5 hours. Choice is up to you. But overall, It is beautiful and quiet, great view of the city and so peaceful. Highly recommend.

Nathan Cook

One of the best parks in Boise. Check out all the trails that connect to the Ridges to Rivers trail system that leave from the back side of the camel's hump.


Great fair..great music great food..bad parkjng

michael c

Nice park. Food within walking distance.

Trebor Ollidagled

Always enjoy spending a few minutes on the grass of Camels back park to stretch, unwind and people watch after a mtn bike ride in the nearby foothills; tonight was no different.

Samuel Acevedo

I love the Boise Community they just make you feel welcome and at home

Jenn McCarthy

Great access to the trails to enjoy the morning outside!

Shaun Coe

I wanted to post that this place is terrible so no one else does there but this is such an awesome trail system. From camelsback you can run and do a over 15 miles in a loop and if you go high enough can link into the other systems like military reserve. Great for running, biking, and hiking. Be as nice as everyone you pass on the trails and you will fit right in :)

Joseph Greene

Boise is the City of Trees, but you don't really notice it unless you climb up into the foothills and look out over the city. It's there that you realize, "Oh, I guess we really do live in a forest." Camel's Back is a wonderful place to do that. Don't be daunted by the sheer straight face climb. There's also a much easier route to the top around the side. The park itself is also beautiful, idyllic.

Drew Buckmiller

A great park the connects to the ridge to rivers trail network.


You can definitely get the amazing view of Boise from the top of the hill and it was so beautiful that I was intrigued by it, and I really wish I had this kind of hill and park in my hometown. I love this place so so much.

Brandon Ethridge

Hyde Park festival on the Harvest Moon 2019! Great time but need more mood lighting throughout the park, good time

Master-Timothy Haskins

Great place havent been? Well i pitty a FOOL that hasn't gone!!! Says Mr.T

Walbert Schulpen

Nice playground. Also, enjoy the hike up to the very steep hill.

Baron Grantham

Great place to play frisbee and reconnect.

Michele Shire

Great park w/lots of Hicking trails. A beautiful place to go chill under a tree and just hang out.

J Negs

Lots of fun for everyone. There are lots of trails and hills for running. It is a good place to run. Also good for smaller children as there is a very large park that is always fun. Good place for an event large or small, a picnic or a company barbecue. The streets to got there are quite narrow. I strongly recommend this place

Dome V

CAmels back isn’t what it used to be. Stairs going all the way to the top?? It’s like someone from out of town moved here and just decided they were “making things nice/convenient” if you wanted to use the stairs you went up the side all locals knew this. Kids these days will never get the full experience and that bums me out.

Amy Storms

Great place for exercise AND family photos!!

Christopher Clayton

A beautiful park just within the downtown range. Compared to other parks in the area, this one is a supreme paradise. You can find volleyball, hiking, slack-lining, frisbees, a playground, tennis courts, and even mountain bikes.


Nice little trail wouldn't recommend it for little ones to go, the climb is steep.

lana T

My family and I had a great time at the park

Jeremy Lundevall

All around family fun.

Rocky Ridges

I've always loved this park. Jungle gym, exercise stations, trees to climb, and of course the hill. It has stairs now!

Johanna Monson Geerts

It's a surprisingly big park with lots of trails. It's really quiet and peaceful in here and you can even see owls! A great place to walk, bike, run, and take dogs.

Mark Tuggle

Hyde Park Street Fair was super fun!! Lot's odd venders

Jamie H

great time at Hyde park street fair!

Justin Webster

The park is kept in perfect shape, and all the equipment is clean.

josh stallings

Great place to take your family. Whether you want a picnic, hiking, biking, or have a event this is the place to be.

Claire James

Great park, large play structures and fun trails right there at the bottom of the foothills. Pretty this time of year with wildflowers blooming. Hyde Park eateries and shops just a quick walk down the road.

Rory Fryer

Very fun. Lots of equipment and space to play for adults and kids. Area includes large play structure, shade trees, open grass field, sand volleyball, tennis courts and exercise park along with walking trails with amazing views from atop the hill.

Randy Montambo

Very nice and clean. Kids had a lot of fun. Playing

Evan Wilson

Great place to hike or just hangout

Shannon Bridges

An awesome place with a fantastic view of downtown Boise, right in the middle of town

Martial Matters

Great place for the whole family to get out and have some fun!

Jackson Ferguson

Excellent park with huge playground. Bathroom only open in summer so if your child has to go to the bathroom then you have to go home. Huge hiking hill to play on. I like the park and playground. I have ratings on other things too!

Greg Hathaway

It's a place to get a quick mtb ride

Natalya Brown

Such a great park/hiking/playground/trail running area! Definitely a favorite place to go in Boise.

Alexandra Jordan

Always a good place to relax and unwind.

Lwyn Dahl

Great play ground and hills

Aaron Reed

Excess of people who don't know the rules or procedures of the park. Great fun for families!

Deb Wessler

I went to this Park for a specific event and was very impressed.

Shon Rooks

Great park in the North End and host to Hyde's Park Street Fair.

Taigan Neibaur

Great place for all ages. Tennis courts, outdoor gym, playground, and trail system.

Donovan Klega

Amazing park, and an amazing view at the top! A short hike to the top of Camel's Back, but my oh my what a steep gain in elevation! Only complaint I have is that the exercise area has a concrete base. I think having bark or rubber instead would be a lot safer.

Maxwell leverich

Great park. Reserve ahead for group bbq.

Brendy McConnaughey

Something for everyone! Great playground, outdoor gym, a giant hill for a physical challenge or a leisurely walk on a path. You'll find people chilling in hammocks and on blankets, people cycling, dog walking and playing tennis. Choose your activity... you can do it here. It gets crowded when the weather is nice, but even when it's crowded it's a relaxing place to be.

Shawn R

This is always been one of my favorite they have swing trails to go hiking and a very large kids play they also have a volleyball Court

John Yarnell

One of the best parks in Boise. Great place for kids to play, dogs to run.

Aron Kerr

We loved this park. The playground at the bottom of the hill was a lot of fun for the kids. Then we hiked to the top of the hill for some great views. Finally we did a nice 20min hike to the children's museum / center and played inside and out. Fantastic for young kids.

Michael Lyon

Great trails a d great panorama of city

Ka-chan vroom

I go to this park(s) all the time! It's good for all ages, it has many hiking trails and a park with benching and shade.

Javier Luna

Great park with a scenic view and access to many hiking/ biking trails.

Trinity Chandler

Hyde Park Street Fair, was an awesome event. I highly recommend it!!!

cameron king

Just came for the Hyde park street fair, and it was awesome. Nice, clean park even when events aren't going on. Also the availability of the hiking is a strong plus for active people or families.

Zach Branam

Great Boise park to spend time at. You can have a picnic in the grass, walk the trails all around Camel's Back Park, or attend one of the many events hosted there year-round. The large hill has newly installed steps for those who want a workout, and you can see the whole city from the top of the hill. Along with the excellent playground equipment there is an exercise section where you can go and work out. Definitely one of the best parks in Boise.

Valerie Murfin

Beautiful park, with great hiking and biking trails.

joshua martin

Great views and fun playground for the kids. One of my favorite places to visit in the city.

Stacy Platt

So much fun to climb the big hill - the trails in back are awesome

Lily Kenyon

Loved the hill for the kids, but the lines of sight are not super clear, so it was hard to keep an eye on everyone all at once. Love the workout equipment!

sarah Murphy

Such a great place to enjoy the weather


Awesome park. Great spot to climb and see the sunset The dog even approves

Spence Patrick

The new rock stair case adds a lot to this park. It's a great place for taking the city in, running, Mt biking or taking my kid to the park.

James Neal

Dog friendly. Great park.

Ma Ligaya Ako

Just a nice place to chill and lots of things to do for all ages ( playground equipment, tennis court, hike or ride your bike around the trails)

Jose DeSousa

Great, always enjoy coming to this park. Either by myself, friends, or with the family.

oreo opossum

They destroyed one of boise's best sledding hills by adding stairs.

Christie Carroll

I adore this park! Where I grew up, I do not recall people going to the park and hanging out for the heck of it. So when I came to Boise and found out that people's Saturday afternoon plans often include hanging around at a park playing frisbee/volleyball/slacklining, I was pleasantly surprised!This park tucked away in the North End, is perfect for gathering a big group of people together, hosting a BBQ, or just posting up a hammock to relax and read under a tree. Camel's Back also has a massive hill (which I am assuming is how it received its quirky name) that sits as a backdrop for the park. Behind this hill is a slew of trails where runners and hikers can roam around.

Ian Sanders

Fun hills and trails. Playground is nice. Restrooms are sketchy. Have witnessed drug activity in the past, have felt more comfortable recently as the neighborhood has cleaned up.

Matt Alexander

I enjoy park ver much

Karl Huebner

Great park for kids and adults. Lots of hiking trails and a great playground


Great place for the whole family and they always have great events going on!

My 9ers

Kids are never too big to hike Camels Back. Loved it!

Goose Master 5 Million

I've had a lot of fun here over the years


Improved greatly. Trails are great.

panda lolley

Beautiful nature, definitely good place to take dogs to run or have a picnic

Scott Thornton

I grew up right across the street from the park back in the 60s and early 70s. We had a lot more freedom back then. Boise had a lot less people running around back then. Hiking and exploring is restricted to trails only now to reduce erosion and the city has put stairs in at the top of Angel's Slide. The stairs make it nice for ascending the last few yards and has eliminated erosion at the top. Very nice! The view from up top is fantastic! It all seemed much bigger back then, but it is much more beautiful to see now. Well worth the short climb to the top with several short moderate walking routes to the top and mountain biking trails leading to just about any length anyone would ever want. Very family friendly place!

Bella A

Beautiful trails and great park. Awesome place to hang a hammock and chill out. Go to the top of the hill for sun set its beautiful


They rebuilt a few areas. It looks very nice and the kids love the whole park.

Dracicida Sempronius

Beautiful park and a lovely hike through the hillz

Autumn DiLulo

Always a great place to be, the hill is under remodel lol they are putting in stairs from the top all the way to the bottom. Kinda different but I'm excited about it.

Trevor Spielman

Activities for all ages here. Plenty of shade trees for picnics and open spaces for group activities.

XxSpookyPrincessxX Draws

It's so beautiful there and I just like it a lot

Lex Morley

I've been coming here since I was way little and I have forever loved this park! I highly recommend coming here for any kind of event you want. Plus the street fairs they have here are the best!!!

tulasi krsna

A Boise landmark, lots of space to play for everyone; playground, hiking trails, a hill to climb with an amazing view of the beautiful city below.

Laura Hope

bruh amazing


Camel’s Back Park will always be a go to for me during the summer. It’s nice to see people enjoy this park as much as I do. Or too busy and everyone minds their own. You’ll find people hiking and biking the trails, bring your dog too! Hike to the top you’ll get a pretty few of the sunset and of downtown!

Courtney R.

Such a cool park. There's something for everyone here.

katie martine

This park is awesome for families. Restrooms are available and the park is large enough for multiple families to enjoy. Lots of grass area for other activities ot just to relax. I really enjoyed our visit!

Robert Andrews

Yet another great park in Boise. This park has access to several biking and hiking trails.

Brenda Barriga

This park offers so much! It offers different trails all have beautiful views. The new stairs are a cute addition and great addition to your hike/walk. The park also has a pretty big playground for kids and lots of space for them to run free.

Aaron Williams

One of the best parks in Boise. Hike up the hill for a spectacular view of the North End and downtown area.


Although some of the paths were closed due to construction or for errosion correction, the trails are well marked so that everyone could enjoy the trails and beautiful views. A wonderful treasure for the whole family!!

Sarah M

I love ro walk here on a weekday morning. It's my trip away from home.

Cyrus M

This park has a great playground, a workspace, tennis court, sand volleyball court, large grass field, and trails. Clean and well taken care of. Restrooms and water fountains work.


Great place to take the kids hiking and they have a great playground area as well.


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