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REVIEWS OF Zoo Atlanta IN Georgia

Sandy L

Love the new African Savannah exhibit area! Variety of outdoor, indoor and shaded/cooled areas. Parking is limited, so if possible use other transportation methods, or carpool. Both Marta and a bike share program are located nearby.

Rebecca Wagner

We had a wonderful time! We got there right when it opened. It wasn't too hot and not very crowded. There's lots of shade and they even have a splash pad and mist fans to help cool off in this hot GA weather. Lots of different animals to see. My 3 yo just loved it! We spent a total of 3 hrs there. Which was sufficient with a 3 yo and 8 month old. Definitely recommend!

Jennie Dalton

Not a big zoo but definitely worth the money spent. Location in Grant park very neat to walk around. The panda's were amazing and the gorillas exhibit top notch! Get there early to secure parking if not you are walking!

Leah Lynn

My 5.5 and 2.5 year old kids loved the zoo. The petting farm was so well maintained and clean. We will certainly be back for the warm welcome and sad goodbye.

Krishna Reddy

This place is awesome. I came to visit with my family for the day and got to see plenty of incredible animals. They're all taken such good care of and it's clear that they make sure each one is healthy in every sense of the word. As one would expect, gifts are a little expensive and so is the entry, but for everything you get to see and do it is really amazing. Their expansion into having more animals with a huge amount of land for them to freely walk in was looking really good when I came and I would love to come back here.

Kat W

My husband and I regularly traveled to Georgia for his cancer treatments at CTCA. We had some spare time one visit and decided to visit the zoo. It was fantastic. We had the best time. I even got to feed the giraffe! Sadly, my husband lost his battle, but I have the pictures and the great memories of our visit. Thank you so much

Thomas Goossens

A great zoo. Very relaxing and a nice walk around seeing the different beasts. It can get quite warm in the summer, but there are water misting systems. The animals are in very nice enclosures that seem large and comfortable for them. Great staff.

Almost Evil 665

A nice assortment of animals including adorable red pandas and normal pandas. The layout is very logical so you don't miss out on any exhibits and there is a lot of attractions for kids like playing in the water zone or petting. The food is affordable too

Chuck E.

I love the Atlanta Zoo. The only reason I didn't give it a higher rating is because several of the exhibits were closed for remodeling. I can't wait to go back once the remodeling is done. I went because it was Endangered Species Act Day. Once the animals are extinct further generations will never be able to see them. We need the Zoos to educate us how to help save the Endangered Species to help with the recovery of the Endangered Species. Yes I became a member again.


Well organized zoo. Close to animals. Interesting point is there are many reptiles. As long as I know I don't know the zoo which displayed such many reptiles. And they have Panda, too. Visited early morning and not crowded. Recommend to visit early morning.

Catherine Caribbean

5 stars because the Atlanta Zoo is trying to give the animals they care for the best environment possible. That being said, I think some of the enclosures are too small. However, as long as they provide those animals with sufficient stimulation and activity to prevent boredom and stress, the best we can do is support the zoo so they can achieve those goals. The zoo has to work with the space they have, there’s no room to expand. Hopefully they won’t take on more animals than they can care for responsibly and respectfully. The animals welfare comes first and foremost. You could easily walk through the zoo in 90 minutes but why would you rush through? It took me 2 1/2 hours during mid-day and that was at a leisure pace while taking pictures, videos and talking with the volunteers and staff about different exhibits. Once the African Savanna opens, you could easily spend the day at the zoo just by going around twice. Which is not a bad idea because it’s nature and it’s activity is always changing. The staff here, including the volunteers, are very friendly, helpful and informative. I had the opportunity to talk to a student who is working on her doctorate at the gorilla/monkey enclosure area. That’s a win-win for everybody because the research information she collects will benefit the zoo as she completes her educational goals. When you go through the entrance they give you a map with all the information you need to have in order to enjoy your day there. If I lived here I would have a membership and go at least once a week. It’s a very calm and relaxing environment.

Becca Greer

The company my S.O. works for had a family event at the zoo last weekend. It well organized by both the company & Zoo Atlana. Zoo Atlanta has some amazing, friendly staff! Walking around the zoo I noticed a few things right off the bat: it was very clean, there were lots of signs, & lots of zoo personnel. As we walked past the stands with toys, snacks, etc. I noticed that were no pushy sales people "showing off" toys to lure the kids over. It's a simple thing that was very appreciated by this Mama. The animals all seemed well cared for. Exhibits were appropriate for each animal, & nicely maintained. Many seemed to have areas that were a bit more private & out of view (both indoor & outdoor). That shows respect for the animals. Also, some of the exhibits are currently being worked on. I believe (well, hope) this is to improve the areas for the animals & their well being. I also noticed that a lot of these animals had back stories: some had been injured, some came from "exotic" pet owners, & others are there to help raise numbers for endangered species. Overall it was a great day, despite the heat. I hope that the Zoo continues to improve and grow, so we may all go see God's creatures, in a healthy non pitiful environment, so we can learn to respect wildlife and our environment more.

Erin Hopgood

We absolutely love the Atlanta Zoo. We've loved visiting with the animals for about 2o yr or so now. Even with all of the construction and updates it has always be such a beloved place for us to go and now it is just getting better. It looks fantastic already and I cannot wait to see what else they have in store for the animals there. The Elephants are my absolute favorite animal and I am beyond impressed with what they have done with their new enclosure. It's phenomenal. Can't wait to see what is next.

Beth C

Absolutely amazing. You can tell the keepers adore the animals. The elephant exhibit was hard to enjoy, because I'm disabled and the doors are too heavy. I wish they had subtitles on the educational videos, but these are my only complaints. It is honestly and truly incredible here!

Jessica Knight

A good amount of the large animals were put away until they open their new habits. Also for a hot day in July they didn't have the misting stations/ fans going . Food and drinks are over priced so its best to bring your own food snacks and drinks other than that great place lots of fun things to do!

Jonathan Schneider

What a lovely zoo. The new African Savannah is shaping up to be amazing. The gorilla exhibit(s) are outstanding and in general a top notch experience. Get there EARLY on weekends, parking is extremely difficult to find.

Zaiah Calvin

Such a fun time at the Atlanta zoo! The grounds are beautiful! Huge children’s area!! The panda and gorilla exhibits were my favorites. There was a very nice docent who gave very god information about the gorillas and the brand new 2 day old baby! The bird show was also very entertaining. Had lunch at Nourish Cafe and the food was very good. All in all a super fun an education filled day!

Jazzmen Patton

Super fun, cute, and worth more than 1-2 visits! I just took my 1 year old twins here last weekend and it was a very pleasant experience. We arrived about 3:45 so the park was settling for the day and the major crowds, of any were dispersing. Parking was a breeze and so was entry thanks to online paying. Though we had our own I loved that they had the option to rent strollers and such. I myself hadn’t been to the Atlanta Zoo since childhood and I was happy to see they still offered overnight trips like when I was a kid can’t wait for mine to experience that. For a late afternoon experience with young tots we got through the majority of the park rather quickly while being able to see many of the main attraction animals and all the amazing bird species before many were ready to feed. I loved all the little touches of information and ways to immerse young minds. I can’t wait for the new exhibit and hope the zoo is supported and continues conservation efforts for decades to come. I thought the food was standard concession style pricing and there were more options than I thought. I also liked that there were so many add on features like the train and the ropes course. The terrain and walk paths are well thought out for all the stroller traffic it sees while seeming to keep the animals content and visible to guest.

Eric Bridwell

We have been members of Zoo Atlanta ever since we moved back home to Georgia two years ago! Our son loves it, especially the train, and the new addition of the African Savannah is incredible! Cannot wait to come back in the fall!

Megan Kinard

Fun family day! The food was expensive, as expected, but it was actually good and decent food. The staff was very friendly and courteous and my kids loved seeing the gorillas. I hope the Savanna exhibit opens soon!

Birdie England

I had a wonderful time it was my birthday and was surprised by being taken to the zoo. I had not been there in years and intended to go one day but never got around to it, a surprise, we walked the zoo with the exception of the petting zoo, I checked off two things on my bucket list, my fear of heights and reptiles, the animals exhibits was great but walking in the trees and finally at the very top getting on the zip line was fantastic, I truly enjoyed my experience.

Mathew Tolbert

Really fun experience and really nice looking zoo with a good collection of exotic animals. We HAD to see the naked mole rats because of my son, but they were so cute. I'd recommend this zoo if you're visiting Atlanta, or living within a couple of hours. An easy half-day experience.

Zvi Zimmerman

Even though it's a big city, it's a smallish zoo with just the right amount of animals. The giant pandas are amazing (only Atlanta and Washington DC Still have them in the US) and there's tons of views of every enclosure. One thing: either drink tons of water or find lots of shade. Atlanta is hot and the enclosures are mostly all outdoors.

Caryn Dennison

Great time! The weather was perfect. The animals were out and active. The staff were polite and friendly. All areas were clean.

Ashley Younkin

We waited to see the savanna/safari animals and were disappointed that the rhino exhibit wasn't open yet. Other than that, we really enjoyed our time here! Clean, not too crowded, easy to navigate. Had an easy time finding parking. We had an enthusiastic and informative conversation about two-toed sloths, which was unexpected. Refreshing to see an employee's passion for his job! Another wonderful thing we've never experienced at any other zoo was the giant misting fans, for lack of better words. Helped cool down my little ones!

Andrew Aubrey

The zoo is a good place to spend time with family or friends. The entrance price is good value compared to other things to do in downtown Atlanta. The exhibit and animal enclosures are informative and the keepers/employees working on the enclosures have in my experience been helpful and happy to answer questions about the animals. My BIG issues with the zoo are the price of food there - it's too expensive, i recommend taking in water and lots of snacks if spending several hours there. The other is the lack of nursing facilities for breastfeeding mothers. ONE facility for the entire park is poor form for such a popular FAMILY attraction. They must be able to do better than this! Lastly, i can only speak for the mens restrooms but the lack of facilities for small children is also poor form. Steps for the wash basins are needed for children to access them without sitting on the surface and the older toilets need upgrading to have urinals lower to the ground like you find in the Georgia Aquarium and Mercedes Benz stadium. The zoo is a good day out for the family but facilities need improvements. Happy to give 5 stars if they update the facilities.

The Rutland Family

Wow! All! Over! This! Place! Do not miss your opportunity to visit Zoo Atlanta! Regardless of age! Make it an extended family outing for maximum enjoyment. Every single exhibit is engaging, informative and fun. Zoo attendants are stationed at each viewing to share updates and answer questions. There are plenty of areas to picnic, rest and have quiet time with children as needed. There is a playground, carousel, climbing wall and slide for additional fun. This is a clean, authentically presented zoo with animals of every kind for viewing. Enjoy!

G. Edward Mcilvain

Very good experience over all. Surprised that there were a lot of shaded areas and cool zones. Which is great for those hot summer days. The food is over priced. Bring a sack lunch.

Spruce Wayne

Great place to visit with the family. Lots of shaded pathways and can be completed in a 2-3 hours. There is a petting zoo, climbing wall and playground. Be sure to get a pretzel with mustard for the kids to share.

Margret Walker

It was fun all through. My family had a wonderful time

Sherelle Browning

We had a great time and really love the improvements they are making. Once the lack of parking is fixed I'll give it 5 stars.

Shanvi Sharma

Love the zoo! They are doing a significant renovation that should be completed soon (Late Summer 2019). My son loves going here and there are a variety of animals. They have a relatively new reptile facility with snakes, lizards, tortoises that is very nice! The price and membership is very reasonable so my family always gets one!

Juan Barajas

So I went back again, last year me and my family went and I was excited about seeing the rhinos since I have never seen one, and it's my favorite animal in the world. But the rhinos were not there any more, I was told once the new African Sahara opened the rhinos would be back on display. So we went today I was surely expecting to see them, but again was told that they would not not be in till later in the year. I was so depressed. My kids still had a good time. But I probably wont be back for a long time. Even when I went to the gift shop there were was nothing rhino other then a small stuffed animal. I was disappointed. Maybe in 2 years I might go back.

Erica Heddy

We happened to go on a day when there were at least 7 or 8 different schools that went on field trips, so we weren't able to see and do as much as we'd have liked, but it was still pretty good. Some enclosures were so large that you couldn't see the animals, and some, like the Panda enclosure, were so small that I felt bad for them. The kids loved the splash pad area, and restrooms were interspersed fairly well. One visit at this zoo was sufficient; except for the giant panda I don't think I'd go again.

John McDonald

Nice place, loved the pandas. Not all facilities open during the week so go during events for maximum value. Fun half day experience. Food court has vegetarian options and a good variety of food.

Teague Ricks

SO AWESOME!!!!!!!! The enclosures are clean and well put together. The twin pandas were very active and wrestled--- SO ADORABLE! They had gorillas, giraffes, elephants and more. The naked mole rat exhibit was especially entertaining, with little tunnels for kids to crawl into the room. All in all, awesome zoo!!!

Heike Teaney

Always a great experience. They staff is always friendly and helpful. Very knowledgeable. The animals are awesome


Not the best zoo ever, but it was pretty good. Super hot when we went there, but there were water fountains everywhere. Friendly guides were stationed at most enclosures, helping to spot the elusive animals such as big cats. The pandas are adorable and make the trip worthwhile.


This is a fantastic zoo! There is a very good collection of animals in engaging and interesting habitats along with informative displays. The grounds are immaculate and I appreciated the natural bamboo lining the walkways (and the shade they provided). I greatly enjoyed my visit and hope to visit again in the future.

Luis Guzman

Was very impressed with this zoo. For the size of this park it has a lot to offer. A must if you are in the area. The family enjoyed it.

Jennifer Savage

Really nice zoo! They've done a lot with the original zoo footprint. Lots of unique animals in nice habitats. The pandas alone are worth the price of admission. We could watch the twin female pandas all day. Also really enjoyed watching the lemurs and birds in the treehouse exhibit. Zookeepers are polite and helpful. We were able to get through everything twice in about 4 hours. Not a huge zoo, but they've done well with the area they have available. The food was really good and a step above most zoo cafe fare we've had at zoos all over the U. S.

Josiah Smith

It is nice fairly clean ( they have wild animals.... So considering this ....well surely you can get it and understand ! ) Very big with plenty to do! Also everybody should either have fun or find/see something interesting ! So it's a good place for any group or individual to enjoy !

Mark Akczinski

Been to this zoo many times. It's not that good. You'd think Atlanta could afford a better one. If you're here visiting, dont waste your time. Other Zoo's I've been to, especially Houston's, makes Atlanta's look like a petting zoo.

Amy Buckles

Fantastic zoo! We love coming here when we can on our trips into Atlanta a few times a year. Great selection of animals and new projects going in look super!

Tyler Moose

Always love coming here with the family. Animals are still acclimating to the new African Safari exhibits but the new enclosures are so much better!

Daina Allison

Very busy but is was super fun. Bring money for drinks and food. The gift shop is cool. You may want to get there early if you want to park close, otherwise you may be parked pretty far from the actual zoo..

Cool Head

Great gem in ATL! Take the kids and have a great time viewing the animals. It’s best to go in the Fall, the weather is pleasant. Parking can be hard to find if you don’t get there early enough.

Mary G

It's a nice Zoo. It's the best to explore on days that are 80 degrees or lower. You will have a more enjoyable walk, and the Animals won't be too hot to do anything. One of my favorite aspects of Zoo Atlanta is the volume of zookeepers throughout the park. I've been to plenty of other zoos where you rarely saw a zookeeper, you would just walk around look at the animals and it was up to you to read the placards. Here there are plenty of zookeepers ready to share knowledge that they have about the animals. The food at the zoo is very expensive, as might be expected. I wish I knew for certain that the extra fare was supporting the animals, and not just gouging due to a cornered market. I recommend packing a little picnic as there are many shaded spots to sit and enjoy lunch.

Joshua Tutterow

Great Sunday outing. Just found out admission is free for veterans and active duty military. Pretty awesome. This was my first time going since I was a kid 20 or 30 years ago. Parking was absolutely terrible, but it is downtown, so that's to be expected...

Cheyenne Giles

Awesome place to go!!! The animals are very well taken care of. All healthy and beautiful. They have an awesome indoor place to see the snakes and turtles. They are working on construction for bigger enclosures for the animals. Super friendly staff all through the zoo!

Mike Mitchell

We went on a Wednesday morning with the grand kids... it was 72° and beautiful. It's a great place to spend a day. Did the ropes course with my 4 year old grandson. It was terrific.

Sara Ortiz-Romero

Such a fun time at the Atlanta zoo! The grounds are beautiful! Huge children’s area!! The panda and gorilla exhibits were my favorites. There was a very nice docent who gave very god information about the gorillas and the brand new 2 day old baby! The bird show was also very entertaining. Had lunch at Nourish Cafe and the food was very good. All in all a super fun an education filled day!

Jessica Manalaysay

Great experience! We went on a week day. There was barely any people. The animals were almost all out and very interacting. Every staff that we had the pleasure to talk to were very knowledgeable and nice. I already want to go back!!

Madeleine Hackney

Love this zoo! My kids love it too. We are happy the elephants have more room now. They look glad.

Shonda T.

The zoo was nice. It's what you would expect. It was a hot day and a lot of the animals were sleeping so not as active. Surprisingly, it was as crowded as I thought

Chris Kaliszczak

Great place for kids and adults alike. Not too expensive and you can see everything in a few hours without having to walk too far. My kids loved the goats at the petting zoo. Food prices are high but that is to be expected.

Clarissa Onisk

Had a great time! The exhibits were wonderful! Absolutely loved the new elephant and zebra/giraffe area!

Christine Mercer

Don’t waste ur time coming to the this zoo . So expensive and not worth it . No animals to see . One side was closed didn’t even get to see an elephant or a giraffe Most animals weren’t even there . Was nothing too see but monkeys and reptiles . I was highly disappointed. Really wanted to enjoy this visit with my family to see the animals. they enjoyed the park more . I really wish they would have warned us that half the Animals were gone .

Kalyn N

We went on a Saturday, so there were tons of people. The exhibits were nice and we enjoyed hunting for the reptiles in the indoor area. Staff were very friendly and passionate about the animals.

becky beck

Great zoo. I love they are adding new animals and events. The 'Savannah' part is awesome. Train and carousel Rides for the kiddos. I'm hoping the rhino will be there soon. It's my 5 year olds favorite animal.

Kay Stanton

Took our grandson today and had a great time...all the animals were out about so got to see them all! Missed the opening of the new savanna by one day...can't wait to go back and see all the elephants, giraffes, etc. in their new home!

Michael Maniscalco

We enjoyed the experience at the zoo, plenty of animals to see. They have many different amphibians, snakes as well. The lions, and gorilla's are beautiful. A must see in Atlanta.

Eddie Flewellen

My Girlfriend & I visited July 7, 2019 during a weekend visit to other Atlanta attractions. Zoo Atlanta were the most disappointing of all. We arrived early , approx. 10am. We were aware of parking issues. My problem issues are: entrance to expensive for what we got to experience (if major exhibits are going to be closed or under long term construction, lower the $30 Adult prices or warn customers before paying entrance fees. Some of the exhibits lack attention getting. There's only so many birds you to view. The primate exhibits were the only Zoo like experience we enjoyed. We were completed in 1&1/2, Probably could have completed sooner. The only reason I am giving 3 Stars are because of the Military free entrance and primates. I've visited many Zoos in this country. For price of entrance and exhibits, I won't return even with the Africa Savanna opening.

Samantha Green

Great place to spend the day with the kids. The only downsides are the street parking that's necessary because of the lack of parking spaces and the only real place to eat inside the park is not adequately staffed and the wait times are ridiculous. Also...needs gluten free options, other than a small side salad.

Crystal Tyson

This was an amazing experience. The deals they have for memberships and veterans are amazing. Super thankful for this place.

Joe Lavallee

Who doesn't love the zoo? As an annual membership holder, I have been really excited about the facility upgrades the past few years, with more still to come. Recently the new Sahara exhibit opened and we were able to visit today. I couldn't have been more thrilled with it. The elephants and giraffes we exceptional. Their new homes looked much better compared to the old versions and they were much closer for viewing with better interaction. I highly recommend this and I also look forward to the future rhino exhibit!

Amanda Petersen

A weekday in late August was a great time to visit. Yes, a little hot but zero crowds. The new African Savannah area was really nice. We can't wait to see the zebras!

Sydney Gleason

Always clean with friendly staff. The splash pad is nice to have on hot summer days. Definitely worth having a pass, and I recommend going on weekdays to beat the weekend crowds!

Bianca Semprit

I had a blast here and it was so large I nearly got lost. The elephants are the best but I do worry that their inside cages are too small and lacking in trees and a playful environment. Reminded me of jail but that’s only inside, their outside premises we’re gorgeous and they looked healthy. The giraffes were beautiful and the gorillas looked positively radiant. Recommend this place for sure as many of the animals rescued.

Dave Massey

Wonderful zoo, great staff. There's a lot of construction going on for new exhibits, including a huge one called African Savanna. It looks to be incredible once it opens this year. The new construction really doesn't interfere with getting around and seeing the existing ones. Great place to bring the children. If you're an amateur photographer like me, or even a pro, you'll love the tons of photo ops. Bathrooms and snack bars are everywhere. I definitely recommend the Atlanta Zoo!

Sarah Mccurdy

It was an amazing zoo. The panda's were so adorable. All the enclosures where huge and multiple places to see each animal.


What a wonderful zoo! The exhibits are really nice and spacious and the animals are in areas where they can be easily viewed. We really enjoyed all of the employees sharing their knowledge and educating us on the different species! I love that you go put of your way to educate and make sure everyone is having fun and learning! There was so much to do and look at! This is definitely one of our country's BEST Zoo's!!! Great job!!!

Sam Lees

I personally find zoos a little depressing but it's still really cool to see some of these amazing animals in person. It's a good zoo altogether and parking is free. Drink plenty of water because it gets hot in Atlanta!

Chris Avila

Beautiful zoo. I just wish they had more to see other than that it was a great experience.

Antonia Morales

Always a great time at Zoo Atlanta. It's expansive, clean, and you can always see something new. Their new reptile exhibit is awesome and I'm sure the new African Savanna exhibit will be amazing as well. It's a great way to spend a couple hours or even the entire day.

Dana Domenick

The lay out of this zoo is particularly wonderful. If you come on a school day when there are less people it's almost leisurely.

Holly Wallee

My daughter (18months) was excited from the very beginning. She watched the flamingos for a long time. We had to pull her away to see the other animals. My family enjoyed this zoo. I'm glad we went. (Though next time, I will be mentally prepared for the workout all the walking ended up being. It's a big campus. Definitely bring a stroller if you have a child.)

Katie Park

Very cute and high quality establishment! The workers are very passionate and the animals seem well-cared for.

Brandon Steward

For the limited selection, this zoo was surprisingly crowded and busy. Before you even think of attending, check their website. There you'll find information on what exhibits and parking lots are closed. At least two exhibits were closed for remodel when I attended. That didn't leave a lot to see beyond snakes and turtles. We arrived shortly after opening and were finished before lunch. Be sure to arrive very early as parking is limited and fills very quickly. We were fortunate enough to find a parking spot on the edge of the lot. The park itself was kept clean and well-maintained. There are a few water fountains, though you have to look for them. Otherwise, be prepared to pay $2+ for bottled water. When all exhibits are full and if you attend the presentations/events, then the price may be worth it, otherwise, I'd wait.

Alex Kogan

Great zoo and great value. This zoo is not huge but big enough to hold many large animals such as gorillas, giraffes, zebras, bears and of course the giant pandas. The panda exhibit featured two adult pandas and two panda cubs. This is an amazing and rare experience as not many zoos in the US feature pandas. My kids loved them as well and had a blast.

Lucia Johnson

Ok, with me being from Omaha, NEB. I MUST say ANY zoo will pale in comparison to The Henry Dorley Zoo in Omaha. The Atlanta zoo had many extras. A kid zone with water fountains that will be sure to cool you off after walking in this HOT August sun. They also have MANY sitting areas strategically placed for rest and shade. These were definitely a plus. BUT their Rhino exhibit us under construction and coming in late fall. Not only did we NOT see those but no giraffes nor zebras. The map that each individual receives can be read simply. They have a train and other activities for an extra fee. Overall; it's NOT entirely big and we saw the entire zoo in three hours with our four year old. The parking IS limited BUT free. I believe the price should have and could have been less. Our zoo in Omaha cost less with more to see. This is our first and will be our last trip to this zoo.

Raimundo Rivas

My family and I drove about 2 hours to get here and it was worth the time. We went on a short weekend because it closed at 1400 because of an event. My wife loved the pandas, daughter enjoyed watching the tiger, son and I liked the petting zoo. I wanted to spend a good time with my famiku before I start "hard work". Shop had a 2GB SD card for my Canon, helped with storing good memories, I would have ran out of space on my old memory disk.

John Guillory

The zoo has gotten a lot better since the early 2000s and love the way the have place air condition exhibits because right when you about to get to hot there was another place to go inside and the bamboo provides alot of shade. One thing I wish the gorilla exhibit was better because it hard to really see them and wish they would let know what animals they were not going to have such as we did not see the giraffe because they were doing something and be nice know ahead of time

Judith Smith

Beautiful, I haven't been to the zoo since 1973. It was a wonderful experience. I love going places like that with children. It was so exciting I was like a child seeing something new. Please go if you haven't been in a long time.

Janette Knittel

shirt off underwhelming. some exhibits seem very old and sad for the animals. very nice (in most places) gardens and grounds. highlights were gorilla, new (coming soon) exhibits for elephants and etc.

Stephanie Robinson

My girls loved it. They can't wait for the new African savanna exhibits to finally open. It was nice being able to have my 3 1/2 and 1 year old play in the playground at the end of our trip while right above my 13 and 10 year old and their cousins were able to have fun in the Treetop trail.

Andrea Smith

Zoo Atlanta has a variety of neat animals, and their habitats are well kept and appropriate. My 2 year old daughter loves animals and loves this zoo. We have a year membership, so we’ll be there several times this summer. Luckily they have a fun splash pad to cool down in the heat.

Josette DiBlasio

Nice size zoo with great variety of animals! The panda and elephants were my favorite. We explored and it took us half the day. Petting and brushing the goats were really fun too!

Sarah Keil

Had a great time! Very well kept facility, friendly staff, animals were very active and seemed to be in an enriching environment. Lots of attractions and programming we didn't get to--but we bought a membership so we can come back soon! :)


Nice zoo for children. But they currently have construction projects so hopefully will be even better once complete. Also was pricey. Moved from Washington d.c. and our zoo is free and much bigger

Blanche Henderson

Thank you, Zoo Atlanta, for a wonderful experience at the zoo! We are repeat visitors, but we were very impressed by the upgrades (finished and in progress) that show commitment to the animals and the community you serve!! The animals appear healthy and happy and the habitats were lovely. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The grounds and facilities were clean with plenty of seating, rest areas, and concessions available. We also noticed the clear effort to educate visitors on conservation and encourage preservation of the blessing of these animals. My aunts (both in their 80s!) and my teenagers all enjoyed the visit. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

Lauren N. Ledbetter

It was clean, the employees were all so friendly, especially Linda in the gift shop who helped us find the sunscreen we needed! We live in the Birmingham area and this zoo is so beautiful compared to ours. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how almost every exhibit had different viewing areas of the animals so you were able to see them!

kyle benderoth

Way better now compared to before! I went to the zoo 3 years ago and it was sad. Most animals were sleeping, weren't in the exhibit, or were in areas much smaller than they needed. I gave it another chance today and was pleasantly surprised. They moved around the animals and now the larger ones have much more room. Most animals are awake in the morning. The park is very well kept now. If you haven't been to the zoo in the last year I recommend giving it another shot.

Glenda P

I always get the zoo membership because even if you don't come back, it pays for its self the first time. Also its tax deductible. Make sure you follow the schedules to see more fun and exciting things! When I come here I usually pack snacks, drinks, and some sandwiches for the kids. They also have a splash fountain so bring extra clothes, sunblock, and a towel!

Vibhav Agarwal

Love this place and my daughter immensely enjoys it. On a good day and time, you will be able to see all the animals.

Ibis Benito

Great exhibits and friendly staff. It was easy to see the pandas which was a unique experience. Also enjoyed the kiddie train a lot! I can see how parking could be limited in busy days, but on a Wednesday it was nos crowded and we had a great time.

Leighane Evans

Loved the new Savanna they put in! Went to the sippin Safari event to see it. Great music, animals looked awesome. If this is a yearly thing, we plan to always go! very worth it

Corey Haynes

We love the zoo. It's so worth getting a membership. Edit We've been very disappointed this past year. While we understand construction takes time we were forced to leave a few times due to no parking, a large part of the exhibits being closed, and paying a higher membership fee while all these things were going on. Construction is still going on and although some of the stuff is now open the Giraffes were still put away. Pretty sure we won't be getting another members pass.

Katherine Kast

Amazing zoo! Gorgeous grounds, beautiful, constantly upgraded animal enclosures and facilities. Incredible, once in a lifetime animal encounters, with staff who clearly care a great deal for animal welfare, conservation, and education. Lovely, unique gift shop, and several food and snack places. Great for adults, children, and families. Special attractions such as the pandas and elephants are unmatched! Highly, highly recommend!

Sarah C-S

We really enjoyed Zoo Atlanta. We had drinks, pretzels, and ice cream...all were delicious. We were able to stay busy for a good part of the day. Lots of fun things for kids! There was a food truck with the most amazing chicken strips and french fries. My biggest complaint would be parking as we had to park blocks away in a residential area and walk with a baby and toddler.

Tanya R

Some animals were still sleeping and hiding but still it was a great walk around the zoo! Had fun:)

J Travis

We go to a different zoo each year. Last year was New Orleans. The Atlanta Zoo is SOOOOOO much better than NOLA. In Atlanta, the map is laid out with walking visitors in mind. Each area is just a short walk from the last and there is always something to look at and experience. Other zoos have a hike between each animal with few opportunities to see or learn anything. Atlanta zoo just seemed to have something to see or do at every turn. My family enjoyed it and yours will too

Mario Castillo

Absolutely loved this Zoo!!! The trees provide plenty of shade, being from Texas this is very important!! The exhibits are spacious and give plenty of room for everyone to view the wonderful animals. Zoo Atlanta has many animals that the San Antonio Zoo does not so my family and I loved the change of scenery! The pricing for drinks and food is about the same as any other zoo that I have been to. The staff is helpful and very nice. Thank you for the wonderful experience Zoo Atlanta!!

Tor W

Very nice zoo with some great exhibits. Really love there gorilla and orangutan habitats. Wish they had their rhino! The exhibit was under construction when we went. Parking was very easy on a weekday when we went.

Robert Trotter

We had a great time. They seem to be doing a lot of upgrades. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Jasmin Minnis

This place was awesome. A great place to get your steps in lol. The red panda was beautiful.

Evelyn Billings

We had so much fun! Learning new information on the animals and about the zoo. It was such a great experience.

Diane Pohl

What a wonderful place to go. Animals look well taken care of and seem happy. We love bringing the grandkids when they are in town.

Brad McKnight

Great zoo. Perfect size. Lots of shade. While zoos are, by nature, places where animals are in captivity, I feel like this zoo cares for the animals and the environments they live in. Tip: Arrive early to go in at opening. Also, while food sold here is good, budget conscious people can bring in their own food.

Karen Andrea Ramirez

If you’re looking for something to do with your family or a single parent trying to entertain your kiddos it’s the place to go!! Lived here in Georgia for most of my life and continue to go every year! They keep upgrading new parts of the zoo. I even got my year membership unfortunately this year I was not able to renew but it’s more then worth it!!!

Lisa Durrett

I love the new elephant exhibit. I love the new baby gorilla. The variety of animals were great. I LOVE THE ZOO!!!!

Jono Long

We had a good time with the kids. They've done some renovations since the last time we visited and they were done well. They seem to still be adding more.

Letitia Nnanabu

We had an awesome time! The animals were cute, funny, and sometimes mysterious. The zoo keepers were I formative and friendly. Later this month a new exhibit, African Savannah is opening. It's going to be awesome!

Desirae White

I love the new African Savannah enclosures. It was long over due and so worth the money that was put in it. I can't wait to see the rhino come back to his new home.

Tmax young

The different music was very nice and exciting. The animals seem all tried out or lazy there were no elephant or reptile exhibits I think the Memphis zoo is larger. The parking area small which made long walk distance to get to zoo

Tira Brown

Ok we have been members at the zoo got a long time and we enjoy going there. I am pleased now that they completed the new habitat for the elephants as they have a much bigger area to live now. What a fun and educational place to teach your kids. Just remember you can go more then once a year because your kids can learn more and more.

Leslie James

Ohhh the memories I have of this zoo...Willie B the legend was my absolute only reason for wanting to come to the Atlanta Zoo..I would just watch him for hours at a time..he was definitely a gem and I miss him...I heard his descendants are still here...I am planning my first visit back to Zoo Atlanta for the first time since Willie B passed away so see you all soon..

Johanna Perez

Not the best one I ever seen. There was not many animals to see and train ride too expensive for what it is, it does not go around park like trains do at other Zoo we have visited. On the other hand, The tree top adventure was fun we all enjoyed it.


It was a hot day. Went on a Monday as Google showed the least crowds. Been a few years since we went. New African Sahara area is open. Happy to see the elephants with so much more room. Most the animals were out and active. Kids had a blast. Splash pad was a nice close to the visit for them to cool off. Everything was clean and neat. Keep up the good work Zoo Atlanta!

Shane Urman

Absolutely loved this Zoo!!! The trees provide plenty of shade, being from Texas this is very important!! The exhibits are spacious and give plenty of room for everyone to view the wonderful animals. Zoo Atlanta has many animals that the San Antonio Zoo does not so my family and I loved the change of scenery! The pricing for drinks and food is about the same as any other zoo that I have been to. The staff is helpful and very nice. Thank you for the wonderful experience Zoo Atlanta!!

Rebecca Field

New African Savanna lets you feel so close to the animals. Beautiful space! Also found out late afternoon the pandas are more active.

Fran poole

We really enjoy the zoo! Super packed on weekends but still fun! Cannot wait until the new amazing African Savannah opens August 8, 2019!

Sherry Kell

We love Zoo Atlanta! A beautiful setting to watch the animals! We always look forward to seeing what the animals are up to each time we are there. We have a membership and really enjoy our monthly trips to the zoo!

Christine D

This was a great zoo with plenty of room in exhibits and nice viewing areas. The carousel is very nice too. They have some amazing animals like pandas, gorillas, and orangutans. The petting zoo has gentle goats and baby doll sheep.

Om rama

Even though it's a big city, it's a smallish zoo with just the right amount of animals. The giant pandas are amazing (only Atlanta and Washington DC Still have them in the US) and there's tons of views of every enclosure. One thing: either drink tons of water or find lots of shade. Atlanta is hot and the enclosures are mostly all outdoors.

Serge Moraru

Great place!! If you come on a weekend be ready to park pretty far and walk. All the animals were active when we came so it was a fun experience. We would definitely come again!

Kae Smith

Had a great time at the zoo. Saw the New Aftican exhibit. Kids loved the pandas and the petting zoo.

Ashley Panzica-Tolbert

Great zoo, sadly we missed the opening of the Savannah exhibit by just a bit. My only real complaint is that the pressed penny machines cost a new crisp dollar bill so my tube of quarters and pennies did us zero good.

Joseph Roderick

Zoo Atlanta was amazing I totally suggest going there my favorite was of course the pandas or Llamas.ughhh I can't decide if went there today on a field trip with my friends and the train ride was awesome not gonna spoil it all but you all need to go there!!100 stars if it possible!

Mark Cifelli

This is a great zoo. It's not the biggest zoo I've been to but it's got a great layout. The animals have plenty of room.

Courtney Turner

The new elephant exhibit is amazing! The rest of the zoo was great, as always. The big cats are my favorite, and even though they were all napping, I could clearly see them!

Samantha Polly

So much family fun can be had at this zoo! These animals housed in this zoo truly have individual personalities that they're not shy about the guests seeing at all! It's blatantly obvious these animals are routinely engaged by and interacted with by the zoo handlers and the animals seem to have this conscious understanding that they'll be safe and cared for daily by the humans and theres no reason to be fearful

cheyenne Jordan

This was a great and relaxing way to spend a day! The map of the zoo was easy to follow and staff were friendly and knowledgeable. Good job Zoo Atlanta!


This zoo was awesome! Now I will add that we did the Panda encounter which might be skewing my perception. All the animals looked to be in good health and happy. The food was good as well. All of the keepers and volunteers were very knowledgeable and seemed to have a relationship with the animals they were presenting. The layout of the zoo is rough with all of the hills if you are out of shape like I am but you get great exercise.

Amanda Whitaker

We just love Zoo Atlanta! All of the kids enjoy coming to see the animals but my Autistic toddler just lights up as soon as we pull in! Always a happy day at Zoo Atlanta!!

Mel Wallace

Great place to take little kids to!! In addition to animals, there is splash park, playground and multi-cultural dances and songs. Facilities are very young kid (needs diapers) friendly.

Sunshine Jowers

This was first time at the Atlanta zoo, it was amazing. I just wished that the animals were in bigger cages with more space. I really enjoyed myself with my 2 beautiful granddaughters, son & daughter in law. Especially when my daughter in law & I did rock climbing even though she farther than I did. Thanks Atlanta for the experience! #doitagain

Leterrious King

I enjoyed my time here with mother and my nephew. The facility was very clean and the animals were cool to see. I like how they are kept in an environment that works for them and not just cages. Definitely will come back to again

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