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REVIEWS OF Savannah Historic District IN Georgia


Walked around the waterfront and enjoyed the shops and sights. Super cool area, beautiful with many restaurants, gift and novelty shops, lovely parks and historic buildings. Last time we came we did a historic district bus tour that was well Worth the time and highly recommended. Do not miss seeing this part of town!!

Ravindra Trivedi

Beautifully laid out, represents the country's historical past in excellent manner.

Judy Mamayek

Very interesting & enjoyed walking around town. The bus your made it more enjoyable.

Georgie McCarty

Savannah had record highs this day. Ppl were still willing to pay their $30 for trolley rides all over Savannah. The drivers were a historical treat with the vast amount of knowledge and gossip they had to share. Most of the historic district is shaded with parks in center court along the route. Each section of beautiful houses had a designed green space for public use. Many of the homes were open to the public for a limited tour. There were 14 stops in all. Each one with an opportunity to depart, browse around at your leisure, then hop another to the next stop. It was fascinating. The Catholic church, St John the Baptist was breath-taking and an active parish. Bring your walking shoes to enjoy this treat!

Nory Holly

I'm on the trolley tour. It is pretty great. If you're going to look at the fountains you don't really have to get off. It is one fountain that was purchased from NY. If you're expecting a number of fountains don't. Beautiful though....

Gale Keefe

Excellent area. Wallabies everywhere. But if you feel that you needed any purple sign on a bus stop means the free bus stops there you can on and off all day around the entire historic district for free on the free bus however the area is laid out with various parks for resting every other block there seems to be a square with a wonderful history about it well maintained never saw any debris never even saw any dog Duty restaurants in history of bound please check out Market Street free bands in the evening and a general party atmosphere various kinds of restaurants something for everyone's taste


Savannah is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. People we met were very kind and hospitable.

Kathy Norris

Beautiful and extremely enjoyable from an air conditioned bus tour. We really enjoyed learning so much from the driver / guides.

Sandy Argall

Wish we had more time there. Splurge on the trolley. It's a hop - on trolley and your ticket's good for all day. The drivers are full of information and trivia about down town Savannah. Enjoy all the squares along the way.

Terry Smith

Awesome city!! Cleanest place I have ever seen and great history with friendly people !! Will be back

lisa johnson

Beautiful city with souther. Charm

Melody McIntosh

Chris was a great tour guide on Olde Town Trolley Tours

Karen Stone

Got in early even though the hurricane just went through. The staff is extremely accommodating especially Joey. We are just across from the shops, cotton exchange and many walkable attractions.

Tom Talarico

This is a must visit. Well worth the price of a tour.

crystal smith

What a beautiful place. I fell in love with this town. You can feel the history! We come back every year and always something to see and do.

Greg McFarland

Don't let my rating fool you, Savannah's Historic District is beautiful. I cannot, however, give a 5 star review because we only stayed for 2 hours and did not see much. What we did see though were multiple statues honoring/remembering figures of their past, stairs so steep they warn you to be careful, and a coastal view that would excite any fisherman. There are a plethora of places to eat, drink, and have pure fun. The atmosphere was quaint and sleepy in a way, as if ruckus rarely happens there. Honestly, it is a perfect place to film a movie. Speaking of which Forrest Gump's famous bench scenes were filmed in Savannah, but the bench is in a museum. My recommendation would be to do the ghost tours, I didn't do it, but they all appear very appealing because of Savannah's intriguing and tragic history.

Constance Broadwell

Beautiful and relaxing. A must see for everyone.

Urban Life Style

Love our bus tour of the Historic savannah area. Great stop for family and friends

Voyne Souter

Hot with a tad of a breeze so not too, too bad. Nice place just to wander and soak in the sights no matter how many times visited.

Reinaldo Martinez

Very nice and easy to walk around the town.


Definately interesting Destination. Will visit again..

Chris S

Awesome architecture and many interesting places to check out. Caters to tourists but not in a tacky touristy way..the historic integrity and feel is maintained with renovations and new construction. Very clean, I saw maybe five pieces of trash on the ground while walking around the entire day.

Kathleen Manning

We stayed in this area for our first trip to Savannah! We are so glad we did. We went on a haunted ghost tour. There is so much to see while walking.

Elise Bergheger

Took the Old Savannah Tour, and I completely reccomend it! They have a Military discount. We had a wonderful guide named Steve, he could not have done a better job! We learned approximately much about a city we have lived next to since 2017. If you're looking to find about a 90 minute trolley ride full of interesting facts and viewings of all of the historic buildings and squares, this will not disappoint!

Dick Burgman

Wow. Explodes with history, beautiful mansions and monuments in the squares. Also has a movie history and musical artists history. Streets that are canopied by moss draped trees. Spent a whole day and going back tomorrow for more. We did the jump on and off trolley and would recommend it.

Jeanne Brazell

Trolley drivers were very informative and personable. Would recommend to see Savannah from trolley and get off and on tickets.

Robert Cmil, Sr.

Indescribable. All manner of food, drink, bakery items - both high class and lowbrow. The supreme walking city. We could have spent an entire week here.

Stacie Layne

Awesome, make sure you get Big Scott and Little Sue!!

Carole Barnette

Love this town! Can not wait until I can go back! Take a walking tour if you can!

Wanda Brooks

We took the Savannah Tour. Great way to see all the historical sites. Our tour guide Steve was very knowledgeable. Had so much fun.

greyscout50 .

We took the scenic bus tour. It was WONDERFUL! The driver was very informative and entertaining. We both recommend it highly to learn the basics. A good investment of 2 hours or so to learn what and where every thing is. Lots to see and do.

M Michael

Loved downtown Savannah, we did the trolley hop on & off. We normally don't like touristy tours, but this was great for seeing the downtown area all in one day. We skipped some of the stops, and just walked to a further stop ourselves. Highly recommended.

Sharon Julius

Loved this area. Shopping galore. Historic sites all within walking distance. Highly recommend taking one of the trolley tours. There's a free one, DOT as well as paid tours. Your ticket is good for the entire day and you can "hop on and off" at any stop to further explore. Check out the Webb Military Museum. Great private collection very well displayed. Don't miss the Prohibition Museum. Cocktails at the end are AMAZING

Kati Carlson

Oh this place is amazing. It's like you're in a different world. So peaceful. So so beautiful. Lots to see! Great place for bike riding!

Hunter Horne

It's an "ok" place to visit. Came to Savannah on business and decided to walk the historic district. It's not something really special as it's not as nice as Charleston. Many restaurants along the river walk and historic memorials however its spoiled when you are approached constantly by people looking for "donations" to sing a song or play an instrument. I can listen to the radio for free.

Kale LeBlanc

One of the top cities I have visited. Super clean and historic buildings on every corner. Great food, and you never have an issue with feeling like your in a big city, safety wise.

Donna Dudley

Love the historic district. So worthwhile to see.

N Kelley Barrows-jipson

Great walking city. But, taking the trolley your for more info and scenery can't be beat

Ryan Day

I love Savannah, Georgia. I feel the history in the air, and I have even seen a ghost. (Working to copyright photo before I post it). This is a very special place that my family and I treasure. We will return.

Jeremy Day

Wow. What an amazing city with a beautifully preserved historic district. I had wanted to visit Savannah since I was a kid, and finally got to do so recently. My only regret is not having more time. We squeezed in a self-guided tour of the historic district and surrounding areas in about 4 hours. There are plenty of guided tours by bus, bike, or foot available. Don't miss the historic riverfront and the old French cemetery, as well as Chippewa Square where the famous bench scene from Forrest Gump was filmed.

Ellen Albig

I've visited twice and am looking forward to visiting again. There is so much to see and do-- museums, shops, restaurants, sights. Our favorite way to get around is the Old Town Trolley.

Terry Crookes

Great for walking. Pedestrians have priority over traffic. Interesting statues and architecture. Well worth a visit.

Heather Phelps

Loved the trolley tour. Very interesting and they gave good information on the area as well

James Medley

Great place to visit but you need at least 7 days to visit. Very nice

Brandi Edwards

I like road trips and it is an easy four hours from Atlanta, a recurrent destination. Savannah is very welcoming. The city looks like a nice book full of nice pictures. It is impossible to walk around and don't feel like taking picture

Beverly Vandevender

A beautiful city so rich in history. 22 squares with historic homes and big old oaks in each square.

Linda Leighton

Great city to visit! We loved it here. At time you could spend the night in the parking lot in your RV. We did this and used our bicycles to tour the city.

Joan Thompson

Went to Savannah to experience southern hospitality and food. It did not disappoint. Everyone was charming and delightful. The garden squares were beautiful. Can't wait to get back. Thank you Savannah.

Alessandro Buffa

Was there in August 2018, weather was great, friendly people, lot of stuff to do, transport withing the historic district is free

Dan Tuckey

Great place to walk. Easy to park near the visitor's center. Free buses to get around. Free ferry to get a different view of the waterfront. Lots of nice shops. Sometimes crowded. I suggest a leisurely stroll around many of the smaller parks.

Andrea Thorpe

Favorite day trip with miles of walking through all the squares learning the history as you go. Forsythe Park a mile square

R. K.

Great tour of the city. You can never grow tired, and never run out of things to see when walking around downtown Savannah.

Shane Rollan

All the history of this place is awesome and already have plans to go back.

stephen vantre

A must visit place. Beautiful scenery, the waterfront is great.

Tammy H

Savannah is one of my favorite destinations. The Southern Hospitality every time that I have gone has been outstanding. Road the Georgia Queen this trip, the food was good and the tour along the River was excellent.

Larry Ratliff

Had a great visit! More American Revolution than I thought. Take the Old Town Trolley tour to learn about the city of squares. I also took their ghost tour that included the Andrew Low House but there was not a tour of the grave yard.The Distillery had a great varity of craft beers and I liked the authentic Shrimp Po-Boy. Always felt safe with many people around. The water front had a nice area to walk and hang out, candy shops, drinks in a cup so you can walk around, foods and gifts. All in all a good time.

William Sherwood

Our first time to Savannah. Got some tickets for the owner and off trolleys. Took a tour of town. That was a fun time in itself. Definitely a place we'll go back to. Highly recommend if you haven't been there you have to put it on your bucket list.

Joe Tuozzo

I enjoyed the visit. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to truly sit down in a cafe and enjoy much more. I was on my way from Miami to New Haven, Ct

reesecup Hill

I loved the beautiful park and it's greenery but parking is difficult in Savannah, you have to force you a park to take pictures.

Lisa Cline

So much to see and do. Something for the whole family. The distillery for adults the pirates house for lunch, museums, the riverfront and the sweet shops.

Kuria Peter

Hidden gem took a hoo on hop off trolly. I would recommend it to any tourist. See all 15 spots and then decide where you want to spend more time. The basilica is a must see and the river front. Eat at the pirates restaurant..a bit pricey but the portions are generous.

David DuGay

Lovely homes, lots of history. Take the Old Town Tour for a good narrated description of the town.

Giselle Feliciano

Beautiful place! Spectacular architecture and rich history.

Lee Giella

A must to see. Beautiful city. So much history and scenery.

Susan Barker

One of the best vaca ever! Take the ghost tour thru the historic district! Outrageous and fun!

Mike McGrew

A whole differet world. A step back in time. This is at least our 4th time visiting & its always enjoyable.

Wanda Jewell

rSuch fun times here. I wish they were like Charleston and didn't try to charge 50 each for trolley rides. Charleston buses are free

Samantha Jones

Beautiful statues, greenery and parks! Great for walking with kids or dogs on a sunny day!

Ramblin Rebel

Rode tour bus only saw 1 side. Should have gotten off at every stop and walked. Could not as was on last tour of the day.


Omg! This place is amazing. The history is rich. So much to see and do. Walking shoes are a must and most certainly worth it!

Nekole Lozano

The historic district is very nice. Easy walking with plenty to see. Lots of shops, squares and historic houses. There is so much for everyone to see! We had beautiful, sunny weather when we went. It was perfect for walking around and enjoying the day.

Kristi Holmes

The historic district is very nice. Easy walking with plenty to see. Lots of shops, squares and historic houses. There is so much for everyone to see! We had beautiful, sunny weather when we went. It was perfect for walking around and enjoying the day.

Pam K

If you love history, you will love Savannah. Every time we go to Savannah, I learn something new.

Kaylee Senpai

Savannah is beautiful and this place really showed the beauty and the history of savannah! Its absolutely the best place to walk around, view SCAD (the college in Savannah), or just get a homemade coffee!

Mary Bailey-Jones

Rode the Old Town Trolley around downtown and had loads of fun hearing about Savannahs history.

Kevin Fay

Outstanding. We recommend the trolley options, as the driver will give history tidbits, point out interesting buildings, and mention what makes each square special. A large park featuring a historic water fountain, play set, and large open areas is also within this area.

Angel Mami

Beautiful place to visit. I need to go back and just walk around this time to truely see enerything. Awesome people gorgeous scenery

Brad Hoffman

Lovely place to walk, have a drink and get something to eat. And all of it in the midst of some of the most historic places in US history. The hop on hop off trolleys are more than worth it. The tours take you through the district and tell great stories of the history of Savannah. If you don't want a trolley, the entire district is an easy walk. Just be careful of the "historic stairs". They are steep. Only in Savannah!

Charlese Chapman

Beautiful sights, very rich history and friendly people. I want to come back to see more. Also, I must have more pralines!!!!!

Isabel Green

This is the real deal, no reproductions, re-creations or re-enactments here; this is the old city as built. This section contains a multitude of historic buildings and landmarks, including the birthplaces of Girl Scouts founder Juliette Low and author Flannery O’Connor, several art and cultural museums, historic churches like the Cathedral of John the Baptist, some of Savannah’s 20+ iconic squares like Lafayette Square, and much more. You can explore this on foot or by car, but we opted to take the hop-on-and-off trolley, which hits all the sights in an orderly manner, and the driver will give you a complete narrative of each of the features and the history of the people involved, so you can decide what you want to spend more time looking at in detail. If you really want to get to know Savannah, be sure to check out the Historic District.

William Schmid

Easy going fun day. Don't have to go far to see a lot.

Hope Carpenter

Savannah is the prettiest City I've ever visited by far! The old houses and trees make the city very unique and absolutely beautiful! There are a lot of neat shops and restaurants to check out!

Kesler Gerard Jr

Was a amazing historical experience. Tour was pretty detailed and talked alot about Savannah's history. What I found most interesting was the countless movies that have been filmed here. The only complaint I have is the price. We paid around 60$+ for 2 people. Other that that it was fine. Also the tour is hop on hop off all day (meaning your pass is valid all day) so you can get on at any stop you would like. You can also easily change tour guide this way as well

Vicci Seaton

Really beautiful took a trolly tour with Miss Holly Jolly loved every minute of the tour with her she needs a raise she's wonderful made our day .Thank you Miss Holly

Pamela Renton

I loved Savannah. So rich in history, architecture and we walked easily everywhere. I'd love to come back

Henry J. Herr

A wonderful area to enjoy a few days of exploration and good food.

jladens .

Where to begin, historically, culturally, and Architectural e amazing slice of Savannah. This is my first trip to Savannah and we were definitely impressed everywhere we went throughout the city. The historic district has so many squares to visit as well as the open market, the riverfront District, and numerous museums. Take some good walking shoes and use the free trolley for the purple or blue stops that take you everywhere from the riverfront all the way down to Forsyth Park. Stop by the visitor center before you even get going as the staff we're exceptionally helpful and gave tons of little tidbits on how to operate throughout the city. Everybody was extremely friendly and the city was impressively clean. Don't forget to take the time to appreciate all of the detail in the architecture.

Lorie Morris

The historic district is very nice. Easy walking with plenty to see. Lots of shops, squares and historic houses. There is so much for everyone to see! We had beautiful, sunny weather when we went. It was perfect for walking around and enjoying the day.

mahinder hans

Nicely set up city. Good architect

Cynthia Underwood

Very nice historic sight.Enjoyed our tour on the trolley and we had a great tour guide..

vicki smith

Supwr awesome to have this recreation to teaxh us about our history. To be able to walk around it with kids is just awesome!


We loved visiting this area and experiencing all the history. Totally suggests a trolley tour to get you started.

Elayne Linder

Old Savannah tour was great with 16 stops along the way. You can hop on and off or ride it thru. Great way to see and learn about Savannah.

Erin West

One cannot describe the beauty of the Historic District in Savannah. You simply have to see it and be a part of it. Take a quick tour on foot your first day to familiarize yourself with the area. Then take a trolley tour, as this will help you figure out where everything is you didn't see and refresh you on what you did see and help you figure out a plan for the following day's adventure. Walking the Historic District is the best way to immerse yourself and become part of Savannah. The town is incredibly eclectic and the people are the most friendly I have ever encountered. Be sure to have a meal at "The Lady and Sons" and Clarey' will not be disappointed! See Forsyth Park, tour at least one historic home and see the Telfair Museum, as well as walk along River Street (the view is far better than the shops and here is a tip, there is an elevator that will take you down to street level) If you have read "the book", as the locals call it, be sure to see some the hot spots for fun. If you haven't read the book, ...well, read it!

Kathleen Conrad

Very Quaint and relaxing area. Traveled on the tour bus around the area. Very hot today though!

Craig Morrison

Savannah is awesome.. Easy walking from place to place beautiful outdoor places and great food

John Hohman

A wonder historic place to explore in the beautiful city of Savannah, GA. The green space is a vibrant blast to the eye. the city feels like a small town despite the scale. Museums are plentiful and entertaining.

Gail Harrell

I would recommend that when visiting Savannah DO NOT go to river street the shop personal are not nice and are downright rude especially The Mad Hatter. I am very disappointed in my visit to Savannah. The experience ruined my vacation.

Alessandra Alves

I'm in love with Savannah city. Charming, cozy, beautiful and full of history, stories and mysteries. The city looks like a nice book full of nice pictures. It is impossible to walk around and don't feel like taking picture. Every corner has something to explore and appreciate. Enchanting and welcoming city!

Janna Rolfe

If you visit Savannah, make sure you spend lots of time touring the historic district. There is so much to see, so much to learn about history and it is a beautiful area. I've visited there twice and really enjoyed that area

Munir Qasim

I love the old city of savanna. Train، waiving Lady, honey shop, craft market. Small boats and lot.

Scott Marshall

I've toured the historic district many times and always find something new to love. Such a beautiful city. Take the trolley tour for easy and fun way to get around. Take the architectural tour. Eat at Mrs Wilkes. explore city market and River street.

Joseph Mcneal

I really wasn't expecting to see so many historic landmarks in one town.

Jacob Jackson

Beautiful area and friendly folks, an all around fun place

Matt Barber

If you've never been to Savannah, you really should make the time to visit! The history of the city is incredible and what's amazing is how much of it is so well preserved. The architecture is stunning and the organized layout with the multitude of squares makes it both beautiful to walk around but convenient to get from place to place. Tons of great attractions and restaurants.

Lorretta Scott

Tour bus driver drove too fast. Hard to take pictures. But, otherwise a good tour.

Marcia Kay Foster

Went on vacation and it was wonderful. I enjoyed the sights and the history I learned while here. Savannah is a bucket list trip!

Gary Verderamo

Really nice area. Lots of historical sites. Unfortunately, even though there are a ton of little museums, they all charge a separate admission and many are like $10 each. Beyond that, it's beautiful.

Mary Ann Ortiz

Beautiful park with beautiful fountains!! Wonderful place to enjoy with the family and pets.

Joan Marsh

Loved it. The old homes are beautiful. Streets are tree lined. The architecture is wonderful. Unfortunately, all of my pictures are on my camera, not my phone.


I loved it Savannah when I went for the St Patrick's Day weekend me and a couple of friends went and we enjoyed ourselves very much we're looking forward to going next year for St Patrick's Day we had so much fun it was a very memorable weekend that we had we're looking forward to doing it again I love Savannah and I will recommend if you just visiting go to Savannah historic place is very beautiful down there

Ronald Hewett

I love everything about Savannah it's like my second home Go to Savannah on vacation or stop by on your way to Florida and see that I mean beauiful.

Ann Bordon

Savanna is absolutely gorgeous. I'm so glad we went there while on vacation.

Stephanie Starke

Savannah's historic district is probably the most beautiful city area I have ever seen. The little garden squares every few blocks are gorgeous, there is history everywhere, and the trees and statues and churches and fountains are so nice.

Mark Forbis

Southern charm and history at its best. So much to see and learn! Planning on returning soon for a longer stay. Beautiful town and River front!

Robin Andersoñ

Savannah Historic District was wonderful. The buildings, shops and historic ambience make Savannah a great tourist destination. I strongly urge you to take a trolley ride with a guide. They really bring Savannah to life.

Michael Barreca

It's so full of history and so beautiful. I recommend an air condition tour so you can enjoy. bring a sweater the ac is cold. The whole scene is so full of so much your going to need a couple days.

Michael Bates Sr

Excellent. Great food, awesome trolly drivers and history.

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