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Where is National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific?

REVIEWS OF National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific IN Hawaii

Mark Kirschke

Sad place to visit. So man service men and women lost in so many wars. Great views west to Honolulu and Diamond Head from here.

Ray Biggs

I have returned every year since my good friend , Joe Echanis, Major USAF, was reported MIA over Cambodia during the Vietnam Nam war. Most likely, he is gone, but his name is still there on the marble stone at the most beautiful memorial in the world, which I continue to honor and thank him for fighting for our freedom. May God be with you, Joe. Ray

Larry Le Lievre

An absolutely amazing place! A worthy memorial to honor the fallen, as well as a history of WWII in the pacific. Beautiful views as well of Honolulu and Diamond Head.

Daniel Arthur

Very humbling place with great memorials that also explain some of the campaigns. Good learning opportunity for youngsters as well.

Jackie Opaon

My husband's ashes are here. Staff is excellent and very understanding .

sue schwartz

Very nice ,included maps of every confluct!

Matt Cousins

This memorial is very well done, and it is a great place for reflection, enjoying nature, and seeing a great view of Oahu.

Rachel Merrie

Beautiful piece of history with great scenery.

Hattori Hanzo

Lot more than a military cemetery. Good summary of WWII Pacific battles depicted on walls, a small cute chapel, as well as breathtaking views of Honolulu and the ocean. Very clean and green manicured fields of grass, trees, and plants.

Stephen von Hitritz

Walk the outer loop after you review the maps. Lovely. Meaningful.

Kyle Baxter

The most beautiful National Cemetery in the country! Very moving to visit.

Bialy Maven

It was an honor to walk these sacred grounds. It is meticulously maintained.

Sandy Christman

Very solemn experience.Each time I visit, I realize the sacrifice our military gave, for us

Kevin Vakalis

This is an amazing place that honors our past. It is a must see.

Kenji Kuramitsu

My grandmother rests here. Beautiful land and powerful cemetery. I wonder about the mo'olelo of this place.

Alex V

Such beautiful grounds for our fallen heroes. There are many tour options to visit, and if you get a good tour guide, you'll hear some of the amazing stories of the people interred here

Patrick Day

Beautifully tranquil resting place for our veterans. I'm very proud to have my father resting here.

Joshua Bontog

Beautiful views and a great place to honor our fallen soldiers.

Kenneth J

Beautiful memorial cemetery that honors the heroes that we have lost.


This place is always kept in top notch shape when visiting. The grounds are kept clean. Visitors are super respectful when on premises. There is a new visitor center built, which was done nicely. The views from Punchbowl are spectacular! It's especially a very heartfelt moment when entering the park on Memorial Day when scouts from all across Hawaii honor each grave with the American flag and a flower or ti leaf lei.

Tracy Morgan

Beautiful resting place and memorial. Detailed mosaic maps of military campaigns throughout Asia & the Pacific. There is also a quaint chapel behind the large lady Liberty statue.

Ray Restel

The National Memorial Cemetery overlooks Honolulu and we visited on a tour bus. Excellent.

Leah Mills

Great place to chill, away from the brunt of the tourists.

rosalee choi

Kept very clean and beautiful.

Owen Olympia

Awesome place! nice view of the city as well

Andy Goeke

Great maps detailing the main areas of the Pacific war, Korean war, and Vietnam war. Well kept and a fitting memorial to those who have served and those who have served and whose remains were never found.

John Guerero

This is a peaceful and somber place respective of those who went before us. I often visit this National Park to visit a stillborn sons of friends and the interred ashes of former patients in the new Columbariums. I remember visiting as a young child and the gravity of this monument becomes greater with the years. Come to Honor and to remember the mortality in all of us.

Hope Reynolds

Few national cemeteries compete with the dramatic natural setting of the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. Known as Punchbowl, or Hill of Sacrifice, it formed some 75,000 to 100,000 years ago during the Honolulu period of secondary volcanic activity. A crater resulted from the ejection of hot lava through cracks in the old coral reefs which, at the time, extended to the foot of the Koolau Mountain Range The name Hill of Sacrifice relates to the history of the crater, first used as an altar where Hawaiians offered human sacrifices to pagan gods and the killed violators of the many taboos. During the reign of Kamehameha the Great, a battery of two cannons was mounted at the rim of the crater to salute distinguished arrivals and signify important occasions. In the 1880s, leasehold land on the slopes of the Punchbowl opened for settlement and in the 1930s, the crater was used as a rifle range for the Hawaii National Guard. Toward the end of World War II, tunnels were dug through the rim of the crater for the placement of shore batteries to guard Honolulu Harbor and the south edge of Pearl Harbor. During the late 1890s, a committee recommended that the Punchbowl become the site for a new cemetery for the growing population of Honolulu, idea rejected for fear of polluting the water supply and the emotional aversion to creating a city of the dead above a city of the living. 50 years later, Congress authorized to establish a national cemetery in Honolulu with two provisions: the location be acceptable to the War Department, and the site be donated rather than purchased. In 1943, the governor of Hawaii offered the Punchbowl for this purpose. The $50,000 appropriation proved insufficient, deferring the project until after World War II. By 1947, Congress and veteran organizations pressured the military to find a permanent burial site in Hawaii for the remains of thousands of World War II servicemen on the island of Guam awaiting permanent burial. The Army planned for Punchbowl cemetery; in February 1948 Congress approved funding and construction began. Prior to the opening of the cemetery for the recently deceased, the remains of soldiers from locations around the Pacific Theater-including Wake Island and Japanese POW camps-were transported to Hawaii for final interment, first interment on 01-04-1949, opened to the public on 07-19-1949, with services for five war dead: an unknown serviceman, two Marines, an Army lieutenant and one civilian-noted war correspondent Ernie Pyle. The National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific memorial pathway, lined with a variety of memorials to honor America's veterans from various organizations. As of 2005, there were 63 such memorials to commemorate soldiers of 20th-century wars, including those killed at Pearl Harbor. Highly recommend a visit, reflect and honor those who have sacrificed their lives for our right to live our lives in freedom!

Lisa Hernandez

Beautiful place to visit. Very peaceful and allows you time to reflect on the past, present and future. We come here to visit my husband's grandfather who flew planes in world war II.

Denise Regeski

Gorgeous views, great history!

Valerie Olivia

Peaceful place to lay to rest those who have their lives for freedom

John Steinbaugh

I can't imagine anyone not giving this place a 5...humbling, beautiful and historic. Great mosaics showing the time line of the entire war.

Karen Howe

Absolutely a must...Hawaii doesn’t seem to remind tourist it is open to the public.. The cemetery sits on top of a volcano in a crater. Beautiful sight and very reverent.

thomas rodrian

On dad’s last trip to Hawaii, he asked us to take him to Punchbowl. Visiting Veteran Cemeteries was unusual for dad because it brought back too many bad memories of Korea, so this request confused me. After we got to Punchbowl, dad asked us to help him find a name on the wall: his cousins. I knew dad’s cousin died in WWII and had even located his name on a wall in Branson, Missouri, but this was the first-time dad had mentioned his cousin. It took us a couple hours to find the name, and by that time dad was too tired to go on. He wanted to visit the grave too, but he had no more energy.

Jim Huegel

It is humbling to see how many MEN have died to preserve Our Freedom

Wilfer Lanwi

Peaceful. All the heroes of WWII Pacific War are resting here.


A very sobering lesson in history. Excellent memorial to the sacrifices made by so many for the freedom of all.

Jabez Gill

A beautiful cemetery with some incredible memorials— a lot of history here including number of notable and award winning Veterans interred on the grounds, as well as an astronaut from the Challenger disaster. Ample shade and areas for quiet reflection. There are also a steady stream of tour buses — however they don’t seem to cause much of a distraction.

Kalawiki Kona

It's gorgeous here! Great views... Be sure to walk up the ramp to the lookout on the crater rim. You can see the whole city and Diamond Head from up there!

James Lipsette

It's a beautiful location with beautiful views. It's a National Military Cemetery built in the crater of a dormant volcano. A beautiful tribute to those that served.

Gayle Terry

My fiance Greg is buried there with his brother and other family members. I loved going there. Was so peaceful.

Evelyn Peterson

Beautiful memorial site, lookout is worth the visit, landscape is beautiful, but I was in awe of the huge one story high battle maps on the memorial walls.


Great history. Very moving

Christian Woodall

One of the most reverent and peaceful areas of Oahu. Lots of historical information and markers. Also one of the only places with a public bathroom!

David Clifton

Scenic views of Honolulu and the Pacific Ocean. The National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific is located a Punchbowl Crater in Honolulu. It also includes the Honolulu Memorial, which contains a small chapel and tribute to the various battles fought in the Pacific. At the top of the staircase in the Court of Honor is a statue of Lady Columbia (also known as Lady Liberty, or Justice). You may recognize it from the opening titles in "Hawaii Five-O" (1968 TV series). Approximately 53,000 World War I, World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War veterans and their dependents have been interred at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific since it was dedicated on September 2, 1949.

Diana Uchida

It a beautiful, somber memorial park. It gives chills to the skin to see the men and women who gave their lives for our country, some were so young they never had a chance to start their own families. There is a new building were you can locate the graves and where they are located. It is very beautiful, the view of the ocean and Diamond Head is spectacular!

Barry M

Beautifully maintained, a fitting tribute to our fallen comrades


Beautiful peaceful place and such a tribute to our Veterans and their families who gave the ultimate sacrifice of life for our freedom.

Randy Lee

Serene and impeccably groomed, this is a fitting memorial to those who served our country, and many who died for our freedom. Be sure to visit the WWII memorial that explains the bigger picture of the key battles. Outstanding views of the city and the surrounding mountains. I visit often as I have family interred here.

Scott Kawahara

I have lots of family buried at Punchbowl. Beautiful place and so peaceful.

Tammy K

Great improvements! Looks awesome!

Aaron Box

Beautiful and humbling place to be.

Dick D'Elia

Also known as Punchbowl Cemetery it is such a beautiful Reston place for those who served in the Military. My brother, Joe and his wife Jan (Mary) both long time members of the military have been put to rest there (a long time dream of theirs). I know they are happy to be together and in such a peaceful and everlasting place!!!

Matthew Brown

The peaceful resting place of our nation's heroes. It's very solemn and somber.

Nikki Tui

Always clean, always beautiful. Seems so peaceful even on a busy holiday such as memorial day and veterans day, even with traffic and people walking every which way. The look out has a stunning view of Downton Honolulu. You get a panoramic view from Diamondhead to Pearl harbor. They recently opened a visitors center.


Magnific place to reflect! Holy ground of freedom heroes.

Andre' Fennell

Scenic views and secluded area. The staff was not only helpful but respectful and courteous to me and my family for my brother's service.

lance wong

Somber place. Time to reflect on our fallen heros. You have to go to the top and read the stories. On the other hand. If you haven't been there in the past year. It's been really updated. Visitors center is now located outside of the gates.

Paige Quillin

You have to visit this cemetery, so much information. The tiles that tell the story of south pacific conflicts are amazing pieces of art. View is amazing also!

cheryl flynn

Beautiful, we were able to find our cousins name

Ryan Pierson

Wonderful location to learn some history and respect those who lost their lives for our country. Also the are some great views of the city from here.

Mark Young

Punchbowl is a beautiful reminder that freedom is not free. It is a cemetery for those who served in the military, built inside a dormant volcanic crater. The names of the fallen are engraved on limerock walls on the Northwestern portion of the cemetery. In that complex are mosaics of major battles from World War 2, Vietnam, and Korea. The southern portion of the cemetery has an observation area with beautiful views of downtown and Diamond Head.

Keola Stone

Very solemn place. Honor our Veterans and those who have served.

Edward Mingus

Beautiful and serene. Always good to honor America's heroes.

Eline de Leeuw

It's really beautiful, peaceful and worth visiting.

Daniel White

Patriotic citizens who are thankful for the sacrifices our Armed Forces have made to keep our Great Country Free!

Hai Martin

Just driving to the entrance deserves 10 stars by itself for its amazing views of Honolulu!! I've come here a few times to visit my Uncle , who was a Vietnam Vet and everytime i have come , i have found peace and rest here. There is not anything more I can say about this place than to just come by and see the Cemetery. It reminds me of the one beggining scene in Saving Private Ryan , but this is for the pacific side. Stop by and Honor all the Men and Women who served in the armed forces. Thank you to all who have served!


There are two ways to locate a memorial site. There is a little hut by the entrance that has a computer where you can search by last name. It will print out a map and give you a location number. Don't go looking for it thinking you can find it by memory, like my auntie- who remembers it's under a tree somewhere. There are thousands of sites here. The location number is on the upper right corner of the head stone. Also, if it's too far to walk back to the information hut. You can look it up online on their website. This is a beautiful place. It's a little hilly so wear comfortable shoes if you want to get to the lookout area. It's very clean and well kept place. It is a cemetery, so be mindful of others.


Beautiful monument and touching memorial with a stunning view of Honolulu.

Neal. Nayer Mahmoud

Excellent place to stop and think and be grateful.


Worth excellent place to visit, pay respect to souls rest in peace, nice view of cemetery & Honolulu from top view point (many miss this view point)

Debra K

Stunning grounds and stone carved historic maps..fascinating.

Randall Kam

Such a serene and beautiful Memorial for our fallen service members

Darryl Olson

Beautiful resting place and memorial in the Punch Bowl for some of the heros who gave their lives so that we may enjoy ours with freedom. It's likely that the Emperor of Japan would NOT have implemented an equivalent of the Marshal Plan for the defeated US. Hawaii would have been a popular tourist attraction in Japan. THANK YOU, HEROS, for serving your country, and protecting our freedom!

Deepak Azad

Very calming and humbling experience.

Kulani 2008

My ant I deaready ther

Joe Guide

Very well maintained National Cemetery up in the Punchbowl. No facilities available for visitors on Sundays and there were lots of visitors there that particular day. Director of this facility has visitors center closed on this day which is inconsistent with National Parks policy.

Alishia Rhoda

A very beautiful tribute to our Veterans. Every child needs to be taught the true sacrifices our forefathers have given for the life we now know. RESPECT.

J Patterson

We visited on a very busy weekend, Memorial Day. The scouts were there to place flags and many were visiting grave sites. There was a little traffic driving up to Punchbowl, but they had people directing traffic within the cemetery. The scenery is beautiful on top of an old crater with large trees throughout with a gorgeous view of Honolulu.

Pahoua Gushen

Placed a Wreath in Honor of my Father(Veteran) this past National Wreaths Aceoss America Day with my husband (active duty). This place has rich History. I feel at peace when I walk around here. Beautiful architecture and a beautiful place for those laid to rest here. You will find murals on wars, with maps engraved. You will find details of faith beyond the hallways and you will surely feel the emotions with each step.

Madeleine Keefe

This is such an amazing memorial to all who served and those who died during the wars. We spent quite a long time going through all the information areas. The grounds are immaculate. The design is truly impressive. The structures that border the grave sites show you the history of the Pacific War. To read the names of those men missing, on the walls, makes one think of how brave they were. There is a spectacular view of Honolulu from the road before you enter Punch Bowl. You should visit if you are in the area simply to show your respect for our fallen veterans.

Richard Schaub

From the lookout are spectacular views of busy Honolulu and in the other direction contemplate the sacrifice made by so many. The Punchbowl is a quiet resting place for our honored war dead.

robert green

OMG what a beautiful place to visit and a Hidden Gem on the island. Been to the island several times and never stopped to see it. It is definitely and honorable resting place for so many honorable people. What beautiful surroundings and definitely worth a visit

Todd Peterson

Beautiful memorial to our nation's fallen. The main memorial has huge handcrafted maps that explain the major battles of the Pacific.

Todd White

Incredibly beautiful cemetery and memorial for those service members that made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. The overlook gives beautiful views of the entire city of Honolulu and Diamond Head. Be sure and give yourself plenty of time to read about the battles of the Pacific during WWII and Korea.

Gale Patton

Beautiful! An unbelievably emotional experience.

Myrna Lee

Peaceful visit as we layed my brother in law to rest! Also, visited my Mom's graveside too!

Hattie Medrano

It's a special place for me because my parents are buried there, love the scenery.

Rene Gagnon

Phenomenal lookout of Waikiki, and only a 100 minute walk from my apartment.

Haunani Riley

My dead husband parents r buried their it's called Punchbowl National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. I have an uncle buried there too. I can see it from my apartment window in Kalihi.. It's an extinct volcano.

Jacquilin DeWolf

This Veterans Cemetary is more than just a resting place. It features a beautiful memorial statue, several walls of the missing, an elaborate display of the course of WWII, Vietnam, and Korean wars. Many victims of the Pearl Harbor bombings are buried there, many are still unknown. With recent technology, efforts are being made to identify those unknowns. Sailor Jerry is buried here as well. The memorial is something special, but the lookout is the hidden gem! It offers a 360°view of the island, from diamonds head to the ko'olau 's to Ewa & Waialua! An amazing spot to visit and a must for history buffs.

Susan Brule

Serene and majestic memorial.

Sandy Beach

My parents are buried here, the grounds are beautiful and well kept.

Dan Shrum

This place is a beautiful reminder of the horrors of war. Most but not all have died while in a conflict.

Clayton Barker

Very surreal and peaceful location with amazing views overlooking the island. A wonderful tribute to all of those that have passed.

Tim Riener

This is a really stirring Memorial to all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the United States. And I'd only is the significance of this location quite historical, the facilities are top-notch kept up to shape and very appealing, all while remaining very reverential. I can't imagine anybody missing the opportunity to visit this location as part of a trip to the island of a Oahu.

David Newham

The cemetery was immaculate. A great place to learn some history.

Julie Chaney

I miss seeing the crosses. I was there 40 years ago & remember the feeling of looking out & seeing the crosses. I still cry when I'm there but they were really missed.

Joyce Mandracken

Beautiful memorial park. The Ko'olau mountain range absolutely gorgeous from here. Mother Nature at her best.

Johnson Cheng

If you're looking for the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, you ask the local for the Punchbowl Cemetery. Otherwise you may get a head scratching local:) When I visited the cemetery (9:30 am on a weekday), it was quiet with less than a dozen visitors dotting the cemetery ground. I was only accompany by a few, who have reached to the top of the grand steps to the view the wall art tribute of the various battles fought in the Pacific. BTW, on your way up the drive, the newly constructed information building is located on the left. Stop by the building if you have questions, try to locate a plot or to find out where to leave the funeral flowers.


Mixed emotions when I come here to visit family and friends considered extended family. I always get emotional and the chills near unknown plots.I already filled out partial paperwork to be buried here when it’s my time. Place is always presentable and clean. There is always room for improvement but for a big place it’s well kept with such a small staff. This is a place anyone should visit at least once while on vacation here.

Rober Bair

Very moving,beautiful cemetery anyone visiting Hawaii should go

Lynn Dahle

Beautiful. Amazing. Sacred. In set at all the sacrifices. Go USA and its citizens who willingly serve and give their lives.

Bay Pardue

Beautiful cemetery with rich history.

Ed Lewis

Somber and spectacular at the same time. Military legends lay beside warriors of all kinds. Pulitzer pride winning American journalist Ernie Pyle was laid to rest in plot D 109. Several Medal of Honor earners are also entombed including Japanese descendants in the 100th infantry battalion and the 442 infantry regiment. Highly recommend taking time to reflect and enjoy the views of HONOLULU.

jophus Xakc

A surreal place. Even without the weight and impact of the memorial to lives lost, the geography and beautiful grounds give the cemetery the feel of an outdoor cathedral with a perfect blue sky as the ceiling and verdant grassy slopes as the walls.


Beautiful place BUT - I’m active duty Navy and I’m also a war veteran (OIF). Today I rode my bicycle all the way up the hill to go into the cemetery to see the memorial. Once I got inside, someone (I guess a worker) told me I couldn’t ride a bicycle inside the Cemetery. I think that has to be one of the dumbest rules ever! You can drive cars and buses all over inside the memorial but I can’t ride a quiet and non-carbon using bike through the memorial grounds?!! RIDICULOUS!! I even was wearing a work out shirt which said Navy on it!!


This is a great place to learn the history of the battles in the Pacific during world war 2, pay respect to those who made the ultimate sacrifice, and enjoy a beautiful and sacred area with great views of Honolulu.

Donna Gilcher

Easter Sunrise Services are a special treat

Smitty Werben Man Jensen

Looks like a Pagan shrine, quite unsettling to say the least.

Kathryn Hill

Beautiful resting place of our Heros!

Lex Parker

Must do for Patriotic citizens who are thankful for the sacrifices our Armed Forces have made to keep our Great Country Free!

Jan Gibbons

This is a sad place to visit when you realize what a tradgedy happened in such a beautiful place.

James Marsh

Very quiet place to reflect on those who have their life so we can enjoy our freedom. It’s hard to look at those who served and didn’t come home when I served for my country and returned safely. I get to carry on my life, have a family and grow old while they do not. It’s a peaceful place and I hope anyone who visits, reflects on the price some paid.

Liz C

Beautiful place and was very emotional to take in.

Ryan Heney

Beautiful cemetery with rich history. Enjoyed the WW2 displays of famous battle sites of which many of the fallen have been buried at The Punch Bowl Cemetery. Well kept grounds with lush grass and vibrant colors of various flowers. Must see location for all visitors to Oahu.

Neill Batley

One of the nicer cemeteries on the island IMO. Has a large memorial detailing the Pacific engagements and activities during WWII. Be aware it does get particularly warm here, so dress as you can for that or try to stick to the shade of the trees leading to the memorial. It will be very humid when sunny, especially if following recent rains.

Mike Reeves

Beautiful place to reflect and enjoy a beautiful Hawaiian day. Enjoy the view of Waikiki on your way in and out of the memorial!

Jerry Sullivan

A truly beautiful, sobering place. Visited here several times, once with my WWII Pacific Veteran Father. What a lovely place.. the cost of freedom IS here!

Bob F

Wonderful tribute to our veterans who gave all.


Amazing place to visit. It truly opens your eyes to see what was given to have the opportunities we have now. Incredible, beautiful, respect.

Cassandra Hearn

One of my favorite sites on the island. Not only is the property itself spectacular, but the names and stories held on these grounds is amazing as well. Pay your respects, take the time to take in the moment here. Walk the steps to the top, and go around the back of the sculptures. There are maps and stories of all the wars through the Pacfic on the walls. I could spend all day here reading these. There is also a beautiful chapel up there that is small but always filled with flowers people bring. Incredible spot - don't miss it!

Mandy Johnson

Overwhelming! So cool and makes you feel so small.

Phil Ventura

Well-kept grounds and a solid view of Honolulu make this a worthwhile - but not must - stop in Oahu.

Carlos DelFuego

Every American citizen should get a chance to go. It is beautiful and humbling to see the resting place of so many heros.

TerI Espiridion

Peaceful and quiet. Clean and with a nice view of Honolulu and adjacent cities.

Adrianna Christmann

This is very very well done. Very peaceful. Serene. And has great views of Honolulu and the ocean. Very quiet. Thank you.

Chane Wilson

An honor to see my father's plaque there, whenever I can visit.

Marlene Brauchle

So very educational, well-kept Cemetery. Very moving, a must-see!

Tom Orlando

I enjoyed it. It was very well maintained and informative

Victor Hugo Ibañez Valencia

If you have seen the movie "Battleship" well definitely this is your place. You will find a lot of familiar stuff here. One of the best historical sites of Hawaii.

omar koyate

Best place to visit

Aaron Theno

Words and pictures cannot give you an understanding of what it's like to be here.

Jerri Garretson

Beautiful, poignant monument to and cemetery for our nation's veterans. We have so much to thank them for. It is a winding road to get there in the Punchbowl Crater. Stop at the small Visitors Center if you wish to locate a particular veteran's grave or learn more about the cemetery. The Visitors Center has a nice overlook on Honolulu. Then follow the winding road up into the crater and around the cemetery.

Robin de Bruin

As a tourist visiting Hawaii I felt the need to visit this place. Truly one of the most beautiful places I've visited. Very impressive to see the heroes of war laid to rest here.

Buckley Perkes

This was one of my favorite experiences on the island, and we hadn't planned on going. Very humbling to see the names of those that have their life.

Elen Haf

Beautifully presented memorial. Not easily accessible by public transport but worth the trek.

Jocelyn Pyne

Met with my friends niece to put flowers & give our respects and "aloha". It was well maintained & beautiful. All the Plumeria trees were in bloom. We also ran into some friends visiting their families while we were there. All in all a beautiful & well kept place.

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