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1280 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309, United States Located in: The Woodruff Arts Center

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REVIEWS OF High Museum of Art IN Georgia

Xavier King

The art here is phenomenal. There's several buildings with several floors so you can definitely take your time. It's a great place for all forms of art that you might be interested in. The price is great and you a few of the exhibits gives you so much to contemplate. From classical to modern this museum covers all forms of art.

Ed Myers

Most excellent museum with plenty to see. More kid friendly than some I've visited. Very interesting voices and visions on display. Do have concerns about the way African, folk, and self-taught art was displayed together on one floor as if they are all one and the same, or as if this is a subconscious designation for otherness. Still, very pleasurable time, and I'm glad my daughter's art has such a wonderful venue for display.

Allan Narvaez

Such a culturally enriching place to visit. This past Sunday I was granted access courtesy of Bank of America! (First Sunday of every month). As if that weren’t sweet enough, I came across an original Claude Monet! One of my favorite impressionists ... have you been?

Y Primrose

Family Free Day is always good. You get to experience the High without all worry, which will leave you wanting to return without the crowd. They have a kids zone and workshops that allow the kids to touch the art and create their own. I love the African and Native American art exhibit, so much to learn here. I love that the High brings in new exhibits all the time, therefore, it's worth the cost.

Steven Waling

Give yourself a lot more time than you thought you'd need... this coming from a person not really into the whole art thing... it's an amazing place. A definite win for a classy date of you wanted... the modern art part... um, yeah, that was as odd as you probably would think it would be. Fact is, you'd need a LONG DAY or several trips to really take in all the interesting things they have here. I'm really glad I went here and would definitely go again.

Zaiah Calvin

The High museum is a beautiful location. We went and saw the Phillips Collection for my birthday and it was incredible. The facility is clean and gorgeous and the art they have is beautiful. Also got to check out the modern art section on the Sky level. Would recommend to anyone needing something to do in Atlanta!

Michael Young

Excellent Art Museum for the whole family! It was extremely crowded due to being free on the second Sunday of every month, but that was still the same quality. If you'd like to try to beat the crowds, we recommend arriving as early as possible.

Ilakkiya Venkat

There are statues, art, furniture, and a lot of rich history behind the art displayed. It's all very well organized with a lot to see. I spent 4 hours there and there are many cool abstract exhibits! Highly recommend taking friends or family there to have a good indoor time in Atlanta!

John-Paul Morgante

Seriously disappointed. A limited collection, hard to find your way around, and lacks focus. I guess I should have clued in when the summary highlights the building architects not the artworks. And it cost me $12 for 2 hours of parking. A nice city like Atlanta deserves a better museum experience.

Beatriz Collier

Great experience! And at fair price ($13,00 more or less). They have different kinds of pieces from american art, and others from worldwide, but most from XVI century and beyond. It also has a beautiful architecture from Richard Meier. It was really worth it!

Darcel Cooke

This place is incredible. Can't wait to bring my grandchildren here!

Annie Elie

One of my favorite museums in the country- the people who work here are very friendly and knowledgable, the selection is extension, and they have some of the best exhibits in the southeast (Yayoi Kusama, for example, was jaw-droppingly amazing!).

Emma Jones

Free the second Sunday of each month. Fun and family friendly.

Jake Goff

There was lots of art here, all of it very moving and thought-provoking. I had no idea Pablo Picasso was alive as late as 1973. My personal favorite was the exhibit on black history and the impact of the Civil Rights movement. Empowering stuff there. Sadly, I must remove one star because it was a little hot in there and I left drenched in sweat.

Jecory Lambert

This museum is a great place to spend at least 1 to 3 hours of your time. There was so much history from each piece of art.

Ryan Johnson

It's a great way to spend a day. I had 2 hours and it wasn't enough time to see everything. I loved the paintings, but they had many different exhibits. 14.50 per person and parking is 15 per car. Definitely worth it.

Jasmine Smith

Enjoyed a very nice day at the High Museum of Art. The kid's area had been updated since we'd last been. It's fun, colorful and interactive. Can't wait to go again!


I liked this museum very much. The staff are very friendly, they have free admission every second Sunday of the month, and the give put free art boxes for kids. I also love their gift shop (even thought some things are over priced) they have a lot of interesting and cool things to buy. Their art looked really nice. They had a lot to look at and to take photos of.

Matthew Belisle

The seeing of art transports you to a deeper level of contemplation. You never know where you will find yourself when you see art.

Sherry Poorman

Beautiful museum free on the second Sunday of ever month. Glad I was about to partake.

aly ranic

As a student, receiving an annual membership for the same price as a day of ticket. Seeing the Phillips Collection was a surreal experience. Will be coming back soon!

Christian Zahn

One of my favorite Atlanta Museums. I genuinely enjoyed walking around and exploring the various collections.

Kelly Dunning

I visited on a Friday when there was live Jazz music playing in the galleries and it truly added to the experience. One of my most memorable art gallery experiences... and I've been to a lot of galleries!

Rebekah Burgess

We went for the Phillips Exhibit because I love art and history! Wonderful time! The High was everything I wanted it to be and MORE! my husband also was super impressed!

Ben Slivka

Eclectic collection, with a few specific collections and artists from Atlanta and the South.

Yurie Tago

I’ve been there a lot of time and today I decided to write a review because I really hope they will change for better. I took my kids to high Museum. We spent time at kids rooms. I understand some kids were just being kids and it’s okay to run and have fun. But I saw bigger kids came and built blocks very high and jumped from the top. Block fell off everywhere. They were just bunch of rude kids and their parents were doing nothing! There were many toddlers and those kids could hurt toddlers. it’s crazy! I saw someone put a potty in the middle of the room and doing potty training! The kid had undie on. What if she pees in the room? Pees on the toys?? I’m doing potty training for my kids too but I wouldnt do that in the Museum! There is family restroom for that!! I know potty training is a struggle but please please respect others. I think high Museum should make some securities come check on kids room sometime. And please tell some parents or kids to behave!

Rosanmarys Petrillo

Truly loved it! The exhibit "Of Origins and Belonging' is beautifully curated and inspirational. Artist Yehimi Cambron "Spectacular"!

Will Sutton

I visited a few months ago and I really enjoyed the Tommie Smith exhibit. I also really enjoyed the art exhibits surrounding the sound art.... particularly the one where you an whisper into and someone in the other side of the room can clearly hear what you are saying. The museum guides were very helpful to enjoy them also.

Siddika Jackson

Very high quality art work!! Enjoyed Educators night out.

Michael Pritchett

I always enjoy visiting the High Museum. Richard Meier's masterpiece is the perfect backdrop for displaying artwork so the focus is on the art, not the gallery. The building's public spaces create their own event and are beautifully designed. Together, the composition creates an architectural experience you won't soon forget.

Ludivina Villasana

It was a great experience. My son took me there for my birthday. We were able to see the Phillip's collection. I was able to learned new things from some of my favorite impressionist artists and the transition to impressionism.

Stacy Davis

We went on the Free Family Day & over 9,000 people were there..very crowded. Couldn't see all the exhibits. However staff were helpful and exhibits we saw were good. Monets were great to see!

John Otto K

A fabulous collection of works from old world to now! Stunning modern structure and surrounding area of Midtown Atlanta.

Jim Flynn

Wonderful place to go on a date or a outing with the family. Every 2nd Sunday is free admission

Charity Alford

Me and my daughter went for a field trip and we both loved it

Jodi Wilson

Cool, light, colorful, spacious, inspiring, fun. We didn't want to leave. So we walked to Highland's Bakery for lunch and returned for round 2. If you appreciate art even a little bit, VISIT the HIGH. Marta Station right behind the museum. Easily walkable to Midtown and other sites.

Theresa Krenz

Great inspiration to Atlanta & people who visit !!! Helpful guest services personal available

madalin b

Awesome art, but there is no clear or linear way to go through the exhibits, which makes it a little confusing. Still a fun outing for all ages!

Rae Salyers

I have been a member of the High Museum for years. As an artist myself, I feel that the High brings in many important historical and modern exhibits. They also have a very meaningful, and diverse permanent collection. The High also provides many learning opportunities for children and young artists, as well as special events for adults. The images are from Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrors and European Masterworks: The Phillips Collection.

Alicia White

First time visiting and so far so good. Then kids are loving their blue art boxes. The lines move pretty quickly and the employers are very helpful and polite!


Great Jazz at the High museum Friday Night. Don’t miss the next one. Great after work happy place to decompress and have a lovely evening surrounded by art. It doesn’t get better, peace

jonathan riley

Wow, you can walk around here all day. There is something for everyone here all kinds of art ,some I'll say are very old ,and others I'd say must be from the future. Worth checking out , if a picture's worth a thousand words, go see this place it's 3 stories

Mary Galloway

A beautiful place. The line for libations took 25 minutes because a woman stood there and drank 3 cups of wine before she paid. But overall, it was a great experience.

Tramaine I

Wear your walking shoe. Weekdays are best, but be mindful of busy weekday mornings when you're more likely to run into a school field trip (a couple bus loads or more).

Matt Henderson

The musuem looks pretty neat. My wife and I went to check out the infinity mirrors back in February and they were completely sold out. I hope they do that again so we can come and see it.

Petrone B

It's a great experience. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes. I had high heels on and I could barely make it through the Skyview level exhibitions. If you want to go through all of the levels, plan to be there at least half the day. It's a great art museum. I enjoyed it

jenna reimonenq

It was nice but i couldn’t take two steps without someone telling me i was too close to the art or watching me to make sure i didn’t touch anything. Super annoying. Maybe they thought i was younger than i actually was but I found it to be overwhelming. Not to mention there were about a million people there that day and no one else seemed to be getting harassed as much as me and my group. I understand their job is to preserve the art but Jesus. Let up. I felt like i was in a high school field trip.

Kayla Rodenberg

All together it was a cool collection, cohesion isn't there tho.

L. B.

Glad that Atlanta has a nice art museum like this. Great place to spend an afternoon.

Jasmine Maddox

I love and this place has many different styles for many eras

Benito Duke

We had a wonderful time visiting the High Museum. The exhibits were both exciting and educational. We really enjoyed the contemporary works, many of which are part of the permanent collection. And then there was "Way Out There: The Art of Southern Backroads." It left us with great ideas for a road trip. It's on exhibit until May 19th. Go this this great exhibition.


The High Museum of Art is one of my FAVORITE places in Atlanta. There's so much culture and beauty within its walls. And on the 2nd floor is the gallery that changes every few months, so go often!

tory jackson

Great place to see wonderful art and performance,there's so much to do. So much history from different countries and cultures, a fun place to bring your family. A must if you're in Atlanta.

Edie Sinclair

I've had a membership with the High for a few years now and it is so worth it. Every first Friday and third Friday of the month the museum is open late with special activities and every second Sunday of the month is free and there are family activities. The permanent collection is beautifully done and the exhibits are always well-curated and interesting. The kid's area is also a treat!

Gerrell Borrego-Wilson

It’s a cool museum A lot of space that could be used for more art or maybe changing their layout to be aesthetically pleasing. It can seem a bit scattered with no flow. For an outing for your kids it’s nice. Def doesn’t compete with other museums in other cities like New York and Los Angeles. Atlanta is progressing hopefully soon

Greg Heathcock

A beautiful, well-designed, and architecturally important museum with a worthwhile collection and usually fabulous temporary exhibits. The many programs available will appeal to many, including families and children, and regular, fun events keep it spiced up for adults. The overall campus is also a treat. A gem in Atlanta!

Justice Obiaya

Love it! I've been coming to the High Museum for over 20 years, ever since high school.

B d

Not an artsy person but a friend was in town so we went. I expected to be bored out if my mind but the top floor 'modern' art was pretty entertaining. It's bigger than you think by just looking at the outside so wear your walkin shoes!

Karen Morgan

Loved the experience and the art. Guides were not as helpful as we would have liked. Only one interacted with us and made us feel welcome.

Shane Hensley

I would recommend this place for dates and Families great environment plenty of security

LT Daniels

Second sundays is such a wonderful free safe family event. Great activities for kids of all ages.

Nathan Stallfus

Awesome museum I be been here so many times and I never get tired of it. The main exhibit are so beautiful and fascinating. I especially love the baroque section and the impressionist art. Even had me changing my mind on some art that I maybe didn't appreciate as much before visiting. Such as cubism. The traveling exhibits they have are always amazing to recently they had the European Masters. Which were simply beautiful. Amazing museum we should go at least once.

Maia Lewis

My family and I went for Educator Night. They opened the museum after hours. They had free hors d'oeuvres and cocktails. They had stations set up for crafting and creating art. I enjoyed the exhibits and the overall atmosphere.

Zi Lin Wang

Went with my friends and the special exhibit had an interesting performance art that challenged societal etiquettes! Thoughtful works

Gregg Schuder

Wonderful, as usual. My adult son came to visit and wanted to see museum, again. It brought back great memories of family visits when he and his sister were small.

Gery Meehan

Has variety, fun rooms for kids and great interactive Friday night events. Membership is a great deal.

Lloyd Yee

One of the best museum i ever visited. Excellent way of exhibiting ancient stuff. Well maintained stuff and very decent decor . Interior is very beautiful. Staff members are friendly.

Grace Bohlsen

lovely museum!! such a clean, calming space. wide variety. invest a couple hours into coming here and be ready to walk!

Brianna Williams

The art exhibits here are amazing and very diverse. Each level has a different style of art ranging from sculpture to folk to abstract to realism and everything in between. The building itself is beautiful and very clean and the cafe has amazing food options and great views. They also do some special showcases with limited numbers of tickets that require waiting hours in line to get.

Liev Aleo

Didn't like the art both times that I went (over a year apart). Place feels like a police state. Guards kept harassing us about our coffee, even in the hallway, far from any exhibits. Apparently (?), no food or beverages, not even water, are allowed *anywhere* (according to some guards, but not according to others, who just had us leave a gallery in one case; so, the rules change depending on which guard is breathing down your neck), except in the cafeteria. Come on. We're grown. It's ridiculous. You are also required to wear your backpack on one shoulder, only. I have curvature of the spine; I have a backpack specifically for even weight distribution. On one shoulder for an extended period could leave me in pain for days. They don't care. My feet were hurting, so I sat down on a couch and my friend massaged them while we quietly chatted. A guard came up to us and *actually said* "no foot rubs." Oh, and it closes at 5 p.m. on a Thursday. They could make so much money if they stayed open for people on dates (and had better exhibits and food). It is not a place where you will feel comfortable. It is not a place where you can experience world-class art. This is not a place you will leave feeling like you had a great time that enriched your life in some way. It is not normal to be harassed in a side hallway of a place you paid good money to be in, told you can't sip your coffee like the proper, placid, well-dressed 40-something that you are. Or water. Water is important to our health. Some people, with medical conditions, need it often and shouldn't have to interrupt their already more labored visit with trips to the cafeteria to have it. This is not normal. This should not be considered okay. You shouldn't think, "Well...." No. NO. The entrance isn't even clearly marked. First time I went, I had no idea how to even approach. Would it be a loooong walk on a 96-degree sunny day to some maintenance entrance? Who knows? I hate to leave a negative review, but the decision makers at this place have GOT to rethink it. All of it.

Matthew Fortune

My Daughter went to summer art camp here it was great and at the end i got to see the museum very neat building and collection on display worth the trip!!!

Kim Pfundt

The high museum of art in Atlanta GA is awesome place to visit. There are European, American, Asian and African arts in the museum.

Sandra Phillips

Always enjoy a day at the High. Especially good on a day when it's in the 90's outside.

Shirley y

I loved this place. I would definitely come again. My baby really enjoyed the family play area.

Candice McCollough

The High is always a good time, I'd suggest going about once a year. The exhibition when I went was a collection of photographs taken of the same place over a series of decades. Great display of the impermanence of everything. The museum is well maintained, lots of staff to help you find things. Kids area to get them engaged, and a lovely outdoor area with larger installations.

kennedy udechukwu

Phenomenal way to spend your afternoon. Took two and half hours to see about 94 percent of the collection. Lots of beautiful art and some very questionable ones too. Atmosphere is very mixed and diverse. The DJ was a fabulous addition to the experience. You definitely should check it out

Ian Walker

An amazing collection of art works by many different artists. Wide collection of styles including some modern. Well worth a visit for two or three hours if in Atlanta. Cafe on site.

Serafina B

Great museum. Good for all ages! I enjoy the High Renaissance exhibition the most. (Fun fact: this is where they filmed Black Panther museum scene)

B. Smith

I love the high Museum. They incorporate art from almost every culture around the world. From African to Asian to South American to Europe and north America

Laura George

Wonderful to see all the different artists. Impressed by some of the bigger art pieces! Staff was always willing to direct you to the next exhibit area if you’ve never been there before. Know there is a parking deck but its not free. There is a parking area across the street but we didn’t use that so I’m not sure of the cost. We spent 2 hours here and it was $12 for parking. They do offer coat check free of charge.

Breanne Elko

We stopped here on a whim since we were visiting the city. It's a pretty nice museum with a lot of art to admire. There are multiple floors with different themes, so it has a good layout. The staff is friendly, the pricing is reasonable, and it is very clean and bright and open inside.

Danielle Bryson

I love coming here. I love that the exhibits change so you're not always seeing the same things. Parking was expensive and hard to find an open spot, as expected. Definitely will be back on a day admission isn't free because it was so packed! It's great they offer that though.

ebby chan

Wonderful permanent collection. Features an original Jean Michael basquiat painting in the contemporary gallery on the skyway floor.

DeMarius McClusky

Beautiful paintings and ceramics. Amazing statues and different exhibits. Fun for the family and worth the trip.

Doug Piette

We love the High Museum of Art. This is the first time we've gone since they reorganized the permanent exhibits. Everything was well organized and nicely displayed with information about each piece. All of our favorite pieces are back.The children's rooms looked fun. I can't wait to bring our grandsons.

Chris Bevrly

The biggest and most impactful museum I have ever been too. Very diverse. Intriguing pieces. Probably spent 1-3 hrs here so many pieces to see. Well worth the entry. I would go back when I am in town again.

Shannon McGuigan

Did not live up to the hype. This museum looks like it takes its layout and design straight from ikea. The courtyard is all concrete with a couple sad trees. The design is super pretentious and seems to be intentionally intimidating and convoluted. It was difficult to find the entrance. I imagine the navel-gazing donors wanted this place to reflect their precious self-importance.

ergonomic wand

Fantastic exhibits informed staff but security was too strict. We went on the first Sunday so it was free.

Patrina Huff

Modern, expansive venue. Came through for a Civil Rights exhibit several years ago.

Bait 8000

Very large variety of art displayed. The building itself is fun. Leave the kids at home.

Maria Pinero

The High Museum is another staple of Atlanta that everyone should visit. I love seeing how they transform for new exhibits. I visited this week for the Joris Laarman Lab exhibit. It was incredible. I've never seen such unique patterns in furniture. The process to create such masterpieces was mind blowing as well. It's really hard to explain so you should just visit and see it for yourself. I promise you've never seen work like this before.

Victor Anaya

This museum is very informative and has a lot of different exhibits and great pieces. It features multiples floors with each floor displaying different style of art including Early American, African, European, Folk, and Abstract art. It has a little bit of everything and anyone can find something they enjoy here. Whether you are a history buff or you are looking for selfie-worthy pieces (when it is not busy), this museum is great! Prepare to make an entire of it because this museum is massive! It has so many great exhibits that you will want to be here all day!

Mike Smith

Always an interesting place to visit. Needed a few more hours. Jane, our docent was pleasant and knowledgeable.

abdul omer

The musuem was well equipped for the caliber of the works being displayed. The choreographed exhibit by Lauri Stallings was spectacular as well.

Emma Stoner

Free admission the second Sunday of each month. It is big, open with beautiful pieces. Family friendly and kind staff. I'll definitely return .

Rodrequs Bradley

Wonderful visit. Picasso, Van Gogh , Matisse and others are on display. It's a must see if you are in Atlanta and you love the arts.

Susana Contreras

The High always has great exhibits. I’ve visited multiple times and I’ve always enjoyed my time there. Plus they have pretty bomb muffins too.

Lynn Wood

A very fine place to enjoy a Sunday. Third Sundays are free.


One of my favorite places in the city. Definitely worth the cost of an annual pass.

Dennis Yancey

Attended the Second Sunday Funday free event. Viewed all the exhibits and enjoyed the great ambiance.

Jan Mardis

Wonderful exhibits, so glad to see my favorite Monet. Great areas for children to learn and play.

Alex Will

It's not the Met or the British portrait gallery, but it has a certain style of its own. The Skyward level (top floor) is devoted to artist from the south east. Currently it is also hosting a collection of European masters. There is something for everyone, but not everyone will be interested in everything.

Shengxi Wu

I am an Architectural designer and I came here to admire Richard Meier's master piece. Very iconic design language of The Whites and the internal space is goregous. The museum itself is definitely worth seeing already.

Abigail Ranic

The High museum is a beautiful location. We went and saw the Phillips Collection for my birthday and it was incredible. The facility is clean and gorgeous and the art they have is beautiful. Also got to check out the modern art section on the Sky level. Would recommend to anyone needing something to do in Atlanta!

Karen Jenkins

Loved every piece of artwork and the center is beautiful!

Leanne M

Very nice and reasonably priced art museum with several floors and a lot to see! There are so many interesting things to see here and it can be a good way to spend a few hours. The architecture inside is great however there is one detail that is just dreadfully awful: the first floor is some sort of play area for children. There is no ceiling to divide floors and all the floors above it are around that middle section, leaving the first floor open. So the entire time that you're trying to enjoy the art museum you're listening to annoying, screaming, crying, yelling, fighting, gross, disturbing, loud children. This is NOT the experience one should have at an ART MUSEUM. Other than that it was a nice visit.

Dinesh Chitlangia

Average museum with lots of art pieces. If you are not really into art, then the contemporary section is the only must see.

Giselle Pasco

It is always a pleasure to come to the High Museum. My daughter got to admire the work of Van Gogh, Degas,Picasso, etc .We will definitely come back.

Amélie Kong

Plenty of wonderful arts to enjoy. And the building is also nice and well organized.

Reed Parsons

Excellent special exhibits. Worthwhile special events, especially in the evening. Permanent collection is worth a look, but not more than once or twice.

Deidre Tolbert

Amazing staff! I have never much been into art but the staff taught me a different lense to see Art through. They gave great insight to the richness that is added to a piece strictly through interpretation.

David Gaia Kano

The "Supple Means of Connection" performance was magical! I would have stayed all day to interact with the dancers but I had to go to work!

Andrea Williams

The "civil rights/black American experience/African artist" exhibits on the 3rd floor will move you to tears. Experience art, emotions and beauty. You will be a better human with a bigger heart.

Anna-Marie Aloia

This is a really great museum for Atlanta. It has some surprising Classics and the rotating exhibits are really good. They have classes and seminars and tours that are definitely worth it and there is a pretty good program for students as well. Their gift shop is on point. Also for a cafe in a museum there coffee is pretty good. If you're visiting Atlanta this is a definite on the top 10 places to visit


I took my son to his first museum visit to view the European Masters Collect. We stay to see the other exhibits including this dope African exhibit. Wonderful time!!

Laura Jones

My husband and 5yo visited and had a wonderful time (as always!) The special exhibits always wow, and the permanent collection is fantastic. The staff are knowledgeable, helpful, and accessible. I love coming here, but was thrilled that my 5yo loved it too, and wants to visit again...even though she had to speak softly and she wasn't allowed to run! :-D Special events are always fantastic. I'm so glad to be a member. Even if I could visit every day, I'm sure I'd still see/learn/experience something new.

Rachel Rae

I love this place.. They always have great exhibits, check their calendar to see what exhibits are upcoming. First Fridays are a must! The first friday of the month they have crafts, live performers, etc., it's always very lively! Also, the Infinity Mirrors exhibit that just ended was fantastic!!! You had to wait in lines to experience each piece but it was worth it.

Maria Lucovich

First time in the museum! It was great!!! We had so much fun specially for kids. The pictures, sculptures and all the art pieces were stunning. Everyone was very polite and friendly; always with a smile on their faces when we approached to ask questions. We will definitely go back!!!!

Tiffany Hickman

The museum, exhibits and experience was beautiful and a great treat for a Friday date night. The associates on each floor have differing attitudes and mannerisms. I enjoyed the associates and exhibits on Floor 4 most of all.

Macie Myers

A great place to soak up some culture. Big museum with a lot for children. Loved it. Spent all morning here.

Loc Lotus

Great day out with the family! Each floor has some very special art to admire. Even though it was packed today because of the free was great. The food is pretty pricey but all in all a great place.

Steve Rogers

Stellar collection. You'd never know its size from the street. QA - plan on lots of time, especially if you know something about local history. One key place this museum could improve is in the lack of interpretive information. I got a lot out of it because I was there with a local friend who was extremely well-informed. But on your own, it's just a large collection of beautiful objects. Maybe a rental audio guide, more plaques, etc. Maybe even an identifiable docent on each floor? Really do take the time. You'll be happy you did.

Kathy Huang

One of the best museums I’ve visited! I love the large collection of furniture! So many levels. I loved the glass and porcelain art!

Google Reviewer

It’s free for everyone on Sunday’s and free for Veterans everyday! I loooove this museum, I’ve been here a few times and come every single time they have a new exhibit. It’s beautiful here and one of the best museums in ATL, never disappoints. They have something for people of all ages and cultures. From toddlers and to. Check it out


Mainstage fine art museum. Frank Lloyd Wright like design. Great place to hang out all afternoon. Friday Jazz can be gun if a little too yrendy for my taste. Well worth the membership for the benefits.

LaToya Miller-Stephens

Always fun and peacful place. To visit. So inspiring.

Katrina Vital

Love it... Can't get through the whole museum in a day.. So much to see..

Linda Carter

What a wonderful place to visit. The last time I was there I was supposed to meet my son and his kids there but they didn’t make it. I went by myself and witnessed such beautiful art work. I also used it as my means for getting in my daily steps. I walked up the ramp and then back down stopping on most levels to enjoy the artistry.

Marilyn Cannon

Enjoyed the field trip today with Sanders Elementary, my grandboy's school. Very educational. Hats off to Ms. Meltons' 3rd grade class.

Ivan Holt

Wonderful experience today!!!! I had a great time with my group from the center for the visually impaired. They facilitated a culturally enriched time for us! Thanks

Ryan Matsuno

Perfectly respectable museum with a few gems. It's no Met but the American art and the African art sections are excellent. The architecture of the building is interesting and reminiscent of the Guggenheim. All in all a wonderful way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Jun Mo Yang

The museum is improving! More interesting exhibitions lately. Excited to see what’s more!!!!

Siddharth Gore

Amazing place to spend the morning/afternoon/evening. The architecture is also quite unique to enjoy fron the outside. Good amount of spots to just sit down and relax, talk, or think and take in the art. Two eateries on-site, lunch was quite good at Twelve Eighty. This is an Atlanta staple and a must-visit!

Matthew Curtis

Would've been four stars but there was only one statue of Cleopatra.

Joe Tkacik

Friendly staff. Our children loved the interactive art and making their own puppets.

Ajit Thakkar

It is well worth exploring this spacious museum. There is a lot here so plan your visit. I liked the Stent family wing. If you come by subway (MARTA) to the Art Center, the museum can be a bit hard to find because of the lack of signs. The trick is to walk up on 15th Street.

mello Velo

A wonderful collection of art spanning from as early as the 1400's to modern pieces. The layout is a bit confusing but it means surprises at every turn. Much of the modern art is well presented and daring. The Degas sketches are alone worth the trip. Military folks should flash your ID for a discount.


Wow. Beautiful place. I went on a Saturday, and it wasn't horribly crowded. They had a specific exhibit that tugged my heartstrings. I spent hours, reading letters from inmates on deathrow to loved ones, paired with pictures, sketches, and drawings. Anyway, check with their website for exhibits you are interested in - they have student prices, and it's very affordable. Recommend absolutely.

Cynthia Lyerly

Great family day! Bought a membership. Can't wait to go again.

Andrew Weeks

I always have a good time when I come here. the prices are too bad, the art is beautiful, they always have cool events happening. really really awesome

Daniel Wang

Cute little museum that features art from America and Europe. It ranges from renaissance art to modern art. Beat part is it’s free every second Sunday of the month!

Kendall Dodson

Too many amazing things to share! Just go see! Best deal in town!!

David Greer

Lots to see at the High Museum of Art. I mean it! There really is lots to see. I came for the Clarence John Laughlin Photography Exhibit. I stayed especially for the contemporary art. My visit has me thinking of new ways to explore my photography and visual artistry. No better compliment than that.

Paige Vanderbok

Very nice art museum with a very nice selection of art, I would definitely come back.

renee O

Really different and interactive. Went to the live art or art in motion exhibit it was kind of trippy...never been to an art museum like this. Would def come back

Christina Fanning

Always a great experience...just not so much during large happenings. Appreciate the Educator Event but it's wwwaaayyy too crowded and disorganized. Not even gonna state my true feelings about the organizer lady who sanctioned people cutting the line "if they only wanted posters" not information...she never stopped to monitor that they actually only get posters. Left the people who legitimately wanted the information that netted the freebies with none.

Anne Schumann

This is a great regional museum. The collection represents a wide swath of art history from the 1700s to the present rather than focusing on just one type of art. This makes the collection something of a sampler platter, with something uneven quality but a good introduction to a lot of styles. I really appreciated the art that I wouldn't have seen elsewhere like southern folk art, art from local artists, and civil rights photography. I went on Jazz night (second Friday of the month) and got in free with military ID. Found out I could have brought a guest for free too. I took a free docent guided tour which guided me to consider works in the collection I might have skipped over otherwise. The jazz was great too.

Will Dunn

Whether you're just visiting Atlanta or if you're local to the area, then I recommend visiting the High Museum of Art. There's always some popular exhibition featured here and the museum has Jazz nights on Friday's which I think is pretty cool. If you're not into that then you may be able to find something you like at one of the many other exhibition and galleries the museum has on display. I enjoyed viewing many expressionist, modernism, and still life paintings. Definitely put this place on your to-do list !

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