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670 Julia Davis Dr, Boise, ID 83702, United States Located in: Julia Davis Park

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REVIEWS OF Boise Art Museum IN Idaho

Dawn Burke

I always always love this place! I think the price of admission went down. My aunt and I were both in for 10 bucks total. Maybe because it was during the week. The shows are always great. Even if I don't like one, there is plenty more to look at. I can't walk or stand much so really appreciate the placement of benches and the opportunity to look at videos. And the gift shop! So much fun stuff to look at!

Donna Ahern

Has great art displays and is located in the park. Has the Boise river greenbelt and zoo nearby.

Miles Hoffman

Being in this gallery almost made me forget what a horriable state I'm in right now... Well for the wilderness, it's great art, keep up the good work, maybe art can break the bigot hold on that state

peggy sheets

Brian Barnes

David Lash

Chinky Ghiringhelli

Edwin Works

Brian Garrett

Great kids area and wonderful "meet the artist" feature where one can discuss art with a local professional in captivity....

Kostadinos Jaszkowski

Was a little upset that they had a third of it closed due to new exhibits coming....

Jeff Trout

Gabby Siebenaler

Austin Frantell

Riley Larkin

Good layout, interesting and poignant displays

Joel Gladd

Autumn Dyer

Love the Art museum, great for little kids and adults.

Mina Hoskins

Awesome museum, I love the room setup, and they always have great local works in. The exhibit was exquisite, Stephanie Wilde has such an ornate style. I especially loved the Corporate Death and Plaque series. There's a special place in my heart for long compositions. Thanks so much for providing an amazing experience to the community, BAM!

Les Eric Lewis

BAM! Just go and support this local gem

Daisy Aguilar

Angela Premoe

Lots of art to see. Organized, enjoyed how you could call the number shown an the wall and wouls explain the art pieces.

Misty I

Gyurynn kim

Mark Radtke

Boise never ceases to amaze. Their art museum is small, but excellent. Try to see the Bartow exhibit before it ends. I will definitely be back.

monica stoddard

It was very educational learned a lot there

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Bonnie Angeles

joseph curie

Wonder exhibits

Karla Thorson

Ca Fi

Quiet environment. It's a lot bigger than I thought it would be.

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se mantiene en buen estado. muy entretendio

Conrad Larson

Really cool exhibit about donuts

Matthew Otten

Jeff Neighbors

The Boise Art Museum was nice, I just wish they had more exhibits. They had a huge selection of donuts.

Kaleb Knauff

I have only been once, but I really enjoyed it. It isn't very big, so slow down and take your time, look at every piece.

Jeremy Wheeler

Good for what it is and i like that they integrate the Boise St faculty art work. Curator does a good job at exhibiting a variety of styles in a fairly small museum. Friendly staff as well.

Spencer Chamberlain

Mark Campbell

Russell x

Derrty Shirt


john lee

Gregory Yerxa

Glass exhibits were very cool! Staff was amazing with an elementary class tour!

Glenn Stump

Always a fun visit a must see in Boise.


So so

Madison Hottinger

Ben Wade

Rotating selection of local and worldwide art in a modern but welcoming setting.


It was okai


Very interesting exhibts



Lori Villa

Great art and clean premises. The employees are friendly and helpful

Denise Lile

Always a great experience!

Debi Barrett

Fun art projects & a unique play area for kids!

linda andrew

Best ever!!!

Peter Templeton

They have interesting exhibitions at times.

Jon Hall

Kids loved it!

Master-Timothy Haskins

I love this place took my kids there they really enjoyed it. Need to go there more often has a great park and zoo by it

Rickie Meeuwsen

Convenient downtown location right across the street from the library. I visited on a first Thursday of the month with free admission by donation special. I was fascinated by the actual are from real types of people with odd art media

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Karen Long

Good special exhibits. We saw the special donut display which was fun and colorful. Also a good children's art area.

Natalie Hernandez

Lacey Bennion

Visiting the museum was wonderful! It's wonderful to see appreciation of artists, both native and world-renowned, celebrated in such a beautiful museum. I especially love the children's exhibit; it's lots of fun to play with light, color, and shapes. Would definitely recommend to art lovers young and old!

Matt Prien

What can I say about BAM that you don't already know. Well first Thursdays are awesome. Basically it's donation day. So if you have the day off it's a great way to spend a few hours. It's close to Julia Davis Park so you can make a day out of BAM and a picnic or even go to the zoo. We just park and explore. I love how the change exhibits often. My wife and I try to go every 3 months. You don't have to be a college dork to enjoy art but it doesn't matter at BAM. Everyone is welcome... It's one of the few places where the rich and poor mix.

Briana Smith

Sharline Lopez

Andrea Pettitt

Amazing exhibits. A cultural staple for our family.

Edie Mitchell

Very nice museum, good space and light. Seems like it’s mostly special exhibits. Very enjoyable.

Brett Hanson

The Boise Art Museum is a very good place beautiful artwork beautiful sculptures and very peaceful and tranquility I love the museum I think people would love the museum very much and I think they love the artwork that people make Indy Art Museum and they got a great little souvenir shop where you can buy jewelry stones souvenir boxes books and things like that

Natalie Purkey


arvilla davis

Really nice showing

Heather Lynn

They seem to be closed on Sunday

Amy Storms

I especially enjoyed the high school art and the donut exhibit.

Frank Borbe

Timothy Lillie

A nice little museum in a great location. Some construction, early 2018

Maxwell Blue

Amazing art. Featuring local and traveling art and artists as well as their permanent collection.

Amela Halilovic

Catherine Mumm

My family loves the Boise Art Museum! We especially love homeschool days so we can easily incorporate it into our education.

Matt Weaver

Kaitlyn Johnson

Chris Behrens

Nice, airy, modern space with a limited collection of art of which seems to be produced locally. There is a reoccurring Native American theme which I greatly appreciated.

Wyoma Clouss

Nice job, BOM. Came in to see Art in the Park. No parking in the park. Went to Shuttle spot that promised every 20 min bus.. Paid for parking. No Shuttle. Waited over an hour. No Shuttle. Went home. Great organization, after all these years. Obviously you have outgrown the site, and your shuttle system is worthless.

Michelle Rene Garcia

Love it

Jonathon Buckler

This museum is in an area that includes other attractions, the river, a park, and you can walk from here to some of the downtown restaurants and stores. But the museum itself is very nice. We had to pay less than $10 for two of us and it was a bargain. There was a temporary exhibit of contemporary art and galleries for several other art areas. Local artists as well as nationally known. The staff was exceptionally friendly and helpful. This is not a large museum, but it is very efficient and easy to follow through to the various exhibits.

Gary Allen

Great venue for a party or event. The guardian statues are so cool!

Wheelys Boise

They do a great job for such a small museum! Don't forget to visit the amazing gift shop!

Grant Feichtinger

Small but nice permanent collection. The descriptions of the art are very thorough, the the traveling exhibits are well done.

Lisa Ball


Jerome Frazer

This is a very high quality museum. Every time I am in Boise I make a point to visit BAM. They have consistently outstanding special exhibits and a lovely permanent collection. The staff is very friendly and informative, and there are discounted rates for children, students and seniors. BAM is definitely an enrichment for the city of Boise.

Tory Welfring

Jessica Becker

Perfect for a cold, overcast afternoon. Enjoyed the variety of exhibits!

Ricky Sines

I love art

Emily Willen

I actually found a museum I did not like...& that museum is the Boise Art Museum...Maybe it was just the current exhibit that was on display...Maybe it is because I grew up in New York City (which has a vast variety of museums)...Or maybe it's because my schooling at art school was a totally different medium then the art displayed at this museum...But whatever it was, I could not appreciate most of the art work shown here. The museum itself was very small, which I felt was not worth the price it's marked. Even so, I've enjoyed even smaller museums then this one. The current exhibit (which took up half the museum) reminded me of what Muppet's would look like on crack. The rest of the museum was a bit better, but it was distracting & odd to me how you can mix up the art periods so sporadically. One minute you're looking at a sake jug from the 1800's, the next minute you're looking at a painting made 2 years ago (& it jumps back & forth like this. I'm used to museums like the Guggenheim or the MoMA were work periodically progresses, so you can enjoy the era's in which art came from). Some of the newer art work was also a bit insulting, since it seemed like things I was painting or sculpting before I even went to high school! It also didn't have much variety, as it seem's like it only showed, at the time I visited, only two different themes. I did however like BAM's Art in the Park event (at least that's free admission, & has more variety of work. Items for sale are also way overpriced in my opinion)...

Hallie Holme

Every time I go (which with my school is every month) they have new exhibits and new ways if showing us the different pieces.

Mary Louise VanNatta

Deany Goode

Great Contemporary Art Museum! Great exploration room for kids.

Carol Preston

Wonderful exhibit called knots in time

Janet Smith

Some exhibits are interesting but it is small and limited.


Several nice exhibitions here every time I visit!

michael Hewson

I am extremely dumb, but

Great artwork always on display

Tracy Chen

Cool place with lots of local art. Just wish we didn't have someone following us the entire time.

Rob Haworth

Tabatha Pemberton

Well kept, interesting exhibits. Not usually our thing to do but it was a fun little experience out of our norm! They have a whole section guarded towards kids as well which I thought was neat.

Peter B Evans

Emilee Brugger

Love the arts!

Colin Eggleston

One of the best places in Boise for date night or for a contemplative Monday morning.

J Dallas Gudgell

Thomas Di Dio

Fantastic. Brand new display!!!

Adam Lea

The Boise Art Museum is always a joy. Interesting exhibits and a nice quiet environment for enjoyment and reflection.

Michael Sparhawk

Derek Davidson

BAM! It's just an exciting onomatopoeia and its the name of a museum. I had a private guided tour when I last went, and there was a girl that banged on the glass of the sex ornaments and my guide politely asked her to stop which was the most amazing thing ever because if I was the guide I would've picked the the kid up with a wedgie all the way out the door and into traffic. Also. The statues need more googly eyes.

mj w

Great collection. I really enjoyed myself and there was staff everywhere to answer questions. I would have given it 5 stars, but they do have the worst bike rack in all of Ada County. Please BAM get a better rack . Thank you

Jon Luebke

Awe inspiring ceramics

Cassie Powers

Very cute museum and a good way to pass the time. The art is more modern so if you're not into that kinda thing you might not like it. There seems to be a lot of activities for younger children.

Jesper Bexkens

Interesting expositions, reasonably priced and welk endowed gift shop

Amanda Larson

Holly Black

Donna Wiesner

This museum pushes a political point of view, not good art. Exhibits include the plague, gender politics, climate change and a film about the evils of mass consumption. Don't bother.

Donivan Miller

Tom Gilmore


Constance Norris

Jake Donnelly

Doug Botimer

Valerie Jenks

Wonderful little gallery with unique displays. Great for all ages and abilities.

Nichole Di Dio

I always enter feeling welcomed and leave having learned something.

kim chaffin

Julie Day

Great exhibit and I love the shop as well!

Aqueize Mobley

Marleine Tutor

We visited this museum on a recent trip out west. So impressive. I have to learn more about the contemporary artists whose work was on exhibition. It inspired me to learn out of my box.

Christie Carroll

A Boise institution that deserves a visit! Affectionately known as BAM, the museum nestled in Julia Davis Park is a great stop on a tour of Boise. Whether you're a local or a visitor, the art installations are always different and thought-provoking. I just checked out the Adonna Khare exhibit and was blown away by her talent. There have been several really wonderful shows that have made me wish I had visual artistic skill over the years.On the small side for a museum, but I prefer BAM over places you must devote hours upon hours exploring. It's just enough art to engage without making your eyes cross. Plus, they have a quaint museum shop with a lot of great local and national artsy findings!

Nancy Gray

Tamara Reames

Lovely place to inspire the whole family!

Allen Edwards

A great place to spend a day in Boise.

Calie Wineinger

Tarie Wilson

Very nice, well planned

Suzi Boyle, NMLS #37810

So Inspirational

Alex Dallen

Annie Lyon

Nice place to take the grandkids. There is a hands on active art area for children.

Maverick Boldt

Came here for my anniversary with my girlfriend. The staff was very friendly and helpful. We got a student discount for being in school. Our favorite exhibit was the donuts one near the garden. My girlfriend even got a donut necklace to remember our visit! 5/5

Nicholas Serrano

Awesome musuem and James Castle....really has some impactful work.

Toni K

Pretty cool but very small

Guy Hadwin

It's a great way to spend a couple of hours, and it has some kid-friendly features. BAM is much more than just a gallery -- the collections showcase a variety of media and materials, such as photography, sculpture, glass, watercolor, oil, charcoal and of course the found materials that formed the basis of James Castle's drawings. The displays are informative. Sometimes the most interesting thing about art isn't what it looks like, but how it was made. This museum is heavy on work by artists based in the American West, as it should be, given the location, but BAM brings in some great limited-time exhibits from all over.

Roger Phillips

Paige Gardiner

Random Kira

Nicki Muhawi


Jeff Fillmore

Loved it. Can't wait to go again.

Beatrice Harper

DO NOT COME HERE IF YOUR A PERSON OF COLOR WITH KIDS!! My son and I are new to the area and I thought it would be a great cultural experience for my son and I to go to the museum. The entire time we were there one of the male security guards followed us closely making us feel unwanted and uncomfortable and noticed nobody else was being followed at all. We tried to just govis on the art and having a pleasant time but we ended up leaving without seeing the rest because of how we were treated. Save your Saturday, gas and money and go to a place that is welcoming.

Sophia Solito

Jon Ramsey

MaryEtta Parkinson

The shoe exhibition was delightful! Looking forward to returning when I come to Boise.

Allison Johnson

Very interesting pieces.


Kathleen McCarter

Fascinating exhibits!

Janice Fenton

Megan Cox

Beautiful art

Sharon DeLawyer

Great art work, first Thursday free.

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