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Where is Waianapanapa State Park?

REVIEWS OF Waianapanapa State Park IN Hawaii

Kevin H

Breath taking for sure!!! It definitely has black "sand". Some hiking needed as there are steps and rocks to climb

Josh Kaplan

Black Sand Beach and the surrounding area is very nice. Beautiful views, walk the trail on both sides of the beach, there's plenty to see and it's all beautiful.

Sherry Halstead

One of my favorite beach spots on maui

Dianne Echazabal

Beautiful place. We had rented a cabin for 1 night. Cabin was supposed to have a combo lock. Our reservation number was the combo. But the lock didnt work. We went to the rangers office-home. No one was around. We hiked looking for him or her, didn't find a ranger. Luckily, the previous tenant had not fully closed the kitchen window. My husband was able to reach thru and open the back door lock. So we were able to spend the night. It was supposed to have a two burner hot pad, but it didn't work. Fortunately, we had brought charcoals so we could cook our food. The shower was nice. But the chairs and bed left much to be desired. Too bad such a terrific place and lovely setting cannot be appropriately cared for.

Will Laughlin

The best beach on the road to Hana. Excellent sites and parking was fairly easy.

Amore Tennis

Awesome small black sand beach. Parking is terrible, but little patience paysoff. Highly recommend to hike both sides. Left of the beach end of the hike there is great spot for photos, specially during high tides water shoots off 10 to 15 feet or more. Swimmers will enjoy hard hitting wave, but be ready to get hit with rock also. Drive to this park approximately 2 and 1/2 hour long from Maui airport without stopping anywhere. Private Pilot can fly to Hana airport that would be my dream one day.

Raul Ramirez

Cool and different beach. Nice park and a little cave

Chelsea Cloud

Probably the most beautiful stop on the road to hana. It's a little busy, but truly something you want to see. Makes for great photo opportunities and exploring.

Shaunas Adventures

Gorgeous beach. So unique. A rate beauty

Kevin Johnson

Just more beautiful Hawaii we got to explore

Mark Kirschke

Very cool place to visit. BBQ pits, restroom, cabins to rent, camping. Black sand beach.

Danijela Adzic

Very wavy great for photos not for swimming

Anastasiia Bundy

Just look at this! The black sand beach was amazing! I've never seen something like that. The sand is really Black! We were swimming there for few hours. Waves were huge that day, but on this beach no ways. There are a lot of people though. The long way to this place worth it!

Jocelyn Johnson

Beautiful. Saw a see turtle too!

Scott Ores

The sharpness if the greens against the blackness of the rocks in this park are truely a sight to see, if you pay attention while walking around it looks like there are caves in certain places, as well as all matter of sea life, turtles were playing in the waves while we were there.

Bradford Billings

Some great hikes at this park. The views are as amazing as the rest of Maui. There is a very cool sea arch. A water spout, caves, and a black sand beach. This area has the only truly black sand beachs that I have found on the island. The trail to the beach actually continues to two more black sand beaches. We continued to follow this trail for a couple of hours. It is rough in spots but visually worth it. There is a jaw dropping sea arch about a hours walk up this trail. We were of the thought that this trail might loop back around to the park. It doesn't it continues to follow the coastline towards the Hana airport.

Rahul Rajeev

Almost towards the end of the 'Road to Hana' journey, this state park is well worth the detour and really deserves your time. From cliffs and rock formations, to lava tubes and a volcanic black sand beach, this park has everything. Everything is very easily accessible and offers remarkable views of the rugged coastline. Camp spots are available if you plan to extend your stay, which is very likely given how beautiful this park is.

Brian Stoneburner

Paint the speed bumps, good lord have mercy, nice trail signs tell you what's ahead elevation etc

Kevin Abe

Crowded as heck even on a week day. However still an extremely beautiful park with black sand beach, sea caves, and a blow hole. Relatively clean facilities.

Jamie Morrow

Nice beach. Some cool hikes. Just YSoo crowded.

Sunny Boy

So pretty! We stayed in the cabins while we explored this side of the island.

Robert Knives

This place is breathtaking..A must see

Ice lyssa

Beautiful park and beach. If you are doing the Road to Hana Drive, highly recommend stopping here for a swim or some photos

Crystal Davis

Bring swim shoes and a few chairs its Rocky. There's a cool little cave right there on the beach to check out. Go to the cliff and get sprayed by the crashing waves.

Mohit Paul

Black Sand beach looks really good. There is small cave next to the beach with is worth going into. Parking is limited , but its free. You can camp here overnight . I think during the trip to road to hana , this place is close to mid point. If you have time for 2 days to do road to hana , This is best a place to stay overnight .

Steve Wilber

Amazing black sand beach with a really cool cave. There is a trail that continues on the other side if the beach for a mile or so. The beach itself was quite crowded when were there and didn’t seem like a great place to lay out. More of a place to visit and explore. There is also a nice lawn area for picnics as well as camping.


This may have been the absolute most beautiful spot in all of Maui. The drive on the road to Hana is long and demanding but oh was it worth it.

Dannex Construction

Best black sands beach. Great views and easy access.

James Ogden

The black sand (really small rocks) beach was pretty scenic and I got some really cool picture opportunities. There was also a really neat cave down to the water. The parking lot was extremely tight and overcrowded. Park facilities were also lacking. Probably wouldn't go again.

David Moran

What an awesome place! Here is a famous blow hole and black sand beach. A must stop on the road to Hana!

Kyle Taylor

Gorgeous! Black sand beach. Great snorkeling.

Aayush Pathak

The sand the rocks and happy faces

Alyssa Wooldridge

Absolutely breathtaking and unique. Only downfall was the swarm of hundreds of people... definitely a major tourist attraction and I'd recommend getting there as early as possible if you don't want to be bumping into other people.

Ivo Genev

Super cool beach. Free parking, they lock it up at 6PM. To get to the parking, turn left right before the yellow gate and drive all the way to the end. There is a camping area if you are interested.

Lorraine Petersen

Always special, rugged black Sea cliffs, black sand beach and deep blue sea.

Steve Lemming

Awesome black rock and sand beach. Contrasting blue water. End of the long drive.

Jessica Sepulveda

Beautiful black sand beach, crashing waves, and places to run and play! Also there are campsites you can reserve.

Andrew Sleger

The black sand beach is awesome. There are a lot of bigger rocks so ils recommend wearing water shoes.

Little G

Beautiful park, but unless you get there early, you'll have to endure bus loads of people. After returning from Hana, we didn't even bother walking down to the black sand beach because there was just so many people. It's definitely gorgeous tho.

alekhya nair

Best black sand beach ever!!!

Brandon Plontz

Very busy but very beautiful. The beach was very cool but kinda small too

Angie Alder

It's beautiful! There is so much to see and are so many places to stop and relax. You can do it from 5 hours to all day depending on how much time you want to spend! The road has many narrow - so be courteous and take turns!

Cristina S

Beautiful back rock beach. Very nice contrast between black rocks/sand and the blue water and the vibrant greenery.

Elizabeth Eldridge

Bathrooms need better attention.

Kim G

Just beautiful. Black sand beach! It's a site to see. I was in amazed! Go go go see it. You can survive the raod the Hana

Ryan Scad

Hike is worth the drive and the climb. Love this corner of the planet.

Jesse Orosco

Nice black sandy beach, beautiful scenery.

Lily Kuang

Really pretty bay. U can swim or take a short hike. There is a lava tube. The waves are calm at the black sand beach. Most of the time you will see turtles swimming around. There is a bathroom. No food sold here. Come early bc parking is limited.

Kobi Adato

What a place to visit. U should stop if u want to enjoy a great park and stop along the way to Hana. A quick stop or a long one

Justin Gorrie

We camped here to split the full road to Hana loop in half. Nice facilities and camping area. Inexpensive and simple to reserve online, and a beautiful black sand beach a minute away. Paradise!

Nicholas Merriman

The 7 sacred pools and a the 4 mile hike to see a massive waterfall. Make sure to plan a lot of time here, you dont want to rush

Bruno Courtemanche

Not 5 stars because camping sites are in the middle of everything. You have to put your gear in the tent after public hours to be safe...

Monique Arseneau

Gorgeous, but also crazy busy. It's worth it to explore the trail and go to the next beach over to escape the crowd. It's crazy how quickly the tourists thin out. Keep an eye out for turtles in the surf!

Ron Soto

Beautiful place but they had it closed because of water flow was too high so bummer for us

Josh Robillard

The black sand beach and surrounding area are beautiful, but the beach itself is quite small, and was very crowded when we were there. Nice place for a picnic, but don't count on the bathrooms. The women's restroom had only one stall and the line was 30 minutes long.

Vijaya Saradhi P

Black Sand beach but the beach has rough rocks n sand. Not the best beach but good

Amit Goswami

Beach itself is good but crowded. Also be careful with black sand , that’s not as smooth as regular sand. Also waves are too high so don’t try stunts without your double !!!

Amy Bradley

The cabins have been renovated and are nothing like the descriptions in the negative reviews. We loved it! Comfortable beds for being bunk-beds. Spacious and clean cabin.

Bijay Lakshmi

its little crowded out there as the beach area is small. my daughter was amazed seeing the black sand which doesn't stick.wear your flip flops for easy walk as there are lot of pebbles.

J. Holliday

Great black sand beach. Make sure you wear water shoes, the sand on the beach is more small rocks and it hurts to walk barefoot.

Matt Powell

Beautiful beach park, has a few nice hikes and some blowholes


Absolutely the most gorgeous place I have ever been. Worth the small hike down the stairs. Going into the lava tubes and walking up the path to look over the beach. Simply amazing

Kayla Pope

This was the place I was looking forward to the most in Maui and why I did the Road to Hana drive. I’m so glad it stood up to my expectations and wasn’t a let down. It was absolutely beautiful and a once in a lifetime experience. The pictures don’t do it justice so please just come and experience it for yourself!

Lynnette Muhich

This is a great park! The views and black sand beach is amazing. My only issue was the massive potholes to get to the parking. I thought I was going to lose the rental car we had!

Amanda Lim

By far my favourite stop along the road to Hana. It was my first time seeing a black sand beach and it is completely awesome. Its very busy and that should not be a surprise to you. It's worth seeing. Theres a restroom on site as well and a place to fill up your water

William Vannoy

Great views here, if your planning a

Brian ONeill

Black sand beaches. Caves. Views. Great place to end your road to hana if it's later in the day.

Tim Drivas

A wonderful beach. Black sands and a lava tube. The walkway/trail along the shore and cliffs offer great views of the area. The black sand beach is nice. Can get very crowded during peak hours. If you're not into crowds head further down to Koki Beach for red sands!

cody pyard

A must stop! The black sand (pebbles) feels so good on your feet when you are in the water. Loved the contrast between the black rock and the vibrant green plants. It was one of our favorite places on the road to Hanna. Do not pass. It doesn't take long to experience either.

Michael LaBarbera

Beautiful place, black sand is just very cool to experience. Gorgeous views. Only concern may be is that it becomes overcrowded because the beach itself is very small and lots of tours on the road to Hana visit during the afternoon. But you can also camp at this park if you're interested!

Matthew Turner

Black Sand Beach and a must stop on the road to Hana. Must I say more? It's a truly breathtaking view watching the waves crash and getting into the water here is a must. You have to be able to say I swam at the Black Sand Beach! Word of warning...the water is very cold here compared to water around the island. The hiking and story about this place is very cool. Stay here a decent amount of time and hike around and see everything you can. It's very fun and more beautiful sites await if you hike to them.

Gary Stephens

Great stop on the Road to Hana. The black sand beach and the hiking trails are cool. Heed the warning about the jellyfish and Portuguese Man of War in the water. Check out the sea cave on the south end of the beach.

Danelle Wesley

Great spot but VERY busy. Don't miss the blow hole, pretty fun!

Elisabeth Bowers

It's Hawaii, so lovely, warm, friendly people.

Cheng Lo

This a must see if you make the trip to Hana. Its located just 5 to 10 min from Hana. Free access and parking. Its totally picturesque!

Bryan Hillerman

This is a pretty crowded park but the black sand makes for a very unique experience. The surf was a bit stronger than I had expected, and there is a advisory about rip currents. The beach is fairly rocky and also will be quite hot in the heat of the day. Bring your swimsuit and some sandals and you will be able to enjoy the black sand.

Boarder Piet

The black lava in contrast with the green plants and blue sea was special. The breaking waves spraying the white foam above the black lava is as mother nature's fireworks

Jamee Koopman

Beautiful, soft ground, peaceful, within lulling to sleep distance of surf. So glad I stayed here on my trip instead of hotels!


Great spot to stop on your way to Hana. Not a swimming beach but a nice shoreline with rough waters. Make sure you walk along the trail to see the blow hole!

Jeanne Guidry

This park was beautiful. There was insufficient parking and the Black Sands Beach was very crowded.

Chris Norton

Pretty cool little beach. There's a cave right when you get to the bottom that takes you out to the water that you can then jump off some of the rocks if you're into that kind of thing. The beach is very rocky. The black sand is pretty minimal so I would recommend wearing water shoes of some sort. We went beginning of August and it was PACKED! That was the only disappointment as it's a popular attraction but a pretty small beach so it can get crowded quick. The earlier you go the better

Todd Rosenlund

Very cool place, make sure you check out the cave on the beach. Very cool

James Ong

Very nice park with many things to do. Too bad I wasn’t able to stay longer as I went with a tour group. There’s black sand beach, hiking trail, camp area.

Noah Kim

Great views. Gets extremely crowded.

Keith O'Brien

Super great campground, wonderful place to stop after an amazing day off travel on the road to Hana. Absolutely can not beat the views in the morning or night either.

David Glabe

This was one of our favorite stops along the famous road to Hana. The contrast of the unique black sand beach against the turquoise water and lush green shoreline vegetation is strikingly beautiful. The black sand feels quite different, more akin to very tiny polished smooth pebbles than a typical beach. The beach itself is a bit small at higher tide and was fairly busy when we visited. There are some scenic lava cliffs and rock formations along either side. Plan ahead if you wish to camp here as the campground can fill up quickly.


Beautiful beach picture-perfect with black sand. The water is a bit "dirty" from leaves. And the sea floor is a bit rocky. Easy access from stairs in parking lot. There is a nice hike as well that you can do once you get down to the beach by stairs.

Jeff Swartwout

The black sand beach is beautiful. Explore the cave and hike up for a scenic view of the beach.

Jon Ellison

Great for.camping and black sand beach is small but nice

Blair Hong

Wai'anapanapa State park was "just a stop" as I drove the Road to Hana. The black sand beach was incredible. I guess what was once black volcanic rock has now been rendered into black sand. There were several interesting natural features that had developed because of the incessant pounding of the waves. One was a cave that could be walked through. Very interesting. Additionally, a small hike around the left side of the cove led to a blow hole, where the waves would shoot up in the air, at times as high as 30 feet ( while I was there ). You should definitely drive the road to Hana! You should definitely stop and dip your feet in the black volcanic sand. You only live once! Do it!

Eugene Boulanger

Cool way to spend a couple hours. The camping area looked great, 10/10 would have stayed there if we didn't have a place to camp.

Tim O'Connor

Another must see on the "Road to Hana" this is the Black lava sand beach you may have heard of. It is beautiful and a must for those that have never seen an attraction like this. Clean pretty park, great views of the ocean and breaking waves. Beautiful trails and hiking areas!

Jo G

CareFULLLL... its beautiful and interestingly dangerous. I can't wait to visit again

Jenyfer Smith

We loved this park 20 years ago... seems everyone else on the island has discovered it too. Far too busy.

Jason Hearn

Great views. Pictures don't do it justice. You have too witness it with your own eyes

M L.

Very nice park. Picnic area is very small, but an enjoyable place.

Nicole Davis

Best beach I’ve been to! We stopped on the road to Hana and it’s beyond gorgeous! The views are incredible and my favorite part was the black sand beach, it was beautiful! You can literally spend an entire day here and soak it in all. Def a must place to go!

Kelly Butera

Black beach was smaller than I imagined. VERY busy. Hard to find parking. Gorgeous area with hiking trails along the coast though. I wouldn't go if you're hoping to lay out and swim there. Water is very rough.


Stunningly beautiful probably my favorite beach on Maui hands down

Andre Dupuis

Although we only had a short amount of time to visit, the Park is beautiful and the black sand beach fabulous.

Christine A

Beautiful Black Sand Beach and lava tubes! Only concern was that it was really crowded... If you want to come here, get here early.

Ken K C Wong

Give me a taste of heaven such a lovely place!

Kegan Glover

Awesome park! The black sand/rock beach is an awesome sight. Great photo opportunities.

Matthew Swanson

Wish we had more time here. Just a quick stop, but a beautiful black sand beach. Lots of room for camping and hanging out. Clean reasons and facilities. A great place to hang out and relax.

Isa S Chu

Pros: black sand beach is amazing! Cons: lots of people, parking can get crazy Would I go back? Maybe with someone who's not been there before.

Kalyanashis Chakraborty

A beautiful black sand beach. Perfect for sunrise, a quick dip in cold water in solitude. There is another small rocky beach within a small hike. Parking is available. There is a camping ground adjacent to the beach. Also a small caffe is present. It’s a must visit place while you are in Hana. But try to be there in early morning or evenings.

Stephanie Woodard

Such a beautiful park, a great place to go when in Hawaii. The beach was amazing.


I absolutely LOVED the black volcanic beach. The hikes and the views. We saw a blowhole. And so much more. I would go back as much as possible Maui is glorious. I want to come camp here, and you should too if you can make it down to the road to Hana

Ben Park

Great black sand beach with nice hikes as well. Don't miss the small sea cave.

rosie g

So beautiful! We saw some models doing video shoots which was interesting but most importantly, the park has lovely trails and vistas. There are good bathrooms here so expect a long line later in the afternoon as all of the tour buses make lengthier stops here. Make your way down to the black sand beach and enjoy the views and a dip in the ocean.

Joshua Limanen

Such a beautiful place. Play in the water, maybe the waves are a little too big for kids under 10. If you find my wedding ring, let me know.

Judith M cWilliams

All anyone has to do, is look at the pictures and they'll know how awesome the place is. It's another of God's awesome creations!!


Getting out on the water is always great and in nature.

Mahil Abey

Clear sand and pebbles. Don't get this everywhere

Krystel Alston

Beautiful gorgeous area. Not what I thought it would be. To get from the parking to the black sand beach is a couple hundred yard then down about 65 steps. And it's not really an area to lay out, it's more of a tourist area where you look, take pics and move on.

Jean Briese

very crowded when we were here. nice park and beautiful views. the parking was so crowded we circle the lot a few times before finding a spot. the beach was fun to see the black sand, but overall too crowded to enjoy as a beach.

Mike Joyce

Cool beaches, caves and views of the shoreline. You can swim in one of the coves then hang out on the black sand. We saw a good number of people pitching tents for the night which is a great idea since staying in Hana is pretty expensive


This was one of my favorite stops on the way to the road to Hana. The black sand beach was a once in a lifetime experience. The ocean was also a beautiful blue contrast to the black sand. They have cabins and tents you can stay in if you want to take a break before completing the road to Hana.

Pam Anderson

This was one of my favorites on the road to hana. So gorgeous with vibrant colors. The water was so refreshing after our long hike away at Pipiwai. This is a must do

Marshall Gill

Best place on earth!!! We stopped here on the road to Hanna which we traveled the entire loop. The best stop by far. Go early to beet the crowds. Great trails and totally wheelchair accessible but not down to the water. So Beautiful and must to see in Mauii!!

Eric Larson

Incredible views. The black sand beach is amazing. Must stop here if you're on the road to Hana.

Aaron Alcantara

It was so nice to go to go to the cabins and stay there with friends and family.

Gary Temple

A beautiful beach with lava tubes, a favorite for many

Géraldine DU BERNARD

Very nice campground. Unfortunately there is only one or two outside showers. I think that regarding the number of campers, it would be interesting to add a few « individual » showers.


One of many beautiful waterfalls on the way to Hana

Audria Gilliland

Awesome scenery. Very busy park. Was unable to find the blowhole. Lots of the trails were blocked off. Black sand was coolest thing ever!

Bill Turcotte

There are only a few places on the earth that you can walk or swim on a black sand beach. This is one, it can be crowded but, it's worth a visit. Add in a large sea arch and a few sea caves and this is a great spot.

Bradford Allen

Beautiful place. Lots to explore. The camping looks like fun and should get a nice ocean breeze. Nice place

The Weisses

Beautiful black sand beach and state park. Smaller than i envisioned but so worth it. Keep in mind it is a very popular destination.

Sherry Evans

Definitely a gorgeous place but the bathroom situation was rediculous. I'd definitely go again though, and hope they got that under control. Half-hour wait to use the bathroom. People were lined up around the building.

Christian Finck

This place is amazing. Awesome black sand beach, great walking/hiking trail around the bay, and sweet picturesque views from basically everywhere. Parking seems to be semi difficult, but there is a constant flow of people in and out so we were able to find a spot. We didnt do camping and stopped for an hour to see the views and beach on our way down the road to Hana. Swimming was awesome and was welcomed after the couple hour trip down the road. Bring a towel, camera, wear your bathing suit, and be prepared to be amazed with how cool the place looks.

Sabrina W

Amazing black sand. Check out the cove on beach right!

Anthony Saa

This place used to be beautiful, now it’s just full of tourist infesting the beach, it’s been remodeled to have easy access and government blocked off one of the most beautiful places to go swim.

Breshae Allen

It was great. The black sand was so gorgeous.

Brian Escobedo

Beautiful black Sandy Beach. Great natural setting

Russ Krause

Beautiful black sand beach. Not the easiest to get to, many steps. The park has no rinse off station so it's difficult to get rid of the sand on your feet. So pretty though!

Nancy Rose Perry-Kepoo

I was raised here growing up and seeing lots of different ethnicity people visiting from all over the world. My beautiful home, where there's a place to swim and picnic at.

Elise Sutton

Absolutely beautiful, but VERY crowded. Worth a stop, but be prepared to encounter crowds.


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