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Where is Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum?

REVIEWS OF Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum IN Hawaii

Robbie Erickson

Very neat museum to walk around and get a close look at all the airplanes. There is also a children's museum of sorts on your way to the hanger. Be sure to try out the flight simulator if you have kids with you. My daughter thought that was great!

Cahill Armstrong

I enjoyed the area focused on the attack of 1941 and some of the other battles in the pacific but I feel some of the visuals can use work. I was slightly disappointed that the P-40s were common E variant and not the B/C model at the attack. Also seems to be too much spent/focused on the more modern aircraft.

Mike Reed

Brings the history to life. There are still bullet holes in the windows.

Lucy put

Very impressive if you like this sort of thing.

Robert Drews

Plan on spending time. Very interesting

Danny Shak

Lots of unique planes to see! The museum itself had historic airplanes for the Pearl harbor attack. You can also see some of the planes that are in the restoration phase.

Christine Layson

We actually ate in the little restaurant here and had the best food. The little store adjacent to the museum is full of little souvenirs that are priced for everyone.

André Araújo

For the lovers of old aircraft and junk, this is a must!! So many historic and iconic planes are there!

Roxanne Guevara

Love this place!! Soo full of history. They have an extensive selection of birds and their stories. The kids loved all the displays

Nathanael Williams

While it isn't the most extensive aviation museum I've ever visited, its definatly worth it, both from a history and an available attractions standpoint. The red and white control tower that was made well known by the 2001 pearl harbor movie is beautifull to behold. Inside the main hanger you will find a nice collection of aircraft from the Pacific theate including the most complete B5N Kate in existence. The second hanger contains more modern aircraft from Korea all the way to the modern day. Deffinately worth a visit. My only gripe is that the stuff in the gift shop, while really cool, is exorbitantly expensive. Like 40 dollars for a baseball cap expensive... -_-


Great museum and we artifacts but I wish there was a tad more for the price. You can start off with a short film that is pretty interesting and jump right into the museum. There are great facts for each exhibit and tons of old planes. The initial musuem is kinda short but you can go ouside and around back to an actual hangar with far more planes and helicopters and a kids discovery section where they can do a ton of activities. This was by far my favorite part.

Barb Roche

Really interesting. Multi languages. Very well kept.

Glen Smith

Was a fantastic experience with a flight simulator as well for a extra $10

Vincent D'Antonio

See many war era planes, some still being restored. In hanger 79 you can still see holes in the glass where the Japanese attached. If you have time or into planes it is a great place to visit.

Timothy Casteel

If you like aviation and history got to check it out. They are in the process of restoring a B-52

Sanford Ching

The Raytheon math alive was fantastic. Grandson had a ball!

Matthew Lomas

Sensational, I am a bit biased here but my favourite was the perfectly restored RAAF F1-11. Don't forget to look up at the hanger doors in the 2nd hanger, there are bullet holes in the glass from the attack on 12\7\41!!

Matthew Boettcher

Good memories and presentations. I took the picture in 2008 when I was stationed there before the fancy new paint job.

Jim Connell

Great history. The staff are wonderful.

Charlie Rocafort

If you love military planes this is a Must visit! Get up close and personal with some of America's ariel defenders.

Adam Dottle

I wish they'd spend a little money to preserve the aircraft parked outdoors. The main hangar and the auxiliary hangar are fantastic

Adan Morones

Nice museum with great history. The larger hanger was closed on our visit. Must see for anyone visiting the area.

El Mesteño Ranch - Camille Marie

One of THE MOST SPECTACULAR places I've ever been! Memories made for a lifetime. What a treasure of artifacts and information about one of the most critical, pivotal times in the history United States of America. Additionally, what an amazing, state of the art museum to visit! You must see this to believe it!

Joshua Welch

This is a nice little air museum. It is composed of two hangers and outdoor displays. The museum focuses on aviation around the islands and has several educational displays. They are also in the process of restoring aircraft to add to displays and you can see them in the restoration phases. One of the cool things here is during living history day or open cockpit days, check calendar ahead of time, you can sit in the actual cockpits of several of their aircraft. The museum is located on joint base pearl harbor hickam so you will need to arrange access ahead of time to visit the museum.

peter lapin

I love this place. I could visit it every time I come into town

Jill Frisbie

I appreciated the use of old, wrecked planes along with the new ones. The descriptions on the displays not only tell about the plane but also describe the plane's service history. Pricey, but good, restaurant inside the museum.

Steve Lemming

To see where it happened is amazing. The bullet holes still in the hangar glass is awe inspiring.


This was amazing! They've redone the Hangar and did some major improvements. Worth your visit indeed!

Chris Palmer

Its a very large museum due to the number of full size planes they have, make sure you grab the self-guided audio tour, and make sure you plan to spend at least half a day there.

Jessica Sepulveda

Awesome preserved aircraft for you to appreciate. Planes, helicopters, and a beautiful view behind you. Make sure you go to Hangar 79 next door to see more planes and read about the history.

Tom Mullaney

One of my favorite museums to visit. The guided tour is an absolute must!

John B Ward

Great facility. Much to see here. Best audio guided experience ever. Very solemn and sacred grounds. The USS Arizona memorial is closed due to some structural concerns. Hope they can bring it back online soon.

Rodney Keith Holt

Exceptionally well curated collection of aircraft, many in dioramas to help tell their stories, on this historic site. Recommend paying the extra few $ for the “Aviator” docent-lead tour. It’s worth it. And, yes, the fried rice from the onsite grill is quite good.

Wes Obana

Awesome to see the planes of old that fought in hopefully the last ww

Carol Walzer

We love airplanes especially the old military ones. And this place has so much history.

Jeff Couch

Outstanding tour!!! Our guide did a great job telling the story behind the planes.

Philip Mondy

This is certainly a must do on Oahu, I'm not sure how you get here if you're not military though. I have to imagine you do it through one of the tour buses. The staff is super helpful and knowledgeable. The collection of aircraft isn't the most impressive but it's certainly interesting!

Israel Cortes

Anything WWII related is always fascinating! This place is great and makes you wonder about the worst time humanity has been through

Dora Martinez

Beautiful experience. Respect for those who have fallen

Nicholas Hobby

Amazing collection of aircraft from several different eras and from multiple counties. Excellent collection of rare WWII planes such as a B25 J Mitchell bomber outfitted to the specifications used for the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo to avenge Pearl Harbor. Please go and support this important historical site.

Rob Morris

Walking in the hanger is walking through a time portal. You can "feel" the history as you visit each exhibit, and when one looks up and still can see the holes in the glass from Japanese attack planes, one can feel the hairs on your neck stand up.

Tina Fugate

Amazing artifacts and history of the events of WWII. I enjoyed every minute of the museum amd will continue to take my kids on their learning journey of all Pearl Harbor sights. We have been to many places on the island of Oahu and hope to visit Midway island and Japan as well.

John Pishotta

After dozens of visits, we still enjoy visiting the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum. There always seems to be something new to see. The staff works hard to restore historic aircraft, often telling stories of how the aircraft impacted the efforts in WWII. Like others, your admission cost goes to help fund ongoing efforts to preserve these important pieces of history.

Thom Nelson

If you are on Ford Island visiting the USS Missouri, then it make sense to ride the shuttle to this museum. They have a nice selection of planes from WWII to the present day. Swamp Ghost is a must see in Hanger 79. There is a restaurant here that servers a great fish lunch.

Nicole O

Worth seeing. Not too pricey

Richard Rehder

Very interesting exhibits to be sure. Staff is extremely friendly and helpful. One of my only complaints is there seem to be many missing numbers for the audio tour and/or it is out of date as it seemed to be describing things that were no longer there or that I couldn't find anywhere. My other constructive feedback is about the "Virtual Flight Simulator", for the price paid I would expect it to be a little better. The simulation did not have any rudder control and thus it was extremely hard to pilot and turn the plane accurately enough to be able to be effective in the dogfight. Still overall although I would skip the Flight Sim it was a very interesting, informative and fun museum.

Darian Blue

It was totally awesome. I really enjoyed seeing all the history and stories of how my freedom was won. This is a must see for everyone that's takes their freedom for granted. Pearl harbor aviation and the historic planes were amazing. It will send shock through your veins.

Rodney Griffin

Absolutely brilliant. Aircraft displayed extremely well, great information provided. Allow plenty of time to take it all in. The flight simulation is a must do for the kids and adults alike. Take a photo of the bullet holes in the hanger glass FROM THE INSIDE if the hanger for best effect.

Celina Marie

I like love, love this place!! So grateful for all the contributors & volunteers!! It's such an amazing place to have here in Hawaii with so much history and so proud of our Air Force!! Sure miss air & space museum in DC so this place is Hawaii next Air Force heaven! I absolutely love airplanes so I was grateful to be able to spend several hours here with a temporary exhibit on math and music also!! Well worth every penny!

Albert Goerig

We went as a tour and had a wonderful guide, Bob Snyder who was extremely knowledgeable about all the aircraft's and their history. This was one of the best tours I have been on and I highly recommend it for anyone visiting Honolulu. This is a must see museum.

guy domett

A very impressive museum full of war planes. We started with the presentation in the theatre (7 minutes) and this prepared us for what we were going to look at. A good cafe.

Bernadette Killick

Amazing slice of history. I simply love aviation & history and the aviation museum met my expectations. For the fellow Aussies out there, the flying "Pig" is a must see.

stuart yates

Had VIP passport package. Spent too much time at the main pearl harbor site and USS Missouri. Good exhibition but not enough time to take it all in.

Stephen Whinnen

A large range of aircraft is on display. You can actually stand alongside and even touch most of them. The collection of helicopters is the best I have seen.

Jo Arien

We had a quick tour of the Aviation Museum. We don't have enough time to visit all the four sites, but we are happy to see some planes and the air museum. I met the vet in the theater, and he was great! I plan to visit again next time to see all corners of the museum.

Julie Perry

We enjoyed the aviation displays. We bought extra tickets to try the simulator of the Pearl Harbor attack. This museum also features a snack area and very nice gift shop.

Richard Farthing

I am just enamored with the whole set up of the place. The Pacific Aviation Museum is a place of history and of historical importance! I try to go the the December gala every year and will be there this year again. Love it

Eddie Olliver

Really good museum. There is 2 hangers and an outdoor area to explore. Full range of older and newer aircraft. Restaurant onsite does really good burgers. Well worth a visit.

Jean Simoneau

Great planes, great gift shop, great restaurant. Priceless history!

Olesya R

When I hear the word "Hawaii" I always think about pearl harbor. Dont know why, but it was always my dream to visit the aviation museum. Especially after I watched the movie "pearl harbor". Honestly, I dont know what to say in this review because I have no words. I'll give you tip though: buy the tickets online to save time and sometimes money.

Sean T

It was a frustrating and disappointing experience. I wasn’t allowed across the bridge to Ford Island because I’m not military. I was told to check in at Pearl Harbor first but there was no parking to do that. Sure it’s an awesome museum but I think it should be more openly stated you need a military pass or have to check in first. I didn’t see that on the website and I looked.

Daniel White

We went as a tour and had a wonderful guide, Bob Snyder who was extremely knowledgeable about all the aircraft's and their history. This was one of the best tours I have been on and I highly recommend it for anyone visiting Honolulu.

Linda Foulger

It took us ages to get around everything. Take a fan, take water, take a hat, sunscreen etc because there's a lot of hanging around. I learned a lot.

Hai Martin

Key to having a great experience is spending the extra 10 bucks for the veteran docent. Looking at a airplane and reading about the year it was built and flown is one thing. Hearing a story about guys making kills dressed in their pajamas after being up all night playing cards-makes it an experience. The place was unforgettable as there are still broken window panes in the hangar that were shot during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor- Amazing! We were most impressed with the airplane that was brought up from the bottom of Lake Michigan and had original paint- it was beautiful and like being in a time capsule. They have plans to expand to a third hangar within another year- that should be even better.

Chakra Plumber

Displays are nicely put together. There are different areas with a variety of aircraft. Not the biggest museum but I enjoy period aircraft.

nick wiser

It whas a lot of fun you can see bullet hole in the hanger from ww2 and see them restoring old planes

Jordan Henrickson

This was my first time in Honolulu and going to Pearl Harbor was a must. We bought the Pearl Harbor Passport which included the USS Bowfin, USS Missouri, Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, and USS Arizona all in one. They offered a military discount, for any of you active/NG/retired service members. The Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum was a a pretty great addition to this visit! You were able to take bus (included in the passport) over to the museum and spend as long as you wanted there. The staff gave a quick brief about the museum and then you were able to explore the museum at your own pace. There are two big hangers full of information and aircraft, so I recommend spending a few hours here if you enjoy learning. You can see a few aircraft formally and currently used by the Navy, Army, and Marines between the two hangers, and the last hanger hosted a lot of Air Force and NATO aircraft! Overall, I highly recommend the museum if you are at Pearl Harbor!

Tony Smith

It seems to me it has become very commercialized and missing the point. Go to the battleship for sure, and the under water Arizona. Aviation is also nice. It is very history and makes you proud to be an american

Matthew Wright

Highly recommend tourist do this. Self guided.

K. A. Applegate

So grateful that people care enough to create this masterpiece.

Andrew Fletcher

I visited here as part of a Pearl Harbor tour and we enjoyed lunch at the Aviation Museum. Great little display of the some of the fighters used in WW2. Highlight was seeing the Mitsubishi Zero.

Traci Case

This is a place filled with so much emotion and strength, courage and fortitude. What an amazing experience.

M. F.

Aviation buffs are going to love this place. There are all kinds of planes from both sides of World War II in the main museum. They did a great job covering the experiences of some of the survivors. They also have more recent (Cold War) military airplanes and helicopters in the Hangar next door.

Holly R

A must visit if you're visiting Pearl Harbour. Whether you're an aviation enthusiast or not, you'll enjoy a visit here. It's not suitable for really young kids but anyone over the age of about 8 will love it. There's lots of seats around for those that need them, and most of the museum is wheelchair accessible. There's also a little restaurant on site that serves good lunches!

Angie Sandoval

Good place to stop by if you enjoy aviation and US History. Friendly informative staff. They often have events where you can actually sit inside the air crafts. Little kids enjoy.

Ms Spears

I highly recommend going here to visit this museum. Brilliant display of the aviation side of Peral Harbor and WWII. It showed the women who flew which many historical context does not speak of in school.

Graham Patterson

Great, but some parts of the exhibit getting a bit old

Gary Wood

Bravo! Living history!!! It was awesome, I wish I could have stayed for the whole day. I didn’t get to do the flight simulator, but that’s a reason to visit again!

James Norton

Good... Not the best but if you already have the passport ticket got to it. I'm spoiled by my semi local museum that isn't 2000 miles in the middle of the Pacific.

Anthony Gray

Rich Zegar has a wealth of knowledge of aviation and history of WWII. We, Misty and I, were very impressed and delighted as we visited with Rich. This is a definite must see museum at Pearl Harbor.


Loved it. Tons of history. Super clean facility. Friendly staff. So much tonsee you will want to make a day of walking around to see it all. Take your camera, and take your kids thry need to see and learn what happened at Pearl Harbor and the surrounding area. A MUST SEE!

Paige Vickers

Great and interesting museum. Only giving 3 stars due to the price. They have it set up to where you pay for each attraction (4 total) or can get a 'passport' for all of them, which is $72 per adult. In terms of museums that is pretty steep, I've probably been to over 50 museums in my life and this was by far the most expensive. Also you can't take bags in, so you either leave your belongings in the car, or pay even more money to store them in their lockers. There is also very few food and water/drink places. I believe only two spots. One stop outside the Missouri where there was some ice cream, snacks and water for $3 a bottle (they do have a free refill station on board the Missouri though). And the second we saw was a small restaurant with burgers and such at the end of the aviation musuem (the last stop on the bus/ route). It seemed to have good food, but didn't buy or eat anything. Would be worth it if wasn't so expensive. Total for two people was about 175 for the attractions and some snacks and water. I've never spent so much on a museum, that's the price of a theme park...

Leonardo Ramos

it's a nice place. I loved all the airplanes

Gary B

Wow! Just wow! Make the time and bring the history that you know and read about to life. Then, when you take the time to honor our fallen heroes, you’ll better understand who they were.

Maddie Sneary

Very interesting to learn about that tragic day. Couldn't go into the viewing of the sunken USS Arizona because of the construction going on. Can take the boat ride around it's immediate area.

Christine Madigan

I love history. This was great to see

Veronica Kimes

Nice assortment of planes. You can even touch them.

Ulan Aidarov

Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum (formerly the Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor) is a non-profit founded in 1999 to develop an aviation museum in Hawaii. Part of Senator Daniel Inouye's vision for a rebirth of Ford Island, the museum hosts a variety of aviation exhibits with a majority relating directly to the attack on Pearl Harbor and World War II. The first section of the museum, hangar 37, opened with the museum on December 7, 2006, and features much of the museum's static exhibits. The museum's hangars show damage from the attacks on Pearl Harbor from December 7, 1941. The museum has been involved in community events ranging from preservation of historical landmarks to educational tours throughout Hawai'i. The focus devoted efforts to restoring the Ford Island control tower and signed a lease with the Navy to begin repairs. Visitors to the museum gain access via tour bus from the Pearl Harbor Historic Sites on Halawa landing. The museum has received awards for their efforts to restore historical buildings

Renee Pherigo

You have to see this they try and restore things such as planes,helicopters and etc.we love this place.lots of world war 2 facts and things to see.

Misha Slavin

One of my favorite museums! The exhibits are really great and go deep into the history of the theater. The staff are really passionate and helpful and full of interesting knowledge on the topic. Try the full motion flight simulator, it's worth it. Price is good if you have military ID but could be considered somewhat pricy without. The cafe here is pretty good too.

Marc Szantyr

Excellent work in progress museum that showcases the "other" casualties of the attack on our bases in Hawaii. They are restoring various WWII era aircraft on site.

Jerid Rathore

Loved it. My tour guide was incredibly informative. So many historical planes and even quite a few more recent fighter jets

billy Legrand

IT'S good FOR US to see how we ,gave back to the Japanese in WW2, WE DiD it before, we can do it Again!!!look out folks

Philip Parent

Very cool, Historic and Solemn place to visit. Lots of things to see, I found myself getting choked up more than once. It is definitely a bucket list item. My only complaint is the signage and audio tour plaques are faded and missing. The Skiff boat ride to the Arizona Memorial just drives near by and does not stop, that part was a complete waste of time, but the rest of the day was amazing.

Mike A

Great place. Lots of interesting aircraft to see. Staff are really friendly and informative.

Rakesh Goyal

After visiting the Memorial, it seemed like there could not be more to see! Until the bus dropped us at The Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum. Walking inside in midday sun, it seemed like a feast of planes packed in a cool indoor Hangar. Going back to WWII, for us without much knowledge of what fighter planes looked like, up-close-and-personal views were awe-inspiring. To reflect on the dare-devil pilots and fighters who flew these machines, and how the war would propel them into the leading edge of chaos and mayhem is hard to wrap your minds around. The well-preserved skeletons of gigantic transport planes rest in the back – it is hard to fathom that these beasts can actually stay in flight. Marvels of engineering and audacity of human courage. Memorable.

Kory Sarnelli

Lots of world war 2 era planes, plus a bunch of more modern jets and helicopters. You can literally walk up and touch many of them. Pretty amazing.

Tammie Cawkins

Super tour and adventure for those who love history. Take time to learn from the tour guides. Explore Ford Island.

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