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Where is Waimea Canyon State Park?

REVIEWS OF Waimea Canyon State Park IN Hawaii

Greg- A US Army Veteran AND Damn Proud of it!

A simply beautiful place. The waterfalls are gorgeous. The view on the east side overlooking the Pacific Ocean is amazing. Got lucky as the morning the sky was so blue! A stunning day!

Kaina Daley

Beautiful sites to see, trails galore to explore, if you can go on a day that's not rained out

Pamela Falkenstein

This State Park is breathtaking! The Majesty of it just blows your mind. I feel blessed to have been able to see it.

Kimberly Giardina

Definitely take the Canyon Trail! Absolutely beautiful.

Jose Lugo

Beautiful. Awesome views of the canyon. Easy to get to. Native Hawaiian gave a free speech on the history of the area and native life inside the canyon.

Ivana Papa

This was a bit of a challenge but well worth it! The beauty can't be captured but I recommend taking the time to see this.

John Abbott

Absolutely loved the scenery. It has the colors of the Grand Canyon plus a lot of shades of green. Don't miss it if you go to Kauai!

Abiud Montes

One of the most beautiful places I have been too. I will return soon.

Denney Rowcliffe

If you visit Kaua'i you have to stop here! Go first to the Canyon Lookout it's only $5.00 per car, take pictures there and keep going up the road , you will find trails . The one that takes you to the Canyon it's 4miles, it's hard and long but it's is so worth it, you will enjoy of a beautiful view (same view that helicopters tours ). And keep going down and you will see a nice waterfall .

Shaunas Adventures

Gorgeous canyon. Loved the variety of colors and the huge waterfall across the way...


Amazing place to stop by when visiting Kauai! It has a great view when it's a clear day out. You can also get some fresh fruits before your short walk up the paved path to the look out site.

Sara8h Lemley

One of my top 5 favorite days includes hiking here!! It was breathtakingly gorgeous. Steep and a bit muddy at times and be sure to pack plenty of water and maybe a small snack to refuel.

Jonathan Orleck

Please people, there is nothing I can say that will in anyway explain the amazing beauty of this place. Go up, explore, get off the beaten path and enjoy some of the most spectacular viewpoints in the world.

Javere Walters

It's so funny that this place is just like the grand canyon minus the waterfalls and the colourful trees and temperature

Eve Greiner

This place is amazing (but then everywhere in Kauai is)! It's worth the trek straight up the mountain to get to the top. When you do, you'll get the most majestic view of this island. It's about 10 degrees cooler up there and has the best breezes, making it perfect for a hot summer day!

T & G Colwell

Definitely worth the drive. This has got to be one of the most beautiful spots on Kauai. The lookouts along the road give great spots for taking pictures. The drive is not complete without going all the way to the end of he road and hiking into the Phea Vista. This just over 2 mile round trip hike is the icing on top of the trip.


Beautiful views of the cannon. There's a $5 parking fee. There are restrooms, just take your soap. Plan to spend 20 min to spend at the park. Theres a local vending truck that carries sweats and some of local fruits as well as water and sodas. Handicapped inaccessible.

Amy Boylan

A must see on the island. Best to spend at least a whole day here. Check out lonely planets suggestions on where to stop.

savagenoob 3

This is one of the prettiest spots on Kauai. We drove it and did the helicopter ride also. If you like scenic views and amazing pictures this is the place. There are 2 scenic lookouts on the way up. There are also a lot of spots to pull off for more views. Don’t miss this one.

Masio Glover

Step back in time before humans... Stunning views that is so unique and mesmirising. And if you're lucky get a real history lesson from a true,humble and noble Hawaiian!

Deborah king

So amazing. Waterfall, the colors are breathtaking and the chickens.

Daniel Shute


Justine W

Beautiful place! Great hiking trails. Highly recommend the trails... bring a phone with GPS to track your location as it was a little difficult to navigate the longer trails! Enjoy this stunning canyon!!

Robert Byssz

Unbelievable view, you should combine some trails with the drive to here. We drove to the very end of the road and took a trail there. Great experience and unmatchable view!

Michele Weslander Quaid

This is a must see! Go on a clear day and enjoy the spectacular colors and terrain in this picturesque Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Plan extra time to stop along the road and various view points to take pictures and go on some short hikes.

Justin Conway

Absolutely beautiful! One of the most incredible views I have scene. I recommend that you see this look out spot but then continue up the road to the wildlife preserve. Make sure you leave enough time in the day to go for a nice hike and you'll see some amazing views on the napali coast.

Reza Hammond

My wife and I didn't have time to do the hike, but just the drive up and the lookout points near the parking lot were quite the treat. Quick note that the temperature was a bit cooler than sea level, so consider bringing a light jacket with you if you plan to spend a lot of time here.

Bettye Schwab

As majestic as the Grand Canyon but oh so different!

David Bessey

The canyon is gorgeous. You can definitely find yourself staring off for long periods of time. It is a great drive and wonderful experience. Definitely a must went on the island.

William Miller

This was a gorgeous park to visit! Well worth it to rent a car to see at your own pace! Breathtaking views with the freshest air to breathe!

James M.

Be sure to know when is the best time to visit because the clouds will roll in faster than you think! Even with the clouds, hiking is much enjoyable in cooler misty weather. It is like walking through AC everywhere!

Carrie Rogers

This place is amazing!! Visited here on my very first trip to Hawaii and it was hands down my favorite spot! We pulled off on the side of the road and explored part of the park that was a little less crowded, but the views were still incredible! I personally love the red sand. Photos below by Carrie Rogers Photography.

Thomas Rimer

Waimea Canyon is definitely the best hiking on the island. Though the first 2.5 miles is a steep 2,000 foot drop into the canyon, the views are priceless. Do be warned that the last 0.5 of the descent is in tall grass, so long pants and shirts are advised (I ignored the warnings and my arms and legs are still itchy, 4 days after) The bottom of the canyon is a river, which is a great place to cool off/go swimming. After reaching the floor, theres a great trail that continues for another 5-6 miles to a helipad. The majority of the trail is the trademark red dirt, which does stain so be sure to wear clothes you're comfortable with getting dirty. Pack lots of water, and monitor the weather. Overall, I highly recommend this hike to anyone in good shape who's up for the adventure.

Sean M

Do your self a favor check the weather forecast before you make the trek up the mountain. The rain can down after reach the top and didn't let up. The weather up top was crazy rain to top to the bottom on the mountain

Ian Burke

Imagine the Grand Canyon in the middle of paradise, with tropical birds flying in the distance, and waterfalls seen through the lush canopy below. It’s that and much more. Easy drive to the top and a quick walk to the crowded lookout spot. But, if you walk down towards the bottom of the parking lot, you’ll notice a dandy area that you can climb up. The view is the same without the crowd. Bring your lunch or fresh fruit bought from the locals and enjoy a people free view of the canyon.

Juan Saenz

The hikes were definitely fun. The views are definitely worth the hike. I went with a group first thing early morning. We beat the crowd, I enjoy my hikes early when the sun's rising. The hike only took a couple hours. The waterfalls were definitely beautiful! Looking forward to coming back next year or two. You dont get these views in Texas.

Michael McCormack

Great trekking with incredible views. Better wear shoes and bring water. No bugs when I went in September.

Eastside Soccer Club

Loved it. Stopped by Ishihara Market for lunch stuff and ate it up there. Beautiful vistas of the canyon and if lucky, you get to see some wildlife. Get there early as the parking lot gets frowded

Jason Reed

Spectacular scenery. $5 fee for parking which is very limited. Expect to circle the lot a few times or find parking on the side of the road.

James Wray

Took the drive up to the end of the road. Hike three different trails over two days. Some of the best scenery on the island. Now I know why they call helicopters the state bird. Well worth the hikes and drive.

Jessica Bearre

Always an amazing experience driving up here. Had a lot of fun driving and reaching the top. Loved the little food stand they had there too.

Jason Krichten

Absolutely beautiful. Bring water. It's a long drive but wort it!

Venus Rose

Simply transcendental and otherworldly. One of the most epic places on the whole planet!

Rachel Pohli

Beautiful! Breathtaking, and one thing we really noticed about Hawaii parks is how clean and litter free they are.

t maensy

Awesome! It's a must while visiting beautiful Kauai! It's stunning and beautiful. You can drive by yourself and park the car in a parking spot to take a hike or to enjoy the view. Bring enough time. We went there in February and it wasn't crowded. We had a great time!

Marco Passalacqua

Unbelievable. Don't give up during along the trial because you will be really rewarded at the end of the path with something awesome. Use the right shouses (no water shouses) and bring with you some water.


Tight windy roads to get up there but worth it for the spectacular views.

Dani Buchner

Great Scenic drive with several trail options to take. We breezed through to appreciate the vistas at each point but are looking forward to hiking some of the trails in the future! $5 to park in the lots but one ticket is valid for every stop. I'd recommend going past the first overlook and onto another one to purchase your parking ticket, as the line for the kiosk gets very long on busy days! Hit the first lookout on your way back out of the park.

Michael Smiley

Beautiful Views. The Canyon trail is not easy, but not extremely difficult either. Shoes not flip flops recommended.

Josh Moore

Well worth the drive to see the amazing views. Roads have some sharp corners but not bad. Amazing views and off the water so you don't have to worry about clouds blocking your view like the wind of the road

Hanan Mekawy

The second I laid my eyes on these beautiful canyons, I couldn't stop the shiver in my body or the tears in my eyes. It is absolutely the most beautiful place I have ever been in my life. And I do travel alot and have seen alot, but I have never seen anything that shock me this way ❤❤❤❤❤

Devyn Herrick

Absolutely breathtaking view just a short (20 minutes) drive from the main highway. Definitely worth the drive if you're on this side of the island, and even if you're not, it's worth a little trip. The park itself, entrance and parking, are all free. There was even a few local vendors selling fresh fruit while we were there. Nice public bathrooms as well.

dragana polimac

Stunning! I highly recommend the Waimea Canyon Trail. It's a moderate 5.1km (about 3 miles) out and back trail. We hiked it in early June and didn't have any weather issues.

Subrata Chakrabarti

Amazing view of the canyon from the lookout. The drives was also interesting as we had a good guide/bus driver. Takes about an hour from the harbour where we docked. There was a little shop in the parking lot. Selling fresh fruit slices, caramelized ginger and banana fritters. Very good and reasonsble. All in all a good trip. Worth the money.

Noah Kim

Once you reach the top, you won't regret the 2 mile hike. It isnt easy, especially after rainfall. Highly recommend using the Shaka App during your drive for detailed info and history. Views are incredible and well worth the trip. Use extreme caution since there are no safeguards especially near cliffs and at the top of the canyon.

Linda Foulger

Absolutely terrific trip via Waimea to Na Pali and the top of the mountain. Fabulous colours. Also the island red soil (dirt) is so unusual and when walking on it, your sound is deadened. I'd say that was the most unusual part of the day, it felt almost spongy or bouncy underfoot.

Lisa Goodwin

Mark Twain once wrote about this place. Called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Stay away from the edges and follow their rules. A lot of hikers decide to venture wherever they want and get lost or hurt. These mountains have wild razor backs boars so you must be careful. The lookouts are spectacular. The fresh air is divine.

David Jones

A must see if you have the time and motion sickness medication. An hour of very curvy roads with constant elevation changes await you. Don't worry about the way back down, unless you're in a '78 Buick station wagon, any modern car can handle the demands of this mountain drive.

Mary Lucille Baker

Good roads to access. Fab view. $5.00 parking machines once you get to the top. Felt weird once up there. Maybe the drive, I altitude? Long windy road. Take the safari helicopter. Fabulous

Katrin Sara Sadigh

This park is a must see for everyone who steps on this island. Though it is a bit of a drive, even from the airport, it is well worth the trip. Just grab a ticket for your car from the parking machine after inputting the license plate, and hike the short distance to the viewpoint. You will be amazed by the panoramic views which are so different from the rest of the island. Mornings may offer a wider, more colorful view since clouds may roll in during the afternoons but all times will serve up impressive views.

Abigail R.

Waimea canyon is a must if you are visiting Kauai for the first time. There are many scenic lookouts and hidden hiking paths that are so striking. It is a reminder of what Hawaii is and once was. I do recommend visiting earlier in the day when there is usually less traffic. The 15 mile drive uphill is a breeze. There are restrooms and a stand that sells water and local fruit once you reach the parking lot and observatory deck.

Mike Salowski

Stunning views. Amazing, pristine nature. Better than the grande canyon...colors are undescribable.

Ron Rumbaoa

Breathtaking view. One of the most beautiful spots in the Hawaiian islands.

Lakshmanarao Boggavarapu

Beautiful and one will will enjoy with varied colours of canyon.

Zack Zucker

One of the more beautiful things you will ever see. The drive is a bit long to get up there but the views are worth it. One day I would love to hike within and see the Jurassic Park waterfall up close.

Geof Harvey

Amazing! Easy hike when dry ( I'm assuming). Views are incredible. If youre feeling adventurous do some hiking up here. Just be prepared for tons of mud after heavy rains! And bring a lot of water to drink!

Chris Walbrun

Huge and beautiful. The contrast of the green and reds is a true sight. One of the few things in life I would describe as breathtaking.

Lolo Head

Long drive but well worth it. Reminds me of Jurassic Park


So may amazing views in here. Planned my trip out months in advance and I still didn't have enough time to see what's in here. Be careful in here! There aren't any dangers from animals but it's very possible to fall off a cliff.

Cathy Baker

Great hike, great views. Our 5 year old was able to do it all the way to the falls. A definite if you are on the island.


Grand Canyon of the Pacific (Carnial Legend) Breathtaking view! We went here on a cruise ship excursion and it was amazing. If you would like to see my full experience, please see my YouTube channel: Morgancita

Jessica Graells

Unfortunately it was cloudy most of the time we were there however it cleared a few times and we got to see some beautiful views

Derek Drew

Views that will take your breath away. Absolutely stunning.

Susie Dattilo

Amazing place! So beautiful and massive. The Grand Canyon had nothing in it. I could have stared out at it for hours. Serene, I loved loved it so much.

John Joice

Many colors and gorges like the Grand canyon. Don't forget to go to the top. First time the views were just the canyon colors. At the top you get a better perspective of the Napoli coast than just from the water looking up

Brittani Berg

Beautiful scenery. You have to pay $2 to park but the pass is good all day and fir all lookouts.

Kevin W

We flew in an open cockpit helicopter through the canyons in the morning and drove up to the canyons in the late afternoon to watch the sunset in the evening. This is another absolutely gorgeous place and very much worth the drive. Do it on your own so you can take time to soak up the majesty and not have to hustle along with a tour group. Seeing this island's waterfalls from an open helicopter is totally worth the cost.

Joe Kiko Hernandez

Beautiful and breathtaking. The views were spectacular. Weather was great. Nice and cool. There are restrooms at the overlooks with parking lots. One even has a local vendor selling fresh cut fruit.

George K

Truly is breathtaking! Many great spots for scenic overlooks. Small $5 parking fee good for all the levels of the park is well worth it. The "Grand Canyon of the Pacific" 3000 feet deep with beautiful colors.

mariah ottersen

Beautiful park. Well kept trail heads for the major trails, and viewpoint views of canyon are awesome

Mr. Dronez FPV

Anywhere you go in Kauai is going to be a 6⭐, yes a six not a five star experience a must on your bucket list!!! Wimea canyon is one of those places you dream about when you think of a perfect vacation.

kimo napolitano

A look into gods beautiful creation just lovely n majestic each island are jewels of the ocean

Rick Nobers

Grand Canyon of the Pacific. It is a winding drive. Have gas. Stop at all of the views. It is awesome!


Waimea Canyon is awesome! You have to go see it. It's like a baby Grand Canyon, and there are plenty of hikes. There are also a few lookout points for those who do not want to hike. If you go, drive all the way to the end for a spectacular experience.

Lori McAllister

Breathtakingly beautiful State Park. We spent a whole afternoon here enjoying

Karl Tallakson

Amazing place. Each overlook has different things to see. It impressed me as much as the grand canyon.

Paige Vickers

Great views that are well worth the time. It took a few hours the drive though the whole park stopping for a few minutes at each lookout. Just a little climb, about 3 minutes to each lookout; a few steps or a small steep incline. Well worth the time and you won't be disappointed! There are trails to do if you would like to spend more time the in nature otherwise just spend a few hours driving along to witness the amazing views!

Nancy Duenas

Gorgeous views, but make sure your driver has steady nerves, since the trip up is full of curves and narrow streets! Beautiful overlook.

Joel Croteau

The view of the canyon is pretty incredible. No photo will ever do it justice.

Amaya Becvar Weddle

Gobsmacking views! The layers, colors, and vast expanse gave me so much respect for the land. Parking was tough, but thankfully the turn over in the lot is pretty fast so we were able to slide in. There's not much of a hike, but worth a stop for the photo ops!


This place is a drive to get up to the actual scenic Waimea Canyon views, but even if you're not up for driving all the way up to the top, there are rest spots where you can stop and actually take beautiful pictures. But I highly suggest taking the drive. When you reach the top, you'll find an abundance of chickens and roosters running around and a nice fruit truck stand that serves cold, sweet, exotic and tropical fruits. The views are breathtakingly spectacular.

Laura Sawyer

This was one of many of my favorites while on the islands. I would love to live here.

Brad Ritzema

View is great. Took off a star because of the lack of communication at the canyon lookout - you need to pay $5 and you need to know your license plate. We left our car and had to go back to get the license plate. Just a sign or something would have been nice

Tim Knorr

Amazing views of the canyon! Plus there are bathrooms and a food vendor. It’s also wheelchair accessible. Great place to see the canyon!

Dave Higgins

A fun way to spend the day hiking and viewing the sites. All the major look outs had bathrooms and decent parking. We had lunch at the lodge. If we make it back to the island, we’ll do this again.

Michael Smiyun

Breathtaking park. Especially if you take a heli tour ride.

James Divito

Do not skip this during your stay.on Kuaui. Ideally head to Kalalau lookout before 10am before the misty clouds roll in and then hit all Canyon lookouts on the way back down. This one is ideal with its awesome fruit stand.

Brian Dressel

Amazing end of our vacation. This whole are is fantastic. Feels like a dream.

Walter Ego

I like the contrast between the red rock, blue sky, and lush greenery.

Randy Raider

A must see if your visiting Kauai... lots of view points to pull of the road and see the canyon. If your looking to hike there are a few trails well worth it and an amazing waterfall with a swimming hole at the bottom. Suggest heading the EARLY at least arrive no later then 9 am bc it gets swamped with people!

Rick Bobigian

The views were spectacular. The trail to the head of the waterfall was worth taking but most people on the trail were unprepared for its primitivness. My suggestion is to post more information at the head of the trail informing hikers that the trail is mainly in its natural state and advise that proper footwear is required. Further, hikers should carry water as there is no water to drink on the trail.

Theron S

Have to see this if on the island. Highly recommend hiking around instead of tourist filled outlook spot if you can. Better pics that way...

Travis Simonson

one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen in my life. I will never forget the beauty of this place.

Guenever Aldrich

The views on the drive up and down are amazing! Plan some extra time, there is both traffic and construction! If you are driving slow a d holding up traffic, pull over when it is safe so people can go around - it will make everyone's drive more enjoyable

Stuart Swackhamer

It is a natural wonder that you see new things in every direction you look. Amazing sunset location, just watch your speed with the curvy roads!

Scott M

Its worth the trip. If you made it to Kauai, you should go check this out! Make sure you take time to stop at the lookout points along the way.

Michael Holstine

Grand canyon like views, but with greens and reds. Mist rises off the peaks. A world class photo opportunity to be sure. Oh, and it's one of the rainiest places on Earth, so you are going to get soaked.

Martin KO

Very gorgeous natural phenomenon that’s not to be missed. I recommend you bring a lot of sunscreen, water and a hat. There is no shade and the heat can be very brutal. Hiking is challenging in this area, do not take the conditions lightly. Come early, come prepared and enjoy Kauai’s gem!

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