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Where is USS Utah?


Brion Roper

memorable. and leave a coin for the certain reason

Robert Pappas

Lesser known but equally significant WW II memorial as the Arizona. Worth the time and effort to visit.

Franklin perez

Emily Klinefelter

A great monument that doesn't get nearly the visibility it deserves

Kayla Newport

Such a humbling experience to see such raw history.

Bella Headrick

Abdel Marques

Great historical piece. Needs military clearance

Peter Spellman

A somber reminder if the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Utah stills stay capsized on its side after 77 years... someday we can build great lifes instead of men who died in battle.

Thomas Malejko

Patrick McTavish

A solemn memorial to the crew of the USS Utah, a must see if you have the credentials to get on Ford island. Not as spectacular as the Arizona memorial but just as awe inspiring and historically relevant. Would recommend for those looking for a less travelled historical site.

Miguel Lara IV

Very nice. You see the side of the ship popping out.


It's not huge, but it is amazing to see a piece of history, to just stand there and think back on that day.

Brendan Wiandt

Terry Tulak

The USS Utah Memorial is located on Ford Island. We are fortunate to have a retired military member of the family based on Oahu. Unfortunately, those without military credentials and their guest cannot reach this Memorial. Although smaller then the Arizona Memorial it is no less dramatic. The hull of the ship can still be seen rusting above the waterline. It is another somber reminder of what happened on December 7th 1941.


USS Utah is not very well sign posted but it is indeed open and available to the public. Nice memorial bridge going out to the sunken ship, very quiet and peaceful area as well.

Paul Burden

Really nice place, can see the ship really well!


Brian Bahlmann

Being a native from Utah this monument really appealed to me. It was much mlre tranquil and peaceful than the Arizona monument. If you are ever lucky enough to see this memorial I highly recommend taking some time to just look out and remember all those in our armed forces who sacrificed everything.

Den Conn

Many don't know about the USS Utah. A simple memorial to those who died on Dec 7th 1941, aboard the WW1 ship that had been a converted battleship for target shooting. She lies on her side , with the remains of approx 59 sailors still serving board her. For more info on her history , search it on the 'net'.

Melanie Penn

History you can experience in person but without the a tour guide.

Michael Furlow

Solemn place to remember the fallen

Carson Pittman

John Carlson

Very difficult to get to without a military ID, but well worth the trip if you can get there. The "other side" of Pearl Harbor and in a way more impactful for me than some of the other sites. There is much more of the ship showing above the water than at the Arizona. The place has a very peaceful, almost forgotten feel to it. It's an important part of the Pearl Harbor story and should be made more easy to visit by people who can make the trip to Ford Island.

Thomas Medder

Small memorial, given most focus on the Arizona. But at low tide you can see a lot.

Caleb Daniels

Great memorial. Simple. Accessable.

Brian Tilly

Special on base memorial viewing.

Mr Del

Peaceful place. I you have gate access to Ford Island you can drive to this memorial site.

Victor Olivares

Very Touching Memorial, let's not forget about these Brave Service Members

Mary Jo Maguire Conniff

Calvin Nitzel

Made my heart sink

Jessica Zemaitis


Evelyn Peterson

Not easy to find and not much to see.

Emi Wilson

Wes Swain

Solemn and peaceful here. A++ would memorial again.

Michael Popovich

Stephen Stacey

Simple. Only accessible by those with a military ID.

benjamin valdez

(Translated by Google) Fabulous (Original) Fabuloso

Stephen Otero

Amazing insight into shared history at this location.

Denilson Santoso

Job de Krijger

Under construction

tina valencia

So much history here! It's a must when in Oahu

Rita Gutierrez Loeding

Nice memorial located on Ford Island, military base. Names engraved, flag, and ship is visible.

Ryan Critchfield

Kaitlyn Ludwig

Kelsey Burden

Beautiful and informative.

Ágh Tamás

Szerintem nem ártana, ha egy kicsit jobban odafigyelnének az 1941-ben elsüllyedt hajókra. :)

p40 pete55

Poor men

Mighty Max

Thougt Back

cimics tar

(Translated by Google) It takes 10 minutes to complete (Original) 所要時間10分もあれば・

Huloñ Turner

Ferdinand Abiy


Lonnie Jenkins

A humbling moment

Daniel Johnson

Not a whole lot to see here but really historic. Only available to those with base access.


Very sad that the USS Utah does not get the attention that the Arizona does. Nevertheless, this is a solemn, beautiful and peaceful memorial , a place to pay respects for the lives sacrificed for us.

Nathanael Hernandez

Nathan Lipe

The story of the Utah is just as impressive as the Arizona. Very brave men. If you love America, you will love this.

Vernon Pittman

Limitless Imagination

9/11 memorial service

Jeanne Pearia

A very surreal and saddening sight, but one that's worth visiting. It's free to visit and quiet. It's a nice spot to pay your respects to those who lost their lives during WWII.

Shawn Harden

The forgotten memorial. If you are on Ford Island be sure to stop here. Great view and very serene. And amazing place to honor the fallen. Be sure to take advantage of the history trail is you have the time and access!

Chance Yergensen

Steven Waughtel

The USS Utah is a piece of history that not many people know about, its quiet and easy to get to with base access. Often over looked because of the UUS Arizona and USS Missouri

Robert Wagner

A great place to see but you have to have a club card to get in.


(Translated by Google) Mammamiya (Original) マンマミーヤ

Doug Jenne

Kind of a hidden memorial. You'll need to make the first immediate right after the bridge to Ford island. Known as the forgotten ship it is a very solemn and deserted memorial.

Michael Keller

See it before it trusts away. It still "bleeds" oil for the tradgity that struck her

Rick Wray

Doesn't get enough of the recognition it deserves. :-(

Victoria Rios-Furlow

A beautiful memorial to eternalize a somber event.

Pahoua Gushen

This is a quiet and serene area. The memorial itself is small but when you get to it you can definitely get a sense of the emotions surrounding the USS Utah. History happened at this spot. Went on a walk early in the morning with my pup and we decided to check it out. Definitely a spot to appreciate and learn.

Chris D

Only those with access to Ford Island (requires military ID) can visit the memorial. One of only three ships from the December 7, 1941 attack that did not return to service. The other two being the USS Arizona and the USS Oklahoma.

ivan darwin llacsa reyes

(Translated by Google) Nice place (Original) Bonito lugar

William West


Jason Thomas

Very special area.

Chris Bannon


G. Stern

Great to see this forgotten memorial. My great uncle was one of the survivors off the USS Utah.

Jacques Masse

Memorial great. Actual ship so corroded it is getting harder to tell what it was.

Marty crain

Laurel Callahan

Not just the USS Arizona to see

Cow Town

The USS Utah should have the same amount of attention as the USS Arizona does, It's always empty and just on the other side of Ford Island. A sad sight but a very well made memorial. Be sure to visit if you get the chance.

James Wenzel

Must be military affiliated to see.

Levi from Portland

Reinaldo Serna

Bless you God Anastasia.

Bonnie di Girolamo

Very interesting...

Jason Eisiminger

Aurelio Reyes

Inserting story if this ship

Eric James

Clay Lynes

Humbling memorial.

mikeandcrystal clark-merill

Dee Johnson

Angela Alpire

Alex Garcia

Driving around seeing the memorials was an emotional part of the trip. These are not going to last forever and absolutely worth the time to visit.

Matthew Leopardi

Nice memorial to one of the forgotten ships that was sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Jennifer Updike

Peaceful Memorial

Ed Lewis

You can see part of the ship above the water and there area few plaques. It's a good place for reflection, not so much a place to take kids.

Ronald Blue

Very small memorial. On low tide you can see more of the ships hull.

Tresea Doucette

A must to see

N Nomad

This is nice to visit. The location is on the naval base and I would recommend seeing the Arizona memorial from the base as well.

Félix Rudier

shanda jenkins

No Drama

Very touching Memorial

Mike Wesolowski

A humble, slumbering memorial

Kaitlyn Arce

Bring bug spray. There were a ton of biting gnats. They covered our car and the walls of the memorial.

Joseph Camardo

Difficult to visit only because this is still a Navy base and is not a normal visitor's stop. However, a must see memorial dedicated to the 58 who lost their lives on December 7th. She was attacked because she occupied an aircraft carrier's normal mooring spot. It was never raised because it was not an active battleship (it was a target ship) and it was too costly after a few attempts. It is an eternal resting place for the sailors died on this ship.

Barbara Graves

The Utah is another boat that was hit in Pearl Harbor. Because there weren't as many lives lost as the Arizona, it wasn't submerged. 62 sailors died on the Utah. There is a small memorial at the site.

Kevin Gonzalez

Kristin Butt

Kristina Boyd

It was life changing


(Translated by Google) On the day when the attack was received, it was already a target ship, but it seems that he was deceived by a deck figure and sunk overturned after receiving an attack. People who are in the engine room have been left behind and confined to the people who are doing emergency measures and securing power supply and electric lights. Whether there are survivors, when hitting the hull with a hammer etc. from the outside, I was beaten back from inside, but there were other serious damages, hands did not turn, it seemed like half-slaughtered, almost Everyone is dead. Many people in Arizona have a tremendous view of coverage, but we also want people to look at them. (Original) 攻撃を受けた日、すでに標的艦だったんですがデカい図体に惑わされ、攻撃を受けた後に横転沈没したみたいです。 応急措置をやってる方々や、電源及び電灯を確保するために、機関室に居た方々が最後まで残られ閉じ込められたそうです。 生存者が居るかどうか、外からハンマー等で船体を叩いたら、中から叩き返されましたけども、他にも甚大な被害があり手が回らず、半分見殺しにされたようなもので、ほぼ全員亡くなられてます。 アリゾナは、報道の扱いも大きく見学する方々も多いんっすが、こちらにも目を向けて欲しいです。

Abigail morales rosado

Very moving experience. The memorial is simple yet impacting. The ship sunk on its side and a good portion of it sticks out above the water. Only one crew member survived the attack.

Mike Armstrong

Blake Lilly

Bill Ott

Kevin Bentz

A nice memorial to those who died during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Lou Geezer

Take advantage of opportunities such as this, to see first hand the massive defenses the USA has against all those who would dare threaten the freedoms this country has.


Learning about the history of the USS Utah

Billie Tamillie

History is moving

Megan Donald

Richard Elledge

It's a beautiful dedication to the lives lost on that tragic day. A very surreal and humbling sight.

Alberto Commodore

John Klopp

Fine specimen from the collection of abandoned battleships of Oahu

Karl Schwarm

Somber resting place to a grand old ship

Vainuupo Avegalio

Beautiful, seren and quiet, the sunset is amazing here.

Raffy Pasion

Joe Lo & Co.

Solemn and quiet memorial to those who gave their lives.

tiffany Coy

Very touching, very somber.

Alejandro Campos

not opened to the public. must have military id.

Alex Hernandez

Sad story in history but it is a great experience.

Stef Haire

Lots of info about the Utah and her sailors. Not much to see, so isn't great for young kids.

Bianca Wall

Beautiful memorial

Peter Huh

What a wonderful surprise! Most know about the Arizona memorial but I had no idea there was a memorial for the Utah. Beautifully serene and simple this is a wonderful memorial for the brave souls who lost their lives on the Day of Infamy.

Shan Hannum

Ww2 monument.

Jasmine Daily

Ben Miller

Very nice memorial.

Guadalupe V.Mohammed


Jordan Risch

Pay attention on the way there. You will be in what was the epicenter of the Pearl Harbor battle.

David Charnley

Most people can't get there but its worth trying.

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