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REVIEWS OF World of Coca-Cola IN Georgia

Ace Stephens

I highly recommend this place for a quick stop on a vacation. Lines aren't extremely long and it is very fun to walk through. Best part, all the coke you can drink. And the world tasting room. Only bad part is that there is not much to the whole place. Don't expect to be here over about 2 or 3 hours. It's still fun, just not a whole lot to see

Helix Reckoning

One long commercial. I was interested in the storied history of the Coca-Cola company but you will find none of that here beyond a few references to the original creator of the "secret" Coke formula. Coca-cola is at heart a marketing company and the display of marketing images used through the decades was interesting. But it is not presented in any semblance of order and no background is provided. Perhaps the best part of the "museum" (not really a museum) is the section where you can sample Coca-Cola products from around the world and get an idea of the taste preferences in other cultures. Still, if you want to learn about the actual history of the product you will get more value from Wikipedia than you will from here.

Tetiana Kotsehub

Very fun place to visit. Museum is really cool, the movie and introduction are wonderful. Haven't drunk that much soda in my entire life that I had in their tastings. Delicious. Great place to visit alone or with friends and family.

Tawanda Brown

Atlanta is home of to The World of Coca Cola, this is a nice touring place, World of Coca Cola offers the history behind its drink, theories about is popularity and a tasting station where you can taste different brands of Coca Cola products from around the world! Prepare your taste buds for a shock. You will also get a chance to meet the polar bear and take a picture with him if so desired. Wondeful family oriented place to visit.

Josh Poore

Where do I start. I must say getting the VIP tour was the best thing we did plus buying the tickets online saved a little aswell. But besides that this place was amazing from the story to the taste testing. Our guide Adrian was an awesome tour guide and made the tour that much more enjoyable. He was very knowledgeable about everything he told us and our questions we asked. He made us feel right at home at the World of Coke. Thanks Adrian you made our day fantastic. And thanks World of Coke and the people working there was a great day for me and my family.

Na Lim Heo

I've been to the World of Coca Cola twice... And two experiences were very different. The first time, I went during the week, and I had a lot of fun. The second time, I went on a weekend, and it was a miserable experience due to the crowd. The second time, it was so crowded that it was so stressful trying to see everything... Even when we were getting drinks at the end, there was quite a wait. I wish Coca Cola could somehow manage the congestion better. Not sure how, though. All that to say, go on the weekdays!!!!!!

Psych_ 477

This place is hype! Loved it! You actually get to sample legit every flavor of soda there it at the end of the tour! Magnificent. Wish there was a 10 star rating

Gigi Gupta

Everything you'd ever want to know or feel about the world of coca cola!! All there products and their look and taste and process of production. Beautiful building and ease of access from the nearby train station makes it a wonderful spot to visit.

Channing McGee

Kids enjoyed it, we’ve been 3 times now. They no longer give you a bottled coke when you leave. Now the give out mini cans when you start the tour. Lines were very long, but they moved pretty quick.

Cuan Robertson

A must see for anyone who loves Coca cola. The intro video and history is amazing to see, the only part that makes it drop a star is that after standing in a line to get into the building, you stand in multiple lines to see things in the building.... For planning sake, 3 hours here is more than enough time to see everything

Phillip Tolen

This was my second time visiting this really cool place and I still didn't do the tour but I will next time. This place has a really cool gift shop and I spent lots of time hunting for deals when I went and found lots of bargains and freebies! My parents have all kinds of Coca Cola memorabilia from the gift shop. The store is really clean and well stocked and I walked out a few hundred dollars broker than when I came in but happy. Can't wait to come back and do the tour next time.

Reilly Hamer

Our favorite attraction through 'City Pass'. Lots of memorabilia on display (who doesn't love the Coca-Cola polar bears or the Coca-Cola Santa from years past?). The sampling room is AWESOME- an astounding assortment of Coca-Cola sodas from around the world to taste at your leisure. Loved it!!!

Caleb Smith

Nice museum and a tasting room up in the upper deck with options from many areas in the world. They even have mixed drink options where you pick your favorite drink, then they mix it in dry ice (this may have just been for an after hours event I went to) and the people are friendly. For me the tasting area was the best , but for someone that doesn't drink soda or any carbonated beverages, this place wasn't too thrilling. 20-30 minutes to get through the entire place.

Eric Ramos

Must see for the Coca-Cola fan or anyone interested in history and advertising artwork. Good place for the family to enjoy the afternoon. Well thought out and curated experience. The original secret Coke formula is now kept here in an actual vault.

anthony griffin

I really love this place.. there's so much to do.. the SECURITY and customer service there is phenomenal.. I would recommend the world of Coca-Cola to the list of things to do while visiting Atlanta.

Korrealle Morning

I always wanted to visit and Now that I have I can honestly say I absolutely loved it. The tour guide was just amazing and very funny. The show at the second half was soooo touching , it actually made me cry. Just an overall amazing experience !

Jenna Scott

My family spent the day out and we really enjoyed the World of Coca-Cola. You can try ALL of their drinks from around the world. (Make sure you try "Beverly"

Rick Lemoine

Really cool place if you want to learn about the history of Coca Cola. They have fully guided tours as well as partially guided tours. They also have a room where you can taste over a hundred different flavored products owned by Coca-Cola. They have a life-size polar bear that you can take pictures with as well. Overall an interesting as well as informative day-trip. If you want to see the Vault where they have transferred the secret recipe to make sure you travel up to the second floor and check it out. Very easy to get to because it's in the center of Atlanta and most of the transportation is throughout the city will get you there. For more interesting reviews and places to visit check out @ricklemoinevip

Nicole Framiglio

Had such a fun time! I loved how interactive exhibits were. Also the people there were so helpful and amazing. The elevator broke (it was currently being fixed) and the staff was so helpful with making sure we did not miss out on any of the experience and navigating us to where we needed to go.

Roman Empire

I definitely had a great time at the exhibits. The first guide was funny and entertaining. The drinks were great. But when I got to the retail store, the lady taking my order was so incredibly quiet that I could not hear her. Otherwise I had a great time

Zack Fast

This place was so much fun! Get to learn about the history of coke in an interactive fun way. The tasting room is the best part of course, get to try different products from around the world.


Definitely a must visit for Atlanta. You could try many different drinks from all over the world. There was also a cool 4D film included with the admission price.

Ragnar Scott

This was a fun and interesting activity for the day! You get to walk through the founding and expansion of coke, and hear about the manufacturing and bottling process. I think the best part was at the end when you get to sample the different kinds of coke from around the world. Some of the foreign flavors are awesome and I wish they were available here! It’s a bit pricey but it was a great time and would absolutely recommend for anyone wanting an afternoon activity.

Zaiah Calvin

This was a fun and interesting activity for the day! You get to walk through the founding and expansion of coke, and hear about the manufacturing and bottling process. I think the best part was at the end when you get to sample the different kinds of coke from around the world. Some of the foreign flavors are awesome and I wish they were available here! It’s a bit pricey but it was a great time and would absolutely recommend for anyone wanting an afternoon activity

Schonda Carey

This is a learning museum, you will explore, encounter, and read about everything Coca Cola starting the tour is the best part. Waiting to enter the first studio. It’s simply colorful and an experience for your senses. So much to see, put your cellphones away and look forward to walking through the museum. Seeing the original formula in a safe. In the end you get to taste the many flavors from around the world the makers of this product have a lot to show you.

Scott Douglas C

It was more fascinating than I thought it would be. Spoiler alert- Russian Sprite tastes like cucumbers, which is delicious if you like cucumbers. The room showing coke TV commercials from every era and every country is highly entertaining.

Leanne M

Some people have said it is like a giant coca cola advertisement but it's literally the world of coke! Why would you not expect it to be? We bought our tickets on our phones 5 minutes before we entered and got in right away! If you like Coke and are in town you should definitely check it out! You can spend so much time here, they have many different rooms and attractions. The staff are positive and friendly. There are so many museum like rooms and a lot of history to see and so many great photo opportunities. The tasting room is fun and you can literally have as much coke as you want.

Beatrix Benitez

Nice and organized. Enjoyed the video clip promoting the company. They could have more interactive activities. At the beginning they give you a free canned coke of the flavor of your choosing. That was nice. The most fun I had was at the tasting station. It was refreshing to see what the rest of the world consumed all in one room. Would come back just for the last part. The gift shop is pretty nice and has a lot of variety and interesting stuff.

Benito Duke

This museum is more American than hot-dogs and apple pie. Even though I was raised in the North, Coke has been my preferred soda beverage since childhood! The varied activities and self-guided tour at World of Coke allows for flexibility for families, school groups, and people with disabilities to explore at their own pace. My NJ family came for a visit over the holidays and absolutely loved it. I was most impressed by the museum staff readiness to accommodate my nephew who has autism. We were permitted to enter quickly and quietly, which provided an optimal experience for us all.

Leeland Artra

If you are into Coca-Cola this is the place for you. It was easy to get to. The tour guides are numb to the experience and that shows. Sampling the flavors was more interesting than I thought. A good tourist thing to do.

Amy Quinn

Neat place! Multiple tours, mini movies, tastings, 4D theater, history and photo ops. It's in a great section of downtown Atlanta (and part of a City Pass) with easy access to Aquarium and other attractions. Parking was only $15 for the whole day. Food close by, Centennial Park and more. Check it out!

Steven Sookraj

It was cool. They had a bunch of quick pass through exhibits talking about the history of coca cola, a movie about coca cola, and a museum of coca cola. Best part was definitely the international taste test room where you can try the different flavors from different countries. Let's just say Italy was pretty popular!

Akhona Prinssese Mkungela

A must do for Atlanta visitors......definitely worth it.....not too expensive either. It was was nice......the 4D movie was super awesome!!!! A lot of things to do when inside. A lot of coke products to was bliss.....every age group will enjoy this tour.....

Tee M

Awesome place and great history! I loved the tasting section and an excellent selection of merchandise. The vault stuff was kind of corny and I wish I had came on a day that wasn’t so busy so I could really take my time and enjoy it all but all in all this was a great experience. Only thing I wish was different is the video they show, it’s basically a long commercial for coke. Would’ve been nice to see a video recap of the history of the company.

Karthik krishna

A lot of fun! Friendly staff. Great stories. The tour guide in the beginning was really funny, he did a great job. You get to see a lot of history and how Coke has evolved. Very interesting to see all the things from the past and how things are now. You get to sample all the flavors from around the world, which is a lot of fun but be careful in the size of your sample because there's A LOT!! They have a lot to look at and experience. Glad we chose to go, great experience

Conchata Meade

We got a refreshing can of coke upon entry! Interesting photos and memorabilia and the presentation before we actually went in was great! The gentleman delivering the message did phenomenal! The 4D little movie was quite an adventure! Of course the taste testing over 100 different flavors around the world was the total highlight! We enjoyed this very much!!! The world of Coca-Cola tickets were very reasonably priced, in my opinion!

R Tatum

Must see tour in Atlanta, GA!!! I bought a VIP ticket, and was glad I did. The tour guide was Awesome, and I truly enjoyed learning the historical background of Coca-Cola. During the tour, you receive headphones to hear the tour guide. Every section in the museum is Fascinating!! However, regardless if you are young or old I would not suggest seating in the movable seats during the 4D film attraction. If you don't have backaches, you will after that attraction! The jerking of those seats are painful!!! The sampling of different colas from around the world is Awesome! Some colas taste Great and some yuckkk! I loved the gift shop! My favorite is buying the surprise bags at check out. I bought all 3!!! Worth my money!! No, I won't spoil the surprises.

Cristian Roman

I love this place. Is a museum but not a conventional one. Visited already 3 times but every time I find something new and I enjoy it. And yes you can drink as much coke products as you want.

Ally Firkins

This was a must-see attraction when visiting Atlanta. It was really interesting seeing the history of Coca Cola and learning how it's made! At the end there is a whole room where you can try all the flavors from around the world. They had a lot of things for kids to do and tickets weren't a crazy price. Really glad we got to go!

Alison Kan

Fun museum showcasing some of the history of the Coca-Cola company. There was also a 4D interactive movie. It was also pretty interesting to taste sodas from around the world. You can get partially or fully guided tours. I think it would be a great experience for a family or if you're visiting with children.

Russ Alman

I was a little set off at the cost at first, but I think it was worth it. As a marketing person, it was worthwhile seeing the history of the brand and how the marketing evolved over the years. A "4-D" movie was included that was fun. Of course the grand finale is the all-you-can-drink tasting of their international brands. You will leave there with a huge sugar rush and a trip to the restroom :)

Tracey Matthews

Great place to visit. The tour was amazing seen alot of amazing things brought back some child good memories. The soda from around the world was not so great, and the lady that was there with the safe was very very rude, thank goodness it was at end of your or she would have ruined the hole thing for us.

Kyle Corley

Okay, so I'll go chronologically. You can buy your ticket online to skip the ticket line, but the line just to get through security takes about 45 minutes, so keep that in mind. After that, there's a line to get into a room that is also, yet another waiting area. You get a 7.5 oz can of moderately cold soda when you get into this waiting area, so that's nice. After that waiting area, you enter a big walkway in a room crammed with coke memorabilia and you get to listen to a presentation. After the presentation you get to sit in a theater that is way too small for it's huge screen and then are made to watch essentially a 6 minutes coke commercial with the same "I'm on top of the world" song playing the entire time. After you have survived this, you are let loose into a corridor with the options of: tour a fake bottling operation that is just a small hallway with machines behind glass, get close to but not actually see the original recipe in a "vault", or, go up a flight of stairs. We went up the stairs first and found the options of 4D movie or taste a bunch of sodas from around the world. The 4D movie we didn't bother with because we figured it'd be a commercial with motion, so we went to the soda area of the coca-cola world. The floors are wildly sticky and the colas are akin to those you'd try at Epcot in their coca-cola thing. Overall, I would have paid another $17 to leave immediately.

Angel Moore

This place is huge. They have thousands of people visit them daily. They are very organized, and the staff is amazing. The atmosphere is bustling but beautiful. Being able to try all the different drinks was interesting. I know what drink to order in other countries.

Kailey Parks

I visited this museum as a kid probably 20 years ago and absolutely loved it, and I had heard it had semi-recently been totally redone, so elected to visit again on Friday. We were able to purchase tickets and get in quickly, and appreciated the offer of a free soda before beginning the tour. Every employee was very kind and professional. I was disappointed at what felt like a lack of historical info provided in the museum...the intro video was directed to pull at the heartstrings, but literally nothing tied into the story of Coke? We were able to walk through the museum areas in well under an hour. The biggest takeaway for me was how many people tried to fake/steal the recipe - but nothing on what the company has done/is doing to make the world a better place, plans for the future, etc. There was a exhibit on the bottling process, which was interesting but could have also had way more information. The "Vault Room" was a big load of disappointing hype. The tasting room allows you to try beverages from around the world, which was interesting, but is the main attraction instead of the history. Ultimately, I thought it was too expensive for what felt mostly like a free soda. You can Google the rest.

Taylor Neal

Awesome experience! World of Coke was one of the coolest things I've done in a while. The first introduction you have is brief and historic, and then you step into a theater that really strikes you in the emotions, followed by an open ended tour-like area with all the bells and whistles to keep Mom, Dad, and the kids all happy at once, ending with a tasting room. It's hit or miss on all the sodas in there, and you'll be lucky to leave without feeling like a bloated, sticky, mess... but it was so awesome!

Philip Bryant

It was a fun experience. At the end you get to taste a bunch of coke products from around the world. I don't know that you'd need to go twice. Feels like a giant coke commercial

Stefan Schwarz

Great museum! Had been in the past, but my friend had not. We went late afternoon and found it to be fairly empty, considering all of the school groups had left. Lots of great exhibits and the story of Coca Cola. Mostly new exhibits and fun things to see and do. Lastly the tasting of various Coca Cola products from around the world. Great place for the whole family to visit. Highly recommend.

R Ravi

My all time favorite attraction in Atlanta. The history of coke and how it’s manufactured is displayed in kids friendly way which is enjoyable. The best part is tasting of all coke flavors around the world. Worth spending 2-3 hours inside. This is at a walkable distance to Georgia Aquarium and don’t miss it.

Ahsanur Rahman

A must see attraction in Atlanta! Fun place for kids and family. Enjoying different flavors of coke all over the world was refreshing. Short 4d clip was adventurous . Overall great experience!

Jessica Murphy

I love all things coke! The museum is fantastic! My grandson and I had a great time testing out 100 flavors of coke products from other countries. The advertising is phenomenal and so much information! The gift shop is Amazing and you don't have to go through the museum to visit the gift shop! Worth your time!!!

Sam Wong

What a fun place and very interesting. Here you learn a great deal about the origin of Coca-Cola. And what I loved the most is the freedom to sample over 40 types of Coca-Cola around the country and they all have unique taste. I would bring my friends here again.

Rhya Bleser

LOVE this museum. I could not stop smiling the whole time that I was there. I think it’s great for family, singles, and all ages. It’s interactive, but informative. It’s also self guide, so you’re not stuck in big tour groups and there is plenty of staff located throughout to hell and answer any questions that you may have! I will always come back here - so much fun. Tasting all the Coke products is a super fun perk, too!

Zaccai Gleason

If you are extremely interested in coke you will love this. If you aren't, it's probably not worth the price. The memorobilia was pretty cool, and the ads were also. But you can watch the same ads on YouTube. The best part was the last room with all of the flavors of coke. It was really cool to see what continent liked what flavors (Europe likes bitter drinks such as Beverly etc.) You can also try different recopies and even make them at home. While I was there they had apple pie Sprite which was amazing. The staff were pretty good too

Stephanie adams

A lot of fun! Friendly staff. Great stories. The tour guide in the beginning was really funny, he did a great job. You get to see a lot of history and how Coke has evolved. Very interesting to see all the things from the past and how things are now. You get to sample all the flavors from around the world, which is a lot of fun but be careful in the size of your sample because there's A LOT!! They have a lot to look at and experience. Glad we chose to go, great experience

Steffanie Cog

Very interesting tour gave a lot of details about when and how come came to be. They show a enormous amount of memorabilia to do with coke. There's also interactive sites there which make it fun like the 3D movie

Garrett Turner

The place was amazing and I enjoyed learning more about the company! The staff was also very enthusiastic and nice. However our experience was hindered by a few areas not allowing photography for unknown reasons. Some areas had nothing important or revealing. Staff was very avoidant in answering the question as well.

Diego Cortez

Became a annual membership in order to get express access. Super worth it even if it's my only visit in 12 months. Enjoyed all the drinks, got a photo with the polar bear and got to see some cool exhibits.

Jered Gore

I suggest visiting as early in the day as possible because so many people start showing up around noon. We got there about 11am and it was already packed. With so many people it makes it hard to try and enjoy all the exhibits. Still had a good time though and I would still recommend going if you've never been. Avoid the "4D" theater though. It was just a short 3D movie where the seats jerk you around to what's happening on screen except it doesn't really match up too well to the on screen action. Best part was the tasting room where you can taste different soda flavors from all around the world.

Derek Van Otten

Do you love America? Then you must love Coca-Cola. This is such a great place to see the history of Coke, how it’s made and produced, and other fun things. Inside there are historical artifacts from yesteryear. It’s so fun to see old signs and advertisements, plus previous commercials. Take your time walking around and seeing the history. At the end there is a section to sample multiple flavors from around the world that Coca-Cola makes. And at the end is the Coca-Cola store to purchase logo items and merchandise. You’ll have a blast. If you enjoyed this review please give a thumbs up

Brenton Clive

Enjoyed my visit more than I thought I would. Who knew Coca-Cola had such an interesting history! Great marketing too. They have a video about the history of Coca-Cola, plus a theater showing favorite commercials from around the world. You can also walk into the vault where they keep the secret recipe and you end the tour by being able to try Coca-Cola products from around the world.

Robert Lamb

Along with your Coke, they need to offer ear plugs. I didn't like the "cheesy" 6 minute video on the big screen as it was extremely loud. I had to plug my ears! And the content didn't have anything to do with Coke at all. Just a whole bunch of yelling and cheering for several minutes. But other than that it, I guess it was worth the visit! The museum closely compared with the Las Vegas Coke museum I saw in 1997 which is now closed. Vegas had the world tasting room as well. This Coke visit came as a surprise; was only in Atlanta, GA for a day.

Jason Miller

Took Abbey to the World of Coke and she had a blast, it was a little over crowded when we went and it was hot outside while we were waiting.. Staff definitely was feeling the heat.. enjoyed our time and my 9 year old loved it.

Trev Jones

So awesome. So many artifacts and history of the making of Coke. Really cool pop machines. Greece, Italy, and The Netherlands had the best foreign Coke brands. Venezuela's tasted bad and my least favorite was Thailand. It was so bad my body rejected it before I could spit it back into my cup. Nonetheless, it is an awesome, incredible experience. I will return!

Ashish Doorwar

Amazing place. over here, you will get a chance to drink unlimited Coke.


It was an interesting experience. Understandably the whole introduction is a giant commercial for Coke, but I went for the tasting room and souvenirs for my wife who is a big fan. I was in Atlanta for work so she couldn't come with me. Museum was clean, well lit, and very open. The souvenir shop has a large selection of memorabilia and offers shipping directly to your house which was great for me who only flew into Atlanta with a carry on bag. The admission was a little steep for me, but if you like Coke, this is a must to visit.

Taylor Armstrong

Great insight into the World of Coca-Cola including pieces from the first inception to current. You'll start with a 10 minute intro into the origins of the brand followed by a ten minute movie which will just....make you happy and then a surprise after the movie (which is pretty's the little things). After the movie, you're free to explore and visit the tasting room up stairs! They allegedly hold the original secret recipe at this location!

Wei Chen

Even I am not the fan of Coca Cola, I like this place and enjoy to experience the enriched culture of this soft drink company. We spent about 3 hr there. Lots of stuffs to be discovered. You can try various tastes of Cola from different continents. Highly recommended to visit this museum if you have half day to spare in Atlanta. Highly recommended.

Nickie Capps

Cute and touristy. Line for photos with the bear are LONG and they take frequent breaks. There is a good bit to explore and the place was very clean. The 4d video was cute! The seats could use a little upgrade- the motions were jerky rather than smooth. Employees were friendly! Bathrooms were so hot though.

Sherri Gold

I love all things coke! The museum is fantastic! My grandson and I had a great time testing out 100 flavors of coke products from other countries. The advertising is phenomenal and so much information! The gift shop is Amazing and you don't have to go through the museum to visit the gift shop! Worth your time!!!

Nicholas K

If you are a fan of coke, you gotta stop here. This place is enormous and there is so much to see. You can see where the formula is stored, the history of coke, and there is also a theater room that has all the old commercials and advertisements from the past for a little bit of nostalgia. They also have a tasting area at the end where you can try coke from all over the world unlimited. Warning sugar/caffeine buzz is imminent. Great place and I would come back.

Robert Talley

Good museum for $17. You can sample all the coke varieties and watch a few videos on Coke as well as walk through several lengthy displays of Coke memorabilia. It is right across from the Aquarium, College Sports Hall of Fame, and other museums and activities so very convenient location.

Alvin G

Place was nice. It was all about Coca Cola. The best part is the soda tasting station. You can taste different products of Coca Cola from all over the world. The souvenir shop is also great. Good place to go!!

James Sorensen

Best part is being able to try Coke products from around the world. Great experience for kids. Well put together museum and historical artifacts.

Mike G

Surprisingly awesome. The whole family had fun. Our favorite part was tasting soft drinks from all over the world, which is open for unlimited access to guests here. And... they have Surge on tap!

David Vanderwaag

Great fun place for the family! Lots to do and lots to see. You will get a sugar overdose if you drink every single flavor they have in the tasting room, be forewarned!! Lol. I was in town for a business trip and some colleagues and I decided to visit the world of Coca Cola. It was a lot of fun and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Wasn’t too much walking. I would also suggest drinking lots of water as the sugar from all the soda canned but dehydrating. But so many amazing flavors!!!

Alex Kogan

This place is great for kids and adults. There is a lot of history in this company and it is good to know certain facts about the products that most people in the world use on a daily basis. The tasting stations on the second floor are awesome and the 4D movie was fun for our kids. The staff is also very pleasant. Good value altogether.

Kimberly Heggie

Great experience. Minus one star because the selection of sodas from around the world was lacking. They just repeat. So much more room to add more selections! Not as good as the original museum I remember.

Minty Lasagna

Very fun, the different areas were each very fun and unique in their own way. The giant taste room full of different flavors from different continents was very good on the top floor. Although I think the prices of the merchandise is very overpriced

David Story

It's a fun place to spend a couple hours. If you really like Coke then you'll enjoy it. It's certainly entirely focused on Coke and comes close to too much at times but I should've expected it.

Adjahni Thermot

Are you happy? Yes? You probably just had a Coke No? Have a Coke Maybe? Go have a Coke World of Coca Cola is really cool, especially the tasting room and the 4D theater. Also they show you Coke ads from all over the world, which I found pretty cool. The whole time I felt like Coca Cola Company is showing us how human happiness revolves around Coke.

Lauren Wright

I took my children (13, 9, and 7) to Atlanta for a long weekend. World of Coke was one of their favorite places. The tour is mostly self guided, so we could easily move through at a pace that let the kids spend more time in the exhibits they found most engaging. The tasting room was fun and amazing. It’s definitely worth the time to visit.

Caitlyn Cooper

They offer free admittance to active duty military and aren't that expensive for civilians either. Also, they were very respectful of my service dog and didn't bother us at all. The history section was a little dull (it's just not my thing), but I did really enjoy the soda testing. And the gift shop is huge! You're sure to find something you want to buy.

Blanche Henderson

Coca Cola is a main go to in Atlanta so expect a crowd. I am not a coke drinker but they will tell you that you are because of all the products they produce. Its an interesting look at the mega soda producer. Recommend going but do not get the VIP passes. VIP gives you a history of way too much. Although our guide (Paul) was awesome, it takes away from doing things you may want to.

Lotem Krendel

Was lots of fun. Probably get tired if come here a lot. Once in a blue moon is good. Great to taste things from different places. Although my recommendation would be to go to the taste room then do something and return the do something. Other wise everything starts tasting the same . The over thing was the cashier at the gift shop was not nice at all a stuck up lady. Wanted to just leave everything and go

Marc-Louis Paprzyca

World of Coca-Cola is a must visit in Atlanta. You’re greeted with a Coke drink of choice to start but the best is yet to come. I don’t want to give everything away but you’ll learn about the history and see some amazing Coke stuff along the way. I personally loved the photo with the Polar Bear because I’m a big fan of mascots. I’m also a huge soda drinker(especially Coke Zero Sugar) so I went nuts I’m the tasting room. They have products from around the world you’ve never heard of and you can taste them all.... and I did! Coca-Cola is Americana at its finest so I highly recommend going to dive really deep into it.

Ibis Benito

It's a cool exhibit and they have many interactive displays for visitors to enjoy. The highlight is the tasting room,so leave that for last. They have their own parking garage which is very convenient. Very friendly staff.

Holly Brown

Such a fun place to go! Enjoyed sampling all the Coke products from around the world - its a very well know destination so many people from other countries visit as well. We enjoyed listening to all the other languages spoken from other tourists. Stay away from the "Beverly"! The 3D interactive movie is also a must... you get sprayed by "Coke" and bubbles, and the seats move with the movie! The gift shop is a little pricey, but it was a fun trip. It's a fun way to spend some time in Atlanta.

Rocky Phillips

This place is a must if you enjoy nostalgic advertising. They have one of the greatest collections of ads I have ever seen. You will feel like you have stepped into a time capsule most of the time. The staff is incredibly friendly and definitely show the southern hospitality. The vault was one of the coolest things they have and its awesome getting the history of an iconic product like Coca Cola. Hands down my favorite part is getting to try coke around the world. It was a very cool experience and I recommend it for any history buff

Pat Larson

So let's be honest, Coca Cola is brillant. You are paying to go. Be advertised to about one product, Coke, for the duration of your visit. And yet, you will find yourself having a wonderful experience. You can see as much of the history of coke as you wish, look at all marketing campaigns or just gloss over them. You will be entertained, amused, and probably do a little nostalgia talking with whomever you are with at museum. I recommend taking some time out of your vacation and visiting the Coke museum.

Angela Kalmer

We only went into the gift shop this time. Some nice things. Very over priced. I have been through the museum a couple of times. It's nice. Nostalgic in some parts (I really like nostalgia). If you like Coke you'll enjoy this museum.

Tony Gettler

The World of Coca-Cola is a cool place to visit. However I was taken back a little by the first video they showed us. Being an open-minded and accepting person, I was disappointed to see there were no alternative lifestyles or blended families featured in the show. When I asked about it, I was told that there are commercials hiding in one of the exhibits that did show people with alternative lifestyles. Sorry, Coke...I've been hiding for so long, I don't want to be reminded that I am not mainstream. I'll stick to my Pepsi brands.

Mindy L

Not as good as it was a number of years ago. You got a glass coke bottle in a cute bag, passed by fancy old fashioned pants no more. Maybe it's better security that changes things. Good not good but still enjoyable and interesting.

Tor W

Fun experience in Atlanta. Can be done relatively quickly. The coke around the world tasting room my favorite part. Try city pass if you have the time to do multiple activities and save some doe.

Macie Myers

This place is so cool!! Even if you dont like Coke you will come away with some piece of nostalgia with you. And you taste different cokes from all over the world. The 4D movie is fun and all the coke ads and old soda fountain counters set up....I really enjoyed it. Glad I went.

Sy Taylor

Kind of awful, but still worth going. It's non stop marketing from beginning to end. But actually in a weird way, observing that is sort of compelling. It's like a shrine to consumerism. The human rights center across the way is well worth your time. And the acquiarium is fantastic

Scott Prazak

The highlight of this place is where you get to taste flavors from around the world. There's even a flavor that tastes like barbecue sauce. Otherwise, the museum is basically a 3 - 4 hour long Coca-Cola commercial. I recommend going simply because of the tasting, but a lot of the "experience" here is pretty corny, to tell the truth. Send like they did that on purpose, though. Seriously, why do we not have barbecue sauce flavor soda in America?

Dave Higgins

Fun place to visit when in Atlanta. The staff were great and we had a fun time. Takes about 2 hours to cover it all.

Girlynne Gascon

Needless to say, prepare your bladders for the amount of soda you are about to drink in the facility. It was quite a blast just guzzling various sodas found around the world. I did enjoy learning more about the history of Coca-Cola, and it was fascinating seeing all of the collections that they have. As well, the gift shop did not disappoint with the variety of souvenirs that they sell.

Joe Eaton

There best part is the tasting. It would be nice to be able to just pay less and do that. Parts of the museum are only interesting if you are a hard core fan. The recipe in the safe just made eyes roll. The couch from American idol? Yawn. There isn't much for kids other than tasting.

Andrew luciano

Great museum! Fun for the whole family. It really does make one appreciate the actual importance of Coca-Cola and its impact on the world. Great place to visit if you are in the Atlanta area.

Ji Li

Love world of Coca Cola! The must see place in Atlanta! Better to go there early in the morning. A lot of exhibitions. And a lot of cokes to taste before the exit. That is the best part of my trip to Atlanta! Interesting to find out some coke is actually bitter... feels like traveling around the world. There were also story telling , pictures with the bear, a 4D movie, large exhibition. Kids friendly. Very nice job, Coca Cola! Will go back if I have a chance.

Angela Ianculovici

A great experience good for going in a group of 2 or more. Very busy and it took a long time to get inside and the staff did not do a good job regulating the line especially with other groups cutting in front however, once inside the flow of people was fine. The tasting of coca cola products from around the world was a favorite because of all the variety and many strange unique flavors. Would go again.

Joseph Drury

Interesting history. Mature enough for adults to enjoy, but colorful visuals for kids who arent interested in reading. The drink sampling area was really interesting. Flavors from around the world, some unique to this display. I couldnt quite understand our initial tour guide, but she was enthusiastic and friendly!

Shana Blair

This museum is really well done. It's a good size. Not too big or too small. The best exhibit is the testing room where you get to try the Coke products popular around the world. Like you can literally just go around and drink as much Coke or other Coke products as your stomach can handle. I had fun there, and I actually learned a lot, too.

D. Mauk

If you like Coca Cola products this might be the right place. This is like a walkable advertisement which is fun. You will also be rewarded with a vast selection of soft drinks from around the globe. The tasting station is just awesome.

Rugged Joe

Fun place to be! Great guides! Amazing to explore the entire history of coke in a very fun way! Also wowed by the amazing selection on the tasters room! Must do in Atlanta!

Kristina Woods

Interesting place, but it's small and it doesn't take long to visit everything. The sodas from around the world is neat and the kids will probably like the 4-d theater. At full price I'm not sure it's worth it unless you collect coke memorabilia. If you go as part of the city pass or discounted it's a fun away to kill 1 maybe 2 hours. They do get busy on weekends.

Hersh Shah

If you are someone who drinks exclusively Coke products, you should definitely go check this place out! There is a certain level of nostalgia you get as you see all of the cool memorabilia. It was also nice getting to know a good bit of history from the early days. The best part is getting to drink lots of Coke products from around the world...some you will love and some you will definitely never want again!

Kathy Spencer

Was visiting Georgia visiting family we decided to go to World of coca Cola bring the kids love soda pop. Wasn’t sure what we get but from entering the door to when we exit the kids had a blast seeing all the different history when it came to Coca-Cola. Their favorite of everything in there was trying the different sodas from different countries. The gift shop was very reasonable and they were able to find souvenirs to take back to Texas. I would go a second time when I come next time because there’s so much to see

Arun Devadoss

Astonishing!! Lot of information about how Coke ruling taste buds more than a century. You can taste different continents flavor coke, unlimited. I liked African continent flavored coke, they tasted completely delicious!! You can see all types and shaped coke bottles collection. They still keep the Coke’s secret ingredients in their Vault . Kids enjoyed a lot.

Kaleia Mayer

The vault holding the formula of Coca Cola was super cool. Facts about the company before and after it became a huge brand was all over the walls. The coolest thing in the entire building was trying the different sodas from all around the world and the gift shop. Definitely will go again.

Veronica Rae

Loved the original museum more honestly. It was warm and every corner had something to look at. The "new" museum is more museum like, if that makes sense. I really do love though that there are dedicated spaces to certain things. There is a Norman Rockwell area and designer can area that I love. The new bear is crazy looking.

Ashley Panzica-Tolbert

It was fun and interactive. After the first 2 guided tours you are left on your own to explore and drink at you will. The photo package was probably my favourite purchase of the day. And everyone has to try the Beverly. It's a right of passage.

Cietra Guillory

This was my third time visiting world of coke and I've enjoyed the visit every time. The staff is friendly and personable. While the lines are long the wait doesn't feel that long. The photos are a little too expensive for my taste but it was fun to pose. Avoid the Beverly soda from Italy, it is an acquired taste. The crowds are diverse and friendly making for great opportunities to connect with people from other cultures/countries. And it's very kid/stroller/wheelchair friendly.

Stokes Music Studios

We had a blast! We slept good from all of the walking! After your visit of the wonderful Aquarium, the World of Coca-Cola is a must see! The Inca Cola was an absolute favorite of our family and now it's great to find it in some local grocery stores! I tried to try them all, and I am going back to finish them! Delicious and fun for all ages! The kids have a blast sampling all of the awesome flavors! Thanks! The Music Place

Antonio de Abreu

This is one place you can't miss when you come to Atlanta for the first time. What can you say about a place like this that hasn't been said before? Who hasn't at one time in their lives drank a Coca-Cola product? Not sure there is anyone on the planet today who hasn't to be honest. However, I loved coming here, the story, the excellence, the service and the wonderful people who work here who must answer the same questions millions of times but still manage to smile and make you feel welcome and special . Well done to Coca-Cola for running such a great operation. An absolute must visit it you come to Atlanta!

Tonya Luckadoo

What ever good I could say about this experience is totally outweighed by the negative. The kids really enjoyed the tasting room, but the lines and crowds definitely hindered our enjoyment. If you are planning on visiting this destination, do not go on a Saturday. I'd probably avoid it on all weekends, holidays, and school breaks. It is too hot and humid outside to be waiting in lines to visit a museum dedicated to a soda and its advertisements.

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