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REVIEWS OF Boulder Beach Water Park IN Idaho

Nicki Muse

They need water fountains in the water park as well as what they have on theme park side by the restrooms.

Theresa Bennett

Family fun every year!

Rich Duncan

Fun for the whole family we were there from open till close to much for one day a two day package would be best

Miss Sminone

So amazing friendly staff and it was the best. The wave pool is my favorite part also the water slides

M00DYPenguin lol

I was with friend while I was here and that really heighten the experience but it was just fun

Jill Monroe

We make an annual trip to Boulder Beach with my sister's family and ours. 18 - 22 of us. Always worth it. Kids love Boulder Beach because the little kids have areas for them and older kids more advanced slides and wave pools. Also the Lazy River for adults and all ages to relax. Food and beverage lines get long in July so plan to eat early or late.

Rich Wicks

It was a beautiful day, and we had a great time. We rented a cabana for the day. The park staff was very friendly and helpful.

George Dreger

Lots of fun. Lots of slides. A lazy river. Plenty of places to stash your stuff and take a load off. Plan to spend most of your day here as it is much more fun, and a much better way to spend your day than the amusement park.

Alice Russell

My kids love it, we go here for the morning and Silverwood for the afternoon.

Jacquie Brownell

Too many people. Too long of lines. Way too expensive. No fun, just exhausting.

Gary Denio

Fun for the whole family!

Caleb realm

All the rides are great and the staff are great too. The only problem is it's expensive other than that pretty great

JamiSue Sharp

If You like to go to water parks, then this is a must. It has everything from a huge kids area with little rides and splashing stations, and chairs set up all around so you can sit and relax right with them. There is a fun racing ride that allows 6 to race at one time. There are two tube rides, 2 rafting rides, two large wave pools, and a lazy river. Not to mention two more one person fast sides that go almost straight down.. If that's not enough there's still one more toddler splash pad on the other side of the wave pools for the littlest ones.. You can sit and relax in the sun on one of thousands of spots our bring your own chair and sit anywhere on the grass as well.. You won't be disappointed..

raven dough

I'm 12 but it was super but water is to low so I hit my head

Kent Stradley

This place is amazing very affordable and great family fun

Gavin Garrett

Crazy over crowded, the line for food was two and a half hours long (seriously, from the time I got in line to the time my order was ready). Then to top it off someone stole my brand new Reef flip-flops. Last time I go to Boulder Beach.

Ranger Boomer

If you hate silverwood, then get outta Idaho

Craig Walker

Priced about how you'd expect, get the 10$ drink cup or borrow one. Cabanas usually booked solid; get in line by 10am, get a lounger in shade. Food decent, staff helpful. Good family experience.

papa ink

It was fine it was fun suggest going with others

Fredrick Tribble

We had a great time with the family.

Volodimir Danilyuk

Best water park I been. Love their family rides and wave pools are cool. Nice place for fun and even picnic.

Todd H

Environment is so laid back, but full of things to do. Staff is extraordinary in making you feel welcome, keeping things flowing, clean... Could not speak high enough of Silverwood as a whole or in part.

Brandon Newbill

Boulder Beach is awesome! Best water park I've ever been to and best part of Silverwood by far. Do not go without spending a big part of your day at the beach. Something for everyone and lots of fun!

Todd Miner

We had the time of lives here, great park for the kids!! Safe to!!

emily scobie

Everything was very clean and there were many options for all ages.

Lester Higgins

Live in CDA great to have in backyard, Coeurdalene lake in the front. Season pass a must

Chris Littrell

Reasonably priced water park. Affordable, good food. "Single" scoop of ice cream comes with a monstrous five scoops for $5. Water park attendants are paying attention and keep everything flowing smoothly. Bathrooms are clean and stocked. The lines were short, however it was a Monday so the lines are likely longer on the weekends. The only problem I observed was the Dippin Dots ice cream server was accepting money and giving change with a gloved hand and not washing her hands or switching gloves. Not enough of a problem for me to lose a star.

Richard DeArment

A fun place to cool down and have fun.

Curtis Siminoff

Great variety of rides and water features. Fun for young kids as well as adults.

Mike Gallup

The wave pool was a blast never been in one and can't wait to go again

Darin Douglas

Very busy but worth the wait

Zack Martinez

Super fun and close enough for a day trip!

Lisa Johnson

Took my family from Wales. They had a blast!

Shantell Omalley

The water was the perfect temperature, the lines were great, and the rides were amazing! We had a blast! There was something for everyone and prices for food and the shops were shockingly affordable!! My favorite was the yellow big tube ride!! Watch out for the rides that you go down by yourself, you fly down that thing so fast you get the most ultimate of wedgies

Joshua Halverson

Great time. The lifeguards dont seem to pay that great of attention in the wave pool though so if you arent a good swimmer I advise a life vest

eric snodgrass

it's a wave pool and other water fun things to do.

Chris Raines

Fun place. Good park. Food and drink very reasonably priced for park being that you cant bring in your own. I don't know if its regular but the music seemed to be on a 10 song repeat? Lines are as expected bit overall we had a good experience. Will go back

jeffrey bogach

It's a pretty amazing place to take the family. We normally spend a full day or 2 out of our trip in the waterpark. During the week lines are definitely better than on weekends. It's a fun place. 2 wave pools. It's a blast

Kacee Sue

We ALWAYS get a cabana now...worth it! I do have to say, that I got my toe caught in a hole in the wave pool,(1st one). Around the 4.5-5.5 ft mark; middle area. Not sure if it was a drain, or crack, but my toe is swollen, red, & inflamed :/ The food, is mediocre, but my hubby enjoyed the pulled pork sandwich; nacho chips were STALE! The price for the food is okay, but food should be UPGRADED, or a few more elevated items added. Our locker was broken...the door literally was off the hinge; the assistant told/showed us that, but there was no discount to reflect it; I put things into there so they're secure, & for peace of mind....I was worried. Our cabana, #7, had a pine tree,(maybe 6ft tall), right in the view of the wave pool. I was not happy. They need to manicure the landscaping,(many had tall bushes/obstructions), so you can actually see your kids, or just admire the water view. Lastly,...BEEEEES THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! They need to change out the traps DAILY! We did have fun, just a lot of neglect on their part unfortunately.

Christina Matheson

Family friendly park.

Luanna Roberts

Awesome love this place

Angehlo Morales

The huge r fun!

Tara Zimmerrman

Brandon the lifeguard at the wave pool. Super awsome! Dove in the water to get our sunglasses.

YT_ Og-_-DiEgO15

I've only been here once great experience. Its quit expensive but totally worth it

Alyssa Conowitch

It was really fun and their ice cream was amazing!!!!!

Jake Parkison

Fun place for the kids. Extremely crowded and overpriced.

Therrisa Christine

Love this place has some great water slides and the kiddie area is wonderful


Family and I always enjoy our time here. Get in line early to get your spot. They even let you bring in your own goodies for the kiddos. The lifeguards do a great job managing the crowds and ensuring everyone's safety.

Kevin Sohler

Super fun big slides

Johnathan Dumbrille

Clean facilities and good food prices for a theme/water park. Rides are fun and there's a good selection.

Alexander Phillips

Highly chlorinated water is the biggest issue, besides that, awesome place

Jonathan Johnson

Boulder Beach is the only place you can go in the park and not have to pay extra for or wait in a line...

Cherndanny Towne

Admission is high $57 for 7-64 but after 4pm it's $31 so that is 5 hours plenty of time

Jim Deerwester

literally the best theme park in the PNW

Randi modin

Fun but the lines were a time consuming wait. Forty five minutes for one ride can eat up the day. The food is good. And the wave pool and kid areas are fun and easily accessible so that's a bonus.

Josh Foshee

Great place for a day at the water park. Pricey but good value. Needs a solution for the lines. Too long of waits for 1 slide.

Creative Energy


Duck With a Gun Gaming

This park is truly amazing. There is something for the entire family here from grandparents to toddlers. Food is good and easily accessible and restrooms are clean and conveniently located. The staff is friendly. Overall this is one of the best vacations we have taken.

Calm Chowda

Middle of no where, idk how they afford the amazing rides their

Angie Pitts

My Family love it here

Maddisyn Stout

The water was warmer than the air which was amazing because the wind was blowing. The groups slides are fun. Climb the stairs to the slides isnt fun but way worth it

Judie Judnich

So fun very clean


Awesome!!! Our vacation every Year

Joe Dorosh

Great park. So overcrowded. Why do they let so many people in here at once? I smell septic all over the place. Is that sanitary? I would give it a five start, yet the poo smell and stupidly large clouds and lines make it a three.

Shelby Blau

Excellent family fun!

Anthony Kay

Went there for the day with the family and had a great time. My only regret is not getting there when it opened to really enjoy the whole park. Lots of different food to eat at a reasonable price. The water park area has bars with alcohol and you can walk around with the alcohol. Fun for the whole family. Make sure to see the magic show while you are there.

stuligin dahooligan

Great water slides, great wave pools, just great.

Jennifer Vonderwell

Very nice waterpark with multiple slides, wave pools, lazy river, kids lagoon, and splash pad. Good food choices, beer, tropical drinks, smoothies and shakes. Very little shade so come prepared or rent a cabana. Get there as gates open if you want a chair. Pavement gets very hot on a sunny summer day so bring sandals.

Deb H

Fun place with lots of options. Dumb we have to spend extra for a tube...Spend the $10 and rent the tube though.

Silvia Madrigal

Tyler from the private cabanas is amazing made our trip way better!!

C Galloway

Great place to spend a whole day or more

Heather Ann

Everything was wonderful other than the Chicken Shack workers failing to communicate that they were down a fryer and there was a 40 minute wait for our food. However, they gave us a free refill for our wait, so, thank you!

Jose Alonso Rodriguez

Its awsome but the service for the food and drinks are to slow

Nam Phuong Thai

Fun, reasonably priced for food, nice atmosphere

Casey Potts

Had a blast. Hate the lines but the staff and the atmosphere is great!

Jake Vick

Boulder beach is great for the whole family! Our 3 year old was loving the kids area, our 13 year old was enjoying the slides and the wife and I could spend the whole day in the lazy river.

Jason Swan

Fun, we go every year.

goodgamer 2019

They had all kinds of food shacks so you could pretty l always have some food as longs as you have money and there is a bunch of waterslides and a wavepool so you are never bored

Manda Newb

Great fun at this water park! Will definitely be back with my family again!!!

Lori Abramson

Amazing, perfect day. Bathrooms clean... All day. One bad thing is that there are no big lockers for my prosthetic or crutches, however the staff was very kind in setting them out of sight.

Landan Jensen

Real cooool

James Herrmann

Very long lines, music was from 50s & 60s . Shorter lines and modern music would have been great.

Liberty Cree

Lots and lots of fun


Food and stuff is pretty expensive , but it is kinda fun

Jaskaran Singh

Fun place for family..

John O'Brien

Awesome water park, nicely landscaped, reasonably priced food and super friendly staff.

Shawn Crouch

The kids love the wave pool.

whomp whomp

Awesome !!! Love it and I'm 48 :)


Lots of great rides, can get busy in good weather, great fun for the whole family

melissa reeve

Lots of people wearing skimpy swimsuits BUT I love how there is a toddler area!!!

Puget Island

Nice place with no management skill for staff or guests. Example: Line for chicken baskets is an hour long but next door the lemonade stand has three staff twiddling their thumbs. Why not have them do something while guests don't want lemonade? Everything is linear. Want a pre made sandwich? You gotta wait while orders ahead of you are processed.

johnathan the game master

One of my favorite places to go! They are alway adding more things to do each year. The water park was very very clean and I was suprised about that. Life guards were very good at muslin sure the rules were being followed and people stated safe. The lines for rides were not very long. The good was a different story. I told in line eally for 35 mins waiting to order for.

Squigz Zuniga

Great place to spent a hot day. Get there super early if you want a good place to sit for the day,if you dont then good luck

Sierra Depue

Super fun! Long 20 min line waits for each ride. Over crowded for sure but rides are fun and food is good.


Sexy ladys

Michelle Strange

Amazing place for families but wear water shoes. Everyone that was barefoot got blisters. Also, I recommend doing the water one day and the theme park the next day. It's a lot of walking. Its about 1\2 mile from the parking lot to the park.

Mikey Hicks

Is a good place to camp and have fun playing in the water and going on rides with the family.

Roger Sutherland

Fantastic! Fantastic! Where men can become kids again.

James Drennen

Loved the expirence

LDJ Studios

If you can go when it's not too crowded that is best. Things get real claustrophobic real fast

Michael Fox

Cool place had a great time some of the young people working there could use more training.

Deitrich Reiter

So much fun

Kelly Conklin

Very family friendly. Lots of area to spread out and spend the day. Food is not overpriced and the lazy river has a swim up bar. The water was clean and warm. Overall, an excellent experience!


This is a kiddo mecca where your beer belly can hang out and yor toddlers can safely learn to swim and ride the waves! Check out my Silverwood review for more info!

Keith Borgholthaus

I'll be honest here, I came here after a long trip doing research. I was exhausted and needing to relax. Not a joke, I fell asleep in one of the tube rides and then smashed into a turn. Not the fault of the park, but that hurt. The best ride for relaxing was the river ride. You sat on a tube and lazily let it take you along. That's where I take the star out. I wish there was raft that I could fully lay down on. It would have been a great way to sleep. The other rides are a lot of fun when not exhausted. The wave pool was awesome, and reminded me of swimming in the ocean. The group rides were also a lot of fun. My other big gripe was the food. It wasn't bad, it was just average. Also, it would have been nice to know about the rules of the different parks. We had one locker, but didn't know we had different dress codes in the different areas. This led to a lot of different answers and problems and then some awkwardness where clothes were in one place, and we couldn't get to it because of only being in bathing suits.

Stephen MacNeill

Great family fun!

Martin Taylor

Super fun for family but wave pool is a bit extreme

Jess Redmon

Fun but expensive and busy.

Luke Stockdale

Extremely good place have fun with the kids. With some of the best views in the county. One of the best places to hang out in the park is close to the water slides. Especially the high-speed slides. These slides know exactly how to do it. And without even paying too much attention. This attraction will KREM bathing suits in two places you've never even seen before. And the slides provide the best job in the park swimsuit removal.

David Wollam

So much fun

Sieg Fichte

The park charges $50 to get in, then there's a $13 locker charge followed by a$4 float tube rental. And that's if you went by yourself. Not to mention food and alcohol. The water park itself is nice and there are a good number of attractions. However, there should be a limit to the number of people they literally allow to be crammed in there. The lazy river was a lazy wall of people : the wave pool was a wall of people. So you see where I'm going with this. Oh and don't ever think about accidentally leaving the water park without a shirt. They have a staff of professional hard a**es to verbally harass you about it. Fun times were had by none!

Timothy King

Very fun, safe, well staffed venue.

Christopher Katona

Really awesome waterslides to go down and good looking shops

Lovina Channel

Love it here!!!!! Very fun rides and waterpark. Great for family

Sheryl Rounsivill

First time there. Awesome

Tim Brown

There are two wave pools and many water slides. You have to get in early to snag a cabana. (Or pay to reserve one ahead of time) Lots of fun food options along with beer and fruit cocktails! The lifeguards always seem very focused and the staff has always been very helpful.

Wendy S

My family had a lot of fun. It was definitely ideal for the hot weather. Plenty to do. There were lots of people but it wasn't packed. You need 2 days. Can't wait to return next summer.

Scott Stewart

Great place for whatever age! Well organized, top notch one of a kind place! Words cannot explain the fun the two little ones had here and the two big ones lol, it's a place you must go at least once! See you next year! Awesome, just awesome

The Supreme Beanz

Fun time with the Family! Everyone loves the Wave pool. Lines for slides were long, but not as long as they could have been I guess. I wish that the locker locations were located at more places than just the one for the water park.

Andres Verdecia

Water is clean, a nice quantity of lifeguards around at all times, water slides, huge park, kids areas and teen friendly, foods a bit over priced but that's to be expected. Fun for a day off with the family.

Gregory Blake

Great place to relax with the kids. This Sunday was not busy at all. Loved it.

Lee Er Phua-Sharp

Highly recommend this place for family! Such a family oriented park with great staffs too. Their prices for food and drinks aren’t too bad. We went there for two days and it wasn’t enough. When you realized how much fun your family get to experience, you might wanna consider getting the season pass or three days pass because it is well worth your money! Love it!!!! We will go again next year!

Jaide Harris

My kids and I really enjoy visiting in the summer. Needs more lounge chairs.

white line fever

It was good fun for my fam not really my thing but great fun for the kids.

Samuel Raymond

Honest review! fun park, needs a few more slides. It tends to be very over crowded, which means 30 minute wait in line per slide. The staff is a bunch bratty kids with no customer service skills. Bring your own food. The food lines are worse than the slides. It is rediculous. But it is still a lot of fun and my son loves it, so it is worth it.

Onessia Elliott

Great water park, fun for all ages. Fun family slides, single rider slides and an awesome lazy river with a float up bar! I recommend buying tickets online for a discount.

Joe Robles

My kids had a blast. They were especially fond of the wave pool and tadpole play park. My only complaint was how crowded the whole park was but this is something I should have expected seeing as how it was a holiday weekend and all. I recommend visiting on a weekday so you're not waiting 45 minutes to board a water slide.

Casey Young

Best place to get some fun and sun in the area!

Chris Fletcher

We rented a cabana this year, it was definitely worth the cost!

Half Calf

Lovely enslaved ocean


Overly crowded. Drinks are weak just sneak some shots in. Food is too expensive bring sandwiches. Its a hassle to bring your reciept back when you return your tube. Water smells like pee. Music is not loud enough. Long lines to change clothes in the restrooms. Need more stalls. Need more drink stations. Too long of lines when trying to order drinks.other than that it was ok.

Heidi Helberg

Love the water park. Wishing north Idaho would be more modest and tasteful in their choices on swimwear.

Derek Woods

This place was so much fun for my family. Lots of staff, very friendly. While sitting by the pool a young gentleman came up to the lifeguard to let her know his mom was lost. In a few minutes two staff members were on the hunt and found mom right away. My kids are a little older but still reassuring they have this type of response to that situation.

Vishy Lishy

Super fun, a bit crowded, lol.

Shelley Olson

Family fun all day!

kayla johnson

Line ups were crazy for everything but it was alot of fun!

Kira Silver

Lots of fun but don't get tricked by the tubes, you can rent one, but only need it if you're going on the lazy river, otherwise they're available already for all the slides. And NO denim, zippers, buttons, metal. I guess that should be a no duh, but I thought my shorts were fine, didn't know & had to buy some, but they did have em, so that's good too. Plan ahead for food & bathroom, the lines end up long & last minute is a bad idea ^_^

Brian Keller

Best thing about this sand!

Brian Beckwith

Had the time of my life, other parks are bigger not better

Ben Burris

Had a great time! The wave pool added a cool break in an otherwise HOT day and the lazy river lived up to its name adding a lazy, refreshing and relaxing ride. It was a good day at a great place. Season passes also made it worth it.

Beth Paschall

So FUN and clean!

Trinity Kaeding

Fun and clean! Staff is friendly too!

Michele Broderick

Need to have self serve stations with water, just water so people dont hold up food lines.

Luke Baumann

fun place for the family .

Smurf Teri

Super fun but long lines for bars and food

Ryan Grant

Lots of room, lots of attractions, *great* lazy river. Love this place!

Evan Crass

First time was fun

jaron benner

Thought it would have more attractions.

Virgil Sanders

Super fun! The wavepool was terrifying but a great way to cool off!

Dean S

Great water park but time to add a new feature.

Shauna Ackett

So much fun! Went while it rained and lines were pretty short!

Joann Rolen

A great place to take your family!

Annette Hull

It's a fun family places to go

Trisha McCraw

AWESOME BRING YOUR KIDS!!!**minimum of 8 I suggest. Maybe 5.

Luke Nodine

We have visited Boulder beach two years in a row now. Without a doubt it is one of my Families favorite summer destinations. My oldest loves the Ricochet Rapids. Sometimes the line is long but the ride is worth the wait. My middle and youngest are huge fans of the lazy river and the kids splash zones. Our whole family enjoys the Taco shop for lunch as well. Seems to be the spot to go each time we are in town. Great park, clean and very fair.

Athena Herrmann

Had a blast would definitely go back

7Shannon L Sandoval0py99998u

The lines on the weekend are long so definitely pick less busy days otherwise great

Erin Danner

Perfect water temperature. Life guards are stellar! Rides are well maintained.

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