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Where is Ann Morrison Park?

REVIEWS OF Ann Morrison Park IN Idaho

BJ Crangle

Nice playground, pretty clean, shuttle that goes to barber park so you can float the river.

Richard. West

Great playground area. On the greenbelt where you can swim in the river. Lots of mature trees.

william becklund

Lots of things for the kids to do while giving the parents some time to relax

Todd Bernhardt

A beautiful park right along the river. The baseball diamonds are well maintained, and the frisbee golf is also quite enjoyable. There is ample parking, although the best spots are always taken due to how popular the park is.

Vicky Leong

Beautiful park along the Boise. We saw folks tubing in from up the river. There is a new dog park called Dog Island where dogs run free and can jump in the water.

Zach Brown

One of the biggest parks in the Boise park system, acres and acres for recreation of all sorts. It is also the main pullout for bois Boise river floaters. There's an 18 hole disc golf course, a great playground, alphonso soccer fields, tennis courts and a softball field. The Greenbelt runs right through the park, so you can park there and get to just about anywhere.


The dog park is absolutely wonderful! There are large open grass areas, water for dogs to swim in, and a shy dog area for those in need!

Michael M

One of the nicer city parks we have found. Highly recommended.

Jon Yeargers

Seems like a nice, open park. I love the idea of a "dog island". Kudos to the designers for that idea.

Monica Knight - Idaho Realtor

One of Boise's best parks. Acres of lawn and mature trees. Runs along the Boise River and greenbelt. Has beach volleyball, outdoor gym, playground, softball fields, disc golf, soccer fields, fountain, fishing, walking paths and picnic areas. Best spot to pull out when you float the Boise River.

Shayla Neibaur

Great park with a lot going on. River access, greenbelt, fun playground, water fountain, soccer fields, disc golf, and more. We really enjoyed our time.

Jesse Wells

If you want a fun but cheap date idea, get some cheap bread and go feed the loads of geese. It will be a date to remember and have a happy wallet

Uriah Rundell

On top 3 list of my favorite parks here. Disc golf, dope fountain, good playground for the kids, river access. What more could you ask for??

Jerome McIntyre

Nice place. Lot of open space, access to the river, a playground for the kids, and plenty of greenery. Not overly crowded that I've experienced.

Kevin Druin

My favorite Boise city park . Dog Island off leash park is an amazing dog park.


PERFECT dog park, best one I've been to all around the Country.

Elizee Elisha

O loved it because I got to meet new people

Autumn Dyer

Had a great time at the Glow hot air balloon event. Lot's of open space even with all of the people there watching, plenty of space

Cameron Christian

Ann Morrison is a nice park. Easy traffic and parking, even on a heavy river float day. Renting the shelter was easy and affordable.

Robert Heise

Beautiful place the new dog park is amazing. Had a blast. Tons of area to roam. Others parts of the park are amazing as well. Totally worth your time to go.

Kim Shoecraft

Have always loved taking the grandkids to feed the ducks. How ever every since they put the dog park in the ducks are very few. Witness a duck being killed today by a dog the owner was telling him to get the duck. Horrible decision by boise parks. Very disappointed in them.

Marina Villa

Super fun place for the kids to run around

Rebecca Gibbs

Great way to spend some quality time with my furry granddog! He loved the water and meeting other dogs!

Commuter Services

Are you kidding me? The new dog island is such a great addition. This make this the #1 dog park from here to Northern California! I'm missing the drinking water for the dogs and maybe put in some fire hydrants ( fake ) so the guys can lift their legs as the trees are mostly protected by large rocks.

Jake Lee

The new Dog Park at Ann Morrison is amazing! Very beautiful grassed area and great place for the dogs to swim. Well done Boise

john kirby

Very nice park the area around the dog park does need to be cleaned up but all around it is nice

Chris Cox

Very quite, people need to stop leaving their trash laying around the drinking area, I through mine into the trash cans nearby. Humble people. few if any police around. Only visit on Sundays. Please put the water fountain back in, so we can get a drink and fill up our bike water bottles (I know you took it out because inga abused the privilege during the summer of 2016. She's not around anymore, she is "long gone". Thank you!

Jeff Ream

Really enjoyed the park. We were there almost every day we were in town. Our three year old crushed the bike path and we liked sitting under the chestnut trees and watching the geese.

Feli Bettancourt

Close to everything. Downtown. The river. The greenbelt. Have spent the entire day on the 4th. The fireworks display is amazing.

Michael Patience

This is where we exited the river from our tubing adventure. Easy to find, there are clear signs. Easy to get out. While the drivers went to retrieve the cars from the other park, the rest of the family played at the playground. There is also a large fountain, but it is not close to the playground. There are plenty of open spaces for picnicking, sports, etc, and even an official event area. Parking here is free.

Anna Klaas

We love meeting up with extended family here and having a BBQ and throwing a football around among other sports. Only down side is the geese poop all over, it's ok for adults and older kids but I had my 18 month old daughter and with her still being stumbly it wasn't the best place for her.

Michael Rex

The new dog park is wonderful. The have a large area for dogs to play and run; and two water areas where dogs can fetch balls from the water. They require all owners to carry a leash and supervise their dogs.

Thomas Couch

Boise has the most wonderful parks. The Parks and Rec department does a fantastic job!

Alyssa Legarra

We enjoyed ourselves. Also has a trail and playground.

Sonya Braamber

Beautiful large park with room for all activities and river walk

Damian Tanner

Nice park to walk around and take the kids too. Had a pretty good sized playground too.


This park is wide, open and clean. Well stocked with trees but watch where you step and play because geese are everywhere and the grass is full of poop

chris link

A great park, with all the space the dogs can find stuff to do instead of fight.

Geoff Baker

Love it here, when I can run my dogs. Just adjacent to the new spot.

Kameron Ernestberg

Hands down one of my favorite parks in Idaho. As long as you don't mind watching where you step because of the geese. There's even a side of the park that is like a dog park. Great place to walk around or have a picnic since it's so big.

Jacqueline Zavala

Beautiful! We took a walk along the river path and just enjoyed the beauty of nature. There are playgrounds for kiddos and we also noticed a calisthenics area for working out. You can also bring your own inner tube and float down the river. Lots to do if you like the outdoors.

Matt Burns

Its a huge park, theres something for everyone and its close to BSU and all the cool downtown events

steve f

So today was the first day at the new dog park. Here is what I found. Beware of the gate latches. The way they are set and how they stick out it caught my arm and ripped off about 3 inches of skin. 2nd, the rocks around the entrances to the water for the dogs are larger rocks, big enough to leave holes that are big enough your dog's feet could slip though which could cause broken legs. On top of that these rocks are also at the end off the ramp under water. That ought to be real good should the dogs get their legs caught in those rock's causing broken legs or worse. Be careful at this dog park, I would not call this one dog friendly. Well I'm done, doctor musty called me back, guess I'll see what damage this fantastc dog park caused.

Amy Salisbury

The new dog park is so wonderful! Both times we have been have renewed my faith in dog parks here in the area. No aggressive dogs, owners were engaged and everyone, dogs included, having a great time!

Vince Lowe

Nice outing to see the Spirit of Balloons. We arrived to packed parking lots but were able to park nearby and walk to see the balloons. Nice playground for kids & lots of open space to watch the waterfowl.

Sterling Brand

To much bird shut on grass squirl dropping on tables very discusing


A very nice park. I walk by it mostly while on the Greenbelt. Usually many people enjoying it during the day.

Jamison Blenker

Beautiful asset to Boise! Love it. The new dog park is fantastic!

Del Zane

Spectacular early morning sunrise hot air balloon liftoff.

Nellie Anacabe

Extremely clean park where you can enjoy events and your family and friends!

James Burns

Beautiful, well-kept park with a variety of different accommodations to spend good-weather days out in Boise! Festivals, hiking trails, playgrounds, sporting tournaments, concerts, etc all happen regularly here. There is ample parking, and like I mentioned, this park is kept up very well.

Derrek Williams

Big, well-maintained park, right on the greenbelt. Flippin sweet!

Julie Headrick

Family gathering was a great success. This park is beautiful.

Kimberley Seitz

This is a beautiful Park, with lots of trees, shade, a splash water fountain pad for the children, bathrooms, playground, and seating with picnic tables. It's safe and very peaceful. Lots of people go there on their lunch hour, or to enjoy a quiet day in the park as a family. It's definitely worth going.

Keelia Bagley

Very happy with the new dog area it's a great place!

Angela Broberg

Wonderful park. My pup loves the dog island.

Gary Zimmerman

Ann Morrison park is a great place to walk with a long stretch along the green belt and a lot of trails through the park and on its south side. When I walked there last a section of trail in the SW corner near Americana was closed off.

Leann Weathers

Spectacular"Night Glow" event in the park this evening! Lovely park next to the Boise River. The 29th Spirit of Boise Balloon festival was amazing. They had 16 hot air balloons filled at the same time, but on the ground. Trivia... Balloons stand 8 stories high. They lit them up all at the same time. WOW!

RubyDawn Manning

I LOVE this concept!! All the dogs were having soooooo much fun!! I wish they're were watering stains with clean water... also maybe a little filtration for the water the dogs play in (super icky). We did have fun, and will go back!

J Dominguez

We like this park a lot, my daughter's like to ride on the greenbelt. Everybody is pretty decent and considerate of the rules, but like in all public spaces, sometimes you get rowdy people. Interestingly enough, it isn't the people who you'd expect e.i. young guys on skateboards but it's the mid 30-40yr old roller derby group. Just keep in mind if you're riding or walking the greenbelt with young children. The river is near by so people really should supervise their children, sad to say but we've spent time looking for a child's parents more than once.

Trenton Hill

Awesome park to hang out in with your family and friends even if its at a balloon festival

Donald Morris

Ann Morrison Park was great. I got a picture of Elvis's Hot Air Balloon today, it's the last day of " The Spirt of Boise " Hot Air Balloon.

Dee Carter

Lots of room to run and really friendly pet owners.

Kate Nipper

The dog island is a great concept in theory, but there is almost no fresh water to access (just a broken bowl by one of the two entrances) and the dogs are left thirsty from running and playing, and choose to drink from the still pond water. Parasites and disease for dogs are most commonly spread through ingestion of fecal matter containing eggs, which the local fauna and dogs at the park are depositing in the water. I’d love to see some water stations in the center of the park and around the non-moving pond.

Stephen Throndsen

First off I'm from Utah, and Utah loves its parks and disc golf and kickball ect. But I was blown away at how good this park was, so much space and so much to do. Parking was a touch wonky, and there was a disc golf tournament going on that day so those not in the tourney where asked to let them play through. So 9 holes took us about 2 hours. But it was still a blast! All the parks along the bosie river are amazing and well worth the effort to bring out the family and enjoy the sunshine.

Micheal Sperry

Very quiet beautiful types of trees and flowers they have a stone made gazebo very beautiful must see to appreciate been coming to this part for 8 years and I still look the beauty of it

Serge Iraguha

Great public park. Frisbee golf, sand volleyball, soccer

Curtis Osterhoudt

Great place to spend the day with the kids. Beautiful trees line the greenbelt it's easy to find a shady place to relax. The fountain is fun too!

Christopher Clayton

Frolf for days or walk the dog. You can't go wrong parousing these vast green fields in Boise.

Danny Montgomery

Loved the playground for kids. Soft bark and lots of things to play on. During the summer months the water fountain is awesome. Beautiful scenery and easy location.

Kandyss Martinez

Gorgeous park filled with different things to do. A place for everyone in the family.


Every year they have the hot air balloon festival its definitely very cool to see them in person. Also a great place to come with the family and hangout.

Brannan Hoover

Nice park. Great ponds. Clean

JohnPaul Jimenez

The animal park is a great addition! So much space for the dogs. While there are some dog owners that need to work on their etiquette of picking up after their dogs, it's still pretty darn clean.

Aaron Maass

A solid disc golf course. Interesting variety of shots. A little too flat for my taste though, so only 4 stars from me.

Joe Pugh

Really nice except for the

Dom Battle

This is a beautiful park! Lots of outdoor enthusiasts opportunities. This is the take out for floating the boise river, if you have two cars park one here first then go to Barber park because the bus can be crazy sometimes. Some good trout fishing can be had here too if you can avoid the floaters. GET THERE EARLY. River gets crowded by 2-4pm.

Travis Lundin

Huge park, many leagues to join, great dog park inside this park, tons of river front grass as well.

Jackie Huskey

Balloons were fun to see, will go again next year.

Eddie Biewald

One of Boise's great parks. Shuttle from here to float the Boise river! 3 bucks each. Tube rentals at the put in spot.

Johanna Huber

Beautiful huge park. Plenty of parking. Great events held here too.

Kimberly Bullock

Loved it. Nice place for a walk

Felicia House

I love it it is so nice And my daughter is in love whit this place

Kacee Walker

Fantastic park! Its so open, so clean, and so much fun for everyone! There is a playground for young kids, an off leash area for the dogs, and plenty of spectacular views for anyone just taking a walk. Definitely a must see!

Karen Smith

Very clean and no obvious drug use. Dog island was fun to watch. Canadian geese fertilize the lawn. People like to float the Boise River along the park.

Paul Kime

I really enjoy the happy hour food and drinks! Love the spicy shrimp, and the steak sliders (watch out for the burger and fries-delicious, but I have never been able to finish it, its huge). Staff and management are invariably courteous and prompt.

Colby Bland

Wonderful park with a off leash dog island!! We took our dogs there and they had a great time interacting with other dogs and the people there were dog people. No one was complaining about over energetic puppies or friendly wet dogs. Just good people and dogs enjoying the day. The park also has nice restrooms, a huge fountain, which kids were playing in, and a large playground.

Arynn Abbott

It was great! Very muddy areas near the water edge be careful. Lots of room to run. Be aware of irresponsible dog owners:A lady leftt her dog at the dog park with me without asking to take her other little dogs home because her large breed dog was swimming and wanted to play, it took her maybe an hour to come back, he was playing with my dog, he got out of the water and he was looking all over for his owner, I distracted him by playing ball with my dog, I stopped this other couple to see if they had a phone, they were kind enough to call the number on the tags in his collar. They left a message. Maybe about 10 minutes or so later she was calling her dogs name. He heard her but couldn't see her because she was standing under a tree. I said to him "let's walk", he walked with me but hesitant. He finally realized it was her and she pit a Leash on him and she told me thank you for babysitting my dog, all I could say was " He just wanted to play", pathetic.

Susan Horton

Rafted the Boise River with some good friends. Easy flowing, other floaters were considerate, clean, pristine water, and relaxing. The best part, the waters were FRIGID!!

Misael Baza-Macedo

It's an amazing parkx it has plenty of shade and play area for kids and lots of open space for playing games like football, soccer, etc. You can splash around in the fountain. I'm not a big fan of dogs but dog island is good for owners to stay there. Overall great park with easy access and overall ok parking.

Justin Steward

My puppy had a blast. Tons of dogs to play with with and has a swimming area for doggos!

amber schafer

I love the huge fountain! Great place for disc golfing and feeding the ducks!

Mike Reilly

Like all of the parks the recreational aspects are wonderful this park is Stellar one of the best I've ever been in Boise is at the top of their game that is all

kim poe

it's awesome

Shane Mosley

Great park near downtown Boise. Lots to do and see, within walking distance wherever you park your car. Very close and/or connected to the Boise River, BSU housing and campus, the greenbelt and more. The park itself is the exit when floating the river in summer with an affordable ride back to the main launch area at Barber Park. Playground, volleyball courts, fitness area's, frisbee golf and nice water feature in the middle of the park.

Sean Learo

Beautiful park. Fun disc golf course.

Beth Schmudlach

Overall the dog park is nice, but it has a major issue. Along the fence line near the small dog area there is a 1 foot gap between where the fence ends and the river begins. It makes it very easy for a dog to get out quickly! My two huskies found their way out and one was almost hit by a car. I am very thankful for the couple who saw them run out of the fenced area they were able to grab the collar of one and came yelling into the dog park if anyone had two huskies at the park. My husband and I were able to run out of the park and call the one back. I am very thankful she wasn’t hit by a car, but I fear for anyone else’s dog who gets out they may not be as lucky! I write this review in hopes this gets fixed ASAP before something bad happens to someone’s dog!

Rebecca Stankowski

The balloon festival was awful to try to navigate to and from this park. Thousands of people. Lines 100+ people long for bathrooms and food trucks all around and a sea of people. Most tried to leave at once and there was a stampede for the bridge. No one was hurt but it made for some claustrophobic moments.

Paul Espinoza

The park is always nice and taken care of, bathrooms are clean.

Emily Laurent

We go to all the events in this park. Love the river access so our dogs can enjoy the park as well.

Matt Rubio

This park is insanely huge, and has everything that you could think of, so there is no reason not to give it five stars! Went here with my dogs during my first visit to Boise, and it is a great place to walk around and relax. I pretty much just walked around and stayed close to the river with my dogs, but there is tons of stuff to do at this park. We saw people playing disc golf, soccer, volleyball, and riding bikes and skateboarding. Plenty of trash cans and porta potties also, to ensure that all waste goes in its proper place!

Amanda Asali

Life is what you make it! I always have a blast. Nice Greenbelt trails, water fountain, fields for days, workout equipment and playgrounds.

Greer Cimbalik

This is a beautiful place to take your dog! There is plenty of room for all the dogs to play and have fun! I will be taking my dog there every day!

Sorina Melendez

Ann Morrison Park is a very beautiful park to visit by yourself or with your family. I highly recommend visiting this park especial if a festivity is going on such as seeing fireworks for Fourth of July or Spirit of Boise hit air Balloons. The park is so worth visiting for sure.

Adam Udan

Ok beautiful. Good disc golf course but they should have a bright flag for hole one. When they change it around. Overall I love coming here. With my family or with s buddy

ELisa Worrell

Beautiful park as long as you dont my the geese

Diane Ray

The crowed was very busy but the balloons were amazing

Jim LeBlanc

Dog park only review..Great idea...bad layout...terrible smell and mud in areas where dogs get in and out. Areas where dogs can get their feet caught in rocks careful.

Teklitabrha gebremeskrl

so fantastic time boise has beter park for enjoy with family and friends

John Young

Great park with plenty of park stuff... Ya know... Trees, picnic tables, fountain, ponds... You get the idea!

Anthon Fischer

Have lived in Boise for over 4 years now but haven't been to this park until today and I have to say I really enjoyed it. There is a cool water feature, a playground for kids, a path that runs through the part to walk or bike on and the park is HUGE so it has plenty of room for everyone!

Christopher Gladhart

Can't troll the place at night for dudes because it's against the law. But can't troll the place during the day because you feel like a bunch of families are watching. It's like being at the balcony

S Kenney

We don't have a dog, so I took the kids to Dog Island at Ann Morrison Park. So much fun. Not too crowded, plenty of dogs.

William Nicholson

Was a great experience for my 4 year old she loved the hot air balloons

Tiffany Segovia-Robinson

Beautiful clean huge friendly love it my dog loved it

Jonathan Andrews

Lovely park to hang with family and friends. With everybody floating the river it is really lively.

Dale Colyer

We'll keep. Playground for kids. A lot of room. Nice place to picnic

Chris Budka

Great park for local events and sports. Safe and pretty. Location is great. Parking is not so good!

Jim Meldrum

Great park. Fishing, dog park, barbecue, play ground, frisbee golf etc.

Don Christen

My family loves Ann Morrison park. Great place to go and the kids love the huge fountain

Cristian Arreaza

It is a large outdoor grass area where your dog can run and play catch or mingle with the other dogs.

Heartonmysleeve Panhead

The giant fountain in the summer is lovely and there is lots of spacious ground. However, there is always goose poop EVERYWHERE you step, and the geese are too numerous. Also, during public events and holidays, it can get very overcrowded. And the parking is NOT enough.

Spence Patrick

I take my kid here all the time. Great bike path and fun park. It feels safe.

Ashley Hale

What a neat dog park! Super fun and unique design. Word to those with dogs who are swimmers- gotta watch them or they can swim to the other side. Wearing tall boots for the mud and yuck is a good idea. We can all help our new park stay clean by not only picking up after our pets, but picking up an extra pile too :-) Bag dispensers are there but not always stocked so best to bring a few with you. Such a fun park!

Jeff Nelson

Great park, well maintained, right on River by downtown and the University. Great setup for little old State of Idaho

Derick Richter

Awesome for all ages and furbabies. Amazing new dog park by the fountain across the street from Kathryn Albertsons park.

Ingrid Vandenboorn

Absolutely gorgeous park! Very well setting and a fabulous place to go for a nice walk!

Kristy Thacker

So beautiful! We loved this park. It's great for a walk, bike ride, lunch, literally all the things! The bathrooms were clean, the area was incredibly well maintained. I will be going back no doubt!

Megan Orton

This park is beautiful. A great place to relax, take your dog for a run, ride a bike, run or play sports.

Anthony Hardle

Huge park, lots of room to hang out or hammock. Also great because you can float the river

Linda Hall

Have always enjoyed this park but now with the dog park it's so much fun. I can't take my dog because she's too nervous so I go and enjoy watching all the others. I've never seen so many happy dogs! And no one is on their cell phones.

Curtis Foster

Very nice park to take your family in have a good time.

Jeff Davis

Nice little park with water features close to downtown... lots of activities. My dog likes to grab the random frisbee rolling by.

Riley Tudbury

Great open area to let your dog off leash. Only reason I give it 4 stars is the area around the water ramps gets rather muddy and there are some guests that don't clean up after their dogs.

Judy Gonzalski

Nice park. The day we visited was way too hot but that was the day the company chose to have the picnic. When the trees get bigger it'll be way nicer

syko_ stacey

Why I ❤❤❤ Ann Morrison Park... #1 It's location is amazing. I live on the Boise Bench so this park is centrally located. #2 No matter how many people are at the park, it's so big that you're always able to find a secluded spot for you and yours. #3 There's something for everyone... a playground for the tiny humans you're raising, the green belt for you to walk and reflect, the duck population to appreciate, and last, humanitarian options. IE: the many less fortunate beings available to receive from giving. And my favorite #4 This park makes you forget that you're in the middle of the highest populated city in Idaho.

Judd Durrant

Free giraffe sightings if you're there at the right time! This is an excellent park, numerous events could be going on, but it is still very easy to find a private quiet shady park. Miles of paved trails give plenty of room for walks and bike rides. At time you feel like you're in the woods, other times taking in beautiful BSU campus or downtown Boise. A must if you're visiting Boise for the first time.

Sheila McDonald

Always a fun, clean, and entertaining place to go (except where the geese are--super poopers)

Chris Waskoviak

The new dog island is our dogs new favorite spot. Lots of bag stations and trash cans for easy disposal.

Tommy Babiracki

This is not just a park. Their is a major frisbee golf course. A clock tower. And also float the river. Don't enter the water here because that's the exit. You can park your car take your tube or whatever floating device you have out of the car and take the bus to the starting point. Don't take the city bus ( unless you want to) because they have a bus that comes around every half hour, stops right next to the playground, and it's incredibly cheap

Peter Navarro

With just a few changes it was the same park I remember from my last visit in 1987

Mark Zuckerberg

My uncle's wedding was here and it was amazing, beautifull.

Sue TenHulzen-Henrichs-Patrick

We could not get in the park. It was too full. So we drove up on the rim and watched the balloons from above the park. So beautiful!!

Christian Pugmire

Recently ran into a gentlemen at the park. He cane up and was just so excited to be at the park. He had just moved here from Oregon. He was taking picture of the surroundings and asked if this was normal activity at the park. There were so many people doing different activities and enjoying themselves. It was very active he said. He was looking around beyond the park to the foothills and was just admiring the views all around. Boise is such a beautiful and peaceful city to live. So many activities to do, especially outdoor! I encouraged him to go for quick drive up into the foothills and then take a walk, jog, or back the outskirts of town to enjoy the views of our Treasure Valley!

Melissa McCoy

A Beautiful park along the river in downtown Bosie. Nice walking paths and parking areas. A big playground. Lovely large fountain and zoo access.

Carol Irwin

Beautiful park. The dog park is amazing but needs poop bags for people that don't bring there own.

Brittany McQuilkin

Love that it has a disc golf course, bummed they took out baskets to make room for a dog park. With all this love for non-humans, no wonder the city cant get people outside being active...the dog park encourages dogs elsewhere. Stepping in dog poop every 5 feet is disgusting, they provide cleanup bags but apparently the park is a free for all now. The playground is nice but it would be better if there was another small playground on the side where the other sports complexes are. This park badly needs a redesign but it's all we've got for downtown Boise and for disc golf! Boise would do well to follow Portland's lead in the parks and rec dept.

Paul Delo

Took the family to watch the hot air balloon lighting so pretty the family enjoyed ourselves greatly.

Joe Sweet

I have always loved this park. It is big, so there is room for everyone. The play area is great for kids.

ankit mehta

Ann Morrison Park is best place in Boise for a family picnic and sports. Free parking, dog island, kids play area, cricket and soccer fields. You won't find any other place in city with similar amenities.

Rusty Johnston

Really nice park. Lots of fun events

Matt Jones

Grab a coffee, and walk around the park and the greenbelt trail across the river on a crisp fall morning. Best free entertainment in the city.

Mikki Fritz

Huge park with lots happening! Great location being downtown and beside the greenbelt and river. Events happen here such as hot air balloon festivals, concerts, fireworks, river floating, sports, etc.

Tina Logsdon

I've loved this park for my whole life. I've seen lots of changes. It holds dear childhood memories

Bree Helgeson

Writing a review for Dog Island, specifically. It is the best dog park I've ever seen. My dog loves it as much as i do! There are ALWAYS so many pups there and my dog can swim and run and play. We have been almost every day since i found it! I'm in love! Thank you so much, Parks Dept!

Chase Hollibaugh

I come here for the disc golf course a week ago there was a new edition the addition to being a installment of a dog park taking away a few baskets from the disc golf course itself but Parks and Recreation did great at relocation of the displaced baskets giving us players new holes. Thank you and great work to the city of Boise department of parks and recreation. I appreciate your hard work and keep it up.

Helen Sullivan

Trees are beautiful and there's ducks,geese and squirrels. It's really a pretty park to sit again enjoy nature. There is a river that in the summer time you can float the river and than have a BBQ. You can ride your bike to each park. Ann Morrison park green belt bike and walk path to Julie Davis Park. Nice place to relax.

Cheryl Dewitt

The trees are in bloom. Great place for families. I would like it if there was more water. The plaza was boring. The dry fountain needs a lot of work. Plain concrete is not the way it should be. Let artists paint murals on it

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Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park
Tourist Attraction - Idaho

National park

Collectors Corner Museum
Collectors Corner Museum
Tourist Attraction - Idaho


Arrowrock Dam
Arrowrock Dam
Tourist Attraction - Idaho

Historical landmark