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8930 Canyon Rd, Lumpkin, GA 31815, United States

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Where is Providence Canyon State Park?

REVIEWS OF Providence Canyon State Park IN Georgia

Stanley Sequeira

This place is absolutely stunning. I’m simply awed and amazed with the beautiful sand formations. The hiking trail is quite detailed and well marked but not recommended for kids on strollers / wheelchair. There is kid friendly playground and place for parties / bbq. Couple of edits - 1. The park hours are till 9pm and not 6 pm as mentioned on google maps 2. Gift shop closes at 5pm

Brad Fashbaugh

Absolutely stunning views. Nice loop trail and trails to all canyon floors. Hiking here is beginner to moderate with uneven terrain, expect a slight workout. Canyon trail floors are often wet and uneven, wear shoes you don't mind getting wet, dirty, and are proper for hiking. $5 parking fee. Play area, restrooms and A/C, snacks, drinks, souvenirs in the visitor center at trail head. Have lots of water for you and a pet (leashed). Bring a lunch and stay all day. A must visit for anyone interested in the history of the area and how humans affected the early settled land. Take lots of photos!!

Kaitlyn Fisher

It was beautiful and the staff was so nice.

Robert Long

Nice place to go and only pay for parking

Robert Wood

This place is amazing!! Beautiful but a great example of what not to do in farming.

David Wagner

You better like hiking

maria bagrationoff

Beautiful vistas!! Different hiking levels and pet friendly. I didn't walk on the canyon floor but I will come back and do it. Make sure to bring drinks and a picnic basket.

Jessica Miller

Beautiful hiking and camping facilities

Farnaz Khoshbakht

Beautiful scene, didn't see any animals

Gregg Fischer

Amazing scenery and formations. Easy hiking and more challenging if you want.

Me Me

Been to grand canyon, but this was still was a fun SSH trip with the kids.

Michael Friedman

Really unique experience!

Tawanda Brown

Local Hidden Treasure! I grew up in Georiga and only recently discovered this little treasure. Providence Canyon is also know as the little grand canyon. This canyon was created by erosion from improper farming. It makes for a beautiful landscape and a great education on the importance of rotating crops. They have two trails you can take, one trail is the hard one that can take a day or two to hike and takes you through the woods.The other one which is the most popular one takes you through the Canyons and only takes 30mins to an hour to complete. Its great if you can go with one of the guides who will explain the history behind the canyons. There is even a part where you get to a canyon wall thats made completely of clay and if you are brave enough you are allowed to taste it. Wonderful adventure for any age group.

vicky cardoso

Beautiful place. Dog friendly too. Make sure to go down to the canyon floor and follow the trails to see the canyons up close. Warning: you're going to get dirty/muddy but it's worth it.

Sora Park

Beautiful place to hike! You can still see a lot from the top of the canyons, but definitely recommend taking the short walk down to the canyon floor. We went right after it rained a lot, and didn’t wear waterproof shoes, so got a bit muddy! There are several hikes you can do, so check out the map if you want a longer hike than just seeing the canyons!

david tate

Enjoyable hiking trails. Worth a day trip if you haven’t ever seen it. Be prepared to get wet and muddy shoes.

marcel James

Awesome place! Looks just like a canyon but with trees.. Have a lot of scenic views and a 4 hour rough terrain hiking Trail..

Loren Russell

Loved the scenic hike. Next time i am hiking inside all the fingers to see the view from the canon floors.

Doug Todd

Called Georgia's Little Grand Canyon and appropriately so. It is a marvel to see and experience. Well worth the drive. Be sure to take the rim hike and the canyon basin hike to get the full impact. Sounds like a lot of walking---and it is---but plan on arriving early, hike the basin, enjoy a picnic lunch, then hike the rim. Please stay on the trails, too. Wandering all over the place causes stress on the habitat, and getting too close to the crumbly brittle rim might cause you to get a fatal view of the bottom of the canyon! Visit the information center for a history of the canyon but be prepared for a bunch of over-imagination concerning the age of the canyon and how it was formed. Man might have contributed, but he didn't make it. And it didn't take millions of years to form. The earth isn't that old!

Scott Taylor

Great place for a hike.

medora hoopes

Beautiful hike, if its warm out wear chacos so you can hike the river bed!

Krishna Avva

Great park for hikes. Be aware you need to have water shoes or waterproof boots to hike into gulches of canyons, otherwise you'll have wet tootsies.

Melissa Dobson

So many neat things. The kids were working towards their canyon climbers badge! The views and history are so neat. The walk to the bottom is good exercise! Take plenty of water on a hot day.

Jeff Johnson

We enjoyed our time here, it's great so beautiful. We walked to the canyon floor and around the rim"The white trail" and were there for five hours. It's a good hike down and around the rim. But they put benches a spot along the trail to rest which helped to rest. The graffiti on the wall of the canyon was sad. I guess people are people. Had a great time. We took one bottle each and that was enough.

James Hodges

The hike and the scenery were great! Only thing to improve is: 1) maps should be placed at the entrance and at the info stations instead of only at the interpretive center. Although several signs indicated a visit to the interpretive center would be in order, there was no indication of where to look for it. So, 2) there should be a sign or signs directing visitors to the location of the interpretive center. (At least 2 other groups of people besides us were clueless to where the interpretive center might be.)

Terri Beavers

I didn't hold up to walk the entire place but I did go down some of the trials and the views from the top and bottom were just stunning. This is worth the time to visit. We prefer to go during the cooler months but it's gorgeous to see any time of the year if you don't mind the heat.


Georgia's own little Grand Canyon. I came here for the first time right after the rain so everything was pretty muddy. The hike isn't too difficult and walking around the canyon could be done in about 1-2 hours. It's a pretty odd area in relation to the rest of Georgia. Everything seems to be made of sand and you can find some odd colors like purple in the walls.

Margo McDaniel

Thankful for nice cool gift shop with good maps. Recommend hiking down and skipping the upper trail. Take a walking stick and water and the camera

Ryan Olson

Fantastic views, but the maps and trails could be marked a little better. Still had a great time hiking, running, and exploring.

Robin Gibbs

Beautiful views in places. Couple of nice trails, but not a lot to see if you are disabled.


The scenery will forever be changing.


Beautiful park. Be warned the parking fees are pretty high if you have a van or bus, but the canyon trail is gorgeous and definitely worth the uphill return trip.

David Mosely

Not quite what I expected, but well worth the stop, very relaxing.

Jaime Harvey

Absolutely beautiful but located in the middle of nowhere sits this gem. The views from the rim of the canyon are gorgeous and the perspective from the bottom hiking the trails are really cool. If you plan on hiking bring sturdy boots (bonus if they're waterproof) because there is water flowing in most of the canyons.

Sunmi Hirata

Love the park! Second time I've been. I highly recommend walking down from the visitor center to the canyon ground, and then walking the white trail back to the top and around.

Michael J Mintzer

4 adults of retirement age walked the trail to see the canyon - we found ourselves on the canyon floor, looking up! We hiked to #4 and #5 canyons. Very beautiful and worthwhile. The canyon floor has very shallow flowing water that can be easily avoided or forded, but don't go in rainy or a high likelihood of rainy weather. Wear relative water resistant footwear, not the mesh top type. We went on a very hot day and didn't bring water - don't make that mistake. There is also an overlook area you can stop at to look into canyons #4 and #5 from above. Both the above (photo 1) and below (photo 2) views are worthwhile. You could do this adventure in 3-4 hours; it's we'll worth it.

Guisel Marmolejo

Near Ft. Benning, fairly easy, family/friendly.

Hannah Blalock

Beautiful site. Well worth the stop!

Matt Skovgard

Nice formations to walk around and see. Easily spend 3-4 hrs here

Cheryl Monroy

Utah, is that you? Not quite but close enough.

Lil ly

So therapeutic, loved the scenery! Just prepare for mud and lots of hills (obviously) and crowds

Kristi Spencer

beautiful area, knowledgeable and friendly staff

John Kenny

Beautiful place, plan to do some walking, was abit exhaustive, but worth the day.

The Yoga Chick

Super awesome views. My husband and I visited and was very impressed. There are picnic tables, a museum, and a walking trail. At the end of the walking trail, you can hike a 3 mile or 7 mile trail. Terrain is rough so be sure to wear comfortable and safe shoes. We want to comeback when we are better dressed and so the 7 mile trail.

B Evans

My wife and I stayed at the Pioneer 1 campsite for a few nights and hiked all of the trails. It was an amazing experience, getting away from the norm. The lady in the gift shop was an absolute gem. Very friendly, personable and a pleasure to talk to. We can't wait to come back next year.

Jacob Mcdaniel

This is a very nice place to go hiking. Just a hangout cookout have a picnic. We love going there couple times a year to take pictures is beautiful in the Spring also nice in the Winter. The Priscilla these are real nice bathrooms little general store. It's quite a walk down to the bottom of the Canyon but we find it worth it. Also there's old cemetery to visit.

Jennifer Musgrove

The Canyons were amazing!! It is an incredible place to visit for kids and adults! A awesome adventure for families!!

Paul Hayes

Hot... Humid... And beautiful! I strongly encourage going here!

Lucas Cavazos

Very cool experience, very unique geography worthy of a recommendation

Nathan Parrott

Ok for location nice hike view not bad for Georgia

BobbiJo Charloux

Easy hike but can be hot. Canyon floor can get wet and muddy so good shoes are suggested. Definitely unique and worth the trip!

Kathy S.

Absolutely breathtaking to see such a site in Georgia! Love the different colors of soil. Views were amazing. History of why/how canyon was formed is interesting. Well worth the drive. Parking is $5.00, which is cheap. Bring water.

Ary Cave

Easy hikes, dogs allowed, trails marked. Better do in winter - not hot and no bugs, less crowded. Do rim and go down. Our favorites were slots 8, 4, 5.

Amanda Gillette

What a neat hidden gem! Didnt hike the trails but checked everything else out! Worth the stop & the cost!

Shay Norman

Great place for a day away. Had a fun time with family.


It was breathtaking. Loved it you can go camping there too.

Kim Long

Breathtaking terrain from above and below. Great hiking trail

Peggy Strickland

They don’t call it The Little Grand Canyon of Georgia, for nothing! It’s beautiful. It’s unique. It has wonderful walking trails, beautiful scenery, unusual geological features. The Canyon rim can be enjoyed with little physical exertion; and one can traverse more strenuous trails all the way to the bottom. For a wonderful family outing, I most heartily recommend Providence Canyon.

K. Abbott Harmon

Such a great place. We spent hours enjoying the views. The inner canyon hike is strenuous but our 6 year old handled it with no issues.

Cyn C

Beautiful and mild hike. Definitely kid friendly.

Bluei devil

We had a great day! So much fun! And it is absolutely beautiful! They have a clean restrooms and we loved the gift shop. They have cute souvenirs, hiking and camping supplies, and even food!

Austin F.

It's pretty cool. Not too strenuous, but just enough to get the heart rate going. And add a nice scenery to the mix, you've got yourself a good time!

Gregory Baldwin

Great experience. Nature showing off. Don't compare to the Grand Canyon, just let it be what it is.

Delia Rec.journey

Breath taking views. This is for hiking enthusiasts, not small children friendly (trails) playground available though.

Eric Aufdencamp

Never gets old . Love this place

Michael Penuliar

Park is a little small, but it has decent camping spots and nice views along the rim of the canyon.

Austin Bryan

Can't be nature. The trails are clean cut and no trash present. Facilities were nice. Bathrooms could have been a little cleaner and have soap.

Doug Maple

On line photos must have been taken many years ago Trees have grown up and restricts any good views. Trail to canyon floor is disappointing. If you are not in good condition dont do it. Small trees and bushes have grown up in front of the overlooks from above. Poor view of "canyon". Staff and visitor center were great

Mike Shetley

Such a great and surprising location. Based on poor farming techniques, the land erosion became a canyon in relatively quick time. The hikes are no overly tasking. The multiple views, rock designs, and colors are breathtaking. Upper rim hike is nice, but I preferred the bottom of the canyon. It can be wet and muddy in the bottom, so plan footwear accordingly.

The Travel Guy

Cute and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It was seriously around 40°C when I went in summer, and that was painful, but the customer service in the visitor’s center was kind as one would expect from the American South. Was able to snap a few pics in the oppressive heat and if one stands on one foot, squints both eyes, hops on the 1st and 3rd beats, and whistles the national anthem with open bottles of spinning Cherry Coke in either hand—it kind of reminds one of the Grand Canyon, if only in color.

Mostafizur Rahman

It’s a hidden gem surrounding by natural beauty. Here one can get the flavors of grand canyon and zion national parks in a smaller scale. It has two trails. I would recommend to take 7 miles trail. I will take 4 hours to complete. I should watch the color layers closely during walking through any trails. We enjoyed super_wolf_blood_moon_2019 from here. It was another exciting achievement. Try to camp here and being hiking boots as the trail are wet all time. Winter is the best time to visit. Less water in the trails.

Aimee Lim

We hike this place on a very hot day. But the reward is vibrant colors of the canyon. Every sweat is worth for the amazing view. Will come bqck this coming fall.


A really unique experience for sure! Definitely a must add to your bucket list as a hiker!

kaleem b

This is a weird and interesting place and worth a visit, so y three stars. Well the problem with this and most places in GA is that during summer most of the beauty hidden by overgrown and I mean OVERGROWN masses foliage. we need the President to build a Wall to stop this invasion. Literally eclipses how amazing this place is. Please DO visit, but if possible go during fall and winter.

inferno d

Wonderful place to visit in Georgia. Nice trail experience. The perimeter trail is easy one. The canyon walk is fun. Should take all the canyon trail paths to have a near view. Well maintained.

Landree Allen

I've been looking for a more advanced trail. This trial is pretty rugged, with steep inclines at some parts. It's got water running through with slippery rocks in other parts, providing an extra challenge.

Shelby Lamberton

Very pretty, enjoyed the scenery

Nathan Stanton

Fun place with interesting canyons for kids to go for a hike

Sue Nelson

Best kept secret in Georgia

Rose McNamara

Plan to take the 7-mile back country trail to see the works of local beavers, the Glory Hole, and lots of nature! (Recommended months to visit: December-February).

Alexander O'Connor

Def something you wouldn't expect to see in Georgia. A result of poor farming practices and erosion nearly a century ago. An impressive creation both man and naturally made! Absolutely beautiful and easily spent numerous hours there!

Earl Cohen

This park was quite enjoyable. It seems more like Bryce than the Grand Canyon. Worth a visit if you are in the area.

anna tubolets

I took my sister there . She loved it . She said that canyon in GA so much more attractive compare to Canyon in Arizona. I love it alot too.

Jordan Wolf

Awesome park and recommend that everyone check it out.

Tim Steele

Didn't know about this place until a friend recommended it but it is well worth the Trip

Moy Sanchez

Great place for your kids

Tisha Dixon

I'm going to visit this place really soon it's beautiful

Rachael Olmstead

Wow. Worth the stop. Beautiful. Easy to walk.

Steve Kelley

Really interesting and great for exploring. Lots of walking.


Had a great time camping and will definitely camp there again.

Alise Lennon

Amazing view and had a great time walking through the canyon! Wear shoes that you don't mind getting really dirty because the canyon floor is wet and muddy.

Nick Garuccio

Its like Bryce Canyon only here in the East. First learned about Providence Canyon a few years back watching Aerial America - Georgia on Smithsonian Channel. Reminded me of Bryce Canyon that we checked out a couple years before and immediately put it in the bucket list. It did not disappoint! Spent 5 hours exploring it and Still wish i had more time.

David Colee

Very nice park with an interesting view. Steep walled ravines with a variety of colors. The park itself is somewhat primative.

Grover Cockburn

Decent views from the top, the trail through the bottom is a waste of time.

Maryssa Block

So pretty. Great trails. Can't wait to go back

Virginia Lee

Great views. Many trails. Mostly clean park. Friendly information station staff.

Shannon Cartledge

This little gem was well worth the two hour drive it took to arrive. Providence Canyon State Park is truly one of Georgia’s Seven Wonders. Personally found the views to be breathtaking. Fun for the whole family. The history behind the canyons was also interesting to learn about. Signage is well posted throughout the park. Restroom facilities were clean. Staff and park rangers were found to be very friendly and helpful. Gift shop was quaint, however, the views and experience far superceed anything a gift shop could possibly offer. We experienced several rain showers while we visited. If anything, this made the adventure more enjoyable. Be sure to come prepared! Bottled water, waterproof shoes, lightweight clothing, and a camera are a plus! We walked the three mile trail, and also visited canyons one through five. Hands down AWESOME experience! Definitely will return.

Joe Huebner

Well worth the trip as long as you have GPS. Some confusion finding it, because GPS showed road numbers, but roads had there own names and no road number markers. Best way to enjoy, was to use the Look Out Observation points rather then the long hiking in the valley, which was good exercise. Only $5 to get in.

Rommel Castillo

Great park and very nice staff

Ali Koray

Great hiking. There are multiple trails for different experience levels. I’ve never experienced a more helpful and friendly staff at any state park I’ve been to. Whenever someone would see us walking as they passed by they would stop to make sure we were doing okay. It was really comforting. All of the trails were well marked as well. Highly recommend making a day trip here!

Richard Marlin

This is a good day trip location. It's cheap to get in, and there's plenty of ground to cover in a full day. my wife and I went so we could take some film photos for our personal portfolios. Unfortunately we didn't get to browse the entire grounds because we had a small dog with us who was limited at how far he could travel in a single run and we ran into rain halfway through, so we had to carry a wet dog lol. But the structures were great, and I look forward to going back and exploring some more.

Scott Toal

Interesting selection of a state park. The amenities at the park a ok. Definitely not much else around to visit. The canyon can easily be covered in a morning. On rainy days definitely wear some boots. Hot days bring a sweat rag and find shade. The canyon does provide some good photo ops. Also an interesting place for a wedding.

Luke Cho

Massive gullies, wet trails, sandstone textures, and vibrant colors. Make sure to wear proper footwear because your feet will get wet from the wet trails.

Rebecca Taylor

Sometimes dubbed the "Grand Canyon of the South," Providence Canyon boasts a uniquely beautiful experience in an otherwise sleepy area of GA. The Canyon itself is great, very pretty, but the park is clearly suffering a lack of upkeep. There are two trail options: 1. A more mild walk around the canyon rim and surrounding forest, and 2. A longer and more involved hike through the canyon floors themselves. Compared to other state parks, the trails were not as clearly marked, and intended scenic overlooks and paths were sometimes overgrown with obstructing foliage. Overall, despite the messy look, it's pretty enough that it's worth a visit.

Sharon Griffin

Loved this hidden jewel. Pretty hard hike. Take your own walking stick or buy a pretty one there! Time of year was nice because not too hot.

Shelia Scott

Beautiful place ,nice trails

Nanci Lamborn

Easy to see it all in a day. Wear good boots, the canyon floor carries lots of runoff water so be prepared to get a little wet and muddy. The backcountry camping is nice, not as hard a hike to get to it as it sounds, but these are primitive. It's a shame the canyon is naturally eroding away. The abandoned car graveyard was cool.

Arif Samnani

The best place to visit! I had a geology project from my school to visit this place, one of the best place I have been too. You can literally walk through the Canyon, it is good for hiking trails as well. This Canyon looks similar to Grand Canyon Arizona, this is also known as little Grand Canyon. There are so many things to do at this place. Nature's beauty at its best.

m h

If you plan to walk down to the canyon, wear shoes for mud/water. Also, I recommend trails 4 and 5 (first). The other trails are very narrow and uncleared and - not for the faint of heart. Pack water.--- Beautiful park.

Alexis W

I really like this state park. The colors of the canyon walls are pretty neat to see. The actual hike is super easy. I took this hike with a four-year-old and she was able to complete it mostly walking by herself. I would just recommend water to drink maybe a snack. It's really not that long of a walk. Most all shaded. There is a little bit of up-down but it's not that bad for an average person to hike. There are several parts where you can go off of the main trail and actually go down into the canyon walls and then they also have a Backcountry trail. You can actually see the best views without hiking at all. Directly around the playground area.The trail also has several old cars supposedly from old homesteaders.

Thomas Bonner

Lived in Georgia growing up. We visited Providence Canyon many times. It's been 35 years. Looked it up again to see what a trip here would require. Would love to visit again!

Melody Houston

Amazing!! Well worth the visit. Many people climb down into the caverns, and if I was fit, I would too. It's surreal! I am disabled, so I could only look from above, but it's breathtaking!

Alex Artsikhovsky

It is way smaller than it is advertised, but this is a good place to be and enjoy.

Daren McCurdy

As they say, it's the Grand Canyon of Georgia. A great place where you can spend a few hours or even a whole day depending on how much hiking you want to do. They have a little shop where you can pick up essential supplies before trekking down into the canyons. Of course, you may not need anything depending on how far you plan on going. Providence Canyon has multiple ways you can explore the area: 1. You can go down into the canyons themselves. 2. You can view the canyons from the top of the canyons. 3. There are two hikes that branch off from the canyons once you make your way down into the canyons. One of them is longer (I believe it's around 7 miles), and the other one is shorter (I think it's around 3 miles). All in all, there is plenty to do here. There is even a little museum attached to the shop that tells you about the area and how the canyons formed. I think this is a great day trip or even overnight excursion for people that want to camp in the canyons. I definitely recommend checking it out.

Roy Stapp

We absolutely loved the canyon!! We hiked the backcountry trail. It was very well maintained, and offered some beautiful sites of the canyon. The visitor center was great and had any of the last minute items that you might need. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this for everyone!!!

Carl Spackler

Amazing place to visit. Walking through the canyon will get your shoes wet, so dress accordingly. There is NOTHING to eat anywhere nearby. Bring a lunch or the visitors center sells some sandwiches. Amazing views. The staff is amazingly helpful and nice. Highly recommended.

Rachel Gordy

Wear hiking shoes. Bring lots of water and some snacks. Beautiful place

Janice Farley

Spectacular views of several of the canyons from the observation deck. The trail down to the river bed to go into the canyons was quite steep and my knees could not take the pressure. Friendly, helpful staff at the visitor's center.

mark fioravanti

Really a kool place to see

J. Ward

This place is one among the many gems of GA! Often referred to as the "mini grand canyon" Providence Canyon State Park is a marvel in itself. Hike along the white trial to stay atop of the canyon or make your way to the red trail to reach the very bottom of the canyon! I would highly recommend paying this state park a visit.

rusty slaton

Still waiting to have enough time to visit. Have heard from several people that have been and look forward to my chance

Kate Dixon

Wow, what a hidden gem! It's not a huge park, but man oh man is it beautiful. Perfect for exploring on a day trip, and wasn't too crowded when we went on a cloudy, chilly day in February. The history of this place is interesting, as this canyon is actually manmade! The farming techniques employed in the 19th century in this area caused severe erosion of the softer parts of the soil, leaving these gorgeous formations in their place.

Ben Campbell

Another one of the Georgia State Park gems! Excellent place to spend a nice afternoon. There are two points of view trails, one from the top and one from the bottom. The path along the top is about 3-5 miles, depending on how far around you want to go. The path along the base is about 7 miles. For those who can't walk that far, you can drive to three different areas along the top for different views. Each parking area is about 100 yards from the viewing areas. If you take the lower trail, be sure to wear substantial, waterproof shoes as it is wet most of the year. Don't let stop you, though, the views from down here are even better! The views are amazing! I would have never guessed we had formations like this in Georgia! There is also a nice little store here to purchase souvenirs and snacks. Be aware, they are renovating the restrooms near the Interpretive Center, so there may be a line for the single family room. There are additional restrooms about halfway around the top trail. Parking can also be difficult during nice weekend or holiday days.

Amy Donnatucci

The drive to this place is beautiful! 5.oo to get in, 3.75 for military. Beautiful sites!!! Don't forget to go down into the canyon, the best trail is about 7 miles. Wear good shoes, take water and snacks. Bug spray and sunscreen too! There's a playground also! Picnic area and campground!

Arun Ravi

Very good place. Must see as its affordable compared to the original Grand canyon

Jessica fluharty

Beautiful park! I explored the 9 canyons and decided to take the red blaze trail. The trail is 7 mi (4hrs) of strenuous hiking aka lots of steep hills. I recommend wearing good shoes, bringing plenty of water and a snack. I underestimated the trail warnings and got my butt kicked. Will totally return...its a standard park fee of $5

Ethan Smith

I've never seen the real Grand Canyon. But this was awesome. Ready for starting out hiking to more extreme

Talal Zraik

Providence Canyon is unintentionally man made canyon in south Georgia. Some call it the small Grand Canyon of Georgia though given the green trees/plantation in bottom of Canyon it is closer to Zion Canyon. You can walk a trail or drive along top rim of the canyon with parking areas next to observation decks. Or you can walk down a trail to the bottom and explore the five individual canyon. The view from the bottom are nicer. Beware you may have to walk in water, tough not deep water but consider bringing waterproof shoes. Like most Georgia State Parks there is a parking fee of $5 per car unless you have a yearly pass.


Beautiful view very small area tho but still nice

Belinda Ross

Approximately 240 km from Atlanta in the US state of Georgia, there is a network of gorges and massive ravines, kindly called the “little Grand Canyon” of Georgia. It belongs to one of the seven wonders of the state, but the canyon is different from all the others: the fact is that these impressive gorges are not a natural formation. For several million years the river did not flow along it, the waters of which slowly but surely made their way through the stony soil, forming strange ravines. The canyon appeared due to poor farming in a very short time: less than a century. The walls of the canyon are painted in different colors. And each of these colored layers can tell about its history and how the local lands were formed. Here you can see the yellow and purple, red, black layer.

Maritza Magallanes

Great hike! Don't wear white!

Nick Garuccio Photography & Videography

Such a wonderful setting. Wife and I throughly enjoyed. Wish we lived closer.

Joseph Scott

Was here a long time ago when I was a kid and supposedly hiked down into the canyon. This trip just passing through nearby and stopped for quick look. Didn't hike because temp was in upper 90's but nonetheless interesting formation especially in Georgia.

J Renee

Beautiful hidden gem on Lumpkin GA!!!bring your hiking boots and hit the trails and afterwards have a nice picnic. Ideal for kids, teens, couples and those in good health!! Don't forget the camera

Lukas Mathis

Own little Grand Canyon in Georgia

Clifford Peters

Not only is it beautiful but it is a great place to go to reconnect with God and your spouse. I would definitely come back again.

E. Smith

The park closes at 6 p.m. and it seems to be a very hard 6 p.m. There are signs everywhere saying if you're late you could be fined or arrested. The gate also locks at 6. The trails are easy and nearly impossible to get lost on. I'd say show up by 1200 to get the most out of your day there and visit all of the canyons without having to worry about running out of time. The views are very unique for the area, reminiscent of Zion valley in Utah.

Samantha Harvey

Absolutely beautiful. A must see for travelor and site seers. Never would have thought a place like this would be in Georgia!

Eliza Rabe

Amazing State Park! Everyone was very friendly and helpful! Highly recommend this park!

Nancy Wallace

Great place. We really enjoyed it

Nick Barnett

Easily one of the most beautiful places I've been to and I've been to many.

Vitalina Zaimenko

Enjoyed hike at this park! Make sure to wear waterproof boots or sandals. Trails are pretty good, but climbing canyons is a bit challenging. Amazing views!

Down The Road with Brian Mallard

Providence Canyon State Park is a great way to spend a day! The hiking is really awesome but bring trail snacks and water

Kelly Snow

Awesome views, hiking trails can be chosen for the amount of time you want to spend. There is a gift shop at the top of the trail with an outdoor water tap to refill water bottles. Amazing plants hanging on the walls of the canyon, on the artistic background of the erosion of the soil layers.

Gary Robinson

Another great GA St Park it’s clean parking is tight at times picnic tables and restrooms in the park,hiking trails around the canyon with several stations for an overlook. The park office has a museum sort of with info on the park and the wildlife found in the area. Park staff are friendly and ready to help.


This is got to be one of the coolest canyons that many people do not know about exists on the Eastern side of the United States. Brightly colored in orange, white and red soil. The entire environment has spectacular views from on top of each canyon ridge line. Take a hike into each of the small canyons, and then back up to the top through the forest where old rusted abandoned cars and pickup trucks abound with trees growing through them. I highly recommend seeing this park! A gorgeous place to take pictures as well!

Opal Williams

Beautiful place.

Erica Strickland

A must see! We took a weekend trip here and walked all down in the canyons! Wear some good walking shoes!

Quinton Brown

Very beautiful place. I hope to return! Parking is cheap, however they could use more signs to show the best spots for views

Carlos Rodriguez

Georgia's Canyon is beautiful, a great place to hike/walk and see something completely different. Go with comfortable/good traction shoes that can be stained with the red clay, as sometimes paths are sometimes humid. The kids love the adventure factor, make sure to hydrate. Areas for picnic.


Great place for hiking. Make sure to bring boots, because if it rained within a week prior to you coming, there will be small creeks running in the canyons

Amitra Stone

Beautiful and scenic but they could give better directions to the bottom of the canyon

Jack Grubb

Beautiful landscape. Park was very clean and convenient to find.

Michael Hendrix

Amazing views . When they say little grand canyon , they hit the nail on the head. Def wear boots because bottom trails can get and stay wet

Joshua King

Beautiful! Trails are very easy to navigate. Park is very clean.

James Kendall

Went for a nice little walk today around their 3 mile trail. Great views and some decent hills and trails. I really enjoyed walking through the canyon itself. Dog friendly and has some good picnic areas. The only thing that was kinda wonky was parking. There is a 5 dollar parking fee with a discount if you are active military.

Christina Herzog

Beautiful park. We enjoyed the trails too. My children ages 2-11 were all able to hike in most places.

Val Ortiz

It was my fourth time visiting this park and it was beautiful as usual

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