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Where is Boise National Forest?

REVIEWS OF Boise National Forest IN Idaho

Danny Hamilton

Wish they took better care of trails and roads. It was a awesome experience but lacks signage to show you where your heading or estimated mileage to your chosen destination. Put a donation box at trail heads and people like me will pay for a better trail. Thanks

Luis Licea

huge forest filled with lots of wildlife perfect for camping and relaxing

Zach Brown

Wide open spaces with few people and great campgrounds. Some wonderful fishing, good swimming and hiking.

K9 Shepherd

What can I say? It's the forest and mountains and it's away from concrete and metal and humans. It's peaceful!!

Junnaid Javed

Serenity and peace. Go enjoy yourself

Wiley Hollingsworth

Drove up to a high ridge on Snowbank Mountain, to watch the moon's shadow race toward us, initiating the total solar eclipse. Was prepared to rough it. But there were lots of level places to pitch a tent, and the Forest Service had lots of porta-potties there, for the crowds. Photos: 1) looking west, over the valley that hosts Council and Weaver, Idaho. 2) Looking East, over the valley that hosts Cascade, Idaho. 4) In the shadow of a tree, we can see dappled sunlight. During moments of partial eclipse, the crescent sun creates crescent dapples.

Lizzy Uda

Beautiful area, great camping and hikes.

Kelsey Marie

Beautiful place with trees. A great place to go to have a relaxing time and get a clear head.

Jim Paulson

More deer and elk than people! Brought home morel, cauliflower and other mushrooms. Beautiful views. Can't wait to go back.


Pleasant place to watch the kyackers

Jesse Lassandro

I mean, how much better can you get than the Boise National Forest? Simply gorgeous mountains, beautiful rivers and awesome trails. As is in Idaho everything is very accessible and there is something for EVERY level of explorer. This is one of the reasons I love living in my Boise

Kevin Fowler

Arrowrock Reservoir recreation area. The fishing can be very productive. The scenery can be amazing. I love coming here. Only 25 miles from Boise, It's a fantastic get away and opens the door for a driving and site seeing adventure.


Great fishing on the middle fork

JP Chastain

Great service, lots of trees. The streams we're very lifelike and lots of wild critter things!

Brad Raburn

I spend my weekends in the Boise National forest fishing and hiking. I love the access these public lands provide and it is a great break from being in the city.

Glen Perry

This is actually Johnson Creek Airport, a beautiful little getaway in the mountains about 50 miles east of McCall.

Trent Hansen

Great place to spend the day any session.

Krystalyn B

We camped at Black Rock campground and it was absolutely beautiful. It's right by the river, so a quick walk will get you to a nice little area to cool down. I can't say enough good things about this campground.

Rogelio Barbosa

One of my favorite places to go camping and catching kokanee,trout, cutthroat

Margaret Salatino

Great place for anything outdoors. Good food establishments nearby

roy bartlett

The place to be,summer or winter.The Cascade Flea Market is open for the summer. There is something for everyone.Guy camping toys like knives,swords,Blowguns,1911 Guns,silver coins.Ladies dresses,T Shirts,socks.And lots lots more.The place to be,Open Thursday thru Sunday,10am to 5pm.See you there! Discount Knives and Swords.

Lisa Bonds

Was snowing.everything shimmered and sparled

George Trager

Got its ups and downs...ha ha, seriously, lots of steep roads. Beautiful scenery, but also some tragically burned out areas that are depressing to drive through. Hundreds, maybe thousands of great camping spots.

Jay Nightmares

Astonishing sights to see here. It's beautiful and fun to visit. Make sure you go up with a sturdy and stable car though.

John Belville

Many great camping spots off the highway.


Just beautiful

Duane Hughes

Scenic views are everywhere!

jeff aggson

Beautiful place to visit and outdoor activities

Glenn Overacre

I truly love going to the Boise National Forest. It's a great escape to peaceful quiet beauty. Unlike some parts of our country, a short hike can take you away from traffic noise. Good for the soul.

Keith Thomson

"Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world." John Muir "And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul." John Muir


I love Idaho


We love the forest. But make sure you are prepared for snow chains water food ect...

Alan Baum

Beautiful Camping area at Big Eddy campground. The sun rise is spectacular as well.

laura lee

Love getting away from the hustle and bustle of Boise. It's awesome that so much is right out the back door!!

Frank Jones

The section that we went to was free camping and there are no trees here. A lot of mountain biking trails. Good for riding dirt bikes.

Dustin Sifford

Protect your public lands! Vote for a politician who is against transfer of ownership or expansion of industrial practices. Don't settle for cheap lip service from a cowboy hat wearing fake outdoorsman, only to be double-crossed and have your forests clear cut and your groundwater contaminated with mining waste all in the name economic growth. You'll be paying taxes to repair that damage for years to come, if the land is still public at all.

Tom Clyne

Beautiful,most area's are not fenced off for that quick turn off road that you see and just want to take a hike. No garbage at stops or roads and streams,lakes and creeks are cool clean and inciting..

Amber Davis

Beautiful. More accessible trails would be nice


Don't burn it

Kenzee Bowles

An absolutely beautiful natural resource for hikers, photographers, leisure seekers, kayakers, bicyclists, and hunters. There is a definite off-the-grid sense in many places because it is never too crowded and if you do your research or talk to the right people, you can enjoy some of the plentiful hot springs freckled through the hills or grab a guide and map and pick mushrooms.

Jonathan Ross

Great place to take the whole family. There are so many trails and places to wander.

Joseph Sheets

Beautiful peaceful and serene

Heather Lundgren

Wonderful scenery, quiet and beautiful. Love going camping up here.

Nick Keith

Great place to get away. Good campsites all around.

Sara Emelia Giambruno

Peaceful and recharged my internal batteries.

Gina Caldwell

Always such beauty everywhere.

Audrey Esmiol

Hiked all up and down trails for 6 hours with three kids (7, 8, & 10) and they loved it! A bit cold up top, but such gorgeous views in the deeper forested parts and from the ridges. The dilapidated log cabin we found made for a solid picnic spot & fun play for the kids. There was a little snow (late Oct/early Nov) on the north face so snowball fighting was an enjoyed option. Take a good ol' fashioned map (or print one) just in case. Tech can die on longer excursions if you're not prepared. Water & fuel is also a must. Have fun!

Thomas Kirkham

I always love my adventures here. With such a varied landscape there is always some thing to do.

John Galban

Love the Boise National Forest. Quick access from Boise. Roads and trails are well maintained. Everything from high plateaus to dense forest to alpine lakes. Lots to do here.

Grady Jones

This place is awesome! So many good hikes and good family picnic areas.

Debbi Wallace-Even

Restful, peaceful & beautiful. Great place to live & play.

Thomas Crowe

With a high of 30 degrees this was an Arizona reprieve. The snow covering was gorgeous but didn't slow our climb to Idaho city.

Dave Shaw

Went in a trail ride, just about 72 miles long up behind Danskin look out. Rode clear over to Benders head trail head good trails, though lacking on allot of trail signage. Many trails didn't have numbers on them, and could of used some maps along the way.

Janet Duran

I live in California and we are dry! If ,I were too rinse my porch off the police would be called! J K, but dirty looks for sure. Boise, has Water,Water,Water and More Water. There is so many beautiful spots too fish and Kayak. The peace and serenity that this place has given me is hard too put on paper. Large Mouth, Small Mouth and trout are fun too catch on our kayaks. Don't miss out on the beauty of Boise's Lakes, streams and Resivors.

Sergey Sagan

Beautiful! I love going to places that remind me of the magnificence of God's creation. No cell phone signal here.

Carlene Hansen

Beautiful scenery!! Wide open spaces! ♡♡ Birds singing and no cell service so truly back to nature.

Cynthia Harris

Awesome, breathtaking AND adventurous...all-across-the-board!!! Some of my very best and fondest youth-hood memories are forever kept in this National Forest. (With many more modern-day memories to soon come!!!)

Edwin Gaines

Beautiful area. Hot springs close by.NICE landing strip for pilots. Remote and wonderful.

Dee Marling

Really beautiful!

Krys T

Awesome place to enjoy nature and still enjoy the snow this time of year.

Morty Prisament

Bogus Basin is a beautiful place to ski, just up the mountain from Boise. It's very affordable w a season pass. They also offer a number of programs to help children and adults learn to ski. The base lodge area has been upgraded and expanded as well. The major drawback is a lack of alternative transportation to the area, resulting in so many solo drivers. What's needed are affordable electric shuttles and a system to ebcourage carpooling, including park-and -ride lot at the base of Bogus Basin Road. A related problem is parking, access, and erosion control/water quality. The ski area needs to manage the number and facilities for parking as the existing lower lot often turns to a muddy mess. You also have a lot of people taking advantage of the disabled parking who obviously have no mobility problems.

Timothy Jolly

It can be lovely if you know where to go

Eliza Connor

Nothing but trees! A few deer, an elk, some antelope, a chipmunk, wild flowers, a river, rapids, winding roads, some paved, some gravel, some dirt, ghost towns, dilapidated, abandoned ruins. Nineteenth century cemeteries. Other than that, not much to see or do.

Cynthla Howard

We went camping outside of lowman had a great time caught some fish and enjoyed some time away from the constant city noise

Simeon Hill

absolutely beautiful you just have to find the right place make sure you are on the right land not a good place to go wandering around into other people's private raising or logging properties roads can be dangerous to line corners also heavy gravel rocks for those who drive nice vehicles.

Kacee Walker

The best place for hunting, fishing, hiking, camping and all activities outdoors.

Ben Bennett

A great forest with lots of camping opportunities. There are many, many forest roads that you can drive on that take you to all sorts of adventures!

Trent Adams

Great place to take inexperienced riders. Lots of Trails and some easy open Meadows

Amanda Mathews

Beautiful and great place for family fishing swimming camping bbq and hiking

Jose Perez

Fresh air beautiful scenery. Great place to go for a hike. Have a barbeque picnic or a gathering

Jonathan Smith

Lots of good camp area and running water to clean dishes bathrooms were cleaned Dailey,would go back again .

Tammy Ikonen

This is an amazing place to go this bridge to watch the sunrise. Fascinating to look at the construction of this bridge and the dead and live wildlife

Charles Durrant

No crowds. No hassle. The Idaho way.

Cassie Roberts

Beautiful, peaceful easy access for all kinds of activities

Garson Moser

Seclusion! Nothing beats not hearing or having to see people without phone signal for days. Great scenic views getting to our campsite. The river was raging, I was told much faster then normal. It was good and cold which helped out for the hot days. There were a lot of butterflies everywhere! Really cool to see!

Chris King

Beautiful area with great dirtbiking trails. Well maintained trails. Thanks Boise.

Jonathon Minniti

It's a it's beautiful... people do a decent job of picking up trash but could do better... campers...please don't break bottles in the camp sites and stop using your hatches on live 100 year old trees...that junk just is not cool...


This is a very natural environment with little development. There are very few cell phone signals. This place has many outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, rafting, hunting, and fishing. There are small towns that provide the essentials for tourism.

Martin Langenwalter

South fork lodge in Lowman is a great place for a quiet get away

Brandi Huskey

View on the way up Snowbank to see The Dome. Blue Lake is beautiful

John McMurray

What can I say, the forest is AWESOME... But someone really should do something about all the dirt..

Ricky Bowman

Went camping at the Pine Flats camp ground. A very peaceful site along the South Fork of the Payette river

Vincent Jenks

Wilderness right out your back door. Great hiking and amazing scenery.

Renee Kline

Absolutely love this National Forest. It encompasses so many beautiful areas for recreation and close to Boise.

Lynden Jensen

This is my favorite part of Idaho. Highly recommended.

Christopher Gladhart

Um. I think others know why its such a great place to go.

Jeremy Steik

Sage hen is a great place

John Melland

This is a great place for outdoor activities! There's plenty of natural wonders and animals. Great hunting, fishing, hiking, sightseeing, and camping. Elk, deer, chipmunks, pine squirrels, wolves, Bigfoots, owls, coyotes, mountain lions, bass, trout, suckers, salmon, skunks, porcupine, and raccoons. To name a few of the critters that inhabit the forests. Spend a lot of time there. Always see something new in all the old familiar places. Hot springs too, I forgot to mention.

Marika Russell

Beautiful place to visit nature.

Bruce Boucher

Idaho City is just a short drive from Meridian and we'll worth it with beautiful scenery all the way up the mountain. We new we were at the tail end of the season to take the kids sledding, with the conditions a little slushy in spot's, regardless the kids still had a blast and the weather was absolutely beautiful in the 50's with plenty of sunshine. Will definitely be back next year.

Carolee Campbell

Great to be in the pines. Cascade has such a rich history. Great to be such a beautiful place. I like all the little shops there, plus the drive around that beautiful lake with the mountains in the back ground. You can take a boat on the lake and spend the day,or go fishing or swimming.. Look for wild animals, just being in nature renews the senses.

Shaylin Carroll

Lots of cool hikes, nature spots, and scenic places.

Donna Pappas

Beautiful and so much to do in the great outdoors

Luke LL

Limitless places to hike, horseback ride, canoue. It has everything a forest should. And the local authorities take good care of the forest's camp grounds and there is water and clean toilets at all the campgrounds I saw.

Pamela Buchanan

Our cabin is up their and it is some of this countries most gorgeous and scenic views you will ever see . Plus you can't go wrong with having several hot springs around you to go and take a relaxing dip in .

Absent Now

Beautiful scenery. Tons of natural hot springs. Absolutely gorgeous. Over 100 camp spots.

Nathan Nordby

Beautiful area. Another Idaho gem.


Bogus Basin is Boise's hidden jem. Lots to do up here. Ski, cross country, snow shoe, sledding, music, etc. Awesome in the summer too with all the new added features like the downhill coaster, bungee jump tramp, climbing wall and endless trails for hiking and biking. What a great outdoor playground!

Jose DeSousa

Great, it is always fun to be in the outdoors hiking and exploring, especially in the back country or wilderness areas. Just make sure you know what to expect with all the wild animals roaming, after all that is their home, we are just visiters there.

Christie Carroll

I grew up in Central Idaho. When I was just out of high school I worked for the US Forest Service, so I’ve spent considerable time if this forest. The history and many diverse views and locations are more than be explained here.Like many forests comprised of millions of acres, there are many opportunities for everyone. The many improved campgrounds are accessible for folks with limited mobility. There are areas that are close to stores and facilities as well as the opportunity to get many miles back in, away from others.

matt stoy

This was full moon parma idaho

Vito Zaverukha

Its the best lots of activities from skiing and snowboarding and all other activities in the winter to mountain biking and hiking and camping in the summer close to the city easy way to escape and breathe the fresh air, oh and dont forget the beatiful view

Rawad Srour

Great place for camping. Amazing scenes great atmosphere love the place. Peaceful gets cold in the winter. No cell reception in that area.

Judy Gonzalski

Absolutely beautiful. Breathtaking views. The really remote roads were actually pretty good. We really couldn't go much over 20 or 25 though because the gravel makes you kind of slide around. But who wants to go fast when you're looking at such a beautiful scenery.

Neal Jones

This is a place that everyone should come to experience! Great hiking biking skiing and camping.

Joseph Barber

Great snow and skiing. One of the best kept secrets in North America.

Jonathan Andreason

Duh. Its Idaho. Case closed

Samantha Newell

I love the Boise National Forest. It sure does have some great sights and fun places to camp, hiken swim, and go four-weeling.

John Woodward

Always fun to be in the mountains. Solitude, peacefulness and tranquility!!!

Dwight R Wade III

This place is outtasight. That river is gorgeous--and strong. Man, if you are looking for off the beaten path semi undiscovered big wild beauty, then here you go. I just saw a road and took it and I got jaw dropping beauty for like 75 miles or so. I stopped and swam somewhere, and there were some hot springs too.

Jessica A

Amazing views. Great drive and all close to Boise

Melisss Schultz

Beautiful place to get away with family or friends. Close to Boise so great for a quick weekend trip. Lots of camping and cabin options.

J. Colt Dickman

Fantastic place for a family picnic or a weekend getaway. I love this place and I love the state of Idaho.

Willie Taylor

I love going up and hiking. It is beautiful. So many different places to go. The hardest part is finding all the trail heads when you are not familiar with the area.

Heather Dobbs

We had a great time cutting down our first Christmas tree!!!

Bryan Constant

I love the forests of Idaho

Bentley, Hunter & Gigee Lindsley

Short ride from Boise! Bogus Basin Rd


one of the best places on earth love it here so much

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