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REVIEWS OF Honolulu Zoo IN Hawaii

Bec E

Exhibitions are a fail, no animals, or closed. Should have notice outside to say what's closed inside. Love that there are informed workers at the sites to share about the exhibit!!

Pe Kool

Honolulu zoo is very well located from all the main hotels. I took my 2 and half year old who loves seeing live animals. We saw flamingos, zebras, giraffes, elephants and many more. I liked how close we got to the animals and their habitat reflected their natural habitat which was good to see. Price wise if you're not a local, it is slightly pricey but kids under 3 go free.

Nicolas Burns

My son and I come here regularly. It is by no means the most impressive zoo in the world, but it is always enjoyable. My son loves the playground and will spend hours there playing. The animals are in nice enclosures and seem very contented. All in all, it is a very scenic and pleasant experience.

Michael Ördög

Many parts were under construction, only one open ice cream stand. I have been to better zoo's...

Denney Rowcliffe

Great way to spend a morning with young kids. We found the zoo very accessible and easy to see many animals, in a couple of hours. Coming from Auckland we are spoiled with a wonderful local zoo which we visit regularly, but we enjoyed the variety of animals here, many of which are threatened or endangered species.

Brianna Ewing

Went to the twilight tour they offered and it was definitely our favorite tour. We learned so much and the tour guides were really friendly and knowledgeable. All of the animals were really active especially the Lions. I would recommend anyone to go and check out the 2 hour tour.

Arcadio Fraticelli

Awesome night tour with Milicia! Got to see lions and tigers and no bears oh my! Super patience and very knowledgeable.

Amanda Urke

The zoo was pretty nice. Well maintained and cleaned. The variety of animals is simple but just as interesting as any other zoo. They had a cheetah but it passes from liver failure. Cute collection of birds, and also had elephants and giraffes, with lions and a tiger.

Audrey Karford

This was such a fun place to visit! My little girl loved seeing all the animals. There are many nice exhibits and some fun shaded grassy areas for kids to just run around and explore. The pricing is very reasonable, I would suggest getting there early because parking is limited. I would highly recommend coming here if you have kiddos

Alexander Kriv

Took my girlfriend first time to the zoo and it was super awesome!we had lots of fun

Benzion Milecki

Although we’d been to Honolulu a number of times we’d never visited the zoo, thinking it’s just a small zoo with a couple of animals. This time we visited and boy did we realise how wrong we were! It’s much bigger than it looks and has a great variety of wildlife. It’s also beautifully laid out and easily accessible. It also has a great area for kids and a few animals we’d never seen before. Well worth the trip. We were so impressed we became members, which is only 50% more than the entry fee.

Working Family Adventures

This was a really fantastic zoo to take the family. Reasonable price and was a bonus to have the stroller rental. We all enjoyed it and a tip. Add ice cream to the shave ice. So good here

Brandon Devie

An enjoyable place to spend a Saturday. Go before it gets hot and humid.

Thaddieous-Michael Ferguson

For being Hawaii Nice zoo ... they could do it up a little and charge more.

Jessica Hash

If you have half a day open I would recommend it. They do have regular feeding times posted for some of their animals and had someone there to tell us about the animals and answer questions while they were being fed.

Elizabeth Lugo

Great place to have know kids play and learn.

Charisse Gallagher

A small zoo with a nice selection of animals and beautiful gardens and friendly staff

Ivan Prozac

Good place to take the family to it's big and easy to walk. The elephants are very fun to look at because of how close you are able to get to them

Jon M

Missing a few animals. Overall it was clean and friendly staff. Food is good. Decent prices.

Louis Urvois

Great zoo. The elephants seems to have the best deal, the giraffes and zebras in the back are next. The predators seem a bit tight, especially the poor tiger. Everyone seems to be in good health and well taken care of. Go find the gorillas and smile at them. Food is a bit pricey. But the playground is pretty awesome.

Samson Kwok

Great range of animals to see. Was nice and quiet during visit on a week day. Some enclosures for the animals were under maintenance and renovation but wasn't immediately clear before entry fee payment.

Andrew Timosca

Mostly came to see the hippo. The hippo put on a show for us which was great. Most of the other animals were hidden though. I feel like the zoo could use a face lift.

Ryan Screen

I'm normally worried that the exhibits are too small for the animals but everything was pretty large and open. A large portion of the zoo was an actual park which really added to my enjoyment. Entry was only $19 USD so value for money was definitely there.

Vera Bedan

Our family goes at least once a year. Each time we go, there's at least one major exhibit closed for construction. Parking may be difficult during peak times/days, but is reasonably priced. Park admission price is great for locals looking for something to do.

Alex U

Awesome zoo! Lots of different animals to see. Parking is $1.50 per hour but the lot was full by 10am. We had to wait until someone left to use their spot. Watch out for the birds in the food court, they will not hesitate to come right to your table.

Jordan Penor

I came here with my girlfriend to kill some time during the day. I'll get not so great stuff out of the way first. Several of the main animals weren't in their areas. I understand that every animal isn't going to be there at once, but it seemed like for some reason there was an excess of absent animals. This might have been more obvious because compared to zoos back at my home state, there wasn't that big of a selection. It's not a very big zoo at all. Fast walkers and viewers like the two of us ran through it pretty quickly. Don't get me wrong, you can spend an hour here easy, but two is stretching it in my opinion. Honestly nothing really spectacular stood out to me. It was a pretty standard, if a little sparse IMO zoo. Which is why I can't see myself giving this more than four stars. If I could give it a 3.5 I would.

Matthew Emblidge

This is a good small zoo that will easily keep you busy for a couple hours. There's a Military rate.

Corban West

It's a great zoo, bigger than you would expect for being in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

David Graef

We've held a membership here for 2 years and love it. It's a great homeschooling field trip location

Maxine Alvarez

The zoo is small and they were doing construction during my visit so it was okay. I'm sure itll be better when construction is done

Andy Nowling

A surprising number of different animals, most of which are cohabiting the same space. The most interesting zoo I've been to!

Val Joseph

First visit. It's a good time here! As the sign says "The best Zoo to be found for 2300 miles in any direction." Definitely recommend!

Ari Kloehn

Great little zoo. Not crowded and great way to spend time with family. Love the mountains in the background.

Chris Reeher

Lions, tigers and bears oh my. Great zoo with many animals. It's not super large so you can see everything in a few hours. Plenty of benches and shade throughout the zoo. Elephant feeding is usually around 130 pm. Just keep in mind that It is warm here so some animals like to stay in the shade. Look for the beautiful peacock in the tree.

dead man

Great price. Me and wife and 3 kids under 40 dollars. Lots to see plus petting zoo and playground.

David Macghoilla

Great small zoo with a lot of animals. You can cruise through and spend the day here looking at all the animals or you could see everything in 3 hours. Great price and very friendly staff. Less than 10 minutes walk from Waikiki beach.

Deloris Hairston

The children loved the visit...glad there were places to sit down!!


This is one of the worst zoo's I've ever visited. The animals were all way smaller than their normal sizes, they looked malnourished and underfed. The young elephants looked like yoda.. so small and super short. I could literally see and count how many bones the giraffes had as they were super skinny and looked sick. The were not a lot of animals just the basic animals u would find anywhere. It was virtually empty. Although I like the design of it but I was appalled by the state of the animals. Either feed them or return them to the wild where they belong! Only good thing is its located right in the heart of Waikiki next to the beach so that's a plus. But otherwise there are better animal sanctuaries outside the city center.

Gavin Black

Nice zoo to wander through and great being within walking distance from Waikiki. However when we went there a lot of the animals were missing. Missed the baboons, tiger, elephant and others as they seemed to be cleaning out the cages at the same time. Still, a pleasant walk and reasonable entrance fee. . . If the animals were there.

Sean Carr

Cute little zoo. Lots of different birds. Currently has a lot of construction going on. Can get through the whole thing in less than a couple hours

Mary Shapiro

This is a fantastic zoo. The only complaints I can imagine are if several attractions are closed for some reason. Otherwise, the grounds and gardens are beautiful, the attraction are complete, many I've not seen other places, and in many instances you can get very close. There is a playground near the snack area that is very useful. You can really spend the day at the zoo. The snack bar is a bit of a ripoff. That notwithstanding, we had a really good time.

Jannabeth Bannister

Visited a few hours before closing, not crowded at all, but it was super hot, as in the case of Honolulu. Many animals were in the shade, sleeping or in hiding. Decent facilities.

Tonya Matelski

Not bad for a smaller zoo. Almost all the animals were visible. Very easy to navigate.

Travis Hamill

An excellent, if small, Zoo. Being on downtown Honolulu, space is at a premium, I'm sure. Still, plenty of good exhibits. Worth a trip if you're in Honolulu.

Lee, DMD

Great outing and educational place for my little kids.

michelle Cisneros

Beautiful zoo. Small but enough to keep a family entertained for the day. Entry prices are fair and sell good food. Only bad thing not enough shade while seeing the animals be prepared to reapply sun block.

Patricia Uribe

Very well kept ...nice strolling paths..plenty of shade

Gloria Williams

My husband and I enjoyed it. We like to see the animals. Great for the children.

Nate Black

We maintained a family membership for a few years and it was worth every penny. For starters, Hawaii has pretty much perfect weather year round, making zoo-going a delight anytime. The grounds are so large I don’t think it ever felt crowded. I was surprised by the large variety of plants and animals—we could never see everything in a single visit. The keiki zoo and the playground are perfect for little ones. Again, I never felt like those areas were too busy for it to be fun for our little one.

Ray Shupe

None of the animals were really out. Smaller zoo. Nothing special compared to some of the main land zoo's. Love the banyan trees around zoo grounds though.

Dale-Lee Harris

My two boys love seeing the animals at the zoo. A really good place for the family to spend time.

WhittlesWhitterz W

The staff were so kind and friendly. It was nice to see the exhibits labeled if they were closed! It was our first time and would love to come back for future visits!

Erica Trickey

Not many animals on exhibit today, but I can see they are trying to make improvements. The trees/gardens are nice, but value isn't there for the money.

M. Tse

nice and pleasant zoo, with shade and trees spread out the be venue

Wes Kauhane

I visited the local artist at the zoo fence, great place to get original artwork

Princess White

It's a nice zoo. Gave us something to do in Hawaii with kids, besides swimming, tanning, etc. It is located on a good chunk of land, so there is quite some walking to do. Nice playground for kids, animals were all out and we were able to see each one of them. They do have cool birds, turtles, reptiles. Nice landscape and good upkeep. They have a cute giraffe made for kids to play around & take pics of, I wish they had a few more of animals similar to that.

Michelle Tran

Zoo is a good size and a variety of animals were available for viewing though a few major species were not available (all large cats and hippo). Beautiful walking areas and friendly staff. Food was terrible - about what you can expect for attractions like this.

Koon Jeon

Here's good place. If you visit in Hawaii. You have to go here

Brittany Sanders

For the size, it was a good time. The people are nice and seem to care about the animals. I wish the animals had more space, and it's true, sometimes you just don't have a chance to see some of the animals listed as they aren't somewhere that can be viewed. But it was a decent way to spend 2 hours. Be on the lookout for a family of peacocks if you go anytime soon! I would probably rate it a 3.5 if I could, but if you go into it with the right expectations, you can have a good time.

Gloria Jernigan

Was the for The Wildest Show. Always a great outing. Love the host. Great acts. Keep it going.

Brittany Mulcahey

Really reasonable pricing with tons of animals. Went here on a whim on our last day in Honolulu between checking out of if hotel and going to the airport. My kids LOVED it! It was hot, but there are tons of trees so you get plenty of shade, and we rented a double stroller from the gift shop for $20...worth every penny! It was very clean and there were only 1 or 2 animals that we didn’t see. Lots of snack/drink options as you walk through the park.

Amanda Fletcher

The zoo is a very large property with lots of green space and a great place to get away from relax from the busy streets. All of the animals had plenty of roaming space which is always something I appreciate seeing at zoos. There were quite a few exhibits that were closed on our visit but other than that we enjoyed seeing and learning about the animals.

Penny York

So fun! Kids, parents, seniors were all delighted. Respectful of the animals. Check out the memorial just before the entrance.

Brian Arciniega

Great place to spend with friends and family ,I highly recommend as a 1st timer

William Olsen

Nice zoo. Small, but good mix of animals. Not all exhibits are structured for viewing. Probably better for the animals, but not the best for people. Wire cages make photography tough as camera kept focusing on the cage.

John Mazins

Great little zoo with lots to see. Food is really good. It's within walking distance to the aquarium. Theirs paid parking at the zoo that takes credit our debit cards if you don't have change for the meters or luck finding a free spot to park.

Eleonora VI

Loved our visit to the Honolulu Zoo. Lot's of animals and huge amount of birds. They are renovating several pavilions at the moment, but still this place is totally worth your time.

David Bieling

Was a bit disappointed at seeing as many empty display locations in the zoo. Some areas are under reconstruction, that I understand. To have a display area for a one of gods creations, and not have that creature there is heartbreaking. Hopefully my donation will help solve this issue so the next time I stop back to visit there will be less empty displays.

Caitlyn Cline

Super great! I just wish there was more places to get a drink.

Marla Arrington

Need to have an local address with proof or they will charge you the tourist price of 19 dollars per so be prepared. Nice for kids, very safe for them to run around. Family friendly, great parking. You pay in the parking lot at little kiosks and they text you if the time will expire and you can pay for more on your phone, it's pretty convenient!!!!! Excellent experience, nice aloha spirited staff!!!!! Hoping to go again pretty soon!!!!!!

Santiago Naranjo

Good size zoo but make sure to look at the map so you don’t miss anything

Nadiera Sukhraj

Annual pass holder. Okay place to hang out with friends that have kids. Playground and petting zoo area have nice shade. This place really needs a splash pad to cool off. Parking is pretty horrible. We usually end up at the Shell or Kapiolani Park and walk over instead of circling and circling in the zoo lot.

Amanda M W

The park was crazy though. but I love the zoo and all the animals.

Mario Cano

Great big zoo. Fun for kids will be coming back

Sarah Lipinski

I had a great time here. Good for a day adventure outside and on the outskirts of Honolulu so you can choose to go into town after or adventure elsewhere.

Karen Henderson

Went here with my family on our last half-day in Waikiki. It was a fine place to stroll around and kill time. My 8yo nephew loved it because there were so many different kinds of turtles. I was glad to see a bird of paradise singing and a komodo dragon. There were several animals off exhibit, which is no big deal, but would be nice if they had signs posted consistently. At the reptile exhibit it was hard to see the animals, whatever kind of glass they used, there is so much glare.

David Lunasco

We did a twilight tour when all the regular visitors have left the park. Pretty amazing to get some really great views of animals that may not come out during the day due to the heat. Saw a lot of animals on this tour. Probably didn't see the entire offering of the zoo, but it was a nice trip nonetheless. Would definitely recommend this as it is a unique experience.

Lana Jacobs

The Honolulu Zoo was more than what we expected. It rained off and on during that day, but we had umbrellas or found nearby cover. We saw many varieties of birds, giraffes, elephants, lions, tiger, hippos, monkeys, and many other animals/critters. We enjoyed the feeding of the elephants. They were trained to do tricks prior to feedings. Other than that, we saw no other presentations. However, it was a nice relaxing time and a good walk.

Danielle Peszynski

Loved our visit to the zoo! Lots of local wildlife and native animals in addition to some from all over the world! Would definitely go again!


This zoo was a total surprise! It doesn't look like much from the outside but it's quite large once inside. Definitely worth the money. We spent about three hours there! Would definitely go back again.

Daniel White

If you have half a day open I would recommend it. They do have regular feeding times posted for some of their animals and had someone there to tell us about the animals and answer questions while they were being fed.

Hai Martin

I'm ashamed to admit I was here several years ago and although I'm just now having the opportunity to write this review the beautiful Honolulu Zoo has left vivid memories. One can become spoiled living in a city where the zoo is just as amazing and free of charge however; I do understand the cost associated with the grounds. Needless to say, this zoo is NOT FREE. Fret not, it's worth the fee and worthy of taking the entire family. I saw tigers, giraffes, lamas, and the smartest, most loving and adorable chimps ever! They all lined up for lunch and faced the glass to eat there lettuce. I just couldn't stop watching and smiling at these cuties.

Jacquelyn Kaczmarek

We came here on a Sunday afternoon. It was busy but not crowded. They had a good amount of exhibits to see. We got to see peacocks roaming around the zoo. My girls had a wonderful time. It was a nice way to spend the day away from the crowded beach. The zoo is easy to see from the street, but the parking is a bit of a gamble. It's public parking so some people park for the beach. Would definitely visit again next time we are here.

Ted Pierson

Great family fun! Good size zoo with enough to see. Easy to get around. Lots of shade,but it can be brutally hot in the middle of the day.

Michelle Bautista

On the smallish side. You can get through in under 2 hours. Awesome exhibits of local & exotic birds & reptiles. Amazing pair of lions, zebras, giraffes & rhinos. Spoke to a staff member that shared the renovations taking place. Free roaming peacocks, cranes and Hawaiian ducks entertain the little ones.

Hiroyuki Mori

I went with my family to the zoo. We enjoyed it. They renovated it and its a lot bigger. There is a petting zoo now where you can pet goats. Bigger area for the lizards. The elephants have a new place. Its huge. There is a food court so you can eat and drink if you’re feeling thirsty and hungry.

Debra Hale

We were pleasantly surprised at the number of animals at this downtown zoo. Very clean, pleasant staff. A good value.

Justin Smith

Finally fixed the slide at the playground! That took 6 months which was ridiculous! Other than that it s a great place for the family. A nice playground without homeless people doing dope all around it. 9/10 for sure! We go weekly!

Lisa Berg

The zoo was pleasant and relatively clean but some areas were abandoned and still under construction I think it's a work-in-progress I think it's important to let the public know what's going on and why. The zoo itself was okay I would give it better review if things were a little more cleaned up just an easy to see me. Thank you

Cynthia Mireles G

The animals seem to be taken good care of. It was a beautiful experience, I saw a lot of peacocks walking around freely. People respect the animals here.


Good calm place, lots of maintenance issues, and small areas for some animals.

Loretta Perry

If you are local the yearly pass is so worth it. From leisurely strolls with the grandchildren visiting all their favorite animals, to power walks with a view you would never be disappointed with a zoo adventure!

Cynthia Smith

Ate with a blue peacock. She liked the salad. Ate right off my plate. So fun

Patrick Colburn

Zoo that is just off Waikiki Beach. If you have half a day open I would recommend it. They do have regular feeding times posted for some of their animals and had someone there to tell us about the animals and answer questions while they were being fed.

Zach Lamme

Beautiful, clean zoo with lots of different areas of animals and places for kids to play. Really hot (and mostly open) during the day!

Deb G

The grand kids loved the zoo. I loved the rental strollers, great food at decent prices, volunteers, and you're spending the day in the shadow of Diamond Head

Todd Carhart

We are members. Love to go walking there. Always see different animals coming out. See the babies playing. Great for the whole family. Take a picnic or their food is good too.

Alden Short

This zoo was a lot bigger than expected. Tbh just went to play Pokémon go because there was pokes tops I hadn’t hit yet inside the zoo. But all in all I had a good time.

Folasade Adeboyejo

We were at the beach very close to Honolulu zoo. The landscape is beautiful and several amenities available. And lots of bird poo so watch out.

Patricia Bennett

Many of the exhibits were closed or there were no animals to be seen. Just as well it was a nive walk amongst lovely greenery!

Jai Dub

Great experience seeing a tiger, a couple zebra's, a hippo, lemurs and rhino's. Would definitively visit again. Food and beverages are pricey, but expected.

Jaidyn Fisher

Like the botanical gardens, if you've gone to the Big Island's zoo you'll be disappointed with this one. But it's still a cute place to visit. Definitely not worth dropping 19 bucks for, though

Michelle Lawson

This is a small zoo but is clean, safe and beautiful. The hippo enclosure was recently finished but it seems like multiple animals are always away when we go on weekend mornings. They have a nice playground and a fun area for kids to pet goats and view fish close up (my son's favorite part). It usually takes us 2 hours to go through but we don't waste any time since we've been there multiple times.

David Suddarth

Beautiful grounds, much larger than I thought. Takes about 3 hours to see it all.

Emmanuel Zavaleta

Amazing animals and good for the kids to run around!!

A, two K,E,M Family infinity

Great fun and Military discounts. Parking is not easy to find but I have some best memories here!

Sne Pack

Spent a lovely time here.This was my solo visit but didn't get bored easily. I loved that they provided me map at the entrance along with the really helps to find directions and cover maximum area. They have cafes and restrooms at various points. The entire place can be covered in less than 3 hours.

Kevin Doe

Great place to visit. The animals all look well cared for, and the staff is friendly. The gift shop was nice, and a welcome retreat from the heat LOL. You can walk there from most places in Waikiki which gives you a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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