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300 N Bond St, Plains, GA 31780, United States

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Where is Jimmy Carter National Historic Site?

REVIEWS OF Jimmy Carter National Historic Site IN Georgia

Clyde Sandford

Great spot to catch up on history of President Jimmy Carter. An additional tip is that they just added three totally unique stamps for the three spots within this National History Site. Don't forget to visit both the Depot and Boyhood farm in addition to the High School! Stamps were added merely two days ago!

sandra young

Amazing place! We were fortunate to be led by President Jimmy Carter's niece and drive by his current home and future resting place. It's a pretty awesome experience! The little town of Plains, his home he lived in when he and his wife were first married, the hospital where he was born! All historic and beyond fascinating. We also got to see the church where President Carter teaches Sunday school. What a wonderful man and family!

Thomas Williams

how comfortable they made u feel

Daniel Stanley

I thought it was the best. As soon as we stopped at the welcome station on Hwy 280 coming into Plains. I forgot the lady’s name,but she told us all about Plains and other sights to see while in GA. When we entered the Carter’s national historic site in the school house we were warmly greeted also. It was so nice seeing all the different photos and different rooms and to top it off with a documentary of President Jimmy through hi year growing up. The only thing I couldn’t get gas at Billy’s gas station.

Mary Farmer

Memories of Jimmie Carter and the good old days that sometimes weren't so good. This is a very interesting historical place. we loved it.

sheila williams

Very pleasant trip I enjoyed viewing history

Tim Yuknavich

Hype-free learning about a remarkably great man, our 39th president.

Sharon Simonetti

This is a must-see! A president was nurtured and encouraged here. You can almost feel it. Nine year old that had no idea who Jimmy Carter was, learned about President Carter to become a National Park Junior Ranger, sat at the President's desk and loved it. Future President???

Shawn Attison

The students lunch at The Silo and learning about the boy Jimmy Carter.

Renato Herrera

Great place to visit. Give them a visit, you won't regret it.

Esnoahater Acosta

Had a great time .people were so friendly and loved the Peanut butter icecream

Deborah Allen

A really nice place to visit

Joel C

We first arrived at the school where Jimmy Carter attended during his childhood. The school now serves as a museum with all sorts of historical memorabilia. It is a short drive to find his childhood home, don't forget to get your passport stamped at this location too. In town you can find the campaign headquarters at the train station. Very small town full of history.

Heather Bailey

Love the train rain to plains

Brenda Maddox

It was very interesting to see all the history about President Retired Jimmy Carter.

Lee Brown

Loved the place. The shower was very interesting. It was a pail with holes drilled in it. Thank God for our modern convinces.

Allyson Dennard

This is one of my favorite places to visit. We try to visit at least once a year or more.

Jim Osterman

Worth the drive from Atlanta. Learned a lot -- I only thought I knew this president. Really give a great picture of this man's humble past. Kids wanting interactive will be disappointed so maybe let them get older before bringing.

Tim Buckley

It's a wonderful little town where you feel like you've stepped back in time back to 1976. There was even a pay phone attached to telephone pole but sadly it didn't work. I still checked it for change and those of you old enough to know what I'm talking about will get it. We had a really nice time there, it's a Tiny Town but lovely. President Carter still teaches a Sunday school class there a couple of times a month and they post his schedule on most of the doors of the businesses.

Tamekka G

This was a nice experience. I wouldn't recommend doing it on a hot day.

Rebecca Hoerr

Very informative.


A good place to learn about the Jimmy Carter presidency.

Phyllis Ciavaglia

Very interesting, seeing the roots of one of our presidents.

Ryan Olson

Wonderful experience, the staff is knowledgeable and the grounds were well maintained. There was a youth group doing a summer project at the farm; that is what we should see more of in our National Parks.

Lorene Hennigan

Great place for history trip

K Moore

I found this venture fascinating. Such a small town! Yet it was awesome to be able to step back in history and relive that era. The school, the boyhood home/farm, and the depot led us on a trail through history.

J. Scott Key

Such a fun day!

Brian Kientz

Even though the sights to see are few, the feeling of patriotism is evident from both the Carters and the town. If you have never been to this town you have to go no matter your political views. Even though Jimmy and Rosalyn are in their 90's they are still very active with public service in Habitat for Humanity, and Jimmy still teaches Sunday School on a regular basis.

Ellen Watford

Way cool. We got to your his old high school. Lots of memorabilia from the school, and Jimmy &Rosalyn Carter's life. Has a replica of his presidential desk and a bronz copy of his Nobel Peace Prize. Totally free to tour. Nice gift shop.

Doug Yarn

My first visit to a presidential campaign site. And the trip to this region of the country will be remembered as one of the most beautiful pre fall visits.

Jessica L

Plains, GA is very quaint and welcoming. Great place to visit! Would go back again. Great eateries. The park is very cool.

Christopher Hiatt

Really neat place. Very informative and humbling. Enjoyed hearing recordings of President Jimmy Carter narrating some of the displays as you toured his home.

Meagan Dykes

This was a fun, cheap stop on our road trip. It’s so cool that you can just drive by President Carter’s house and the host at the museum told us stories about how President Carter just casually walks around town often. It is a very small town with only a small amount of residents. He has lived in the same home since the 50s and it’s quite modest. I don’t believe you could have this experience in any other president’s home town.

James Collins

I knew some facts about Jimmy Carter's term as POTUS, but this visit helped me appreciate what he accomplished during his four years in office and what he and Rosalyn Carter have done in the decades since he completed his term. I think their work will be more appreciated with the passage of time. Recommended. Note that this is in Plains, GA, but the Carter Pres Library is in Atlanta.

Doug Dumas

Awesome restaurants and food prices were great. Very friendly people

Mattie Hickey

Loved it everyone should visit our president home town.

patti howell

The high school contains a wealth of information about the life and works of President Carter. There are displays of interest to the historian, scientist, and activist that live within you!

Larry Taylor

Very interesting displays and lots of history presented in an easy to understand format.

Reggie Hooks

Love my Hometown

Beth Muskopf

this was an interesting visit. It is a good look at the highlights of Jimmy Carter's life and his ability to find ever more ways to work for the good of humankind. He and Rosalyn seem to live a humble, dedicated life without boasting. Plains, GA is just a small town but now has a big heart.

Laila Clements

Great to see the childhood home of the Georgian president! Good history lesson for adults and kids


You gotta really be into Jimmy Carter and his history to enjoy the experience of Plains.


It was goooooood

Joel Phillips

What a wonderful time. If you want to experience small town America this is the place to visit.

Rajeev Saxena

We had a great visit. The young lady on duty was very polite, knowledgeable, and helpful. We recommend a visit to Plains especially with a stop at this museum.


A lot of history here! I have family that came down south from up North. They really got fascinated with little shops, terrific ice cream shop! Friendly people. Lots of antique shops. We will definitely all come back.

Ben Kov

Great hostory of 39th president

Marti R

It's a great way to walking through history. Recommend all families to experience it.

Lester McNeely

This is really well done. It's great to see the humble beginnings of such a great man.

Karen Hale

Very clean kept up .learn a lot.they have different things going on so check them out loved the syrup making And even the rangers have knowledge so ask questions. Love our Plains.

Vivian Lee

Lots of documents reflective of former President Jimmy Carter

Brandon Williams

Loved going to this site ! It’s in a really pretty town and there is so much you can learn about this down to earth president. It’s also not very far from Andersonville so you could hit both of them in half a day and then continue where you are going to ! One of my favorite presidential sites in America tho !

Renee Burk

Very interesting! The people of Plains were so friendly!! We thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

Rebecca Durkee

President Carter was one of America's most honest President's. Visiting his historical sites was an honor.

Becky Wyble

We drove past and saw this. We stopped by and really enjoyed the museum.

Roger Pickenpaugh

Extremely informative. Very knowledgeable staff. A wonderful experience

Karen Adams

Lots of history here. Really enjoyed it.

Kevin Feltner

I was expecting more interactive exhibits, but I still had a great time. Be sure to check out Cater’s boyhood home, too.

Michael Strom

The friendliest ex president visits here on a regular basis. Staff and displays were great.

Dave Snodgrass

A very interesting insight into the formative environment of a man who became the President of the United States. The exhibits we're informative but still unobtrusive, everyone in our small group seemed to have found multiple areas of interest. Because most of the displays are outdoors, visiting under favorable weather would be a good idea. Overall well worth the visit

Diane Steele

Quaint..historicly preserved..Take the train if possible

kevin lutterman

Lillian Carter nursing home is where my father's at and everyone was nice and my dad was doing good and looking better because of the care that he was and is getting there

Andrew Owens

Great place to visit

Angela Szpak

Wonderful place with amazing volunteers

Tony Higgins

Great city to visit.

Laurie Tottey

Very nice place to learn about Mr. Jimmy's whole life. Lots of Information. Staff is great. and very informative and helpful.

Gail Flowers

I love the history and boyhood of Jimmy Carter and his family and how he had to work as he was growing parents and when we first moved to georgia took a trip to this place and we were amazed how they used the mule for cane syrup.i would recommend Jimmy Carter history place to anybody who visit planes georgia they will enjoy it.

Chris Mahoney

Not as nice as many of the other historic sites I have visited, but well worth the trip. I learned a lot from my visit.

Linda Hyre

We visited here on the Sam"s Shortline Train Ride Excursion

Doug Wilhite

It was closed due to the government shutdown or would get 5 stars. The Cats that served as guides during the shutdown were welcoming and really knew the history of the place. Highly recommend...

Lisa Hinton

My daughter's 2nd grade class went on a field trip to the Carter farm and it was very educational and lots of fun

Kevin Bowers

Had a great time on school field trip!

Kathy Lowery

Nice they have preserved this...learned a lot ...enjoyed it very much...glad I went...

Glenn Bauer

Very nice place that represents Jimmy Carter's humble beginnings.

Chris Broestler

Love this place!!! So much history!!

Anjelica Timms

Full of information about the Carter family, administration and hometown. Lots of local GA flavor. Be sure to visit the local restaurants and shops. Southern hospitality is prominent here.

Amanda Bedford-Hicks

The man is a living legend. His library is so informative. I recommend this place if u love learning about history and just about a man who fought for the right things.

Paulette McCarthy

So nice. Well maintained. The whole area is nice. The people are nice.

Jan Sullivan

You should visit it.

Demetra Williams

Great small town. Very nice atmosphere.

Sharon Browder

Great visit. Learned a lot of interesting information about the Carter family, campaign history and present day projects. Staff very helpful.

Mark Knowlton

While not a fan of President Carter, the center is informative about a fellow Christian who has done more in his post presidential life than as an elected official. The many different displays around Plains GA take the average visitor a whole day to observe so come early and stay late.

Caroline Fielding

Highly recommend it. History lessons and a reminder of how much Presdident Carter has accomplished. Don't let politics keep you away.

Sarah Whedbee

Great history free national park wonderful piece of history.

Sharon Ashcraft

I love the place it was my first time there

Laura Williams

My sisters and I enjoyed our visit to this quaint little town

Old School

It gives you a good feeling when you visit here. It makes you feel like you know the former president

Monkey Pig

Very well maintain. Very informative. His presidency may not be the greatest. But he and his wife certainly helped humanity after the presidency.


Went there for an awards ceremony for our granddaughter. Nice town, friendly towns people. Enjoyed ourselves.

Cecilee Shull

Such an unexpected pleasure! Wasn’t sure if this was the spot but definitely worth the time. This school has been painstakingly restored. So many displays to browse and learn from. Worth the drive and journey through the backroads of Georgia.

Jen Brown

Drove through the area on the way to Atlanta with our 7 year old. Wasn't sure what to expect from the historic site, but we were pleasantly surprised. Our daughter was able to earn a Jr. Ranger badge while there as well. We all learned more about our 39th President during our visit. Be sure to take a couple minutes to visit the playground and use the teeter totters. Happy belated birthday President Carter!

Gregory Stiller

I was fasinated with Peanut Carters place. Been to Plains many times before. The Rangers were helpful and courteous. Most enjoyable day seeing all the memorable items. Had a great visit.

Full of Grace

This is one of my most favorite places in the world.

Albert Conner

Great place to take the kids to lean and see history at first hand . And also see Mr Carter birth places.

Sunghoon Kim

Great place. Learn and remembering the ex president's personality and a lifestyle. One of the most honorable president of the United States.

Michelle Costigan

Didn't know much about Jimmy Carter and his family like I do now. It was a very nice NHS put together nicely. Plus he still lives where there, now cool is that!!

chris collier

Plains is a wonderful day trip to explore and learn about President Carter! The Peanut Butter Ice Cream is a must!

Amy Donnatucci

Full of amazing history and candid photos. Lots of memorobelia to see!

Camden Harris

It’s pretty hot and there really isn’t a good place to get some shade. There are also lots of Mosquitoes.

Brine Gillikin

I enjoyed the trip and learned much about this former president... I was amazed that through his path in life he became president from a farmer.... It seems he hit the mark at the right place each time. It proves that everything in life will be ordained by God and only then, we choose how we use our time given to us by God...

Fred Pucylowski

Second time there and I suggest you go. It's no different than many other small GA farming communities except for the fact that one of its residents rose up to attend the Navel Academy, subsequently rose to the presidency of our country and returned to his humble beginnings after leaving the White House. You'll captivated by living exhibits like his boyhood home, his campaign headquarters in a simple railroad freight building and the beauty of a small, warm, nondescript community that fathered a world leader! Oh yea. Dont forget yo stop be his father's former business headquarters for some peanut butter ice cream cause it's yummy.

Judy Jackson

Very interesting walking tour of the grounds around his boyhood home with some of the animals there that his family would have had on the farm.

William Sack

A very neat insight into the life of former President Jimmy Carter!

Ricky Altmiller

Very easy to get around. A lot of history there. Enjoyed his childhood home and the town of Plains, GA

Rhonda Dillard

Very interesting information my grandchildren loved it and I loved watching them as they listened to the history of Jimmy Carter and walking through the Boy Hood Farm and the way things were back then was shocking to them but it held there attention. Loved it

Marshall Hancock

Home of the 39th President of the United States of America

Jerry Garcia

Met the former president, got to thank him for being such a fine American.

Nancy Wallace

Nice tourist attraction

Loni Devaughn


Down The Road with Brian Mallard

Plains and Americus are great places to visit as well as the surrounding areas. You can visit Jimmy Carter's boyhood farm (today an operational museum) and the remains of Archery right down the road, Jimmy's boyhood farm was actually a part of Archery. Down the road is Plains, GA and a little further is Americus, both great places to spend a weekend! Don't miss the historic Windsor Hotel in Americus!

Bob Washburn

The entire small town of Plains GA comprises the historic district. The museum in the old school is worth a stop. The Carter Store has great peanut ice cream and some of the best peanuts around. The Carter Home is off limits and barely visible, but his boyhood farm is a good stop.

Nicholas Mandese

Wasted 1/3 of our day going to da peanut festable ,nothing there of interest.

Dixie Helms

Great place to experience rural Georgia farm homestead from the early days of the 20th century.

James Johnston

Basically the historic site is the whole town! Many different locations to visit, most within walking distance if you park smart. The kids will have a location hunt they can do where they visit a number of locations in the town and get a stamp. You take the card back to the visitors center for a special prize. Great insight to a former president and his life.

Joshua King

Great little historical site.

Cindy Clough

This historic site is quite thorough in covering President Carter's life. The Plains High School gives in-depth information and presentations from his school years through the work being accomplished through the Carter Center. The train depot, Carter's campaign headquarters, is interesting. A visit to Jimmy Carter's Boyhood Farm is quite fun and informative. This is an excellent place for children to learn and have some space to move. I highly recommend this part of our National Park Service!

Shawn Pustay

A wonderful glimpse into the life of the Carter's.

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