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100 Hanauma Bay Rd, Honolulu, HI 96825, United States

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Where is Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve?

REVIEWS OF Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve IN Hawaii

WhiteFox -T

Best snorkeling adventure ever! As good as in the red sea in egypt. But much better cause of the beautiful beach. You will get first an instruction, but this is more related to protect the corals and the environment. Please don't step on the corals! It's so amazing being a visitor there.

joshua alexander

It is a nice place to snorkel. Packed with people and you have to pay the first time down and take in a environment and safety video for you and the aquatic life. Fee is minimum. But for viewing you have go just past the reef away from everyone but that would be at your own risk and not advised to go by yourself and without others knowing for safety purposes. A friend took me and his teen son and it made the trip there worth it and I dont like to pay for anything if possible. Sorry haven't got the pics off my gopro yet.

Eric Swanson

Probably rating this higher than I would have had we gone during a busier time, but we got there ~4pm, walked in, watched the video in the half-full auditorium, and then went down to snorkel. DEFINITELY appreciate the video, as even at high tide the reef would have been very easy to walk on. Didn't see anything too crazy while in the water, although I'm pretty sure I spotted a ray from up above. Visibility was garbage near the shore, but once you got out to the reef it cleared up remarkably well.

Robin Shaffer

Such a beautiful place to see under the sea. Go early because they close the parking lot when full and then you can't get on until people leave. Also, many tour buses come here and tourists stir up the sand making it hard to see the fish.

Jeremy Keith

We had a great time here. The parking lot is full by 8am but starts letting cars in again at around 11:30am which is when we went. The snorkeling gear is 20$ for the mask, spout, and flippers so if you have a way to bring your own equipment, I would recommend doing so, however their rentals are good quality and effective. We saw a ton a fish and would definitely come back!

Anne-Marie McD

Tourists arriving between 06.30 and 07.00 don't have to pay parking or entrance fee. Steep walk down the hill to the beach or take the tram for $1.25 each way/$2.50 all day. I am not an experienced snorkeler so I stuck with a mask and fins. So many beautiful fish to swim with! Many people come in wetsuits with tanks, with parasols, with strollers, food and drink, and just stay all day. It is a friendly place, not great for real swimming but shallow and beautiful in and out of the water.

Simon Kingsbury

Quite a nice beach but very crowded and having to attend a video briefing seems a bit over the top. Snorkeling was mediocre, the water gets a bit churned up by the waves and all the people so visibility isn't great

Lance Mock

Go early... We got there at 8 and the lot was full. Had the park I the neighborhood below and took a rideshare up to the bay. It was definitely worth the trouble. There were fish everywhere. The surf can be strong so listen to the life guards. By the time we left around noon it was getting really crowded (tour buses?)

M Matsumoto

There wasn't much to see... coral looked dead and crusty. Also, careful ladies. There's a local guy who frequently snorkels here and he may grab your hand unwarranted and try to take you out to where the reef ends to tell you his bankruptcy story and how he's single and ready to mingle.... speaking from a gross experience.

Keven Fitzsimmons

Very beautiful must see. Try the snorkeling if you have the time.

Michael Verhoest

This is one of my favorite places. Swim, explore, snorkeling and beautiful views. Bring a picnic here and spend the day! You'll love it. If you like snorkeling then on a calm day this is a incredible place. $20 rentals. Not bad.

Glen Smith

A great day with lots of fish,seals and turtles and very relaxing

Jason Garrabrant

Good snorkeling area. The natural cove formed from a collapsed volcano offers good protection from the sea and has a large shallow reef with lots of fish. I was a bit disappointed with the quality of the reef (not very alive or colorful). If driving you need to get there early (by 7:15 to beat all the busses and before the parking lot gets full)

Andrew Johnson

Great Beach for snorkeling. There's almost no shade so remember to bring a beach umbrella. You should also get there early because the parking fills up fast.

Mark Chiovitti

Arrive early!!! They say its the best spot to snorkel and it honestly is. Stunning, absolutely stunning. So many fish. What a lovely morning.

Ken Shinohara

This is a must visit. It costs $1 for parking and $7.50 for getting down to stay in the beach but is definitely worth it. Even without having/ hiring snorkeling gear, you can enjoy seeing lots of tropical fish and coral as long as you have a floating ring and goggle. My six-year-old son was also very excited.

Ryan Gregus

Great for snorkeling but please be kind to nature and respect the coral. Saw too many people standing and touching things they shouldn't

Kate Block

I love Hanauma. It's beautiful. Be sure to allow time for the mandatory video upon entrance. There is snorkel gear and lockers for rent once you gain access but food isn't sold inside the park so BYO or purchase up above from some of the people up there usually selling snacks and water. Wonderful snorkeling- the first time I went, I saw an Octopus! Definitely for stronger swimmers if snorkeling because the waves are consistent and somewhat strong near the reef. Info desk is really friendly and will gladly help you identify what marinelife you saw!

David Fernandez

This place is beautiful!! I came here this thinking there wasn't going to be any fish and we ended up seeing seals! They have everything you need here, even lockers for your valuables. 10/10 would highly recommend.

N Taro

Beautiful place to visit. You do have to pay a fee to get in and watch a video about why they preserve the Bay. The road down to the Bay can be a hike, so you can opt to ride the shuttle cart for a fee. Definitely worth it to see this place!

Heidi Zamora

What an amazing snorkel experience! So many different colors and sizes! The snorkel renting is a decent price and make sure to get there early so the parking lot does not fill up and Before 7am you don't have to pay!

Darynn Chartier

Been here twice and both times were amazing. Fun for kids also!

Frances Holland

It's absolutely beautiful here! The best place to snorkel and see colorful fishies. There is an admission fee to get in and you are required to watch an educational/safety video before you can head down to Hanauma Bay. It's a bit of a walk down to the preserve but you can pay a small fee to hop on a small shuttle bus. However, the walk isn't that bad and you can such a great view of the preserve. It's look so serene but it was pretty crowded since this is such a popular site in Oahu. There is a changing room and outdoor water faucet to get off the sand. This preserve is so precious so make sure to keep it clean and be mindful of the fishies. A must to check out on the island.

Akira Kiyohara

Very beautiful, but you have to pay to go in, and it's very rocky. there are nicer beaches in my opinion

Jackson Hong

This place is a must see for anybody visiting Oahu. It offers beautiful view of the ocean as well as the coral reef. This makes it one of the best place to snorkel, especially it is on a bay protected by surrounding mountains so you don’t see huge waves here. There are also life guard on the beach in case of emergency. You have to watch an educational video before entering the beach. I think this is a very good idea and I highly encourage everybody to watch it and learn how we can protect our beautiful natural reserve. Trek carefully, enjoy the snorkeling and swim with tropical fishes.

Graeme Morris

This was still a great experience even though we can see that the corral has suffered from exposure to humans. A better experience was had at shark's cove. Tip: Put sunscreen on your calves so they don't get burned while snorkeling!

Carlos Cardoza

Beautiful location...lotsa nature to explore...had a wonderful time...can't wait to come back again!

Juan Vasquez

This is an amazing place to visit regardless if you are a tourist or local! However, to avoid the long wait times and possibly being denied entry due to the parking lot being full, try getting there before 8 am. I've found that around 7 am is the perfect time to get there and 8:30 am is usually too late. Don't forget that it is CLOSED on Tuesdays!

Jannabeth Bannister

Beautiful bay to hang out! Not as crowded as the famous Waikiki beach. All new visitors are required to watch a quick 7 minute video about Hanauma before going to the bay. We were able to find a spot right away. The snacks bar closes their kitchen after 4pm. To get down to the Bay, you have to walk downhill, and to get back, up a hill. For a small fee, there's a trolley that'll take you down and back up if you prefer.

Green Beach Sox

Great for snorkeling (my first time!) Kids loved the beach Gift shop

Francis Tran

Crystal clear waters, plenty of marine life swimming around. Great snorkeling experience. There's a training course you need to attend before being able to enter the bay to protect the coral reefs. Strongly recommend it

Pavel Asanov

Amazing place. Few things to know if you plan to visit: 1. closed on Tuesday 2. opens 6am -6pm 3. you need to be there at least before 4pm to get in as special safety+ecosystem+history class required 4. After 2pm there is more parking than …

A 22

Beautiful beach and scenery. Only downside were the very long lines and the mandatory video they make you watch. Also you have to pay to get in but it's worth it.

Mark R Rogers

Awesome and beautiful snorkeling spot with plenty of reef and fish to see. We didn't see any sea turtles the day we went, but it was a lot of fun regardless of the lack of turtles. Please wear reef safe sunscreen and DO NOT STAND ON OR TOUCH THE CORAL if you plan on visiting this spot. You can rent any equipment you may need for snorkeling and there is a snack bar for food and beverages.

Abhishek kulkarni

you need to pay fee to access the beach. Make sure you carry your own snorkeling gear. There are no rentals available. They want to preserve the reef but they don't enforce reef safe sunscreen. The reefs are good and it's good for beginners.


Have loved coming here for over 59 years. Great place for snorkeling.

Jamie Doheny

Amazing beach and nature preserve !! The aloha state of mind is booming here with all of the lands respect and giving all of those the orientation to continue respecting the land. 8 min video gives all of the protection tips and then you're free to enjoy one of the most beautiful bays in Hawaii! P.s. 1$ to park !

Tom Tom

This place was awesome. We rented mask, snorkel, and flippers and got to explore the reef. Saw so many fish!

Val Joseph

Great place to visit. Whether you wish to snorkel or just catch some rays. This place is beautiful. I always enjoy stopping here.

Ricardo Gonzales

Just breathtaking! Get there early or you wont find any parking.

Sheila Simon

Absolutely beautiful!! Water is gorgeous. Great snorkeling. Bring everything you need. Be ready to walk down and up or pay tram $1.75 each person/way. Hard on little kids and seniors.

Austin Kain

Absolutely a must see if you are visiting! Educational, fun, and relaxing all in one!

Melanie Carroll

Beautiful, lots of fish, even a monk seal! Popular with locals and tourists.

Charles Pickett

Beautiful beach and water, well preserved and they really care about the natural state of area. I love the fact you can't take food down to the beach. Great experience, great place, lots of fun, beautiful sunrises and sunsets. You'll enjoy …

R& R

wonderful beach. super clean and well managed environment.It is really lovely place. if you can bring some water. snack bar is too far from beach and 2-3times expensive than normal price.

Andy McNeill

Had the afternoon to kill and only 30 minutes outside the city. Kids under 12 get in free. The fish were amazing. If you are going to snorkel get the fins. It makes all the difference. Twins loved meeting this little guy too!

Andrea Giddings

Wonderful snorkeling...with a wide variety of fish! I recommend going early by 7am.... parking lot fills quickly, and snorkeling won't be as crowded.

Scott Cusack

It's a great experience to see among the fish. It's a beautiful setting. Way too crowded but I don't know that there's a way around that.

Melaida Corpuz

It was so hot here in May, but loved to be able to snorkel here.

J Gorne

It's nice to go during the middle of the week when everyone else isn't there but with the amount of snorkel tour spec come through the reef isn't as vibrant as it once was. Still plenty of fish with the occasional seals and turtles! Rentals & bathrooms right at the edge of the beach. Check the low tide and high tide before you get in - you can snorkel over more of the reef when it's deeper. Water is usually calm but you may stay closer to shore if you are not a strong swimmer in swells.

Sissy Ichinohe

Hope they have complementary towels or at least rent some extra towels (big bath towels etc) at the bay side. I loved the bay, it was very beautiful and we enjoyed a lot. We put fins, goggles we got at the counter and spent for 2-3 hours there. Wish I could have seen a turtle, but everything in the water was so delightful. I cut my finger somewhere else in the water, and I was able to get a quick treatment (sanitation). Putting the ointment and alcohol into the cut was too painful, but I appreciated to get it. But on that day, due to Hawaii’s unstable weather, the sky get crowded sometimes and it was so cold. We couldn’t bring enough towels to cover our selves besides small ones to wipe up the wet bodies. I tried looking for somewhere that I can borrow some towels. But only returning was available on the bay side (like you needed to borrow t at the entrance which is pretty far?) Wish we were well prepared for it.


If you're going for snorkeling, go somewhere else. This place is just a touristy beach with a lot of dead coral, little to no wildlife, and you have to pay to get in. I feel sad for this place, you can really see how humans screw up the ecosystem just by sticking your head under the water here. Expecting to see a school of exotic fish float around you in curiosity? Don't expect to find that here. Instead, fight against the waves and dodge sea urchins as you try to get to where the tourists and their volleyballs aren't. I gave this place 2 stars cuz the staff are nice and the museum tells you about all the cool, rare fish you can see in other places on Oahu.

Jason Yue

The view of this natural circular area is magnificent. I really enjoyed looking into the water and seeing the fish swim around. Had to be careful about stepping on anything, since most the ground was kinda alive. If it rains, just wait 15 minutes. I went past the halfway point towards the ocean and saw many schools of fish. It was pretty amusing to see the fish moving with the waves (so was I).

Jayson Trinidad

It's like all the reviews say, go early, watch the video, and enjoy some nature. It's by far one of the best experiences I've had on Oahu.

Corey Hilliard

Wow. Just wow. We booked a snorkeling excursion to Hanauma and it did not disappoint. This wasn't like a boat ride snorkeling deal where they drop you off in the middle of the bay and you snorkel for 10 minutes. It's a quick tutorial and then you get full access to the beach. You can snorkel or lay out on the beach. I was literally inches away from some of the most beautiful fish I have ever seen.

rachel thompson

Best place ever to snorkel with the whole family. Great for all levels of diver. Very clean and the staff is very helpful. A great place to make memories

Dale Darby

So sad. Most of the coral is dead due to the huge numbers of tourists walking on what they think are "rocks". A few colourful fish but on the whole a depressing reality of what happens when humans get open access to an ecosystem. Good job on the preserve for requiring visitors watch an ecology protection video but the place really needs to be closed for a long time to let the wildlife recover.

Danny Hallett

Way to strucured. Felt like an army barracks . Will not return. Would not recommend.

Kenneth Wayne Hill

Good place to kick it! Afternoons are better high tide is best. More shade in the afternoon.

Lynn Scholl

Gorgeous place but seems like the protection policies, such as not stepping on the corals, are poorly enforced and that there are too many people, possibly degrading the fish habitat. I would like to see stronger programs to protect the Bay's ecosystem, for example reducing the rate of visitors and making sure that the translation headsets are available to people who dont speak English BEFORE the instructional video begins. Also perhaps they could give flotation devices to the persons who are not such skilled swimmers. I saw a lot of people stepping on the corals because they had poor swimming abilities and could not maintain themselves in the water without putting their feet down (which was inevitably on the coral. : ( )

Alexia kouros

Very fun and beautiful fish to see! Renting a mask and snorkle is 12$. Worth it!

Teng Wang

Be sure to be there before 7am to get a parking pot and avoid the entrance fee. Paradise for snorkeling with plenty of fishes to discover. Prepare your GoPro with red filter. We were there twice even our schedule is tight. Awesome place to start your journey and enjoy the Hawaiian life.

Hot One

One of the most beautiful places I've been ...the exotic fish swim right next to you...

Marlon Ramos

Very beautiful and a must visit! Be prepared to come early to get good parking if you’re not taking a bus. If you come between 6-7am, parking and admission is free.

Angela Shanahan

Freakin wow!! Yes, you will have to watch a video to go down into the bay. It’s a small price to pay. The admission is $1 per person to park, and the ticket to get in is $7.50 per person. There is a tram that will take you down and back up. As with every reef, you should not touch, walk on or stand on it, and people still do. :( The sea life there is fabulous. I followed a beautiful blue parrot fish that was bigger than my kid around for an hour or so. He was just so pretty to look at. Lots of colorful fish. It was crowded but a really great way to spend a day. They have changing rooms and showers in the bay, and the lifeguards are very personable and will educate you on safety out at the reef. Highly recommend if you are snorkeling.

Fab Gutierrez

Very scenic. Snorkeling is an ease. Lots of fish and 1 sleeping seal.

Mattie H

You will absolutely love Hanauna Bay. Bring snorkel gear and stay for the day. Awesome view outlook points. Take lots of pictures being underwater camera and lunch and look for the seal that sleeps on the beach.

Adam Rhoades

Excellent snorkeling area. $1 cash only parking fee and adults are charged $7.50 Children are fee. Has Beach shower's and clean beach bathrooms. Short movie to watch on reef safely. Must get there early before 9am because the parking lot fills up quickly. The roads leading to the preserve have no parking with tow away signs.

Zachary Wood

Very pretty must see location during your Oahu trip. Parking cost a dollar but you can get amazing views without paying to go down to the beach. I recommend paying that price and snorkeling around the reefs as they are some of the best on the island

Kevin Atkinson

Yet another beautiful place... Short video before entering, but explains how the bay was formed. Went snorkeling and saw lots of pretty fish

Andrii Snihyr

Loveky place, great for snorkeling. The only downside is staff that does not know English well enough to explain to you that you have to go thru orientation video.

Justin S

This place is great for seeing sea life. Make sure to bring snorkels and LOTS of sunscreen, and water shoes. WHAT CAN I BRING : You can bring umbrellas and chairs, but be prepared for large wind gusts that can potentially knock them over. You can also bring a cooler with food and drinks just watch for the trash blowing away. Since the bay is a nice walk down from where you park, they offer a shuttle to take you down into the bay/beach. Cost is approx $2.50 for all day shuttle access.

Paul Wilkins

It is beautiful! Picturesque! But a money racket. Pay to get there pay to go down on the beach $7.50 each.wait to watch a video about the bay! And then 12 to $40 to hire snorkel and masks. We reckon it takes at least $10000 a day to support the bay!? Oh and its shut on a tuesday to give it a rest!?

Lisax Xiong

Loved the snorkeling and private beach. The view is spectacular.

Antoine Burch

Beautiful beach and park! We enjoyed snorkeling and seeing some tropical fish, although the water was still very cold in 84° weather. ( I knew this, but it still shocks you! )The food stand was nice and convenient and the garlic fries were fried just right and delicious!! Do not miss this gem!!

Kelly Nasdeo

Great snorkeling! The water is pretty calm but with strong currents. Unfortunately, they've allowed too many people in who don't follow the rules and have severely damaged the coral. You'll want to visit on a weekday and arrive early as they do limit visitors. All visitors are required to watch an educational film prior to entering in hopes they'll be more respectful of this beautiful treasure.

Grant W

If (heaven forbid) you only have time to visit one beach in Hawaii, make it Hanauma Bay! Beautiful, pristine beach, not too crowded (due to controlled access), amazing and accessible snorkeling, and great facilities. Only 20 minutes from Waikiki.

Tina W

Like swimming in an aquarium. Rent snorkeling gear or bring your own. Small lockers available for rent at gear rental hut. Friendly staff, informative displays and beautiful clear water!

Myeongcheol Oh

Most beautiful snorkelling place in Hawaii. You can swim with a seal.

Christopher Boxley

Snorkeling is fun. Get there early and claim your spot if you want shade. People are not shy about invading your space for the little bit of shade out there.

Prerana Shah

Best place in the world to do snorkelling. Do not forget the sunscreen. It is amazing natural beauty. So many fishes. Reef are almost dead though.

N8 Gegoski

Amazing!! Beautiful with lots of types of fish. This is must do for anyone visiting Oahu.

Rakhmad Ramadhanjaya

Beautifull beach, surrounded by beautifull park. People come here to have snorkling and other beach-swimming activities.

Max Brewer

Lovely spot but the snorkeling isn’t actually very good. Visited recently with my wife from Australia and was disappointed by the lack of animal life or coral. Sad to see it overrun with lots of people

Greg Daniel

Beautiful water, very scenic area. Lots of fish to swim with. You can't go wrong.

Krysten Lenhard

Hanauma Bay is very beautiful! Make sure to come here before 7 AM, parking and admission fee are free before that time. We went to the educational center to learn more about the park, the bay, fishes and the reef. We also did snorkeling and rent snorkel gear from a shop nearby.

Monica Guffanti

Nature very very beatiful but the restroom clean

Fleur d'Orchidée

Awesome place to see turtles and wide variety of fish in a nature preserve environmemt. A must see if you visit Hawaii. Simply beautiful

jason hinojosa

Awesome time for a City Boy like me! Seen alot of coral and many different types of fish. Gotta go early enough to park before lot is full.

jose luna

Wow what a place! Gorgeous bay with beautiful clear and warm water. Perfect spot for snorkeling! Clam waves. Great spot for family too. A+++

Tyler Yasa

Loved the snorkeling, but the park is pretty terrible at communicating with their patrons. They sold us tickets at 4:15, made us sit through a 10 min video, and by the time we walked down the hill and got settled, it was 4:30. We snorkeled for 15 minutes and then they announce that the beach was closing at 5 PM even though it’s advertised as closing at 6 PM. No one mentioned this at all when I paid the entrance fee. Really feel like I got taken advantage of.

Niels Pronk

Great snorkeling beach. Beautiful beach But be careful, some very strong current. Read the warning signs before entering the water (in special when you go snorkeling) I was stuck in the current for a couple of times, Made me tired and sick. A missed the information signs, just saw it on my way back. I also saw very cute kittens and older cats on my way back

Joshua Harris

This is definitely worth a visit! The view from the park entrance at the top is amazing and the beach area is big and soft sand. The snorkeling is good for all skills levels and best spot is along the shore to the left. The little fish like to eat on the rocks in the shallows. Get there EARLY though. They open at 6am and if you are the first group in they don't charge you so you'll save some $! Bring your own snorkel gear cause the rentals are around $40. It gets crowded by 9am. Enjoy!

Javier Carbajal

Fish come up to you to say what's up, looks nicer from above that when you are there. Sand in the water is very Rocky and it hurts so wear water shoes. Also try to go when it's not windy as it made the water very murky. Super fun place! Also people claim parking is an issue after 8. We had no issue finding parking and I went on a Sunday in the summer around 10. Wear sunscreen!

Rebecca Crawshaw

Very pretty area... very strong tides with shore dumps..... extremely popular with tourists.

Kipp Ellsworth

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve proved a wonderful introduction to the extraordinary diversity of aquatic fauna of the Hawaiian islands. My family enjoyed snorkeling the reefs, observing the trumpet fish, angel fish, and innumerable other species. Would highly recommend the experience to anyone visiting Oahu.

Tony Romero

A must when visiting Oahu. Best snorkeling experience of my life! So many diverse kinds of ocean life. Very well tended nature preserve. Bring your sunblock!

Sindy .With an S

Absolutely stunning! Parking was $1, arrive early to get a spot. There's an admission fee as well and an orientation video to watch. It was helpful. You can rent snorkel gear there as well. We stayed there all day as my friend couldn't get over the snorkeling.

Max s

Amazing place. Get there early and during high tide helps with moving around the corals and rocks.

Dudley Pang

Glad they are taking steps in protecting this wild life refugee for the many sea creatures

Guru Prasath Thanigaivelan

Best snorkeling experience in Honolulu. One of the best beaches i have been in my life.

Giancarlo D

Most of people staying in Waikiki stay in Waikiki, and that's a shame! It takes just 20-30 minutes by bus to get to one of the most stunning places I have ever seen. This place became more commercial in the last years and you need to pay a fee to enter, but it's totally worth it. In fact, Hanauma Bay still preserves the essence of Hawaii. You can get into pristine crystalline waters and swim among tropical fishes and corals. It's a snorkeling paradise. Totally recommended!

Nathan Wright

Excellent beach, if not a bit crowded. One of the best snorkeling spots in the world with a huge variety of fish. Do some research. Place is closed Tuesdays and parking lot fills up in the afternoon.

Veronica Kimes

There is a mandatory video you have to watch on a theater. Only one theater so you have to wait for the last video to finish. I was generally confused by the underwater terrain. It was not sandy but "rocky" which I thought was dead coral or volcanic rock. Tried to find a sandy area to walk out in but it was too far away from where my family had set up camp. Need more bathrooms always a line at the women's side. And they say they have a changing area but it's just hooks inside the bathroom building next to the stalls. No place to put your dry clothes unless you put the wet clothes on the floor (which is covered in sand - I don't fault them for the sand). Food is up at the top of the 10 minute walk so it's inconvenient especially for shaved ice. They do pack the food well to carry it to the beach but still means it's a treck to even get water. Water was VERY salty - not a con just an observation. My 5 year old didn't like it. There is a stall to get snorkeling equipment but it's not great equipment. I'd suggest bringing your own especially for the kids.


Definitely worth the visit. Beautiful scenery, good snorkeling family friendly. TnT and family from Maryland

Tess Simpson

My family really enjoyed our day here. The sand is soft and the water is gorgeous. My husband snorkeled with my visiting sister and they loved it. I really appreciated the shuttle back up and thought it was decently priced, especially since we got in for free because of the military discount. There is a place to shower off too!

Bartholomew Roland

This place is drop dead gorgeous, I have never seen anywhere else like it! Definitely invest in a solid snorkeling set before going out here, you won't want to miss a thing on the reefs! Also, just as a warning, be sure to treat the beach and reef with respect. I saw them remove some older kids from the park for jumping off the reef and damaging things. The bay is a really cool natural wonder, and we need to work together to ensure that future folks can appreciate it.

Johnny4 Lundstrom

This beach is absolutely beautiful! $1 per car to park then $7.50 to enter and enjoy, after a 10 minute safety video. It tells you a little about the park, to leave any and all wildlife in and out of the water alone, period, and to stay off the coral. There is a capacity limit to the park so get there early, about 8AM, because if the lot is full you will be turned away. There are rentals for snorkeling gear and small lockers for personal belongings as well as a food stand. Be sure to get a stamp on your hand to reenter the park when getting food as the stand is outside the main entrance, but still close. Because of the occupancy limits the beach is never over crowded. There are plenty of restrooms, outdoor showers, and a shuttle to get you down to the beach ($1.25 each way) or back up to the car. Still, this place is amazing! Lots of marine life to see, clean beaches, and lifeguards on duty. Definitely a must if you're in the Honolulu/ Waikiki area.

Marius Stan

The nature preserve itself is very beautiful. Unfortunately it gets quite crowded and it seems like some tourists have no respect for the coral reef. Even after watching a mandatory ~10 minute video about coral reef preservation, I still saw a large number of people trampling the coral reef. As a result, most of the coral near the shore is dead, and the snorkeling was rather sub-par compared to other locations in the Hawaiian islands.

Matthew Swanson

Absolutely amazing. Fairly busy, but once you're in the water, it's easy to forget the other people. Great spot for sunbathing and snorkeling. We even saw a seal on our visit.

Tinia Heath

Has to be one of the best views Ive seen since I’ve been to the island. Enjoy views , chickens running around , a big feel to take in and a very chill environment. The overlook gets pretty crowded and the guard is a tad snappy but take 15 minutes and enjoy this slice of heaven

Erika Beale

Beautiful place - too crowded. Do not recommend snorkeling here if you're experienced and want to go for a while and see a ton. Tons of people make it less enjoyable in the water. The bay is something beautiful to see though! Even if you just stop by.

Hannah Nguyen

There were so many colorful fish here. Not difficult to find fish as many swim near the shore. If you can't swim, the water isn't that deep, I'd say about 4 feet, so it's fun for the younger kids.

Average Joe

Absolutely beautiful and well worth every second spent there. We snorkeled and saw an abundance of colorful fish right in our faces. I will remember this for ever. My favorite memory of Hawaii lives in this beautiful place.

Fi T

The orientation video was beautifully done, helpful to see the history and way to preserve the bay on our visit. Bathroom and other facilities like outdoor showers were a great addition to a morning on the beach. Wish we would have arrived a little bit earlier. By 9am the parking lot was almost full and we luckily found a space. Some who went snorkeling saw a small turtle and lots of fish. Also, wild cats were very friendly.

Beverly Maharg

Nature preserve and georgous Beach for snorkeling. Clean and good facilities.

Maurana Brush

Spectacular snorkeling. Would recommend visiting earlier in the day, as it gets quite busy. Make sure to put lots of reef safe sunscreen on your back and the back of your legs!

Tim Zumbrunn

Absolutely amazing place to swim, snorkel or just hang out on the beach. Well kept and beautiful overlook to the bay. Very nice museum to add to the experience. Definitely a must see. Plan on spending a amazing day at the beach here.

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