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Where is Kona Coffee Living History Farm?

REVIEWS OF Kona Coffee Living History Farm IN Hawaii

Neil Fernandes

They have paid tours which I feel are not worth it and instead can go to Greenville farms. Tours are based on home ppl lived back in the days and how they roasted coffee (which does not work). There is a medicinal herbs/tea session which we did not attend. In all think it is more of a money making attempt with the name Kona coffee

Helen Dale

A must visit place!! Yoga on the farm on Friday is relaxing and green. You can even see the ocean from this spot. I love learning about the coffee process and how the donkeys "Nightingales" helped. The Japanese farmhouse is also onsite. There are coffee samples and a little store to purchase coffee, gifts and other items.

Jonnie Hernandez

Easy to walk thru in less than an hour, super cool to see how the simpler times were lived, and a great scenic drive on the way. Loved it!!

Rich Duncan

Hard to choose where to stop and learn about the history of coffee, this one really tells how one family made it their life journey

Christopher Natale

Very cool place to visit. Wonderful staff and interesting history of kona coffee and tha family that farmed this parcel of land for several generations.

Isaac Edwards

The living history farm is an incredibly interesting place to visit, and see how coffee was farmed and how they lived. It is a little limited on what there is to do, but what they have is so interesting.

dan nigro

Nice treat, delightful tour.

Matt Reibsamen

Loved it. It was like stepping back into history. The docents/farm workers were great and very informative.


My best experience in ~9 days in Hawaii. Staff are incredibly kind, generous, and knowledgeable and the grounds are beautiful and peaceful.

Dominic Pituch

Very interesting history of coffee farming in Kona. Working farm with knowledgeable staff from the historical society make this a great stop for any coffee lover.

Chelsea Peterson

Worth the $15 entry fee. We saw how an old coffee plantatiin was run and the house they lived in during that time. Its very interesting to find out info on how the japanese reacted to WW2 as well. The lady that guided us was friends with the original family. Very cool. One of my favorite historical stops of the trip.

Java Junkie

Absolutely LOVED this! I learned so much and was made to feel right at home. They have different people and events throughout the week. On our visit, there was a medicinal man (Jim) there. I was amazed with all that he shared with us and taught me. He took his time with each guest and you can tell he has a passion for what he does. There was also a wonderful lady in the main house that explained how things were done back when this land was working land. It was hands on and you could walk through at your own pace. I would highly recommend this for your next trip to the Big Island.

Peter Zupinski

Fun place to learn a bit about Japanese settlers and a lot about medical application of local plants. Entry was not cheap but I still recommend it. Plan for about 2 hour stay.

Cathy Mattheus

This was a Wow experience. If you visit our island be sure to go see the old farm homestead

Guy Ambrose

Very interesting and quite educational on a old working coffee plantation that also had oranges , papaya , limes and more .

Johnny Grafft

Good history, but that's it. It's not optimized for tourism and needs some new blood. They serve coffee from a thermos that was so so. This trip made me realize Kona coffee is the best, but don't stop here for it.

Yana Siadzelnik

Very educational, warm village people. Try their oranges!

Linh Nguyen

The staff was friendly and very knowledgeable about coffee production. The museum and farm itself are set up as if it were the 1920's and so it was not too big but was a nice spot to stop by and learn about coffee and see a fruit and vegetable garden.

Julie Robinson

Personable hosts share their depth of knowledge, giving you a living story worth the visit. Enjoy a self guided, walking tour with samples of coffee and fresh macadamia nuts.

Tad Kuchar

Decided to stop by on a whim. Glad we did. The staff is very informative and friendly, and the property is like taking a trip into the past. We made daikon radish and carrot pickles in the preserved Japanese house. All in all highly recommended. Don't pass it up just because it's small and unimposing.

M Chun

Truly wonderful capsule of Kona history. Relaxed. Very enjoyable!

Get Lost Explorer

We visited with our two teenagers, and even with them having no interest in coffee, we could tell they were having a good time (although they might not admit it). The guides/storytellers made all the difference. Learned quite a bit.

Joe Ferrari

An operating family farm growing the famous Kona Coffee. There is a nice presentation showing the harvesting and roasting methods of the original Japanese farmers.

Pat Steed

It was highly informative. They brought to life how coffee was grown, processed, and sent out before modern times. You could see how people lived in the early to mid-twentieth century.

David Fisher

Incredible experience! Learned about coffee, macadamia nuts, other plants, and the people who lived on the farm. Interpreters are extremely knowledgeable!

Allan Miller

We heard some slack key guitar at the Kona Coffee Living History Farm. It's a nice site and would be interesting for children to visit and learn how coffee is grown, harvested, and roasted.

Sara Cole

Intimate venue with knowledgeable host.

Brittany Gutierrez

I absolutely loved touring the farm. There is a $15 fee but it is completely worth it. Listening to the stories of the farmer and learning from the lady of the house is the best part of the tour. The lady of the house taught us how to make a traditional Japanese meal and write in Japanese calligraphy. This tour is an amazing cultural experience and a great way to learn about the farm and how coffee is made.

Susan Tokles

Interesting experience, There was a coffee Plantation a history Of the coffee industry in Hawaii macadamia nut trees and free coffee samples.

Sandi Schroeder

This place does an amazing job explaining the coffee history. A must visit!!

Jenny Perkins

This place was not necessarily what I expected but I was not disappointed at all. there are the obligatory coffee samples and small items that you can purchase on your way in, but there are so many more things inside then coffee trees! we were able to visit with three of the different historical interpreters and got to hear things about Japanese immigrant life from the 1920s, how to grow your own pineapples and loofahs, and experience harvesting macadamia nuts and oranges. There are many different kinds of plants for the botanist in you and the interpreters on site will talk to you about many different topics. Beautiful place to practice photographs, learn something new, and have a great cup of coffee!

Михаел Георгиев

Unique coffee and I don't even drink coffee P.S Send more!!!

joan reinisch

a must-see...…...learn about coffee plantation history and functionality.


Wonderful tour. Local, very informed people. Beautiful place.

Wright Frazier

This was just damn interesting and fun. I love the farm and the history of the family that lived there and how they made coffee. But the high light as unquestionably the mochi making session. It was so much fun!! I wish I could give more than 5 stars. They volunteers absolutely deserve the praise.

William Gardner

Enjoyed seeing an original actual coffee farm, staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommend for any coffee lover.

Carol Anne

This is more of an encounter, than a "museum"... And I mean that in a good way. It's easy to find and to park (which is free). You can clearly see the people working here love this farm and are dedicated to teaching visitors about the history of this coffee farm and the amazing immigrants from Japan who established it. It was interesting to me to learn about the difference in the method of harvesting and processing coffee beans that is used in Hawaii as opposed to in South America. This is a great place for visitors of all ages... Young children will find it engaging. It's also a beautiful location and they offer free samples of their Kona coffee, which is delicious, and expensive, but you might not be able to resist the temptation of indulging in a purchase.

Courtney Canas

This place was awesome! The demonstrations and the people you get to talk to made the whole trip❤

H Katharina

A beautiful jump back into history, when a Japanese family put huge efforts into coffee farming and daily life. Great people explain every detail, incl. the daily life as show case in the house und kind support in the little shop.

Owen Drury

Wonderful explanations by the interpreters. The displays are well preserved. I really enjoyed the picture of daily life painted by the docents.

Natalia Lopez

We had a wonderful time listening to history of the coffee plantation.

trish jarrell

Well worth the fee. It is run by the Kona Historical Society with really good docents. Learned a lot about coffee and the history.

Jose Rodriguez

Amazing farm with great history and the hands on activities and guides are a must

Patty Fleming

The attendant was very pleasant but the price of admission was too much. We didn't feel it was worth the money.

Sean Gugler

The tour guides are excellent! Well spoken, very engaging style with actual demonstrations. If you catch them on New Year's you can also try traditional mochi making yourself!

Albert Chan

Done in 15 mins and cost is $15 per person. Not worth the time and money. Only the big house has information about it, all other sites on the farm had no information and you can walk passed and not even noticed them. Price of coffee is too high.

Nick Merrill

An excellent way to learn about coffee farming, as well as the history of coffee farming on Hawai’i. It was so fascinating to hear from an actual coffee farmer and to be able to ask questions of highly knowledgeable members of the community. Worth checking out if you are visiting the Kona area.

Collin Tovey

The whole experience was fascinating, but my favorite part was the talk given in the farmhouse. You really get a sense of what daily life was like for the Uchida family.

Douglas Walker

Very interesting place

Dennis Camba

Good place to rest drink real Kona coffee and gift place,

Cust Cust

Very informative. So happy we stumbled upon it.

Mélanie Rohat-Méheust

Wonderfully maintained, great concrete and visual explanations. A lot of tastings (coffee, macadamia nuts, oranges...). Amazing staff / volunteers on site.

Greg LeRoy

Today (8/2/17) we visited the Living History Farm with our daughters, ages 11 and 14. The interpreters were warm, patient and by their pace and demeanor, really helped our kids get a sense of times gone by. Anyone who is interested in coffee, immigration, the Japanese-American experience or the history of agriculture will find this a rich little gem. Highly recommended! GL & SM of Bethesda, Maryland

Simon Laufer

Interesting place when you can see a production line, taste and buy coffee.

Maj Fonseca

Working historic coffee plantation in a very scenic setting. Their crew of dedicated and friendly tour guides is in full 1920s costumes and they know all there is to know of coffee production and life on the farm back in the days. We got to taste their amazing sun dried coffee and pick a sweet juicy orange. Quite a treat! Also, the two donkeys are a sure hit with the kids.

Sam Stevens

I don’t think I’ve ever had a tour like the one when I was in for Hawaii. I find that many tours are milked our and the tour guide talks too much about random things that pertain no relevance to what’s really going on. But here, it’s far different, I’ve never seen so much history come to life so easily. You can easily see people doing their household chores, the women cooking and utilising their rice bags in the most intricate and genius of ways. UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!!

Tina Argetsinger

Very peaceful. Nice people. Informative.


Jim and Kimberly were very informative, we learned a lot.

Karan Suraj

The farm has such a personal feeling to it and the staff are incredibly friendly and informative! The house itself was really interesting to see showing a mixture of 20th century Japanese and American architecture across multiple generations.

Veronika Polovko

That was an amazing tour!!! Highly recommend. They have the old coffee trees and the great history about coffee farming. Guides are very professional and tells a lot of interesting stories and facts about coffee.

S Zumwalt

Sweet little place. Docents are very knowledgeable and open to questions. A glimpse at early coffee growing on a small family scale.

George Paloczi

Great place to visit, especially with children. Short walking tour with patient and detailed explanations of life on a coffee farm circa 1920-1940. Well worth a stop and tour. Allow 1-1.5 hours.

Lauren Benjamin

Loved learning the background to my morning cup of coffee! The people who work here are so dedicated and you can tell they love what they do. Def a great stop while you are in Kona!

My Life

Wonderful place and people. We were there for over 2 hours learning about medicine and the history of coffee

Bungheng Taing

An awesome place for coffee lover. They brewed fresh coffee and there have a variety of samples that you can try and pick what you like. They plant the coffee bean and roast at the same location. If you drive to this location, make sure to be careful and look around before make a turn. The road is narrow and the entrance to this place is pretty hard to spot. Have fun and enjoy the experience.

Tyghe Vallard

Not sure what I expected, but $15 per person seemed expensive

divya kirar

Very nice staff and good tour

Saul Horowitz

Enjoyed the mochi making demonstration.

Matt Lehman

A must if you are interested in the history of Kona and coffee growing in the Kona region. The staff was great.

Jen Stitt

Wow! What a fun morning! Not sure what to expect when we planned our visit (considering coffee was out of season). We were greeted with a smile and allowed to explore the property on our own terms. The guest speakers they had visiting for the day had loads of charisma and interesting stories and information to share. Worth the visit and hopefully we’ll return in the future!

Jeremy Allen

Thanks to this place I can only drink peaberry coffee now.

ana madrigal

Very interesting

Chuck Burner

A great walk back in time to see how the early coffee grew and harvested there product..

Scott MacKenzie

A very authentic walk back in history. Worth the visit! Staff super friendly and knowledgeable. Beautiful.

Heidi Helgren

History of Kona Coffee and families living here - so interesting and we had so much fun.

Jonathan Tyler

Great visit. Loved the historic coffee processing experience

Susanne Galanek

Interesting history. 15.00 per person fee was a bit steep but I considered it a donation. Hawaii has lots of farming history that we should understand.

Dawid Spamer

Kona Coffee Living History Farm is situated on the South West side of the Big Island and a great place to visit. I didn't take the tour inside, but did end up buying a couple of bags of their coffee and mist say it is hands down some of the best coffee I've tasted. The donkey was cool, but no touching! Lol I will go back next time to get some more coffee.

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