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Balanced Rock Rd, Buhl, ID 83316, United States

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Where is Balanced Rock Park?

REVIEWS OF Balanced Rock Park IN Idaho

itz MeJuan1

Great place to get away from technology since their is 0 phone service!

Brittney D'Ambra

Love it down here. No cell phone service. Fishing is fun. Little picnic areas with BBQ grills and tables. You can reserve a gazebo $100 deposit you get $50 back in a few days. Watch for ticks.

Sarah W

This is the place were you can climb all over the various rock formations around. We hiked up to balanced rock (quiet the hike but worth it) and then climbed on the other rocks. My husband called this the "adult jungle gym". It's free and worth a visit if you're in the area.

Anna Stephenson

Grear hike to take the kids on. You can hike the trail, stop and take pictures and sit at the top and enjoy all in less than an hour! Take water!

B Carnage

Well it was just like it looked in the photo's.

Samuel Griffin

Wonderful view! Early morning casts a really neat shadow.

Tessa Kolva

I am so glad I visited here, it was a 30 minute drive but worth it. It had a little trail we walked about 30 minutes and the campground was nice. I also spent way too much time chasing and catching lizards. I loved it. We saw fish in the river and climbed the rocks. I would be careful of watching littles if you're going to be by the river as there is no beach or area and it's deceptively deep. But there are places away and we were fine with kids raging from 18 months to 9. But a good note none the less. It wasn't too awful and had shade. The toilets were upgraded outhouse but were clean and if you enjoy a breeze up your bum you'll love it. Overall, a good use of several hours. No cell service personally, but not far from where it cut off.

Jim Paulson

Signs said Balanced Rock Park was closed; however there is a parking and small picnic area right below Balanced Rock on the main road. We parked and took the short walk up. I wouldn't drive too far out of my way to see this, but glad we took the detour.

Shawn Tackett

The park itself isn't where the rock is but it's a very unique place and cozy park also.

Linda Prestwich

Beautiful, peaceful you can hike up to it.

Alejandra Hinojosa

The first 3 pictures is a 1 mile away from the balanced rock park. Very nice place amazing view . Nice place for a barbecue is a lake too. The balanced rock park is just the last 4 pictures. It was people shooting practice.

Never Sleight

Fun very little hike. Must be seen from the top to get real grand perspective. The county park just down the road is also super nice with the river great for lunch with the kids.

Ashley LaRochelle


Ray Reidhaar

Clean, mild traffic and a great hiking/camping getaway not far from town.

Trent Hansen

Fun climb and beautiful views.

Jose Rangel

Pretty cool

Simsun Gurung

Beautiful place

toshia Scholten

Beautiful ❤️ great little hike.

Nikki King

Mother nature is awsome

elmer edwards

One of Idaho's most beautiful places looks better without all I said graffiti

Randy M Hernandez

Awesome and amazing how the Rock sitting there can have lasted so many years without falling down.

Angela Ursenbach

Great formation, some punk graffiti, easy hike up.

David Barron aka Dantalion Jones

I grew up in this area and Balanced Rock is an icon of the area. Hard to believe until you see it. The Balanced Rock Park is a located in a small canyon so you have trees, river and canyon walls all around. It's quite beautiful and welcoming. Because it's located in a canyon don't expect cell phone reception! :-)

Krista Fromm

Great scenic stop on the way to Jackpot!

Angelique Compton

Love the activities we do here.

Sitabai Betts

Great spot to stop for a few minutes! It's just on the side of the rural country road.

James Stocking

Nice little park/ camping area.. with fishing

Cindy Nipper

Windy but beautiful! The State Park will be a great place for us to park our RV and dry camp a couple days! Water available at a couple of parking spots! Public Bathrooms are also available!


Was very fun to hike up!

Valters Boze

Awesome free camp site. Gets very busy on weekends

William Lightner

Just left there but my trip was good its clean and the sights there are great. Good place to camp out

Kathy Stites

Amazing natural and geological site. No bathroom, no picnic table, little parking, a stop on the side of the road that is well worth stopping for. The hand of God is seen here!

Santhosh Kumar R

The drive along the canyon rim is beautiful and scenic!

Stacy Pauley

Unique and one of a kind! A must stop

Guy McLean

Nice place to stop for a night or two with a 7 day max


It's nice

Andrew May

The most beautiful can site we stayed at on our trip. And even better it was free


Nice rock formations. Quiet.

Debbie Bergh

Love this drive and the park is amazing

Charlye Gunn

Cool view

Brandy Berry

Pretty cool place to see

Heather Proper

It was a great time for the whole family! Nice hike(small). Peaceful. Beautiful.

Mary Eason

It is awesome. Take a lunch and enjoy the picnic area mile or so away.

JulieAuna Yehle

So beautiful. Definitely a must see

Ashley Marie

It was awesome!

Sclfieaz Muminovic

Nice place for fishing and kayaks.

Melodie Ptacek

It is a wonderful place it is a very nice landscape interesting thing to see how it can balance like that

Dustin Hughes

Balanced Rock is an incredible area. The Balanced Rock itself is not all that interesting to me but the area and rock formations along the way are well with the trip. The drive is pretty amazing as well. Coming from Boise you’ll drive passed Thousand Springs and see countless waterfalls. There are so many things to see along the way so don’t be afraid to stop and don’t be in a hurry.

Cyberhorn Thedragon

As an amputee this is a challenge to climb but the view is awesome


Absolutely beautiful site! It's tucked away past miles of farm land, almost "hidden" in a gorge. Campsites were very well maintained and views were great! If you are passing through this area, don't miss the opportunity to experience this site!

sravan peddi

Great view

Eduardo Alvarez

Incredible place just take you 30 minutes and it's next to the road. You need hiking 10 minutes for a great picture.

Tess Marie

The barns in the fields along the way are fantastic....the rock....hmmm. well it's something to see besides farm land.

Tiffany Stevens

It's cool to see, but better if you hike to the top

Carol Mevoglioni

How cool!! Steep hike that is doable if you choose to climb..this can be seen right from the comfort of your car though.

Addison Quam

Worth the hike up the hill to be closer. It helps add to the perspective of how cool it is.

bryan hugo

EXCELLENT Little stop. Comming Back again to Fish.

Josh Grover

Awesome place to take a young family or go hiking With Friends.

Megan Cox

Easy to see from the side of the road, worth the hike up to see it closer. Truly a one of a kind beauty!

Kayla K.

Absolutely beautiful! They have a little area with picnic tables and great views also a swing set for the kids and a little creek. And just down the road from the actual balanced rock where they have a place for you to park and climb. It gets VERY steep, but still doabke for myself. But my 4yo only made it about halfway.

Chad Reynolds

Awesome! Amazing sight and nice little climb up for a pic. Definitely worth checking out!!

Sarah Myer

Small park with space for camping and day picnics. Saw a lot of kayaks. There is a bathroom facility here.

Ginger Daley

Loved the place so much especially the park!


Clean free camping. Great stream runs throught the park. Swings and horse shoe pits. Also has pit toilets and cover pavillions

Cammie Britz

Beautiful landscape I've visited at least 5 times and its amazes me of how beautiful the land is.

Christopher Mercon

Great thing to see if you are in the area!

scott Douglass

It was a fast stop .but we will be back

Ralf Wilkowski

A very nice little park by a creek, great campground. The creek has what seemed to be either beavers or otters. Very natural. From there it's just a stone's throw to the actual rock.

Ben Billings

Good place to go rock climbing

Starfighter EQ

Stagnant water, probably lots of mosquitoes, but kind of pretty. People that camp there doesn't look nice

Candace Scano

My family and I spent this mother's day and balanced Rock and the little park down there and we had an absolutely wonderful time every time I go there we have a great time the only problem we had was it the restrooms at the park have no toilet paper and we're kind of messy other than that the picnic areas in camp areas were completely clean and looking wonderful.

Valencia Smith

Fun place to take your family and a great view.

Rachel Hardy

A regional must-see. It’s rather underwhelming from the road, but following the short uphill hike, the rock is a cool sight to see at least once. Some additional hiking/exploring available up just past balanced rock.

Dean Montoya

A must place to visit

Robert Buettner

Very cool to know that this huge rock is just balanced on just a real small base way up on the mountain side.

Christopher Vergara

Was easy to get to, not far from actual rock.

Maxine Besch

It was nice to view. Nice scenic drive getting there from Buhl.

Althea Tenca

Had a great time visiting this place the drive in was beautiful so was the park.

Aymee Michels

It's a good side of the road stop, but include it with other plans because its it's a quick visit.

Luke M

This is definitely worth the drive! It's a bit of a hike up and very windy but you can also just enjoy it from the parking lot.

dan parks

I love this place! I take my dog there all the time! Hiking fishing and camping with a natural wonder right there to touch

Tom Henderson

If you are in the area, worth a visit

Carl Quash

Quick, but steep hike up to the Rock and a serene park closeby for BBQs, floating and hanging out.

Randy Raymond

In the middle of nowhere. Just follow the signs. Pretty cool place

David Johnson

Very fun to visit and let the kids climb around outside!!!!! They have a little pavilion

Luke Scott

Great for picnic and your family gathering fishing was good

Todd Rambur

Pretty cool.


Good place to get out of the car, in the middle of no where, only a few people there, make sure to read the sign it's one mile up from the camping ground.

Carolyn McRoberts

Nice little hike with family, you can see The Balanced Rock from the main road. Nice little park just up the road from main location to have a picnic as well. Fun mini family outing.

Don Wynn

The balancing rock formation is amazing. It is very big. The area around it is nice and there are several trails that lead up into the rocks. You can get right next to the formation. There is a campground where you can camp, cook-out and fish. It is small but still a nice stop. There is an area just up the road where off road vehicles clearly frequent. It would be interesting to visit the area when some jeeps are using that area.

Rob Heidemann

I hadn't been to Balanced Rock since I was a little kid. Now that I have three little kids of my own, I figured it was time to go back. I forgot how cool it really was. My kids loved it! We hiked all the way up the hill, which was not too bad, but definitely steeper than I remembered. The view at the top was amazing. Not only was the rock incredible, the view of the valley was awesome! Definitely recommend the trip!

Melissa Frye

Clean and lovely!


Visited here in early September, we were the only people here and had a wonderful time. Climb to the top and head to the right, lots of cool formations to see!

Karen Moore

This place is fantastic! We were the only ones there for most of the time, so it was very peaceful. Even very little traffic to break up the solitude. There are fascinating geological formations as far as we could see. We hiked to the top of the monolithic rock right beside the balanced rock, but didn't want to scoot up the one actually holding the balanced rock. I would think the short hike would be considered moderate.

Andrea Howard

Cool place to check out:)

Jonhenry Poss

It's a rock that's balancing. Is what it says it is.

Christine Jackson


John Monaghan

The rock was very cool but the ride to get there was very long.No regrets,though. Thought it was easily accessible but it is on top of a steep mountain. Still,worth seeing before the vandals knock it down.

Cory Smith

Cute park right along the river. Several covered bench areas, maintained grass and charcoal BBQs. There's even some sites with man made fire pits. The view is pretty incredible being in the canyon. The river is too full of plants to swim or play in, but it can be kayaked and it's relaxing to sit next to. People bring tents and RVs down there too. There is a restroom but it's about as nice as you'd expect at a public camp site. It's less than a minute drive away from balancing rock monument which is convenient. This park does fill up, and if it does you're out of luck because there's not another site anywhere nearby. Definitely glad I got to visit and will be back again!

FluffnKiller 420

It was great just a lil over crowded

Ronnie Pleitner

I had a great time, wonderful views.

Michael Ralstin

Great place for winter camping really quiet. Just not on Saturday nights its the party place for high school kids. Last Saturday they chased us out of the park there were about 50 kids drinking and shooting. We went back in the morning and spent about two hours cleaning up the empty beer cans and garbage they left all over the whole park. But the rest of the time we were there was great looks like it would be a good fishing spot.

Angie Struck

I have been camping everywhere and all tho its not a forest its definatly a place i love to go you can do just about everything there go for hikes go four bying four wheeling dirt biking fishing camping and also go shooting out there definitely will be going back there soon

Karrie Pennington

Not an August place 101 degrees but the rock is still balanced. No facilities and one picnic table.

Ken Luke

A surprising beautiful oasis. Grass, playground. Fishing and camping.

Darcy&Kyla Schonek

Amazing place


Pretty neat little canyon you go thru where you can see other smaller balanced rocks. Stop off at Salmon Creek picnic and camping stop very nice.

Rick Pennington

Loved this mostly quiet park. No RV hookups but free for 7 days. Hard to beat. It is in a canyon that simply drops out of flat farm land. Pretty awesome.

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