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7604 Koko Head Park Rd #7602, Honolulu, HI 96825, United States Located in: Koko Head District Park

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Where is Koko Crater Railway Trailhead?

REVIEWS OF Koko Crater Railway Trailhead IN Hawaii

Kristen Hewitt

This is a really rewarding hike, and I’d say a pretty challenging hike! My friend and I are in good shape and made it up in 30 minutes, and back down in another 45 minutes (going down took longer because you have to be careful of your footing). I’d call it more of a hike/climb, because we didn’t realize just how steep it would be! Things to note: **There is an area near the middle of the hike, where you are climbing on the train track and there is no ground beneath you. This surprised us, and we have mild fear of heights, so anyone who has a pretty good fear of heights should know that area in particular may be rough for you! **The train track is unkept, so many of the “steps” are quite far apart, slippery from the dust, etc. It’s not like climbing stairs. It’s more challenging than that. I’d recommend hiking shoes if you have them! **It is very steep, especially towards the very top. This can be intimidating because the hike is so tiring, and it only continues to get steeper as you get higher. On the way back down, toward the top, we crawled backwards down parts of the railroad ties, because it was so steep (almost like climbing down a slanted latter). It was easier to crab crawl parts of it on the way back down. **Bring water, and snacks aren’t a bad idea. We didn’t eat much of our snacks just because our hands were so filthy from using them to help with footing to climb up. The views from the top are just beautiful, and if you make it to the top, be sure to go ALL the way to the top to get those panoramic views

April M

I wanted to quit three times going up. I run half marathons & this kicked my tail!! The view from the top is breathtaking & worth the climb! Take lots of water! Good shoes. Lots of sunscreen. Another hiker told me to keep my feet on the wood vs the dirt as it can be slick & cause a fall. There were several men literally running up to the top and back down! Going down is so much easier than up! Stick with it!

Gwendolyn Emmsley

Did it twice. Always a challenge. Wish the state would assist in funding to keep up the attraction. Great for a good sweat and beautiful views. Used a camelback as a water source and it was sufficient. You’ll most likely need more than 1 bottle of water.

sarah brandom

Would not recommend doing this hike in jeans or a cute dress. Bring lots of water and snacks. Take breaks and be careful this trial isn't kept up by the state its done by locals so its not 110% perfect but it an amazing hike.

Martin Záveský

Quite hard hiking, especially if sun is shining, so do not forget to have enough water. The view is beautifull from the top and strong wind will help and make you fresh again ;-)

Natalia Marczak

I think the only thing that let me walk all the way up there was the weather, it was a little cloudy and windy, and my sheer determination. If it was sunny I would not have made it! Take a lot of water with you and don't forget to take breaks. If you are a normal human being you have nothing to prove! Just enjoy the views and really challenging way up. But it's certainly worth every sweat.

Matthias Gosch

Great view ! But: A very hard walk up, also down is in some parts not that easy and nice. Bring a lot of water and do it early or late in the day ;). Have fun

Andre Heinrichs

The view from the top totally makes up for the challenge to get there!

Nicole Walter

Harder hike than I thought it was going to be, but it was a fun and cool hike! I would definitely do it again.

Kevin Vakalis

This is an amazing climb up the side of an old extinct volcano. Although a bit of a tiring climb, it truelis worth it. Even 10 year olds can make it so don't get discouraged, just do it. Play the theme song to Rocky to make it really fun. On the way down, just watch your footing as it can be deceiving at times. Enjoy!!!

Quang Vu

First hike we did when we got to Hawaii. Very hard but definitely worth it. Take your time and take breaks. The view on the top is worth it. There was a nearby shooting range so it got a little loud at time.



Bhumika Tailor

Its difficult and you will need lots of water

Jack Liu

Koko Head hike is not an easy hike. It's actually not so much a hike as it is a hard StairMaster. Park at Koko Head park and you can walk to the trail pretty easily. The hike is basically climbing the stairs all the way up. There is a "bridge" area where there's not much ground underneath. This hike is super popular, so make room for the people trying to climb in record time when taking a break. If you are fit, you can get up in 20 minutes. Going at a leisurely pace with a lot of breaks will take you about 40 minutes. The view of the surrounding mountains and the Marina is quite amazing. A great workout with a great view.

Terry Boyle

Hike so nice I did it twice

Ryan Ibarra

While I was visiting, some friends recommended I check this trail out. I come from hiking around Las Vegas in higher elevation. Let me tell you this: don't underestimate this mean little nugget of joy! I started at 5am in the dark and glad I did to beat the little crowd when the sun was out. Some good tips : there are signs stating the park is closed 12am - 4am. There is a gate preventing you from driving up before 6:30am but can park in the neighborhood below.

Stephanie Hoskins

Total Must Do! This hike was so incredible! While your glutes are in fire make sure you take in the views. We saw whales off the coast blowing and many helicopter tours flying overhead. There were rainbows at every height. Once you’re to the top you can walk around to see Hanauma Bay, Sliding Rock, and the valleys below. Truly spectacular. Bring some water and a snack. The climb down is slippery and there’s one really precarious section of the railwAy that’s a steep drop.


The view up top makes this hike worth it. Up and down was a total of 1.7 miles. You can make it difficult if you want to push yourself to go top speed. My mother is 51 years old and climbed it slowly. She crawled on all fours at many points throughout the hike but she was able to get up and down just fine. Go early in the morning so the sun isnt beating down on you. Also bring LOTS OF WATER!!!

Phillip Ngo

Tips before you go: 1) wear sturdy shoes (no flip flops), 2) wear light quick dry clothing, 3) go early before the sun and heat kicks in, 4) bring water, 5) sun screen! It’s bloody tough but the view at the top is stunning. Then you gotta worry about getting down!

H. Ng

Definitely not for those who don't exercise on a regular basis; however, if you pace yourself and go slow, you should be fine. My cardio health has not been the best, and I struggled to keep up with my 17 year old son and wife. It must have taken me close to an hour to reach the top. The panoramic view at the top is gorgeous. Enjoy and celebrate the moment when you arrive....breathless, and thirsty for water. A very good rewarding hike for sure!!!

Christopher Hardin

Dont underestimate it. Hydrate. Bring extra water. Go early morning or late evening. View is amazing so finish!

Frances Holland

Hike hike and away!!!. If it's your first time bring water and perseverance. Certainly not an easy hike, but not extremely difficult. Just take your time and take in the breath taking views. I've seen all sorts of footwear to no wear so go for what will take you to the top. Only restrooms are before the hike near the parking lot on the way there. None at the top or near the bottom so take care if business before hand. I enjoyed going in the early morning (4-5am)for the sunrise and it wasn't as hot and packed with people.

Petr Mušal

Omg is very fun, i go to 200 step and im done. My breath is so hard. But i did it and do it alwas 1048 step. Amazing wiews. Thank for trip

Stephanie Fite

Awesome hike...probably one of the most enduring hikes I've ever done!! Loved it!!

R. D.

Very cool experience. Go really slow and it won't kill you. Take lots of water and good shoes. I didn't want to come back down, the view at the top is awesome.

Neal Dixon

Don't be deceived by the pictures or the people you see running the damn trail... it's harder than it looks. Don't think while doing this hike that it's about the journey. No, it's all about the destination. If you plan accordingly, you'll be able to walk the rim of Koko Head. Unfortunately, I didn't plan ahead and was way tired and thirsty by the time I got to the top and all my group had to drink was Kona Brewing Company's Koko Head Brown Ale... very tasty but not what you want to drink while hiking a harrowing trail.

Yana golikova

When I got to the trail it looked pretty intense... and it was but the view was absolutely incredible!!! I would highly recommend this trail! It's amazing!! Coming down was not as hard as climbing up but because my legs stared shaking from tension it made it a little challenging, especially on the "open trail" part. Go when it's not too hot and make sure you drink water and take breaks.

Todd Aaron

If it's not overcast it's super hot. Easy to catch heat exhaustion even for the most physically fit person. Bring lots of water and do not bring children. It's quite dangerous and I'm surprised this is legal to the public. Many broken rail ties, no hand rails, steep hills, hardly any shade and hardly any wind on the side of the mountain with the rail car rails. Once you reach the top of the mountain it's beautiful and on the other side it has a lot of wind and beautiful scenery. But if you are not physically fit do not do it! Many people have to be air lifted off of this mountain from heat exhaustion or stroke. It's hot hot hot! Again I say do not bring small children or children at all of any age! We seen people bringing babies and toddlers and it's definitely dangerous. It's a very hard mountain to climb so be warned. Don't do it mid day.

Oat Gnoix

It was my first hike. I had to take multiple breaks to the top. I made it to the very top in approx 40mins and it was rewarding. But I made a big mistake going down the unofficial way. It was dangerous and took me 2 hours to get back to my car...the official way back down the rail would of taken me under 30 mins.

Kevin Ahern

Best hike on the island! I prepped for this hike when I went to Oahu for vacation a couple summers ago. Even with the training my legs hurt for a couple days after! But the most rewarding hike I had done to date!

Kevin ONeill

This was one of the most memorable moments from our trip! It is not easy but if you are looking for a reasonably challenging hike I strongly recommend this!

Laura Werner

Do not underestimate this hike. We were both in fairly good shape yet, the stairs are killer. Stable shoes and lots of water!!

Mavric Wang

The view is gorgeous on the top. Overall this is a Moderate trail. Definitely a bit challenge for those people who rarely do cardio.

Frank Lee

Very steep hike, quite a workout but definitely manageable. Great view of the bay on top of the mountain. Well worth the hard work climbing up!

Andrew Stott

Very challenging, and worth it. I got to do this trail on my last day in Hawaii. If I had one more day I would do it again. It was difficult but many places to sit and rest. People of different fitness levels were all on this trail. Slow and steady, you can do it. Bring water, we went during the hottest time of day but it was less crowded.

Nathaniel A

An amazing trail. Really great work out up and balance going down I recommend never stopping unless you are seriously physically uncomfortable. Power trough it and win!

Greg Perez

Some people love this hike, some people thinks its the worst. I'm somewhere in-between. Its harder then you think so just be prepared and bring plenty of water

Berni Manasevich

It’s not easy to get to the top. You can take between 45 to 60 minutes to get to the top. The trail is difficult, specially in the way down. There’s lots of people so its best to arrive early. Take non slippery shoes. The view is amazing, the hike is definitely wort it.

David Clifton

Don't believe the "Safe Bypass" sign. This is not a path for the faint of heart! It's a set of abandoned railroad tracks the army used to winch supplies to the top of the crater, so the "steps" are actually over 1000 railroad ties - and they are spaced farther apart than a normal set of stairs. About a third of the way up, you'll see a sign on the right that says "Safe Bypass." Don't take it; scrambling back onto the track is more difficult than staying on the rails. Be sure you have water. I would suggest an energy bar, but you must have water.

Benedicte Collins

Just did it, bring water it's high, steep and hot.took 50minutes up from the lower parking and 50 minutes down.going down was probably the most challenging part for me , don't do it if you have bad knees or fear of hights.the view at the top is stunning all around.i haven't seen it in any tourists pamphlets which is a shame.we were going to do the Maona falls but they were closed , so we thought about going to Haumona Bay, which was closed also so we ended up here and I have no regrets.

Brittany Gutierrez

Not an easy hike up, it's long and the stairs are a lot wider and taller than a normal set of stairs. There are so many stairs but it's totally worth it when you get to the top. At the top, there is an amazing view and a lot of wind to cool you off.

Tony S

It's a very tough hike, taking breaks along the way up is a must. When your on the ground it looks impossible to climb. When you make it to the top and you look down it's the most amazing feeling! I was sore for days! It's all worth it in the end. ⛰

Peter Müller

Great hike to an awesome viewpoint. Not easy, but everyone should make it with some time to to top. I can get really steep, so take a some water with you. Since you walking in the sun, with a little cover from trees and bushes, you should use sunscreen and a hat is recommended.

Dan Turco

great hike, little bit of a grind towards the top, but the views are great

Ashley Rolon

This trail was not joke. Definitely made me realize how unfit I was. Haha. But if you are looking for a small challenge this is it and believe me the views are totally worth it.

Kalai Poaha

Love this hike. It's not easy but well worth it once you reach the top. The views is breath taking. But when you reach the top of the tracks you need to get off the tracks and walk up the trail to the very top. Well worth it.

Jonathan Zhou

I'm probably about average physical condition and while this was a fairly grueling hike up, it wasn't out of my stretch. If you stop to take breaks every once in a while, it's pretty manageable. The scary part was crossing the old railroad tracks with like a 10 foot drop, but as long as you're careful you won't fall. Once at the top, the view is breathtaking, and definitely makes the hour long hike up worth it. Lots of parking at the base of the mountain, but you'll have to walk a few minutes to actually reach the trailhead.

Chippy The Chipmunk

Not for the faint of heart.

Rob Mald

Great view from the top. Lots of people try to get there early avoid some of the traffic. Be ready for a workout

Julia A. Melzer

This is a serious workout. Not for children, though I saw some and serious worried they would fall and get hurt. The view was worth the huffing and puffing!

Jason J

This is HARD so bring water, snacks, and take your time. Slow and steady. The view at the top is great and the breeze atop will invigorate you for the trip down.


Amazing views, always climb when visiting the island. Make sure you take plenty of water, a hat and snacks

b 94

Magnificent view of Honolulu but very challenging, the trail is poorly taken care of. If you have a tendency to worry a lot, stress,are scared of heights and rarely hike, you might want to try Diamond Head which is more friendly. Great adventure though.

Allison Rios

This hike is hard work! It is tough and steep, you will be breathing hard, maybe even taking breaks along the way way up, but I promise you that the view at the top is 100% worth it. There are times you will be using your hands to help yourself up, and maybe crab walking down, but it's awesome! My 12-year old son and I did it this morning, and we are so glad we finally tackled it. Your legs will be burning later. There were folks running it and some folks were barefoot.

Natalia Dibbern

Amazing hike and super rewarding. Be aware it is very challenging! You definitely do not need to be an athlete to do it. The only activity I do in my life is yoga and I was able to hike it but still I was very tired at the end. The view at the top is amazing, definitely worth it.

Evelyn Villanueva

Beautiful...Amazing view.

TylerVan Mai

Such a great experience, progressively intense! Bring plenty of water and correct shoes. Take your time on your way down!


I did not give this hike the credit it deserved, and it kicked my butt. It's not easy at all, but it's rewarding beyond comprehension. It's more than just the view (although the view is amazing), but this was truly the first hike that I've done where I got to the top and was so proud of the accomplishment. The hike is tough, but doable, and like others have said, be careful on the bridge, especially coming down. Take it slow and stay focused, and you'll have no issues.

Shibalik Chakraborty

One of the best hikes in Oahu. The path is on an abandoned tram line and goes to the top of the crater. You wont need to reach the top to enjoy the breathtaking views, but sure is most enjoyable from the top. Do make sure to carry plenty of water. Hike does not have much shade and can get hot during mid afternoon. Preferably start early in the morning and relax every couple hundred steps to revere the picturesque views.

Chance Yergensen

Overall, this is a very rewarding hike. It is more difficult than Diamond Head, but the challenge is part of the reward. The trail has railroad ties that offer good footing and there is room to pass others or take breaks. Views are fantastic. Recommend going early so the sun is at a more favorable angle for pictures and because there is no shielding from the sun's rays via trees or other vegetation. Parking lot allows for free parking and is a good meeting spot for a group.

Jose De oliveira

Tougher than i thought, and i consider myself pretty fit. Although i did try to do it in as little pauses as possible. Went middle of the day which i do not recommend! However once you get to the top, you realise what the hard work was for. Breathtaking views and the feeling of accomplishment.

Yinan Liu

This was definitely not easy, but the view is great at the top!

Scott Cadwell

Very steep and tough climb. It is straight up, no switch backs. You climb the railway ties. Amazing views from the top.

Jose P

Take your time and breathe. Bring water, approx 2L per person. It is very rewarding and it'll be worth to drink an ice cold one after the hike

Karen C

Bring water, sunblock, and grippy shoes! Not for beginners. During sunny days it's scorching as there is no shade unless you run off into the bushes along the way. Reaching the top is so worth it though, views are breathtaking.

Benjamin Hubert

This is by far my favorite climb in Hawaii. Bring lots of water and you will experience some of the best views on the island. Check out some YouTube climbing videos to get a better idea of what this climb entails.

alejandra lane

A killer trail if you are not prepared, take plenty of water; nd take your time there is no trophy at the top. But the view is breathless.

Serena Lousich

Pretty much straight up the whole way but worth the view! No shade! Bring hat and sunscreen.

Sarah York

Very hard to do. Like most hiking here it has beautiful vistas at the top. But don’t mess around. This hike is not for everyone. Take your time and don’t over do it. Great experience and workout

Brian Reina

Breathtaking views. The railroad tracks are steep, but because they're so steep, you can hike up the whole thing in an hour or less. It's tough but worth it

Don Bruce

Definitely a good workout. There wasn't a single person who wasn't panting while climbing this.

Scott Devonport

Wow this is a tough little climb and pretty scary on the way back down. Surprised by how busy it was but it was the weekend. Bring water as there's no shade. Legs get smashed coming down, but well worth the climb for the views and the challenge.

Liza Szabo

The view on the top is absolutely stunning, worth the climb. However, if you don’t do cardio this is a kick in the butt. Stay safe.


Fun trail climbing up the stairs of the rail road. Coming down was even more fun running down the tracks timing myself.

Miroslav Krupan

Amazing and demanding hike. You can make it up to the top under 1 hour, but be ready to sweat. Like a LOT! The higher you go the steeper it gets and eventually you'll climb using hands. Do not underestimate this --> water, good shoes, sun cream and more water. Views from the top are rewarding and the feeling is even better. Parking lot is big enough and toilets are available. Go early or deal with crowds.


Beautiful view but tough hiking.

Sports Center

A VERY difficult hike, but the view from the top is incredible!

Patrick Samuels

What an experience, highly recommended. Don't do what I did and go in the middle of the day, peak of the sun with no water. The last 10% when the summit gets steep, it was a bit of a burn but well worth it. When I come back would definitely do again

Karen Henderson

Spectacular view! But taking off a star because it is not for everyone. It's basically a steep, slippery, uneven stair climb. Bring water, be in better than average shape. If you want to go for sunrise plan to be parked in the neighborhood 1.5 hours before official sunrise time.

Kuo Liu

I recommend coming here for a good work out or to enjoy the view. Parking is free and I suggest you get here in the morning since it won't be too hot later on. Most of the regular or fit athlete comes here in the morning like at 5 or 6am. They usually finish the run pretty quick but for most people who don't exercise like me then it can take anywhere from 1 hour to 1.5 hours if you take some break in between. I recommend wearing shoes with some traction since there are dirt and you have to get a grip when going down. There is one part where you can take a side trail if you are scared of height. This part is about 40 feet drop from the floor and you just have to be careful. I've seen people done this trail in flip flop and even dogs doing it. It isn't hiking but more like climbing 1500 steps of stairs. Once you get up to the top, it's worth it since you get a nice breeze and take loads pictures. I definitely recommend a bottle of water, some sun screen and shoes with traction or grip of this is your 1st time. I don't consider myself a outdoor hiker but anyone can do it. This trail is going to get your whole back wet and legs shaking and even stomach cramping. Overall, many locals run on this trail for their workout and there is a reason for that. Great workout with a rewarding view at the top versus a stairmaster that don't give the same feeling.

Thomas Saunders

beautiful views but it takes quite some time to make it to the top

Trenton Vargason

Great 1200 foot climb. Many intimidating steps, but all are doable. The view from the top is magical!

Graeme Varis

Very steep hike for the adventurous. Wear adequate closed toe shoes, take water, and light clothing. You need to be fit to do this hike. Be warned, the climb is steep, and the pathway is treacherous in places. The view on the day that we visited was not worth the climb, due to clouds and humidity. There were quite a few people running up and down the track.

Axel Granholm

Don't go on weekend, way too crowded with people that just plow through. Fun to hear all the banter of people hiking, but dangerous if you stop walking; just get run over... Beautiful sights. Took me 10 minutes to get a shot of the tracks with just a couple people in photo. We got there about 8:45 and already way too crowded and in full sun.

Alex Garcia

This trail is not for the weak. The incline increases as you go up. There's a sign on the side that says safe way past bridge.. do NOT take that. The bridge can be scary because of the decrepit wood but if you take your time you'll be fine. Parking is very close and free. The width is plenty for people to pass by going opposite directions. Since its straight up you cant get lost. At the peak you get a gorgeous 360 view, including Hanauma Bay. Pack as lightly as possible. Drink plenty of water. Wear sunscreen and quality shoes... your knees and feet will appreciate it. Lastly, even though this is a difficult inclined hike, the best part is finishing what you started, using self motivation to push forward until you have accomplished what you set out to do. Dont give up because life is not a practice round

Josh Kapels

This wasn’t the longest climb we’ve done, but definitely the most difficult. The views up top are worth every bit of the work. I will do this every trip! Amazing.


I was worried about climbing this because a lot of reviews said it was very difficult. Personally I found it not so bad. If you take breaks you'll be fine. Bring water. Going down was faster but harder on the knees. It's very windy at the top and a bit chilly but the view is spectacular. Took me 45 mins to 1 hr to go up with many many breaks and maybe 20 mins to go down. Any shoes will do.

Max Sarver

Not for the faint of heart. Also pack appropriately for the trail sunscreen and more than one bottle of water. Beautiful views up top.

Daniel Hildebrandt

Great workout! 1,048 railroad ties to get to the top. You will be rewarded with a beautiful view into the crater and over Hawaii Kai, all the way to Diamond Head. If you want us to help you hike up there check out


Wow this was hard to do. My hotel recommended it instead of Diamond Crater. Took me a while to get to the top, had to push myself to reach the top as it is very tiring . Well worth it once you reach the top. This is a hike and not a walk. Make sure you bring plenty of fluids to drink and don’t forget your camera like I did.

Adam Wood

One of the highlights of my trip to Hawaii, and as other reviewers have noted, you should be sure of your physical capabilities before considering this hike! Equipment checklist: -Shoes with grip (the wood can be slippery, as can the dirt on the sides of the rails if you choose to climb on the sides) -Sunscreen -Light coloured clothing if sunny (the side of the mountain faces southish so in the middle of the day the sun is directly on you -Flexible bottoms (some of the steep parts require you to lift your legs fairly high, jeans are not recommended) -Long sleeve or light jacket (it can be quite windy and cool at the summit especially if you plan to rest at the top for any length of time, your sweat will make you cold) -Hat -Backpack (helps with balance when climbing) -Couple of litres of water and light snacks -Camera I actually biked here from Waikiki (in a rain storm I might add). It's roughly 10 miles each way, I did it slow in about 2 hours each way. I think doing this on a cloudy, windy day actually made this endurable, the hot sun would have been rough. Locked the bike up at the nearby baseball diamond, there's fences and picnic tables you can lock bikes at. Then for the fun. Bring water and snacks. Having a backpack on actually makes the climb easier, it balances you when you're climbing the rails, each rail step is a decent sized step, backpack helps prevent you from falling forwards. About halfway up, it starts getting steeper. Yes, there is a section with no ground beneath, but there's a shortcut around for those too unnerved by it. At the top, you get a view of a valley on the north side and Waikiki on the south. There are a few abandoned structures at the top you can climb on for better views. Perfect opportunities for panorama shots. It can be quite windy at the top, so as I mentioned a light jacket would be recommended as it can be cool. Going down is fast, but potentially more challenging, especially on the steep parts. Also quite hard on your ankles and knees. Shoes with ankle support are definitely recommended.

Lola White

This hike is exhilarating yet challenging to climb. I love hiking solo or great for hiking with friends. Every step is a step closer to where I want to be. It symbolizes much more than a hike. Koko head is a lifestyle

Jason Posey

What a rewarding climb. Trust me it’s worth it once you get to the top. Amazing!!

Oak Phonthaphan

It was awesome hiking under the rain “yes, you can call me a crazy devil“. Downside, avoid.... wet dirt mixing with sand are slippery when stepping on concrete blocks, especially going downhill! Take extra caution! Other than that... enjoy and have fun!!!

Jenny N.

I am in fairly good shape and this hike was one of the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It took us a little over an hour to get to the top. The path offers no shade and is essentially a giant step-master. Brings lots of water and consider doing it for sunrise or sunset when the temperature drops (not at 1pm like we did). Also be warned if you are scared of heights that the walk is very steep at times. Take your time and enjoy the well deserved view!


Had to race up so that I made the top before sunset. Really amazing hike. Beautiful views over the crater.

Trishia Carinio

I've done this hike over a dozen times. I've completed this while I was a college student, after I graduated, when I was pregnant, and later with my baby. The views of the sunrise are amazing. Be careful when it rains, though. It can get slippery. Every now and then there's also a bee hive near the side of the bridge. Once you pass the bridge, you're more than halfway through to the top. This hike isn't easy because it's basically all uphill with no shading and uneven despite the tracks, but it's a nice little challenge on a free and legal trail.

Ryan Chiang

Great hike. Was debating on bringing my child. Do NOT bring small children. It is not safe. For adults, awesome hike. Challenging and vertical. Made up in 21 minutes, and down in double the time. Make sure to bring water and good shoes.

Prom Queen Doge

Have to come early to get parking, but a very fun hike! This one is a challenge for me, had to stop about every 20 feet, but there are plenty of little rest stops to get out of the way of folks going up and down the trail. The top was beautiful, but the most fun part was hiking up the bit of rail that had no ground beneath it! It's nice that there's an option to do that or go a safer route too

Kevin Mastropaolo

The hike up the railroad tracks is awesome! Every time I travel to Oahu, I hike up the crater. If you take your time, it is not too difficult. Make sure you take a lot of water. The view at the top is amazing! Be careful on the way down, some of the railroad ties are slippery. I recommend this hike to everyone I know. Enjoy the views while hiking up!

Ryan Jimenez

Not great for young kids as the rail road tracks go over a small ravine. A daunting looking climb but very manageable! Views are worth it, don’t stop!

Soon Sae Ng

Most challenging hike we had experienced and dangerous too. If you missed step, you could come troubling down the railway pillars and break some borns. Be very prepared and take the time. There is no prize for being first or the fastest. You can do it and don't give up. We did, we are 71+ year old and we did in December 2018.

Mel G

Intense climb but definitely worth it !!

Sapna Patel

This hike tested my fear of heights, but the top was absolutely worth it. My husband and I took our time and enjoyed every bit of it! We are average in shape folks and were able to make it round trip in 3.5 hours. Please take plenty of water. We took about 1L each for person and ran out towards the end. :) Amazing and rewarding hike!!!

James Norton

Amazing view. Short but very hard hike. Bring more water than you think you'll need.

Lisa Dannewitz

Loved this hike! Such beautiful views, and I felt so accomplished afterwards. Definitely not for beginners though.

Iris C Alvarenga

I love to had the opportunity to be there, it is an amazing place!!! High recommend...just remember to check with your doctor your colesterol...and presion


You ever heard of the Stairway to Heaven? Well, this is the Stairway from Hell. This hike was intense and at one point I was literally crawling! There are 1,048 steps to climb on this hill, and yes, it is much harder than Diamond Head. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the hardest, I’d classify this one as an 8 at least. We started climbing at a little after 10:30 am. Mistake. The heat was extreme during this time of the day and only got worse as we ascended. I wasn’t even a quarter up the hill before sweat was pouring down my face. This hike is just as much of a mental challenge as it is a physical one, but as with most hikes on Oahu, the view from the top is most definitely the reward for all your hard work. You'll get a 360-view of Hawai`i Kay, Sandy Beach, and Hanauma Bay. The view is breath-taking and definitely Insta-Worthy! The descent, while a little easier, was still pretty challenging and is especially hard on the knees. We ran down the hill so it didn’t take is quite as long to get down but running on a decline is not something I would recommend if you have bad knees. Don’t be afraid to take your time. The climb is also not necessarily kid-friendly given the extreme nature of the climb—don’t bring your kids if you don’t have to. The stairs get even more steep towards the top, so don’t bring your dogs either. The finishing time for this hike depends heavily on your fitness level. It takes the average hiker roughly 45 minutes to make the climb, but if you're in really good shape, you can finish much faster. For my first time, I finished the hike in 27 minutes (and that was with several breaks along the way). My friend finished in 19 minutes. If you’re a tourist and this is your first time, this is not a hike I would recommend for beginners. Here’s some other things to keep in mind: - Try to go early before the sun gets too high in the sky, I would recommend before 9am as the extreme heat is an issue the later you go. - Also note: There is an area near the middle of the hike, where you are climbing on the train track and there is no ground beneath you. This surprised me, and was a little scary at first because of the heights. So anyone who has a pretty good fear of heights should know this area in particular may be more difficult for you. - The tracks are extremely unkempt and many of the blocks are far apart, and a little slippery because of the dust. Be mindful as you take each step as it is easy to potentially twist your ankle on the way up. Would recommend hiking shoes if you have them. - Bring a towel, you will sweat - Wear a sweatband if you have one (this was my mistake) - Bring lots of water and stay hydrated! - Use the bathroom before you walk it. There is a bathroom at the parking site when you first get there, so make sure you use it beforehand as you won’t have the opportunity too once you start the climb. - Wear breathable clothing so you don’t overheat. Activewear is perfect for this. I wore denim shorts and a tank, but I sweat right through the denim and it was a little harder for me to move. Next time, I will be wearing activewear bottoms.

Linh Tran

It was a steep hike but well worth it for the view. Highly recommend going at sunrise or sunset.

Nicholas Bartolotta

What an excellent hike! I had no expectations taking on this hike, even though my friends whom live in Hawaii said that it was very hard. As I like a challenge, I went forth, spirits lifted and trudged forward. Wishing I had timed it, I would guess it took at least an hour or more. And once it got steep with occasionally railroad ties missing, it was that much more difficult but it was a totally awesome hike, especially reaching the summit and feeling the crosswinds cooling me off. Once you get to the small concrete structure at the summit, there is a cliff that leads down to the crater. - Beautiful views in every direction - I snapped a few pictures while up there that are included in my post. A few people passed me going up AND down as this must have been a piece of cake for the rugged hiking fanatics of this climb and descent. I ain't knockin' them, though. It's a feat for the average hiker to get up Koko Head and I applaud anyone that can get up to the top, no matter how long it takes! :D A great aspect about this park is plenty of parking, a covered picnic area, a small playground and restrooms. There were also 4 baseball diamonds, 6 tennis courts and 2 basketball courts. Also nearby was the Koko Head Shooting Complex so don't be alarmed when you hear people shooting off round after round to your right when you start the hike up the trail. As I'm not an avid hiker, I'd say that this isn't for the weak of heart or small children. It is pretty difficult but that is all relative to how well of cardiovascular shape you're in and how limber your leg joints may be. You will eventually be doing full leg extensions. I definitely recommend stretching before you take on this railroad tie trail. And pack your Camelback or water bottles. You will need it as you will sweat hard, especially on the warmer days. It is a challenge!

Somayeh Khiyabani

You need to go 1000 steps to the top to see the view. It is remarkable scene at the top but the trail is steep and hard. Go on your pace, rest time to time and do not forget water.

Harley Driscoll

Well it's not fair to give it anything less than 5 stars. It is truely scenic. However.... The trail isnt well maintained, coming from Colorado I'm used to trails and stairs (even pikes peak trail is redone every couple of years) but this looked original and in some places dangerous. It needs to be reworked quite a bit. If you plan to hike it a reccomend allocating 2 hours and bringing water and a pair of real shoes not flip flops. Towards the end it gets pretty vertical but is worth it in the end. Ps: The wildlife and view is amazing. Got within a couple feet of a bird that never moved.

tom mcmaster

Quite the workout, even if in decent shape you are going to huff and puff. The view is amazing, got a do it

Kaleem Chaudhry

I would highly recommend bringing at least 2 bottles of water for the hike!

Nico Stephan

Nice tourist attraction and instagram spot. Also some locals that doing their workout to the top... tough to get up, if you have problems with balance and heights it could be to hard so be prepared to fight a little bit your way up!

Ms. Villalobos

Agree with everyone else, this trail is very challenging. Thankfully I've been hitting the gym, so that definitely helped. I saw so many people go up without water. Families with little ones too, and no water for them either which really sucks. People, come prepared with water and some snacks. The walk down is hard too and you'll need some carbs to re-charge.

Rachel Sarreal

Don’t go when it’s hot if you are not used to the elements. Please consider the humidity. Hydrate prior and bring a lot of water. Many people, didn’t have Enough water when I went (surprising) on a 87 degree afternoon. A little precarious and gets steeper as you go. Very worth the cold gust of wind and views that greet you when you get to the top.

Måns Axelsson

Amazing hike! With an amazing view. Can recommend to everybody. The hike is quite challenging but most people will make it

Kimberley Lingard

Mean physical workout for the average punter. Bring water, sun protection and as much determination as you can muster. -Australian average punter.

Hamilton G.

Excellent way to start your morning off with some cardiovascular activity, and gorgeous views of the island and surrounding bays! Arrive early, as parking lot fills up quickly, and the trail is full of people. It's fairly busy on the trail, at times you need to move aside to allow larger parties to get by. The stairs are longer than your normal stairs, so your stride will be pushed further out, which makes for an awkward pace. But that's the challenge, and I'm all for challenges! Take your breaks, but be sure to make it all the way to the top, it's really nice up there! If you go super early, you will enjoy a nice sunrise! Be careful coming back down, as you will scrub speed very quickly, and it can be tricky, or you can trip. My number 1 recommendation for this is, bring shoes with Vibram soles, or any other pair of shoes with good grip on the soles. It's not necessary or required, but it will make your every step much more secure and will help resist from slipping. Took about 30-40 mins going up. Took about 20 mins going down. Its approximately 1.6 miles round trip. And the elevation gain is approximately 1,066 feet. Enjoy my friends!

Jerry Marquardsen

I thought I was in fairly good shape! It was the toughest hike I have ever had.It is 1050 steps but the it is almost straight up at some points. The grueling climb is a shared experience for everyone! Met a lot of nice people. View was awesome. I don't recommend this to anyone is average shape. I have done Makapuu lighthouse, diamond head also. This was by far the toughest.

monika limbu

Make sure to bring lots of water. Not an easy hike but definitely worth it.

Joyce Hertrich

Whew! What a climb and beautiful view once you reach the top. Park at the Koko Head district parking lot and walk over. There is a lot of parking. Definitely gets busy. Bring water!!!!

Kamil Chetty

Steps.. steps ..more glorious Steps... walk it ... pace yourself and you will be rewarded with expansive views of the region... Take heaps of water and snacks... in no way is the easy... you with feel the quads burning at some stage... just take your time and enjoy the views!!!!

jackson howell

EXPERIENCED HIKERS I have hiked a lot of Mainland trails but this is exceptional. One of the greatest views on Oahu but very challenging. Its walking up a mountain on a slick RR track. Wear shoes with good grip!

Austin Kim

Awesome cardio workout. Super challenging going up the hill but it was so worth it once you reach the top looking down the panoramic view of Honolulu. Wish I could say it was easy coming down the hill but it was as difficult coming down. Enjoy the hike.

Michal Frühauf

I was suprised how demanding this trail was. At the end it brought a great feeling to reach the summit.

Wang Jue

My 2 years old loves it!

Tolulope Aje

If you not physically fit I will advise not to try it on the very first day, start with diamond head to warm up , if you do the view is worth it!!

Derek Nelson

My friend and I mocked this hike when we drove up to it. "This will be easy. The distance isn't even that far. I bet we can get up and down in an hour." I suppose it was karma then that we ended up drenched in sweat by the end of this hike. True, it wasn't a long hike but it is exposed the entire way and steep! We passed alot of people that were pretty much dying. I'm so thankful I have the natural advantage of living at a higher altitude. The hike itself is a uniquely fun experience since you're walking up an old railroad the entire way. The view from the top is wonderful and it's great to cool off and soak in the view after all of that uphill physical exertion. The physical part of this hike isn't "fun" but it was a really cool experience and I'm glad we decided to do it!

Jordan Kobayashi

Do not gas yourself out at the beginning. The railway ties are spaced out further apart at the start; a lot of lunging. It gets more difficult as you go up. Watch the sand on the railway ties as not slip. Loved the hike but more so the views!

Andrea Paganini

a very nice hike allows you a beautiful view from the top

Kalin Basd

Go early at the mornings or late afternoon, otherwise you'll regret it, but the view is amazing

Alyssa Aparicio

Amazing view if you don't pass out when you get there.

Garrett Myler

The hike up is certainly exhausting but the view has got to be among the most beautiful on the planet. Be sure to bring some water....and, of course, a camera! Please note that this is an advanced trail for those in excellent health and NOT for inexperienced hikers. Recent increases in rescues by the local fire department pose a threat of the trail being shut down. Know your limits! Also, I find the historical context of this site fascinating. The trail up is the remains of a rail car that brought military equipment to a radar site used during WWII. If you're not claustrophobic, use the light on your phone to explore the operational tunnel at the top. PS: There is a portion of the trail that is a mini bridge in which you have to balance as you walk across the rail ties. Those who aren't as coordinated or afraid of heights can take the safe detour.

Jacob Sessions

Definitely a workout to get up and down this trail. We are not in shape people and it took a while with several breaks on the way up. The views at the top are by far worth the effort. Its a great free thing to do while on the island. If your not fit, keep in mind this hike may make you sore afterwards if you have other activities planned.

Derek Plate

Awesome hike, great views, and it’s free!

D. Fischer

What a great and challenging hike! Not easy at all. Bring water and sunscreen.

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