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Where is Pearl Harbor National Memorial?

REVIEWS OF Pearl Harbor National Memorial IN Hawaii

Bill Wray

A great and fitting memorial to our fallen heroes of Pearl Harbor. Beautiful grounds with some nice areas to sit and think about the events that propelled America in to World War II. The admission and boat ride are free but you have to reserve a spot online for the boat if you want to go early, which I recommend because it can get really hot by 11 a.m. You can purchase admission to the Missouri and the Aviation museum too. There's a WW 2 sub here also that's open for tours.

See Joy

A great place !! And since long time this place was in my bucket list which got ticked. And I am really happy and excited to share my view about this place. It’s super awesome. We visited on a fresh morning in April. First we strolled around in the area and saw some memorial exhibits while we were waiting for the Pearl Harbor documentary. Then we entered the auditorium and watched the informative documentary. Superb experience!! Then directly from there we were taken on a cruise ship/boat, which took us to see the actual Pearl Harbor Memorial Building and other war ships nearby. On the ship also there was a guide giving us detailed information about the locations. It was a very thrilling and patriotic experience. Highly recommended if you are in Hawaii. A must visit place. Thanks so much!!

Erin Lilly

Incredible experience. Truly moved me to tears, even though I knew most of the information before I went. The sailor who did our tour really made it personal and it amplified the whole experience. The exhibits are absolutely worth a look and contain some incredible videos. Just a warning, nothing larger than a small clutch purse is allowed in. There are lockers to hold your things for a small fee of $5, but I just kept my things in the trunk of my vehicle.

Cristián Navarrete Dechent

It is great. But it will take you at least 4-5 hours if you add any side tour. We added the USS Missouri and we really enjoyed it. However, time went by really fast up there. We also did the USS Arizona memorial which is really moving. Totally worth it.

Robbie Erickson

Very neat experience. I highly recommend taking 5-7 hours away from the beaches and landscape to experience Pearl Harbor. My 10 year old daughter loved this memorial.


A very fitting memorial to those who lost their lives on Dec 7th 1941. They offer 1300 walk-in passes a day. The pre-ferry video of the events on that day was excellent.

Jose Pedraza De La O

Strong and powerful emotions will run through your body it's a must go to to place to pay respects and learn about american history.

DR Hunter

You need to book your tour well in advance. But we did get to see it from a short distance. It's amazing!

Denney Rowcliffe

This was a profoundly moving experience. I am so grateful that I had an opportunity to visit with my son and learn about the history of Pearl Harbor, again. There are enough exhibits spread over a large area to keep your interest for several hours. There are also souvenir shops and food/snack areas.

Chip Fox

Great place if you love history. Helpful and knowledgeable staff. Can get busy towards the middle of the day. No purses, bags, fanny packs or backpacks allowed inside the park. They have a storage place for $5.

CR Neary

You can feel the history when you visit. This is a great memorial to those who lost their lives here.

Christine Layson

If you love history and beautiful views, then you will love this. It was a very emotional tour. There is this deep respect that you feel at every turn

Alex Crossley

Very good couple of hours, and you could easily spend half a day here. My advice is to arrive early and do the free memorial tour, and then buy tickets to the other monuments. Big piece of history.

Krys M Gatmaitan

Very solemn reminder of the sacrifice many service men and women gave during the start of the United States' involvement in WWII. The tour is completely free, which includes parking, a short film, and round trip boat ride to the USS Arizona, but you have to have tickets. We were able to get tickets at the door, which are first come, first serve. Online reservations are available for a small fee but need to be done weeks prior to your visit. The tour can take about an hour and a half, depending on the weather and number of visitors, so plan accordingly.

Kim Ayoub

Be prepared for the crowds but so very worthwhile. The memorial is beautifully designed and the crowds are well controlled

Ron Thompson

Wow. What a business. Filled inside, continuous line of cars in drive thru. But service still very good & wait not that long. Prices very reasonable and good food. Would definitely go back again.


There is a solemn atmosphere here. I didn't take many photos here, I just tried to feel the sacrifice the men on Pearl Harbor and during WW2 have us. The Arizona memorial is a free event where they show you a video about the events of the day Pearl Harbor was attacked and then take you on a boat to see the harbor. At the time I post this, they don't go to the Arizona memorial because of a docking issue but show you all the major sites around it including the memorial, you just don't get on it. It should be fixed this fall though. There are a few things you can see like the USS Missouri and USS Bowfin and the Aviation museum. I love this era of history but have been to so many submarines, carriers and aviation museums that I wasn't that interested in all those this visit but they do a great job with each one.

Andrew Simpson

Very historic site. A must see while visiting Hawaii. There is a lot to do so if you are a historian, plan to be there for 1/2 day to take in everything.

Jason Friend

Emotional and informative. A must see. Lots to see and do. Can spend a whole day here. Medium sized bags and larger cannot be taken into the facility and must be stored in a locker. Staff were incredibly polite.

ADV World

This Place had been on my bucket list for a very long time, and last week I finally got to check it off. I have to say as amazing this Place is, the emotions that is connected to the history of this place is intense. Visiting Pearl Harbor in person and getting to know that how many lives were lost in just few hours is Heart breaking. I would suggest everyone who hasn't been to Pearl Harbor, should definitely visit. The origin of World War 2.


A very serene and thought provoking monument. I was a little shocked by all endless laughing, selfie sticks, live video blogging etc. It is a graveyard, after all, not just any tourist destination.

earnest royal

Nice piece of history and learned a lot. A very surreal visit and very humbling. Lots of good pictures for scrap book. Good souvenir shops to boot. Vending machines inside.

Lindsey Thompson

When going out to the memorial, naval staff remind you that it is a graveyard and expect you to behave reverently. You can see indistinct parts of the Arizona that sunk drowning hundreds of sailors. A very poignant and humbling experience, but well worth visiting.

Kennedy Dunn

12Aug19. As an Army veteran and having had a daughter in the Navy, I truly had a humbling experience here. From the different onsite memorials to the 20 minute video before boarding the tour boat out to the USS Arizona, I felt thankful to have served my country. Well worth the visit.

Jason Harmon

Great place to learn about history. Arizona memorial dock is closed for repairs (July 2019). The rest of what they got makes it worth a look if you are looking for something to do.

Bud der

Wow! Lump in my throat for hours! The most emotionally charged place on the island for me. So much history, sadness and love! You can see these emotions on Everyone's face as you walk around. People of all races taking the time to reflect on the tragedy that took place there and pray in there own way it never happens again.

Jessica Hash

Movie powerful but memorial closed although ferry got us very close. My advice catch a public bus and buy tickets there. I think their rule about bags is a bit strange.

Charlie Rocafort

Beautiful memorial. Unfortunately we were not permitted in the memorial due to renovations. Very informative but heartbreaking.

Fabrynn Soonalote

It's a one time kind of experience. It's a good place to go get a load of history. I would suggest going at 7AM to get some of the free tickets they offer to go watch the short clip and a boat ride to see USS Arizona. Like I said, it's something to do.. probably only once though.

Jeff Reburn

This memorial is very special. It has a quiet, calming, and peaceful feel. The tour is free but the $7.50 audio tour is well worth it.

Matthew Emblidge

Great museum. You can get tickets for the boat to the memorial at the museum or get them online. Best to get them online if you're looking to get a specific time.

Daniella Lund

Very clean and easy to access, thought the boat tour could have been better. But over all a great time.

liz barrington

Sobering, reflective place. Extremely well done. Couldn't go on it as currently being renovated but still worth a visit. Very special.

Jason Nabico

As someone who is just visiting and not a US citizen I have to appreciate the history that I learned during this experience. I of course know about the overall history of Pearl Harbor but there is a serious level of respect that I have to give here. Thank you to those coordinating the experience to remind people of the historic importance and respect needed here.

Karen Bay

This is a beautiful site with a ton of history! The only issue is you have to get there EARLY (like 7am) to make sure you can do everything. The parking was a nightmare, but we eventually found something. Warning, you cannot enter the park with a bag much larger than a clutch, so don't bother bringing much. We didn't really get to do anything but see the plaques and memorials they had available (along with the submarine, missiles on site and memorial in the distance). It was still breathtaking to see and we were glad we at least got to do what we did.

Joni Lorraine

The movie and boat ride to the monument were really nice. The monument was very intense just looking at all the names and knowing so many were still below us entombed in the Arizona

Jessica Sepulveda

Amazing, moving memorial to experience. Still closed due to repairs, but the boat takes you out close to see it. Tickets are free to the memorial if you get there very early on the day of your visit.

Phillip Lane

This like many other places in the world speak to us today of great sacrifice to give us freedoms that we have today. May we never forget the concerqent of war.

Evangelene Glickman

I've always wanted to see this. I didn't expect to be overwhelmed with so much emotion. Get there early for parking and tickets, both are free but on a first come, first serve basis.

Rebecca Nicolas

It was truly great to see everyone come together in honor of our fallen soldiers. I'm grateful to be a part of the experience.


Great place to learn about a major historical event in this counties history. Spend an entire day here exploring all there is to see. A somber, yet interesting experience. They are very strict on bringing bags in. Nothing larger than a small purse is allowed. $5 to rent a locker.

Barry Maltese

I was overwhelmed by the feelings I experienced by this visit. I am very happy that I went. I strongly suggest you take the virtual tour that they offer. It gives you the history behind key parts of that memorial with testimony from those that survived the attack, and of course, the visit to the site of the Arizona. I am so very happy that I visited this site. There was so much that I did not know before my visit.

Kim G

Great experience. Wish we could have done the tour on the actually ship. They are still in progress of repairing the dock.

lynn Leach

Very sobering and emotional historical site. Learn the history of when Pearl Harbor was attacked. Interesting and enlightening articles in the museum. learn the true facts watching the documentary. incredible tour of the submarine. There is a gift shop and food available

Dale Foster

This is a Must for Anybody on this Island or planning to visit.. One should always be educated on History.. This was a very moving experience especially as A US Marine Vet myself.. A must see in person experience of a lifetime, definitely returning for further trips with family.. Words just cant describe nor would I do this place justice.. Highly recommended

Graham Wilmott

A very moving place to visit. It is well laid out and the staff (navy, park rangers and volunteers) all work hard to keep everyone happy and informed. The audio tour is well designed and adds a lot to the experience. Negatives: not all areas have air conditioning, which is an issue on very hot days. Some people are more interested in taking selfies than taking in the memorial. Some people are very noisy and disrespectful. But these do not take away from the experience.

Janet Jenkins

Very fun time and very informative part of history that is a must see. Well worth it.

Ed Junis

Overall a good experience. Unfortunately there was no prior information that the mooring for the Arizona was out of service and the boat could not take us there. We where promised we would get very close to take photos. The Navy boat only got as close as a mile away and we could not see much.

Maria McDonald

Interesting tour, although the memorial platform was closed in June - so check to see if open. We were taken out in one of the boats, and sailed pass only. Very educational, moving and sad to hear the history. On-site food just terrible, and when you have no where else to go very disappointing. They had nachos and hot dogs, and they were not very nice at all. Also no bags allowed above a certain size (i.e. backpacks), but if your are picking up the headset they provide a carrier bag.


It really isn't what its cracked up to be. The Arizona was closed for repairs and pretty much everything was inaccessible. They should have closed it and repaired it first before making us waste our money for a worthless trip. I felt like I was at an abandoned ship wreck yard. The toilets are filthy dirty and the place is not maintained well. The video they showed was just a clip from a discovery channel documentary which u can watch at home so dont know why they forced us to watch it. Waste of my time and money. Wont ever go there again.

Greg Voss

I had been here before. Always an humbling and inspiring place to visit. The Arizona platform was closed due to structural issues so hopefully next time it will be open

D.C. Olsen

Such a somber but beautiful place. The movie in the theater was educational and the boat tour was enlightening. The USS Arizona was not open due to construction from a ship hitting it however on the boat tour it could be seen fairly well.

Tyler Tolman

You can get free tickets to the movie and boat ride tour. Very reverent and informative. Worth learning more about and understanding the history of Pearl Harbor.

Marie Bravo

Beautiful place with great historical significance. Unfortunately, the experience was overshadowed by rude bus driver and a security person who was relentless in letting all the entering guests know that they are severely understaffed. Both these workers seem so miserable at their job and although I feel bad, I don't think it's professional to speak negative of the company you work for in front of customers. I give it 3 stars because the place was beautiful and clean, and our USS Missouri tour guide Jessica was so amazing!

Patricia Francois

Remember those who died for your freedom. Sad place to visit but good to know your history and honor those who have gone before.

Landon Southwick

If you are on Oahu this is a must visit site. Go online and get tickets reserved for the boat ride to the USS Arizona. I want to say it was like $10 to do so but totally worth it. The USS Arizona was closed when we were there due to the dock having issues but it was still fun to go out in the harbor and see it all. The museums there are also super informative and worth walking thru.

chris Pugliese

Went there with my family who were visiting from the mainland. Went to the counter and got the little tickets, sat through a pretty sad but well put together video on what happened at Pearl Harbor, then got on the boat to see the memorial. However, as soon as the boat left the dock, we were THEN told we would not be going to the memorial due to a structural problem at it's dock. Which is fine and dandy. However, would have been nice to know that ahead of time... Only giving it 5 stars out of repsect for those who are buried under it and because its overall a great and sad bit of history that everyone SHOULD experience if you are on Oahu.


Great tour and experience. Ensure you leave in enough time to find a parking spot as well as reserving your tour time online the day prior or a few days beforehand. No bags or purses are allowed in and it will cost you $5.00 to check a bag/purse.

Daniel Campos de Oliveira

It’s free! We got there early in the morning (7:20am) and visited the museums with lot of info about the attack. After a while we took the boat that passed along the memorial (that’s passing through modernizations). Then we ate a nice hot dog they sell there.

Marcos Pena

Always good to remember our history, did the tour on the Missouri with a guide which I highly recommend being they will give you details that even a history buff would not know. Was a history lesson and enjoying being able to be at this such an important venue of American war stories.

Ben K

Words and reputation cannot prepare you for this beautiful, solemn experience. Show up early in the morning, as tickets are limited, but this is definitely one of the most surreal, emotional memorials I've visited. There park rangers and sailors do an excellent job of making sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently while making sure everyone has time to take it in fully without feeling rushed.

Tom West

This place is truly an adventure into history. The only reason I only gave it 4 stars was that we couldn't actually go onto the USS Arizona Memorial. (Under repair.) It is truly worthy of a visit. Make sure you watch the movie there!

Ryan Smith

Definitely one of Hawaii most well-known landmarks. This memorial was very illuminating and somber for all the history held here. Visiting past the USS Arizona, currently being renovated during our visit so we couldn't visit the memorial. I would highly recommend everyone, regardless of whether you're a history buff or not to visit and spend some time here

Billy Josh

Amazing, and intense. I'm a history nerd and know a good amount about Pearl harbor and the second world war, but being here gives you a perspective I doubt you can get without actually being here. A wonderful memorial, a must see while visiting O'ahu. Also has excellent photo opportunities of Honolulu and some very historic sites. I even saw a sea turtle during our visit to the Arizona memorial!

Allan Cox

This was a lifetime experience that I am so glad to have been to. We got to explore the USS Missouri on the same ticket. A great day of nostalgia and history. The USS Arizona memorial was closed due to renovations, a launch was taking groups around the memorial site. Highly recommended, but get there early.

Landon Hanna

Very cool and humbling experience. Come with plenty of time to read as there is a lot of displays up with information to read about what you’re looking at.

Pauline Holt

We have all heard of and been taught about WWII, however going to the memorial puts added names and faces to people (service staff as well as civilians) who lost their lives during the attack. To see the names of innocent children as young as 3 months old was emotionally soul stirring for me. The replicas of the ships and actual decoding machine, the interviews telling the political facts leading up to the attack was insightful because they were not taught. Unfortunately we arrived to late to view the ships, thinking in hindsight it was Ok since I emotionally drained with the memorial. I would definitely recommend the visit if you don't have a clear picture of the reason and devastation of the attack...

Shawnee Webb

Our tour guide was awesome! Talking to us the whole time and telling us all the history and stories of Hawaii!! Once we got to the memorial it was awesome! Packed but awesome! The short film you watch, the boat ride of to see the Arizona Memorial, and the headset tour was all great. They things that weren’t great, the bathrooms were filthy, a lot of the signs outside you couldn’t read and were missing the pictures on them and one of the little stands you could flip pages at was covered in bird poop. Pretty sad that they can’t update and fix things with all the money they are getting.

Michael Seeley

It is a must go to. It is a true eye opener in to WW2. Words can not Express thr powerful impacted on the sight. It you have time to see only one thing in Hawaii I truly recommend visiting Pearl Harbor.

Scott Plaster

Museum and outdoor walk are not great quality. Several signs out by the water were damaged to the point where they are illegible. This is a wonderful place that everyone should visit but I was embarrassed of how unkempt it was.

stuart yates

Well organized runs like clockwork. Memorial part of tour very emotional god bless their souls.

Henry Mendez

Serious no small bags or small back pack inside. 5 dollars storage charge. Watch You Tube you will have better information.

Kinipela-reiko Dickinson-niihau

Visiting the pearl harbor memorial is always nice. I like the boat ride to the actual site of the names of soldiers on the memorial wall. The museum is quite full of interesting facts and displays.

Sam Bartleman

Lots of military history here - show up early so you can read all the info before you hop on the boat. It’s kind of amazing that the memorial itself is on top of the actual sunken ship - it’s one thing to read about it but another thing entirely to stand where the ship was sank. Very amazing and sobering experience. If you come to Honolulu and have any interest in history, make sure you check this out.

Christina Lindsey

What a beautiful museum or should I say - set of museums. I was concerned about the high cost of a day pass $74, but was so pleased when I realized, you actually get 5 different museums. The free content and peace/reflection walking paths, and artifacts with plaques hanging about are amazing even if you don't want to pay but would like to stand in such a historic place. I highly recommend going here even as a freebie if don't want to do the full tours.

Stewart Simpson

Amazing place! So much history! Please note that the USS Missouri is accessible via ford island, which is still a military installation. You will need to good maps the Arizona memorial and they will bus you on base to the Missouri.

Anthony Hall

Such a somber and significant place. It's so surreal to see and feel that history. Regardless of your view on the war, these people deserve the respect this memorial provides.

Clarke Freed

Excellent tour. It was a hot day so somewhat uncomfortable but still very well worth the visit. It's a somber and very reflective visit to a key event in our nation's history. Everyone should visit this place.

Jarrad Lewis

This historically is a beautiful place to visit, it's amazing, there's nothing better that you can do for free on the island without hiking to get there. However, the exhibits that used to be free over on the submarine side of the park are fenced off and now going to require an additional fee, which is disappointing because that whole area was fascinating

Brett Jacobson

Every part about this historic landmark and memorial is well thought out. The national memorial has multiple different exhibits you can go see, and helps give you a great sense of what it would have looked like on 12/7/1941. We weren’t able to go into the Arizona memorial as it’s still under renovation, but I don’t think that detracted at all from our visit. Definitely take a guided tour (it’s free!) of the USS Missouri.

Melody Everett-Neddo

We were honored and humbled to come into Pearl Harbor. It was amazing to meet Mr Sterling Cale, age 97, one of the Pearl Harbor survivors.

Todd Rosenlund

Remember this is a shrine to those that gave their lives for this country. It is a tomb where many men are still on the ship. Is not a tourist attraction

Harold Rodenberger

The renovated memorial is remarkable. The Navy launches delivering people to and from the memorial are well and skillfully operated. The whole operation is well done. Highly recommend.

Hamish Pike

Wonderful memorial with an exceptional staff and crew that ensure the highest standards are upheld. I can not encourage this attraction any more and it is a definite for every person to both pay their respect and gain a true understanding of what occured.

Concepcion Emanuel

Great place to see history. Very sad for the young men that lost their lives. They need to have more info. about the women who were captured by the Japanese and were held for 3 yrs.

Julie Perry

We enjoyed our visit...but plan to come earlier for another parking gets a little difficult and you need to plan time to see everything...but we had a nice time here and the staff are wonderful!

Hope Hansen

A very respectful tribute to our American soldiers who gave their all. The staff was friendly and the grounds were extremely clean.

Holli Tuttle

Beautiful, reverent place. We enjoyed the museum and the tour, it was very informative. Great memorial to those who lost their lives in the service.

Lisa Martin

Amazing say at Pearl Harbor; USS Arizona Memorial. Our driver Charlie with Hoku Hawaiian tours did an excellent job. Shared great knowledge and history with us of the island. Highly recommend

David Rehmann

Well done memorial. Yet, we must question why this happened. Question everything! Never accept what leaders tell us. Your job as a citizen is to hold what we are told to be proven by meaningful action. Lacking that measure, look for leaders with proven actions.

Chey Burke

Pearl Harbor is an amazing place to go if your looking to honor our soldiers who died. If you go to pearl harbor you can watch a video of what happened that day and why it happened. The video brings so many emotions and I got to go on a boat cruise and learn about it from a young man who served after the event which happend when he was 11 years old.

Daniel White

But the Navy boat tour took us right up next too it and we were able to get a great view. Truly am honor to go and pay or respects to sacrifices made by so many. This is a must visit for every American.

Hai Martin

I struggle with the right words for this review. Everything about the history of Pearl Harbor and the lives lost brings tears to my eyes. The amount of history you will experience in a few short hours here is awe inspiring. Definitely rent a headset, take time to read the markers, walk the entire grounds, and pay your respects to the lives lost and the heroes that came out of that day. Even with the Arizona memorial closed, they do a great job getting you as close as they can to the sunken battleship. Similar to my experiences at WWII sites in Europe, visiting Pearl Harbor has left an indelible impact.

Jerry Gonzales

Because this is where WWII started for our great country. So many heros are still buried within ships and in Pearl Harbor. God bless America!

Stephanie Korkis Sughrue

Lovely place, with priceless history. You'll watch a quick video of what happened and then board a ferry to take you to the US Az memorial.

Helen Austin

Great to visit Pearl Harbour but you can do the tour in about an hour. Movie powerful but memorial closed although ferry got us very close. My advice catch a public bus and buy tickets there. I think their rule about bags is a bit strange.

Angela Shanahan

The folks there are amazing, very helpful. The memorial is sad, honorable and a must do while in Honolulu. The Arizona Memorial was closed for renovations which was was disappointing, but we still took the ferry ride our there piloted by a very capable sailor. The film on the history of that day was worth it. Oh, and admission and the ferry ride to the Arizona is free!

Yankee Walters

Whether you are a history buff or not you should visit Pearl Harbor. Reserve tickets a head of time for the free boat tour of Battleship Row and USS Arizona. If you don't reserve in advance consider showing up at the gate around 630 am to get a walk up ticket. We were not able to get on the actual Arizona Memorial due to construction on it but the boat tour took us close. A short video is part of your before boarding boat. You can pay to tour the USS Missouri and submarine. We did and thought it was worth it. There are little museums with artifacts on the grounds. A gift shop. And you can purchase hot dogs and nachos over by the submarine. We would do it again.

Hillary S

Very well organized and well done tour of the Arizona memorial. Unfortunately, we went when the actual memorial was closed for repairs and isn't expected to be open again for some time. Instead, the park service has a small boat trip out to the memorial, around the concrete boat stations where the ships were during the attack, and past the Mighty Mo. We were with someone who had been before and he said this tour was better. Worth visiting for sure!

Alex Cara

This place has a lot more potential. The USS Arizona Memorial is still closed after an accident so good luck seeing it. It looks better in online pictures, so there is no point being there live unless you want to pay your respects to the men who lost their lives during the attack. To make up for this fact there is another battleship in port that you can see from the water. Getting on is not included and needs to be purchased from a separate location. This is the USS Battleship Missouri Memorial. In the port. some pictures on display were worn out / unreadable from the sun. Some numbers on an iron map were gone (probably stolen by tourists as souvenirs) The restrooms weren't that great also. The "before" and "during" attack museums are interesting and the short film explaining the events is also nice. At an extra cost, tourists can get on the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum. I recommend visiting the hero submarine it as it's better preserved and enhances the tour considerably. Prices for food/drinks are high so might want to come prepared with your own bottle of water. There is also an ATM inside if cash is needed for whatever reason. Overall a decent place to visit but it fell short of expectations.

Lush Rush

It was a good memorial to those who died. Many other visitors were irreverent. Loud children, laughing conversations and lots of talking when I felt I needed some quiet time on the Arizona memorial.


Amazing experience and something that I could check off the bucket list. We got to go before the Arizona was closed for repairs. Loved it, seeing the oil still in the water was humbling to say the least. My inly complaint would be people taking pictures in a rude fashion, it's a grave site please show some respect people.

Doug McGrath

Very sobering experience. Don't go for a fun time.It us a very poignant memorial to the blackest day in Hawaii's modern history. Very well presented. Extremely professional. But just doing sad.

David Kaiel

The memorial is old and rundown. Be prepared to spend quite a bit on attraction tickets ($72 per person bundle discount, in comparison, that's how much a ticket to a Busch Gardens Theme Park costs). Leave at least 30 minutes just to find parking as there are only 2 small parking lots.

Alexia Klein

Amazing place! The entrance is free, but you can't enter with a bag, so you have to pay $5 to a locker. Beautiful memorial e museum! They also have a snack store and restrooms.

Merce Figueroa

This is an awesome visit and free. Every is awesome when free but it is also an eye opening exhibit. There is much I did not know about the day Pearl Harbour was attacked and so much more I did not know about what happened in Oahu in the years that followed.

Philomena Camilleri

Under renovation at shop and grounds need TLC. Ruppish in the gardens and cobwebs in the cinema should be cleaned up out of respect for the people who died there. Gardens need manicure and generally run down appearance of the harbour side was very disappointing. The memorial itself is beautiful but more needs doing.


As a history buff, one of my favorite movies growing up was the Pearl Harbor movie with Ben Affleck and Kate Beckinsale (cheesy I know :). But the beautiful love story, coupled with the backdrop of the tragic event that became known as Pearl Harbor, really stuck with me over the years. Having finally had the chance to visit the memorial in person, the personal nature of the tragedy really hit me in a different light. We got there early in the morning, around 7am to get a hold of some of the free tickets. These do go fast, so I recommend getting their early if you don't want to miss out. They don't let you take bags, purses, fanny packs or backpacks into the site, so if you bring one, be prepared to pay a small fee to lock them inside one of their lockers. If you don't want to have to deal with that, I recommend leaving your bag in the car. Parking is free, but it does fill up quickly. Once inside, you will have to report to the theater (on the left side when you walk in) to watch a 25-minute documentary on the attack. Each showing presents at a certain time, so you can mill around on the lawn, checking out some of the historical kiosks or grab something from the gift shop while you wait. At your appointed time, you will be escorted into the theater for a historical presentation that gets you in a nice somber mood before departing onto a small boat where they take you out into the water to the USS Arizona memorial. Once inside, you can see a list of all the names of those who perished on that fateful day, December 7, 1941. There's also an exhibit to see the USS Missouri and a submarine but I didn't venture onto those. But if you're looking for something to do after seeing the USS Arizona, there are a couple more exhibits to check out if desired.

Kate Maher

The memorial itself was incredible and impactful. The parking and ticket situation was pure chaos. Make sure to arrive 20-30 minutes early. Also, leave your bag in your car, save the five dollars.

Maria Ximena

Very nice place! Everyone should make a stop here and learn about the history of Pearl Harbor. The submarine was amazing- i don't know how they used to spend so much time in such cramped quarters!

Carrie Estrada

I love this sacred monument which is why we were so disappointed to learn it was closed for repair while we were there so we couldn't go out on it. That is why only 4 stars as we didnt get to dock there only look from a distance as the boat drive by. If we were able to go on it then it would have been 5 stars.

Kylthia Roberts

An amazing piece of history. Only drawback is that we couldn't go onto the memorial for the USS Arizona because it is being repaired. But there was a small open museum and gift shop. Both were great

Jason Remillard

Awesome tour! A must see. E Noa Tours and Rocky our tour good guide was great!

Anthony Knight

What an amazing experience! This place is extremely powerful. Knowing the history of what happened at Pearl Harbor and being in the same place as all of those young men is a sobering experience. If you see any reviews from the last 6 months (today's date is 7/26/19) that say there was no prior information about the USS Arizona being inaccessible, is either lying or they didn't do proper research. Don't get me wrong, it was a bit of a bummer to not be able to go onto the memorial, but it was common knowledge that they were having issues.

Philip G

The platform to see the Arizona memorial is currently undergoing renovation so you can really see anything. The boat takes you by the memorial but is not like being on the platform where you can look down and see the ship. The museum is very interesting and if you have time you can also see the Bowfin submarine and USS Missouri battleship for an additional fee.

Kelli O'Berry

Very humbling experience to see the site of this national tragedy. Extremely cool to get to meet some WWII Vets that are around the memorial. The museum is really interesting with in depth details of the attack and Military knowledge. The USS Arizona Memorial was a moving experience in itself. There is still oil leaking from the ship to this day with hundreds of souls still on board. This place is a must see for anyone visiting or living in Oahu.

Nic Clarke

The ONLY reason for three stars is the fact I didn't get to visit the memorial but was still charged full price. I get it. It needs to be renovated and that's fine, but charging full price for a half tour seems unreasonable to me. In saying that, it's still a must visit for me. The history that's here is sobering. It's a somber atmosphere and really makes on think. Only the death railway had a greater impact on me. A good place to stop and pay one's respects and really consider what they died for and how that ties in with the state of the world and especially the U.S. today.

William Forsythe

Amazing place. Get there early, by 6:30a-7a for the daily free tix. Otherwise purchase online at

Stephen Hall

It was a great military experience standing in the midst of hallowed waters & grounds of such a historic moment in history that sparked WW II. There was kind of an eerie feeling of sadness & pride at the same time for those men, women, and families. I would've given 5 stars, but no on was allowed to step foot on the memorial site due to renovations, or some type of work being done. I waited years to visit, tour, and stand inside the memorial site, but got close enough to satisfy my dream to a point. I would still recommend visiting if anyone has the chance.

Deaunqua Bryant

It's a fantastic and emotional place to visit. Definitely worth it if you traveled all the way to Hawaii. Just know that you can't take any bags inside with you and that's frustrating. So if you drive put everything in your trunk and only take your wallet inside.

Jessie Johnson

An hour lost of my life unless you really love everything pineapple

Angelica Carrillo

Even though during our tour the memorial was closed, it was still amazing to take our kids out to learn and teach them about what happened here when their grandma was a young child in Honolulu. So much to see and do here you can even take a guided tour over headphones on the submarine which the kids really enjoyed. Being able to see inside is really amazing. And also being able to pay our respects so all those who had lost their lives.

Brad J

Very moving experience. I've visited the site before and highly recommend it. Getting tickets in advance worked out nicely. Unfortunatly the memorial site is under repair so my family didn't get to see it but we still enjoyed the movie along with a Nsvy boat ride by the Mighty Mo and USS Arizona

Daniel Meyer

If you're a fan of history or have any connection to the Navy this is definitely a must. Go early, opens at 7 am. Visit the bowfin first (buggah hot). The USS Arizona memorial should be rebuilt by the end of 2019, ~2020 the work on the Mighty Mo should be finished. Bring a refillable water bottle, see through only allowed on the Mo. Backpack/bag check in is 5$.

Mark Worrell

It's open again... A sobering reminder of the cost of war and what happens when we're not prepared. Stop by and get tickets, wait a bit, take the time to honor our fallen.

Tina Canning

Amazing history, it's easy for our generation to forget since I wasn't alive when this occurred it was a good learning experience

Cynthia Petti

Beautiful way to honor the lives of those gone from the day of infamy. Learn more of the nation's history and come away in awe of what happened and unfolded with WWII.

Melissa Packwood

Amazing! Don't buy tickets through an outside source. This is a National Park and tickets are FREE at the site! Just show up and get your tickets.

Ty Diggs

I love the history of it and the effort that went into making it. However the USS Arizona memorial is closed for repairs indefinitely and from what I've learned they have no intention or plans to repair it. In other words; a boat ride is as close as you can get to it.


My family and I loved it. The tour guides were very knowledgeable and very respectful for all the soldier, sailor and marines that lost their lives as well as the civilians caught in the cross fire of pearl harbor. It is most definitely worth a visit if you are on Oahu. Come see the sight.

Holly R

A must visit when you're in Honolulu. Anyone over the age of about 7 will love the museums. The Aviation museum in particular is pretty amazing, and being able to go in an actual submarine was great!

Jonathan Garcia

What an experience when you’re visiting Hawaii. We weren’t able to visit the USS Arizona Memorial but had a great time walking the center and the free museums. Definitely a must!

Lawrence Goodrich

This is definitely a must go stop during any trip to Oahu. Tickets are FREE but have a time on them. You see a 20 minute movie first then take a 8-9 minute boat over to the final resting place of the ship.

Michael McCorkle

Really cool place, wanted to visit here for years. Unfortunately the main reason, the Arizona memorial, is closed for repairs. Beautiful grounds, and so peaceful, hard to imagine the horror of that Sunday morning when we were attacked by Japan. There was an actual survivor there talking to folks and answering questions that morning. We arrived at 6:20 am and had no trouble getting tickets, but by 6:45 you'd have missed them.

Larry Green

I've always wanted to come here a lot of history very respectful place

Duncan Cameron

Very informative and interesting to tour the Missouri and the submarine. Good to get an appreciation of what service people endure day to day and the effort, strategy and dedication they put into protecting us long ago and today

Jamie Quintana

Great place to bring kids to show them what are men have give for are freedom. Book online at national park and pay a dollar to skip the long line if you are on a time schedule. I am thankful to these men for all we enjoy in this country GOD Bless America

mike panek

If you enjoy learning about the history of war and what the world was like in the early stages of freedom, then spending time here is a great way to learn about the struggles and events that led to the world leaders that we live with in the present, The Pearl Harbor visit is free to enter and walk around seeing all the statues and plaques and learning and there are areas that cost anywhere from $5 to $15 to go on tour or enter museums, It is well worth the money spent as the learning experience is well worth it, There are plenty of snack shacks and a lovely tax free shop that offers a huge display of nice trinkets to purchase as a token to your visit, Overall the trip and visit could take up to 5 hours or more depending on your interest level and what your interested in seeing and doing, the time could be much less if you simply stroll through and only look..

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