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2 W Gaston St, Savannah, GA 31401, United States

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Where is Forsyth Park?

REVIEWS OF Forsyth Park IN Georgia

Daniel Calzadilla

Beautiful Park, absolutely love coming back to the City of Savannah and walking through the park. I thoroughly enjoy their Farmer's Market, great selection. We always go to on their FM on the Saturdays when we are visiting. Love this park, one of my favorites to visit. Would highly recommend this spot.

Brittany Highfield

Gorgeous park. There are a few homeless people begging for money, but they were at every square as well. The fountain was beautiful and the whole area looked green and lush. It was a definite must see on our vacation. There were also artists on the surrounding benches. Some were just displaying their work for sale. One woman was live drawing without reference. It was a pleasant experience.

Zenia Anthony

We enjoyed walking around the park. Its easy to get to and has multiple entrances. You could definitely spend a good part of the day there. The littles enjoyed the two playgrounds and looking at the fountain. We went on a Saturday when the farmers market was set up; friendly vendors and lots of fresh produce.

Patricia Bradby

Beautiful park right in the heart of Savannah. A great spot to admire the Spanish Moss and also the gorgeous architecture of the buildings and homes that surround the park. Nice spot for photos. Pop into the Mansion on Forsyth Park to check out their Century of Hats display if you have a moment. Random but interesting and the hotel itself is also a sight to see with it's extravagant interior design.

Justin Denison

Beautiful all around. Almost like an iconic Disney scene. Musicians, artists, dogs, and dazzling southern beauty's make going for a walk in this park well worth it

Marilyn Rebellon

Beautiful park for professional pictures or just to hang out, read a book or have a picnic. We always visit Forsyth while in Savannah. There are also some great little coffee/food shops around the park!

matt rex

Nice park. Large. Good playground. A little too hot outside the day we went.

latisha ulmer

Picnis in the park was soooo much fun! Can't wait until next year

Liza Moreland

A little homeschool educational field trip for my son! It's always so beautiful in Forsyth park. So much history and you can get a nice walk in! We enjoy it Everytime!

Mary McPartland

One of Savannah's most beautiful spots! We visited in early May for exquisite weather! I've been here in July- sweltering. But early Spring is Divine! Talk a walk of all 22 square and soak in the atmosphere in one of America's jewels. There is nothing like Savannah anymore, anywhere!

Kristen Fitzwilliam

Beautiful, well kept park in Savannah. Great to go for a walk/jog. Shaded by tons of large trees. Plenty of open spaces to play sports or bring your dog. Has a small water fountain area for kids to play in, tennis courts, and basketball courts. Theres also a small cafe in the center.

willy whisman

Very well kept grounds. Was a nice walk. Not so sure about some of the pop up vendors.

Renata Andrejszky

Beautiful park that is VERY well maintained and super clean. The fountain definitely holds the power of a wonderful centerpiece to this park. Lots of play area for children and just was a very nice casual walking area.

Melissa Triplett

Beautiful place. Great for sight seeing don't go during the early part of the day it's sooo hot!

Jamie Canedo

Beautiful park to got to with family and friends. Beautiful historic buildings that have been around for years! And great insta photo opportunities!

Marisa Salazar

Such a lovely park filled with personalities. There's something for everyone to do. We rode bikes and skateboards, played on the playgrounds, listened to a wonderful trumpeter, and enjoyed the people watching. Will definitely be back.

Sashikala Babu

Forsyth is amazing park for anyone. If you want to jog/ run or cycle or just do a picnic with your family, this is just perfect. The huge oak trees with the Spanish moss just adds to the beauty of the place . We love spending time here anytime of the day or anytime of the year

Alyssa Shepherd

Beautiful park. So iconic and peaceful. Great playground, fields looked fun with people playing soccer & badminton. Runners, bikers, pedestrians all were courteous to each other. There is a bathroom in the center. It was a Saturday evening, so maybe that's why it was unkempt and only toilet paper in one stall

Craig Shaffer

Wonderful place for families. It means a lot that my wife and I were able to take my mother for the WTOC Christmas show before her Alzheimer's Disease got so bad that she could enjoy it

Keith Nitsch

Wonderful park! There was a church youth group giving away coffee one evening! Center of town with lots of shops around. Playground for the kids, basketball courts, and benches for relaxing. The historic fountain is just out of this world! Lots of history to enjoy!

Caroline Collins

Great place to visit in Savannah - there was a women's march going on that we followed to the park and listened too for a bit, but then we were able to split off and it was very peaceful in other parts of the park. There was also a Green Market going on at the other end of the park and you wouldn't have known that both were going on at the same time. There's areas for kids and for pets and for lounging or playing sports. Great attraction in Savannah!

John E Henderson

Steeped in history this iconic Savannah park has been a fixture in the lives of residents for centuries. An epic fountain, memorials, pavilions, playgrounds, and public venues punctuate the broad walkways graced by majestic old oak trees generously draped with Spanish moss. Day or night this is a must see while in this charming bastion of the old and new south

Jack Flowers

If there is a better depiction of a peaceful southern park in America, then I'd be surprised. The ancient trees arch their branches out across the length of the park, with their Spanish-moss covered branches providing the perfect degree of cover from the harsh southern sun as people walk across the old cobbled walkways. In the center of the park sits a wondrous fountain that serves as the center of a countless number of weddings and an infinitely more countless number of simply nice days. Past that is a monument to the American civil war. Surrounding the park are countless hip restaurants, museums, university buildings, and residential spaces. A day at Forsyth park is guaranteed to be a fun one.

Victoria Castro

This is a beautiful place, has a two playground that are right next to each other and of course one is bigger than the other. Also the one that's bigger no pets are allowed. Has a beautiful water fountain and plenty of historical art of facets. Definitely recommend anyone to visit and definitely will be back again.

Madi Hankinson

Forsyth Park is one of the most beautiful places in Savannah. A huge park that's gorgeous to walk through or around. Splash pads for the kids in the summer and two separate playgrounds. Tennis and basketball courts. Big fields for soccer, yoga, or just hanging out. The fountain is a must see modeled after the one in France.

Matthew Lostaglia

Unbelievably beautiful!! Great place to walk, run, or hang out on a blanket. Amazing for photos and have seen at least one public proposal there.

thomas wong

Full 5 star hotel service. Hallways are decked out with artwork (some are for sale), wading pool, excellent restaurant. It's location by the park make it very accessable to the local sights. It's about a 15 - 20 minute walk to River Street.

David Pollock

Just beautiful! soak in the life and history of Savannah. A must experience.

Jane Haru

If you are a woman I advise you to go with a friend or something. My best friend and I were harassed by 2 males. So better safe than sorry. But it's a good looking park

Andrew D.

The great love of my downtown experience may very well be Forsyth Park! I adore the gorgeous fountain and stately live oaks which loom over the park. The green spaces beckon barefoot pedestrians, dog-walkers, and picnics! It's perfect for leisurely strolls or getting in shape for a marathon. Several events occur throughout the year, from outdoor concerts to art festivals to sporting events. Newcomers, prioritize this on your "Must-See" list!

Jorge Alvarez

The park has a very nice playground for the kids and it's easy to get to it because of a free shuttle that can be taken from Johnson square. There seems to be a cafe close by in the park, but it closes at 5pm. This place seemed to be your only stop for a restroom. It also has courts for tennis and basketball. Overall it was very pleasant.

Derrek Voelker

Gorgeous as promised! Well kept and definitely a staple. We loved touring the monuments and stopping by the local artist tables to check our their goodies. Really neat.

Mandy Smith

Beautiful historic park in downtown. Go at night...a whole different beautiful!


One of the most beautiful and peaceful park. It does get crowded but what do you expect. It's a tourist attraction.

James Upp

Nice place to take the children and relax. Nice playgrounds and plenty of shade trees. Dog Friendly too.

Burton Guster

I love all the parks in the area but the fountain here is what makes it special ... worth a visit


Always a nice spot to relax and breathe easy while your downtown. And if you play Pokemon Go there's a nice collection of pokestops and gyms here.

Brian Heinrich

Beautiful park in the middle of Savannah. I believe it is one of the largest if not the largest park in Savannah. The homes that line the park are majestic. Take your time and have a sit on one of the benches around the fountain.

russell champion

While not as large or spectacular as some other city parks Forsyth is the heart of Savannah. From organized large scale events such as the SCAD art festival to impromptu flag football games there is almost always something going on. Personally I love just grabbing a sandwich and my dog for a bit of people watching but Forsyth is like most things. What you make of it

Matthew Trey

Nice clean and well cared for park with plenty of shade and seating. Great place to get off your feet a bit and escape the hot Savannah sun

Janel Carlile

Always amazing! We love to walk through this park and play at the playground. The farmer's market is always great to visit too on Saturdays

Alex B.

This park is huge. We went on a Saturday where they had an open market. Great place to stroll around lots of trees for shading especially considering how hot it gets here. Bring a bathing suit if you have kids because they will want to play in the splash pad. Good for playing frisbee, soccer, football, flying kites.

Wanda Brooks

Beautiful place to visit. We attended the Jazz Festival 2 nights. It was really fun.

Stephanie Sears

Great place to run, walk the dogs and play sports. Watch out for the sprinklers in the morning, unless you need to cool off. The parking capacity is small but there's a lot of street side parking, also use the restroom before you go if you're going to be there early because the latrines don't open until a little later than ideal for early birds. All in all, fantastic park for an urban area.

Jef Wright

Loved Savannah! Every park was interesting and the city was so full of history and wonderful stories! Take the Old Savannah bus tour if you want to learn about the city and have a great time doing it. They offer 16 points of interest and have actors portraying characters that come on and off the bus! You can exit at any point and get back on the bus at any of the points.

Ramona Whiting

Serenity and beautiful green space. Enjoy visiting this park and the Saturday Farmers Market and getting fresh produce. Enjoy the coffee and savory baked goods.Just a nice place to take pictures, sit and relax meet friendly folks. Has designated restroom area. Dog friendly.

Luna Bella

What a beautiful park! Places to walk and ride bikes. Stunning statues and fountains. Loved seeing the JW carts all through the parks. Such happy people

Jodie Boyette

Got married in this park! It is so beautiful! Well lit and great walking paths and play grounds.

sandy mitchell

Beautiful 30 Acres of green space in the heart of Savannah's Historical District. The park is amazing. It is surrounded by historic homes & churches, massive old oak trees and walkways. The "Fountain" is a wonderful sitting area where you can relax, read or just observe the people & area. Smell & see the Fragrant Garden too. Also they have basketball & tennis courts,children's play areas ETC.. When we were there they were anticipating turning the water GREEN in the fountain to celebrate St.Pats Day.

Mark G. Moody

Awesome place to run, relax, play and enjoy Savnnah. Easy to park around the area and free!

Kenneth Simon

Beautiful park, lots of open places for picnic great park for kids. Lots of events throughout the year nice place for families and safe.

Dave T

This is a great family park during daylight hours. Unfortunately the cafe is being remodeled. Now at night it is a different story. Homeless, drugs and overnight homeless camping with ALL the associated problems are here for tour viewing pleasure. I caution people about visiting here or any unlit areas of downtown Savannah after dark. We have Southern Charm and all the big city crime you can shake a stick at. We welcome you but stay in we lit areas, also remember there is safety in numbers.

Terry Crookes

All the squares and parks in the historic district are beautiful, great places to sit and relax.

lawrence hembry

Beautiful park. Lots of shade during the bright ours. The fountain and botanical garden are perfect places for pictures. Cafe is also available for those who need a quick bite or drink

Mone't Taylor

Forsyth has been my favorite park. Ever since I was a child. And I bring my children as well. One of the most beautiful, peaceful parks to visit.

Tommy Dye

Love it. Not much to look at really, as I'm from here and I've seen the sites a million times, but it's nice to go walking around to get a little exercise. Especially on cooler days.

Melinda Russek

What a lovely park! Pets welcome! Children welcome! There are several wonderful playgrounds and a water feature opwn to everyone! There are many types if trees, lots of shade, and lots of green. Lovely wide walks make this a great place for everyone.

Melissa Febus

Beautiful! I love that they have playgrounds and big open spaces. Perfect for someone with kids who need to burn off some energy. If you want to simply relax, you can do that too. Local artisans are set up in some pathways to sell their wares, some of which are pretty unique. When we were there we were lucky enough to hear a jazz musician playing his trumpet. Very laid back place to visit. Oh! Pictures are a must by the Forsyth Park fountain.

Eli Tuggle

Great park!! So much to see and do for a park. And it’s in a beautiful neighborhood! -Street parking in the area -Accessible bathrooms -2 playgrounds - one is older and most of the the equipment is more appropriate for kids 4+ (depending on their adventurous spirit); the other is newer and fun for all ages. -Beautiful walkways throughout for run, stroller walk, bikes and trikes, etc. -Large stunning water fountain -Botanical area (not open all hours) -Large historical statue to admire -and I haven’t checked it out yet, but there is a cafe I’ve only gone with my son and step-son, but am waiting for a day to go and enjoy with just my guy so we can eat and have a romantic stroll.

david tuttle

Great park with beautiful landscape. Be sure you can parallel park or you'll have a hard time. The Farmers Market is every first weekend of the month. Great playground for little ones. Usually there's a Starbucks but it's currently under renovation.

Yasmin Alzayer

It’s beautiful park to go anytime in the year! And Dogs are welcome too, which is great to see cutenesses all over. Also, the Saturday morning farmers market is a must! Yummy fresh vegetables and fruits. And some baked yummy food

Jordanne Starkel

Pretty place for a walk. Great place for kids. Water area to play and a kids playground. Trees are beautiful and there is some statues

Daisy Carruthers

Good sized park to picnic, play sports and let children run around. I love the farmers market they have on Saturdays. Children love the splash pad area and the playground.

Mitchell McMahon

It’s a beautiful park, fun playground for the kids and the water feature was a great way to cool off on a really hot day. Unfortunately the grounds were filled with debris of trash and the trash receptacles were overfilled with trash....trash all around and a huge turn off for us. We used the restrooms that were there (a big plus) but they were filthy and many vagrants (about 10 of them) were hanging around. We only stayed for about 20 minutes because of this. It was a big disappointment. If the areas had been cleaner and not so many questionable characters sitting around then we would have stayed longer.

Dustin Melton

Smaller than I expected. Well maintained, with several playground areas for the kids. The fountain is gorgeous up close. There are tennis courts on one end if you're into that.

Kalyn N

Very beautiful park with mature trees providing shade along the walking path. Definitely visit the fountain while there! There is metered parking on nearby streets.

Andrew Arami

You're not allowed to drink on Forsyth. The police, which are there regarily, will sternly tell you to keep it in a nondescript cup. They dont like cans or bottles. Otherwise, the place is perfect on a good day. Nice little walk about. Surrounded by some good trees and architecture. It's a mist if you're visiting Savannah.

Nancy Martin

I love this park. The playgrounds are wonderful for children of all ages and abilities. The sprayground is large and offers lots of fun. There are nice paved walking paths, basketball courts and tennis courts. Lots of shade and the fountain, of course, is beautiful.

Joseph Katz

A surprisingly beautiful park, well worth checking out. A nice fountain, small but pleasant walled garden, and scenic monument were good to see. I also recommend walking the perimeter of the park and seeing the variety of old buildings from 1850-1870 that surround it, and the many varied and beautiful buildings of SCAD.

Rob G

Savanna is such an amazing place. So much history. Walking through the park was peaceful, the oak trees are so majestic , definitely worth your time to visit.

John Gross

Beautiful urban park with large open spaces, picturesque trees and fountain, and kid-friendly playgrounds. Benches galore and lots of picnic spots. There’s a cafe and stage area, and the farmers market when present has lots of local goodness to offer.

Tim Harrigian

Beautiful park....encompasses a truly unique setting....a good place to people watch...

Nicole Hinds

Love this place, went to the market there this weekend, so many fresh vegetables and homeade items. Beautiful park to walk in and take your dog too. It's always busy and a lot of people.


Lovely park. Clean, well maintained. Parking is a little tough, but worth it.

Emily Clarrey

Absolutely stunning! This is a absolutely a must see when visiting Savannah! We went early in the morning and there was plenty of street parking and lots of activities going on! Also dog friendly! Dont forget to take water! Lots of walking this place was huge!

Amrata Kamat

Awesome park for morning walk.. Hidden gem of savannah.. Lot of parking space.. Pictorial view.. This place is in residential area.. No entrance fee.. Open 24 hours.. Must see place if anyone visiting Savannah.. Calm environment...

Maria Molina

Beautiful park, I went for vacations with my husband and we enjoyed very much the trip, because the history of the city is amazing, we learned a lot of our ancestors.

Arkansas Photography Shutterbug

The whole city of Old Town Savannah is one of the most Beautiful city's I have ever been to. The people are so friendly. There is so much to see. The city is very rich in history. This was my first time there, I would like to return some day.

Anastasia Dutova

Beautiful place to visit! Surrounded by quaint architecture, with fountains and hanging moss. A soccer field and numerous play grounds for kids. Bathroom closes at 5pm and located behind the stage!.

Michael Veach

It certainly is not Central Park but it's a beautiful oasis in the middle of a beautiful city. Loved the farmers market on Saturday morning, even on a rainy day it was fun to shop for local goods and produce.

Mohan K

Very good park, the oak trees look very good and it’s nice for a walk.. they have the play area which is good but it kind of got my kid wanted to spend time there where we just visiting

aaron edewards

So amazing, you should see it as many times as possible in all different light. The fountain takes on several different feels depending upon the time of day and season.

Kevin Hughes

We always stop by the park when we're in t own so our daughter can play and just enjoy the shade. The playground is nice and plenty of room for several kids to run around and not be in each other's way. It's cool seeing people playing instruments and other things, like street performers for the park. It can get pretty crowded during special events.

Hannah Miele

It's a beautiful park, but there are lots of people. If you're looking for a quieter place, visit just about any of the other squares. Forsyth is very pretty, and if you've got younger children, there are plenty of playgrounds and even a splashpark you can bring them to. I didn't see the whole park, but towards the upper end where I was it was rather crowded. There were also several wedding parties/picture groups, which made me feel somewhat like I was interrupting by my visit.

Joy McNutt

It is beautiful here. I love the trees, wide walkways, and friendly people.

Lateshia Adger

There is no place like home. Forsyth Park is a beautifully landscaped park..There is about 1 mile of circumference for you to exercise. A great park area for children to play, restaurants, a stage for concerts and so much more. Many weddings and photo shoots are held here because it's so beautiful. If you ever get a chance to visit Savannah Ga be sure to stop by the park.

Isabel Green

Forsyth Park is quite lovely. The iconic Savannah fountain is located in the park. It is surrounded by beautiful trees and pathways. The park isn’t huge but considering it is in the middle of the historic district it is a good size. There is a small scent garden that one can walk through free of charge. If you are a runner it is also an excellent place to do so. The sidewalk around the perimeter of the park is wide and nice smooth paving. Even though you will have to do the loop several times, there are so many beautiful homes around the park to look at you won’t get bored.

Joy Shute

Definitely visit the park if you have never been to Savannah just to get a picture with the iconic fountain. It's gorgeous!!

Carly Welch

Beautiful! We walked here from our hotel on river street and passing by all the historic buildings along the way was so much fun! When we made it to the park, I was in awe of the beautiful fountain in the center. It was so nice and relaxing to sit on a bench by the fountain while enjoying our favorite past time of people watching. A very relaxing afternoon!

Nicholas Melendez

This place is gorgeous. It is very peaceful and serene. There were lots of families there with young children, lots of people with their dogs playing and having fun. Everyone getting along, everyone smiling and pleasant. It honestly feels like this place is right out of the 1950's. The atmosphere here is something you must experience for yourself. You may not want to leave. We were extremely happy that we stopped here for a visit, and can't wait to go back.

Richard Leal

Went for Betty Bombers, And a Bluesy Melody carried me into Forsyth Park. Such a Beautiful Home !

Lorie Morris

Walking through Forsyth with the azaleas in bloom makes it even more beautiful. It is definitely worth the time to visit. We were here before and the azaleas were not in bloom and it's still lovely to see. Enjoy a walk through the Historic District and make your way to Forsyth Park.

Mildred Dale

Nice park, great place to take the little ones. The playground and wading pool makes for hours of free fun for the kids. On Saturdays there is a farmer market. Seem to be a great gathering place for all.

Michelle Rouzer

Very peaceful. Loved the looking at the moss hanging from the branches while sitting on one of the many benches throughout the park. Beautiful flower to enjoy as we strolled through the park. Fountain is the main attraction. Spent about 30 minutes here.

Audrey Gilmer

It's so pretty here. I love that they have two separate playgrounds for toddlers and older kids. There is a great open space to host any type of game that you would want. The fountain is beautiful. Definitely a must-see if you are visiting Savannah.

David Johnson

Very nice place to get in some sights and let the kids have fun. The water features are an added bonus which the kids love.

Meredith Floyd

A beautiful place to walk around, spend the afternoon in or bring your children to play on the multiple play areas. Just a beautiful tree covered area that made you want to lie down in the shade and enjoy a lazy day. Lots of open areas to play sports and enjoy with friends.

Erin West

With family in town for Thanksgiving and after driving by the park frequently but never having visited, we decided to finally visit. What a nice place to take your family for a picnic, or a nice romantic stroll with a loved one. This park with the beautiful fountain, small up and coming amphitheater, historic statues and cozy park-side benches offers a variety of activities for everyone. People were biking, walking dogs, running, jogging, photo-taking and much more! If you visit Savannah, be sure to stop by and take in this wonderful place!


Beautiful park in the city. Love, love, the trees. Our puppy was in heaven trying to chase squirrels .

Monika Andrade

I really love this park, it has a lot of green areas, fountains and fresh air! Great for taking a walk, meditate and relax


Awesome little Oasis. Plenty of room to walk ride your bike or just take the kids to enjoy the playground. Lots of History and informative placards. Great Stop on a savannah weekday trip.

Ronale Jones

Very nice park. You can bring a blanket and have a picnic, walk around for excercise. Places to sit in the shade.

Caden Koehn

Wow! What a beautiful and remarkable park! Come and visit here, and see why so many tourists rate this park as one of the "most beautiful parks in Georgia!"

William Skelton

Great park. A lot of space, playgrounds and amphitheater. Hosts dozens of events every year.

Christy Jayne

Got there at dusk on a day with record heat during a holiday weekend but the atmosphere was still lovely. There were still lots of children and their parents at the on-site playground. We came upon a couple getting married at the fountain, which was lit beautifully. The whole park is not lit after dusk, so take care when making your way back to your car, although we felt safe. Parking was safe and free at the time we went.

James Smith

It's a beautiful park. We loved the Live Oak trees and the Spanish Moss.

Todd Coons

Very peaceful. The fountain was beautiful and a great spot for photos

Shelley Brooksher

Such a beautiful place! So peaceful and relaxing! Fountains are amazing, head stones and history. You can read a book, listen to the music playing, run or walk your dog. Splash pool for the kids. Huge lawn to lay out on. So Much more! I will be back!

Janna Rolfe

If you go to Savannah, you should go to this park. It is lovely and fountain is gorgeous. It is so classic, historic and beautiful

Andrew Johnson

This is a beautiful park with lots of beautiful oak trees. There are plenty of open spaces to do whet ever you'd like.

J. Alan Cox

Step into peaceful tranquility near the heart of "downtown": beautiful gardens, awesome historic and renovated homes, a travel through time. Beautiful site for recharging walk.

Amanda Andriski

Beautiful park right in the middle of the city. Walking into this park is like walking into another world. There are no words to describe how beautiful and special it really is.

Jose Hamtig JR

Beautiful park, really nice scenery, ambiance is very relaxed, lots of trees that makes a very hot and humid day feels nice and cool! Plenty of running path, and play grounds for the children. There was an artisan market out there as well. Only problem is no rest room close by or at least i didn't see none. Other than that it's a beautiful park!

Henry Ung

Beautiful Park. We always take the kids to play here because it has a good seeing and slide set. Lots of other kids come here and everyone is very friendly. Sometimes they do have free concerts where you can bring you lawn chairs or have a picnic and listen to the music of whoever is playing. Also the fountain is a nice place to take pictures too. Can't say enough good things about this place.

Antoney Trice

Nice park, they should have some history about the park. They got a lot of info on the plants and trees around there. There is a huge statue of the Confederate marker. They should balance it with some African american monuments.

Apryl Boss

I love this park and so does my dog. We visit often. Highly recommend to all!

jack goodwin

Great park with great playgrounds. My daughter loved it. The place is well kept and safe. A good place to hang out and relax or get photos with nice statues or by the beautiful fountain.


A wonderful long stretch of park to stretch your legs while visiting Savannah. The entire park is very picturesque and a wonderful place to do photography. The bench for Forrest Gump is no longer there, however, you can sit on the wall where the bench was. We actually visited each of the squares. Highly recommend visiting Forsyth Park!

Jessica Rabbitt

Great fun except I had a bad toothache when I went so I left very early but it was big and beautiful with dogs,music, and lots of fun things to do like walking, swinging, playground or exercising. There was a ceremony being held when I went also.

Romaine Broughton

We bring our toddler here some evenings and she absolutely enjoys it! Love the events as well, especially this time of year.

Susanne Uhlig

Amazing park with lots of benches to sit and relax. There is a no bike zone which makes it even more attractive to me. Also there are lots of grass areas to sit, play or do sports. You can find a little amphitheater where they also have shows during the warmer days. Good for families as well as couples or lone rangers trying to find inner peace :) lovely place in downtown Savannah!!!

kiryl marchuk

Beautiful place to see and relax. Kinda Reminds me of Washington DC. The area is gorgeous. Many historic things to see and places to walk around. People are nice and many places to take pictures!

Ann Bordon

Beautiful and laid back. Great place to people watch

James Andrew

It's such a beautiful public space. Locals are so lucky to have such a nice park at their fingertips. The fountain makes a great photo on a hot Summer's day.

Regina Wagner

Forsyth Park is one of the most beautiful parks I have been in! Love the fountain and all the history! ❤❤❤

Michael Barreca

Is this place pretty yes... Water features good for kids. Trees are best thing here. Now the downside. Tons and i mean tons of either homeless or less desirables loitering everywhere. Smoking is around every corner your going to walk into the smoke and smell. The garden is not very living. Honestly the best part is the young man security guard. Helped us find some great local spots he was polite and awesome so he gets the three stars as do the trees. I will say the history in the park is interesting.

Malinda Humes

Love this place! Amazing Beauty and the Street Artists are Wonderful! Wish we could have spent more time there! You will find a woman there named Pearl who makes some pretty jewelry. & Sean, who has his paintings... If you are looking for a beautiful place to visit while in town, don't miss this Spot!

Ricky Robinson

Beautiful park to walk in or plan a nice picnic. Although it's hot out plenty of shaded sidewalk to walk down. Me and my wife spent about 2 hours walking and exploring. There is also several tennis courts and basketball courts. Plenty of field for frisbee, football or other activities!

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