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Where is Queen Emma Summer Palace?

REVIEWS OF Queen Emma Summer Palace IN Hawaii


This place was interesting for sure but not much to see. It's basically 7 rooms where can't touch anything and it wasn't super impressive. The cool things that were here were seeing the prince's room, fireman outfit, and his crib and basonnete which were made of 4 different types of wood including Koa and they were beautiful. Sorry no pics but they are easy to find. Gave it a three because it at least is a quick visit and the guide there was super nice and knowledgeable.

Joel Lander

Very nice need more labels on the actual items. Hard to connect names with photos. More description of the artifacts would also be nice.

Ann Walls

This is beautiful place to tour. Along with a history lesson you can see the house contents and the grounds. We enjoyed our time there. Do not forget to check out the gift shop.

Saeed Sharif

Excellent hostess ( Aleialoha) going over the history of the palace.

Paul Crimmins


michele makinney

Extremely disappointed from visits in the past. Very commercialized, I felt. Visit the gift shop we were told. To make sure we paid admission I guess? Years past all the docents were dressed in white holoku. It was nothing special like years past. Flower arrangements were dead flowers. Not sure what has happened or who's in charge but you need to step up your game and bring Hawaii back to the palace. I brought guests who have never been and I expressed my disappointment of the changes to a couple of the ladies walking around. You could not feel the mana like I have felt every other time I have visited. The palace is not just a place or destination it is to transport us to another time. Very disappointed.

Sandy Christman

Takes you back in time to an easier, quiet life. Gorgeous home , interiorand furnishings

Jajaval Nakhakes

small, humble noble house with interesting history of royal Hawaiian


A beautiful setting in oahu, definitely would recommend it

Kevin Lusty

Very fscinating look at Victorian era royalty.

Lauren Takaoka

I haven't been here since a field trip in the 5th grade. Liked it so much better than I remember. Funny how age makes you appreciate history and want to learn more. Our guide was very informative, injecting little story tidbits here and there. The palace is small, but very pretty with interesting artifacts. The koa furniture is breathtaking. A nice chill place to visit to learn a small piece of Hawaii.

Richard Robinson

Beautiful setting in natural shade.

Julie Purser

One of my favorite stops. Love looking at the beautiful artifacts. The staff there are friendly and knowledgeable.

Debbie Jackson

Beautiful setting for retirement party.

Sahil Gandhi

Nothing much to see

Bill Wise

Worth the trip out to this palace.

Robert Olson

This is a wonderful time capsule of Hawaiian royalty history

Tricia Grace

So glad I started my trip off by visiting Queen Emmas summer palace. My tour guide sparked my interest in learning about the Hawaiian culture and history.

Allan Wang

Worth a visit, this is an example of historical New England architecture transplanted to a beautiful Nuuanu Valley, in the midst of lush tropical foliage. The Daughters of Hawaii preserve and show a nice set of artifacts and period furnishings. Unfortunately, due to its historical designation, the humidity and heat are taking a toll on the artifacts. A couple of beautiful depictions of Hawaiians before foreign influence, and some nice examples of feathered garments, old tapa and designs. Don't miss the lovely grounds streamside including a magnificent monkeypod adorned with various epiphytes. Modest entrance fee helps preserve this historical residence and it's accessories. Regular docent tours are available, and there is plentiful parking. Watch for the sudden turn off of busy Pali Highway to the entrance.

Linda Miriam Jellings

Simply Amazing ceremony to take place in front it old giant tree. Definitely a must see and consider your wedding there. Love it. Cal Kendra for more details.

Joy Kuoha

Amazing relics and historical items ❤

Giovanni Gaudino

Nice portrait of Royal Family of Hawai'i, well organized and very kind and professional guide personnel

Lydia Navarrete

Very interesting to learn about

Travel Sugar

Christine was very informative about everything we asked and didn't know. It made the experience much better visiting. Make sure to visit the garden to to the side it's very beautiful. we got here by Uber so it's a little hard to find because when it says to turn you need to turn.

thomas rodrian

The Queen Emma Summer Palace is not the most wheelchair accessible place, but once inside, the displays are very interesting. Outside, the gardens are impeccably maintained and are very beautiful. Well worth your time. I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon visiting the Queen Emma Summer Palace.

richard schickling

Please visit this historical place,

Sharon Allred

An amazing historical place with fascinating stories of some of Hawaii's royalty.

Elizabeth Warren

Interesting historical landmark. The docent is well versed in the history of Hawaiian royalty and lineage. A must see if you are interested in Hawaii's royal history.

Roseann Epp

Wonderful guided tour

josh klinsky

Neat little historical tourist attraction. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. A bit small, really only takes about 15 minutes to see everything. Also spendier than we expected, think this was $10-$20 per adult

William Kurtz

Beautiful and informative.

Curt Smith

One of the few places left to get a sense of old Hawaii. The array of royally owned antiques tell a fascinating story of the history of the monarchy.

Anthony Erickson

Amazing. Going there and be able to walk around and see the things that Queen Emma use while she lived in that Palace was breathtaking seeing the history and the life was amazing price was a little too much for only getting five or six rooms worth Ewing but if you wait for the tour guide to walk you through it makes it worth it.

Tinkibaba Lou

Came here for a wedding... Ive lived here my whole life and never knew about the summer palace was open to da public.. Very beautiful, just try imagine how it was back in the 1800s... Im amazed

Monica Manini

Beautiful place, wonderful cultural history.

James Galban

Great history of Hawaiian monarch s.

Janice Ishihara

Ho'olaulea today, awesome arts, crafts, good an beautiful leis.

Claudine Cathcart

It's Beautiful

Casey Mate

Nice history

YuKyung Lee

(Translated by Google) It is in a very humid area. I have a baby and I have not seen it yet, The queen's palace looked good. There is a promenade and there are many things to see. There is a mosquito inside the museum and it is bitter. You can take pictures (Flash X) and do not touch things. (Original) 매우 습한 지역에 있습니다. 아기가 있어 자세히 보진 못했지만, 그.사.세. 여왕의 궁전이 윤택해 보였습니다. 산책로도 있고, 볼거리가 많을텐데 비가 와서 금방 나와서 너무 아쉬웠어요. 박물관 내부에 모기가 있어 많이 물립니다. 사진촬영이 가능하고(플래쉬X) 물건들은 만지면 안됩니다.

Ty McClelland

Great for learning some of the Hawaiian history. Not children friendly as it is a museum that is like an open house so if kids are prone to grabbing or picking things up, you were warned. And NO SHOES inside, it's a historical house! (Sometimes they have a Japanese guide, so check ahead if you need).

Markpaul Chohan

Great stop, amazing knowledge to be learnt about the royal family. Breath taking artifacts

Robyn Titcomb

Great little museum in tribute to the Hawaiian monarchy

melanie Kep'a

Beautiful place very special. I go every year to their craft fair.

Mike nuqui

It is interesting and beautiful

Jennifer Spotts-Mabellos

Beautiful grounds but missed the driveway, not a problem we just parked at the park behind the home at the next turn. The guide is so very knowledgeable

Hubert Newman

Very interesting and nice place to visit.

Kalai Poaha

Awesome and beautiful. Was worth the visit.

Ruthie Hall Kunz

Beautifully presented. The history is well documented.

Robert Carlson

Palladian Villa designed and pre-fabricated in Boston in the mid-nineteenth century became the summer home of the Hawaiian king and queen. Definitely worth a visit and accessible by public transportation.

Nancy Toll

I'm so happy that this place is being preserved. It's a beautiful slice of History.

Jeremy Johnston

Historic place of royalty. Suggest touring and then relaxing in the park behind. There's a huge mango tree that makes for a yummy treat in the tree's shade.

Sandi Rapp

IT'S LONG! Docents here do NOT have Aloha spirit. When we arrived there were 3 of them chatting together right in the entrance. We saw a sign that we had to remove our shoes. My husband walks with a cane but there was a bench so he sat to remove his shoes. Then we stood to go in and they said we had to go around to the Gift Shop first. Sat and put shoes back on. Volunteer in Gift Shop had Aloha spirit and explained that the tour was $8 for seniors. Back to entrance again, removed shoes and joined 2:00 tour in progress. She was very knowledgeable and we enjoyed the tour. On leaving I asked the woman at the door if she would return the laminated sheets to the office. "We ask you to do that. " I told her I wasn't feeling well and handed them to her. I put on my shoes and turned to go. She stepped right in my path to talk to someone else and wouldn't move. I stepped around her. Not sure if these ladies were being deliberately rude or just stupid. Also, while my husband was waiting for me to get the tickets he overheard one women advising the others to not engage the visitors or ask any questions as their jobs were to get people out as quickly as possible

Jan Hans Nordberg-Noble

Very nice place

Teri Kama2

Nestled above the business of Downtown Honolulu.... Queen Emma's summer palace is always a wonderful visit for me!! It shows the culture of Hawai'i but also the heart of Queen Emma! Beautiful!

Miri Goldberg

Definitely do the tour if you can - the building is interesting but the context makes it fascinating! Prepare to take off your shoes, too. Lovely and inexpensive gift shop as well.

Jill Smith

Magical!! The gardens were breathtaking and enchanted.

Stanley Park

Of all the Royal (Ali’i) women, Queen Emma is the most beautiful. Emma’s Summers Place, is classic and simple in the old Royal Hawaiian way. A must see for all who are interested in Hawaiian culture and the Spirit of Aloha.

Ian Norman

Beautiful walking museum. Lush gardens and incredible architecture abound. A great place to review the history of the area and the people.

Christine Young

Very nice venue with reasonable admission fee. Extensive collection. Takes about 2 hours to tour.

Rene Reiner

I feel stay in 19 century.

Matthew Carnes

By far the most comfortable carpet I have ever come across in my life. They let you roll around on it if that's what you're into. I was.

E Abella

Self- or guided tour. Interesting artifacts & descriptions. Short and sweet. Take your shoes off before entering--they have socks if you're uncomfortable barefooted.

Nadiera Sukhraj

Another beautiful historic Hawaiian property. But very small. We only spent 45min total on the grounds.

Bryan Blaylock

Charming and historic...

Anna Verderame

Must visit! It's one of those hidden treasures on the island. Our guide was very informative about Hawaiian Royalty, ( Queen Emma and her family). Beatiful artifacts on display!

Sandeep Paulraj

This is a quaint little place. There are a total of 6 rooms and the rooms have been decorated with historical artifacts. If possible try to avail of the free docent led tours. There tours are very informative indeed. You get to learn a lot about Hawaii and it's rulers. There is a gift shop at the back of the main building. The gardens around the building are exquisite.

Howard Nusbaum

Small house and grounds. Totally not with the $10

Hilda Montes

What a great part of Hawaii's history. If you are staying in Waikiki or Honolulu in general I highly recommend this. The docent was very informative and tour was detailed. I enjoyed it very much! Best part was that you may take pictures! Always a plus in historic houses!

Hans Noble/Nordberg

Very nice place. I lake it.

Paul Graham

Nice stop...

Victoria Rios-Furlow

Beautifully maintained. It's a self guided tour; however, there is an attendant who has amazing Hawaiian (lineage and customs) knowledge.

Custy Negloid

Boring tour with little content also there was an annoying lunch in right next door for a timeshare

danielle Hernandez

Beautiful place with a wide variety of displays.

Bob Christman

The guide had a lot of information and the house was well maintained. Worth the visit


(Translated by Google) It is a difficult place to go if you do not have car rental etc, but it is recommended! There are not all the parades of everyday in Hawaii. Please also look at the sad history. (Original) レンタカー等無いと行きにくい場所ですが、お勧めです! 常夏の楽園ばかりがハワイでは有りません。悲しい歴史にも目を向けてみて下さい。

Christie Adams

This is one of the three royal palaces in the United States, so be sure to see it.

Sylvia W.


Jeff Edwards

Beautiful landscaped Park area.

Christopher Knowles

Very small but worth a stop.

Robin Gould

The palace and surrounding grounds were so beautiful. The guides were so full of Aloha. Mahalo

K Lee

Pretty and historic home in the hills above Honolulu. $10 admission charge. Free parking. Great free guided tours really bring the home to life, discussing both the building and the Hawaiian royalty that lived here.

John Nagle

Wonderful history museum. Docents are very knowledgeable. Some lovely antiques especial the German breakfront. The capes were very impressive. Reading about them or looking at a photo doesn't do them justice.

Sheryl Crouch

It was my first time visiting Hawaii and we were there for a wedding. It was a beautiful historical place to have the ceremony.

Lorilee Gill

We had a great experience with the sharing of stories by the volunteers. Learned so much, couple this with a visit to the palace and Bishop Museum and your appreciation of this culture and its rich history is complete.

Michelle Kerklo

Great event, hula demonstrations, silent auction and cool vendors

David Zrihen

Very informative history tour

Grace Fernandez

Very historical and well-maintained. Lots of activities. Great gift shop

Rodney Rutherford

We arrived near closing time, but a guide offered to give us a detailed tour of the house. It was surprisingly interesting, and we learned a lot of history of Hawaii.

Birgit Tode

Well kept place of history. A nice garden around.

Susan Brule

We happened to get there on Keiki day so got a huge discount but because of that, no docent tours. Still you can ask questions to the other people working there. Lovely home. They make you take off your shoes before entering, which I like.

Bill Sager

Get a slice of HAWAIIAN history. My wife volunteers as a docent on Sunday PM. Her tours are the best.

Dominic Weiler

Decent wedding venue if you don't have too big of a group. Nothing to write home about but it's Hawaii so you can't really go wrong

John Nesslage

Beautiful older home.....the history is something else. I suggest taking the docent tour, very knowledgeable and friendly people. This was our 4th tour and still learned some new facts.

Mark Barbera

We visited on February 5 and the docent on duty was excellent. She was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

Eri Ane

A Must See!

Christopher Edwards

Very historical, great to visit, excellent gift store, jewelry, books, and art

Kaleilani Degracia

High Tea event and Hawaiian museum

Dave de Heer

A bit of a disappointment. What's there is lovely, bit it's very limited.

Paul Hamrick

Well worth the money

mari Brooks

(Translated by Google) There were many exhibits and I could imagine how Queen Emma spent. Outside, it was a lovely garden where the queen and the young prince were feeling that they had been happy. (Original) 展示品が多く、どのようにエマ王妃が過ごしたかをイメージできました。 外は、王妃と幼い王子が幸せに過ごした気が今も残っているような素敵なお庭でした。

Cheryl Anderson

One of my favorites!

A Google User

Hānaiakamalama (The Foster Child of the Moon), or Queen Emma Summer Palace, served as a retreat for Queen Emma of Hawaii from 1857 to 1885, as well as for her husband King Kamehameha IV, and their son, Prince Albert Edward. It is a now a historic landmark, museum, and tourist site located at 2913 Pali Highway, less than a ten-minute drive outside of downtown Honolulu, Hawaii. The museum is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and is maintained with entrance fees, revenue from the gift shop, and other funds raised by the Daughters of Hawaii

Kevin Gardner

This is a great stop if you are in the area. They have the most informative tour guides, and it is free! The tour itself was so amazingly comprehensive and verbose that I looked at my watch and we had been there over an hour listening to the history of the family - told through experience and the items in the home. Definitely recommended!

Kamana Seymour

Living history

Ed Lewis

Originally a four but the docent was so personable I up'ed it a notch. Small with a lot of history packed in. Get the tour or it will not be worth your time. The grounds are beautiful and host a wide variety of birds.

Cameron LaFont

Enjoyed an impromptu tour and learned much about the royal family of Hawaii. Small palace with easy access.

Katherine Goldsberry

Tiny, but packed with history. To me, it was worth the $10 admission fee to see all the beautiful examples of Victorian woodworking and hear the history of the summer palace and the Hawaiian rulers. Amazing that the palace was brought from America (Bodton) designed in Greek Revivial architectural style, and assembled in Hawaii.That jumble of mixed cultural influences from all over the world is representative of items inside the house as well - lavish riches bestowed by rulers from all over to Queen Emma and her family during the 1800s. There is no gardens really, but there is a curated landscaping of fruit and flower trees that smells divine and was planted by Queen Emma or her family. Honestly the most fragrant place we've been on this side of Ohau.

James Myers

Beautiful grounds

Tiffany Reed

Looking forward to seeing the O'HANA in Aug. Mahalo sisters

Adrienne Anne

Neat artifacts, and the staff was very knowledgeable.

Candace Tenholder

The grounds are gorgeous to walk around but only take 10 mins or so. Entrance into the Palace is 10 dollars or 8 for kamaaina. Ladies are friendly and will answer questions about the trees and grounds

Sarah B

I cannot sing enough praise for this tourist spot. We missed the regularly scheduled tour but one of the workers jumped right in and gave us our own private tour. What a wonderful story this palace has and was so interesting to learn about. So glad we made time to stop here! While not a very large house when you're thinking "palace", the story that goes along with it is fascinating.


Enjoyed the tour of Queen Emmas Summer Palace as well as learning a brief history about her and the royal culture. WoW!! You can definitely feel presence as you kick off your shoes on the wrap around porch, and wander through this lovely restored, royal home, just as the King&Queen did. The lands are also well maintained, peaceful and attached to a park with lush green grass, a small stream and huge sprawling Koa trees. Nice place for a picnic. Enjoy!

Rebecca Sargent

Loved visiting. Wonderful artifacts.

Manjinder Singh Buttar

Very nice page of history. Must get guided tour. it's full of knowledge. It takes 40 mins.

Teresa Baca

Excellent guide and great history. Loved it

chad claborn

Worth the visit. Small summer house they used.

Winter Drew-Kaohu


Brian Lawton

The tour was filled with lots of things for our group to see. The staff was very knowledgeable on Hawaiian history and encouraged questions. The park in the back is a great place to take your kids after and let them play and eat lunch. The thing I would caution you on is if you are driving in yourself it can be hard to see the drive to enter the palace. I believe you will have a great time.

Charles Le

Lovely place

David O'Connor

Very small not a lot to see,BUT the guide is fantastic. She knows a lot of history about the island and can answer anything about royalty on the island. Enjoyable couple of hours.

Connor thatguy

Honestly I was underwhelmed at what there was... It wasn't terrible but I could think of a dozen things I'd have rather done

Lehua Anuenue

Lovely old home and collection for Queen Emma, beloved queen consort, humanitarian, and philanthropist who was active in the Hawaiian islands until the late 1800s.

mac B

Beautiful place, lots of information

Brian Depowski

Pretty cool

Margaret Belanus

Low key self-guided tour, but lovely home and gardens. Peaceful setting.

Kujo S


Patti Lopez

It's beautiful, quiet, historic.

Pragya Kothari

Small cozy palace with pieces that are over a hundred years old. We spent an hour there

george earl

Quiet, simple, beautiful, definitely worth a visit

Yadiel Eloy

Nice informal view of Queen Emma and her family. The docents are wonderfully welcoming and helpful. Great place to visit!

Bev Lainchbury

Love this place! Hawaiian history is fascinating

Raymond Herradura

Very nice to see. I like to know details on things. Seeing this is better than a picture.

Kelley Chou

Little gem of Hawaiian history in a verdant garden setting. The palace and grounds speak of an older Hawaii, graceful and warm. Meant as a summer retreat, it retains that peaceful atmosphere while just a short distance from Honolulu.


I'm so thankful that this beautiful place would be the ending of my vacation. The people here are friendly, and willing to share every imformations about this house or Hawaii's history. The gift shop is just like another museum, all the products are beautiful and unique! I love the postcard which is made of koa. This is defiantly a place you have to visit if you interested to the old good things. (I took an hour in the palace, and another hour at the gift shop.)

VerlieAnn Malina-Wright

Reg PKHCC mtg. Excellent location, parking, facility, and access for presentations, demonstrations and sharing food. Mahalo.

Nonna vilk

Very interesting

Graham Watt

Great historical record and tribute to Queen Emma.

Yijung Chen


Rigo Aragon

I Loved it, because it's a beautiful place. But also because I learned some history, how the Good Ole USA failed to protect the Queen, after they PROMISED!! Hawaii is a Rocking Place

Mark Benson

A very nice piece of history.

Jackson Cafazzo

Beautiful building and grounds, super cool historic furniture, feather standards and cloaks. We were handed some informative laminated sheets of paper that really made the furniture pieces come to life, and explained the history of the queen and her family.

Alan Tsai

A hidden gem and a fun place to learn more history about the Hawaiian royal family.

Cynthia Mboli

Lovely beautiful home. It's a quick visit though

R. Lee Donaldson

I have lived I Hawaii for over 40 years and this is the first time I have stepped foot at this amazing historical location. I regret not going before because I feel I really missed out. I almost dare to say that it is better then the Iolani Palace. There is a guided walking tour that really is full of amazing historical information and paints a complete picture of those that lived there and things that led up to their possessions and related historical facts that you just can't get out of a history book. You don't need much time there, but I would allow a total of 1.5 hours to fully enjoy. There is so much to see and study inside the house and the surrounding property is very beautiful with all the tropical landscaping. It is very inexpensive to visit and they do offer different discounts, but it is so inexpensive, it is almost unnecessary. Location is easy to get to, but parking might be a challenge depending on time and day of the week. There is a park just behind that has parking spaces and you can walk across the field to the site. It is a rainy area, so an umbrella might be a good idea just in case.

Amanda Malave

Love this place! Historical, tucked away in a quite beautiful spot...cute gift shop!

Gregory Ho

Nice little banquet hall... Clean and cozy...

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