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REVIEWS OF Georgia Aquarium IN Georgia

Nicole Barby

Amazing experience, the staff is incredibly helpful. We had the sea lion experience and it was completely worth it! The trainers were very friendly and we received a photo as well. The shows are well done and exhibits entertaining.

Samantha Battersby

Very nice aquarium. Its not a huge aquarium, but it has a lot to offer from tours, to educational programs, shows, and dives. I would recommend visiting and helping support the amazing research the aquarium is doing, as well as caring for these wonderful animals.

Kari R.

Man when i say everything in there was unexpected it was. I had enjoyed my first time there. I just would of wish that there were more fish to see like in Chicago but it was beautiful. The dolphin show my sisters and me loved it, super great and honestly recommend if the first time in Atlanta.

Xavier Marshall

My family and I have always wanted to visit and we were finally able too September 21. We flew down for the weekend from Rochester, NY. I can honestly say that this was money well spent. Not only did we have a tremendous time there seeing all the animals and learning great facts about them, but my family and I will have the memories we made. They do a great job of keeping the place clean. I felt comfortable and safe the whole time the staff were extremely friendly and kind. I highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone! Thank you to everyone involved with the Georgia Aquarium!

ishwor marahatta

This is by far the best Aquarium I have ever visited in my life. They have a large selection of fishes and sea animals. They have preserved fishes and water animal in the best possible way. I strongly suggest to watch and enjoy the Dolphin show because it is the best dolphin show. I just do not want to spoil about it so make sure get in the line at least 45 min before the show because there is a high chance it might get full before you get there. I enjoyed our visit to the Georgia Aquarium.

Kristen Werner

Awesome aquarium. Highly recommend visiting. Easily can spend 5 hours in there on a weekend. It got very busy Saturday when we were there, making it harder to see some exibits, so I would try going on a week day next time. Staff was kind and helpful. Shows were good. Parking was easy and only $12 with ticket purchase.

Anna Smith

Love the aquarium, my husband took me on my birthday an we had a blast. They are many different tanks with amazing sea creatures to experience. I would definitely recommend going.

Ro Sie

Absolutely beautiful experience! We stopped through on our way back from Florida and we were so glad we did. We went on a day it was raining and later so the crowds weren't as bad. I've heard from locals that the crowds can be extensive. Every section of the aquarium has something interesting and interactive for the kids. They loved it!! I could spend all day in the room with the theater sized window. Will definitely return.

Drew Robishaw

This place is always a great time. Helpful and friendly staff. Amazing exibits. Lots of things to do. I love in Florida and drive up just for this every year.


Very fun, they have a wide variety of marine creatures in a nice environment. Everything was very clean, and they had several shows that gave us plenty of enjoyment. I definitely recommend the dolphin show. It has alot to offer for such a short little show. Also they have everything very nicely organized so it's easier to get around quickly and efficiently.


Out standing wonder & beauty of our earth's oceans!! The displays are above anything I've ever seen. The jellyfish, the colorful starfish--have never seen so many varieties. We went on Monday--moderately busy. Highly recommended. Please believe it--human caused climate change will destroy this ocean wonder if we don't DO Something (for our Grandkids)

Bonnie Conner

As always, this experience is phenomenal. Too bad it's so expensive! Be sure to get tickets online for the admission and the parking. There are often good deals to be had. Part of what runs the price up is having to buy lunch. If you can work your way around that, do so. Lately they've been offering a kids' meal at a little more than $5, which is a bargain compared to the other meals but still doesn't include a drink. The dolphin show is the biggest draw because it is so good. Get in line early. I was very impressed with the number of people available to help at every turn. An usher even moved us with our 10 grandchildren to better seats saying that the little ones wouldn't be able to see. She was right, and we were very grateful. Bottom line: Yes, the price is high, but the experience is easily worth 3 or 4 lesser events.

Josh Poore

Well I've been to several Aquariums and this one is by far my favorite one. Buying online was very easy. Plus getting there b4 11am made it more affordable for my family of 5. Other than that this place was great. The shows were fantastic from the sea lions to the dolphins they were just fantastic. I'll definitely be back to this one and can't wait for their new exhibit in 2020. Thanks again for a great experience for me and my family.

Stephanie Skelly

I took my two youngest kids (14, with special needs, and 16) to the Georgia Aquarium for a home school field trip. We were all thoroughly impressed with our whole experience. Even though there were a lot of people there, we got plenty of time at each exhibit and never felt crowded. The kids' favorite part was the Dolphin Celebration. My favorite part was the huge acrylic aquarium display and seeing the incredible choreography they created as they swam. Watching my kids explore and interact and especially seeing my 14yo use the provided ID cards to match and name the animals was a treat for me. I highly recommend the Georgia Aquarium. If you have special needs or younger kids, be prepared to crawl through a few displays special for them. There were no foods available at the eatery for people with diet restrictions, so be sure to bring what you need to leave in the car. Parking is covered.

Noah Lugeons

I've been to a lot of aquariums, and had a "seen one, seen them all attitude" going into it. I was proven wrong early and often. They offer a unique and thrilling experience and there is a ton to see. Fun and informative shows, and very friendly and helpful staff.

Pauline Salmon

Awesom! Awesome! Awesome!!! A must see. Everything was worth seeing.. The price was a bit high at the cashier. We were told my a stranger to book the tickets online which we did an we saved a lot on the tickets.. If you're visiting purchase tickets on line!!!

Winifred Larry

The live dolphin show is so neat. It's interactive and fun. You really can get immersed in the action. They are so fun. The whole family can enjoy


Worth every single penny. It's gorgeous. I went by my self and it took me like 3 hours to see it all, including the shows. I loved it. They have one of the 5 biggest fish tank and definitely the biggest shark tank with 4 shark whales. Very impressive.

Ericka Preble

The aquarium is incredible. The customer service at guest services, particularly from management is in desperate need of help. We traveled from Charlotte to come to this aquarium. Arrived right at 9am and were directed to the large map and to take a photo of the schedule of show times. Attempted to see the dolphin show with our 3 yr old and we were told those times were for the previous day and that we missed the show. We could come back in 2 and a half hours for the next show. We had a 3yr old nap schedule we were trying to work with so we missed our only shot. Guest services was less than interested in our experience. When explaining that their staff member directed us to their show times and didn't update the times until well after the aquarium was open for the next day of business, they could not have cared less. We received a "Oh, sorry that happened" and physically turned their back to talk to someone else and acted as though it was our problem. Beyond frustrating to experience that seeing as how the aquarium itself was so well taken care of. That being said, triple check the show times before you waste your only shot if traveling from out of town.

Zaineb Ali

A great way to spend the day! The Dolphin Experience is a must (you have to sit in the splash zone)! Additionally, if you can, purchase the Behind the Seas tour; it really puts the entire aquarium in perspective and gives you a better understanding of how it got to be. Would definitely go back.

Seth Maurizzio

This is the most amazing aquarium ever! It's even better than the Mote Marine in Sarasota, FL and the Florida Aquarium in Tampa. You would think Florida aquariums would be better, but none can best the Georgia Aquarium! The animals are so amazing and stunning. Despite how crowded it gets, the experience is not dampened. It is a wonderful place to learn and experience the wonders of our very own oceans.

Bronwyn Vourtis

Had a wonderful day here. The exhibits are well presented, the staff and volunteers are great. Book online for tickets (and parking if needed) to get cheaper pricing. Food and drink is also expensive. eta.. they also have sensory bags and wheelchairs available for visitors

Doug W

The overall experience was great. The main tank is unbelievably huge, which it had to be to accommodate 4 whale sharks. The dolphin show was very impressive, and there are tons of educational experiences for kids. The only downside (besides the huge amount of guests) was that the jellyfish exhibit wasn't as large as other aquariums I've visited. If in Atlanta, this is a must see attraction if you enjoy wildlife

Gilan Asuncion

As a visitor from Florida, we took the opportunity to explore what the largest aquarium in the US had to offer. What did I find? So many cool sights, interactive activities, and just pure ‘awe’ moments. If there’s any chance of you getting to be up close and in person of what the deep oceans entail and hold without actually diving, this is it. Good pricing after 4 PM so that was a plus, and went on a weekday so no long lines or crowds! Do I recommend it? 100% yes, especially if you’re looking for something fun and entertaining to do with the whole family while exploring Atlanta.

Nicholas Cain

Pretty great experience every time we go. Plenty enough to see and two different productions to watch. The dolphin show is clearly the better of the two but the sea lions are fun to see more intimately. There is a 4D theater and the entire upper floor is great for kids, if less focused on being what I expect an aquarium to be. There are behind the scenes tours and dives you can participate in. Expect the expected in the cafeteria.

Taylor Armstrong

To keep it short, this is a MUST for any families in the area. The facility is clean (food and drink inside), plenty of staff on hand and plenty for the kids to do as well as adults who appreciate what it takes to run a facility like this. The best resource is to visit their website and look up show times before you go, you'll also receive a discount by ordering your tickets online. Also look to see what is not allowed, they run a full security check (metal detectors included) before you walk in. A must for me is the Dolphin Tales show which is half an hour (don't sit in the first ten rows, you'll get joke). Arrive 25 minutes prior to get good seating. Some may not understand how this is good for the "under-privileged" animals stuck in a cage...tank in this case. My short point is that this aquarium educates the world about the worlds oceans and what they contain and why we must protect them. They present their visitors with a factional glimpse into our oceans to better hope visitors will leave with a love and respect of the great blue. Bring you kids, families, camera (fully charged!) and plan 2-4 hours based on your interest, you won't regret it! Plenty of parking all over, bring $10 to pay. Discounts for students, seniors, veterans (Free on Monday's) just bring your ID and buy a ticket at the gate.

Dustin Stumbo

The Georgia Aquarium is a must-see. There's tons to do in the area surrounding the Georgia Aquarium as well. I've been in many aquariums all around the United States and this is definitely at the top of my list. They have very unique exhibits and very unique rooms for the exhibits. The people here at the Georgia Aquarium are very nice and helpful. I will definitely be returning, thank you for the great time!

Jamie Grafton

AMAZING! What an awesome place. The dolphins show brought literal tears to my eyes and the sea lion show had me laughing the entire time. Staff is super helpful and knowledgeable. Definitely worth the trip and the money!


Beautiful aquarium! Great place to take the family. Would definitely recommend arriving in the morning as early as possible. At about 11:30 this place turns into mayhem when the masses arrive. Definitely check out the belugas. They are hilarious! They were my favorite because of all the funny stuff they were doing.

Maria Rosales

Despite the crowds we got in fairly quickly. It was a bit difficult with 2 toddlers trying to see and pet things when adults and older kids were constantly pushing through. Probably better with older kids that can weave through crowds. Hard to see exhibits and some shows fill up quick so get their early with patient kids. Not for those with high anxiety with crowds because it is packed. They have a sensory kit for those who need it for free at the information desk. We checked out 2 for our girls. The headphones and sunglasses were great. A weighted lap bag was an option too. We enjoyed having stroller valet and the food was not bad but adds up quickly. Outside food and drink are not allowed unless allergies or snack for kids. I'd recommend going during the week, on an odd day when it is a little more empty.

Nega Man

We've been visiting Georgia Aquarium since its opening in 2005. It's an amazing place to visit. I recommend going on the behind the scenes tours at least once, you won't regret it. We took our 3 yr old daughter in October and she was very excited to see all her favorite friends from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory.

Jennifer Savage

By far the most impressive aquarium we've ever visited. Loved it so much, we go back every time we visit Atlanta. The exhibits are amazing and all of the staff members are great and clearly care a lot about what they do every day. It gets very crowded, but we always opt for an early animal encounter or early bird tickets. Be sure to catch the penguin walk, sea lion and dolphin shows. The Behind the Seas tour is enlightening and informative. We could easily sit at the huge viewing window at Ocean Voyager for hours. It's just awe-inspiring and humbling to see all of these beautiful creatures. It's a great reminder of how much we need to take care of our planet! All of the animals are awesome and we love seeing them all, but we really love looking for Tank the sea turtle. Can't wait to visit again once the latest expansion is complete.

KD Carlton

I enjoyed looking up, and reading about the Georgia Aquarium. I was curious about trying to look up information on the cost of the Georgia Aquarium, along with trying to learn a little more information about the Georgia Aquarium. I was able to read a brief description about the Georgia Aquarium purpose on wanting to preserve, and work towards saving the marine, and aquatic animals of the oceans, along with working on conservation efforts that would include the environment of the Oceans, and the marine, and aquatic species of animals. I did notice that they are expanding the Georgia Aquarium for sharks which would be ready in the late fall of 2020. I have greatly enjoyed watching there television show Aquariums on the Animal Planet Channel through Cox Communications. I do think, and wish that the Georgia Aquarium website was more informative about the different programs that they do at the aquarium.

Karthik krishna

Visited couple of aquariums across states and this always stands as the best. The exhibits are large and very detailed covering sea creatures across continents. Would recommend starting as early you can to cover entire aquarium in one full day. Completely indoor attraction worth spending time with family and kids.

Aaron Stansell

The best aquarium i have been to. Much better than one i have in my home town. I will most certainly go back once the new shark exhibit opens in 2020.

Philip Oja

No doubt the most impressive aquarium you’ll ever visit. Loved the whale sharks and the gargantuas stingrays. Although I would have been happy to just leave after spending 10 or 15 minutes watching the breathtaking main scene through the glass in the dining room. The rest of the facility just seemed like your typical, albeit very large, aquarium. Well worth the 5 hour drive out there, though.

Ally Firkins

What an absolutely amazing place to take kids to or a family of any size! There are so many exhibits and so many fun things to do! The staff is all really friendly and we LOVED the penguin show and the beluga whale show. The kids had an awesome time and there were so many exhibits there for them. I wish we had more time when we went to see it all. Definitely an all day thing.

Working On Me

Took my son for his birthday and it was AMAZING! Besides being too crowded, we saw every exhibit and even went to the dolphin show. Awesome thing is, they will park your stroller in the big exhibits and watch your stuff for you. 10/10 best trip we have been on!

shannon Johnston

My husband and I went for our honeymoon (July 6th) and we arrived early to beat the crowd. Its a good thing we did, it was PACKED! But before too many people got there it was amazing. The exhibits were beautiful, music was amazing, and the staff was friendly. We did the "Behind the Seas" tour and it was worth it. Seeing the whale sharks and manta rays feed was incredible. Definitely fun for the whole family!

Carlos Garcia

A truly one of a kind place. Would highly recommend to families with children. Very impressive facility and they have many different sea life and animals. I especially like the dolphin tank.

Felicia Turner

This aquarium is amazing. We've been two years in a row (both during hurricane evacuations), and the staff do everything to accommodate visitors. The habitats are stunning, and the Ocean Voyager, in my opinion, is the Pearl of all displays. We just learned of the contributions the aquarium is making to rebuild coral reefs, among other things, and our family is just so thankful to have been able to visit and enjoy.

R Ravi

Visited couple of aquariums across states and this always stands as the best. The exhibits are large and very detailed covering sea creatures across continents. Would recommend starting as early you can to cover entire aquarium in one full day. Completely indoor attraction worth spending time with family and kids.

Dominick Villano

Relaxing place to visit. Definitely worth! There are multiple exhibits to visit and check out, each with their own animals and whatnot. We visted on a Friday. There are less people later in the day. Be sure to get a picture with the whale shark!

laura baxter

THANK YOU Georgia Aquarium!! Wonderful customer service. A big thank you to Beatrice and Raynell!! My sweet 2 year old lost her favorite toy "puffin" we purchased at the aquarium this summer, and they are helping us replace her puffin, and making it logistically easy even though we live out of state. We are SO thankful!

Erik Oppenneer

This aquarium is amazing, the size is mind blowing. Where else, outside of the wild, can you see a whale shark, let alone two of them? The dolphin show it's absolutely worth seeing, the work the trainers have done with the dolphins is fantastic. There are big crowds here pretty much all day, go, be patient, have fun and prepare to be amazed.

mikael b

I hardly wanted to spend my time posting a review on an establishment that has over 29,000 reviews- mostly positive. But, in hopes my statement might be the one extra needed to make a change, here it is. We had fun! Definitely. As I was walking around with my family, I couldn't help but notice in each section of the establishment, occupancy signs located all around. I believe it was ocean voyager, stated 682 people could occupy that section. I can definitely say that there was at least 1000 people surrounding me as far as I could see. It really does take from the fun of the place when your literally stumbling over other guests. I believe I would give this visit a full 5 stars IF we were able to enjoy it to its full capacity. There were MANY things we passed right by because people were not moving on in a reasonable manner. I myself got to see very little this trip, I'm not a pushy person. Luckily, my daughters grandfather was attending with us and he had no issue pushing his way through so my toddler could check out all the ocean life. This place (we will just say $30 a ticket even though its more) makes at the very least $120,000 a day and that's only with 4000 guests a day. It wouldn't hurt to deny some people entry when maximum capacity is reached.

Elizabeth C. Smith

Easy to get to and parking very clearly marked. All the workers seemed energetic about their job and helpful when we seemed lost. Very knowledgeable too. That kind of thing carries over to patrons! First time returning in 14 years. For a Saturday, I felt we were able to navigate well among the different exhibitions. There were interactive areas (aquanauts), shows and little events such as the penguin waddle, and touch areas which I as an adult enjoyed. I saw divers keeping the tanks clean and the aquarium itself seemed very clean. Lots of workers.

Dean Hall

Great place for adults and kids. Should plan for a full day or two even you can swing it. This is the best aquarium that I have visited. You will not get bored. The food is also very good. We all had a great time.

Sarah Maccarone

Only four areas to explore and always crowded. Worth a visit once as their beluga whales are amazing. In addition to a couple other exhibits but not a huge loss if you choose other things to do instead. Parking and admission costs can add up and highly recommend eating elsewhere.

Two Toned

My wife and I went to the aquarium with our kids 15, 12 and 5. Everyone had a blast. There is so much to see and do. The sea life is gorgeous and unimaginable until you see it close up. Lots of the exhibits allow you to touch the sea life. We were able to touch starfish, rays, coral, etc. The aquarium has a dolphin show which is part of admission price, a sea lion show which is also part of admission price and other areas to explore which is part of admission price. We were able to see the piranhas get fed and they are voracious. They always look small on television but in real life they are about 2 pounds average (at the aquarium), but not sure what's their size in the wild. If you don't go anywhere else in Atlanta, stop by the aquarium. It's a must see.

Jeanie Mac

Love this place. I could spend three hours here. If you are into nature you will like it. It's a great family or even date spot. But I would definitely suggest taking your kids there.

Robert Koschnick

Life long dream fulfilled. This is a superb aquarium. So much to see and interact with. I loved every minute of this. Cant wait for the expansion to be completed. I will definitely be back. I also found out if you have a diver certification you can possibly dive with the whale sharks. I'm going to look into this further this is my next goal. What a great place.

Rachel Maye

We have had a phenomenal time. There are so many aquatic animals to see and there's a guide at each point. The dolphin show was amazing and my students and I sat in the splash zone and got soaked. We loved it . I definitely recommend it for all ages. I cannot wait to come back with my kids!

William Gotell

Great aquarium! Love how the exhibits are set up and it was not extremely crowded this time of year. The parking was worth the couple extra dollars, those $10 lots did look kinda sketchy and we're not as convenient. My daughter has a 4 year old attention span but this placed had her dialed in. The price for my family of 3 was just under $100 which is not unreasonable for Atlanta. Eat before or after you go though.

Sarah Mccurdy

Visiting the aquarium was breath taking the TV show The Aquarium didn't do it justice. We took the Behind the Sea Tour. Dan was our guide. He was funny, yet very informative. We was lucky enough to get to see the Whale Sharks being fed and it was an amazing thing to watch. Thank you to the entire aquarium staff. It was a blast. See you again in 2020 or 2021.

Cheryl Boncimino

Did the imagination night tickets, discounted for arrivals after 5pm. We had a 6pm entrance time and although it was crowded we saw everything and even had extra time with the big tank to enjoy the enormous mantra rays and leopard sharks. Loved it!

Patrick Crinnigan

Fantastic aquarium, I would have given 5 stats except it's $43 which seems a little pricey. But the exhibits were fabulous, amazing. Loved seeing the otters, dolphins, and the whale sharks and manta rays in the giant pool were incredible.

Dayle Pitts

Visited September 14th, 2019 for my 3rd cousin birthday party. Would have given 5 stars, however, the staff on the floor were not very knowledgeable. The special event planners are awesome! The kids really enjoyed the dolphin show. Very good place for kids.

Takara Taziki Sauce

It's absolutely beautiful and has many great photo opportunities. There are several different areas with designated names for their creature's aquariums. I paid 40 for my admission and 35 for a child admission. It is a very clean and well-organized place. The views are spectacular, great for 2-3 hours sightseeing. However I did spend $25 for my child's meal. In Minnesota to go to the Sea Life Aquarium, it is not as big but has many of the same features and sea animals. I only end up spending $50 for 2 admissions. It's worth a shot seeing this place, just make sure you keep your budget in mind.

Mrs.Blessed&HighlyFavored Hall

Great experience with my children. I enjoyed the dolphin show and etc. Overall have a great time. Food is over priced and if you are getting something like a salad be careful everything is weighed. Can be a bit crowded on the weekend. Yet the memories are everlasting!

Sushmitha Entrer

Great shows and great exhibits. Totally worth it especially after 4pm. The gigantic tank with the whale sharks and rays were mesmerizing, I could have spent all day there. The belugas were also fascinating, blowing air rings and coming up to the window. Each of the sections was a fun and interesting area on its own.

Brooke Aksnes

I can not rave ENOUGH about the staff of this aquarium. The aquarium itself is world class and immaculately kept, but the volunteers and employees are what made my family’s experience unforgettable. After being told by a volunteer the whale sharks would be feeding soon, I asked him where the best place to observe them was. When he saw I had a small party of three (me, my mom and my kid sister), he took us to the employees only area of the aquarium to watch the whale sharks feed from the top of the tank. He then spent over an hour with us showing us the “back end” and educational sections of the aquarium. Incredibly knowledgeable, kind and professional. Throughout the rest of the day, we had exceptional experiences with the other volunteers who were all passionate, kind and eager to help. The day we went, the aquarium was experiencing exceptionally large crowds (lines to get into the exhibits, could barely move in the main pavilion). We went to buy sodas at the concession, and the cashiers were cheery and efficient despite an endless line. I’m sure they had not one second of rest during their shifts, and service was still exceptional. When we complimented them, they were genuinely grateful. Such a great experience!!

Kierra Watson

I have been coming here once a year for the past 3 years and my entire family loves it. We often go around Mother’s Day when the weather is decent and there aren’t too many tourists. The cafeteria is awesome and has many choices for the entire family to choose from.

Lucia Johnson

We had a great time here. The Dolphins Experience was very fun and I informative. The workers are great and very knowledgeable AND entertaining. I've been to numerous aquariums BUT this one had creatures I had never seen nor heard of. We prepaid our tickets and for parking. Come to find out the garage WE used was NOT the right garage for the free parking. The only drawback was the gift shop. I collect bottle openers and purchased one that looked like a pink and green mermaid along with an aluminum cup with the aquarium logo. My total was over $30, yet when I asked for bag for my purchases, I was informed I had to purchase one. No.

Zack D

This place is awesome. There are at least six different exhibit wings. We watched several of the shows included with admission including, the Dolphin Celebration, the Sea Lion show, and Happy Feet in 4D. Each of the shows kept the attention of our two young kids. The food price is fairly high (about $15 per combo meal) so we brought in snacks and purchased a combo to split between the four of us as another snack. We spent about 4.5 hours here and the kids were well entertained the entire time. Would recommend to anyone but especially those with kids.

Jeffrey Wright

Made the mistake of going on a Saturday at 3 PM. Couldn't even see the exhibits because of the crowds. My kids had little idea we were anywhere special...could have been a train station from their perspective. I have been here before an loved it, but was so thoroughly put off by the experience of being packed into crowds of people jostling for a look that I will have to plan future visits carefully. I would have thought that the Aquarium would.have some sort of maximum capacity control to ensure quality for visitors...apparently not.

Alex Smith

What an awesome experience! My husband and I visited this Aquarium together and we had such a great time! We both love sea life and wanted to get out of Nashville for a day so we ventured down to the Georgia Aquarium and loved it! We have already extended the invite to all of our family to return in the future, as well as when our children are a little older so they can enjoy it as well. I also have to say that the price is very reasonable for what you get! There are so many exhibits and animals/sea life to see I was blown away! We can't wait for our next trip to return to this Aquarium.

shamus paiva

Wow what a great experience. The aquarium is very clean and lots of fun. Not the biggest place but all the different animals make it worth it. The shows are awesome especially the dolphin show. My wife and I had such a great time.


Labor Day weekend 2019.... we are from Greensboro NC, the aquarium was well worth the drive and time. Organized chaos for a little bit because of the amount of people going in and out. But the lines moved quickly, everyone was very nice and the aquarium/fish/sea life are absolutely beautiful!

Grace Lee

Amazing place especially in the area where you get to see the killer whale. Food court was crowded on the day of my visit. I would recommend eat before going in. All of the shows are worth watching. Especially they are part of the admission.

Lucinda Dunstan

Really nice place gone there with my friends and really happy, when ever you go make sure you have 3 to 4 hours of free time, this a amazing place to go everyone will enjoy in this place, This place is best to visit with friends and family. You must attend the Dolphin Tales show which is half an hour show kids will love this. very nice and clean place the only bad thing about this place is the food price.

Sofia Gomezllata

The best place to visit in all of Atlanta. If you have the chance, try to go on a weekday other than a weekend because it does get very busy. If you are visiting more than twice a year or have a large family, I would recommend you check out the yearly memberships, they will save you a lot of money. The food is decent, but unless you have kids you are better off looking for a restaurant nearby. The animal encounters are expensive but really worth it. Especially for a birthday present, they are perfect.

Blanche Henderson

We spent an entire day here and it was amazing! We have been to several other aquariums and this one blows them all away. The variety of animals far exceeded all the other facilities and the presentation was stunning. The dolphin show was so entertaining that even my three year old twins were enthralled. The sea lion show was fun too and spoke a lot about conservation. The open ocean exhibit is spectacular with the whale sharks and giant Manta Ray's it really gives a perspective on the size and scope of the world's oceans. The animals were all well cared for and the exhibits meticulously maintained. Do yourself a favor and teak a break halfway through as it was very crowded. I would recommend avoiding the ridiculously overpriced cafeteria food. Get your hand stamped at the info desk. It's pretty easy to leave and enjoy much better food off-site at half the price and come back. We went to Johnny Rockets right across the street. This aquarium is definitely something our family will remember.

Lori Sink

Our family visited the aquarium for the first time. Tips: get there when it opens. The least amount of crowds and it is the most peaceful to enjoy. After 10am, the crowds started and seemed to be everywhere. Not a lot of choices close by outside of the aquarium for food so I would recommend eating there. The tacos were really good. The black and white cookie was a pastry versus a cookie. Good but we expected a sugar cookie with icing. Aquarium brought out the little kids in our teenagers and ourselves. Also recommend the Dolphin Celebration. Great show to see. It is not necessary to buy the $5 tickets. We purchased and didn’t have to wait as long in a line. All of the seats had a great view though.

Wendell Jones

I was told that the aquarium is a 'must see' in Atlanta. That is correct. I am presently a hostage of New England and I have been to the New England Aquarium in Boston. It is very nice and educational and was built in the 1960's. The Georgia Aquarium is much larger and beautiful and is presently undergoing an expansion. The aquarium is located downtown near Centennial Park (some of the 1996 Summer Olympic events were held in the park) and World of Coca-Cola. Admission is NOT inexpensive so I recommend getting an Atlanta City Pass and check-in out some of the other attractions. There are snacks and other food options. Of course there are gift shops. The exhibits are amazing. To me, the whale shark exhibit is the best. If you ever had a home aquarium, or wanted one, this exhibit will make you want one again, or make you want to move in and sleep next to this monster. There are three or four whale sharks that you can see up close. The exhibit includes a large manta ray and a green sea turtle. There are also some black-tipped reef sharks. There are hundreds, if not thousands of fish and sea life in this one exhibit. The beluga whale exhibit is also nice. They also will come up to the glass and seem to interact with the people that are close to the glass. The dolphin show is great and a must WHEN you go to the aquarium. Make sure you have about 3 to 4 hours so that you can make the most of the experience and your money. I was there for about 2 1/2 hours and I needed more time. I will have to return to see it again. Importantly, it children friendly and educational (there are actually a couple of live animals that one can touch including starfish) and handicapped accessible. There is parking also but easily walkable from at least ten hotels in downtown Atlanta.

Robert Reid

If you're really into aquariums it would absolutely be worth. It can be a little crowded but there are some places where it's thins out, overall I feel like no age group is excluded and it's a nice place for families. Overall it's a fantastic place to visit and everyone is very kind. The only reason I didn't give it five stars because it's incredibly expensive for admission. At least in my opinion.

Jakob Sackel

One of the best experiences! It was clean and the high security assured everyone was safe. The staff was very helpful and caring. Parking was a little difficult, but we got a good spot that wasn’t too far of a walk. I was surely expecting a little more for $40 a person, but I haven’t been to an aquarium in years, so I had fun. It was a great experience with family and I’d be more than glad to do it again.

Saye Braucht

Great experience! Dolphin show was a hit! Beluga whales still my personal favorite with the sea dragons close second. Free on your Birthday! Definitely a must see in Atlanta.

Domenique McGaughey

It is the best aquarium in the country that I've been to, and I have visited many! Unfortunately we missed the dolphin show because we were there a little later in the day. But they had several hands-on exhibits that we really enjoyed, and everyone who we spoke with had very extensive knowledge about the exhibits and the animals.

Christina Mosier

This was an amazing experience!!! We took the family here and it is well worth the cost. It gets very busy, especially on the weekends but they do have a sensory quiet zone throughout the aquarium and they offer headphones to help with the noise if needed. The sea life range from small star fish all they way up to the whale sharks. When seeing the dolphins, I definitely recommend going to the dolphin show, it is truly amazing. They have a splash area so if you do not want to get wet make sure you sit higher up, they will have the dolphins splash you at the end of the show. They do have various pet stations, you can pet sting rays, shrimp, star fish, and much more. There is a food court but like all attractions, their food and drinks are overpriced. They do have water fountains with the attachment to refill your water bottles. There is a quite a lot to see and do here so definitely be prepared to do some walking. They do have a parking garage, it is $15 per day or $10 if you are member.

Katherine Kast

What a beautiful facility! The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable, and the exhibits are of excellent quality! The keepers clearly love what they do, and are invested in the welfare of the animals, and wildlife conservation. A truly fantastic and educational experience! The dolphin celebration, and sea lion splash are outstanding. There are also many encounters to add on, and these are the ultimate amazing experiences to learn and love aquarium creatures. Highly recommend!

maura young

Hands down, my favorite aquarium. There is a bunch to see and do. The dolphin and sea lion shows are not to miss. I'd recommend going soon after they open, that way you are able to walk around and view the animals/exhibits without too large of a crowd in front of or behind you. Has a nice cafeteria style food court inside, which has options for just about every palate. Nice gift shop as well.

Sarah C-S

We really enjoyed the Georgia Aquarium. Parking garage was nice and close. Aquarium had plenty of employees around ready to help anyone. My son really enjoyed the dolphin show. Stroller parking for that show was organized and efficient. I appreciated employees watching the strollers. My two complains would be that every restroom needs at least one changing table (these are very affordable). They had a restroom in the cafe area that was large and had a great changing station. However, my toddler needed to use the restroom immediately and we had to go to the first restroom we could find. It was frustrating to have to go to a second one to change the baby. The second issue was the nursing pods upstairs. They need to be checked for cleanliness as each time I checked they were very dirty with things like open diapers. I would rather nurse around others than be in a gross room. I do appreciate the effort of having nursing rooms.

Michele Kane

The Georgia Aquarium is probably the coolest aquarium that I have ever been to. The size of this aquarium alone is like nothing I've ever seen. There are exhibits in here that I didn't even know it possible to have in an aquarium like your dolphins, whale shark, belugas. If I was this excited at this aquarium as an adult I can't begin to even imagine how children feel here.

Pat Larson

I have made it my goal to visit as many aquariums as possible. Atlanta Aquarium is special. The whale sharks alone justify the cost of admission. But they also have belugas, mantra rays, smaller sharks, and many more beautiful sea creatures. The fish tanks are spotless and animals all seem healthy. Truly an inspiration to all humans to respect all of earth bodies of water. The Aquarium is a destination that individuals of all ages can enjoy.

Anthony Messina

Aquarium was definitely the best one I have ever been to. I would recommend it if you are in town, but wouldn’t recommend just coming here as a destination on a trip. They do have $15 parking in their garage so make sure you know that before you go. There are tons of cool animals and it really makes you realize how much of the world we don’t understand. Was a great form of both entertainment and education which is a combination that can be enjoyable for all ages!

Phaedra Simmons

I always enjoy the aquarium. We enjoyed the dolphin show. The face painting artist was amazing and super quick. I'd eat prior to going otherwise you'll pay high prices for food. But I will say the food is good.

natasha young

REALLY nice place and a lot of things to see. Prices are a bit steep and you're better getting tickets online. Also, make sure you eat before you go because it's really expensive. I will definitely visit again

Lawrence Hall

We did the family sleep over night experience. Slept in the big Ocean Voyager viewing room. Kids loved the experience. So did the parents. Very nice people on staff. Interesting behind the doors tour. So much to learn.

Fatima Smith

My second trip to the Atlanta Aquarium and this time with kid in tow! It’s well organized, clean and everyone of all ages will find enjoyment in the different attractions. Food options were kind of meh but that’s not why you go. There are a couple of parking garages around and my friend and I got lost on our way out so play close attention to where you park!

Suhas Kumbhar

It's relaxing just to look at tropical fish aquarium. Gets crowded on holidays. Dolphin show is awesome. I would suggest avoid visiting in holiday season. It could be more spacious.

Amber Edwards

This aquarium was amazing! There was so much to do, and I love how everything was sectioned off separately, rather than one giant walk-through. I also love how there were a lot of interactive things for kids, and adults to do. My favorite was the overhead domes, where the fish and sharks swam overhead, giving the feel of an underwater experience. I can’t wait to see what the 2020 expansion has to offer!

Tricia Solinski

Great place. Recommend the aquarium parking garage. Be prepared to pay a lot for food, but the food is great with lots of variety. Watch out for the movie, unless your party is all at the aquarium, they do stop allowing people in. The crowds were large the day I went.

Myrriah Clarke

The huge tank with the whale sharks, giant manta rays, sea turtles, sting rays, and dozens of other aquatic species was magical. Many, many other stunning creatures, too. The belugas were beautiful. I don’t know much about the species, but sorta felt like they should also have a giant tank. Maybe it would be tough to chill such a significant tank. The sea dragons, giant crabs, piranha, otters, and tank setups were very interesting.

Ashley King

The best aquarium I've ever been too. We had a really good time and had the Sea Lion encounter, it was an awesome experience! The ladies were outstanding!! The big lagoon was spot on! Great day. Only down side was it got crowded quick!! All in all a very good time!

Rebekah Harris

So much fun! Beautiful exhibits, interactive activities at times and perfect for all ages. Amazing way to experience life underwater. We had a family mixed with young and old and could have stayed longer. Time flew way too fast.

Emily Rossman

This is my most favorite place to go in Atlanta. Despite the business of the place, they have managed to design your experience so you can enjoy not just aquariums but shows as well. Watching all their fish is so relaxing. I can’t wait for the shark wing to open. There is something for everyone to enjoy. I highly recommend this place if you are looking for something to do in Atlanta. Also, I recommend the shows be done early in your visit since some have limited times and seating.

L. Brown

A great deal of things to see and experience! Loved the dolphin show and kept my kids smiling ear to ear! Try to order your tickets online ahead of time to save a few dollars. It may seem busy but definitely has enough space to maneuver around.

Jonathan Sarfati

I had never seen the world's biggest living fish and largest animal apart from the whales, the whale shark, before. And the pictures are usually profile. While they slowly circle the huge tank, you can see how very wide they are as well, the better to filter-feed layers of plankton. The dolphin show was a favorite with the granddaughters, and very well done.


Always go at least on one of our birthdays a year for the free ticket. A super appreciated birthday gift. Shoot fire, better than half the gifts I get from people I know. I still love the TN aquarium more but we have had almost a 30 year relationship at this point. The massive tank with the whale sharks at GA is my favorite section hands down. I've liked some of the changes over the year. Other changes not so much but I keep coming back. Always park in their garage. Just more convenient with toddlers and strollers in tow. Long time patron, kids love it, will be back soon.

Gabriel Gamino

A one time visit. Like every other popular location it is a bit overrated. The good, the ocean Voyager, only reason it even gets a 4 is due to this massive display. It is amazing and maybe the only thing worth the visit. It is mesmerizing and you could probably spend all day long just starring at the whale sharks and manta rays as well as tank the turtle. The dolphin show was awesome but it felt a bit too short. Now for the bad. Parking is very tight and at 15 is a bit over priced. You can use the stairs to go down but not to go back up as the door is locked. There are only 2 elevators. The inside feels a bit too cramped together and for a Monday felt extremely over crowded. Good luck getting up to the glass as every display was swarmed. Overall if you like whale sharks and manta rays stop and visit, it is worth it but if not then save yourself the head ache and visit a less popular aquarium as you'll get the same experience without the price tag.

rachel turcin

The Georgia Aquarium never disappoints. It’s worth seeing and visiting. The dolphin show is the best. It’s full of laughter, excitement, and cuteness for the entire family. The 4D experience is a must see. Along with the encounters, the different viewpoints are a great spot to take pictures and enjoy the view.

yndara777 Luna

Amazing aquarium. The environments they have created for these animals are simply breathtaking. My son had a great time there, the whale shark is huge; parking is easy and the staff very friendly.

Alice R

The exhibits are amazing and all of the staff members are great and clearly care a lot about what they do every day. The Dolphins Experience was very fun and I informative. The Dolphins Experience was very fun and I informative.The Dolphins Experience was very fun and I informative. The Dolphins Experience was very fun and I informative. Be sure to get tickets online for the admission and the parking.

Shane Urman

Great sites/but it was SO crowded that we couldn’t enjoy our time. And this is coming from an extrovert: there were TOO MANY PEOPLE...... EVERYWHERE. Could barely enjoy the exhibits due to overcrowding. And to make matters worse, the crowds are not well organized or managed by the staff. The actual sites, animals, shows were phenomenal and this could’ve been a 5 star review; if the space wasn’t so terribly overcrowded. Overall, If it wasn’t for the dolphin show it would’ve felt like a waste of money.. which was a total of $144 just for 4 people (two little kids) NOT INCLUDING the $15 parking. Georgia aquarium, please do better and fix this problem. Look up the new African American museum (in D.C.) and how they do it. They do a great job with handling overcrowding. Please do a better job at handling capacity. It’s only fair so that people can enjoy the ticket that they paid for.

Amanda Andriski

The Georgia Aquarium was an amazing place to visit! This was my first time ever going to an aquarium and it did not disappoint one bit. There were lots of different things to look at and see and the size of the tanks was amazing and so beautiful!

VaShawn Henry

This place is amazing!! I love this aquarium and we are not far from Baltimore’s. We arrived before 11a.m., after noon the crowds were noticeably larger. The dolphin show is educational and fun. Will definitely return for the coming shark exhibit.

Michael Robeson

It's great if you like an hour wait to pay $12 to park and an hour plus of long lines with limiting instructions and crowds of people cutting in front of you while you paid $100+ for admission for your family. Then what a great experience of seeing the aquatic wildlife amongst crowds that prevent anyone 6' or taller from getting through the exhibits without pushing through waves of rude people This experience made me never want to visit an aquarium again


The best Aquarium experience ever! Even though it was a crowded Saturday, the staff was friendly and helpful. There was a variety of food options. There were several different exploring stations & touch tanks throughout. There were also several interactive stations where adults & kids could learn together. Overall it's worth the trip whether you're nearby or far away!

James C

Wonderful aquarium. If you have wanted to swim with whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins,t etc, then look into their animal encounter programs. I chose the encounter that will let you snorkel in the large tank with the whale sharks and manta rays. It's expensive and in a aquarium, but it's cheaper than any open ocean encounter I've ever heard about, safer, you don't have to worry about the weather, and you will definitely see both up close (vs having a chance in the ocean). I think it's a bargain, even if it is a bit less of an adventure. Highly recommend.

rebecca happel

There's always something new that I haven't seen yet and is favorites that myself and my kids enjoy. The conservation efforts are worth the price of admission and seeing my kids eyes light up while they experience and learn about aquatic wildlife is so amazing. I will continue to keep coming back as often as possible!

Phil Black

Checked out the Georgia Aquarium today for the first time. It is an awesome place and what an asset for Atlanta. I was truly impressed. The only thing I didn't like was the crowd. It was elbow to elbow and hard to view every thing but that was my fault for going on a Saturday. I liked that the Aquarium was right next door to the World of Coca-Cola, that was very convenient to visit both places at the same time. However visiting both places at the same time males for a full day.

Karen Salaway

I have been to aquariums all over the US. Georgia Aquarium is the best one of them all. Because seeing giant whale sharks up close and personal is amazing. The beluga whales are wonderful. The living reef is the largest in the US, with nice seating. It was like scuba diving without getting wet! I can go on and on. Just go, see it for yourself, bring the kids. I stayed at Hyatt House (nice), and walked a block to the aquarium. Super convenient location!

Tonja Suttles

Had a wonderful time visiting for my daughter's birthday. This aquarium is the best I have ever visited. Great exhibits, shows and kids activities. Highly recommend. We also did the dolphin encounter, which was wonderful. The trainers were very knowledgeable and great with the dolphins as well as with kids.

Jowanna Murray

Pretty epic experience. I expected to be out of there in a couple hours.. We were in there for a good 4


A wonderful place for young families, or young children. The food court is excellent-parking is good and instructions for parking and getting to the aquarium are clearly marked. Just seeing your children leaning up against the glass walls as they take in the sites of these magnificent animals will cause you to take your camera out and snap a picture. If you’re family is finished early and you want to walk outside, Centennial Olympic Park is close by.

Suzanne Wilcox

I was SO EXCITED to visit the Georgia Aquarium for the first time last week, and it definitely lived up to the hype! The facility is incredible, easy to navigate, beautiful, educational, clean, and was created to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. I am still in awe of the too-pretty-to-be-real Manta Rays! The Sea Lion Encounter was fun and informational, and the employees are kind and helpful. This is a MUST if you are visiting Atlanta. Carve out about 3-4 hours time and really take in the experience!

Solange Eguia

This is an amazing place. Time passes too quickly with so many wonders to observe. It is a good idea to go in a group or family, because it is very nice. It has places of privilege for people in wheelchairs, there are many attractions for younger children and you will learn a lot by discovering different marine species. There are also places to eat and souvenir shops. With creativity you can take amazing pictures. If you visit Atlanta, you can't miss this place !!!

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