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41-202 Kalanianaʻole Hwy, Waimanalo, HI 96795, United States

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REVIEWS OF Sea Life Park Hawaii IN Hawaii

Denney Rowcliffe

I can not say enough about this place. It is smaller than your average aquatic animal park, but it is very cozy. It does not take long to go through this place. They have turtles, sharks, sea lions, dolphins, sting rays and birds. I recommend doing one of their experiences such as the Royal Dolphin Swim, or Reef Encounter. Park admission is included with each encounter.

Jeremy Pepe

Despite some previous reviews, if you can invest a day here and make all the shows, it can be a wonderful experience!! My family had a great time and would definitely do it again! Again, make sure you come when the park opens and plan to stay the day/make all the shows to maximize your experience. Pro Tips: 1. Eat breakfast before you head to the park and save some $$$ vs. eating pricier food inside the park. 2. If you are military (or another qualified group) you may be able to purchase tickets at a significantly reduced rate in advance. (e.g. at an MWR Center, etc.)

Pe Kool

Took my 2 year old daughter to sea life and we were both blown away and amazed by the Dolphin, Sea Lion and Penguin shows which I recommend seeing. More daughter got to feed the exotic birds and also got to hold them. We enjoyed being able to sea large turtles so close and enjoyed the shark area. We'll worth a visit, if you purchase a ticket just know it includes transfer there and back.

sonia flores

Waste of money! It’s dead in there. Definitely don’t recommend, money could be spent on a better use/activity. You’re better off swimming in the ocean and encountering the sea animals yourself for free.

Kirstin Mizner

Amazing dolphin tour!!! My 8 and 13 year old had an amazing time. I mean where else do you get to ride dolphins.

DR Hunter

The atmosphere is fun. The people are very friendly. So many different animals to interact with. Worth visiting again & again.

Amanda C.

We got the park tickets included with the cost of the lu’au which was good because we would have been disappointed had we come here for the sole purpose of the park. There were exhibits closed and it’s a small place. The dolphin show and sea lion show were really neat. The park could use a lot of updating. I was a bit concerned about one of the penguins- hoping it was just frazzled and not sick and molting from the heat. Feeding the birds was pretty cool and the snack bar had tasty food.

Andrew Kirk

great place would do this again.

Zhen Ma

Small park, good if you are with kids. The sea lion show was fun. Would not recommend if you are just a couple. We went here because it was jncluded with the Luau of Ka Moana. Not a big fan of dolphin shows or “swim with the dolphin”. These beautiful and intelligent animals should be swimming in the ocean.

Stephanie Fabrizio

Loved the Sea Life Park! Had the most amazing experience swimming with the dolphins. The park is clean, the food is good (Pinks and Dole whips!), and the staff is friendly. A few exhibits were under construction, but there was still plenty to see.

Brianna Ewing

Didn't go to the actual park just the luau. It was really fun and a great experience with an incredible view. The food was good, didn't eat much though since I'm not a fan of pork but my family enjoyed it. The activities they incorporate are really fun and interactive.

Louis Urvois

My daughters favorite park. I got a year pass at Christmas and we come once a week.


People that work their are super NICE and EXTREMELY helpful! An they helped a girl that couldn't walk good swim with their dolphins, and made it possible for her to have the opportunity just like everyone else! The swimming area could use some cleaning as it was slimmy and slippery. Its a good fun place and they have lots of activities, just wish they would upgrade their displays. Like the shark tank for example has scratches on the inside of the glass, all the yellow fish in the tank have their fins bitten off, the sharks look a little sad... #Sea Life its time for an upgrade..

Jeremy Owen

Would be 5 stars except for the greedy photo charges. I do not expect to have the only available photos for the experience cost another $65 PER PERSON. I already spend $600 for the dolphin experience for a family of 4. This is really the worst kind of business practice, hidden charges. Its the only way to get a picture because you can't have your cameras in there. It is over charged because for a family it comes out to $260 for the pictures. So just be aware if you want to take your family that the dolphin experience REALLY costs $860 with ANY pictures.


If you give this less than 4 stars because it isn't Sea World, that just isn't fair. I doubt the Sea Life Park gets the traffic or funding Sea World does. For what they do have they do a great job. There are a ton of free interactive activities here like feeding fish and meeting a sea turtle and feeding exotic birds. The sea lion and dolphin shows were quite excellent and well scripted and executed. Since it's smaller here my kids seemed to get more out of it. You can also do extra activities like feed dolphins and that was only $15. I'd say worth the stop. It's also on the Go Oahu card so feel free to capitalize on the park covered by that card.

Imelda Navasca

Love this place. I enjoyed feeding the fishes and birds. The sea lion show was fun and cute. I specially enjoyed the luau here. The show was good.

Susie Piper

My family and I went to the park today. We had a wonderful time. It is a smaller park but that was nice bc we got to see everything. We also did the dolphin adventure package. Me and my son had a blast! The trainers were so nice and polite. They also had lots to tell us and answered all our questions. Swimming with the dolphins is something I'll remember for the rest of my life. The prices on food, pictures, and souvenirs are very reasonable.

Shahrior Chowdhury

The Royal Dolphin Encounter was worth the money. My wife thoroughly enjoyed it. Even though we had a bit of a scare with the Wholphin. The 750 pounder got a little frisky for a bit. The trainer was great. At the end, a perfect day playing with the Dolphins.


Great place to see sea turtles and feed birds. My wife did the sea lion swim $75 which let's you get kissed by one. I began to feel like the place was a bit of a money pit due to the price of these interactions which they focus around their cameraman. If you want those pictures good luck you will need to pay $40 just for one! They of course already have them printed, so most just get tossed anyway, guess they still profit from those who pay this rip off price. Besides that aspect they have free shows with dolphins and feedings with fish. So still a nice place overall, it's just they cut into your memory aspect knowing everyone's on vacation.

christopher weber

The aviary section was the highlight. Otherwise the park is showing it's age. We spent about 90m in this small park. They have sharks and turtles (not together), penguins and seals. Great views of the ocean and mountains. You can swim with dolphins here if that's your thing. We went as part of the luau package. The luau was fantastic, but separate.

Sarah Lopez

Small park. You can see the whole place in 30 minutes or less. The shows are pretty good.

Danielle Hasan

Sea life park is very small, but full of interactive experiences. It is a great place to learn about marine life and get a small view of the big ocean and its inhabitants. It's awesome that it's so close to the ocean...but it makes you a little sad for the dolphins in their enclosure. Its a beautiful venue, great for a short family outing.

Bill Taylor

Luau was fantastic. Entertainment was spectacular. Food and service were both excellent. Worth the price and drive from Waikiki.

H. Ng

We visited this rather small attraction park a couple of years ago and thought we would check it out. There were some interesting and cool attractions and shows for the family; however, we were expecting more for what we paid for admissions. We stayed a couple of hours at most and left the park a little disappointed. A family of four will cost you $130 to get in. It may be great for the kids to see cute penguins and other sea creatures, but if you don't mind spending your time and money then by all means....go visit.

Christopher Hardin

Love this place. Non expensive, feed turtles, good food, fun way to spend a day

Kate Rodriguez

We did the sea lion encounter which was fun but a larger group than anticipated. Photos are $40-75 per person for an event we already paid $80/ person for. It's cool you can feed bird with seed sticks but otherwise we only saw 2 penguins in that habitat and the monk seal habitat was empty. The dolphin show was also a highlight!

Chase Wills

I love the animals and the staff really seem to as well. The animals all seem very happy. Although, the sea lion looked a little lonely as he was all alone. They gotta get this guy a friend! I can tell that the people here are passionate about their jobs, especially the dolphin trainers. The bird sanctuary was really cool too.

Johanah Micah Gallano

Me and my friends went o a wonderful trip here. There's a wide variety of activities you could do. I love how they always bring out the spirit of Aloha in every show that they present.

Barbara Torres

This was a great Laua. Very interactive

Rafael Medina

Nice. A bit small though. Dolphin prices are steep.


It was a lot of fun even for grownups. Nice shows and very clean.

Shaneille Brink

If you have been to other Sea Life's across the world this one may be a bit small. However coming from the middle of Canada we found it amazing. The dolphin experience was wonderful and to our surprise our favourite spot was the bird enclosure. They give you a stick filled with bird feed and you can feed any number of the 500 birds in the enclosure. Be prepared for them to land all over you. Absolutely wonderful experience! We will be back!

Andrew Jackson

While it has lost some of its charm still a good place to entertain family. I suggest pairing with the luau.

Indy Jones

Swimming with the dolphins was such an amazing experience. The trainers are great and work really well with the people. Richard who oversees the park really was so down to earth and spent time with the customers. That meant a lot to me. Thank you guys for a experience of a life time.

Darren Lee

Only went at 1 p.m., the staffs are very nice and helpful. The highlight is when I find there is a place where you get to feed the birds in a contained area. Maybe it's because I only went for general admission and misses the exciting program, but it feel more like a walk in the park with not a lot of shows to see. There are also area under construction. It feels a little steep for $40 per person. (Parking is $5 fyi). However it's a good 2 to 4 hrs time filler if you have a block of time you need to fill.

Dschelle Chatman

Overall excellent experience. Only downside was the staff who provided conflicting information.

rob hixson

We had a great time on the dolphin experience and interactive fish feeding aquarium. Worth a visit with the family@

Aki Malaeulu

We had a great time here at Sea Life Park Hawaii! We arrived around 1pm and had plenty of time to explore. Unfortunately we missed the dolphin show, which was a bummer. The kids LOVED the bird sanctuary. They have sticks with bird food to feed the birds. The kids loved it. We were also able to see all different types of Hawaii’s sea life. We were able to catch the sea lion show. A lot of audience interaction made for a pretty great show! Those sea lions are super smart. We were also able to watch a few families swim with dolphins, which would’ve been pretty cool to do & a must do next time we come here. Dolphins are pretty smart creatures too! There’s plenty of shade everywhere. And a lot of interactive places to keep your kids attention. The drive out there was also pretty scenic so it didn’t seem like a long drive at all, even though it took about 1hr to get there. It was worth the drive. Be prepared though, to pay $5 for parking.


Apart from being entertaining, this place is superbly educational, with sea life trainers' talks to actual shows of sea animals, from the dancing dolphins, the sea lion, the monk seals and penguins, to name a few.

Sheena Cooper

My family and I had a great time. Initial impression wasn't great. The guide that accompanied the bus driver had an attitude and was snippy-that really rubbed me the wrong way-because we were unsure of the exact location of the bus terminal. When we arrived at the park, we found all the employees very nice and helpful. They were more than happy to answer questions and they ensured you understood exactly what to do.

Sheila Simon

So much fun!! Free dolphin and seal show. Feed fish. Bird area was amazing! But swimming with the dolphins was the best ever!

Garrett Dunbar

A bit expensive but worth it for the hands on experiences that you can't get anywhere else. Great for kids and adults who are interested in animals.

dead man

Can stay here all day with the kids... They love the bird cage and the walk-around aquarium and there is even a playground. Love this place.

carlos castaneda

The kids had a great time swimming with the dolphins. Some the exhibits were closed for repair. Overall we enjoyed it we spend a couple hours here. Beautiful scenery.

Scott Cusack

It's a very quaint park with some nice exhibits. On our visit half of them were under construction. I can tell that it's a great park and would be a 5 star stop if all was working. It's tiny compared to Sea World but we like micro zoos and aquariums. The dolphin experience was very nice. The views are amazing and the staff is very friendly. My favorite exhibit is watching the sea turtles swim.

Aybike Demirsan

Wonderful encounter with the dolphins!! The trainers really seem to love the animals and I had a way better feeling about the animals than I have at zoos usually - I can't stand seeing a lion in a cage walking back and forth, it breaks my heart. But the dolphins and sea lions here at Sea Life are so social and close with the trainers that I really see their joy as well.

Kapua Willing

Very disappointed. We paid so called Kaimaaina rate. But going in with intentions of seeing every exhibit. For that price the show that we seen and what we participated in was very sad. Went and so much areas was closed or under construction or just closed. Just wished we had more to see and participate in. Never going back till they get the park togather up and running....

Patrick A

Dolphin encounter was great thought 600 dollars for wife and two kids was a bit much but did it anyway. What really hit the bad spot was 65 dollars a person for pictures!!! What are you guys thinking?? Robbing families and charging excessively for pictures? Greed at its finest! Beware the charges for some simple pics with the dolphins. 100,000 percent profit margins! There cost for a pic is less then 50 cents but will charge you 65 a person. Will never be back with the family here nor will recommend it to anyone.

Jason Castillo

Small old park. Only single show times for dolphin show. Food is a yuk to ok at best. Came for luau. I would just come for luau only.


Nice atmosphere and great shows. Enjoyed watching and feeding the sea turtles. It was a nice touch putting a play area for the kids. Dolphins were amazing as well as the sea lions. We didn’t try the restaurant, but it sure looked busy.

Andy Kovacs

This place is a rip off! Went to swim with the dolphins and that part was great. The trainers were professional friendly and overall that part of the experience was very good. It is the second part that is a complete rip off and a corporate scam. When they want to give you a picture of your experience after you have already paid close to $200 for the experience now they want you to pay another $65 for your pictures. Complete rip off! They give you a code that has your watermarked pictures on it that you can download for $16 dollars a piece after run by Magic Memories. The entire experience is shady and I would not recommend this to anyone. They also gave me the wrong code for my wife's picture which has someone else in the picture.

John Tyrrell

Made my sons make a wish alot of fun <3 thank you

Ben Gillmore

By far one out top 3 favorite places we visited while on vacation. We spent the entire day there!

Janet Chou

Half of the park is under construction. We wasted basically a day here watching 3 shows. The park is really small. It'll be good for younger kids. 12+ will be bored after the shows. I'd rather spend a day at the beach than here. The shows were good though. Just not a lot to do. Ocean theater is closed. The monk seal is empty too.

Stella Dawood

First time being able to hold a starfish. I had a blast feeding the birds too. I would give this place five stars but it's not that big of a place, definitely not worth playing full price for general admission. Thankfully, we went an hour before they closed so we got a really good discount and it was plenty of time to look around. A few of the areas were closed so that was a bummer, but it's still fun and there's a jungle gym for the kiddos too and great hot dogs!

Perla Lopez

Love it. Everyone warming. Mahalo

Hilary Lewis

This is a nice relaxing place to come see sea animals. The ocean view is awesome as well.

Alika Makakilo

Excellent place to enjoy a day of sight seeing, park events and photography. The view of Rabbit Island and Makapu'u Light house are amazing. I want to directly thank Anuhea at the ticket office for her polite and courteous customer service.

Alisha Adames

We have annual passes for the sea life park we try to go at least once a month. My son LOVES it. One day we went we got the opportunity to feed the dolphins for $15. My son was so excited. I Iove feeding the birds they are all so cute and friendly and just come right to you. When you go in it’s the shark tank with some fish and huge sting ray and black top reef sharks. Then when you come out the turtles are there the gift shop to the left you are able to buy turtle feed. If you go to the right it’s the stage where they do shows I’ve never came at a time where they are doing a show. Then it’s a little place to buy food the penguins. .... I’m not sure where but there is a touch tank where you can feed the fish and touch starfish and hermit crabs. There’s 2 gift shops and a food court.

Kimberly Franklin

The swimming with the dolphins was AMAZING and the rest of the park was small but fun. We ended up getting a year pass because it was a nice peaceful place to hang out with some animals.

Heath Nier

Better if you have kids as everything is built around educational experiences for them. The dolphin and sea lion shows were great though.

Deb K.

Fun place to spend a day. If u are from places with large aquariums or ocean exhibits, this will be kinda meh for u. BUT this place has the only dolphin/ whale baby!!!!


The park has seen better days. The fish in the aquarium seem to be on the listless side. The shows ok but not very polished or wowing. The dolphin swim adventure was delayed over 30 minutes from the start time, so 16 or so people rushing to get to check in and then staring at each other for 30 minutes after the start time, wondering if they were forgotten. It was a good time once started. The food at the food court was edible. The staff was overall friendly. I would make sure to only go if I got discounted price tickets, it is not one I would pay retail for, but it does offer a chance to see turtles and dolphins up close.

M James

We loved sea life park and all that it had to offer, it was extremely hot and there wasn’t a cloud in sight but we decided to go anyway. They prices are high and the park is small but it was a good experience none the less. There were fun things to do for everyone in my family and we’ll be back next time we’re in Hawaii.

Geri Gallegos

Thank you Sea Life Park

LeighAnna Edwards

The shows were fun and entertaining. My son enjoyed it. They even have a station where you can feed the fish and touch the sea stars. The sea lions and dolphins were our favorite. Weather is pretty hot. Will want to wear hats and comfortable clothing. They do have misting stations.

Matej Jedan

I've always loved this place since I was a kid on this island. Very very small so it is way more interactive than other places. Do not skip the interactive programs. At a minimum swim with the Mantarays and Reef Sharks. Only $35 and an unforgettable experience! Even my 6 year old absolutely loved it. Hands on bird feeding, fish feeding, turtles, penguins, Sea lions, and a superior dolphin show compared to those California guys.

W Christopher King

I'm hoping the renovations will help restore this wonderful Park to it's amazing former glory. There are a lot of sections closed right now. 20 minute dolphin show is worth the price of admission.

Chris Vournakis

Super fun. Suggest swimming with the dolphins experience

Danish Khan

Visited: May 2019 Great place for kids and adults to learn about dolphins, sea lions, turtles and seals. This place has not got lots of varieties but they have very good exhibit which allows interactions to lovely animals. Very nice place to eat and you can spend the whole day with kids. You need to have a schedule to know what’s happening. You can also feed birds. Great price. Must see.

Mariah Harris

Swimming with the dolphins was amazing! My family ending up paying $1,000.00 for 6 adults and 1 kid, for a 30 minute encounter. For one photo it’s $40 and $80 for digital photos, which I think is extremely expensive for a printed/digital photo. Very disappointed because there’s a bald guy with a beard that was extremely rude and would ignore us after we paid for everything. Would be more reasonable if photos were included since you can’t really take photos while you’re in the water with the dolphin.


Hardly any exhibits or animals present other than all the dolphin stuff, looks rundown and could use many upgraded features for the prices you pay. Food stands undermanned. Two positive things are the beer on tap and view from the grassy area.

Kelsey Chow

A fun but relatively small sea life park that would be really good for families with young children but maybe only a half day type of activity for older kids and families. The best parts are the sea lion and the dolphin shows at 3pm and 330pm. Lots of fun tricks to see and the trainers are very friendly and knowledgeable.

Robert L Smith Jr

We attended the Ka Moana Luau at Sea Life Park this past Tuesday evening. The food was delicious. The entertainment and scenery were great! The open bar seemed to close a little early though, so we didn’t get to use one of our complimentary drink tickets. Wish they would have announced “last call for alcohol”. This would prevent guest from missing out on something that they’re entitled to and could result in the sale of more alcohol to those guest that have already used their 1-free drink ticket.

Eleonora VI

Nice place, but not lot to see. They have sea lion and dolphin shows.

Melody Everett-Neddo

The Sea Life Park was pretty amazing. The dolphins are incredible. The birds are beautiful, but super noisy. And the after hours Ka Moana Luau was the best. Unfortunately my phone went dead so I didn't get all the photos I wanted, so i should have brought my phone charging cord with me. We were there on August 27th, 2019 while vacationing in Hawaii (from Northern lower Michigan).

Jeffery Medeiros

They can't even get a photo right... Nothing really to do... The zoo was better

Christopher Knowles

Wonderful time. My mother, wife, and daughter did the dolphin experience and had a blast! Great trainers who made them feel comfortable.

Tom West

What a fun place to spend the day. Try the dolphin experience. It is a chance in a lifetime for many. These intelligent creatures are amazing. We truly enjoyed every minute of our visit here.

Russell McBride

Loved this place as a kid. Took my kids to find their prices had increased astronomically, and then when we got to the front of the line they just waived us in for free!? Still love this place!

Mikey Argy

This park is very small yet you feel the animals are loved and cared for. It's definitely not a whole day out, half a day is plenty.

David Glabe

We highly recommend this for families with younger children. Our kids loved the touch tanks where they could feed fish and the aviary with colorful birds that landed on them. The trained dolphins were an absolute delight to watch. Our visit here was very memorable.

Bethany Jaeger

We did a Dolphin Experience and a Sea Lion Swim. No words can describe how amazing it was!! The trainers really love their job and they are clearly dedicated to the animals, they really truly are. So worth the money spent! The park and it's exhibits themselves were pretty sad though (sorry Sea Life Ohana, I only speak the truth) but everything else was above and beyond.

Lorna Bumanglag

Enjoyed the dolphin show. Food vendor had a long line and only one person serviced everyone there. Need more food choice I guess.

Kamu Ela

My son loves this place which is why we're yearly season pass holders. I gave it 3 stars because it's showing it's age. By that I mean it's run down and outdated. But, it's still a good place to go and let our son explore what exhibits are still open. Oh and the food is good even though it's pricey.

Charles Day

This is a wonderful aquarium where you learn and have fun at the same time. It's a great place for the family, especially the younger ones. We were there with our grandson who was celebrating his 10th birthday. He swam with the dolphins and it was a great experience. One that he, his parents, and his grandparents will remember forever. It was truly a lifetime experience. The dolphins are so well trained. The handlers were wonderful. They provide professional photographs with the dolphins for a reasonable price. We couldn't be more pleased. We'll certainly recommend Sea Life Park Hawaii to friends and family.

Dave Hubert

Kids loved feeding the fish, dolphins always put on a great show and lots of other great things to see

Keturah Taylor

A lot of fun, beautiful scenic views and very cool experiences

Daniel White

Enjoyed watching and feeding the sea turtles. It was a nice touch putting a play area for the kids. Dolphins were amazing as well as the sea lions. We didn’t try the restaurant, but it sure looked busy.

Tamara Vidovic

Located very close to beach, with amazing and beautiful view on coast and Rabbit Island, perfect place to calm, relax and peacefully enjoy birds chirping with a seight on dolphins. We had awesome time. Excellent hospitality, very clean areas, helpful and friendly staff

Hai Martin

Perfect for a day with kids! Not too big, and not very crowded on a Sunday afternoon. The "shows" were well-spaced throughout the day to keep the kids interested between the guided activities and just walking around. The staff were great - for example a lady at the sea turtle exhibit came up and offered to answer questions, then told my kids a little about them. The shows we saw were each about 15-20 minutes long, featuring sea lions, dolphins, and more dolphins, respectively.

Katie Payne

Park is good. Several exhibits were closed for renovations. Shows and learning opportunities were great. Luau was amazing; great food, great performers. Down time in-between park closing until going into luau area was long and challenging.


It looked a little run down, maybe because the salt from Ocean. View was incredible, animals were well taken care of, and the staff were also incredible.

Eduardo Ramirez

What an excellent place to get up close to the animals but the best part of all was the shark

Tony Smith

Sea Life park is where the movie "50 first dates" was filmed. It is a small park, but it is also a good price. You can feed the turtles and fish. There is even a paid dolphin swim. There are several shows during the day. Lots to do and see. The parking is good and they have a luau to can purchase as well. The drive there has some amazing views and beaches to can stop by.

Kemo Harnanan

Did the Luau here and had a great time. They had a decent menu and excellent entertainment. With the Luau you get passes to the park which we didn't have the time to check it out. But just based on the entrance with all the turtles I knew it would be a place we go to on our next visit to Hawaii. Kids really enjoyed it.

Dee Lara

Most main exhibits were closed, there was one seal, one dolphin which I felt sorry for. A sad bird exhibit that I could see in a pet shop...all in all I asked for a refund! I felt so disappointed for my Grandkids. 10/8/19. I noticed how they respond only to the 5 star reviews. This use to be my favorite go to attraction on the island and I'm glad its being renovated but, customers should be informed before entry. Hopefully sometime next year it'll be completed.

Allen J Davis

Absolutely amazing experience! You can't come here expecting another sea world, you come here looking for a smaller town personal experience. They offer free tours of the park and educational experiences for the kids. We do homeschool and our kids learned SO MUCH! The staff was all very friendly and fantastic to work with. We were told this park was boring and had nothing to offer...we discovered that there is much more than what meets the eye, you just have to look, read, and ask.

Nicole Leatherby

We swam with the dolphins and attended the evening luau. It was pricey but was worth EVERY penny! Swimming with the dolphins exceeded our expectations by far and the luau was a really fun cultural experience. Highly recommend!

JD Capital

Our first reservation was cancelled because they don't have a space for the cheapest dolphin event. Reserved another one for couple days later but they again said we need to upgrade it to more expensive one because the cheapest one is already full when the website shows it was available and chaged through my credit card. They acutally cancelled my reservation and said the refund will be issued few days later. No refund was issued after a month, called them for refund but they did not process the refund until I had to call. Then still no refund issued after few weeks, emailed them for a refund status but no response received. When I sent last email, they stated they want me to call their bank and find out when the refund would be issused when THEY are the one who cancelled my reservation and not issuing a refund for more than a month. After that, they again stop responding to my e-mail. I had to dispute the charge so I can stop paying interest charged on this amount and as soon as I disputed the charge, they finally issued a refund on the same day. I wouldn't go through this again.

Geebin Mak

I think the person who was having the most fun was the kids. And that is fine. Don't expect a sea world and that's fine. As an adult, I hate seeing these animals in small "cages", but for kids, it's a great place to learn about animals and I know sea life gives a apart of their proceeds towards conservation and research. Anyways. All the other reviews share a lot about what you see and costs. So I'll just share about my kids experience. And they had an amazing time. There are resting areas. Some exhibits are shaded, there are small shows for them, they have small pool where you can touch star fish and other such sea life creatures, there's food, there's a playground area. There's small tunnels for them to crawl thru as they are surrounded by fish. My kid had a blast and that's all that matters. Thanks sea life.

David T. Schormann

The location is great the people are super knowledgeable but it is so small, ran out of things to see after only 1.5 hours. The Luau afterwards was great!!!

Yvonne Gonzalez

It was so amazing and awesome event.

Ileana McKay

I have been multiple times with family members who have been able to enjoy the park. We have also done the swimming with the dolphins!! My daughter was so head over heels of excitement and the experience. The trainers were so nice and great!!! Definitely recommended them!!

Kelsea Noviskey

We love going to the sea life park. Kinda bummed the old show area is still under construction, but overall the people are great and the kids love seeing all the wildlife. Food is also amazing!

Candace Tenholder

This place was amazing but only gave 3 stars as when we were there, 3+ exhibits were closed or down for renovation. They should really give you a heads up about the amount of stuff closed before having to pay full price. They should have given a discount to reflex the things that were closed. The trainers were amazing and super out going and friendly and put on a good show so would have loved to give this place 4 stars.

Mejdi Mahjoub

Great experience until we got home a few hours later and me, my wife and 2 kids got really sick and started throwing up and having stomach pains, were ended up going to the emergency room... this has been going on for 2 days now ... I do not recommend this place to anyone. Our vacation is pretty much ruined because of them.

Courtney Castle

Loved the dolphin experience! The caretakers were amazing and the animals were beautiful!

Yang Zheng

Awesome experience with Dolphin encounter. However, on top of the activity fee, the Park charges 60 dollar for a single person picture package. With 5 of us, we have to pay 60 each. In order to get a family picture, we have to select 3 pictures. The dolphin experience is set up as a photo ops which is less of interaction with dolphin. The park crews refused to help individuals to take pictures. They monopolies the whole memory moments with dolphins.

Ethan Lingenhol

What an awesome sea life park in one of the most beautiful locations! The park overall isn’t too large but is awesome for young kids which will have a blast! All of the staff is super friendly and are very knowledgeable! We had a great time and would most certainly come back in the future!

Aimy Fails

We absolutely loooove it here. I personally would have never left this place. My favorite part of the whole trip

Patrick Colburn

Wouldn't let my blind wife swim with the dolphins despite this violating ADA law (there has to be a written rule stating that vision is required for whatever activity they are denying with a study or findings to prove that). We tried multiple times to get a hold of the curator (no one would tell us a name, just 'the curator') to actually ask what concrete reason/rule she was being denied to no avail. Dolphin Quest was more than happy to accommodate us, they didn't have to do much as my wife is still a proficient swimmer just needed to take a moment more to explain certain things. If you want a more enjoyable experience where you can tell the marine biologists (not just the elusive 'curator') genuinely care for the animals then try Dolphin Quest.

Nila Bair

Such a fun place. It’s a bit run down but the crowds aren’t crazy and you’re able to see and do as much as you would like. We swam with the dolphins here and it was great. The staff was really nice and our dolphin was so sweet.

kim Ruggiero

Had the BEST time with the dolphin experience! One of the things I always wanted to do! The park was beautiful to see after swimming with the dolphins! A definite must do when we come back again!

addisen nielsen

It's a small park that is meant for way little kids. The only fun part was the dolphin exhibit. If you're going for any other reason I'd suggest go to the actual beach, or go to a real sea world. Theres a reason they sell alcohol there


Amazing place to visit with the family and do the royal dolphins swim wow very impressed my family loved this place. My kids really enjoyed swimming with the dolphins the staff are excellent and very professional

Kevin Bentz

Fun, spent majority of the day there with my kids and did not do any of the additional activities.

Thomas Banker

LOL. This place is a joke. Don’t waste your time. Went there summer 2019 in August to be exact. To me it looks like this place is going under and will most likely be gone in the next 5 years.

Michele Smith

Very nice variety of marine life. Be prepared to be outdoors, there are some gift shops where you can get out of the heat. Beautiful ocean view also

Brenda Chavez

My husband and I visited this place and we were pleased with the visit. Employees are knowledgeable and kind. We definitely recommend this place.

Steve Long

Spectacular views from there. Enjoyed our visit very much, would recommend for all ages

Don Perkins

Great show... Nice activities before dinner...only downside was the food

Tara Anderson

It was a little smaller than what I expected which made it perfect. There wasn't a ton of people and there was still a lot to see and interact with. Love not having to fight a crowd!

Rhonda Scott

Had an AWESOME time seeing all the animals!

Courtney Liwski

We had a wonderful time at the luau. The food was good but the show was amazing!

Ukiah Willits

If I could give it zero stars I would. I had an absolutely horrible experience. Not worth the time or money! I paid over $500 to do the dolphin experience which was in a group setting. So your paying for maybe a 5 minute experience, not an hour. Then afterwards I had to wait over 2 and a half hours to get the pictures that you pay for as part of the package. And then they refused to give any kind of discount or extra pictures that they were just going to throw in the trash after I left. They are so unprofessional, it sure is a racket. Do not go here!

Tommy Spellman

Would have been five stars until I felt like they held my photos hostage for $40 for one print, or $80 for six prints. I was actually mad, then I went online and you can buy them all for $26. Why do you charge so much for a photo when you already charge a large amount for the event. We had an amazing time up to the point of the photos. I totally recommend going, and enjoying the place. The events, the people, and the food are amazing. Just be prepared to be hijacked by the price of memories, get the card and buy them online.

Eunwon Lee

Worst Sea bird santuary. The manager threw the bin filled with feeds towards sea birds. So my family watching sea birds were shocked. She lifted sea bird's neck with her hand and threw it on the floor. I think it was animal abuse. So frightened. So disappointed with one of best places of Hawaii.

scott rooks

It was a great place to take the grandchildren. We had a good time and learned a lot.

Leslie Ann Libunao

Okay place to spend about 2-3 hours of your day in Hawaii. Dolphin show is the best. Nothing really unique to offer in comparison to other sea parks. Not worth your money if you've been to Sea World Orlando.

laGx highland

Went to a dolphin show was great and entertaining but as soon as my group went to go and get something to eat it went downhill first they didn’t give me what I asked for so I had to reorder then the don’t even have lids or straws for their drinks finally this lady gave me a blue pool noodle trying to tell me to hit the birds with it or something couldn’t understand because of a language barrier

Bryce McKenzie

A really nice place. The shows are pretty good. Feeding the turtles and birds was a highlight.

Darren Quirouet

Good dolphin and sea lion shows, some construction so hopefully will improve once complete. Good place for the family, even has a playground

Wrenn Iuli

Great place to take the little ones to learn about ocean life and see some animals up close. My kiddos had a blast. It does get very hot on this side, so make sure to bring lots of water.

John Chase

The dolphin show and seal show were amazing. Other than that, this park is a jip. Nearly all the other exhibits were closed and vacant. Do not waste your money until they finish whatever they are doing.

Emily Wrobleski

Amazing place to see ocean life and understand the importance of our ecosystem. Learned a lot about sea turtles especially. Well worth the visit!

Lori Davila

Small sea world life park. Made 2 good shows.

Wesley Anzai

Review of sea life Park, Sea Life Park is on the east side of the island near Waimanalo. This is a world-class facility that teaches you all about the ocean and sea life. Sea Life Park, are they Twilight concert series, Where they always have the greatest Hawaiian Musical talents perform in the Oceanside open Sky pavilion. They recently had Kalani Pe'a, and a host of other wonderful local Hawaiian singers And hula dancers perform. The ambiance was incredible. You have beautiful ocean scenery, Cool trade winds, a nice lawn to sit on you can bring your chairs too. Add to that a good Buffet and the Great bar. And one of our favorite things at the event was VIP meet-and-greet the performers. You get to say hello, take pictures with them and ask him questions and sign autographs. So don't miss the Twilight Concert series at Sea Life Park !!! Mahalo, Wes n Wanda Anzai

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