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48-5561A Waipio Valley Rd, Honokaa, HI 96727, United States Located in: Waipio Valley Park

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Where is Waipio Valley?

REVIEWS OF Waipio Valley IN Hawaii

Denney Rowcliffe

The black sand beach at the bottom of the valley is devoid of rocks for a good stretch so it is decent for wading in. I don't know that I would attempt more than that as the tide is quite powerful. We also hiked to a small waterfall that empties directly into the ocean on the right side of the beach (requires hiking on the rocks, not too difficult if you have sneakers, decent balance and are a regular hiker). It was a little underwhelming but we are glad we did it.

gaurav gunjan

Nice place to visit in Big Island, skip it if rain is forecasted. Awesome view in sunny days.

Leopold Cuevas

Incredible place. The hike in and out is soooo worth it. Will return again and again. Bring water and energy snacks. Beautiful place. Careful with the "stream" you have to cross, it's neck deep and swift at high tide. Cross it closer to the ocean, not further upstream. The hike up and down the road to the valley is strenuous, but doable, be ready to sweat up a storm. On the beach, watch the waves, strong waves and currents. IG = @leopoldcuevas

Stefano Palese

(Translated by Google) A beautiful beach that can be reached from the Lookout on foot or by 4x4. The probably steepest street of the USA starts directly at the Lookout and leads after approx. 2,5km to a wonderful black beach, which can be seen from the Lookout. (Original) Ein wunderschöner Strand, den man vom Lookout aus zu fuß oder mit einem Geländewagen erreichen kann. Die wohl steilste Straße der USA beginnt direkt am Lookout und führt nach ca. 2,5km zu einem wunderschönen schwarzen Strand, der vom Lookout aus zu sehen ist.

Renee Talley

We were passing thru on the drive to Akaka falls and the view was amazing. Worth the uphill climb back to car to get the great photo op.

River Arnold


lily c

Incredible! River and waterfalls flowing into the ocean with taro aling the shore

Christian Rantanplan

(Translated by Google) Great! (Original) Toll!

Reid M

Most unique place I've been in Hawaii

Evelyn Fok

Very tough hike.

Greg Goode

Breathtaking view from top. Hike down and up very strenuous due to Extreme slope. You should be in reasonable shape. Hiking shoes help, poles help. At the bottom, right is a beach, left a waterfall.

Cary Fu

Beautiful valley accessed by a very steep road. You can view the valley from the lookout area at the top, but totally worth the hike down. Only about 1 mile to reach the bottom but about 30% grade so need to be in relatively good shape and not for those with bad knees. You will be rewarded at the bottom with not only the majestic views of the back of the valley and towering valley walls, but also a long stretch of gorgeous black sand beach.

Willie Madsen

Amazing views of the ocean and valley, but the guy who classified the hike to the valley floor as medium, must have been a mountaineer/ endurance runner. The roughly 2 miles of 25%+ grade was NO JOKE...

Francois Dorval

Beautiful for a 1 min stop but cannot do anything without guides

Daniel Uherek

Hard challenging walk but doable even with small kids. We didn't have the courage to drive. But when we saw it we would probably give it a try in 4x4

Wes Weston

Hike down to beach and back up is a challenge, but views are great. Beach is stunning black sand.

Osaka Yugo

I came here in 1989. It was wonderfully beautiful. It is still wonderful that it will hardly change even after 30 years.

Swagnik Mitra

Definitely visit the black sand beach below... Unless you are in a decent physical condition.. Recommend taking a 4wd and not hike.... The slope is very steep and coming back up can be pretty draining

Jessica Lewis

Most amazing beach Ive ever been to. Exceptional landscape and scenery.

Lisa Nilsen

This is simply a magical place. As you walk down the steep road, you are treated to a panorama of mountains, farmland, river, and sea. As it is home to rightful heirs of the land, please exercise every courtesy- Leave No Trace, tread lightly, be in humble appreciation of this special place.

B Fitzgerald

Fantastic views! Very steep, winding road. We had a 4x4 Jeep, so we had no issues; it would be a taxing hike, but impossible in a 2wd vehicle.

Curtis Hollabaugh


(Translated by Google) If you came to Big Island, it is a place I would definitely visit. It is overwhelmed by the spectacular scenery! (Original) ビッグアイランドに来たなら、絶対に立ち寄って欲しい場所です。壮大な景色に圧倒されます!

Chris Crowder


Sander van Pelt

Stunning view! Must see

Ratika Goyal

Great lookout!

Trevor Ball


tom h

(Translated by Google) I made a reservation for a local tour online from Japan. It's quite thrilling to get off with the 4WD. When you get down to the bottom, change to a carriage and take a walk. I got some fruits on my way back and played with the horse. (Original) 日本からネットで、現地のツアーを予約しました。 四駆で降りていくのなかなかスリルあります。 下まで降りたら、馬車に乗り換えて散策。 帰りにフルーツを貰い、馬と遊んだ。

Georg Wuitschik

One of the nicest places on the island(s). Definitely walk down and across the beach (the river can usually be crossed close to the sea). If you feel adventurous hike up the other side of the valley. The view from there is amazing.

F. Celentano


Haley Mackey

Beautiful view, easy access to the lookout point and free! We didn't hike down the trail. It looked like a rough hike and we weren't up to it. The lookout point was beautiful. We went around 5pm... not a great time to go because the sun makes it hard to see the view. Otherwise it was breathtaking!

Christopher Snell

Amazing lookout. The hike to get to the beach at the bottom of the ravine can be tough, but it is so worth it. A good opportunity to see the Taro fields. Bring rain gear and water.

Tina Dwivedi

Amazing lookout

Phillip Ngo


Chris Collins

Hike is grueling (especially going up) but well worth it!

Mark Donnelly

Heart of Hawai'i

Rose G

Best hike. A must if you're in the Big Island.

Jenny Helpenstell-Resnick

Great hiking and very beautiful! Bring water an prepare to sweat though!

Laura Knight

Most horrifying hike ever but so worth it. Lots of people I passed yesterday had no idea about the huge waterfall an the very bottom. You have to walk around the valley. An boom. Must do.

Cher Duke

Exciting and beautiful ❤️ tourist shouldn't be allowed to drive down though.

Juve Hernandez

One of the most beautiful, sacred places I've ever been to.. got to meet Rocky who kindly told us some of the local history of the place while walking down to the valley. Even if it means that I won't be able to visit this place against I hope they limit the number of tourists to go down there so we don't pollute it. Or changed it.

Shawn Lesley

Absolutely amazing. Majestic waterfall, wild horses, black sand beach, freshwater river running into the sea, beautiful foliage.... Closest thing to paradise I've seen on the big island and I've been all the way around it.

grace vella

Did a horseride with Na'apali Stables. Truly, a Paradise. Wild too. The reason I came to Hawai'i.

David Hoffman

Amazing hike with views. Wear good shoes as it is a steep descent with some mud at the bottom. But worth the effort.

Abigail Granner

Stunning, just crowded. Didn’t hike down as to be respectful of those living in the sacred valley. The view point for tourists is gorgeous- just a 5-10 minute stop for some pictures & a moment of silence.

Alex Ozols

Great hike past the river


Beautiful black sand beach after a daunting hike down the cliff side. Not for the faint of heart but rewarding for the adventurous.

Celeste McFarlen

Absolutely loved it! Take a tour either shuttle or horseback well worth it! Best advantages for photos and being respectful of the residents. Gorgeous.

Serge Nardelli

(Translated by Google) Beautiful region (Original) Magnifique région

S. B.

WOW!!! Phenomenal beach and view of the waterfall (as good as it gets without trespassing). The waves are good for boarding and there is plenty of clear area off the beach without having to worry about get pushed into rocks. If you’re a glutton for punishment you can head down on foot and the hike back up is killer, makes for a great HIIT workout sprinting mixed in with walking for recovery. My lungs were on fire! Definitely a steep climb so make sure your vehicle has working brakes and four-wheel-drive (signs posted say the latter is a requirement, the former is a no-brainer haha). Also be cautious of the weather if you plan on driving down as it rained when we went and some cars had a little trouble on the real steep spots. If you do go down on foot bring water!!!! We heard a few people commenting that they hadn’t brought water as we neared the top and they were just starting the hike will definitely want some water Just a little logistic advice: arrive early as the parking situation gets crazy. We went on a Saturday morning and arrived around 8:30-ish and there was plenty of parking. When we came back out several hours later there were cars parked everywhere (there are signs so that people don’t block local driveways) and others sitting in their cars trying to figure out where to park.

Steven Wojcicki

Nice place to see extremely tough up hill to get out is possible just taking slowely

Steven Roberson

Waipio Valley is everything that the reviews here say, but the location on the map is wrong. Follow Waipio Valley Road to get there, don’t go to the location marked on the map.

Jenn G.

Breathtaking and green! My best advice is to get up early and get out there while the morning fog is still around. You can hitchhike or walk your way down the VERY STEEP (not for a rental) graded road and get down to the black sand volcano beach to explore without other tourists or tour groups. There is a stream that flows straight out of the valley and into the ocean-- it is a beautiful (although muggy) view. Drones are allowed so go buck wild. It's amazing.

Patrick Debel

Great views from our horseback trip in the valley

The Word became flesh

Beautiful valley with horses

codi wilkinson

If you want to hike the road. Be in shape

April Tarrance

Like heaven on earth! Totally worth the hike!

Oak Uwague

A trip down the valley is highly recommended, be prepared for a long energy intensive hike down and up the valley, but the view is worth it.

Julian Ferrer

The hike was fairly short but rough. But it is totally worth it, the black sand beach is beautiful and the valley is amazing (it almost seems like a scene from jurassic Park). Parking is extremely limited so be prepared to wait around for a bit, fortunately, many folks do a quick stop and picture so the parking clears often. DO NOT DO THIS, get down and prepare yourself for a good hike

Dee Bailey

Absolutely gorgeous!


(Translated by Google) Very beautiful, 4WD can drive directly to the beach. Remember to four-wheel drive, roads are steep, have a certain experience, but overall pretty safe (Original) 非常美丽,四驱车可以直接开到海滩边。记得一定要四驱车,道路比较陡,要有一定经验的,但总体还算是安全的

Jerry Sprout

Walk a steep one lane road down to the valley. Take a right turn to the beach. Waterfall. Hiking trail across river. Directions in Hawaii Big Island Trailblazer

Katie Gorycki

Spectacular views. Totally worth the hike! Great beach to swim at too


(Translated by Google) The slope down to the bottom is a real hill. When you get off, you have to get down with the preparedness that you have to climb. When I came back, my whole body was sweaty and drenched. But it ’s the best. (Original) 下まで続く坂は本当の激坂です。降りたら登らなくてはならないことを覚悟の上で降りないといけません。帰ってきた頃には全身汗だくでびしょ濡れです。でも最高です。

Brianne Quiban

Stunning beauty

Jay Q

Will never forget it. Hiked down to the beach with my wife and proposed to her there a few years back, followed by a horse back ride through the valley. Unforgettable and beautiful. Will always hold a special place in my heart.

Candice McCollough

Unbelievably beautiful, also an unbelievably steep driveway. We hiked from the beach back to the top in about 45 minutes and we are in pretty good shape, and it was completely exhausting. Incredible waterfall in the back of the valley, rainforest and taro farms all in between, and a black sand beach and a river running to it? Just perfect. Also there's a lot of horses roaming around, they are tame, but be very careful if they are on the narrow road with you, still will kick.

Josh Howard

One of the most majestic places on the island in my opinion other than pololu valley


(Translated by Google) Do not go by light clothing. Although I could not go for a walk because I went in light clothing, I saw the scenery of the power spot (Original) 軽装で行くべからず。軽装で行ったので散策ができなかったが、パワースポットの景観が見れました

Iva O

Amazing place must to go, Overlook does not give you a full picture, but hiking down and UP is not for weak knees, and not for wearing flip flops.. takes like 30 min down and with God grace and depending on your health might get up to and 1 hour , once you get down hill there left road you can get to village and see 2 more waterfalls at the end, ( must cross knee high stream of running river waters) , very nice walk by the houses and different kinds of plants, fruits and we saw wild white parrot too. , if you go right it will take you to the long, black sand beach with huge crashing waves , good place for a picnic, and view of another waterfall on the very left, no trail there but if you clump few feet of rocks you ll get to the bottom of it. no bathroom in the valley... make sure you drink lots of water :))

john huang

Lots of great hiking and great views.


Beautiful valley. Hike down if you are in good shape. It’s worth it. Turn left for falls and right for beach. The trail is very steep. Have a rain jkt as the weather-can change quickly. Also go down with a good pair of shoes, water and torch light if you’re starting late. If you are driving then only 4wd is recommended.

Adedayo Adeleke

This was a very challenging hike but it was very fun and worth it

Brian Gordon

My wife and I went to Waipio on our honeymoon. We walked/hiked the steep road to the bottom. The view of the waterfall is underwhelming if you walk in. However the beach is phenomenal. Sparkling black sand and clear water. It may be my all time favorite beach for sheer beauty. Some notes. The road in is very steep, think 30 degree grade. If you would rather book a shuttle. You can drive in theory, but I would not recommend it. The beach is beautiful, but not a swimming beach. The current is very strong. Bring lunch, read a book, stroll on the beach. Bring lots of water. There are port a potties on the beach but that is it.

Albert Zhou

Stunning views of the valley and beach. The hike isn't so bad but quite steep on the way down.

Nick Tubbs

Great valley to visit on the big island. There is a bathroom and great overlook that requires no hiking to get to. There is very little parking. You can drive down (if you have a 4wd vehicle only) a steep 25% grade road to a black sand beach and to views of awesomely tall Hiilawe falls.

Billy Minogue

Sana Abrar

If you want to see views straight out of a fairy tale, this place is a must-see.


(Translated by Google) This is the Big Island Please get off. (Original) これぞハワイ島 是非降りてみてください。

Heiko Brehmer

(Translated by Google) hammer (Original) Hammer

Nadia Allmon

Get yourself a 4wd vehicle and drive down to the black beach. Wild horses, lush plants, flowers, cold crisp rivers and heaven on Earth. The locals told us the hike up from the beach is a marriage breaker so save your relationships and just use a vehicle to explore.


Amazing experience hiking and beautiful views at the lookout and at the beach. Lots of people rode down to the beach in 4x4s, but if you are relatively fit it's worth it to hike down to the beach. The hike back up is grueling and you have to constantly move over for cars, but its definitely worth the experience.

Paula Muhammad

This place is AMAZING, but very difficult to hike even for the experienced. My suggestion, ride down in a 4X4 or take a tour. Unless you really enjoy hiking ALOT the beautiful views are not worth the extreme difficulty and risk of life. It's hard coming up even for the fit.

65 AKM

◆Waipio valley ◆So very magnificent valley ◆mysterious spot ◆There are many myths here ◆There is no public transportation

Akiko Patterson

(Translated by Google) About 50 Hawaiians currently live in Waipio, one of them has participated in a tour that serves as a guide. I entered their private estate, experienced taro potato digging, eat fresh 'poi' and put it in a secret waterfall, it was a wonderful tour. You can experience the essence of the Waipio Valley, also known as the valley of the royal family. I was impressed. Guide is a very handsome person who is cool. @ haweawaipiovalleyadventure Deep Hawaii tour which can not be tasted on other tours. It is cheap! ! The wild horses are adorable, as if they were dogs like a dog, they were cute. (Original) このワイピオには現在50人ほどのハワイ人が暮らしていますが、その中の1人がガイドを務めてくださるツアーに参加してきました。 彼らの私有地に入り、タロ芋掘りを体験し、新鮮な「ポイ」を食べ、秘密の滝に入れる、素晴らしいツアーでした。 王家の谷とも言われるワイピオ渓谷の真髄を経験できます。感動するばかりでした。 ガイドさんは、とてもカッコいいハンサムな方です。@haweawaipiovalleyadventure 他のツアーでは味わえないDeepなHawaiiツアー。イチオシです!! 野生の馬たちは、大人しく、まるでワンちゃんのように懐っこく可愛かったです。

Nadia Hoikkala

Very nice place, definitely must see on Big Island. We hiked the road down to valley (about 20 min walk) and after we explore wonderful beach and also made some hike up the valley, we walked up from the valley. It took is 35 min with stops, slowly. I think that difficulty of this trail is strongly exaggerated in feed backs. If you are healthy and sportive, you can do it without a problem.

Jayne Kainulainen

This place is beautiful!

Benjamin Walker


(Translated by Google) nice! ! (Original) 美!!

Tucker ware

very very gouud. very very very very gooouuuud. i luv it. best ever

Elizabeth Mathiasen

This hike is tough, but short. It's doable as long as you consider a few things before going. One is that, at times, the grade on this road is 45%. Do not try to to bring a car without 4WD down there. Seriously. The grade will make your quads hurt on the way down, and your calves and butt hurt on the way up. Don't do this hike if you can't continuously walk up and down what amounts to really steep stairs for a mile. Bring sunscreen. You'll sweat it off. Reapply it. Bring lots of water and save the majority of it for the hike back up. Bring a towel so you can cool off in the river maybe. Don't go in the ocean down here unless you're prepared for a brutal rip current. Bring bug spray. Don't bother the residents down there. They don't really want you down there anyway, so try to be respectful. It's their home and their land and they're kind to let us view the paradise down there.

Mir Salek

One of the greatest attractions of big Island. Beautiful valley. The path to the valley is super steep. There is huge fall at the end of valley. But access to their base is difficult since apparently the base is private. But there is another fall and spring. The see in winter is pretty wavy and fun to swim in. There is a hike from here to Waimano Valley. Be prepared to get wet if you want to go to Waimano. You need to pass a river. The trail is also muddy and passes several creeks.

I try my best

Use on my prodject

Harald Brandner

Amazing place, you either walk down to the valley - very exhausing. Or pay for a 2 hour tour about $ 50

Akemi Machi

(Translated by Google) It is a wonderful landscape. Many negative ions. It's a spiritual place. (Original) 素敵な景観です。マイナスイオン沢山。スピリチュアルな所です。

Lucie Jiraskova

There are three ways to get to the Waipi'o Valley: you hike, you pay $$ for a commercial tour (you have one hour free time in the valley) or you rent a four wheel drive and do not tell the rental company you are going to this valley. What I heard/read prior our trip: locals living in the valley arranged that the only four wheel company on the island does not allow you taking their truck down to the valley. And they went further: locals arranged and have an agreement with the businesses taking you on a tour to trespass their property (of course they get some of the $$ from the tour company). It stinks. We did not want to pay $$ for any tour so we decided to hike it. I read many reviews how difficult the hike was and all the locals were discouraging tourist from entering the valley saying that "many tourists are dropping dead on the way up from the valley". I have to laugh, what a funny discouragement! Well, we hiked it, spent only about half an hour in the valley, walked on the main road and on the beach. Disappointed. Nothing to see. There were five "wild" horses which were so tamed you could pet them, they followed us for a bit. And yep, there were many signs such "do not enter, private property, be aware of flying stones (this was a good one), if you enter, we will shoot you and if you survive we will shoot you again". Yep, locals do not want you there, but are happy to get your $$. Hiking up was not easy, but it was not difficult. We were not experienced hikers and were carrying heavy backpacks (the negative reviews freaked us so much, we packed LOTS of water for the hike) and had to stop at places to give way the four-wheel vehicles going down. Took us only 38 minutes to hike up. Without heavy backpacks you can hike it up in less than 25 minutes. And this was the dreadful, hard hike? Hahaha. Nope. We personally thought this valley was not worthy of our time. I highly recommend hiking to the Pololu Valley and beyond it - no crowded, spectacular and peaceful. Do not get discouraged by locals telling tales how hard the hike is, do not spend your $$ either on any tour. And do not trespass, you will be shot or the worse stoned to death lmao.

jeff williams

do the hike down/up, but maybe on a weekday when there's fewer vehicles

Erik Ramberg

Plan for a tough hike out -not long but gruelingly steep. Beautiful black sand beach, and if it’s been raining on Kohala, hiking up the valley to see the waterfalls is amazing

Diana S. Hansen

Beautiful spot ! The black sand beach was beautiful !

Hunter Baca

Heaven on hawaii island.

joe moseley

Bloody hell.... what a walk to the bottom but the view is awesome .

Aimee Palmer

Beautiful beach, you can often see wild horses. You can hike down, it is muddy in some spots at the bottom. We have made the hike several times with our children 9, 6 and 4 years old. You can also drive down with 4wd.

Matt Pesci

Beautiful beach

Tony Cruz

Beautiful from the outlook, but if you have a 4 wheeler drive down to the black sand beach or book an excursion, you might see Wild horses, would definitely visit again ❤


Nice place. The hike can be strenuous for some. If you are taking your 4 wheel drive, ensure that you have the experience to do so. Drive in low 4 WD.

Mike Salter

Absolutely spectacular !

Rolf Zellweger

(Translated by Google) The Waipio Valley is always worth a visit. It is worth the walk down the street. Also as respect for the locals. The road has a slope resp. a slope of 25% and is she the steepest paved road of America. The sea still has a tafe flow. So watch out ... and take the garbage with you, please. Unfortunately, there are always people which .... (Original) Das Waipio Valley ist immer wieder ein Besuch wert. Es lohnt sich die Strasse hinunterzulaufen. Auch als Respekt gegenüber den Einheimischen. Die Strasse hat ein Gefälle resp. eine Steigung von 25% und ist sie steilste asphaltierte Strasse von Amerika. Das Meer hat noch eine taffe Strömung. Also aufgepasst...und nehmt bitte den Abfall wieder mit. Leider gibts immer wieder Menschen welche....


(Translated by Google) I can go to the beach by going down this road, but the inclination is quite tight, I think that it is better to see the day if you go on foot. Although it is a case to go by car, most rental car companies are prohibited from driving, Harper can go, but it becomes uninsured. Roads are uneven, the width of the road is narrow, and there is only a degree that two large SUVs are marginally missed at a refuge. I think that it is wise for those who do not have a traveling experience of a bad mountain road to go by foot. If you walk to the edge of the beach, you should cross the river so you can go wet as it is wet. The view from the top is also good, but the scenery on the way down the road, the view on the beach was also very good. (Original) この道を下るとビーチまで行けますが、傾斜がかなりきつく、徒歩で行くならを1日はみておいた方が良いと思います。車で行く場合ですが、ほとんどのレンタカー会社は走行禁止で、ハーパーは行けますが、無保険となります。道は凹凸が激しく、道幅は狭く待避所で大型のSUV2台がギリギリすれ違える程度しかありません。程度の悪い山道の走行経験のない方は、徒歩で行かれた方が賢明だと思います。 ビーチの端まで歩く場合、川を横切るので濡れてもいい格好で行ったほうがいいです。 上から見る景色も良いですが、道を下る途中の景色、ビーチの景色もとても良かったです。

Kenny G

Magical place an enchanting experience. This is a remote Hawaiian place. Treat it so. You must have 4 wheel drive to drive in. Hiking is allowed. A tropical paradise.

Kolbey Browning

this was an amazing experience, but be prepared for extreme hiking. the road is paved, but with the 25% incline it takes around thirty minutes to go down and 45 min - 1 hr to get back up. Good shoes are a must, and beware it can get slick if its wet. at the bottom of the road, there is an amazing waterfall to the left and the beach you can see from the top to your right. worth the hike, but it was definitely a challenge.


(Translated by Google) The scenery is wonderful when going out to the beach through the forest road (Original) 林道を抜けてビーチに出たときの景観が素晴らしい

Kenshiro Kitamura

In the valley, it's like heaven. Awesome.

David Slovenski

Beautiful valley and beach. Short steep hike then little muddy section. Parking is a little tight, but not bad. There's a ranger stationed at the lot, so you don't need to worry about your car.

Rocio Toledo

it does not give a lot of information for example the description.


Kaherdin Clohan Bonnet

great view, great hike, great beach and you can sometimes see wild horses!

Diego Tinoco

It was easy going down , but the way back up is extremely hard. but the views in the valley are worth it!!

Claudia Colantonio

Great hike from the valley to the black sand beach. The hike is about 7 miles and is actually pretty tough. Hiking to the Hi’lawe Falls is not recommended because you would have to cross over private property. If you rented a car, make sure you check if they allow you to drive the car to Waipio Valley.

Stuart Hess

Awesome, but need 4x4

Elizabeth Posada

Awesome place... MAGICAL

Joshua Lesser

Amazingly beautiful!

Gary Sheperd


Richard Smith

Well worth the time and effort to get to the viewing area. It is a very steep decent to the viewing area--be sure to use the handrail.

Du Li

Good experience

Nikolas McAndrew

Love a good hike

Teri Wolff

Get your 4 wheel drive and go straight down to this place. Waterfall, black sand and one amazing view.

Antonios Kritikos

Bucket list destination for anyone

Joshua Collier

Amazing beach. We hiked down. I have never sweat so much in my entire life. Bring lots of water. The hike to the beach and back took us about an hour and twenty minutes with just a brief stay at the beach. It’s a climb. Average 25 degree incline. Make sure you are up for it. Would love to have had 4WD and spent more time at this beach. Looks like some serious currents though.

Patrick Flynn

Amazing views of waterfalls on both sides of the valley.

Blake MT

Get here early or fight for parking. I watched two tourists knife each other to death over a premium stall. By knife each other, I mean they threw cold daggers of discontent at each other until one relented, pulled away, and used his middle finger to say goodbye.

Matthew Mead

Wow just wow! The views here are amazing! You have to see it in person! You can see Maui from here!

Christine Ballard

Gorgeous views. Great place for a picnic. Hike out was a bit difficult but doable.

Matthew Gaskill

One of my favorite places on Earth. A lush valley with taro fields, wandering horses, waterfalls, and a secluded black sand beach.

Clay Marshall

Love this place

TS Elliott

If going to the waterfall make sure your electronics are in waterproof bags - absolutely gorgeous though if you can hack the hike. Beach us stellar too though if you choose to go there.

Vadim Alexandrov

Beautiful valley. Gorgeous waterfall. Black sand beach with big waves. Quite steep hike.

John Tisdale

4x4 worth the trip

Jesse Evans

Baudelia Sanchez


Ben Westdorp

Incredible! Make it a stop in you're on the Big Island.

Shirin Eghtesadi

Really worth the detour!

amos diaz

Awesome View, tough hike back up

Cory Hester

Absolutely gorgeous! A must do and see.

Daniel Logan

"the Valley of the Kings !" absolutely worth seeing the smooth black sand beach and tall lazy trees back up off tbe beach it has about three different water falls both sides of the beach spilling into the ocean and another one further back two are accessible during low tide ..if you have a four wheel drive and are okay with steep inclines you can drive all the way down to beach if it is raining even though its paved I wouldn't recommend it because it could be slick ..etc if not you will have to hike in its a good 45 mins down and allow yourself a good hour and forty five or more depending on how you in shape you think you are but believe me you will want plenty of time hiking out you will find the hike back out to be pretty fierce if you are in a hurry having said all that make sure you see this it's worth the effort

c j


Heidi In Die Schweiz

Wonderful and beautiful place! You should definitely visit this spot when you go to Hawaii. We went also for horseriding in the valley of the kings: this is really cool!! Already the trip there was amazing, we went with this special car on this super steep road down into the valley, what a ride! You should really go for it :)

Jessica Goldberg

Beautiful country side. Multiple waterfalls, river the runs into the ocean.

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