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71-1890 Queen Ka'ahumanu Hwy, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740, United States

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Where is Kiholo Bay?

REVIEWS OF Kiholo Bay IN Hawaii

Terence Chan

Gorgeous coastline and an easy walk to the Queen's Bath from the Kiholo Bay parking lot (even if you have sandals on). Respect the private property along the route to get here, easiest way is to park at the parking lot and walk along the shore. If you're not one for hiking or you're short on time, I'd recommend just walking up to the Queen's Bath, as while the bay is nice, the publicly accessible part not too different from what you can seeing coming out from the parking lot to the shore.

Marcus Lodwick

Not particularly attractive in a scenic sense. Turtles made it worthwhile. Please give the some space though...they are trying to relax...


Kihilo Bay is a very secluded beach with a rough road. But certainly a beautiful beach. I get the feeling they want to preserve this place and not allow too many people to visit.

Andrew Gong

January Serda

Beautiful black rock beach. Mild hike along coast. Opportunity to see many sea turtles resting on the rocks. Water is refreshing and beautiful here. Many private residences close by so be respectful of private property while enjoying the awesome landscape.

catherine maynes

It's a hidden gem. Turtles and natural princess water pools. amazing!

John Dow

An out of the way inlet with many sea turtles and seals. Ocean is very calm and beach is nice.

joe lisha

Real cool

Jeff McDowell

Krystal Sorensen

Josie Clark

Very beautiful and lots of turtles. The walk isn't as bad as some reviews. Not really a sandy beach if that is what you are looking for.

Robin Moore

If you are willing to take the long hike to this secluded amazing beach it is well worth the trip. Nothing short of a once in a lifetime experience for me here. I'm glad I took the road less traveled.

Jonathan Ubrig

Awesome bay with lots of turtles

George Miller

John Martin

Really nice hike. You are able to see wild sea turtles in the ocean. Make sure you are wearing appropriate footwear and to bring water. After following the path to the beach just go right and big the ocean abs you will reach an inlet ever the turtles are located.

Nick N.

Quick hike to get here, often turtles will be here sunning themselves.

Curtis Monaghan

Bit of a rough trek from the car park to get to the bay however it is worth it. If you continue on past the large houses you will find a black pebble beach, it is an ideal place to snorkel from, the fish are a bit more illusive than other snorkel sites but it is great for watching sea turtles in the water!

Ricky Tabandera

Anthony Cahill

Gorgeous beach with beautiful sea turtles.

Olmir Rankrape


John Whitworth

Very shallow water, not much coral and wasn't as interesting as Two Step for snorkelling. The beech is accessed from a gravel track and even then it's a walk on sand and gravel to get to the turtle area. I did see turtles, and my wife saw several when snorkelling.

Mike Matsuoka

Take the hike it's worth it.

Laurel Bush


Al Alfieri

This place is majestic. There is an inlet from the sea to fresh water ponds. Dozens of Honu (sea turtles) are traveling in or out almost all of the time. The water is crystal clear. You need to bring water the trail can get hot. Where the trail end at the beach make a right and keep going until you pass the house and come to the inlet. It is very unique and made out of large stones so you will know when your there.

Darryl Kujat

A bit of a hike along the beach, but we saw 4-5 sea turtles in the bay. Queens bath was very nice as well.

Cheryl Bishop

Matt Hallman

Scott Giambastiani

Diane Spatz

Turtles abound here! Go early morning to avoid the heat


Jessica Rogers

Jolien Brands

We saw lots of turtles over here. Secluded beach with beautiful views!

Imaging Creation Kunstman


Very pretty area, not the best for swimming but certainly has some spectacular views! Its a bit a of a hike down the beach. I wouldn't say this is the top spot to visit but it does have a lava tube filled with water which is cool.

Jennifer McHale

So many turtles!! Amazing!

Jetta Armstrong

Dominic D'Assis

One of my favorite places on the big island.

Chris Klassen

Jeffrey Lawson

Amazing place

Gordon Gillespie

Rainbow dolphin singer

Love it

Mark Burris

Three stars because of the Sea Turtles. Nothing else seemed special about it. The beach itself is rocks, very little sand. Under the surface of the water is plenty of sharp things, hence the bleeding feet. It is pretty, but so are many other areas. Actually another positive is that it does not seem crowded. I suspect that is due to the hike to get here and the poor beach. Again, turtles are the redeeming factor.

Erin MacMurray

A bit of a hike but great hidden black sand beach with tons of sea turtles hanging out!

Alex Ozols

Great beach, and a place to see turtles. How to see them should remain secret though to real adventurers

Christian M Guadamuz

Michael Phillips

Quite place to see turtles and possible have them swim up to you.

Dmitry Khrisanov

One of the greatest places for snorkeling around Kona.

Lou Russo

Meekz Boyy

My Favorite Beach

Noelle Garner

Richard Barlow

brett palomaki

Hard to get to, Little beach and rocky. Lots of sea turtles though.

Mark McConnell

Stunning light blue water filled with turtles.

Joven Mou

Didn’t see many turtles !

Devyn Hanselmann

Emily Harpster

Brandon Gonsalves

Pablo Granados

Adriana Velasquez

Nice snorkel during the summer. Low visibility during the winter. At least that was my experience two days ago.

Albert Jimenez

Amazing place and great place to snorkel with sea turtles.

Andrew Sarasin

We saw 3 turtles so that's great enough! I just wished I would have known where I could snorkle. Sometimes google or lonley planet say where to snorkle exactly but it was hard to find out exactly where. The rocks where a bit undesirable to walk on bit maybe I'm just being picky. Your best to walk on the sand barefoot for while you can. Also the little "bath" was cool to see near the little trail I think. But that's about it.

David Desrosiers



Al Ricci

Very rocky terrain with little shade, but with stunning coastline views. The occasional sea turtle will be sunning on the beach or swimming near the shallow shoreline. They are very docile, and while I would never suggest touching/disturbing them, you can go in the clear water and they'll swim around you (don't be that guy that has to touch them). It will get hot and the hike isn't easy, but it's a beautiful experience.

Arwa Rangwala

Alan Engle

Difficult walk from parking area (not a parking lot). Lots of sea turtles once you get past the Rocky Beach area and get to lava field. Difficult but worth it. Not a lot of people either since it's a difficult hike. And wear good shoes.

Dean Honda

Vivian Carboneau

Beautiful beach, turtle sighting!

Jessie Yu

Barbara Donnet

(Translated by Google) Small cove 15/20 minutes walk from the car park where many turtles have given themselves. The turtles were located in the water basin just behind the beach but friends also saw them on the beach! (Original) Petite crique à 15/20 minutes de marche du parking ou de nombreuses tortues se sont données rendez vous. Les tortues étaient situées dans le bassin d’eau juste derrière la plage mais des amis les ont également vu sur la plage !

Jake Ryan


Windswept black lava rocky beach with a series of rock pools and freshwater lava tube. Park just after mile mark 81 and hike in. Teeming with green turtles. Please respect the turtles and leave them alone, unlike other visitors touching resting ones or ploughing into the water.

Klaus Mueller

(Translated by Google) Very arduous way to the bay. You can park on Highway 19 and from there a trail goes down to the bay. It does not work so well. Once at the bottom you will find a typical black bay, which we found rather unspectacular. We did not see turtles either. (Original) Sehr beschwerlicher Weg zur Bucht. Man kann am Highway 19 parken und von dort geht ein Trampelpfad runter zur Bucht. Es lässt sich nicht so gut laufen. Unten angekommen findet man eine typische schwarze Bucht, die wir als ziemlich unspektakulär empfanden. Schildkröten haben wir auch keine gesehen.

jeff washler

Sweet views during a hurricane

Jennifer Kim

A small trek to get to the Bay Area but totally worth it. WEAR SHOES! You’re walking on rocks to get to the Bay. Once you get to the lava rocks keep going and there are some nice shady sand areas to relax. It’s a low key spot and hardly anyone was there when we went around 4pm and we stayed a couple of hours. Snorkeling isn’t great because the water is a little foggy, but kind or worth trying because we saw so many sea turtles, puffer fish, huge blue tang etc. Great swimming spot and sea turtles are everywhere!

Karlon Young

Beautiful calm waters. Turtles swimming in a calm protected bay. A true hidden gem with few people there.


It is the one beach we went to that I felt was a waste of a half day. We headed to Kiholo Bay looking for the 'Queens Bath' . It was a disappointing little hole in the ground filled with fresh water and overall pretty disgusting. There is no way I would recommend Kiholo Bay to anyone. We left the Queens Toilet and proceeded to walk down into the bay area past the fancy homes you first approach. Once we got past the Thai looking temple it was reminiscent of a Indian Reservation and the squaller they call home. The beach isn't comfortable to walk on and after enduring the walk only to be disappointed, the walk back is really bad. The whole time you are thinking.."What moron thought it this place is worth visiting?" Anyone who is suggesting it isn't doing you any sort of favor. There are plenty of better places to see turtles. To go out to the beach from where you park is all I would suggest, venturing any further is a complete waste of time.

Liang Du

Great place to see turtles. Drove in from between 82-83 mile markers and walked along the coast. We saw at least 5 turtles, 1 on the pebbles out of the water. Very cool. At the end of the walk is the light blue water. The walk is just under 1 mile (1.5 km) but it is over difficult terrain, mainly pebbles but areas of sand and lava rock. Covered walking shoes would be better than sandals.

Jocelyn Lindsey

Brian Rohan

Incredible place to relax and watch the marine life. We've seen turtles, seals and much more sleeping on the rocks.

Kathryn Roessler

Chris Anderson

Dynamic Big Island coastal access


Very rocky area. Be prepared to walk. No parking except for a rocky side. It's nice when you get there. There's a table on the right side and campsite on the left (looking at the beach)

Micalle Culver

Keoni Neddermeyer

Very nice an tranquil

Andrey Chernykh

Oh man. How can you give 3 stars to nature????)))) (comment belove )

wolfie sch

Very nice places

James Williamson

Awesome beach for exploration.

Tara Savoline

An amazingly beautiful spot.

Daniel Damazo

Jayne Kainulainen

Love this place. Hike across the sand to the bay and see the amazing turtles! Worth it!

andrea barro

Jesse Wolf

Kylie Russell

Good spot. It's a bit of work to get from the parking area to the smaller part of the bay with hatcheries. It's a pretty, but challenging walk. Once you get to the area with the hatcheries you can walk around the bay on lava rock, which is much easier. We saw lots of sea turtles. Also, there is private property so stay near the water.

Filipino Prince

For those complaining about the hike and rocky beach first understand that Big Island is the youngest island. This is why you find a lot of rocky beaches as the lava rocks have not eroded into sand. Always bring along water shoes or divers boot to any location that reuqires a hike to a "beach". The reason why I placed quotes around beach is because to haole - not native to the land, a beach is white sand, palm trees. A beach by definition is a shore of a body of water that is covered by sand, pebbles or rocks. There are beaches of big island that I wish did not have easy access, such as Kua Bay. We used to hike down to this beach, which made us appreciate the beauty the island has to offer. Again, to gcwhistler go elsewhere, please don't come back to the Hawaii, as you disrespect yourself by disrespecting our land.

Faith Walton

Shellie White Light

Queens Bath!

Borghild Solheim

Ray Toombs

Long Walk but well worth it.

Harald Brandner

One of the few beaches where you can swim. Free parking at the boat club.

Valérie Lent

Rasmus Gade

Garrett Haas

Jake Burningham

If you park on the highway about mile marker 81 you can find the trail head and walk to the beach on a well marked path in about 30-45 minutes. However, it takes you around several private properties to get to the secluded light blue bay. The alternative is straight across the lava flow which is shorter but very challenging with a high chance of getting hurt. Alternatively, you can go to the official parking area and walk along the beach for a couple miles to the bay. I'm glad I got to see it once. It's very pretty and secluded but I don't think I would make that hike to see it again.

Nadja Volkmer

Bumpy ride. Rocky beach. Strong current. And no turtles.

Mya Burns

Huge black sand beach! Great to hike around with the dogs. Lots of turtles and even a Queens Bath. Must see if you're in Kona.

Guilhem Chéron

Amazing place with turtles and coconuts everywhere!

Gregory Firestone

Brandi D (Brandi Kurz) Thalken

Joshua Brand

Looks like the blue Lagoon. The water Clarity is not ideal for snorkeling because it's brackish but a lot of turtles hanging out and swimming around.

Lei Lilium

Used to go as a kid. Went with school once and used the pebbles at the beach to clean a goud out making an ipu, which I still have! Beautiful beach. Gorgeous caves!

Rochelle McHugh


(Translated by Google) Longer and winding road, lots of Turtels. (Original) Länger und steiniger Weg, jede Menge Turtels.

Walter Vergara

Millions of sea turtles, but it is a tough hike with kids. Also, locals fish there, there are fish hooks in the rocks, son got two cuts on his feet, be careful.

Barbara Ashman

Kiholo Bay is a gorgeous, protected little cove about a 30 min beach hike from the parking area. Very peaceful and not crowded. Plenty of picnic spots on smooth lava rock in the shade. TONS of sea turtles both in and out of the water. The water visibility isn't great here so snorkeling isn't the best, but it's a nice place to swim. Highly recommend wearing hiking shoes or water shoes with traction, as there are some areas with large pebbles and loose lava rock on the hike over that make flip flops very impractical (and painful).

Robert Morales

Aaron Rowan

Sea turtles everywhere

Jason Unrau

A relatively secluded gem on the Big Island! The sand is coarse and black. The walk along the shore is challenging but totally worth it with crashing waves, sea turtles, and crabs.

Summer Rae

Paul Atkinson

Edouard Diverrez

Darrell Highfield

Beautiful place.

David Slovenski

Nice walk along the beach. Swimming is hard with a lot of sharp rocks. Once you get to the sheltered little cove, however, swimming is nice and there are several little sandy entrances.

Shelah Horne

My favorite swimming hole on the entire island. This hidden gem as well worth the trek. Bring more water than you think you'll need.

Janelle Youngstrom

This was one of the highlights of our trip. Despite needing to hike quite a way to get there with the kids (hike=carrying the three year old who gets "tired" after five steps) we really enjoyed the experience. The green sand at the front of the hiking trail is really interesting. We picked it up looked at it carefully. It's like a bunch of green crystals. My girls especially loved that part. We saw a rock crab that looked exactly like the pebbles all around it and goats here and there on the path. The water in the actual bay had cold spots, but we were able to wade quite a way in knee high water. There were four turtles sunbathing and a few swimming around. We saw jumping fish, did some snorkeling, crossed the bay (that was a really rocky floor and the fish eggs freaked my girls out--they didn't want to squish the baby fish on accident with their feet.), and enjoyed the serenity and quiet of the area. It was beautiful!

Violet Oliver

I loved the amazing ili ili (pebble) beach and the honus (turtles) in the spring fed ponds

Peter Geist

Awesome area place to get away from the crowds and enjoy some special things the Big Island offers. If you are coming from the beach side entrance, make sure you hike over to the lava rock and cove of the won't be disappointed!

Danielle Payne

Iese Wilson

Listen Tothekeiki

Jw Tk

Nice hike along the coast leads to a lava field with some nice calm water.

ray ayende

excellent place to see turtles, water is cloudy and sometimes colder than normal because of the fresh water springs in the bay.

Kay Furse

James Ellis

Josiah Wiebe


Nice place to harvest few fresh coconuts!

Buck Shumway

Awesome place

Andrew Lane

Jokin Ramirez

(Translated by Google) Nice place (Original) Bonito lugar

Roman Cisneros

Shari Trefethen

Pierric Villoin

Lot of sea turtles !!

Ben Bergin

Amazing beach filled with honu (green sea turtle)

Lidia Pomaville

Less touristy beach mainly with gravel. Very windy, not good for kids. Sharp drop off that's not so good for swimming. To see the sea turtles, need to trek north to the ponds, which is an hour plus hike

Quinn Mueller

Great hike along the beach. Turtles. Black sand. Pebbles. Coconuts. Lava field. Queens bath. Took an hour one way to the end of the beaches from the road that goes all the way down.

Chris W

Beautiful beaches, worth some of the scrambling over lava to get to. No facilities exist so take anything you need, leave nothing behind, and beware of currents if you get in the water. Lots of wildlife in the water... speaking of which, MAINLANDERS -- DO NOT handle the turtles!!! How many times does this have to be said?! Yes, they are cute and awesome and amazing to look at but the oils in your skin, even when wet, can cause serious health issues for honu. Be respectful and your Hawaiian vacation will be even better!

Michael Matsuoka

Love letting my kids hike it, and then swim. Best thing to do here, my home...always.


Awesome place!! Hike down. Beware of high winds tho

Susan Scales

Lance Tanino

Lindsay Watt

The BEST! It's a hidden beach with such beauty. The turtles are incredible and seem to be comfortable with the limited amount of visitors. Can't wait to go back.

Stephanie Chase

Beautiful black sand beach with a very flat path from the parking lot that is nevertheless a tough slog because of the loose gravel.

Chris Hoare

Stunning. A bit of a hike but you pass some beautiful sights and the payoff is worth it.

Morten Larsen

Joshua Lloyd

Nuria Del Barrio


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