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Where is Spitting Cave?

REVIEWS OF Spitting Cave IN Hawaii

Gregory Weaver

You access this area through a neighborhood and park on the street. There is a fairly steep access trail between houses down to the cliff area which takes about 5 minutes to walk. If your cliff jumping locals say it is better to do it in the winter when the waves are not as strong on that side of the island. Better be a strong swimmer and in good shape as you have to climb out over the rocks, or a ladder to right depending on the currents weather you can get to it. A guy in his twenties lost his life there a few days before we went to check it out. My sons were considering jumping but decided it was too risky that day.

Kayla Rusher

Steep climb down, but very quick and not terribly difficult. A kid could do it, but not someone who cant bend and "climb" well. The view at the bottom is breathe taking. We went at sunset and that was an added bonus. One guy was cliff jumping while we were there right in front of mouth of the cave. I would not recommend doing this though. Big crashing waves right into rocks. Park right on the street in neighborhood and walk down little path between the houses on the water side. You will see signs warning you of dangers.

Harish P

Fantastic place. Wasn't crowded at all when i visited and it is was around 3 PM. Super waves and nice place.


Wonderful view. Steep roads to get there. One of the hidden treasures of Oahu.

Michael Datuin

This place was kind of tricky to find at first, since the entrance is a walkway between two houses before a cul-de-sac. The path down can be sketchy if you have bad knees (definitely not a leisurely walk down) and slippery if wet (during or just after it rains). I was wearing a new pair of Nike running shoes and it was slippery towards the bottom of the path after stepping in a small puddle (soles had no grip when wet). Once at the bottom, it opens up to a spectacular view of the ocean. It's kind of like standing on the rocks on Hālona Blowhole (beyond the guard rails), but higher up. People who live in the area are so lucky to have this place right in their backyard. Great for just hanging out to relax, take in the great views, take pictures, and especially watching the sunset.

Justin Padinske

Living is cool so I decided to not jump off the cliff but a great place to visit!

Diana Sun

Beautiful spot and not very crowded

Jean Joseph

My spirit splits in the Spitting Cave...

Arman Amiri

Tough walk down and a bit hard to find the way down. If you're young it's worth having a few beers at.

Jeff Present

Fishing and cliff diving is where its at, enter at your own risk!

Shasteen Pias

Beautiful view and great for photo backgrounds. Pay very close attention to children, a misstep can lead to them tumbling over. I don't recommend jumping off to swim as some harmful incidences have occurred.

Mark Kotlarczyk

One of my Favorite Treasures on Earth!

Joanna Lu

Beautiful place to just sit and watch the ocean. It is a steep and slippery hike from the road, so be careful, but it only takes a minute or two to reach the cliffs. Route was easy to find: an alley between two houses marked with an “Enter at your own risk” sign. If you’re lucky, like us, you’ll see some sea turtles!

Matt Nunez

Rough terrain down to it, but the views are amazing.

James Baumgartner

Very dramatic coastal view and in the right ocean condition, waves are spit back out of the cave. Whales are seen in season, and of course, turtles. The path down is steep but short. It could be quite slick if it is raining or recently rained. Worth the effort.

Roger Lane

I could sit here all day watching the waves "spit" out of the cave. Absolutely stunning view!

Andrew Timosca

Beautiful area. A little tough to get to if you have trouble with mobility.

Lindsey Robrecht

Just stunning! I walked down in birkenstocks, but you might want something a little more hardy.

Chloe Mecham

Beautiful, and not the average tourist spot. Great place to watch the sunset.

The Dude

a must see when in Oahu the sunsets are Unforgettable from there not to mention the spitting cave is completely awesome

Bernie Echeverria

Amazing place for pictures

Dane Fergusson

Directions? Trust Google Maps. The entrance is a very small steep dirt path next to houses. There is a tiny sign. Park where you can; but, be respectful. This is deep residential. Note: Once you get passed the first steep 100 feet down, the path opens onto sloping cliffs that go on and on. Wear shoes good for climbing and you’ll be glad you did. Flip flops should NOT be worn here, if you want to go around much.

Marion Edwards

When the water hits the wall you feel the whole Earth move. What a sight to see.

Anthony Quintano

A beautiful photo spot on a clear sunny day. It gets a little dangerous on the walk down as it's muddy, and slippery on the rocks. There is a fence and some chains to hold onto on the way down. Just take it slow because the view is worth it. The unique rock formations are a sight alone to see. Once in a while you can catch a whale or a monk seal hanging around the area. If you go during high surf, this is a great spot to watch the waves crash. I don't recommend jumping off the rocks like some do but if you're feeling brave enough, go ahead. This is a residential area you are parking in to access this spot so be respectful to the residents.

Frances Holland

Amazing place. Loved it! If you are going there for the first time, ask a local or your Uber/Lyft driver to drop you at the exact point. The entry to the caves is a narrow path which looks dangerous. Look through pictures to match the starting point for the cave. It's just 3-4 mins hike, bit slippery and risky so climb cautiously. But it's really worth the effort, beautiful and serene. The only noise you will hear is the sound of waves. I couldn't get enough of it and ended up staying till the sun set. When we went there, few photo shoots were going on and we had a chance to look at the photos, they were super amazing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED PLACE TO VISIT!!

Danny Navarro

Awesome but perilous views

Brendt Chang

Amazingly beautiful but very dangerous for tourists. Don't attempt unless you are with a guide or experienced with sea cliff hiking/jumping.


Beautiful, simply beautiful. The walk down can be slippery so bringing kids aren't recommend. This is a must see location in Oahu.

Tom Kozak

Awesome little hidden spot to see in Hawaii. Waves are amazing hitting the rocks. Beautiful views. It is a little bet dangerous for older people or younger kids to see, the entrance is pretty much hidden between two houses, parking is on the street and you have to climb down some steep rocks (there is some help with some ropes attached). Its not hard to make it down but I personally would not recommend for family's with younger kids or older people. Its a great place to relax and watch the sunset or waves. During the time we went there was only a few groups of people there (10-15 people) so it is not a commercialized or advertised spot. The drive is pretty through the neighbourhood is pretty nice as well, there is some streets with amazing homes or mansions just being built over the ocean, architecture is amazing. Well worth to see it even though we got lost trying to find it.


Amazing view of the ocean, and the cave shooting water out is fun to watch. Very dangerous if you decide to explore. Steep cliffs and it's about 40' to the very rough waves.

Kit B

Definitely make sure to come at high tide. It's hard to find, and the climb is slippery, steep, and unassisted. However, if you have no mobility limitations, this is a gorgeous spot! We even saw whales! Wouldn't recommend staying for long, however, as the entrance is part of a private neighborhood.


Just follow the steep dirt path and trust Google Maps on this one. Suddenly, when you've past the houses and some bushes, you end up with this stunning view. DON'T WEAR SLIPPERS! This location can be quite dangerous if you are not prepared, but it|s well worth a visit. Amazing views and cliffs. We were lucky enough to spot dolphins in this area too!

Karen Hare

Tricky to get to but interesting

Joey McElhany

Beautiful area to visit! Recommend bringing hiking boots. The entrance is located off Lumahai Street between two residential houses.

Max Pinsonneault

Yep it's a beautiful vista in Hawaii Kai

Mama Bear

Beautiful experience! Magical blue waters, fountains of blowing water sound a bit more fitting.

Wesley Smith

This is a nice spot to watch the sunset and marvel at the beauty of the sea. This view point can be reached from a public access trail from the neighborhood. The trail down is a little sketchy, but my kids had no trouble taking it careful.

Dan Wilson

This is a cool attraction that is not visited nearly as much as the other ones. Certainly worth going to see. We even were able to watch a crazy surfer dude do a backflip off a cliff. Requires a little bit of coordination and hiking to get to the rocks but was well worth it.The view is fantastic.

Mai Bui

Very hidden spot. You'll pull up in a neighborhood, park your car on the street and walk downhill alongside a house. Be careful, it's pretty steep! Going down isn't so bad but coming up, much more difficult. Watch out for wet spots on the way down and up as it's easy to slip. If you don't see it at first, just sit still and listen for it. You'll know where to look

Jai Chotalia

AMAZING! Look up the tide times. Please be safe. The natural beauty here is ridiculous! Please enjoy and live pono!

Ron Pimentel

Great sunset spot!

Woosung Choi

It is hard to find way to get there but if you can find it you can see nice scenes there. It is isolated and not famous, it can be another benefit for you.

Jess & Brian Cook

Beautiful spot and we were lucky enough to have the view all to ourselves when we went

Brian Lauro

Nobody jumpin. Super dangerous but an awesome place.

Anthony Erickson

Amazing. Not for little or younger kids. There is a cliff and the ocean with huge waves. But man was it amazing to see.

Daisy P

Stunning site. It’s basically a large rock face that has been worn down by waves that you *carefully* climb down until you can see the spitting cave. The cave is at the sea level so that when a wave enters it, the top of the cave spits the water out into the air. WARNING: this is not your typical tourist site. There are no handrails, no guardrails and no trails. If you fall or slip down the surface there is risk of death.

Emi Wilson

Hidden beautiful and wild viewing spot.

Carl Gauthier

The spitting caves were great. It is a little spot that has a cave in the water (spitting caves) that people jump into. Very beautiful but very dangerous (people have drowned), so get someone who knows what they are doing to help you. The spot itself is beautiful without jumping. Great place for sunsets. A friend of mine was actually proposed to in this spot. Also, if you're lucky like me, you might see Sea Turtles!

Clinton Fung

Difficult to find; strange path from the road that can be a little treacherous to navigate. Nonetheless, it delivers on its promise. Also provides good view over the water to spot turtles, whales, etc.

William Oehlert

Steep entry but wonderful views. You may catch divers jumping off the cliffs or a bride and groom exchanging vows.

Tony Padua

Feel the power of nature, just a stones throw away from civilization! Wonderful sight to behold on Oahu!

Oahu Photo Tours

Be careful over there. It is amazing but you might have trouble getting down and do not jump!!

j s

Beautiful scenery

Benjamin Cavin

Best sunsets on the island.

Michael Sackett

Take a quick 5-minute hike down to the ocean and on your left you will see the spitting cave. You may have to wait for a few minutes before you get a good one, but it's pretty cool to see the water spitting out when a massive wave comes rolling in. Worth the stop if you have time.

Greg mcconville

Cool little place to stop and check out

Thomas Van Fossen

There are better ways to commit suicide than having to time a jump from 60 feet onto a patch of water that, depending on the current, is too shallow to protect you from the rocks beneath. I would suggest something less painful and preferably quicker acting. That aside, it's a beautiful view.

Jalen Andrew

Really cool rock strata to climb around on

OldRedneck Riv

Nice dive site, along the walls had an abundance of sea life. Several sea turtles there as well

Donna Loudon

Absolutely beautiful! We saw whales and turtles!

Ched Cuaresma

A beautiful, hidden, spot to watch waves crashing against rocks.

Scott Y

To go down to see the spot, you have to be careful with going down the hill. It's not paved and is between two houses. You got to hike all the way to the end to see the water "spit" out the water after the waves hit the rocks below.

Chris Merkel

Great sights! Need some physical dexterity to get down there, so not a good visit for small children or people with mobility issues.

Kate Lake

Went scuba diving into the cave through Island Divers Hawaii. It was absolutely beautiful. There is so much life inside the cave and on the wall around it. Even though I am a novice diver, I was on a trip with many experienced divers who said it was easily one of the most amazing places they'd ever been to. Would also highly recommend checking out Island Divers Hawaii for any of your diving needs!

Paul Richelieu

Worth while to checkout. Can be little slippery where rock is wet and there is a small trail to get down there. Great place to watch sun set and waves crash against rocks.

Dennis Brown

By far the best spot on this island. Great for sunset and just hanging out. I took an amazing picture here and I hope everyone checks it out and go to the spitting cave.

Vanessa Buyson

Short hike down to a gorgeous view & sunset spot! I love my doesnt get better than this!

Adam Schmidt

the cave is not something that you can access without risking your life. There's a cool overlook that you can see the cave and you can see it's spitting water and just the right conditions be careful though don't fall off the edge cuz you probably won't make it out there

Chris Hou

Really short hike to the bluffs and what a view! We spotted some sea turtles just swimming around. There's a nice symphony of crashing waves along with a neat looking cave which is difficult/impossible to get to for most people. Fun place to do some rock scrambling and take some really scenic photos of the ocean. Not crowded at all.

Melissa Peterson

This is not sandy beach for laying out, and will be a tough climb down for those who have trouble walking. It is not wheelchair or stroller accessible, and one should take precaution and wear close-toed shoes since the trail is steep and slippery in places. There are clearly marked warnings in the neighborhood at the head of the path. That being said I really enjoyed the views of the ocean from the Spitting Cave. We didn't climb all the way down, but the power of the ocean is very evident in this spot. The erosion on the rock formations are absolutely worth viewing and are great for earth lovers and photographers alike. It's nice because it is tucked away so it lacks some of the visitation volume as some other nearby attractions.

Jason Chen

The entrance is near #6 Lumhai. It's a short, rocky and steep trail littered with shards of broken beer bottles. The trail is about 30 yards long and after you get past that, the views are totally worth it. I've seen people recommend cliff diving here but I wouldn't suggest it. The waves were very strong and the rocks are jagged.

Kathy Suttles

Best place to enjoy sunrise or sunset, depending on time of year. Bring your camera to enjoy this unique location, with crashing waves, lava flow, whale watching and colorful skies. Just know that to access is moderately difficult, with steep decent and climbs.

Curt Dodds

Scenic overlook with a view of Mt Leahi (Diamond Head), "Spitting Cave" and the magnificent power of the ocean.

Harish Rao

Easy hike and Good View the entrance is behind the yellow dumpster at the end 2 house before there is narrow path to go.

Preston Swann

It's a beautiful place if you're brave enough to get there.

Diandra Joseph

It is a great place to go and relax or just appreciate the ocean. It is a little hard to find. Entrance to this place is a little diet pathway located in between two very nice houses. Just look for a sign that sticks outike a thumb in a high class neighborhood.

Mohit Aggarwal

Beautiful scenery.. I suggest people visit this place during sunset. Docked one star because it difficult to access this place. The entrance itself is hidden from naked eyes. I am really thankful to our Uber driver to drop us right at the mouth of it.


Do not drive to spitting cave, drive to China wall and walk around the coast

Allison T

Beautiful spot but DO NOT go swimming here!!! The water is extremely rough here and many people have drowned, even experienced swimmers. You might see people cliff diving but just don't do it.

Irina Gromova

Spitting cave... I can’t believe we found it. My husband looked for it on google maps. We drove to some residential area, parked on a street and then squeezed between two houses. I didn’t know where we were going and what about to see. There was very steep downhill with narrow trail. We had to climb down. But it’s worth it! So this spitting cave is like fantastic backyard for multimillion dollar homes!:-)) I’ve read that locals used to jump into this spit from that cliff

Johnathon Schaab

Beautiful space to sit and watch the ocean. We were fortunate enough to see a bunch of locals cliff jumping into the ocean where the spitting caves are. What a sight.

Morgan Muschamp

Great spot for watching the sunset! Also not an inconspicuous path to get there so makes for a fun mini-adventure.

Glenn Yri

Probably one of the most scenic and romantic spots on the island. Great place to watch the sunset or star gaze. It is a bit hidden so you may need to go with a guide.If you visit, pleasure make sure to be respectful of others, particularly the residents, and take your trash with you.

Darlin Menace

Decline. Cliffs. Rocks. Water. Very mini hike returning.

Berneta Asato

This spot is truly mother nature at its best! Spitting Caves, is the next stop after visiting China Walls, if I'm back for a visit. A scenic spot right before Haunama Bay, it's steep descending entrance is sandwiched between two homes on the right side of Lumahai Street. Its fairly easy to miss, and parking on this residential street is rare, especially on the weekend. Once you make it down to the rocky area, its an amazing group or selfie photo op, for your visiting friends to snap loads of pics and send them back to their envious friends on the mainland. You have to look east for the cave that "spits" and this blow hole is quite active when there is a swell in town. I wouldn't go near the edges, it can be very windy here, and it looks like a long fall to the water. I have no idea of how some one would get out if they fell in. The hike back up is like a mini Stairmaster workout and will burn a few calories. If you're visiting Oahu this is a must see!

Darrell Lee

One of my favorite places on Oahu!

James Park

Gorgeous location. The ocean seems so vast and blue from this point and the action from the spitting cave is fun. I almost proposed to my now fiance at this location but there were some kids cliff jumping into the outlet of the spitting cave and that ruined the mood but luckily Hawaii has a lot of beautiful places to propose.

Johnathon Myers

Breathtaking view, short hike, but very steep and some loose gravel--recommended for somewhat in shape. Be respectful of the neighborhood with regard to street parking.

Joe Carrizales

I loved this place. Serene. Away from the touristy crowd. There were only a handful of folks when I was there. A good place to sit and listen to the ocean crashing against the rocks and the cave spitting out the water. Beautiful. Makes you feel at peace.

Pierre Simon Arsenault

Nice place to cliff jump (really high though)

Bre Ford

The entrance is in between two houses and I hope the pictures help. If you can't find it just get out of your car and start walking up and down the sidewalk. You will find it.

Fleur d'Orchidée

Veru dangerous for tourists but a place to go.

Lush Rush

Breathtaking , Earth-shaking, literally, the most massive waves I've ever witnessed crashed into these cliffs, you can connect with something deep inside you at this place.

jose luna

Great spot for viewing ocean and fishing off rocks onto crashing waves.

Victoria Rao

Beautiful view, slippery and steep trail - may want to wear something other than flip flops.

Lance Tomimoto

Be careful, but life changing views. Be vulnerable to the glory of nature.

Kyle Kern

Off the beaten path but easy to get to and can be really cool if there are waves present

AJ Jay

Beautiful view & quite place!

peter kandrich

This is an awesome place to watch the waves and relax, and to see how the water is shooting back out of the cave or hole.

E1even 22

Amazing veiw, I didn't jump yet but I will it's a beast. The walk down is nice don't wear slippers lol.

Iris C Alvarenga

Stunning view here, highly recommend

Nicholas Bartolotta

Stopped by this spot on 26 Jan 2019 after a Koko Head Crater trail hike and thank goodness this wasn't difficult to navigate to from the street parking as I was "hiked out" for the day! :) I do believe it was low tide when we came here as there was no "spitting" action coming from the cave below but we did catch a few dudes that leapt off the cliffs right over where the spitting cave 'usually' would be spitting out and I snapped some great action shots of them taking the leap. I was also lucky enough to capture a big arse turtle making a cameo near the spitting cave. Check out my pictures! It appears that they did not upload in any particular order. I may try to reupload so they happen in order, especially for the 3 different dudes leaping from the cliff. Mahalo!

Allen Loudon

The view was great and the whales were cool to watch

Alden Short

Cool spot for a date

kena patel

What a scenic point! I love this place, took several pictures there. Parking is free but GPS doesn't work you literally have to follow other tourists ot just ask soemone!

Lou Geezer

Very nice photo opp. No amenities, of course, and not an easy hike. But worth it!

Kevin Eckert

Great experience. It's about a 50-foot drop into the ocean. Take the jump if you're brave enough.

tomasin .b

Beautiful, but watch your step!!!

Byron Masters

Great dive location for a drift. Lots of fishing tackle on bottom though. 35 to 60 feet. Good visibility on 12-31-18.

Rajiv Bhatia

Lovely tucked away corner worth visiting with a small hike down a hill

deimian anzaldua

Cool place. Kinda difficult to get down there and back up. Need to be in decent shape

Eve Smith

Awesome place. Maybe a little scary climbing around but still amazing to see.

Kelly king

Very beautiful Cliffside views. Hike is a little steep but there is railing to hold onto.

Diana Duangnet

Beautiful spot to watch the waves crash and look out at the ocean. The walk down is slightly steep and slippery after the rain.

Jason Quaid

This place is awesome.

Zener Bayudan

Sunset is perfect here. The sky and the clouds change colors as the sun dips down the sea.

Ryan Shrout

Great views and a beautiful location. It's much less traveled than some of the other tourist locations.

Kris Jones

Maybe better if surf was higher. Only low stars because it was rainy and wet. Surprisingly not slippery when wet. Tail down was a bit questionable.


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