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Where is Shangri La Museum of Islamic Art, Culture & Design?

REVIEWS OF Shangri La Museum of Islamic Art, Culture & Design IN Hawaii

Frances Holland

One of the most memorable places I visited in Hawaii, this palatial estate is like the U.S. equivalent of the Alhambra. Like most world-class museums, both the building itself and the collection it houses are works of art. Doris Duke collected almost exclusively works from the Arab world and drew inspiration for the mansion from a palace in Iran. The end result is like being transported half-way across the world. Seeing this level of Islamic art in Hawaii is just mind-blowing. Add the scenic, oceanside vistas and immaculate estate grounds - it's perfect. Make sure you combine this visit with the Honolulu Museum of Art, which is definitely worth visiting as well.

Justin Weller

This is one of those hidden gems that not a lot of people know about. There is a lot of art you simply won't see anywhere outside of the middle east. The estate has breathtaking ocean views as well. If you're interested in middle eastern art and architecture this is a must see.

Adam Boyd

Tickets purchased and bus ride must be taken from Honolulu Museum of Art!

Wq Chen

Need reservation (Wed through Sat) through the Honolulu museum of art. Don't drive there by yourself. So I did't know it in adanvced.

Vic & Karla Redding

Fantastic tour


(Translated by Google) Utopia. It is a very good experience. Reservation is required in advance. You can take pictures freely. You will be able to keep a picture of your life (Original) 유토피아. 매우 좋은 경험이다. 미리 예약은 필수. 사진도 자유롭게 찍을수 있다. 인생사진을 건질수 있을것이다

Steve Fujisaka Sr.

Shangri-la is a nice 90 minute tour of the house designed by Doris Duke. Access to Shangri-la is only via the shuttle from the Honolulu Art Museum (reservations required). There is a very nice presentation about Doris Duke while on shuttle bus ride to the location. Shangri-la displays Doris Duke's love and fascination of Islamic art and architecture. NOTE: No photos or videos are allowed within the house.

Hapa Kama‘aina

Absolutely gorgeous. Definitely a must-see.

Silvia Barzola

Beautiful, lot to see and dream.

Janine Sprout

Located beneath the Shangri La Museum of Islamic Art is Doris Duke's private lagoon. Walking directions in the Oahu Trailblazer guidebook.

Cain Kamano

What an awesome experience with a knowledable and articulate tour guide. Doris Duke's collection of art and furniture is awe inspiring.

nattakan nirattaradorn


(Translated by Google) It is the most memorable place to visit Hawaii. (Original) 하와이를 다녀와서 가장 기억에 남는 장소입니다.

Faye Evans

Incredible a must see have great memories

Darlene Adams

A must see

Shanan Gibson

Definitely worth a visit if for no other reason than to appreciate the beautiful tile work and other objects d'art. Matt was an excellent docent, funny and engaging. The setting is truly magnificent.

Techi 1011

(Translated by Google) Vivid tiles and decorations, the view of the sea and diamond head, the place where the feelings were healed very much. It is a place I want to go many times. Every week Wednesday and Friday 12: 00 ~ has a Japanese Tour. Reservation acceptance starts 2 months ago. (Original) 鮮やかなタイルや装飾品、海・ダイアモンドヘッドを眺める景色、とても気持ちが癒される場所でした。何度も行きたい場所です。毎週水・金12:00~は、日本語ツアーもあります。2か月前から予約受付開始です。

Lyndsey Garcia


Dustin Hagstrom

Thomas Lavelle

Excellent home turned museum offering an impressive middle Eastern collection that rivals any museum. Our tour guide was excellent and offered unique insight from his years spent in the middle East. Only downside is you must go to and from the Honolulu museum of art. Small annoyance because we were staying walking distance from the house.

Alix Luu

Must book at least a day in advance!


(Translated by Google) I booked a Japanese tour in Japan. Good sense of Doris Duke. Architecture, interiors, gardens etc are wonderful things you can't possibly see elsewhere. It is exciting to be able to experience the good and beautiful beauty, and to experience it! (Original) 日本語ツアーを日本で予約して参加しました。 ドリス デュークのセンスの良さ。 建築、インテリア、庭園等は、他ではおそらく観ることはできない素晴らしいものですよね。 品の良い煌びやかな美しさを、入館し体験できて、感激です!

Elizabeth Pina

I thought that the home was a treasure. I true museum of great deal of art and love for art.

Lona Fox


Maria Glidden

What a unique experience. I did the tour recently and was blown away at how beautiful the home is. The docents are very friendly and knowledgeable. Totally worth the time and cost to check this place out!

Tammy Ryan


(Translated by Google) I've been there for the first time Doris Dyuke, I learned this time. You have a great rich man. I could not take a picture because the battery of the smartphone ran out. I will go there again. (Original) 初めて行って来ました ドリスディユーク、今回知りました。 すごいお金持ちが居るのですね。 スマホの電池切れで写真撮れませんでした。もう一度行って来ます。

Allan Wang

A jewel box of Islamic art and architecture in a spectacular setting, yet with details and unique treasures that give one insight to Doris Duke's passion and sensibilities. Easy online scheduling, follow suggestions for parking at HMA to catch the van. Unfortunately, not a venue for the mobility impaired or handicapped. I'll return some winter...


Was okay...

Rik Nixon

Daryl Mau

Grew up a few blocks away from Shangri-La...As a child would often swim and spend the day at the Harbor in the back of the property...Later, I surf'd and snorkled at the Beach...Now I'm taking photo's and walk's along the Coast line....Love that it's hasn't changed much thru the years...


You have to go to the Honolulu Museum of art first. You have to schedule a tour. Also GPS is deceptive. Go by the address.

Jason Molgren


Kelsey Larsen

Well worth the visit. If you’re planning to go to the art museum this is only $5 more. Book ahead as it books up

Sherif Saleh

Great collection

Lester Kaleikini

(Translated by Google) tough (Original) Grea

Maria McDonald

Loved this place, it was gorgeous and beautiful location. Tour was great and guide very knowledgeable. High light of the trip to Oahu. Only piece of feedback was that when were returned to the museum about 2PM the on-site museum cafe was closing. By that time you (with a noon pick up) you are really hungry. So, if you do this tour advise to eat well 1st.

Anya Cheng

My parents don’t speak English and they prohibited people whispering to translate to them on the side nor didn’t provide any non-English support except you have to book the entire tour in certain languages.

Curt Smith

The tour of the Doris Duke mansion is arranged through the Honolulu Art Gallery and is an interesting look at what money can do in building a very unique collection of Islamic art. Well worth the time and reasonable fee.

Walter Quan

great tour, fantastic collection

P willy


Carla Klein

Beautiful and interesting home/museum. Must make reservations for the tour.

Andrew Wilson

Wow! See how the rich lived. Really amazing.

Leslie Sharp

Absolutely beautiful

Sam P

Amazing place - truley luxury! The tour is fantastic

I am sure this must be a wonderful place, but double-check before coming as they are closed for maintenance and renovations until nov 22nd, as posted in their website!

Crystal Carter

I'm sure that this is a wonderful museum... However after driving an hour to get there, I was not allowed access... The gentleman I spoke to at Shangri la was rude, short and disrespectful.. I had contacted the museum several times to coordinate this trip, and I'm blown away that no one mentioned the fact that I needed a reservation.... I guess all of this to say I I'm sorry to say that I will not be supporting this museum with my funds.. all due to the lack of acceptable customer service

angelica wilson



Don Rideout

I know little about Islamic art so I can't rate the collection. However the setting is spectacular and the docents are very good.

Nikolaos Drakopoulos

A must see. Totally worth the time to visit and tour this place. There a small number of visitors allowed per day so you must register very early. The art and the architecture of the house are amazing. I am so happy I saw this.

Trevor Tang

Amazing and beautiful estate. I would definitely come back here again and again.

John Boeck

Amazing... Even for a guy...


(Translated by Google) It was a masterpiece! Great luxury resident ___ ___ ___ 0 (Original) 圧巻でした!高級住宅街のカハラ地区の中でも飛び抜けてる大豪邸♪

Ek Han

(Translated by Google) You can't just go in and out. You can enter the shuttle from the Honululu Museum of Art. Except for my family, all the tourists came from the US mainland. From a Westerner's perspective, it's a mysterious and beautiful building From an Asian point of view, it would be a mismatched collaboration of cultures. I think it was worth to go though. (Original) 그냥 출입할 수 없으며, 홈페이지에서 예약을 하고 가야 합니다. 호눌룰루 미술관에서 셔틀을 타고 입장할 수 있습니다. 우리 가족을 제외한 나머지 관광객은 모두 미국 본토에서 온 사람들이었습니다. 서양인의 관점에서 보면 신비롭고 아름다운 건축물일 것이고 동양인의 관점에서 보면 여러 문화의 조화롭지 않은 콜라보레이션일 것입니다. 그래도 가 볼 만한 가치가 있었다 생각합니다.

Terry Blanchard

Great tour

Frank Shamrock

Eric Powell

Great place to visit in Honolulu, must make reservations through Honolulu Museum of Art.


Over looking the beautiful ocean waters of Diamond Head is just one of the beautiful things in Hawaii

Wendy Robertson

Yasin Alsagoff

Intriguing peek into a tobacco heiress' world

Tiffany Green-Abdullah

If you love architecture or Islamic Arts you have to go on a tour. Check the Honolulu Art Museum four sign up.

Diana luxuryretreathawaii Vacation Rental Hawaii

Beautiful and educational experience overall! Very much enjoy it and I will go back soon! My favorite part was its location! From each angle you will see the ocean, the big waves, and all the surfers playing in the water. A majestic place to visit, and so much to learn. I consider it a hidden gem on the southern part of the island. You can combine hike to the famous Diamond Head with a visit tour at Shangri La Museum

Kalai Poaha


(Translated by Google) It is a place where ignorant, indifferent people are concerned about architecture and revive ~, Berry Berry Nice ~! (Original) 건축에 대해 무지, 무관심한 이들도 와~를 연발케 하는 곳, 베리베리 나이스~!!

Frank Candia

Went there with my best friend. She wanted to see it for years and I am glad I agreed to go. The late Doris Duke built this home on Black Pointe - 5 acres fronting the ocean. No expense spared and filled with priceless antiques. Small groups are toured through the house and grounds with a very knowledgeable guide. Definitely one of the highlights of my trip to Honolulu. Highly recommend it if you can get in.

Daniel Mills

Beautiful architecture, gardens, ocean views, and art.


Reservation needed

Julia Planes

Beautiful collection, lovingly assembled and curated. I wished I could take photos indoors.

Sheila M Young

WOW. Very interesting look into Doris Duke's home and her collection of Islamic art. The ocean views are spectacular.

Peter Selby

Michael M

Doris Duke's house on the ocean is amazingly beautiful! Great tour!

Ann Y

It's a wonderful tour. Definitely worth a visit if you have the time! I came here to gawk at the beach view and the architecture of this place! They give free limited tours for Kama'aina on the first saturday of every month. To sign up you need to book it online through their Kama'aina web page the two Thursday prior to the saturday tour. The web page will only be active on that Thursday around 930 am HST. I do wish that they would allow self-guided tour, since you're literally being watched and herded for the 2 hours you're there, so there isn't much freedom to take photos. However since I'm sure they would like to preserve this museum as long as possible, I do understand the need of supervision. Another note is that you meet at Honolulu Museum where a tour bus will take you to the Shangri La. Parking/driving directly to Shangri la is not allowed. Definitely recommend if you have time!

Frank Tilton Faufata Rogers

I had the privilege of living here back in the 60's. Mom was Aunt Doris' personal chef, Aunt Luise housekeeping, Johnny Gomez always worked tirelessly on artwork. I played in the cascading salt waterfalls, which entered the pool. Played on the swinging beds suspended from the ceiling of the play house. Aunt Doris was a very erudite and passionate person. Walker Inman( her nephew) was a friend and we lost track. Memories are God's way of humbling us of times we enjoyed. I will return next year 2018, to embrace a time so long ago. This is a must see if given a chance!!

Charis Derry

Must see for art & design lovers!

Josh Keller

A gem which everyone should see. Docents were very knowledgeable.

nobu kossy

(Translated by Google) Once it is worth to visit! (Original) 一度は見学する価値あり!

Caleb Bell

If you get the chance, definitely do the Shangri-La tour!!! Really cool experience and a chance to see art dating as far back as 1200 Persia (or something like that). The house is incredible and very inspiring. Plus the views are just amazing! Our tour guide was also very friendly and very knowledgeable about Doris Duke, the art, and the home. Would definitely do this one agian. PS. I posted several pictures but left some out for you to discover on your own, enjoy

Landon Hannaford

An incredible experience inside and out. Access via the Honolulu art museum.

Daniel White

Scheduled walk through tours only. So call weeks in advance.

Tamara Fox

A magical place in paradise! Make your arrangements early, reserve your tickets as the tours fill up fast. The photos do not so this beautiful property justice. Breathtaking and interesting - so glad I was able to go - I hope to re-visit someday.


(Translated by Google) (Original) 沒有去過中東的人, 可以來這裡參觀; 但是要忍受非常無禮的導覽員,大家只能站在她指定的地方,或是強迫所有的人擠在一個沙發上聽她說話, 有人小聲說話, 導覽員立刻衝過去大聲羞辱; 天下之大, 這個不尊重人的地方, 不去也罷!

Troy Kump

Beautiful estate. Scheduled walk through tours only. So call weeks in advance.

Richard Levison

So we could not find this place if our lives depended on it. There are only 2 possible entrances that we thought eould take us there. Neither did


This was one of the best value, and most interesting things we did in Hawaii ... the building is amazing and the tour is well organized and very slick, you don't feel rushed at all ... but you are 'managed' without even realizing it... I'd go back again tomorrow if I could as I wondered around in a daze...everywhere you turned had at least 3 amazing things vying for your attention ... not really suitable for children, so, leave them at the hotel and book a tour

Brent Buckley

Terrieann Dean

The House is a truly amazing treasure. There are priceless very old antiquities that are among few left in the world. Thankfully we are able to share Doris Dukes Legacy.

anthony mallon

This is the most amazing tour I have been on....please don't miss this The guides were brilliant and so hospitable and kind.

Evelyn Evans

Always take my visitors here!

Anis Tiasiri


Gloria Jernigan

Enjoy the music and Cultural history of Listening, While Muslim yesterday. Expertly linked resistance music with the movement of oppressed people.

Craig Udy

GD Leong

After taking the tour last summer, I wanted to live in this beautiful home with its long garden, priceless art, and ocean view. I knew nothing of Islamic Art before the tour, but I loved eclectic way the collections were displayed. Our docent was very knowledgeable and courteous. This would be a great tour for any interior decorator to get ideas from.

Laura Hankins


Anthony Hargrove

Incredible home

Toby Halligan

Booked tickets online, was charged for tickets but the transaction wasn’t registered on their system. Thus we couldn’t go. The staff haven’t followed up with us so far. Failing at a fundamental part of being a museum.

Connie Lacobie

The mansion is gorgeous and surrounded with a natural beauty. Ms. Duke created a paradise for her Hawaii home. Those artifacts are lovely and interesting. Especially those paintings from Indian Mogul Dynasty are attractive. I want to know each individual story. No clear explanation of each artifact and no clear research on each item. The docent we had was a good speaker, but she could answer about any story behind those artifacts. It would be nice for the foundation spend some money to further research on those artifacts because Shangri La is now marketed as a collection of Islamic arts and promote Islamic cultures. Well, why not pay more attention on artifacts and they history . On the other hand, the docent was trained to give an overwhelming biography of Ms. Duke. The focus is not on arts, then they should call Doris Duke Museum and her Shangri La.

Sabina Koehler

Book early. Fabulous!

lisa marie

One of the most elegant and exotic tours we’ve seen. A serene Hawaiian location has this gift painstakingly constructed with ideal balance, beauty and detail to impeccable enlightenment. Thats the only word to describe the joy when we left. So glad they opened these acquisitions to a dedicated Islamic Design cultural museum for all to witness. We will tour it every time. Book tix in advance thru Honolulu Museum of Art and pick up the shuttle at HMOA for your time allotted. It’s very organized how to visit. Tour HMOA after ShangriLa, both amazing.

Paula Caravelli

Former home of heiress Doris Duke and currently a museum of Islamic Art. Meticulously maintained and well worth a detour to see both the house, it's amazing contents and the incredible ocean views it enjoys. A must see if you love design!

Howard deGa

A must see when you visit Oahu. Make sure you book your tickets in advance. The rooms that we saw we just spectacular filled with an eclectic variety of Islamic Art from floor to ceiling, and the visit was enhanced by very knowledgeable and passionate guides. The views of the ocean from the house are breathtaking.

Nils Geisse

Most beautiful, but it is a hidden secret to the general public.

Nanako K

(Translated by Google) I participated in a Japanese tour in 2016. As rumored it is a wonderful place. I think that it is worth going once. (Original) 2016年、日本語ツアーに参加しました。 噂通り、素晴らしいところです。 1度は、行く価値はあると思います。

Richard John

Doris dukes former house near diamond head on the ocean. Quite spectacular with a lot of art. Reserve tour at honolulu art museum.

Matthew Robbins

Largest Islamic art collection in the American west.

Justin Tucker

If you have not visited this Museum it is a work of art. It has so much history and so much character I highly recommend it and the view of the beach is breathtaking


(Translated by Google) Millionaires' daughter, Doris Duke built at the foot of Diamond Head, a mansion with plenty of Islamic culture. Art objects displayed from the Middle East are displayed in the house. While I was watching luxurious buildings, I felt lost in Shangri-La (the ideal village). If you apply for the Honolulu Art Museum, you can participate in a limited number tour. I was a guide in English, but there seems to be a Japanese tour. (Original) 大富豪の娘、ドリス・デュークが、ダイヤモンドヘッドのふもとに建設した、イスラム文化をふんだんに取り入れた大邸宅。 邸内には、中東から運んだ美術品が展示されている。 豪華な建物を見学しているうちに、シャングリラ(理想郷)に迷い込んだ気持ちになる。 ホノルル美術館に申し込めば、人数限定のツアーに参加できる。 私は英語のガイドだったが、日本語のツアーもあるようだ。

Donald Young

Doris Duke collection of Middle East decor, miscellaneous items. Accessible only through Museum of Art.

Heather McCann

This is, literally, the most beautiful estate I have ever visited to date. Amazing architecture and decor inspired by Spanish, Egyptian, Iranian, Syrian, Turkish, and Indian influence. The tour was informative & enjoyable, and the groups are not too large. We even received free decorative wooden fans (perfect for a hot day)! It's too bad we missed seeing the pool and some of the gardens due to construction, but it should be completed soon.

Bonner Youssef

Very nice and talanted there countries they become less money...and the governement doesnt respect them....thanks for the usa and hounolulo

trevor bunny

This is a must visit attraction!

Edwina Duenas

An incredible home perched behind Diamond Head and alongside the coastline. Make sure to reserve tickets in advance via the Honolulu Museum of Art. The home is beautiful, full of history, and works from different countries in the Middle East. Doris Duke is also a fascinating personality to learn about. If you're interested in art, architecture, and design, plus want to see incredible views of the ocean, check out Shangri La.

Aji Djamaludin

No information that I have to book the visit through HOMA, even I visited HOMA a day before, if I knew that. So when I came very far today by bus, only found the information on the fence, so disappointed, no such clear information like this, I really hate this

pasha bance

Amazing experience!

Kamana Seymour

Awesome house!

Kumi Horiuchi

Fascinating exhibition of a once private residence of Doris Duke on Kahala Wai, Oahu. Amazingly secluded on the dazzling ocean, in the affluent but busy residential community. See it for yourself, tours start at Honolulu Academy of Arts, shuttle rides are included in the fee.

Harry Hugel

Best tour on Oahu.

Tóný Diliegros

212 tony heló mary roy jhonson alive

Nikki Hartley


Chris Amendola

The Shangri La house was beautiful, living here on the island it was a nice break from everyday life to see how the other half lived long ago. Dorris Duke had great taste and for thought in collecting these rare and beautiful treasures from a time long ago, some of these pieces would surely have been destroyed by war if they weren't saved. The property is well cared for and the house is well maintained and pretty much stands as is. If you're from here take an afternoon and visit and if you're visiting from off island try and squeeze it in between beach days. Make sure you try and park at the museums school first before you go and pay at the pay lot.

the1stomach .

Shangri La was the highlight of our trip to Oahu. Beautiful place, and the tour guide was fantastic, he was very passionate about the art and Doris Duke's estate.


Beautiful and luxurious house! Fully of islamic Antiques from the world which are very accessible unlike in museums. Totally worth visiting! Reservation is needed ($25), and they typically only offer English-speaking guide.

Chris Harmatta

Well worth the visit. The guides know their stuff and enjoy their work. I would compare this to the Hurst Castle in San Simeon, CA.

Altaf Hussain

Amazing property with great art. And it's on the beach


Stunningly beautiful museum

Rick Vega

Amazing place especially when you take into consideration when it was built!


(Translated by Google) Very beautiful, gorgeous 感 I have admired that there is such a world. The guide of the Japanese was very good. (Original) とても綺麗で、豪華✨こんな世界もあるのだなぁ❗️と感心しました。日本人のガイドさんが、とても良かったです

K Marie Gallagher

The estate is beyond beautiful. The tour guides are informative. I recommend this tour to everyone. However, how you actually get there is ridiculous. From Waikiki you drive all the way across town to the Honolulu Musuem of Art. Dirve around for a while looking for parking; get on a shuttle bus; and come alllll the way back to where you were to begin with. I realize they can't have people drive right up to the estate, but could the shuttle not leave from a more convenient location?

Samantha Savage

Beautiful tour

Kina Ranoa

Allan Monteza

Excellent view


If you live in Hawaii you have to go here. Not only is it awesome it's a great story, part of Hawaiian history

Henry Wang

eye-opening education about Doris Duke and her wonderful collection of Islamic art. Not to mention the gorgeous estate

Farshid Marbouti

The address is wrong!

Debra Walton

After many tries at getting reservations to coordinate with my repeated visits to Oahu, I finally scored reservations. It was well worth the wait! A must see! Loving kept just as Ms. Duke instructed. The docent proved to be very knowledgeable and answered each question anyone in our small group (about a dozen people) threw at her. I never felt rushed thru even though we were kept on a strict schedule. I'd go again in a heartbeat.


Tom Tanaka

Thug Life

Tyler Shortt

Amazing place. The tour guides are lovely. The grounds are immaculate. Tours are booked out a few months so plan ahead if you want to go here. Really incredible place.

Mira Tenzin

The mansion is beautiful, but not great enough to cover the rudeness and stubbornness of the tour guide. When the tour started, my family and I were discussing about the information introduced by the guide quietly. We were no where loud enough to disrrupt the rest of the group. The lady was enraged and stormed up to us with the look that she is about to kill us, and was not kind with her words. I can even see the rest of the group were terrified of her. Because of upsetting start, everyone was scared to talk to their friends and family. Our tour became very quite. (We even heard other worker at the museum ask our tour guide why we were so quite. She responded proudly that she yelled at some of us at start, and laughed.) During the rest of the tour, the lady forced all the guests to squeeze in on a sofa that is clearly not big enough for everyone. It was extremely uncomfortable. She also asked us to move out of the way when we stand in the spot that she normally stands, and said the spot has better fan coverage. She even said it herself that she spoiled everyone’s good mood. My family had a terrible experience at the Shangri-la. We do not plan to return or recommend it to anyone.

Kuan Liam Liu

Kamil Chetty

WOW just wow.... Stunning collection, the hour tour isn't enough time.. So worth the visit. Beautiful architecture and oceanfront setting as well.

Linda Tieman

worth the wait for tickets. Excellent tour guide; learned a lot and saw some unique beauty. Be prepared for heat, humidity, and no place to sit, however. We were exhausted by the end. Still very glad we did this.

Jordana Schacht-Levine

An amazing history of a variety of styles of Islamic Art. With the Pacific as a backdrop, this site cannot be missed. The staff at Shangri La are informed and go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable and have all your questions asked. There is no photography allowed inside, but you may photograph the grounds outside. Even if you aren't into art or architecture, you would be missing out on a wonderful experience if you don't venture to Shangri La.

chad sloggett

One of the prettiest places to be able to see from the water

Lynda Barry

Stunning architecture, artwork and culture.

Christopher Glessman

The tour is AMAZING!

Edwin Toth

On my list of destinations on my next Honolulu visit

Adam Watson

A must in Hawaii the Iconic home of Doris Duke

Jackson Cafazzo

Stunning collection, if impossible to fully take in during the hour tour. I'd go back a few times if I had the chance. Completely jaw-dropping pieces of art displayed in a comfortable yet opulant home style. So worth the visit. Beautiful architecture and oceanfront setting as well.

Willard Eastman

So very important and fortunate that Ms Duke established the vehicle and provided the means to sustain her seasonal residence and share it with the public at large through the Honolulu Art Museum. Don't miss the opportunity.

R. Lee Donaldson

Been in Hawaii for over 40 years and can't believe I have never visited this amazing island treasure. It is more about the architecture and design. The guided tour is well versed and you learn so much about the life of Doris Duke and what led up to this amazing adobe. From the moment you arrive, you can feel that you are in a very special and unique place. Every room is something exotic and eclectic. So much in the tour to see and experience. I recommend going on the first tour of the day. As part of the ticket price, you can visit the Honolulu Academy of Art Museum afterwards for no additional charge. Take advantage and see all other amazing collections there or have lunch at their amazing restaurant. You also can visit the Spalding House contemporary art museum on the same ticket, so you can spend a full day on the price of just one admission. Parking is challenging in the area, but across the street from the Honolulu Academy of Art Museum is the Honolulu Academy of Art School and they offer parking in an attended lot for only $5. You must book your tickets in advance to visit this amazing site, so plan ahead and book right away. This is a walking tour with steps. If you have any handicap, you should inquire further about this activity if it is appropriate for you.


If you're interested Islamic art, you'd love this place. There is art from early Islam in Iran, South Asia, and more. There are no bathrooms inside the house, and no bathroom breaks during the tour. You have to stay with the group during the entire tour, which is about an hour.


(Translated by Google) great! One thing. (Original) 凄い!のひとこと。

Michael Woody

To see the place the richest women in the world for her time lived was great

Mattia Stabile

Doris Duke's Shangri La mansion is a must see landmark destination. You must be overwhelmed by such unique location: a truly authentic middle eastern opulent architectural heritage in Oahu!

Vanessa Lum

Highly recommend this museum!

Stu Clithero

Beautiful property, Amazing architecture plus tons of art and antiques.

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