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REVIEWS OF Polynesian Cultural Center IN Hawaii

Collin Nicholes

Great place! Very beautiful sights and sounds. It is really nice to be entertained and educated simultaneously! The demonstrations are great, the food is delicious, the workers are friendly and informative. The buildings are cool to see. It is also pretty awesome that they have the Polynesian Football Hall of Fame on site. We walked away with awesome souvenirs, some free others at reasonable prices. There is also a hotdog food shack at the front of the venue that was incredible! I got the garlic dog. Incredible! The show at the end of the day was fun, too. The kids really loved the fire knife performers.

Kelly Loewen

In one word INCREDIBLE. So instructive and interesting. Incredible tour guides. Great luau and the show was AMAZING. So good I am going back tomorrow. Can't do it all in one day. Too much to see and do. What a great experience for my wife and I. Very much recommend this to everyone!!!

Melanie Elmore

This is a must-see if you go to Oahu! We thoroughly enjoyed every minute. The villages were so informative and entertaining. The canoe show was amazing! Our guide, MicMic was awesome. The luau was great and then ending with the Ha Breath of Life show, was the very thick icing on the cake! Loved it all! Could have stayed longer. We didn't get to do everything in one day.


There were so many things to see and do there. It’s easy to spend a full day there. They have a buffet dinner and dance at night that was so exciting! The food was out of this world!

Ryan Burt

The PCC is amazing! Get the heck out of Honolulu/Waikiki and go experience Hawaii and Polynesian culture. On the windward side of the North Shore, you will be educated and entertained. There are exciting shows, fun educational workshops, and amazing food. There is a choice of a great buffet dinner, or a dinner and a luau. Do the luau. It's worth the few extra bucks. It isn't cheap, but nothing in Hawaii is cheap, and the money you spend largely goes to students at the local University in the form of pay for work and scholarships. Make the drive. It will not disappoint.

Christina Chung

More for kids to learn more about Polynesian culture. Only good if you know absolutely nothing about it. I don't recommend the night show as it's a pretty basic production. The best part is the fire dancing which is at the very end of the show. Storyline seems forced.

Christine Layson

By far the biggest bang for your dollar. If you have trouble walking they do have scooters. We had the dinner and evening show and it was so magical and the food was amazing. We went with two other couples all sharing 25 yr anniversaries. There was so much to see and we were even able to renew our vowels in one of the villages.

Sean Case

So many shows to see. The performers were impressive, hilarious, and informative! If you move from one show to the next you should have time to see them all. Eat before you start to give yourself enough time! The entryway has multiple gift shops to visit afterward. The buffet was fairly good with some great bread pudding and pineapples. I highly recommend the show Ha: Breath of Life.

Lynette Bodell

The PCC was a wonderful learning experience for the whole family. There was something for everyone to enjoy. The shows were fun and entertaining and the activities engaging. We leaned about many island cultures through shows, games and interaction with islanders. It was amazing. We bought the cheapest package that included the dinner and show. It was worth every dollar I spent!

Chang Yang

I've told by several people that the Polynesian Culture Center has the best Polynesian show in the world. After watching it myself, I absolutely agree. In addition to the magnificent one-hour-long evening show, it has much more to offer. Many staff actually are from those Polynesian islands! The trip to Oahu is not complete without visiting the culture center!

Rebekah Thompson

Availed loved this place and the experience there. We didn't have much time to do all of the activities but it was amazing and the people very helpful. Costs a good chunk of money to get in but it all goes to support the students so it's worth it. They have such a large selection of beautiful historic buildings and items. Definitely worth the time

Rebecca Guldin

Fun day, but it really feels like Epcot. It’s all very produced. The food is tasty.

Totu Mer

Loved the different island experiences. Each island show was entertaining and it's impressive that most workers are students and most of the money they make goes back into the university. Staff were friendly. We arranged transport with the shuttle so it was convenient to get there and back. Make sure to take water and sunblock if you're keen to walk around all the different island stages. And go early to make use of the day. The highlight of the evening show was the fire dancing, we saw some Samoan boys performing that night and it was fantastic. A great activity if you have time to do it :)

Dona Dinescu

The park itself was great, people are fabulous there and it's very well maintained. We got the package that included the dinner/buffet and the evening show. The buffet was not impressive by any means, the show was good but a bit too long (1 1/2 hours). All on all, worth the time and money spent!

Michael Holdcroft

Very informative. The people who work there are absolute treasures. It’s a great place to spend a day. Recommend ponying up for the luau too.

Earl Co

We first visited in February 2017 and again in July 2019 and we absolutely love this place! So much to see, do, learn, and laugh! Definitely recommend the $122 Luau package with the Ha: Breath of Life production. Both shows are phenomenal. So much delicious food. Do not skip Kap's show in Samoa either.

Maria Murray

We had an opportunity to see the different cultures of the Polynesian people. Loved how they informed the public with there traditions in an entertaining method. Loved all the shows that time allowed.

Nina Peters

The best shows ever! Our tour guide, Anu, was fun, informative, and cheerful! Our group had a super time for our entire day...all the way to the luau and last show!

Kate Rodriguez

Fun and informational. Lived the Huki Canoe presentation at 2:20 but it's your typical tourist trap when it comes to souvenir and food prices. All of the employees were nice and helpful but we should've taken a tour because it was kind of hard to follow the schedules of the different presentations and figure out where to go when.


This place is very interesting and awesome to visit on your trip to Hawaii you see all different cultures from the the islands. You can have lunch dinner and your have drinks here and have a nice time with the family there is a lot of different shows and you can buy a Buffet tickets that is well worth it I highly recommend this place. Kids will love the shows and activities.

David Ohara

Breath of Life show is excellent. Samoa and Tonga shows are great. My fifth time. Keeps getting better. Need to do the Ambassador guided tour. Great young college students taking you around. Good food inside and out. Lots of shopping too. Needs to be on your list of must- do things while on Oahu.

Dan Brockett

A must do if you are on Oahu! Expensive, but worth every penny. 9.5 hours of entertainment, amazing food and learning. We took the 140 tour / luau package. Would highly reccomend doing that, then heading back there the next day and doing all the activities you missed during the tour itself. If you do 2 days, the $ per hour is reduced to less than 11 bucks an hour. Plus a good chunk of the money goes to getting folks who want to learn from the islands a chance to attend college!

Tess White

A really great experience! You need lots of time to explore everything but learning about each of the different cultures and getting to visit each of the villages was great. The luau and food were good, and the Ha! breath of life show was awesome! Definitely worth a day of our vacation!!

Maggie Mc Connell

Loved this place. Extraordinary how the staff are a large percentage of students working the program for education!!! I LOVE that!! Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Our guide was Anne, and we found her informative, caring, and sweet. The dinner at the Prime/crab buffet was great. But the show at the end of the day, was exquisite!! Ha breath of life.

Aaron Box

This is a gem of humanity that every person should experience. The entertaining education about various peoples of Polynesia encourages a broader appreciation for culture worldwide, the value of learning others, and the beauty harnessed in tradition. The show “Ha: Breath of Life” was absolutely breathtaking. The demonstration of family, leadership, tribal loyalty, battle, and forgiveness through dance and song is stirring to the core. Dinner is also delicious, but the true value is being immersed in another world for the day. Strongly recommended.

El Mesteño Ranch - Camille Marie

AMAZING experience today at the Polynesian Cultural Center! I learned so much about the culture, history, customs, and traditions of the Islands. Our Tour Guide was fantastic! She helped us get to where we needed to go and was able to keep us informed of the various events that were happening on this day. As I mentioned, the presentations at the villages were simply top-notch! The Luau---my first, by the way---will never be forgotten! The Ha Breath of Life evening show was both mesmerizing and entertaining! The performances were so dazzling---dancing, twirling of fire batons, songs, chants, drum beats! My heart was pounding! It was SPECTACULAR! In fact, it is all I imagined it would be and then some! ⚡⛱⚡

Bob Howe

You get a glimpse of six different island cultures. It is a fun and thought provoking day. Make sure you attend the show at the end of the day. Your attendance helps support the students at BYU next door.

Jay W.

What an experience. I was looking for a simple walk through museum of sort. No! This is something I suggest everyone visiting to make sure it's on your itinerary. The knowledge of the various groups, games, and the final show. Everything was great!

Aki Malaeulu

The Polynesian Cultural Center is a must visit if you’re coming here to Hawaii! It’s HUGE! Upon entering the park your bag will be checked as outside food is prohibited. They make the line move faster by having a “bag” and “no bag” lines. Pretty smart. After you give your tickets you’re directed to have your picture taken, with some beautiful island dancers. You can purchase after at one of the shops. The park is divided into villages with cute shops and kiosks around. Each villages has activities & demonstrations for the whole family! It was pretty neat. My kids loved every minute. You may not be able to get to do/see everything you wanted so you may want to go back another day. We did and found it fun a second time. We had a luau and then attended the Ha Breath of Life show, which, was awesome! We are planning to go back and experience this all over again.

Gabriella Vasquez

This place is awesome!! Our guide was very informative, positive and kind. She was patient and was inclusive. The tour itself is awesome with a very amazing authentic set up truly representing each island and culture. You really do learn a lot by the time you leave. The food was awesome and the night show was awesome. I fully recommend this place.

Marian Matyn

Very friendly, personal, lots of great performances and culture. Delicious food and excellent, fun laua. Ha: breath of life is fantastic. We had a guide, Marty, who was warm, personal, and wonderful. Wear comfy shoes, bring water, it's hot and a long but very good experience. We received lei and beads.

Jason Thompson

Amazing show and dinner! We really enjoyed the tour through the 6 different polynesian islands prior to the wonderful luau! I would highly recommend this to anyone visiting Oahu. If you want to splurge a little, I highly recommend the Super Ambassador Tour where you get you own personal guide for the entire day. What a wonderful experience for all ages.

Nathan Casper

The best thing we did on the island. The night show rivals Cirque in Las Vegas. My kids enjoyed the activities of the various cultures so much that we ended up coming back for a second day!

Vanessa Brannan

It was fun, but I wish we had skipped the tour group. We would have enjoyed exploring on our own more, especially with special needs kids.

RJ Harrington

What a fabulous experience! Take your time to arrive up the road and live Aloha. We took in a full day and enjoyed each moment with our wonderful guide, Angela and our new ohana. Each show was unique and the finish at Ha created a lasting feeling of Life! The luau spread was tasty and well stocked. Certainly worth the trip!

Barry Maltese

If you wish to learn more about the Polynesian Cultures, and an amazingly large amount of Island Cultures are represented here, You should make this a Must-Visit on your visit. . . . . It was both enlightening, and entertaining, and I suggest that you look at the packages they offer that include a meal. The Welcome Center will actually help you plan your journey on the map they give you --- and PLEASE arrive early, there is a great deal to see, and every demonstration will be enjoyable. The photos I uploaded barely scratch the surface.

Joy Sfeir

Nice but expensive. If it were cheaper than i would recommend it. The villages are OK, nice to see the presentations but nothing that impressive. I bought the package with the "island buffet", but the buffet was very bad, the quality of food is bad and the variety is small, for that price i would expect much better. The evening show was nice though and fun.

Mario Faiman

This place is amazing like everyone says and is definitely worth visiting. Make sure you have a full day here and you're dressed well because it gets very hot as there is almost no shade here. I would recommend getting the app they have so you know where you are and are able to find what's happening at what times easily.

Phyllis McCall

What an amazing day. We purchased the all day package and it was well worth it. Enjoyed learning about the culture of these beautiful islands.

Dan Wilson

Great experience. Allow one FULL day or even two days to get through it all. We paid extra for the “Super Ambassador VIP” package which seemed worth it to get better seating at each of the shows, private tour guide and dinner. Educational and fun.

Dave Hoang

Highly recommend. Was a fantastic fun-filled day exploring and learning more about Polynesian culture. The students working there are truly wonderful and you're supporting a great cause!

Todd Cole

People here are extremely friendly, helpful and just plain amazing. The dances and meals are very well done. I also enjoyed the historical aspect of the different villages representing the various polynesian islands showing their uniqueness and varied cultures. It is worth every penny.

Gina M

Excellent cultural experience and a blessing to help international students study and work at the center. Our guide for the, Angela Morales, from Phillipines, was amazing. My mama really enjoyed this for her 81st birthday.

Monica Espinola

Entrance marketplace resembles a Downtown Disney feel/look. Opens late, closes early. River show beautiful. Luau food is good- tasty, lots of choices. Night show/dancing very nice. Bought our entrances to all these through Oahu go card. Saved$$ nice drive up. Try aloha shrip food truck -garlic shrimp on the way up AMAZING!

Dan Wilding

This was my tenth visit to Hawaii and only my first visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center, now I wish we'd done this many years ago. This was the highlight of our trip. The experience was fabulous! The people were fabulous! The food was fabulous! We opted for what that call the VIP tour. We had a personal guide that was with us for the entire time. He provided additional insights and additional service that very much improved or over all experience with the Cultural Center. I will do this again!

Matt Swymer

The seats were comfortable and the place is very large and can accommodate the crowds. The staff was very attentive. The place could desperately use some sort of air circulation, however.

Michael Minyard

I thought this was a pretty neat place to visit. We upgraded our tickets so the we could see Ha the Breath of Life. It included a buffet. The food was pretty good, but it was nothing special. I would recommend reading about the show before watching it, as it is kind of confusing if you don't. Overall it was a good experience and I have recommended it to friends.

Elizabeth Warren

The Polynesian Cultural Center was awesome! The show was the best on the island, hands down. We also ate at the Pounders restaurant and the food was great! We had previously purchased general seating but then was able to get upgraded seats the day of the show. I also purchased a beautiful sarong for $15 from one of the kiosk vendors. All of the staff I encountered were so nice too. Will definitely go back and bring other visitors.

Scott Sabin

Such an amazing place to learn about all the polynesian cultures and I love how they keep the native heritage alive. Amazing performers and food. Definitely will be coming back and telling all my friends about this place.

Rosa Candelario

I had a wonderful time. Austin was a great tour guide! We learned a lot about different Polynesian cultures. The food at the luau was great along with an excellent show! I highly recommend this center. It is a must!

Tara Price

Second time to visit the PCC and I will go each time I visit North Shore! I love learning about the different islands and the shows at each island! It is also just a beautiful place to get to spend the day. The display of the islands on the boats was really great! The night show is amazing! Loved the story and how this and the boat show changed since I visited last! I really loved the night show- amazing talent!

Brian Vargas

This was an amazing experience. If you are going, wear shoes and bring a lot of water. This place was very educational and gives you a lot of great information about the different places. We learned a lot and really enjoy the presentations and music. Ha: Breath of Life show was absolutely phenomenal! We highly recommend spending your money to see this. It was by far the best live show we have seen.

Stephen Morrow

Great experience, did the prime rib Buffett, was pleasantly surprised how good the quality of the meat was. Show was great. All the performers were top notch.

Ray Shupe

Was a very fun experience learning about all the different cultures. Very fun day but long, be prepared. Josh our guide was amazing and he was very helpful. Luau and Ha show were amazing. Great family fun, went as a group 16.

Susan Abbott

I love the Polynesian Cultural Center. You can spend all day there and every minute is fascinating. I especially love the show on the water with all the different Islands represented and their singing and dancing and costumes. I highly recommend this place.

Jay Ruegner

Wonderful visit and so much more fun than our family of adults and teenagers was expecting. Everything was so carefully and thoughtfully done. Every person we came into contact with was genuinely kind and eager to help. We did the luau and the night show; we loved them both. It is worth every penny, you will love it!


The show at night is polished and well presented. The food at the Island buffet is well done with some nice options, not fine dining, but tasty and warm. The staff is almost too friendly.. The village shows are informative and fun.

Nic Peters

Great place to learn more about cultures you don't know too much about. This place keeps culture alive and helps educate the nuances and extreme differences between the different Polynesian islands. Highly recommend going here!

Mike Green

If you're in Oahu, you must go to the Polynesian Cultural Center. Some have said they won't go because it is too commercialized. They sell a ton of stuff because the folks that work at the center are from the islands. What you spend goes towards their tuition to study at BYU Hawaii. They provide great entertainment and education so they can get their own education. The place is amazing.

milo san

Great place to learn the culture of Polynesian countries. Great food, and very friendly staff. Make sure you stay hydrated though. A lot of sun there. And the show they put on at the Pacific theater is just awesome! If you find yourself on that island, you definitely need to go there.


The Island villages were awesome. The whole family loved it. Samoa and Tonga were my favorites. Great activities too. The night show was spectacular! Loved the buffet too. If you’re an Football fan, check out the Polynesian Football Hall of Fame. Be sure to make this one of your stops on Oahu. Benefits Polynesian students.

Lydia Parker

The Polynesian Cultural Center was a wonderful way to spend our day. We loved learning about the different cultures. The singers and dancers performed beautifully. It was just as good, if not better, than seeing a show at Disneyland or on the stage. The other entertainers were full of personality and humor. The luau was fun and had great performers. It was especially entertaining to see the young children do the fire dance. However, it seems they need to organize their dinner buffet at the luau differently. My table was one of the last tables to get to the buffet and some of the food was already gone. They did replace it, but I missed some of the show waiting for them to bring more food out. Our favorite part of the PCC was watching the HA Breath of Life show. It brought all the cultures together in an amazingly touching production. I would highly recommend everyone who visits Oahu to go to the Polynesian Cultural Center!

vanessa ramirez

I am so glad we were able to experience the Polynesian Curtural Center. We had so much fun while learning so much. I love the fact that the employees are college student and from the islands. Our tour guide was amazing. She was very friend and knowledgeable about the different islands. The luau dinner was nice and enjoyable. DO NOT skip the Ha Breath of Life show, it was spectacular and well done. The actors did an amazing job, you can tell that they gave it their all. I think any seat in the theater would have been good but I am so glad we got second row because it felt like we were present in the story.

Ryan Johnstone

Wow! Thank you for this experience. It was enlightening and hilarious. We came an hour from closing and only snagged a show time at the Samoan and Tonga shows due to time but it was well worth the entry fee. Fees go towards the tuition of the show volunteers and allowed us for a short but intimate view of each culture. Better than any comedy show we ever attended, while learning so much about these cultures and going toward an amazing cause.


Really a great experience! I would recommend putting this Poly Center on your list for a "must do once." Well organized, fun activities for kids and parents alike. If you go during the hot season, make sure you prepare - hotter than 10 hells there!


Go for the canoe show and stay for the rest of it. The canoe show is fantastic and tells a great story. Be sure to arrive early for good seats. The rest of the park is big and be prepared to spend some time but its definitely worth the trip and you learn a lot about the Polynesian culture.

Arianna Brooks

A great way to learn more about Polynesian traditions and a lot of fun. Highlights included the New Zealand cultural display, the lu'au, and the Hā show after dinner. We bought the ambassador package and had a tour guide, which I highly recommend. Make sure to come earlier in the day, or you won't have time to see everything. Pack sunscreen and water, as most of it is outside and it's Hawai'i hot!

Eleonora VI

If I could give this place more stars I would

Scott Valamier

While I really do appreciate the intent, and I will say upfront I did not go on a guided tour. I found the place to be much more commercial than expected. Compared to what we had been experiencing all trip when we stayed on the north shore this felt a lot like a tourist gift shop right out Waikiki. It had some merit, I liked the parts of the centre what was informative and more atune to Hawaiian and Polynesian culture, but there was a lot of 'white people' trinket shops and food. Very few local made items and cuisines.

Dean Mazur

All the staff were very friendly and helpful. Luau was pretty tasty (food very similar to other Luaus we’ve been to) and the ongoing stage entertainment through the dinner was good. We didn’t gelt there earlier enough so didn’t see a lot of the demonstrations or shows (might go back as you get 3 visit admission when you get the Luau) but the ones we did see were great (Samoa and Tonga show are very entertaining!). Had great seats for the final evening show. It is very well done and entertaining! Lots of Hawaiian spoken but the storyline is easy to understand. Had a great time there!

Diana R

Amazing cultural experience!! Highly recommended. BUT only drawback is there's no AC.. not even at the dinner. The only place that had air conditioning was the Hawaiian Journey theater, so 15 minutes of relief from the heat. Be prepared especially if you have kids to prevent sunburn or heat rash! We loved each country's presentations, Tahitian wedding pic

Michael Wright

The Polynesian Cultural Center is a MUST see! There are so many activities, performances, snacks, and so much more. The theater here is beautiful and the performers are very talented! You can visit several exhibits and shows for the different Polynesian villages and gatherings. The people here are so full of life. I highly recommend you check this place out!

Steve Solen

Had a great time at the center. The luau was amazing and I wish I could have enjoyed more food, but I became so full from the buffet. The show was entertaining and the staff was very friendly. Worth a visit if you are going to Ohau.

Aaron Logsdon

I had a great time!!!! Words can't express how much fun I had here with my close friends/family!!! My experience was like no other... Above and beyond expectations!!! Entertaining and educational! You'll love it!

Grace Perez

Amazing! Please go explore the islands cultures. Very educational. My daughter's really enjoyed it! We all did!

Jenna Molner

Can not say enough amazing things!!! We did the super ambassador and it was the best thing! We had an AMAZING tour guide named Tino. He made the experience so amazing. Everything is so well done. The food is amazing at the Luau! Everyone is so amazing and helpful! We cant wait to go back again!

Peggy Wu

The show is awesome!!!! Suggest to come at the open, 11am, or you won’t have enough time to enjoy every show. Canoe is a good experience. The center is smaller than we imagined so we have sufficient time to walk around the center and visit every site. You can learn and experience different local cultures.

Luca Cole

Love this place! It has great atmosphere and it immerses you in Polynesian culture. I thoughly enjoyed myself between all the cultural education, the entertaining shows, and the authentic Polynesian food. They show you what Polynesia is like and show you glimpses of all the different islands and cultures that is altogether known as Polynesia. Come here and enjoy Polynesian hospitality at its best! There is none better! If you ever find yourself in Oahu, do yourself a favor and please put this place on your itinerary. It's worth every penny.

Stephanie Korkis Sughrue

This place is spectacular. Be sure to get the Ambassador Prime Rib package. It comes with all the things you need, ensuring the best experience.

Moses Frost

It was a good show actually. Most luau's serve alcohol this one doesn't. If your going to do it just buy the standard dinner ticket don't go for the upgrade. The standard ticket has a show the upgraded ones don't and the food isn't that much better.

Alan Keen

Spent the best part of a day exploring all that the Cultural Center has to offer. If you have not done this yet - I definately recommend you plan to do so next time you are in Honolulu. We hired a car, drove ourselves to the centre and had a truly awesome and rewarding experience. Absolutely loved it.

Nicholas Moody

For a truly Authentic experience to learn and participate in the Polynesians cultures this is the best place. We went and got the Super Ambassador tickets. It was worth every amount, my wife was able to ask 1 on 1 questions and learn exclusively about cultures. Our Guide was formative and amazing. She got us the best seats at every show and assisted us throughout the experience. This is a must for every first trip to Oa'hu.

Harry Li

Experienced a full day at PCC and it is a definite for those who have never been before. Very much a family friendly environment, you get to learn so much about culture and all the islands in the Polynesian region. We had a guide and also had the dinner and night show package and it was one to remember. Highly recommend

Don Green

Its a multi-day adventure to see everything. Reasonably priced. Luau is best on the Island. Provided complimentary ponchos during rain. Each show is personable.

Troy-Michelle Cozbey

Wonderful! Everyone should visit! HA The breath of life show was fantastic! All of the dancers were impeccably talented! I would definitely visit again. Mostly run by students from Byu! Very talented and conscientious individuals! Amazing young people! We got the go city pass and made reservations that day actually!we had a guide Sessi from Fiji she was wonderful!

Michelle Bautista

An all day activity that is so fun you don't realize you are learning. The staff are so sweet & wonderful. They make you feel so welcome & appreciated. Beautiful souls, inside & out

Porsche Graham

Fantastic experience and I will go back. I recommend planning your order of villages before arrival. We didn’t get to visit all of them but the show at the end of the night is absolutely beautiful and a must see! I learned a lot about Polynesian cultures and had a great time ❤️

Matthew Moody

Educational. Entertaining. Sure, tickets are a tad bit on the expensive side, but my family and I spent and entire day here and enjoyed every single moment. I learned a lot more about Polynesian culture and had one of the best days of my life doing it

Ellie keeler

Went with a large group. There was a lot to see. There's also shopping for some souvenirs. Then we ended the night with the dinner-show. I can see why it's one of the top 10 things to do. Not only in Hawaii. But in the US!! Very impressive!!

Ken Shepard

There are a tremendous amount of activities all geared towards the evolution of the Hawaiian people and the 6 islands that contributed to their culture. Each island has it's own miniature village with people actually from those islands. These indigenous people are there to give you a taste of what their culture is all about. There is a Luau, a buffet and a prime rib dinner. There is also a restaurant and many take out trucks available. They have also place many refreshment stands throughout the property. To really enjoy it, take at least two days to appreciate all there is to offer. It is truly amazing.

Aleksandra Akimova

This place is the best, fun for kids, fun for adults, and not boring at all. Lots of comedy and learning experiences about different islands and cultures. Everyone is welcoming and fun. Our tour guide was funny and the best.

Luke Walker

Absolutely the best! We spent all day here and loved every second. Go early and make the most of it. Loved the Samoan presentation so much we watched it twice!! The students are excellent, we are happy that the money we spend there does to help their education at the university. 5 stars all round.

Ian Haan

Nice facility which is well maintained and the staff was very friendly. If you haven’t been before, it’s just a bit confusing on where to go and what to do while you wait for your luau to start later in the day. Definitely get a guided tour. Buffet food was pretty good. Luau show was interesting and well done.

Liz C

Such an awesome experience. This was our first time visiting here. I would strongly recommend doing the ambassadors tour if it's your first time. I would be there by 11:15 am to park and check in. Where comfortable shoes and bring a water bottle plan to be there from 11:30 til 9pm. It is well worth the full dsy experience. Our tour guide was Bella and she was outstanding, it was her last day because she just graduated college. I would definitely go back again.

JHatfield 1972

The food was horrible! I was sadly disappointed in the quality of food. I was looking forward to eating there. My fish was soaking... Rather swimming in grease! The wait staff decent, but, they even could see how awful our food appeared. For a place who claims such awesome food awards.... They sure went down hill and or lied. For a place who charges such prices, they should be able to provide great food ALL THE TIME!! not just when all eyes are on them.

Carrie Estrada

A really fun place to spend a day or two with your whole family. My kids loved the presentations & village activities. The pageant of the long canoes in the afternoon was fantastic. If you are coming to the North Shore make sure to book a day or two here to see everything.

Dallan Moody

Best place on Hawaii. Absolutely worth the price. Helps employ local students. And they’re all so nice!

brandy ingram

In one word Amazing!! The people are very friendly and the luau was amazing along with the food and entertainment! This is a great place for all ages to learn about the true way of Hawaiian life.

Jonathan Saavedra

One of my favorite places to visit, but only get out here when family or friends from mainland visit. The all day tour, coupled with the Dinner Buffet and dinner show (we saw Ha, Breath of Life at the time) is one of the best shows you can catch on island.

Ric Salter

Very nice center. Super friendly! A bit high on $ but to be expected with tourists and high end wares.

Brenda Chavez

My husband and I were so pleased to have visited this place. It’s great. We loved every performance. Every person that works there enjoys working there. They are super welcoming and helpful. Can’t wait to go back on our next trip!

Philip G

A must see on Oahu. There are 6 "islands" where you learn about the different culture and lifestyles of the Pacific islands. Most of the islands have activities for kids. There is a luau buffet for dinner that has a good mix of food. The after dinner how is very good and tells the story of a family going through life in Pacific islands. The fire performers during the show were excellent.

Randall Rogers

What a beautiful place. If you're gonna go plan a whole day and lots of walking. It is well worth the trip. The many different cultures are very interesting. Learn and see everything you didn't know about the islands from the very people who live there. Don't miss the luau.

Caroline L.

A must see if you're in Oahu! A cultural trip to the 6 Polynesian islands! The dances are so well executed! The show, "Ha! Breath of Life" should be in Broadway! Worth every single penny!

Stephen Hall

The drive there was interesting as Pita the tour guide gave a great history lesson on what we were to expect about their culture. The atmosphere was great as well, a mild 80 degrees with an occasional light drizzle once or twice. Each village tour gave an exceptional meaning to its culture an existence and overall link to how the Hawaiian Islands came together. The Polynesian Culture Center had very a nice market place to grab souvenirs and food. The dinner was great as well to cap if any hunger urges you may have had while inside the park. To end the overall experience was the night show with native dancing & fire show was a site to see and experience. This place is a must see if you ever get to come to Hawaii and I will definitely attend again if I were to visit the Island again

Kelsea Noviskey

Such a great place to bring guests. My guests were able to learn about the culture, enjoy a good show , eat good food and get souvenirs. We love going!

Erick Matzke

This is a must for any trip to Hawaii. The Luau and show are the best deal that you can find on the island. The food is very good. There is no alcoholic beverages. For some of us that is a huge positive. No drunks. The dinner show is very nice. The finale is absolutely awesome. If you want to see all the different exhibits and shows in the center it will take several days.

Michelle Shani

What an amazing place to visit on an Oahu trip especially if you have children with you. We were lucky enough to spend the day watching the shows and visiting all the cities. There is something to do at every corner, as well as beautiful photo ops. Employees in traditional clothes are open to take pictures with your family if asked.

Walter Ego

This center is such an exciting way to showcase the dancing and other cultural activities of the Polynesian islands. The employees bring tons of energy into making the guests feel welcome. The whole place feels like a magical Disney amusement park. The Center has spear throwing, poi, boating, dancing activities, and many shows. I would highly recommend!


Amazing ! The entertainment is terrific. The employees are friendly and welcoming. The food was delicious. The island shows are so good I wish we had more time! 5 hours wasn't enough to see all 6 islands.

Devin Jackson

My family and I just did the Luau dinner it was great. Great food and good entertainment. After the dinner we walked around and saw a couple other shows. If your not interested in spending a whole day there just drop $45 on the luau dinner and show!

robb swetman

This place is huge , very educational with guides to answer almost any questions. They have a prime rib dinner and small food trucks of different ethnic backgrounds along with a large restaurant right up front. Some of the merchandise stands are a little pricey for their jewelry but most of the outlets have very competitive pricing compared to local standards . I kind of personally recommend to get there mid morning rather than afternoon , for temperature and crowding reasons .

Nancy Howe

A very fun day learning about Pacific island people. It's expensive, but worth it. Recommend paying for their bus ride. Evening show is fantastic. Quality souvenirs here.


Our Tour Guide (Kimball I believe) is phenomenal of a person, and was willing to help satisfy everyone in the group's needs. The President, and staff of this place is also very nice, and willing to help with any questions that you are concerned about. Not to mention, the amount of wholesome from this place is beyond amazing, as some of the proceeds do go into funding college scholarships. 10/10, would come again.

Cyrelle Page

Loved this experience! Bring sunblock and an umbrella. Also plenty of water, otherwise you will pay $3 a bottle. The staff is awesome and helpful. Our tour guide Katie was awesome! This place is amazing and a must see when visiting Hawaii.

Tiffany Netz

We spent the afternoon at the Polynesian Cultural Center immersing ourselves in the incredible history and traditions of these island nations and engaging with the students from BYU Hawaii that work there. We're were able to see the HĀ: Breath of Life evening performance, and go to the island buffet. This is a must if you are visiting Oahu! So much to do and see, you definitely can't experience it all in a single day, but the full day tickets allow you to come back for 3 days to check out what you may have missed in the villages.

Marie Piparo

After reading the reviews we decided to ignore the steep cost and visit. I could complain bout the heat but I'm in Hawaii. Not anyone's "fault". The lack of fans anywhere is a problem though. Even most of the gifts shops were way too hot and no fans or AC. Lots of walking too. Not a problem either. What was a problem is the entire day I was bored out of my mind. Samoa was the only interesting island. Everything else was so repetitive. Yawn city. We ate at the buffet. The pineapple was delicious as was the purple dinner roll. Everything else was gross. Too salty potato. Fish tasted frozen. Meat fatty. Just yuck! The show starts at 730 and there is nothing to do but shop and sit and wait. I'm a shopper and I bought nothing there last night. Typical kitschy garbage. We were really looking forward to the show. Get to our seats and once again no fans. So so stale inside and not just the air. Show was boring. I actually fell asleep and we left before it was over. Just a bad day for us. Wish I stayed at Sharks Cove snorkeling.

Amy Adamski

THE BEST THING IVE DONE IN a very long time!! This place is absolutely AMAZING!! WE LOVED OUR GUIDE- AMBROSE and literally EVERYTHING we experienced here THANK YOU for a wonderful educational experience

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