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2700 North Suwannee Canal Rd, Folkston, GA 31537, United States

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Where is Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge?

REVIEWS OF Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge IN Georgia

Keith Josephson

Great wilderness! On Friday, in March saw very few other people - after 1st hour saw more alligators than people!

Sam Sam

I am seeing okefenokee adventure main office my boat tour starts at 1.45 so waiting and excitement. It's my dream to see this place I saw on TV in 1992 while back home India didn't know where this place is found it four five years back on internet and plan to see it.. Finally I am here.

Doug Bomeisler

Canoeing, camping, fishing, nature viewing, photography, stargazing, you can do it all here. One of the most breathtakingly beautiful places I've ever visited.

Sligh Collins

Overall I must say that visiting the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge was an amazing experience. The observation tower at the boardwalk was great but my favorite was the Chesser Island Homestead.

Florida Native

Beautiful wildlife refuge. Many plants and animal life. Raccoons, deer, turtles, birds and more. Mile sand miles of forest! Beautiful place.

Terry Will

Very nice way to spend a day. Took the train and boat ride. Both guides were very friendly and well informed. A lot of knowledge can be obtained here. Wear comfortable shoes and bring a drink.

Kenneth Benjamin Yoder

It's a very nice place, you can go on boat

Bunnie Smith

One of my favorite places on Earth!!


This is such an amazing place and I cannot recommend it enough! Natural swamp habitat with alligators, turtles and a huge number of birds and other wildlife. I took the boat trip out and it was worth it to get a close up view of the …

IJR Racing

A great and fun camping experience. Very quiet, not a lot of people, friendly staff, great hiking trails, and a great nature preserve. You can definitely feel close to Nature here. Definitely worth the drive.

Michael Spilker

Very good place to visit and learn about nature. See some live gators as well as many other wildlife just running free.

Roxanne Carey

Beautiful! And the staff is super kind and helpful. Unfortunately, even DEET bug repellent didn't save me from the yellow flies

Farfum Ladroma

Neat place to learn about the natural landscape of Southern Georgia. Located outside of Folkston is the main visitors center. A tour operator is available for boat ride tours into the canals, swamp, Marsh area. Hiking trails are plenty and saw a few folks exploring the trails on bike. The visitors center had plenty of interactive things for the young and old. There is a small theatre to learn about the refuge. On our drive we did see a couple of alligators on the side of the road which was really neat so just be vigilant and not let the young kids to just wander off without an adult. Surprisingly not a lot of mosquitoes. Worth the visit if you like the outdoors.

Bulent Basaran

This is a must see national park! You'll be off the grid (no cell phone, no internet) and you'll be glad for the detox! The rich visual perceptions (alligators, deer, birds, cypress trees, the black water rivers, ...) will make up much more than what you let go.. The cottages fill quickly so, reserve months in advance especially for the popular long weekends..

Kamila Sarman Porter

My husband and I did the guided boat tour. Steve, our tour guide, is the sweetest and the most knowledgeable guide ever! The tour lasted over an hour or more and it was really fun! We saw many alligators (they're all very shy and pretended not to see us or swam away immediately) and learned lots of interesting facts about the area (the islands within the swamp used to be inhabited by number of families while ago!). Highly recommend!

Tamala Dobbins

Recommend the swamp boat trips. Guide was very knowledgeable n interesting. The refuge is a great place to learn n see the alligators n other swamp life in their native habitat.

Carole Traynham

Very pleasant visit. Staff were kind and helpful. Saw some alligators,including one Momma watching over two baby gators in a pond close to the road. Visited the old original homestead, and we're treated to a talk on the history of the pioneer Chesser family. A lovely experience!

Marc Beechuk

Beautiful, remote and full of gators

Carol Robbins

If you enjoy nature and being outdoors, this is a gem! We were nearly alone. No crowds!

Evangelist Jennifer Gibbs

The attraction is limited now, before the firer.

Don Abrahamsen

Great place to camp. Lots of alligators. Quiet and peaceful!

April Claxton

The bugs are always bad, but it's still fun

Susanne Meeson

Absolutely amazing! Been here twice now, with the same guide, a 7th generation swamper. If you ask questions, the man can tell you so much! It's beautiful, and you'll see a lot of wildlife! Will go back again for sure!

Corey Mullins

There was no swamp it's way over grown just long hot walk through bushes nothing to see but deer flies eating you alive

mike smith

Wonderful place to explore creation. Overnight paddling is tough but rewarding. (Don't believe anyone that tells you there is no current...)

Mindy Devine

Bjorn and raised in the swamp here in Clinch County & still ain't used to the mosquitoes lol! Better bring your bug spray ladies & gents! And leave the big alligators alone LOL

Bob Cariola

This place is a fun, beach type seafood restaurant with great food selections and good prices. Located around the corner from the waterfront.

Meagan Carter

Had the time of my life with my mom at the pictures education day

Kenny Cox

Awsome catch fish and seen gators deer and Turkey

Carl Howell

Great place to visit God's creation up close and personal. Good place to get in a nature walk, see birds ans some small animals.

Erin Way

Many different gorgeous views and lots of wildlife. Probably saw 20 gators and our tour guide was passionate and knowledgeable. Loved it :)

Laura Williams

This is a beautiful natural park. There are lots of picnic tables under pavilions and trees for shade. Lots of gators to see. The boat ride was fun and educational.

winningbythegraceofgod pfeiffer

Very well cared for beautiful landscaper. Nice restaurant and gift shop. Boat rides and trails.

Joely Stano

The boat tour, with Gordon Saager, was beautiful and informative. My kids loved hearing all about life for the animals on the swamp. All of the volunteers were knowledgeable and friendly.

Hunter Martin

I had such a nice experience when visiting here. This was my first time visiting this Wildlife Refuge, and I would go back again. Many areas to explore and different things to see at each entrance. The staff was very courteous and gave very knowledgeable information about the different trails there were to offer.

Lisa Harris

Love this place! The boat rides are so much fun! The staff is always knowledgeable & friendly and the views are incredible. Any time we have out of town friends or family here, we take them to the Center and no one has ever been disappointed!

gail Whissen

Love to go there just to watch the gators

Katlyn E McGraw

Gorgeous swamp national park. Get on the water to see the swamp! Cayak, canoe, or motorized john boat!


We had a wonderful time meeting new people while building bat houses, going on a night time boat tour, and kayaking. Something about this place brought out the best in people. The prices were reasonable too. I was able to enjoy some real …

Terry Louden

Canal trip ok but not great. However tour guide very good.

scott Benson

So honestly i had pretty high expectations visiting this park. I had the intention of camping at a campsite within the swamp. Which i paid for any everything l, rented canoes. We got at the park super early. We were the only ones who rented …


If you visit, try to rent out their motor boats for the day. We saw most of their waterways on the boat and so many alligators that we stopped counting. If your short on time, this method allows you to see much more and take people who …

John Lippert

Awesome time in the swamp! Gatortasic, great day on the water


Beautiful Nationalpark. Landscape and animals are amazing. Canoo-Tour with Okefenokee adventures was pretty much of a nice adventure. But watch out: The alligators gonna be pretty close to your canoo. ;-)

Joe Johns

Always an enjoyable time here.....

Christopher Lesher

Just visiting with my family. Offers more amenities than I was expecting for a wildlife refuge. Friendly staff, clean bathrooms. Beautiful scenery and a couple of nice holes that we did.

Dallas Bush

I have fun every time I'm here

Bill Koplitz

This a great place to visit and get back in touch with nature.

Dawn Edsall

Hiking, biking, trails, birdwatching, beautiful scenery, rent canoes, motorized boat tours, informative guides a great way to spend the day. Many photo opportunities.

Leslie R. Ramey

Hot and Buggy ... We'll try to visit during a different time of year .

Amber Thornton

Lots of fun checking out all the wildlife!

Chris Shaw

Southeastern US at it's best! Great nature trails as well as perfect water to kayak, fish, photograph, or just take a tour.

Eugenie Robitaille

Wonderful. The drive is about 7 miles in total but in reality it is about 3.5 going and 3.5 coming back. Try the boat tour for less than 21 $ per person. You get a Great visit guide on the waters with information about the park. Chip is …

Simon Keplinger

A great place for hiking our animal watching beautiful landscapes

Jeff Lesher

Well kept, family and military friendly! Great places to walk, bike, and take boat tours or kayak. Several wheel chair accessible walks as well.

Victoria Ivey

Awesome time riding the boats with the aligators.... we saw almost 30+ gators this trip. So much fun!!

C Wallace

It's a swamp, if you love swamps, this is your go-to swamp. If you like mountain region national parks, this is not your go-to nature place to visit. You will find it underwhelming, smelly and bordering on moldy gross.

Matt Mansell

This is a great place to see a alligator in the wild.

Susan Crabtree

It's a beautiful place to see and be close to Nature except for the mosquitoes I had a great time

patricia Hansen

Staff was very informative and engaging. She offered our preteen a scavenger hunt to encourage his curiosity. It was a cold misty day so we were not expecting to see much wildlife. We spotted a gator from the observation tower at the end of the boardwalk. You can just make out the life of his back in my first photo.

Diane Campion

A very interesting place. Saw alligators, geckos and birds. I'm sure if it was a warmer day I would have seen more. I'll be going back to check.


So much fun. We paddled canal run and Floyd's Island over 2 nights. Unforgettable!

Chris Tobin

Absolutely gorgeous place to visit. One of my favorite places in the world. A bit out of the way to get to but worth it. They offer boat/gator tours of the swamp but without the tourist trap vibe. It is run by DCR so it is not privately …

T Moran

We love the okefenoke, so peaceful and great star gazing

Dennis Heggenstaller

Plan on a couple of days instead of a couple of hours like we did. Definitely want to go back in the future.

Lisa Echols

Gators, gators, gators! And turtles, birds, raccoons, possums and more. Also Cypress trees and carnivorous plants! Just an amazing place to explore.

Davis Gardner

Great place to take the family.

Gilbert Ellis Jr

Have always loved getting out to the Swamp and enjoy the nature it has to offer.

Steve Troletti

Great wildlife refuge with a small wildlife drive that leads to a 3/4 mile passerelle through the wetlands up to an observation tower. The real attraction is the swamp accessible by kayak and canoe or by taking a guided boat tour. I suggest taking the boat tour before venturing out on your own with a kayak.

Denise Mears

Nice place to visit

Susan O'Brien

What a unique and wonderful natural landscape. Take the boat ride through the swamp - you are sure to see alligators, turtles and great white egrets. We were lucky and saw red shouldered hawk and an American bitten up close

Don Kauffman

This was amazing. I only saw 2 smaller alligators because it was cooler on the day I visited, but still really enjoyed the experience of kayaking through the swamp.

Robert Ball

Stunning, beautiful and unforgiving swamp lands. You are the visitor and even when you think you are alone, millions of eyes are watching you.

Tamara G

Beautiful and amazing will be going back

Bobby Harris

Great place and I highly recommend the boat tour

MyroSlava Strembetska

Probably the best park I've ever been to. A lot of gators, turtles and birds. Highly recommended

Fay McCarty

It's amazing

Jonathan Arnold

Beautiful area. Great for viewing gators.

Bob Weant

The best place ever. Great food. U get more then enough for the money. I had enough for leftovers. Friendly atmosphere...great service. I would take my friends friends there. Muy Grande.

James Betts

Very natural setting, almost guaranteed to see a gator or two

Richard Heydenberk

Great experience, and wonderful people to help. We saw alligators, snakes and turtles. Well worth the trip.

Mick Shea

The Okefenokee is a national treasure, a beautiful swamp teeming with wildlife and cypress trees and pines and fauna of every ilk. At a minimum hike the boardwalk at the Stephen C. Foster trading post. You can take a ranger led tour on a skiff to get a taste into the swamp, or you can rent a canoe or powerboat to explore on your own.

Vickie Bell

It was great. Jen gave us the best tour. She was very knowledgeable.

James Tetzlaf

Beautiful scenic area with a variety of wild life and birds.

Scott Annis

Rent a canoe or kayak and get an up close unguided experience with wildlife! It was a once in a lifetime experience paddling past gators and heading to the pontoon dock for a picnic with gorgeous views. Tons of birds, turtles, and gators.

Holly Ann

Beautiful and peaceful place to enjoy nature and see some alligators.

Rob Isenbuegel

had a great boat tour here in 2016 very nice people, always helpful and ready to explain all things you might wanna know.

Paul Krumbach

It might actually be a 5, but it has been so dry there were no swamps. We will come again when it has rained for an extended time.

Jamie Martell

Amazing experience! Is would recommend this trip to everyone! Definitely go early spring, we went beginning of april and had the best weather

Heidi Jensen

This place was amazing! We saw so much wildlife and had so much fun exploring! Everyone was really nice and very helpful as well. I love the lore and the local stories about the area too.

KJ Walsh

Beautiful area. Well taken care of, informative guides. Would recommend to anyone.

Wesley Jackson

Had a wonderful time. Great if you like canoeing and kayaking and they rent them both here. If your not into that they also rent motor boats and have a tour a few times a day.

Stephanie Gerdes

Awesome experience. Knowledgeable guides, very thorough tour.

Matt Smith

We enjoyed the hike to the tower. The lodge was nice and it offers a simple way to get on a boat or canoe.

Jeff So

This is a good place to stop by while traveling through as it is a just a short detour. Do the 90 min boat tour. It's a bit pricey for a family of 4 (I believe adults are $20 - family of 4 is close to $80). We saw a couple of owls and some …

Ronald Walker

Knowledgeable guide great way to spend a morning.

Helen Rebernik

One of my favorite places in the south! Could spend an entire week here and have a blast doing it. The wildlife and nature is so wonderful, i have never been let down when we come through. We usually spend a day or two in the Okefenokee and when we are leaving we are always let down that we didn't just plan a trip to camp for an entire week. An actual trip to the swamp is very much needed, you will not be disappointed!

Steve Evans

Awesome, perfect location for wildlife viewing, hiking, star gazing, kayaking, boating.

Timothy Arsenault

If your in this part of georgia, I'd recommend visiting this place. The natural beauty is amazing. Truly a wonderful experience.

Cynthia Barber

Great place to take your children and grandchildren. Many interesting exhibits about local history.

Brian Jimmieson

The campground is excellent. The boat tour with a park ranger was excellent and the next day we rented a boat to do our own exploring which we thoroughly enjoyed as well.

Beverly Hayes

Always love going to the Okefenokee Swamp! We caught 30 fish, saw too many deer & alligators to count! Spotted a Bald Eagle and several Swallow-tailed Kites!

Chris Miller

All I can say about this place is its so beautiful. I learned a lot during my visit and you will not be disappointed.

Jeannie Rayl

Enjoyed the boat ride thru the swamp. Great place to spend a day

Betty Carter

Everyone should visit our beautiful swamp park if traveling through or if you live here.It's really serene, peaceful and educational.

steve edwards

Ecological wonderland. Guides were wonderful and VERY informative and conscious of our ecological challenges in America and especially in Georgia.

James Newvine

A national wonder, beautiful and prestine.

luv life

Beautiful! Love nature! Bring bug spray. And its hot don't forget this time of year

Tim Carpenter

An experience for the whole family that is worth the trip to a wilderness. Great visitor center... pioneer home and a boardwalk out to a tower.

Ivan Bilych

Great place to see some alligators. There are a lot of them there.


A wonderful National swamp in the lower section of Southeast Georgia. Photographic opportunities abound on your drive to the main park with plenty of picnic any point along the drive, you can get out and stretch your legs and admire the scenery around you. Highly recommend!


One of nature’s true gems! Had a blast kayaking the trails, enjoying the wildlife, peace and serenity all day long. Saw hundreds of gators, fish, herons, egrets, turtles and even a red shoulder hawk feeding her young. Don’t miss the gift shop either. Check this place out. You will have a lifetime of memories!

Gopal Raval

The Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1937 as a "refuge and breeding ground for migratory birds and other wildlife". The Okefenokee is like no other place on earth, where natural beauty and wilderness prevail. The …

Miranda Sophia

Words cant describe how beautiful and magical this place is! My only regret is not bringing my camping gear! From the Spanish moss, gators, turtles frogs and owls, all the sounds of the Okefenokee is beautiful. Okefenokee Adventures is a top notch concessionaire. The boat tour was a great price. $20 for 90 mins and our guide was amazing. I wish I had caught his name. He was super knowledgable and I learned so much on the tour!

Rita Sanders

Beautiful park, ton of trees, nice RV sites. You can totally unplug since very limited cell service is available.

Ashley Malone

What an amazing place of unspoiled nature. If you ever wondered how the planet would look with limited human involvement this is it. Charlie, my boat tour guide, was awesome. A resident of the area, he has expert knowledge of folklore, local culture and swamp creature habits. His personality and natural ability to converse 90+ mins made my tour breeze by. The weather was good and I wasn't plagued by inspects treating my body like a buffet. Wildlife is allowed to roam free so be aware of your surroundings.

Sam Brasser

Very beautiful swamp. Definiteoy take the sunset boat ride, you will see many gators! Don't forget your torch, their eyes light up!

Adrynne Muir

If you have the time, it has potential, but it can best be seen by boat. We missed the last guided tour (at 2 pm) so we took a few hikes which were interesting but wished they had published the tour times. The information on the boards outside was good, the gift shop did not have photos in color only drawings or black and white photos. Looked like it would be excellent for fishing.

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