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1201 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96814, United States

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Where is Ala Moana Regional Park?

REVIEWS OF Ala Moana Regional Park IN Hawaii

Inna Skoroda

Is this so nice there. Amazing trees, very nice beach especially for childrens. My toddler swim there by herself, because no crazy waves there. Perfect place to have a rest. I like the pier there is nice and green

Jesslynn Armstrong

So much space for everybody, every family and every activity to be enjoyed in the shade under a beautiful tree or on the walking paths winding along the palms & beach or out in the water, discovering the coves & bays & little pools.

Michelle Alvarez

Beautiful spot and great location for family's because it stays shallow for a little bit. This park has free parking too!

Denney Rowcliffe

This is a great place to take the family. The beach has little to no waves and the water is amazing. I did not snorkel, but believe this would be a great spot to do that activity.This park was formerly known as "Moana Park". Its name was officially changed to "Ala Moana" which means "path to the sea" in 1947.

Daniela Gaudino

Great park! It was fun to visit it for the Annual Lanter festival on Memorial day. The park is beautiful and it has also beach access. You need to be careful because on the grass there are little animals...I believe spiders and they bit me and other people. It was pretty painful !

Jake Steiger

This place is a destination place for one of the best views of the Waikiki shoreline. There is usually ample parking, and public restrooms. This beach park is great for those wanting to walk, run, and swim. There are also workout stations along the path in case you feel inclined to stop to do a set.


A beautiful but busy place... Parking is sometimes hard to find... I like that people can bring thier dogs just be sure to keep them on a leash... On this day that I went, I witnessed a dog bite a mans leg and the dogs owner was letting him run around off leash... The dog was a Labrador Retriever

Mike Burrola

It's a very beautiful beach there usually life guards during the day but they leave later on the place closes at 9pm but it's a wonderful place to be some spots are Rocky and there alot of people who run here but not enough to bother you

Sally Tolentino

Breath taking view in all directions. Calm and breezy.

Fabio Jara

We had the opportunity to see the 4th of July fireworks during the night. Amazing show! The beach is also nice but not such a good pick for families with kids. There's a lot of people drinking alchohol around even though is not allowed.

Jeril Geevarghese

Big beach for an evening walk, run..great place for kids since waves are not very high.

Avniel Naidu

It is the best overall beach on the island. It has everything you could possibly want. Calm water for the kids but then great waves for the more adventurous. The parking is always easy to find. If you want a snack you can walk to l & l. You have enough space to have parties. You can bbq wherever you want. Basically have a great time. And if you come for the sunset it won't disappoint

Ben Cockett

Ala Moana park should remain the same if not broken don't fix it.


We stayed at an apartment in this area so this our beach spot for 10 days and we absolutely loved it - way mellower than Waikiki. The beaches were busy but not to the point of being a nuisance - when the sun goes down there's definitely a nice vibe with all the bbq and families around. Go for a run around Magic Island for sure.

Benjamin Brechtel

Decent place to take the kids for a bike ride but, be Cary as there is a considerable number of homeless in the area.

David Ginn

its great for all ages and fairly safe on beaches and water for everyone

rosalee choi

Local public beach park where locals go and use as a family picnic and gathering place for any and all functions. wooden tables, public bathrooms, outdoor showers, grassy and tree shades. two beaches and swimming areas on this park. One is the Magic Island where the beach is small and ocean water is surrounded by high rocky wall to stop the high waves and like a swimming pool and calm. The other is the usual beach with long sandy area and off to the side are patios with tables and of course toilets and showers. There are also grassy areas for just picnics between the ocean and the street bordering the famous Ala Moana Shopping Center. The views are unequaled in that on one side, it is Waikiki, famouse scene, and the yacht harbor with many private boats, yachts moored. The other side Honolulu skyline, beach, and sunsets. Whichever way you look it is gorgeous. Only negative is the homeless encampment and homeless people laying about or using the toilet facilities.

Keffen J

Where locals go. Some killer sunsets late summer

Sasha Fedorova

They finally finished renovating those bathrooms and they are amazing! The best beach!

Jeff Marshall

Beautiful place to enjoy the sunset or plenty of room for a picnic. There are several restrooms on the park grounds all which contain changing rooms if you feel like taking a dip in the ocean or the lagoon. The beach seems calm and ready for a person to enjoy. The park seems well kept and friendly

Andrew Gomes

Had a great time positive vibes and relaxing good for beach patties

Eon Success

This Beach's view is amazing and simply for me I found it fondly vast great for any wondering photographer. It has a soft and cool breeze that turns any hot day into a mixture of perfect weather

leif erlendsson

Parking is rough. Recommend paid parking at the west end off Ala Moana by the boat harbor. I believe it's $1 per hour. Typically very busy and lots of families with loud music.

Susan Kokkinen

Beautiful park. Swimming lagoon. Awesome ocean views.

San Ishii

A great place to relax and have quite time, hang out with friends and enjoy the water by swimming or canoe paddling. Check out Imua with the blue and white canoes if you're interested!

Elle Melinoo

gr8 outdoors to run. relax. eat. swim. workout.awesome L&L. free parking

Quinn Allen

Hard to not love it if you're looking for a place to chill. This isn't a surfing/ body boarding beach. You can snorkel but, as with most of Oahu's beaches, there isn't a whole lot to see. Great for the little ones, sun bathing, and swimming, and the Magic Island portion of the park has a lot of grass areas for picnics, volleyball, or napping in the shade of a tree

Donovan Higashi

Looking for a fun place to chill with friends and family? Ala Moana Regional Park is the place to go to. This is a great place to relax, paddle, surf, bobble, and tan. This park include showers, benches, and bathrooms. The waves are very calm so it is a great place for all ages. On the right side of the beach features sand volleyball with a net that is not reserved so anyone could jump in and play. Toward the center of the beach features multiple tennis courts. Now that you know this, bring your family and friends to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view

Roberta Hyatt

This place is gorgeous, yes, there are homeless around and the water can look a little oily due to sunscreen residue. But its beautiful, the waves aren't too crazy, so if you have inexperienced swimmers or small kids it's a great area, the sunsets are spectacular. It's a great area to BBQ and relax. And enjoy a nice swim with the family.


Hang out with the locals here. Calm, clear blue water! Great location for engagement photos. There's also a Hawaiian BBQ restaurant by the restrooms. Order some loco Moco or short ribs and have a picnic by the beach or hang out under the trees by the picnic tables. Bring some booze and tanning lotion. Don't forget the sunblock.

Jose Mejia

It was very clean, and the facilities are well kept. The sand on the beach is nice but the shoreline has quite a few rocks and pebbles that water shoes would be ideal for. Overall, a great spot to hang out when the mall is packed!

Brittani Wadsworth

My favorite beach so far! Not too crowded and very beautiful view of ocean. Across from the shopping center too!

Bill Smith

Very nice, lots of locals with cook sites, fireworks every Friday at 7:45, very clean

Jimmy Hawelu

Relaxing can go fishing walking take a nap nice.

Elle L.

I love Ala moana beach park. Please no shampoo,no any soap after swimming. There's no drain. The chemical goes into the ocean. We need to protect ocean's. It's our duty.

Alinda Tian

Very nice beach and landscape, very relax and you can bring your friends and your family members with kids to swim walk and play. Not so many people and not crowded over there you can feel very peaceful and happy time. It is very good location in Honolulu.

Jennatilynn Gilliland

Loved the scenic but the water was not working out for me it was cloudy with foam surrounding the swimming area. I don't think I'll be back there...

mike jones

A great park to visit. Beautiful views of Waikiki, Diamond head, the Great Pacific Ocean, and the new redeveloped skyline looking back towards Ala Moana and Kakaako.

Bridget DeBose

Ala Moana Park is filled with locals and not so much a tourist area. There is food to buy in the park. LNL BBQ is there. Great place to watch the fireworks. Family friendly. Ala Moana Center across the street. Sun and fun.

Rinj Mikel

It was hot on the surface but my dears just take a dive into the nice cold ocean and you'll feel relaxed. At the beach you'd see yoga people out in the ocean on their surf boards and a nice path to walk on, strolling along or might as well sit on the benches located near the ocean by rocks and watch the beautiful ocean waves.

Jessica Franco

Great!! Not crowded! There’s beach volleyball as well. The water gets a bit rocky( depending on where you step in) so just find a nice spot and park it there. Enjoy the view, the sun, and the aloha!

lynn Leach

Absolutely gorgeous beach. The grounds are magnificent with breathtaking scenery. Was there for a high tea. Absolutely stunning hotel. Very upscale atmosphere. Tea was very good. the impeccable service


Got to go back and it was a bit more run down than I expected but still a great place to visit and view the Waikiki/ Diamond Head shoreline.

Chris Mack

Fireworks were spectacular. People were pleasant and the sand felt good between my toes.

Frank Rochon

1 of Hawaii's best on Oahu. L&L BBQ on both sides of beach parking is easy. WHEELCHAIR accessible!


Pretty nice. But I expected more. Beaches back home in San Diego are nicer. Still had a really nice swim

Reynaldo Leon Lor

The beach is a bit rocky, but clean and better than Waikiki beach. The water is amazing, tranquil, and warm. Close to the mall, in case you want to run over for provisions.

Chelsey Jones

One of my favorite places to swim. The water is calm enough to enjoy while sitting on your floaty and just lay back.

Roy Frady

Very easy beach to swim or play without heavy surf. A sizable population of homeless in the park, but a good stop before hitting the expense of Waikiki.

Regina T.

Beautiful park, beautiful beach! Very relaxing with amazing views. Just a short walk from our hotel.

Michael Wang

Wide open spaces...2 beaches... Great local crowd... Convenient location... Killer views!

E Leo

Dangerous, bicyclists ride too fast around pedestrians. Absolutely no enforcement.

David Patino

Lots to see and do. Can go surf at various breaks, play tennis, go running or for a walk, play beach volleyball and there's even a bocce ball court. Host to various events throughout the year like the Talk Story Festival at the McCoy Pavilion and the lantern ceremony. Also one of the best places for fireworks during the 4th of July

Andrew Gliga

Amazing beach. Very calm waves great for kids. A bit rocky next to the shore but not too bad. Not crowded at all when we went.

Spencer Atkinson

The park itself is an awesome place to walk around and hang out. You just have to watch out for the homeless. The beach is great, plenty of space for people to spread out and plenty of shoreline for kids to play without getting in people's way. There is a reef that blocks the majority of the incoming waves and is a good place to swim or paddleboard. If you like to surf this is a great place to do it, and there are paths through the reef to get to the waves. A lot of wedding photos are taken here and on any given day during your time at this beach you will see a minimum of 5 wedding photo shoots going on. There is a lot of parking on both sides of the road as well as a parking lot down by magic island. They get full but people come and go so frequently that it is easy to find a spot unless you have a particular area you want to be at. There are plenty of showers to rinse off and a couple of public restrooms. I'd advise you bring your own toilet paper or wipes as it is scarce.

Nate Black

One of our favorite places to go, especially when we started having children since the surf is practically nonexistent. Plenty of space on well groomed white sand beaches.

Francis De Castro

Memorial Day Lantern Festival. Had a blast. So many people to share a beautiful tradition.

Meryl Lefort

Calm waters. Great for mingling with locals and great beach for little kids.

Liza Roberts

We love to come and watch sunsets & people. Great place to walk and spend time with friends & family. True paradise in the middle of town.

Jeremy Waters Enterprises

A local favorite outside reef break for surfing and swimming. Lagoon in the Honolulu town area. Next too world famous Ala Moana shopping center. Includes Tennis courts, volleyball courts, and L&L drive in local diner. A favorite of mine for cruising swimming or gathering. Parking is limited and, it can be overcrowded is your planning a day at Ala Moana come early to help you have the best of your experience!

Hank Chang

Super light waves due to the long gentle slope. A few stones and some trash on the beach, but easy to make some laps or sit and play in the water with few worries about waves, makes for a great kid's play zone. Also a big parking lot, facilities to rinse and bathrooms plus a walking path to a slightly deeper, more turbulent bay. Lots of people ding wedding photos. And a lifeguard.

Elizabeth N

Great and beautiful place for running, picnics, parties, photoshoots. So nice that there's still such an expansive area in town with lots of trees and grass, open space by the beach, away from the busy street.


One of my favorite places to run. It’s about 2.56 miles around Ala Moana Beach Park and Magic Island. There is ample parking in the weekday evenings, which is when I usually run. The bathrooms have gotten cleaner but I still think it could be improved. Same goes for the homeless people in the park.

Terrence Degree

Simply a beautiful beach and park. Parking is a bit difficult to find.

Stoni Jean Williams

Great beach for kids. Low tide. Open. A walkway and magic island is great for smaller children. On Fridays you can see the fireworks from Ala Moana Beach park. There is lots of parking but there is also lots of people so it gets pretty crowded and traffic gets crazy. Right across the street from Ala Moana so you're not too far from food and there are two L&L's right by the beach if you're into local food. Only beef is not all the showers work and the construction makes it look cheap.

Joshua Ahn

Upon arrival, we were delighted by the ample parking available alongside the beach. Giggling and with happy smiles, we grabbed our stuff from the car and made our way to the beach. I noticed one to three gnat/sand flies buzzing around, but didn't give it much thought. We started looking for a spot to settle, when we noticed 10 gnats crawling on my friend's backpack. On closer inspection, we noticed almost 60 gnats crawling all over our beach chairs. I looked down and, to my horror, saw nearly 20 gnats nestled on my shirt and 10 gnats who've decided my pants were their next portable home. The next 5 minutes were filled with smacking sounds as we bat our shirt and equipment. As we made a move to open our trunk, we noticed that our car had been infested by these flying creatures. At least 100 gnats had flocked to our car like millennials flocking to the next popular instagram location. The beach itself was nice and the scenery was pretty, but the amount of bugs we saw outweighed the view from the beach.

Christine Adachi

Great place for family reunions and picnics, went there in my youth. Love the place

Takumi Fukuzawa

I love this park and I take a walks here as much as I can. You get a stunning view of the diamond Head mountain and the city, and you also have quick access to the beach. While you walk around just be respectful to your surroundings, people, birds, cats and you'll have a great time.

Monica Ceja Castillo

Great place to bring kids to play and run around.

Cal A

Great place to walk, jog, picnic, tennis and beach outing. However beware, there are alot of homeless people scattered throughout the park. Certain areas of the park can be dangerous when the sun goes down.

JoAnne Wong

Favorite quiet and uncrowded beach on Oahu. Miss u already!

Crystal Firestone

Beautiful park. Lots of paths to run on, very pretty. Out on the magic island portion, in the rocks there were some cute little black crabs even.

Ryan K

One of Honolulu's larger beach parks with a convenient location. Although there is a lot of parking on most weekends you will have to drive around to find parking. There are events here throughout the year and for some of these events I would suggest parking somewhere else.

Evan Lañas Viray

Best beach very chill and during the weekdays when everyone is at school beach is pretty chill. Don't gotta be shame if your love handles are showing

Liliane Dizon

We had a 5 hour layover coming from Asia and wanted to see the beach. Initially thought about going to Waikiki but worried about time and from Florida so don't need to see touristy beaches. Also Uber driver recommended Ala Moana. Ate at L$L Hawaiian BBQ. Good meat focused food. Many homeless people (welcome back to America!) wandering and begging for our food. Was warned by Uber driver and previous internet searches to watch possessions due to pickpockets targeting tourists. Laid back sandy beach. Go to end of park (closest to Waikiki direction) for sandy bottom otherwise may need water shoes due to rocks. Clear and chilly water. Will visit again if return to Honolulu.

Gary Hopps

Beautiful park with large shady trees and some protected ocean inlets which would be great for kids to swim. It is much quieter here than Waikiki beach etc.

Diana R

Great beach park especially vs crowded Waikiki. Free parking and lots of great picnic spots

Andrew Patyjewicz

Its ala moana. Your experience here really depends on you, I suppose. If you like crowded beaches with tons of tourists and japanese, driving around for parking and screaming kids, i guess you'll love it here. That being said, there's a reason its world famous, second to waikiki beach (which is all of the above and worse), and it's really convenient to get to, with the mall basically across the street. The sunsets are unbelievable, and the people are generally really nice. You WILL see some bat-sh*t crazy homeless here, but honestly it's not as bad as it used to be. There is pretty open drugs and drinking, but I've never seen it be a real issue. No one seems to get out of hand. Oh. Dont ever come on a holiday, unless you come with a big group and are willing to carve out a piece of territory for your tents and such. Ever. And if you do, be prepared to fight for your space to the death. It's like a microcosm of the hawaii real estate market, and an interesting social experiment, but it's like lord of the flies on crack. Just steer clear.

Hank Garrett

Great place to start your day. Very peaceful.

Tom West

Beautiful beach without the crouds. Scenery ain't bad either!

Curt Dodds

Easy access even on a weekend! Lifeguard, calm water in a large shallow lagoon with an offshore break.

Eugene Bridges

Way better than New. York's central park

Nils Geisse

great big park. Always a lot of people. hard for parking.

Karlon Young

Close and convenient. Clean calm beach especially for children. Nice view from beach.

Hope Faaoso

The beach is really beautiful and you can do whatever you want at the beach. Have parties and drink as well.

Audissey Buckner

This place is great for the family only thing is no pets allowed.

Nez Alpha

Let me set your expectations correctly here for this beach. It is a casual, local, hangout beach that is conveniently right across from Ala Moana Center. If you are looking for a beach not overwhelmed with tourists yes it fits the bill. However, what it is moderately filled with are locals barbecuing and hanging out in tents, a mix of tourists and locals on the beach, joggers, a few homeless, and random people just casually walking through. It features a public bathroom on premises, small jungle gym for the kiddies, and an open field you can kick a soccer ball around. There is a big parking area connected to it, and a pier full of private boats nearby. The bathrooms arent very clean, on a scale of 1-10 I give them a 4. For the park overall I give it a 7. Definitely not nice enough for a romantic beach date, and don't play yourself and propose here either or you might get a "no" answer just on principal. There are nicer Hawaiian beaches particularly for romance, and I recommend that you choose elsewhere for that. Overall it is a convenient hangout spot to kill some time. Nothing amazing, its just cool.

Roxsand Mitchell

Great place to have a nap or go swimming. Lots of shade they have tables and big bathroom facility's parking is free but real limited with the amount of people that come here

Fiona Polo

Beautiful park with stunning views! Dog friendly! Has a carpark nearby, an open air shopping centre across the road.

Daniel White

This is a great place to take the family. The beach has little to no waves and the water is amazing. I did not snorkel, but believe this would be a great spot to do that activity.This park was formerly known as "Moana Park".

Anita Angton

Kickball game ... Awesome / fun times w/family & friends.

Georgina P. Siamani Jones

Always loved this park. Grew up here. Taught my kids to swim here. Many parties and gatherings here.

Spencer Keith

Magic island was exceptional. Free parking, water isn't too cold and the beach is amazing. Oh yah ther e a life guard on duty. People doing yoga on the water on plastic stand that fit 4! Amazing

Jason Hearn

Park is huge and used for all kinds of festivals. We were there on memorial day for the floating lamps festival to honor all the loved ones that passed on

MI Support

A favorite local beach. Convenient and close to Ala moana shopping center. Grab a bite to eat for a picnic on the beach.

Art Tibaldo

I found this place in Honolulu as a nice travelogue subject considering that I spent most of my adult life in the boondocks and highlands of Northern Philippines. I first set foot on the sand of Ala Moana Park in 2006 when I served as Artist-in-Residence at the East-West Center.

Mr ROY Norman

It's so peaceful, and everyone's friendly and soaking up the sunshine

Theo Wu

Lovely place with plentiful parking and spots to hang out and picnic. Very nice location to watch the sunset

Darin Torda

Beautiful beach, with the smells of BBQ and Charcoal grills filling the summer air...always reminiscent of my younger years when our family would picnic from the early morning till sundown...those were the days when my grandparents would use the old "Hibachi" style grills...oh how I miss those simple days of yesteryear...

D. H.

Parking, swimming, running, SUP, surfing, fishing, sand castles, child-friendly, adult-friendly, in-town, life guards, views, scenic, good snack bar (L&L) on-site, picnic areas, tennis courts, lawn bowling, banyan trees, good place for parties and baptisms... You name it. Five stars.

Jordan C

If you're looking for a quiet Park away from all the hustle and bustle of the crazy tourism in Waikiki this is definitely a nice Beach to visit clean water low wave not a lot of people it's a great place to bring the family for an afternoon picnic or front all day event at the beach one of my favorite beaches to visit sand is always clean good parking nearby as well as a park it's a good place to be never felt unsafe

BlacqRomantic .

Beautiful spot to just relax and enjoy the sunshine. It can get crowded on the weekends when large families picnic with large tents and grills. Parking is usually good, if you can't find parking on the side of the road, there's usually parking in the lot. There's lots of homeless people here. The restrooms sometimes are out of toilet paper, so always check before using.

vonda miller

This park has everything. It's family friendly and right on the beach. There is volleyball, tennis, and plenty of room to throw the ball around. There is also the best food in the area at L&L Hawaiian BBQ. There are 2 locations in the park. This park is across from the mall and is in close proximity to the Hale Koa hotel.

Robert Picken

Away from the hustle and bustle of designer row Waikiki...has a mix of everything. Great for kids...paddleboarders, snorkelers, surfers, sun worshippers, and couples. Narrow but long beach. Mix of coral and sand. Wicked waves in the back drop against perfect blue skies and sun in your face all day. Bathrooms nearby...not the best but cool to change in. Parking is challenging so be patient and circle and circle and circle till you see a person loading a surfboard in their vehicle...then pounce. Locals are nearby. Paradise!!!

soup boi

This place is great. But like everywhere else it is a little polluted. Not like it's the parks fault or anything. But you'll also probably see turtles and cool fish. So if you were in the area and a tourist, like me, you should definitely go.

Magnitude Events & Services

Well located... beach front... we can use the park for special events

Craig Shibata

Surfing? Not anymore, 35 years! Shoulder problem now, back surgery, finger surgery, WHAT'S NEXT? Brings back lots of great memories of late night walks on the sand with my sweetheart, sleeping in my car to catch those early morning surf sessions, even sleeping in this park sometimes when I was homeless! Now I help the homeless, weather it's food, cigarettes, a bicycle seat, blankets, clothing, and much more. Even prayer and praise

MrSecertary 123

Ok super nice new shower but no soap allowed they kinda need cleaner bathrooms and a lot of trash around and homeless

Rosa Marquez

The 2 times we went there were weddings and it was beautiful to see those and all the families that get together and enjoy each other

Dd Ss

Parking is free, but sometimes difficult to find, there are restrooms with handicap access. Sometimes there are just too many people using the park. It has a long beach with a few lifeguard stations, large open grassy areas, trees and ponds too. It's a decent place.

karma ma

Man destroyed nature's beauty. What more? ...Ah, yes. Was woman!!! It been me, i woulda never allowed any building along a mile from the coast line. And there they is, rebuilding the park yet again. (((Shaking head))) Man never learn. I mean, woman!!!

mike family

One of the best beaches around. Safe for everyone. Good tines paddleboarding

Benny Nadeak

Gathering to celebrated Indonesian Independence Day in Honolulu..location close to beach and across Ala Moana mall

Chris Hayes

Great calm beach that's not too crowded. Also my wife took a really fun float yoga class there.


Beautiful Beach with free street parking. Bring water shoes for all the tiny rocks you'll be stepping on while getting in the water. Showers available.

Joyce Warter

Great for sunset. Not too crowded, free parking.

Jonathan Pang

Ala Moana Beach Park is an amazing park right by the ocean and is perfect for a picnic, tan on the beach, bbq, round of tennis, or a run or walk. Friday nights around 7:40pm you can watch the weekly firework show from Magic Island (The south most part of the park between the harbor and ocean).

Aron Rod

Little lake, few big trees, some bench... Perfect for sheltering from hot and crowded Ala Moana blv

Shoestring Geek

Day (June 22, 2019) was nice. Parking was good, despite being a Saturday. Bathrooms, by the pavilion (tennis courts) is another story. One stall was broken, the other had poop and puke all over the ground. Disgusting.

david Man

Lots of action, lots of space. Parking galore, fishing, surfing, people watching too!

piikea Lewis

It's a nice place and good for exercising! But it's just not the same as before. Just always be safe and alert of your surroundings and your things. Great for morning walks and great landscape pictures!

Berta Currin

I love the place! Comforting and relaxing beach. Kids friendly, most of the place is clean, and I had no problem with the parking lot.

Vanessa Wallner

This is a nice beach. Can get croweded at times but we went in April so it was not to bad. The waves are smaller here so probably a good place to bring kids. Its close to lots of food and beverage places which is a plus

Rob C

Lots of parking most days. Holidays and special events it does fill up. Lots of beach access for surfing, swimming, and fun outside. Walking paths and exercise stations throughout the park too. Enjoy it while you can because the city wants to redevelop it and turn it into a playground for rich people with less access for everyone else

Jaidyn Fisher

Not very crowded, calm waters, good view of the sunset. Favorite beach of the south here

Theo Lee

Great! Really close to parking. Good for paddleboarding but not for surfing.

Standa Pilař

Very nice place. Opportunities for water activities like snorkeling, swimming, surfing and others.

Astro Spectra

Great beach. Close to Ala Moana Center where almost ALL buses travel through. Safe and secure area to enjoy a swim with lifeguards and security nearby always. **Don't go after dark as the homeless come after hours.**

Stephen Ross

The beach was a dream come true! Gorgeous sand and warm, clear blue-grean water. Wow! Saw three kinds of fish while swimming too.

Norma Rogers

We had a toddler so we decided to try a calmer beach and this was a hit. There were even swimmers doing laps the surf is so calm.This beach has a very long level shelf so the water is shallow enough for kids to play without fear of a wave taking them out. Thereare restaurants and shopping within walking distance and free parking. We visited on a Saturday in the late afternoon and there were plenty of spots left. There is also a grassy area across the street that has shaded tables. If you have little kids this is a great spot.

Darryl Johnson

Beautiful park. Best place to watch the sunset on a Friday and then follow up with the weekly firework display. My favorite area to be in.

Matthew Swanson

Came for the fireworks show. It was fantastic! Nice clean park. Nice water features. A good break from the hustle and bustle of downtown.

Boni Candelario

No crowds, clean beach, clear water, beautiful views of sunset.

Mia La Londe

Nice place to swim and enjoy the day. Nice paths to run or walk. Kids love it.

Ricky Romano

Beautiful views, walking and biking paths, and lots of places to layout on the beach or in the grass.

Matthew Smith

The beach is much better and less crowded than Waikiki. If you are staying in the area come to this beach.

Erin Colclazier

Great swimming beach! tons of parking. The park has several bathrooms, showers and a terrific sandy beach. Makes a great alternative to Waikiki

Manuel Caspino

Awesome place to spend special engagements, personal parties and gatherings.

sol imane

Nice place family beach, good spot for watching the fireworks at the Hilton village,each Friday 8 pm,depend season

Willard Eastman

Very nice park and beach, facilities in process of renovations, nice stretch of clear calm water inside of breakwater where there are a consistently people swimming lengths, must be between 1/2 to 1 mile. Nice sand, places to sit, sun and shade. Temperate water. Food available at both ends of park entrance.

Holly R

A great place to swim. Very protected from the wind and lots of free parking available. Be aware that some parts of the beach are a bit rocky/stony so bring some beach shoes if that bothers you!

Robert L Wicker

Beautiful park to walk the scenery is out standing! The views are to die for, super clean, friendly people and safe!

Michael Evia

Get here super early for parking. Peaceful beach, not as crowded as waikiki.


Great family beach. Get here early for good parking and spots (or park at the mall across the street). The reef provides protection from strong waves. You can spend the day lounging, swimming, running/walking, playing's basically a family playground. You will need to get a permit to reserve a spot in the park but the beach is first come first serve. I'd give it 4 stars EXCEPT the bathrooms are not good (not even fair).

Michael McCorkle

Pretty, quite crowded, good sand with a few palms to sit under. If you plan to stay a while, bring an umbrella.

Carmencita Rusche

its pretty good everything i want to see i s in one roof shops are really good

John Rojo

It’s a great park if you need to relax while taking a break from shopping at the mall when I was there it was so nice the weather the water if your ever get a chance check it out don’t forget to bring your snacks

Martin KO

While on vacation, I took my love for a stroll in this park. There was an abundance of locals milling about enjoying being outside with their families. Playing volleyball and having barbecues. It was a very touching moment to me to see how local Hawaiians value their family time together and it was a very intimate look at what can be on the surface, a glossy, touristy location. I sat down with my love under a tree and we shared a pop and relaxed in the warm breeze... listening to the sounds of children playing and the gentle lapping of waves. A memory that I will keep close to my heart always.

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