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Where is Driftwood Beach?

REVIEWS OF Driftwood Beach IN Georgia

J Miller

Very cool place to visit and see. Was excited to be in the same spot that scenes from The Walking Dead were filmed. Worth the drive to check out that's for sure

Von Kidd

Great place to take photos and explore. There were about 20-30 others there so you have to work around each other but other than the small crowd it's a fantastic beach.

Sarah Medders

My dog had a better time than we did and that's saying something. Great beach to walk up and down get in the water and climb on the massive trees!

Jana Hunt

This was such a great place for photography! It was beautiful and the trees were very photogenic. One of the highlights of my trip.

Cathy James

Awesome can I just say Awesome a site to behold.

Barbara and Bill Reimer

Amazing part of nature. It was such a cool beach!

Heather Smith

This is a small beach with GIANT driftwood. It is really cool, especially at sunrise. This isn't really the kind of beach you go to to hang out and lay out or play in the water, but you can if you want.

Joe Dorman

Interesting beach. Nice shops. Love The Salt Table.

Ted Moyer

Awesome part of God's creation to visit! You feel like you are on a remote island or back in time somewhere.

Jay Bug

Amazing location to shoot some interesting pictures, especially if you catch it at sunset.

Anais Ball

Nice beach was very clean and had a great time

Matthew Lostaglia

GORGEOUS! Whether you want to take. Walk, a dip or both. It's all available and completely worth your time. Beyond that, it calls to you. Do it. Now!

Brent Hicks

Great beach. Need to pay $6 to access the island. Water was very "muddy" the day I went but great overall. The driftwood was amazing visually.

Peter Kull

This beach is incredibly unique, and very picturesque. It's not a typical beach for sun tans and sandcastles. It is amazing for a one of a kind walk through ocean driftwood complete trees.

Kristen Browning

One of the most beautiful places on the island! Great place for photos or just to relax.

Leanna Andrews

There were about 5 beaches on Jekyll Island, but the one I really wanted to see was the driftwood beach. The whole beach is covered in these beautiful natural driftwood sculptures where people can sit and relax!

Bipin Santhosh

I would never stop loving this beach. The fallen trees make this the most picturesque beach during dawn and dusk. You can get awesome pictures here. However, to mention any improvements this place needs, I would suggest more restrooms and probably some cafes/vending machines.

Robert Kelly Jr

What a wonderful Place! A definite must See! It's not just driftwood but drift trees and drift forest! What a place to take pictures and make memories.

Matthew Czarnowsky

This is a beautiful beach to visit. Each piece of wood has been a part of the island for years as this piece of marshland is slowly being taken back into the sea. It is perfect for photoshoots and just enjoying the weather. If you are there after a rainstorm, thousands of snails crawl in the timber and make crazy designs. Worth the visit and short walk. Bring your camera and an eye for the good pictures.

Veronica Loftin

Definitely a check off my bucket list! It's a must go!

Nancy Davis

Wish I had found this on day 1 of my birthday weekend. The water was good there. At the days inn the water was all muddy.

Rebecca Hardin

Beautiful area. Loved seeing all the driftwood and seashells. First time to Driftwood Beach and we will definitely go back. Our daughters loved it.

Mary Murphy

I had heard about this beach was anxious to see it and was not disappointed! Super cool people. One girl cleverly put up a hammock. Several people had very well behaved dogs. Beautiful wide beach. Hard packed liked North Flirida, perfect for walking.

Dick Burgman

Was really amazing to me. It was almost eerie. Walked thru just a short section but just really said something to me. The shapes in the wood and the look of the whole beach. This one is hard to describe but I was glad I got to see it.

Megan Lange

Drove up from daytona beach! Dont regret it. Cant wait to come back!

Dox Ldy

A must see. Unlike anywhere else I've ever been. Great photo opportunities

Wendy Ferst

Loved this beach . Took lots of pictures. All the driftwood trees were totally awesome. I didn't want to leave. Just beautiful nature.

Wayne Gibson

Good place to take children, and relax. Beautiful ocean view here.

Elizabeth Canada

Beautiful beach. The sand is very different. Love the picturesque driftwood.

Kimpy W.

This is one of my favorite places on Earth. So beautiful and peaceful. Crowded this time of year (early August) but worth the hassle for some gorgeous pictures. Decent parking and easy access.

Sarah Cifredo

It was quaint and quiet. If you like peace & calm and cool views, it's a good beach. The driftwood is so cool... Fallen over trees, weathered, and hardened by the sea... Great photography location! The water is murky looking, but I don't think you go there to swim. You have to park on the main road to then walk a bit to get to the beach, but it's a short walk, slightly shaded.

Tim Davis

Was very clean. Nice place to be able to take dogs. Love the fact leash laws are enforced. Love the fact there is so much beach front, that no matter where you are, there are not a load of people and can feel like you have somewhat of a secluded beach.

Alena Golopuz

Absolutely magical place! Definitely a "must visit" if you happen to be at Jekyll Island. And try to catch the sunrise - it's just breathtaking!

Belva Cole

Warm water, Saw dophins playing, not really crowded, but mostly dead trees and rocks. No real sand to sit. Looks like the tide covers the whole beach.

Emma Dykstra

Gorgeous site as always. Perfect for photos and looking in tidepools. Not so much the place to swim.

Ed Kuyrkendall

Driftwood Beach such a lovely place you have to visit when you're in Georgia guest top of the line

Shannon D. Cooke

I love this beach. It's such a beautiful beach. The family friendly beach runs for miles and perfect landscape for pictures. It's kept very clean and perfect for relaxing and listening to the ocean.

Mandi Ward

Beautiful beyond description. We walked onto the beach not knowing what we would find. There was not one large tree but an entire beach full of countless old trees that have been worn by the ocean. My children called it the most mysterious beach they have ever been on. After climbing many of the trees the kids made clay forms out of the clay mounds scattered along the beach.

Sara Howard

Apparently I’m more of a traditional looking beach person. Didn’t find the beach beautiful at all. There were trees everywhere, I found them ugly and pretty creepy. There is a beautiful marshland nearby to walk through though!

Barbara Shireman

This was the absolute best thing to do in the area! Beautiful, peaceful, secluded. Great photo area!

Juney Shober

Driftwood beach looks like it would be the place that you would summon the Driftwood God or some other deity if you are in to animism or JRPGs. The gnarled and eroded trees form... Compelling (for lack of a better word) shapes and in general they just look cool. On the south end of this beach there are a lot of rocks with barnacles and other little shell forming critters on them. This is cool for looking at, but not that cool for walking on, and really not that cool for swimming into. Further North the rocks give way to sand and the aforementioned Driftwood. It is a very picturesque area. The beach is Sandy for the most part, but there is a solid presence of the slimy clay you may have found southward at the great dunes park if you venture out to sea. In general, you can swim at this beach and have a pleasant time as I did, but keep in mind you might step in some slimy clay, and if you aren't paying attention, you may swim into some submerged Driftwood or a rock which is rather unpleasant. Overall though it's worth visiting just to see the cool trees.

Tara P

Definitely a place to see. Very unique beach. A place to get portraits done.

Li, Su

Dreamlike. Clean. Well preserved. And not too busy.

John Lippert

Water was nice and warm but the sand is a mix of mud and sand. Not pleasant on the feet. If I did it again I would wear water shoes.

J Bracco

Beautiful location to get scenery photographs. This isn't really a beach to sunbathe at, rather a "sightseeing photo ops" location with limited parking. The attraction is the dead trees that are standing or that have washed up on shore. This is definitely a spot to catch the sunrise.

Cassie Chapman

Such cool natural backdrop for a walk on the beach.

Jessica Buckley

Awesome beach to go see! Tons of driftwood trees that have fallen over and are now hardened and smooth from the ocean.


Fun to go and take lots of pictures also as of writing this (sep 15 2019) you can see the overturned cargo ship here

Corinna Seelmann

Very interesting Beach area. Many call it the most romantic beach, I would call it mysterious.

Larrisa Ross

Finally able to take a walk on the beach - was closed this past weekend, so scenes from The Walking Dead could be filmed. Beautiful doesn't begin to describe this unique beach! Peaceful and uniquely picturesque.

Jason Fuggiti

Really cool if you like dead trees on a beach. Feels very post apocalyptic.

Kim Watkins

This is a mysterious, serene place. I referred to it as the tree graveyard. Lots of fallen, weathered trees all over the beach. I could have taken pics for hours. There are pathways from the road where you park to this beach location. Be sure you have shoes because sand is really hot. Especially for little ones. Need bug repellant for insects in the wooded pathways. Not sure if the entire beach is this way but my husband and I had to walk across a bunch of rocks to get to the water. This was a little iffy for me, had to tread slowly. Lots of barnacles on these rocks if you slip could get scratched up. Eerily beautiful. A must if you like to take pics.

Jason Nurenberg

Truly beautiful and stunning place to visit. It is a bit remote, in as much as there are no restrooms or a wash area, but this is a must see. Visiting at sunrise or sunset seems to lend the most spectacular views, but even in the middle of the day there are fascinating vistas. Beautiful.

Sunhwa Pollard

8doller to get in to the island Beach is beautiful with lots of natural drift wood and sand dunes

Sail Filmnacht

Beautiful beach with lots of sea life and fallen trees. Low tide is best for swimming since there's a line of rocks covered in sharp shells that get hidden under water during high tide. They will slice you up pretty badly. This beach is better for taking walks and enjoying the scenery, sometimes beach combing depending on the season. If you want to swim, fly kites, play frisbee, and set up a spot for picnics or sun tanning, the main drag further south is your best bet.

Dion Kaplan

READ BEFORE GOING: Don’t start at the pier/park that your gps takes you to. Otherwise, prepare for a long walk. Pull over before that and park in one of the designated spots on the side of the road. You’ll be dumped into the heart of it and then you can explore from there versus having to walk all the way down the beach. Also, don’t sweat through your shirt and go at dawn or sunset/evening. Not only will it yield way better pictures, you won’t see as many tourists climbing the branches and idiots walking into your shot. This beautiful beach is best experienced during these times and NOT during the middle of the day, which is also the hottest. How do I know? I went during the middle of the day. Also, every professional photographer will tell you that best time for nature shots are early morning and early evening. Gotta catch that golden hour. Especially, if you spend $8 to get onto the island. P.s. this place would be absolutely amazing and eery at nighttime during a full moon.

Jim Still-Pepper

Wow, what a unique beach. The Driftwood is large and extensive. There’s also hiking trails that are worth taking.

Diane Fisk

Loved It! Worth the drive to go there. Clean, very friendly folks. Perfect place for a 2 1/2 hr walk along the water.

William Perry

A must see when visiting Jekyll Island! We went at dusk and it was really pretty, but it was amazing at sunrise. You can't stop taking pictures because it all looks so beautiful and haunting at the same time.

michael addison

I enjoyed the quiet and the nice view of the overturned cargo ship. Such a sad scene.

Angela A

Beautiful beach. I want to go back maybe during off season so it isn't so busy.

Jason Whitt

Pretty cool place to see a lot of drift wood

Tim Mullins

Driftwood beach was so beautiful. Me and my wife took awesome pictures and collected shells. Definitely a nice place to go with the family and you can even bring your dog.

J. Ray

Awesome natural beach and scenery. Simply beautiful. Beach area, driftwood, rock, etc. Great place for photography or to get some exercise.

Aimee Lim

Perfect place for a beach wedding. With the sunset and driftwoods ..romantic ..

Jeff T.

Beautiful piece of coastline where the skeletons of old oaks still reside on the beach in spite of their past demise. Great spot for photos and relaxation.

Carlos Vega

My family and I really enjoyed Driftwood Beach which is located in Jekyll Island, Georgia. Amazing to see huge uprooted trees all over the beach. Little crabs running around, bits of wildlife here and there. Great for picture taking, watch Sunset, and quality family time. Hotels, bike and golf cart rental nearby. Not good for swimming. Giant rocks. Water wasn't as clear as I find in Florida. I look forward in coming back soon .

Kristie Marlette

Beautiful spot for a walk with plenty of photo ops. My husband and I got married here and visit it everytime we come down to Jekyll. A unique and romantic spot. Highly recommend.

Denise Raines

Love this area..... It is so unique and beautiful in a different kind of way. I would recommend anyone driving in the area to stop and visit the beach at least once.

Sasha Provencial

It is so beautiful here. However I wouldn't swim here. Too many rocks and trees in the water.

Hooyah Navy

Beautiful, quiet, scenic beach. Perfect for weddings or photo shoots.

Bo Kim

Beautiful and peaceful. Good place to relax with family. Trees have been preserved and allowed to grow and fall naturally as if before human settlement. Wish we had more of these preserved lands for people to see and enjoy. A real treat

Jake Martin

Gorgeous beach. I have never seen anything like it in my life. You owe it to yourself to visit this place at least once.


Nice place to watch the sunrise and take pictures. I went around 630 am to watch the sunrise. I feel like I should have gone earlier. Maybe 6am. There are a few parking spots in different locations on the side of the road. It costs $8.00 to get on Jekyll Island payable by cash or debit. Enjoy, really hope my review was helpful.

Joseph Holt Jr.

One of the coolest beaches I've ever seen. Giant trees laying over on the beach shows just how powerful the ocean is!

Tamara G

Absolutely beautiful, loved every minute of it, though it did get repetitive, but still loved it! Super happy I went!

Deb Meadors

We climbed up on the huge retaining rocks a bit to feel the mist of the crashing waves. The beach has coarse sand, and was clean and inviting. Beautiful beach.

Derek Shirley

This place is amazing. The trees are right on the beach. Really beautiful.


I love this beach. One of my all time favorite visits.

Charlene Fincher

It's absolutely amazing! No other place like it!

Cassandra Peterson

It's beautiful!!! I can't wait to start taking my professional pictures here. This visit was just to scope it out..


Interesting place. Would have liked to spend more time exploring.

Zac Laven

Really unique place. Make sure to stop at guest services when entering the island (on the left before you pay and go in the gate). They gave us a map and answered all the questions we had. They told us the places to park and what time is best to visit the beach. If you go at high tide you will not get the experience you're looking for!


Beautiful place, unlike any other beach around.

Christina Jason

So beautiful. Easy access means it can be busy but so worth it we went back twice in a week.

brandon branscum

The drift wood was neat but other than that it's a normal beach. Get there before sunrise and you wont be disappointed.

Alexis W

Small coast line to walk. Lots of trees and debris in the water and in land. Very cool walk. Can get crowded at peak times like sunset.

Digital Playstation

A spectacular and majestic place to visit, if you are in the area or planning on being in the area, you should definitely visit.

Marilin Griffy

Great beach. 4H center camp there and do lots with the kids. The water is warm during the summer months and sand is clean.

Nate Wilson

Bring some water to wash up after you leave. There isn't any foot wash stations around. One of the most iconic attributes of Jekyll Island.

Erik . L .

Is definitely worth taking the trip and visiting! Very unique and will arise many questions. Enjoyed it tremendously!

Alicia Chappell

One of the nicest places I've been. Good place to find a little seaglass and some nice shells. Beautiful driftwood on the beach also.

Stella Stomper

Beautiful beach. Not sure where all the concrete and granite debris came from, but there's a lot of it. Found a large piece of tabby - possibly from an old building.

Emily Golding

Pretty cool! This area had all sorts of creatures in the tide pools to dig around for and sketch/study/enjoy. It’s a little smelly, mainly because there’s stagnant water and rotting wood, but that’s to be expected. Watch out for the barnacles on those rocks and be prepared to track sand and mud back to the car... there’s no good way that I could find to rinse my feet after the little adventure, but I did enjoy it!

Jake Gordon

Driftwood beach is a very nice place to sit and enjoy the waves and horizon. The beach is not great for swimming but is amazing for sitting or walking on the sand. The trees are also amazing and provide a bit of natural beauty in an artistic way. This is by far my favorite beach I've ever been to as it's also not overly crowded (Saturday at 4-5pm). FYI I did have to pay a $6 admission per car, but it was definitely worth it.

Jeff Hackney

If you want to see what the end of the earth will look like, pay this place a visit. Natural and man made debris meet in the turbid entry of the back waters into the Atlantic. Only 300 feet from the southern most parking areas, plan on a 1/2 mile hike, one way to capture this amazing but eerie destination...

Shubhadeep Roy

Driftwood Beach is a very picturesque beach and is great for photography. Though it looks like a tree graveyard, the place offers an awesome location for photo shoots. I was there with my wife for her pregnancy shoot. This was for our first baby and was extra special for us. We had been looking out for places for the occasion and finally decided on Driftwood Beach. My wife was 8 months pregnant and we drove from Atlanta, GA. It was about a 4-5 hours journey one way but we made it safe and without any trouble and were extremely satisfied on choosing this location. We could get some great shots at sunrise, during the day and also around sunset.

Amanda Dean

Very Pretty Cool place if you love driftwood

Ashley Dobbs

I really enjoyed this beach and learning its history. They have some of the old structures there from 30-40 years ago. I remember visiting this beach 30 years ago and it looks totally different. There was way more beach then. I am glad they are trying to preserve it. We were able explore with our tour guide. This is a nice tucked away gem.

Katherine Powell

I loved this beach growing up and now my children love it as much as I did. Not only is it one of the most beautiful places I've seen, it's so much fun to explore! This is my favorite place to hunt shells, sea glass, and shark's teeth.

Ondřej Výšek

Lovely place to stay and explore different drifted woods. It is safe even to swim, just pay an attention to the invisible wood under water. Convenient parking available with short walk to the beach. Bring some fresh water to rinse your feet not to have a sand in your car

Ralph Kruse

We have been to many coastal areas throughout the USA and Mexico. Very unusual and extremely Beautiful. If in the area Driftwood Beach is a must visit!!


Great view,WOW is All I can say,We will be back

James Newman

It was an awesome experience. One of the best picture taking opportunity.

Peg Gallagher

Some of the best fried oysters I’ve ever had and the crab cake was fabulous

Richard Kuhn

Unique beach wash-up, overturned ship in channel

Christopher Hickox

Beautiful place to take pictures or just to have a stroll on the beach. Don't be afrraaid to go at night you never know what yyyouuu might find

Charity Ricks

My family and I loved this beautiful beach. We will be back.

Angela Jutras

Beautiful and clean beach full of cool looking drift wood and paths through the woods

Studio Payne

Looks nice. But whoever the whites are that "own" it . Ruin it. Good for photography but if you are black with a dog or something forget it. They took it from the indians n it's their property now.

Drew Darby

Worth the stop if exploring Jekyll Island. Honestly, it is the only thing worth seeing on one of the most boring places I have ever visited. The $8 toll to get on Jekyll Island is not worth the visit but if you are determined to go anyway then Driftwood Beach is a must see. Very unique experience. If you are not familiar with this area of Georgia then I would recommend St. Simon's Island over Jekyll Island. They are right next to each other but St. Simon's has something for everyone!

Mark H

Awesome! Went twice. once at sunrise and again afternoon. Very nice

Briana W.

Beautiful driftwood and easy to get away from crowds if you want to! Go at low tide to get a stretch of beach uncluttered by rocks.

Regina De La Bamba

Food was delicious and customers were friendly but the staff... Bretta was our bartender and she was great.

Nathan Lefever

Neat beach with driftwood. Lots of rocks and sand.

Michael Bridgmon

Absolutely beautiful. Words can't describe the serenity you'll find here.

Stephanie Davis

So Romantic and a different kind of beautiful! Amazing

Ally Ketchie

Always a beautiful place to visit. It never gets old. We love it here.

Cynthia Wilder

Amazing scenery but BEWARE OF MOSQUITOES!!!

Jillian Noble

Excellent beach for those into photography. Really nice at sunset. Lots of bugs and creepy crawlers though...


A wonderful beach chock-full of extremely large driftwood of various trees of very shape and size on the beach. Terrific photographic opportunities abound along this entire stretch of beach. The further north you go, however, the trees thin out. This is definitely a must visit. Highly recommend!

Jason Bowman

Very unique beach. Should be called Drift TREE Beach. Huge Trees everywhere. It's awesome.

Graner Photography

Driftwood is one of the most amazing beaches I've been to. If you're looking for a family day or maybe a photoshoot, this is the place. Not only that but there is plenty to do around. Good eat, golfing and biking all in one place!

Jessica Buchanan

Dog friendly! Love this beach! It’s not really swimmer friendly because of the driftwood and rough waves, but it’s Instagram worthy. You’ll see a lot of people out having maternity, engagement, and family photos taken.

Andrew Blumhardt

GREAT spot to watch the sunrise. I would suggest wearing some bug spray there were a few bitey things out there. (Not counting the alligator hanging in the Marsh area behind the beach). The beach is a lot bigger than we expected so you can walk quite a ways taking pictures and enjoying the driftwood!

Mike Westbrook

Beautiful beach, all the old driftwood is amazing to walk through. My wife and I got married here 7 years ago and it's still beautiful.

Sandra Swarts

Beautiful driftwood on the beach. The beach is great for walking, but not great for swimming though.

Carmen A

It is one of the most beautiful and magical beaches I have ever seen. I highly recommend the beach to anyone interested in nature photography, sightseeing, or a quiet romantic get away.


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