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1400 Patten Rd, Lookout Mountain, GA 30750, United States

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REVIEWS OF Rock City Gardens IN Georgia

David and Jess Stockman

Great place to bring the family. It never gets old. I’ve been going for the past 15 years of my life and my family recently started really doing the events. They are awesome. It’s such a nice place to walk around and relax. My whole family loves it.

Alexis Sara Young

so beautiful and peaceful. worth the price of ~$25 per person. very happy we came! my boyfriend and i agreed we would like to come back and visit again in the future.

Jackie Vogt

Rock City is definitely worth a visit, very cool to walk through and see all the rock formations. The 7 states view was beautiful too. The fairyland cavers and gnomes were creepy, but still interesting to see. It's a little hard to navigate, the map and sings aren't always very clear. There are shortcuts between the twists and turns of the main path and it's easy to accidentally skip sections. Luckily you can stay as long as you want and it's so pretty and relaxing we didn't mind retracing our steps to make sure we saw it all.

Lara Polk

this is the most beautifulest place I have been to in a long time. I took my son for a field trip and we had the best time making great memories. Thank you for all that you do and the great service we received.

ishwor marahatta

This is one of the best places I had visited in Chattanooga which is technically part of Georgia. They have great staffs co-ordination for parking outside the premises. They have many trails all over the park. I strongly suggest following the track. They have great direction posted all over the park. There are two observation desk: one at the upper level and one at the lower level. Falls look beautiful from the lower level. There is a nice spot in lower for taking pictures. On the way of exit, you will pass through Fairyland Cavern. The track inside is glazing and sparkling. You will see so many beautiful animated structures on the way out. We spent around 2 hours and it was great time.

Frank Brown

Amazing to see such beautiful views, amazing trails through rock formations. I'm not sure how a physically handicap person would do here. Very windy,narrow and steep declines with rock/ slate stairs. Would call first to see what options you would have

Derrick Rogers

Rock City it's a really good family-friendly place to go and see the best nature has to offer. Even on a cloudy day it's worth it to go see the panoramic views. If you don't like walking a lot there are some shortcuts mapped out for you that may shorten your tour. But it is self-guided throughout the park with plenty of resting spots.

Matthew Helton

Came on a rainy Monday and still thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a magical place. A real nexus of good vibes and positive energy. If you enjoy the beauty of earth, I highly recommend you visit Rock City.

Victor Vituk

Worth every penny we paid! Such a beautiful place to visit! We enjoyed it all! The Rock city Fairyland Caverns was a blast!! Our toddler enjoyed it and so did we

Joe Bertoncin

This place taxed my claustrophobia AND my acrophobia, but it was well worth it. Beautiful gardens and scenery, with several great overlooks of the Tennessee River valley, including Chattanooga. Lots of walking with stairs and some rough ground, so wear comfortable, sturdy shoes.

Leslie Lewis

Really enjoyed it. Beautiful and green. No rush, go along at your own pace as it isn't a guided tour. But plenty of informational signs along the path. Also plenty of benches along the way. Should you be a little older like us. Definitely worth the money. Only thing missing were flowers. Would have earned it 5 stars. But all in all a wonderful experience. Highly recommend it for both young and old.

Lilith Nick

Came here to spend a few hours. Showed up just in time for the birds of prey show, which was awesome. The gardens were beautiful, the lookout was breathtaking. One tip, don't get a slushie. It sounds like a good way to cool off and have something sweet, but instead ended up making my fiance and I both really sick. Otherwise, the trip was awesome!

Sylvia Nichols

What a lovely surprise to find this! It costed about $21.00 per person and no senior discounts

sharon mercier

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. If I lived nearby, I'd walk the trail every day. Trail is flat, so you don't need hot, hiking boots. Don't understand why the staff doesn't ask people to line up to the left of the ticket booth-iunder the roofed area, in the shade-both girls blew me off when I suggested it. Standing in the direct sun waiting for tickets was rough, especially when most of us had questions.


We tied our visit to this location into our visits to Ruby Falls and The Lost Sea and were glad that we did! The pathways through these enormous rock formations were decorated with ferns and foliage of all types. The overlooks were breathtaking and the Fairyland Caverns were amazing as well. There is a beautiful waterfall and a view of seven states from the overlooks. This is a great trip for families and children. If you have difficulty walking though, this might be a bit challenging and some areas may not be doable for you. We saw a man on a walker who was having a really hard time. I would say that the signage and trail directions were confusing to many and caused us and others on more than one occasion to have to retrace our steps. I would love to come back here in a few weeks when the leaves are changing!


Expensive, and we felt a bit like cattle being herded. The sights were very pretty but definitely not a place I would choose to return to. All the employees were very friendly, everything was clean, and food was (also expensive) good. The fairyland caverns were weird and detracted from the overall experience.

hazarath kota

History amazes you and 7 States in one location. Views are excellent. Choose the day n time properly else sun kisses you

Kayla Lyles

Go during the week. It gets PACKED fast. Parking is good. Very scenic and beautiful. If your visiting you have to see it. Again though, it can get packed so go early in the morning

mistaken frienemy

Beautiful scenery. It was a little scary in certain places if you have issues with heights. But the view was breathtaking. There is also a handicap accessible/stroller trail.

Todd Davenport

Rare 5 star review for me. Beautiful views and an easy path to get to them. Be warned, there are a few tight spots to get through, but the end result is worth it. Absolutely stunning view at the top with a restaurant perched atop Lookout Mountain. We didn't eat there, but the food smelled great. Friendly staff rounded out an overall excellent visit.

Samantha Karsten

So cool. A labyrinth of stone trails and natural scenery, with (probably) one of the best views in the state, and some fun gnome-themed underground attractions thrown in for good measure. Take the kids, propose to your sweetheart, do all the things. 10/10 would recommend.

Parth Mehta

Beautiful place. Good for kids and adults as well. You get to see aerial view of 7 states which is amazing. The trail itself is around 1hr long and pretty cool considering it will make you experience natural beauty such as breathtaking mountain views, waterfalls etc. Kids will love the artificial gnomes garden and miniature fairytale land. Worth visiting once for sure !! Thumbs Up

Chathurika Srimali Abeykoon

The reason for my trip to Chattanooga. It’s definitely a garden of rocks and natural scenery. You may need 2 hrs to see everything. Better to go early otherwise long lines will be there to buy tickets. Rest places, binoculars, waterfalls, caves, hidden paths and slinging bridges and many more to enjoy. There is a fairy garden for kids to enjoy. One of the best places that I have been in my lifetime.

Savaniah Villmer

Absolutely amazing place! The incredible caves and rock formations including "fat man squeeze", the view of 7 states, crossing the swing-along bridge (or taking the alternative Rock bridge), Lover's Leap, Fairytale Caverns, Mother Goose Village and learning the history of the gnomes and red barns make this self-guided tour along the Enchanted Trail an unforgettable experience. It took about two hours to walk through but we missed the animal show and didn't check out the entertainment. Bring a couple extra bucks so you can crack your own geode, pan for gold, buy some super tasty fudge, have lunch in their cafe or buy some cool souvenirs. An added point of interest about the day we visited: As we came to the view of Lover's Leap, we witnessed an adorable couple became engaged! Kudos to the young gentleman for the meaningful, romantic, and awesome proposal that I'll never forget

John Coontz

So cool! Beautiful views, nice atmosphere. Kinda crowded but not to bad. It was really hot, but there is plenty of shady spots to sit and rest. Fairyland caverns was amazing. Had a blast.

Da Sauce

The walk through the caverns is nice and cool as the breeze blows through the rocks but there were a few very tight spaces that not everyone may be able to get through. It also stays very packed with many children running around everywhere getting underfoot. The views are excellent and the souvenirs are reasonable prices. Although, I noticed many of the souvenirs were made in China which I tend to avoid, especially considering it being focused on the rocky area I would think there would be locally made rock trinkets and items as opposed to mass produced pieces shipped from China.

Jessica Castillo

Rock city is a nice place to visit. And is very beautiful. We went in during St Patrick's and got to see the special things they had at that time of year. It seems a little high price.

Grace Horvath

Worth it but kids need to walk on their own or be carried. Strollers will cause you to miss a bunch of stuff for to stairs.. Very well done

Naveen srikakolanu

What a wonderful surprise to see the place. Especially fat man squeeze and Needle eye no words to describe the experience one should feel it. Breathtaking views of lookout mountain and a place where you can see 7 states that a wonderful thought.

Sherry Inman

It's a beautiful place with lots of things to see. I'm claustrophobic and a couple areas were hard for me but I made it through. There are benches throughout to sit on and relax. You go at your own pace. There are gift shops and a fudge shop. The fudge is delicious and you get huge slices. I would recommend a visit to this attraction.

Lindsay Cross

I love rock city. I hadn't been there since the 90s and wow has it changed [for the better]. I just love the cafe 7 on top of the mountain, it had a gorgeous view with good food.

Brett Werner

Great place to visit and see the views. Self guided tour, really cool rock formations and great way to escape the heat. Dogs allowed too. If you like fairy's and nomes, this place is definitely for you. Not for the claustrophobic though you can bypass any tight areas. Not stroller friendly so the little ones are either walking or being carried

Daniel Burroughs

Loved this place. Passed by it so many times as a boy. Majestic rocks unbelievable views. Small cavern. On top of breath taking look out mountain. Worth the price of admission. This place is 10 star if i could give it to them. Oh try the swinging bridge if you dare:)

Michael Crouse

An absolutely amazing place to walk around. The path is remarkable with all the flowers and plants. The view from the top is awesome.

Alena Golopuz

Absolutely amazing place!! Very well taken care of, a few different trails to explore and breathtaking views! We enjoyed our time in Rock City Gardens a lot. Trails in the cages and super narrow roads between the rocks are a great fun! I believe this place is the #1 priority I would suggest in Chattanooga. I would definitely recommend to plan at least 2 hours there, but if you don't want to be in a rush - go for 3-4 hours. Parking is provided on premises for free. They seem to be pet-friendly as well.

Abby Pratt

Such a magical place. Was happy to stop by with the kiddo while on a roadtrip to Florida. Definitely worth the stop to stretch our legs and explore. The fairy cavern was a little odd, but still fun. The scenery and walking trails are beautiful. Expect to spend about 2 hours here.

Leslie Thomas

I absolutely loved this place!! I can't wait to go back. It's the most beautiful place, I personally, have ever seen. I got a combination ticket to Rock City and Ruby Falls for right under $100 for two people. I didnt't care for the falls because of the way it was set up but this place is amazing and I would give it 10 stars if I could. I felt like a kid how excited I was. I would definitely recommend this place to others and its affordable and WELL worth it.

Shanna Pedersen

Rock City Gardens is just plain cool! The squeeze through the cool rocks and the tunnels and views! The swing bridge! They say you can see seven states!

Amanda Isham

This place is great for kids and adults. There are some places that are pretty tight to walk through though, so if you are over weight it might be an issue. I couldn't take my dad with us because of that. They have a great undergrown cavern full of story book themes my daughter loves. Pretty views thought the walk. The path is a little small though so sometimes you get stuck behind slow people.

Hakan Bagcioglu

WOW, this is such an amazing place. Management put a lot of efforts and designed it so well. We found it while we were waiting in the line for Ruby falls. I am glad we found it. It is definitely a must see for nature lovers. It can compete well with Ohio's Hocking hills.

Brig Church

Loved Rock City. We took our time to walk the grounds. We probably spent over 3 hours there. We ate lunch while there as well, it was a very nice cafe style restaurant. Very cute place to come. Many people brought their dogs. Seeing 7 states look out spot was awesome. The fairyland area was cute and fun to walk through. I wish I would have brought my kids with us. They would have enjoyed it. Next time we are back in Chattanooga, we will visit again. This place is a must visit if you live or visit Chattanooga here on Lookout Mountain.

María Fernanda Martínez

It's an amazing place to have a good walk and enjoy the beautiful views. While you go through the incredible city made of rock, a soothing music plays in the background to make it a very pleasant moment. You have several places to sit during the walk, and a couple of options to eat and drink. Excellent choice to share with family and friends.

William Sutton

It was alright, might have been better if it wasn't for the school field trips that were there, you would take 5 steps and wait until they were done taking pictures.

Justin Wiseman

Beautiful grounds and gardens! Worth every bit of what they charge for admission. You can combine tickets to other attractions for savings! We loved the winding trails and history along the way! We will definitely be back annually!

Cathrina D. Flynn

Clean and beautifully designed with a friendly, knowledgeable and upbeat staff and easy parking. To me it's a natural wonder and a fond memory from childhood...that has actually improved with age. I was so delighted to share this with my grandson and hope to go again when I can take my granddaughter as well...

Kevin MacGuire

Beautiful! I love how this attraction is self paced. You can rush through it but I really recommend you take your time and enjoy. I had a 7 and 11 year old with me and somehow I still felt at peace. The music and your surroundings really bring a sense of calm.

Bernard Gomes

Amazing trail and amazing experience. It was magnificent and so beautiful. You really do come across nice rocks, water falls and also a hanging bridge which actually scared a few people. But there are obviously alternative routes. I loved the music at lovers leap spot. I'm sure you'll have a nice experience. Make sure to put on lots of sunscreen if you're going there in the middle of the day.


We love coming here so much with the kids that we buy annual passes and we live almost 3 hours away. We've never had a bad experience. The staff is wonderful and they do special events throughout the year.

Ashley Foushee

Great place for kids, families, couples & groups. My husband and I went and enjoyed every minute of it. We're planning on bringing our children next time.

Alivia Lehman

Nice stroll through paved/stoned walk way. The fairyland was awesome, kids would love it. Breathtaking views at lookout mountain!

Dean Hervat

Rock City was the highlight of my visit to Chattanooga. It isn't free, but it was unexpected, unique, delightful, unusual, special. You might want to shed a few pounds before visiting because there are a couple of fat man's misery squeezes and some ups and downs on the path. I was thoroughly enthralled and every turn seemed to bring a smile to my face.

Kristi Tanner

Cool place to explore with family. Rock city had entertainment and refreshments throughout. The nature and wonder of the outdoors can be enjoyed and explored up close. Whether squeezing between bolders, viewing waterfalls, or enjoying the panaoramic view of 7 states; there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Charlie Yang

The view is quite amazing. The See Seven States view is honestly one of the most beautiful sights you could ever find. However, I highly recommend trying to go on a day where the skies are clearer or has less clouds. My photos don't do the view justice - And sadly, neither do my eyes because this view stretches out infinitely. However, besides the See Seven States, the park itself is quite cool, but I feel like if you're trying to see something that you could show off to your friends when you get back home from vacation, the See Seven States tops the cake.

Arunprasad Chandrasekaran

Great view of the nature from the top of the mountain and an excellent trail which has been very well planned and easy to walk. The cost of the visit is $20 and $12 for Adults and Kids GT 2 respectively. The entire trail is about a round about and it is NOT strollers accessible. The trail will take around 2 hours approximately. On the top of the hill there are cafes and rest rooms. The view of seeing 7 states needs some cents to view in telescope and hence have some quarters and the view is really good. On a sunny day it will be slightly difficult to enjoy. There are some really good rock formations which are so closely formed such that we need to squeeze through it which is really nice. At the completion of the trail there are some self made designs between the rocks. From the observation point the cliff of the mountain and water falls view is so eye catching and the trail ends with a good gift shop. Definitely one time can be visited and I hear from my friends this one will be too good during Christmas time with great light decorations. One time must visit this place!!!!

Oscar Nuñez

One could expect to spend 3-4 hours here to get to know the place well. It was a beautiful place with many abnormally natural formations that surprised no matter what direction you looked. The 7 State view was almost one-of-a-kind. 4 stars because tickets totalled almost $200 for a family of 5 (although we did get to experience an Angel Falls tour along with the price).


Just wow. The nature and beauty. All my children loved it. Lots of walking. Great family activity. There was a gentleman in a store 1/2 way in walk and he had the perfect southern hospitality. So so kind.

Web Interceptor

I didn't expect the gardens to be this elaborate not having read much about it before visiting. But the walk up to the place from where you can see the 7 states was really pretty. The best part was the swinging bridge.

Aimee Lim

We enjoy our trip here. If you are passing by, its worth to visit this place. The waterfalls is stunning. The caverns are fun for the kids. Come on weekdays and its not be as crowded.

Laurie Schoeck

Always a great place anytime of year. ... Especially with kids! And the restaurant there is delicious. Everyone should go at least once and more if closer

Drew Roberts

Rock City is one of the most unique places in the South. Worth the cost of admission for the beautiful views and unique terrain. Family friendly and fun with friends too.

Jason Hortman

Rock City is fun for both adults and kids. The raptor (bird) show is lots of fun, and of course the view from the end of the trail is amazing. I was impressed that even on a super busy weekend like the holiday weekend we were there, their staff all seemed very professional, friendly, and eager to help when needed. Great experience!

Hannah Campbell

The price was a little high but it was such a beautiful experience. Very unique; nothing like I have ever seen before. It’s clear that they take pride in the place and it looks great. The underground fairyland was incredible. Probably my favorite part. I would definitely recommend this for all ages!

Jax Jax

This place was gorgeous and had some amazing views. We have been traveling the country side over the past 4 months and thought this would be a cute place to check out. The one downside I would say would be the price. We did go on labor day, so it was more expensive because of that, but still it was over $100 dollars for a family of 5. We got there right at 9:00, so we basically had the place to ourselves, but as we were leaving at around 11 it was a different story. The place had definitely started to fill up. Luckily, we were able to enjoy a relaxing stroll without the crowds. The views were lovely, and my kids thoroughly enjoyed the swinging bridge. It was a magical place, I'm not sure if I would have enjoyed it as much later in the day with the crowds. I would definitely suggest an early arrival.

Tim Benson

Some really beautiful views over the valley. They say that on a clear day you can see seven states. Great place for walking and some options for accessibility challenges. Fat Man's Squeeze is very much a tight fit as you would believe. The fairy tale portion is my least favorite area. Fantastic holiday light displays at Christmas

Natasha's Art

Love, love, love this place! My husband and I went for our second wedding anniversary and we both enjoyed ourselves. It was like we were kids again! I think my favorite part out of all of it was the Fairytale Caverns. Honestly one of the coolest things I ever seen. The employees were friendly, and the gift shop had many neat things for sale. Would love to come here again for our third anniversary!

Violet Chan

Amazing place to visit! I feel like I can go every weekend there. Unbelievable views which makes you feel relaxed and peaceful! Can't wait to go again. Highly recommended.

Paulina Bober

I cannot describe in words or show in pictures how phenomenal this place was. One of the three attractions we saw in a combo. It was definitely the most serene. The view from Lover's Leap was breathtaking. It was just a little scary when at some points the walls on the bridges were low but otherwise amazing. My favorite was the statue of Maloria. It made me feel very connected to everything around me. I also appreciated the twist on gnomes and the whole fairyland. We definitely did not expect that and it was really fun! If you're thinking about checking this place out you should definitely hit it up. It was gorgeous!

Nicolette Weil

Had a great time! Little pricier on the weekend but still worth it if you make the trip up! The view is gorgeous and the botanical garden is a nice long walk around the thru boulders.

A. Wagner

We visited Rock City Gardens the other day and had a wonderful time. There is so much to see...and the views are amazing. My daughters (10 & 7) and I had a very leisurely tour. We bought the combo tickets and visited Ruby Falls first thing in the morning (highly recommend booking the first tour), then drove the five miles to Rock City. It was still early, so there wasn't a big crowd. We did the first trail, ate at their burger place (reasonable prices) and did the second trail. Fairytale land was very extensive and well done. Their staff was ver courteous and friendly.

MaryBeth Jewell

This is an Absolutely beautiful natural wonder! There are many benches to sit on throughout the gardens and stunning views plus an amazing waterfall. Lovely music accompanies your visit and you can learn more by scanning a code there or getting a text that gives more of the history of the place and time! We are coming back this Christmas for sure! Treat yourselves to this southern wonderland and you'll want to return too!

Jessica Kilpatrick

Amazing!! Breathtaking views. Great place for families. Took us about 2.5 hours to walk through. Highly recommend!

Preston Roman

Probably the second most awesome experience at the mountain, next only to Ruby Falls. All of the little sites and attractions at rock city make it a one of a kind experience. Don't go to Chattanooga without going here!!

Grace Barro

It's so peaceful and beautiful in this place!! One of Chattanooga's prized possession! I would love to stay there for a whole day and relax. If you love mountain view and to going through different forms of rocks, it's your place to be!

Laurie Cory

Beautiful scenery, great views. A great place to enjoy with family, friends or as a couple. Very dog friendly (bring a bag! They don't have any). They have water bowls out and dog friendly meals at the cafe. Our dog loved his visit. He crashed as soon as we got back to the car. Wear walking shoes. A lot of stairs so be prepared for that.

Tina Fluermond

Better than Busch Gardens and Great Wolf Lodge” is how my 5 year old describes this place! Our entire family loved it here! We spent two hours here on a very hot day and it was so enjoyable. We stayed nice and cool! So many neat parts to the trail. Highly recommend!! Enjoyed touring Rock City - cool trails among the rocks, beautiful flowers and gardens as well as a waterfall. Plenty of gift shops and places to eat. Fun for children included a dark nursery rhyme exhibit. Admission is on the high side.

Kalinda Exum

I cannot give this place enough stars! Absolutely beautiful! I loved the swing bridge the views from the top and just everything! I loved fat man squeeze and going through the fairyland caverns. It was an amazing experience

jagadesh yadav

This is a very good place to spend your time. You will need at least 2 hours to explore and enjoy the beauty and vision of the maker. The trail path makes you walk between thin rock gaps,swinging ropeway,7states , waterfalls, fairytale caverns and many other beautiful stops . Best part, you'll get good photos here. Only advice is be early here to see the bird show and give at least 2 hours to have fun in your trip. Also Don't waste your time in Ruby falls though. Check my 1 star review for Ruby falls aka Tap falls

zoo keeper

this is definitely a "must see" place. my only complaint is that i didn't get early can spend a couple hours or from open to close ! i can't wait to go back. i hope there are more flute players there !

Anora Wilson

'm sure this review would have been different if we had visited at a less crowded time. We expected some crowds but Labor Day weekend in Rock City was just too packed to make it an enjoyable experience. We felt like cattle herded through a maze and pushed out the exit :-D There's definitely great views from there and it very well maintained.

alyssa mckenzie

Beautiful place! Wear sunscreen if going in summer though. Nice places to eat and get a cold drink in the middle of hike. There is even a restraunt called Cafe 7 that allows you to eat with your dog. My little pup loved that! Most of the place is very pet friendly, just be sure to check temp of concrete or put dog boots on your pup.

Erik Hartwig

Rock City is a breathtaking garden walk with amazing views and scenery. It is a great family location that is kid friendly. There is also a lot of history at this location and you can see 7 different states from one location.. If visiting Chattanooga, Rock City should be on your list of places to visit

Nathan Martinez

The view is worth the admission. It's a botanical garden, surrounded by huge boulder and every once in a while you would see the small statue of gnomes. This is the best place for the family. Good place to get you moving and out of the house. At the end there is also wine tasting with sweet wine. I recommend take a taste of some of there red wine.

Teresa Farley

Very interesting place. Should have workers with better knowledge of the park. We asked about steps as I was with my mother who could not walk too long of a distance and was told there were "only a few" steps. We should have been directed to the wheelchair path instead. Need better marking of the intersection of pathways to better correspond to the map they provided. The one worker who helped later once we realized we took the wrong way was very helpful and understanding of our situation. Overall, very beautiful place to visit but recommend you wear sturdy shoes and are not in a rush to be anywhere.

Keith Watson

Beautiful scenery. The path was just the right amount of walking to enjoy many different views. We loved the swinging bridge and the waterfall outlook. The way nature was preserved for us to view was miraculous.

Dianti Greil

This place is superb! I was coming there right at 0800, but they didn't open until 0830. So worth the wait. As an adult, all of the cavern, bridges, gardens, was amazed me! It was Sunny bright morning spring day (Tuesday) perfect time to be outside and see all 7 states. Must Visit place.

Sabrina Smay

This place was pretty neat. The view of the 7 states was beautiful. I love gnomes and they were everywhere, I thought that was cool. The kids loved fairy land and the different kind of rock formations. Great place!

Justin Ortiz

Tl;dr Good sights, not too much walking, plenty of rest stops There are bridges, a waterfall, plants and plenty of garden gnomes to see. A decent portion of the gardens is handicap accessible. The overlook section is very nice with binoculars and a cafe. Restrooms seem to always be within a 2 minute walk maximum.

Randy Gordon

I have wanted to go to rock city Georgia since I read the add on a barn in Missouri when I was about 6 years old. See for seven states it said. So my wife and I got there about 54 years after the first time I saw the sign and I can't imagine we waited so long. It's beautiful on lookout mountain and ruby falls area. We went to the top of lookout mountain where you can really see for seven states and walked over a swinging bridge had some really good frozen lemonade listened to a band and there was a bird show and the rock formations we have never seen before.

John Endres

The views were amazing. The staff was very friendly with directions to get around the rock city gardens. It was very family friendly. Some places get a little tight when navigating through Rock city. Overall it was a great time with breathtaking views!

Ethan Parker

Went there expecting a pile of rocks around a garden bed, but got much more than that. With breathtaking views, nice cool street-like passages through the rocks, and the magical gnome caverns. It's truly a place to visit.


Hot at first, but when you enter those large behemoth rocks, they cool you down due to the shade. Loved the gnomes lookout, fairyland and the lookout peaks. Awesome

James Foster

Rock City, well, "rocks"! A wonderful way to spend a few hours!! Will come back with grandkids when they are a bit older! If you have the time and money, get an "add-on", we did Ruby Falls, but 5th e "incline" ride looked cool too!! Well worth the money and time!

Ashley Strawser

Rock City Gardens was a great place to see during our vacation to Chattanooga! I loved the beautiful scenery, the awesome views, and the great walking paths. Everything about this place was top-notch, and you can tell that it's well taken care of. Definitely worth the money to walk through it!

Galina Dyakiv

What an AMAZING experience!!!!! We came here after a long day exploring Point Park on Lookout Mountain, then Ruby Falls so we were definitely tired and had even considered asking for a refund but boy are we glad we didn't!!! Rick City was beyond anything we had expected or imagined. The blend of nature and creativity is such a display of mastery. We definitely definitely definitely recommend this experience to all tourists and locals!!

Kyle G

Went the day after Labor Day, I highly likely it more than Ruby Falls and the Incline. I could spend hours at this place too just observing the scenery, taking photos and so much more. Highly recommend going and we will definitely be back for sure!

Yusuf Mutlu Atici

Perfect for a day of outside attraction. Great natural park with nice human touches all around the garden. Perfect outside sitting at the cliff of the mountain with a small cafe with live music.

Rikhi Nagra

Beautiful place for caves trails. Walking through caves is a lifetime experience. Fairyland caves are best for kids day. Walk on the hanging bridge is an adventure there. Lookout of seven States from the top is jaw dropping. It's a great place to visit for day outing, family reunions or trip to caves. It's beautiful and clean place.

The MaMas

I went on a field trip here and loved it. The trip was long but It was still nice. The Gardens are lovely and cool. Even though I don't like being up high I think this is an exception. This has gift shops, food places, and so much more! This is my favorite field trip to go to!

Yvonne Miller

Great afternoon wandering through the area. Even though the area has not seen much rain this year it was still lush and green. Lots of photo opportunities and it's nice to travel/walk at your own pace. I will go back just because of the adventure. Everyone we met was just as friendly as can be. True southern charm.

Jason Colborn

I had no idea what to expect, but the family all had a wonderful time. It's basically a walking path through a garden, but unlike any garden I've ever seen. They have tunnels, stone bridges, suspension bridges, crevices, and small caverns. The landscaping is as beautiful as the scenery.

Cheryl Jackowski

Wow! I love this place. They have designed it so beautifully. The staff is amazing. They have beer. The gift shops are cool. Nature and design from smart people. .

Deis Family

Really great place to visit, little scary with small children but there are some beautiful views and the hike through the mountainside was fairly simple. We like to walk thru (about 2-3 hours) whenever we visit Chattanooga. The "Fudge Kitchen" has really great fudge. Staff is very helpful and the prices were reasonable. We watched them make some and received free samples of a fresh batch.

Tony Gettler

This is a beautiful place to make a stop if you are in the Chattanooga area. The views are stunning and the hikes are fun. Regardless of your walking ability, there are paths to meet your needs. The handicap accessible path to the See 7 States overlook provides less mobile guests a way to get there. Note:. There is no group sales window. Charter tour leaders have to go through the general admission line. Larger RVs and tour busses: the road to get to the park is curvy and challenging with oncoming traffic.

kawii viral

This place was magical!!! I loved it here! The nature is so beautiful. I love how you didn't ruin the beautiful nature with factories and harmful buildings. The workers there were very polite and nice. I also loved the suviners and prices. The prices were very low so you could by what you or your family/friends want to buy! I SO RECOMMEND THIS PLACE IT IS MAGICAL!

Andres Lopez

It's a very nature oriented attraction. I really liked walking through the rock formations, the soothing music and basically making sure to take it all in. There is of course the view, the boulders, the trails, and so much more. I would definer be back with the rest of the family to enjoy. I would recommend it after you have done the falls and want to chill and rest, specially if it is 90 degrees out there. Plenty of shade from the trees and rock formations.

Steve McWhorter

Cool paths through Rocky formations, very tranquil! Panty of places to stop, rest and enjoy the quiet. Light music playing that compliments the scene, rather than overpower. Beautiful views from overlook, you can see 7 states, which is cool.


Rock City is just a fun place to get away and decompress from life. Its way up in the mountains of Tennesee and the craftsmanship of the rock is really cool. It's somewhere you can go with family and children or on a date. I enjoyed Rock City both as a child and as an adult.

Lisa Sparks

we spent the weekend in Chattanooga and debated all weekend of whether to go to Rock City or not. Decided at the last minute to go before we left town on Monday and we were so glad that we went. Beautiful scenery. Wonderful experience. Can't wait till we can come back and experience it over the holidays. It is a must-see when your in Chattanooga!

Joseph Brown

If you like the outdoor experience, you will love Rock City. It is a very good family hiking experience full of gnome themes, mountain side views, and a waterfall. The gnome caves are creative and cute. Wear good shoes.

Chitresh Agarwal

This place this worth every penny! Beautiful views and a trip for all. Easy parking and exit. Tip: The entry fee may seem too much but this is a must do! Try to visit in the late afternoon or on a day with pleasant weather!

David Campbell

Brought friends from South Dakota so that they could admire how magnificent this piece of God's green Earth is. Wow, absolutely beautiful.


Been coming here for 30+ years now when in town from Atlanta. Of course things have changed over the years. Still a fun place to go though. Went to see the Christmas lights last year. That was pretty neat. Of course it has it's own magic during the day too. Beautiful gardens and paths. Of course this is a tourist attraction but still worth seeing at least once. Some things are dated (blacklight fairy tale section) but it's part of the charm to me. Would miss it if it was gone.

Mark Cornelius

Fun, easy trail with both natural and man made attractions. Ate at cafe 7. Good healthy food. Server was very knowledgeable about the source of their items.

Miriam F Morales

I love the view and people was very friendly. Clean restrooms too. Kids really have fun!

Mary Leera Dernberger Haveman

Rock City Gardens was always my favorite place to visit when I was young. My family stopped many times on our way to Miami from 1955 - 1965. We visited again this May, with 2 of our children. The gardens are just as beautiful as I remember. I highly recommend visiting Rock City the next time you are in Chattanooga.

Alex Bennett

Great views from the top of Lookout Mountain and a great hike. A tight squeeze between large rocks in some places, but it adds to the thrill. Definitely worth the time.

Sue Tribe

God's majestic beauty everywhere you looked!! Had the best time with my four granddaughters ages 5-16. Not one of them said they were bored or had to have an electronic device...except for pictures of course!! Many memories were made today in this awesome place.

Katie Lovell

This place was so worth the money! I was not expecting much but I was absolutely blown away. We went on a Monday during the high season and got there at 9:30. The park itself wasn't very busy and the shade from the rocks and trees made for a comfortable feeling. We greatly enjoyed all the items, even with a two year old. Definitely recommend a visit to Rock City.

Richard Wingard

Great place to visit! The walking trails are beautiful with photo opportunity around every corner take the kids even take the dog. I will go back to visit for sure

Whitney Robbins

Lovely views!!!!!!!!! Me and my GRANDKIDS HAD SUCH A good time. We will definitely come back to ROCK CITY GARDENS. My old knees had some trouble on the stone stairs so bring your strapping grandson with you to help you up and down.

Becca P

Loved our visit! Great for kids. Huge boulders. Kids favorite was fat man squeeze! I loved seven state lookout point.

Brandon Mccoy

A magical little slice of peace mixed with harmony nestled atop a mountain over looking the eastern quarter of the United States. Simply breathtaking take your time and enjoy this place.

Sean Mantler

A truly wonderful experience for the whole family! Lots of walking and no room for wheelchairs or strollers. Dress comfortably and pick a good weather day. If you can, bring a small cooler with drinks and a snack to save money.

Andrea Williams

I have loved this place since I was a kid. It's magical. They have different events during the year, so it's not boring to go several times. The kids really like it.

Matt Repko

My wife and I visit Rocky City every September. We love the quiet and beautiful views. We take our dogs with us and they love the chance to meet and greet people. This is a must visit place.

Floyd Dennard

See Rock City! Wow this place is amazing, from the natural stone wonders to the beautiful vegetation and wildlife the is something for everyone and every age. Get ready for a long, long walk. There is wheelchair access to most of the gardens and a restaurant just above the seven states lookout. Lovers Leap is on the trail well past the restaurant and would make a wonderful place to propose to your sweetheart. The trails are well marked and restrooms available all along the trail. Children and adults will love fairy tale land, based on the Mother Goose Fairytale series. Fairytale Land is beautiful and whimsical, my wife and I were transported to our childhood. At the end of the journey visit the gift shop, restaurant, and handmade candy store before leaving. Glad we made the trip and did this together. Take your family and friends. We were tired after this visit.

David A. Epstein

First time back in 12 years and it did not disappoint. Even better than I remembered. Wife and kids loved it and the ladies at the fudge shop were wonderful at demonstrating and explaining to my boys how to make fudge. Can't wait to get back here again!

Bryan Ledrick

Someplace new I hadn't been to. It was very crowded so it can feel a bit hectic to take in the sights at times. Overall it will be an enjoyable experience to go on a slower day.

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